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1, Report #1404606
Oct 06 2017
08:54 AM
rocket iaq didnt ship item, didn't issue refund Internet
I ordered an air compressor from RocketIAQ. It was supposed to ship promptly. When several days went by with no shipping confirmation email, I grew concerned. I emailed to ask when the item would ship. The automatic response was the only reply I received. Also, in the automatic response, it mentioned that if I wanted to cancel the order they would oblige, and I thought, hmm, that's odd that they would assume anyone emailing them is considering canceling an order! A few more days went by, no response to my inquiry, no shipping confirmation. So, I cancelled the order. They wrote to say it had been canceled and to expect the money to post back to my account in 2-7 days. Now it's 9 days later and I'm fed up with waiting, hence this complaint. I would stay away from this company!!!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1406143
Oct 13 2017
03:44 PM
Rocket IAQ Frauud New York/ Internet Internet
 Ordered tool set on Sep 10, 2017 with promise of 3 day delivery time. Credit card processed the next day. Item never shipped. Multiple e-mails with nothing but hollow promises and excuses. Asked for refund and have not received one. Reported as fraud to my credit card company.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1412834
Nov 21 2017
06:48 AM
Rocket IAQ Billed my credit card, never sent my order New York New York
I ordered two milwalkie cordless ratchets, order #11529. RocketIAQ charged my credit card but never sent the ratchets. I sent several emails but never got a response. They did send an email wanting to know how I liked the product that I never received, no shipping number or valid phone number for me to get in touch with them, the phone number 855-765-8427 is the one I have for RocketIAQ. I believe the price was $189.00 for my order.
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #1408844
Oct 26 2017
04:55 PM
Rocket IAQ Ordered two air filters, on a credit card. They took the money and never sent the filters Internet
Ordered two air filters, they took the money off my creadit card and never sent the filters
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1405710
Oct 11 2017
06:46 PM
Rocket IAQ Took my money and never shipped the product, noone will answer the phone or respond to Emails, Absolutely Devastated after reading the reviews. Someone needs to stop this company from ripping off more people! Internet
Ordered online . a company called Rocket Iaq,, They never sent the product, they charged my credit card, I am totally devastated after i read the reviews concerning this company, consisting mostly of orders not shipped... Thank you!!  
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1408458
Oct 25 2017
08:18 AM
Rocket IAQ Total Ripoff Internet
I purchased two air filters for my parents' HVAC system in their home on September 2. They took the money, but never delivered the filters. I've called them; you always get the our customer representatives are busy message, and they instruct you to email them. i received one message that said I would get the filters within two weeks. THe filters were never delivered. I emailed again and received a message that said I would get them within the week. Again, the filters were never delivered. Now when I emial them I don't ever receive a response. BUYER BEWARE; NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1403562
Oct 02 2017
06:16 AM
Rocket IAQ Took my money and wont respond about delivery of purchase made New York
I ordered Garage Door openers on Spt 11th, the money was taken out of my checking that same day. I have not heard anything from the company on the shipment of my product and when calling the number online, you cant talk to a live person, it tells you to email customer service. I have emailed 4 times on the status and nothing has been responded!
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #680858
Jan 10 2011
07:59 AM
wicked rocket wicked rocket ATV, 4 wheelers, cycles Wicked Rocket is a COMPLETE rip off!! Internet
Wicked rocket has proven to be an abolsute rip off in every way! I ordered 2 atv's for my small boys: 1) the Spidey 110 and a blue 125. Parts showed up broken. Gettign those parts was almost impossible as the rude phone person took the message and made it difficult to even call for parts. When the parts arrived, they were the Wrong parts!! I had to call back again for the correct parts. They will ship parts sometimes, but they will not pay to have them installed so if you are not mechanically inclined, do NOT buy from them. You will have a LOT of repairs! The first time the 4 wheelers were ridden, numerous things broke:110 ATV: The carborator was dangerously leaking fuel on the 110. The chain kept coming off even though it had been tightened several times during the ride. Come to find out, the read end had ZERO axel barrings and ZERO seals! I have called 3 times and still do not have the parts! 125 ATV: The muffler fell of of the 125. The 125 after being ridden for 20 minutes went dead and would not start!Battery went dead right away from the cranking while attemping to get it to start. It takes forever to get it started each day! These items should be sold at the dollar store! They are sub standard and the service...well, there is no service. They hold the parts long enough so you cannot return the items (only a 7 day return policy so they hold out on shipping parts to void that!) It has been 2 weeks since Christmas and My boys dont even want to ride the atv because it is so dangerous and frustrating to them and us! Please pay more and get other quality items!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #392404
