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26, Report #662140
Nov 15 2010
12:21 PM
Rocket Communication Svcs, Inc Fraudulent Billing Tampa, Florida
I find that Rocket Communications Svs Inc., in cahoots with Enhanced Svs Billing Inc. Did fraudulently and with intent, place a charge of $12.95 against my AT&T bill. This charge was for services that I did order or request, I am an exclusive client of AT&T for internet services only. I have called their telephone # listed, but one only get's a recording. I tried to Email their Accts & billing to no avail. I have free phone service thru my computer with our own voice mail system, my only charge thru AT&T for internent. However, I plan on filing charges with the FTC & the Alabama Attorney General's ofc. I am also considering filing a suit in Federal Court. 
Entity: Tampa, Florida
27, Report #808296
Dec 12 2011
02:50 PM
Rocket Communication James Randal Fraudent Charges on Century Link Phone Bill Palm Harbor, Florida
Upon reviewing my elderly mother's Century Link phone bill, I find that a $12.95 monthly recurring charge has been added since Feb 2011. Upon contacting Rocket Communication and talking with a young lady named Nicole, she advised me that this charge was for vmail & internet faxing. Since my mother is 89 yrs old and does not have access to the internet and also lives alone she did not make any authorization for this service. I was told it would be cancelled and that 3 mos charges could be refunded.  Since she had been charged and paid $129.50  I do not feel that $36.85 is sufficient and would like to see the full amount returned. This is a scam targeting unsuspecting consumers, many living on Social Security income only, and I cannot believe that Century Link is a party to this sort of fraud. I would like to see this company completely put out of business.  It is hard enough for Americans to survive in today's economy without this type of worry.
Entity: Palm Harbor, Florida
28, Report #654998
Oct 25 2010
02:21 PM
Rocket Auto Sales TRIED TO SALE ME A JUNK CAR Chicago, Illinois
i went to the dealership to look at a vehicle. The first day I went to the dealership I asked for Tony the owner, and the guy there told me he was Tony. I discovered later on that day he was not Tony the owner. After talking to some guy I thought was Tony for 20 minutes, he told me the vehicle I wanted to see was at the muffer shop getting a muffler. I went to the muffler shop and found out the vehicle was at the muffler shop because it was not starting, and having a fuel problem. I went back three days later to test drive the vehicle, and it ran like CRAP! DO NOT GO TO THIS DEAERSHIP. THEY HAVE A LOT FULL OF PRETTY VEHICLES THAT ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY. THE OWNER TONY WILL NOT EVEN GO DOWN ON THE PRICE FOR YOU. AGAIN DO NOT GO TO THIS DEAERSHIP. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
29, Report #701810
Mar 02 2011
02:44 PM
Bella Cucina Rocket Blender does not stand behind their products, Internet
We purchased the Bella Cucina rocket blender and it worked great for about 6 weeks. Then it broke. I contacted Bella Cucina and they told me they cant help me. They basicaly said they dont stand behind their products. NEVER EVER buy a Bella Cucina product...IT IS BUYER BEWARE WHEN DEALING WITH THEM.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #723239
Apr 28 2011
01:45 PM
Rocket Dog Shoes Rocketdog Bleeding shoes do not make for a fun night , Internet
I have been wearing flats for 10 years, and the first time I go out and buy a pair of Rocketdog flats they bleed all over my toe nails.  I contacted Rocketdog and they attribute this problem to sweaty feet and can't help me out or replace my product.  They were nice enough to recommend wearing panty hose until the shoes are done bleeding when I wear them.  What a waste of money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
31, Report #955382
Oct 15 2012
02:40 PM
Rocket Theme CEO - Andy Miller The MOST unprofessional support EVER!!! Golden, Colorado
RT Support Policy seems to be: Deny everything.  Admit nothing.  Launch counter accusations. Please read this post and tell me you do not agree that RT Support has no accountability whatsoever.  They will try to blame all the problems on 3rd party modules and companies until overwhelming proof forces them to admit that the problem indeed lies within RT's own products.  Then they will accuse you of being impatient after waiting six weeks for a fix.  HORRIBLE support practices at this company. Further proof of RT Support's complete lack of accountability will be demonstrated when RT support tries to label me a forum troll for posting anything negative about their horrible support policies instead of actually fixing their bugs. (That's right, they will make the argument that me telling the truth about their lackluster support is a bigger problem than RT actually fixing their template so that it works as advertised). It has been over three months since this problem was reported and RT Support has the audacity to try and tell me that I NEED TO PAY THEM MONEY TO FIX THEIR BUGS!!!  Can you believe????  At this point they have quit responding to the thread. They refused to give an ETA and one support person even admitted that it might never be fixed.  All after I have spent over 200 hours on this site.  Here is the link to the post so you can make up your own mind.
Entity: Golden, Colorado
32, Report #877483
May 07 2012
07:11 AM
EMS AB ROCKET TWISTER unauthorized charges Internet
We ordered ab rocket twister when we saw the tv commercial way back in Sept. 2011.  It's a 3 installment payment of $49.95.  It is now May 2012 the EMS Ab Rocket is still charging our bank account $43.23 every month.  We just figure it out that they are charging us every month when they call us and asking us for our new address.  When we check our bank account we found out that they are continually charging our account every month since Sept. 2011.  That is really illegal !!!!  
Entity: Internet, Internet
33, Report #206193
Aug 15 2006
09:35 AM
Wicked Rocket ripoff, Returned item and haven't received my money Indianapolis Indiana
I ordered a kids 50 cc quad back in Aug/Sept of 2005. I received the quad later than promised. When I took possession of the quad I put it together and filled the fluids - followed the directions on how to do everything. I put my four year old daughter on the quad and tried to teach her how to ride. The quad would barely move. I had the throttle wide open and it still barely moved (so it wasn't an isolated issue with the governor). I had to push the quad to get any speed out of it. I was dissapointed and called wicked rocket. Here is where the nightmare began. I spoke to Matt and told him the problem. He said that I would need to put a new sproket on the back and he would send it to me. He said it would arrive in about 1 - 2 weeks. Meanwhile the riding season is beginning. About 3 weeks later I called and asked where the sproket is? Matt said it is coming it will be here in another week or so. Again, no sproket. After a couple more phone calls he said he would send me a bigger motor and it will be here in 1 - 2 weeks. Again after several phone calls I never received a new motor. I then called and spoke with a female and explained everything that I had gone through and that the riding season was now almost over and I want to return the quad and get a refund. She was nice and helped me by sending me the information that I needed to return the item. She also stated that I would receive a tracking number from the shipping company (ABF Freight systems)and to watch when Wicked Rocket receives the quad and call back to expedite the refund. She said these things can sit in the warehouse for awhile before anything is done. Boy was she ever accurate in her assessment. I called back to advise