Nov 18 2008
11:59 AM
Rocket Communication Services Cramming Internet
Last night my husband asked me What's this charge on our AT&T phone bill? After a short conversation with neither one of us knowing why we were being charged an extra $12.95 - he did a little research. The $12.95 charge was listed on our phone bill under: Total Enhanced Services Billing Inc. - $13.50 Billed on behalf of ROCKET COMMUNICATION SVCS, INC My husband looked them up online, and found that there are hundreds of complaints against this company for fraudulently signing people up for their efax & vmail monthly service. _________________________________________________________________ So I called AT&T this morning to contest the erroneous charge. (AT&T was very nice BTW) The customer svc agent asked if I would like to put a 3rd Party BLOCK on my phone number and told me that they would file an investigation. THE FOLLOWING IS VERY IMPORTANT!! - She told me that ROCKET COMM would have to provide them [AT&T] with my name and address to verify that the charges were legitimate. (Since I never signed up for the service - there is no way they could have it right?) Then AT&T made a 3rd party phone call to ROCKET COMMUNICATIONS SVCS, INC so that I could dispute the charge - all the while with AT&T on the line listening. She also informed me that she couldn't speak with them. The first thing that the ROCKET COMMUNICATIONS SVCS, INC agent asked me was what my name was! If I hadn't known that my name and address was the information that AT&T needed, I probably would have given it to him. Instead I said NO, I'm not giving you my name. I demand that you remove this charge. He *said* that he cancelled the subscription - gave me a cancellation number - and gave me the name of the person who signed my phone number up. MIGUEL CORTEZ Side note - AT&T informed me that we haven't done any updates to our billing since 2004 and they were able to save us an extra $23.00 monthly on our bill. So that was nice! Bottom Line: A. - Check your phone bill for unauthorized charges B. - Call phone co. and make report C. - DO NOT give name and address to mischievous company (this is where I have a problem w/ the phone company - ON the phone bill, it says to contact Rocket Comm. if there is a problem. ( I think the AT&T *customer svc rep* was sympathetic and trying to give me a heads up by telling me that all that Rocket Comm. needed was my name and address - and not to do it. - wink, wink. ) D. - Call FTC to make complaint 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) E. - Did I tell you yet to NOT give Rocket Communication your name? :-) Stacy S. Saint Augustine, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #718394
Apr 16 2011
11:43 AM
Wicked Rocket Defective ATV's, Junk, Poorly Made Indiana, Indiana
The kids ATV's they sell are nothing but junk. They come particially assembled which is fine except what is assembled is done incorrectly. Ignition wires were loose, sitting against hot surfaces, melting after a few minutes of use. Lousy carborators constantly needed cleaning and adjustments, even when check out by an ATV repair person.  Not worth the money. Don't purchase anything from them. They are very difficult to contact, you don't get a straight answer if you get an answer at all.
Entity: , Indiana
11, Report #206014
Aug 14 2006
08:59 AM
Wicked Rocket Stealing, ripoff, unprofessional, fraud Indianapolis Indiana
I started making layaway payments back in Dec. of 2005. I payed the four wheeler off in May of this year. $704.00. I waited 2 months for my daughters 4-wheeler that never arrived. When I made contact with this company they told me that they were having trouble with the shipper but it would be taken care of. I was told this by Becky at the company. (By the way she is no longer there) Still I did not receive the 4-wheeler. I made several other attemps to find out the shipping date and no one could give me a reason why it had not been shipped. All they would say is I dont know what has happen. I asked just to be refunded the $704.00 and that would be that. Now they are saying that cant find the records of my payments. Well I sent them copies of my bank statements showing the payments and they refuse to return my phone calls, or emails. Beaware that their phone numbers are all directed to an answering service where the calls are screened. Here is a phone number that was given to me that I was able to get answer from. Mr. Strickland at 317-946-0916. When he returned my call he was able to pull up my info and tell me he didnt know what happend, but then when he found out who I was and was calling about he told me that he didnt work for the company. ( Funny how he knew about my info but didnt work for them uh?) I am still waitng on a Mr. David to call me back, that is who Mr. Strickland said he would give a message to. ( Mr. Strickland got ticked off because he said that the phone number was his personal number, I say OH WELL) I would not recommend that you purchase ANYTHING from this company as I have been told that they are having lots of problems. If you do you cant say that you have not been warned! Mary Scotland, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Indiana
12, Report #293545
Dec 21 2007
07:30 AM
Teleblend ,Sun Rocket Internet FRAUD Company Internet
Sun Rocket service wasn't too bad until they went belly up and tried to regroup as a new company, Teleblend, which is nothing more than a scam operation. My service never worked for more than a week in the 5 months they were my provider. I lost countless job interviews because of my home number not working. I finally had my number ported out to Comcast yet they continue to take money out of my bank account. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and the operator wouldn't put me through to one. I asked if he was refusing to let me speak to a supervisor and he said this had nothing to do with a supervisor and there wasn't one available anyway. I told him to cancel my account and I'd see their asses in court. If I were to try a scam like this, I'd be in jail. Why are companies allowed to get away with ripping people off? If I had only 500 people dumb enough to let me soak them for $16 a month, I wouldn't have to work anymore. Think how much they are making ripping people off for the $24 a month they are charging the thousands of customers they have! Really nice home based business. Maybe I should consider it! KARMA to Teleblend/Sun Rocket. It's gonna bite you someday! Powhitetrashomie Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: /, Internet
13, Report #1143318
May 01 2014
02:01 PM
GoGo Rocket Just Don't Do It Internet
I used the service and I wish I had not.  They only spent one day boosting my campaign on Indigogo and the report I recieved upon request meant nothing to me.  I cannot say if the large package would really get you any help.  For the most part you are better off on your own, as the advise they give you is the same as Indigogo's advise regarding boosting your gogo factor.  Basically I paid just over $100 to have them tell me to do it myself.  I had one day of over 22,000 referral/visits that boosted my campaign for one day.  So it is my suggestion that you do not do it.  You would be just as well off by paying for facebook adds to help boost your campaign on facebook.Althought they were pleasant for the most part, I really felt like they did not want to communicate with me after they did whatever they did.  Sincerely, Unhappy and out of money I could have used elswere.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1428947
Feb 13 2018
06:56 AM
Blue Rocket SEO Fake Invoice Houston Texas
They faxed an invoice to us for services we did not receive.  $95.87.  We did not hire this company and have never heard of them.
Entity: Houston, Texas
15, Report #1428755
Feb 12 2018
11:53 AM
Blue Rocket SEO Fraudulent Invoicing Scheme Houston Texas
Received unsolicited fax this morning from Blue Rocket SEO.  Fax was a fake invoice under our old domain name, with an account number, showing a total due of $95.87, with a current amount due by February 18th of $5.87.  (Also included that Late Charge was $0 - I'm sure to have an unsuspecting person hurry to pay this invoice.)  No return fax identification number, nothing indiciating that this was an unsolicited offer and not a bill.  I will be reporting this to the FTC. 
Entity: Houston, Texas
16, Report #366130
Aug 23 2008
12:44 PM
Rocket Communication Services, Inc. - Rocket Comm Svcs Inc. - Rocket Voicemail, Unauthorized, Fraudulent EFax/Voicemail charges through AT&T Palm Harbor Florida
This company, Rocket Communication Services, Inc. (aka Rocket Voicemail) somehow got hold of my phone number and began billing $12.95 plus taxes ($13.60) each month. Neither my husband or myself selected to have their service as we have an answering machine, and a printer that also faxes. They claim that we signed up for this service when we never did. My beef is also with AT&T for allowing this company to do this to untold numbers of people. If people truly want this service, then more than just a phone number should be required to open the account and permit billing through my phone bill. We are trying to get 4 months of charges reversed. Be very vigilant in looking over your phone bills for fraudulent charges such as this!!! This is the kind of thing that can ruin your credit and life!! Beware. Nabbycat Stanton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Harbor, Florida
17, Report #153695
Aug 15 2005
10:16 AM
Wicked Rocket ATV ripoff product not delivered after 27-days, paid for next day shipment Indianapolis Indiana
I ordered an ATV for my daughter's birthday on July 27, 2005. Wicked Rocket offered a fast shipment for an additional $100.00. The order was placed on July 20, 2005. Today is August 15, 2005 27-days later and still no ATV. I have tried unsuccessfully by phone (and have phone records for proof) to contact this vendor and have left messages on their recording. Not one time has anybody at this company returned my calls. The only method of contact has been via e-mail. I requested my $100.00 returned of which they have lived up to that promise. All I wanted is an ATV for my daughter's birthday, she asks me daily if it will come tomorrow. I've run out of excuses for this company. I just wouldn't want this to happen to any other customer that may consider purchasing a ATV at over $900.00 from this dealer. I have been patient, but everyone has their limitations. A phone call to let us know what the delay most likely would have been acceptable, however they won't return calls. Gerald Perry, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
18, Report #161369
Oct 19 2005
06:03 PM
Wicked Rocket ripoff lied about shipping fradulent billing terrible customer service Indianapolis Indiana
I ordered an ATV from Wicked on 07-22-05. My credit card was charged $520.57 at that time. When I didn't receive any information about the order I called again(08-10-05) and was told that it was out of stock, so for an additional $90.00 I could get a different model, which was in stock. My credit card was charged $90.00 at that time. My credit card was not to be charged until the ATV was shipped but I was charged upon ordering. I contacted them (at least) 3 times on the phone about this matter and was told that someone in billing had made a mistake. I was told that my tracking number would be sent shortly, it never was. I asked to have the charge removed from my credit card until the ATV was shipped, it was not. I also sent several emails concerning these matters; they did not respond at all, other than to say the order was prepped and tracking number was on the way; not true. Two days ago I finally got hold of them again on the phone; they said that the order had been canceled on 10-03-05. We did not request this; were not notified it had been canceled; and the charge is still on our credit card. I am very suspicious about the runaround I have gotten from them and wonder if they are a legitimate company. I definately have nothing good to say about their so called customer service, who sound like a group of teenagers. This company has been very difficult to contact, almost impossible to get a response from; and unpleasant to deal with when we have. They have lied to us about everything concerning this matter. Now after 3 months of waiting and putting up with their B.S., our order has been canceled by them, (even though it was paid for) our grandson's birthday is next week, he doesn't have a present, and we owe our charge card $610.57 for something we didn't get. Keri Schleswig, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
19, Report #388311
Nov 05 2008
03:32 PM
Rocket Paving, tom Cooper Redid my driveway and ripped me off Lakemoor Illinois
tom cooper stopped by early july of 07.too bad i didnt realize he was a crook.the large holes in my drive reappeared within a couple monthes.after repearted calls,was told he would come and repair and never showed,then the phone was much for my 2 year gaurauntee.this guy is the lowest slime there is.puts his wife on the phone,so he wont have to talk to you.i do know he used to hang out at the vfw in antioch playing bingo,but have not seen him there in awhile.the edges have broken on the drive ,and the large puddles that were there before his work(this was a condition of the job to repair these) are worse than ever.DO NOT LET THIS CON ARTIST DO WORK FOR YOU!! Mick antioch, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Lakemoor, Illinois
20, Report #365818
Aug 22 2008
12:58 PM
I received a $12.95 charge on my Verizon bill by Enchanced Services Billing on behalf of ROCKET COMMUNICATION which stated something like Internet Fax and Voice mail charge. I called Verizon and they informed me that per FCC law other companies can bill to my phone number resulting in a charge on my phone bill. They suggested calling ROCKET COMMUNICATION to find out what it was. I called ROCKET COMMUNICATION and the first thing that I heard was: if you would like to cancel the service.... That smelled outrageously fishy to me, so did not use the automated system but went through to a live representative and most suprisingly they were NOT able to locate my account by any means (phone numbers, email, or name). The lady said that they would forward to an inquiry to the main office and investigate it. (by the way her voice seemed to use some kind of voice changing, because it sounded very unnatural). I then called ESBI and even more suprisingly they (the billing company) could not locate my record either. They started asking for more info as if to try to locate the account. I declined to provide any more information. Instead I called back Verizon and after I explained what I found earlier, they were very nice to credit my account for that amount (warning that Rocket may bill directly). I'm not afraid of that, since they don't have a record of me, right? Also I asked Verizon to decline any future charges to my phone number, so I can deal with any such scam directly. I will strongly suggest to anyone reading this report that they call their phone company and use that option (they should be required to do that by law). Even if you never had these kind of problems, do it--you never know what you next bill will look like, as long as jerks like Rocket Communications are around. Here is their info: Rocket Communication Services, Inc. 334 E. Lake Rd Suite 232 Palm Harbor, Florida 34685 Dmitriy Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Harbor, Florida
21, Report #447374
Apr 29 2009
05:35 AM
Rocket Paving scamming predator, liar, non-compliant, McHenry Illinois
Returned to my home multiple times. Relentless, like a vulture overhead. Will push for at least a down-payment, or a pay in full(don't do it). Gave a start date, but repeatedly failed to show. Got to where he would not return calls. I eventually had to use a lawyer to get a response. A classic scam artist & very good at it! Will push for you to sign a contract which includes a waiver for for cancellation that results in forfeiture of any down payment. I can't think of enough expletives to describe this scam-bag!!! Garrett Twin Lakes, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: McHenry, Illinois
22, Report #450168
May 09 2009
02:01 AM
Rocket Pets, Pet Movers BECAREFUL - Scam artist - BE VERY AWARE Cameroon Internet
And I thought I was a bright person, that I would notice a rip-off artist from a mile away. But they're all so clever, tugging at heart stings!!I'm not quite sure how it happened but it did. I'm assuming there's 2 of them, An ad was placed on an internet 'classifieds' section (in South Africa it was 'Gumtree'), requesting a new home for a Blue and Gold parrot. My son has always wanted a parrot and his birthday was coming up. I fell for it. The sellers only wants a good home for the parrot so requests only payment for the transportation and then emails me saying that the parrot is at Rocket Pets ready for transportation. I run around like a fool trying to get the money trasferred, only to be told by Rocket Pets, that the airline needs insurance, equavelent of double the money, it needs to be transferred and that the bulk of it will be refunded once the parrot has been trasportated. ALARMS BELLS!!! Still I run around like a bigger fool getting the money trasferred and then NOTHING!!!I called to find out about the bird and at first I was told that because of the swine flu, all animals have been grounded. When I called 2 days later, I was told I'm sorry to tell you, there is not parrot and the call was disconnected. So please be warned: They make it sound as if the animal is desperatley unhappy and that you're the only hope for a good home. Blue and gold BoksburgSouth Africa
Entity: Internet
23, Report #496416
Sep 17 2009
12:04 PM
Wicked Rocket shipped wrong ATV, still owe me money!! BUYER BEWARE! Indianapolis, Indiana
You get what you pay for!! This company still owes me money! First they shipped the wrong ATV and they were going to charge me for return shipping!!! Well, after that problem was resolved..( I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THEN TO BACK OUT ) they did send the correct one. Turns out, they charged me more for a more expensive ATV and owed me money. I called and called and emailed and emailed and still, to this day, no one has replied and refunded my money!  As far as the ATV goes...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have had to buy several batteries and I believe the alarm drains the battery. Save your money and buy a used name will save a lot of hassle and not to mention heartache for you kids that are sad cuz the piece of crap won't run!
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
24, Report #430476
Mar 03 2009
05:45 PM
Mini Pocket Rocket Disappointing Temple City California
I purchased a Mini Pocket Rocket in November as a Christmas present for my son. The first day that he road the bike December 26 the foor pedal broke. The next day the gas line came loose. I sent the company an e-mail,December 28, explaining what happened. I received an e-mail back December 30, asking me to contact the via phone. I spoke with a Representative and explained the reason for my call. The Representative told me that the would be able to replace the broken pedal. They would be sending me a RMA form to fill out. I received the RMA form, January 7 2009, I was not able to send the part to the company until the end of January, due to my husbands illnes which required me to be out of town most of January. When I returned I sent the part to the company. I Febraury I had not received the part so I contacted the company once again Via e-mail to find out how long it would take to received the part. I received a reply that I would not be able to get the part replace because of the date that they received it. I responded back explaining the reason for the time they received it and Rep that I spoke with did not tell me that they needed to receive the pedal before the warranty expired. We corresponded by e-mail for a few days, then I was told to contact them via phone. I contacted the Customer Service department and spoken with a gentleman you was very rude and un-professional after I explained the reason for my call. He told me that I should have know to return the part with in the 60 days. I shouldn't have to have someone to tell me the part needed to be back to them in order to be replaced. He said if I were to tell you that we would replace something you wouldn't wait until June to send it back and still expect us to replace it. I should have gone to their website to get a RMA form and not wait for it to be sent to me. I told the rep that I was not aware that I could get the form from online. He told me that I should have read their website under the Facts and Questions. I told him that I was just following the directions that were given to me. I also asked why no one had contacted me to let me know that the pedal would not be replaced? He said the usually send e-mails, that I should have looked in my Spam e-mail for the reply. He could not give me a date that the e-mail could have possibly been sent. He said that he did not work in the e-mail department. He also said if you knew that no-one had contacted you why did it take you so long to contact us. I told him that I was giving them time to send the replacement, and that I should not have been the one to contact them, they should have been contacting me. I asked the rep why wasn't the part returned to me if they were not going to replace it. I he said that they could return it at my expense if I sent the a prepaid label. I told the rep that I was very disappointed in the way the handled their business and that I would be contacting the better Business Bureau, he told be that the only thing the Better Business Bureau would do was send them a letter. This has been a very bad experience that I have had with this company,refusing to replace a damaged part. Disappointed Effingham, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Temple City, California
25, Report #412108
Jan 14 2009
03:50 PM
Rocket Communication Services continues to rip me off! Internet
I have called this company two months in a row to have this service removed from and credited to my AT & T phone bill. I have now received a new phone bill, and am being billed for their services once again, which I DID NOT ORDER NOR DO I WANT! I am reporting them to anyone who will listen, including the Better Business Bureau. Maureen Paso Robles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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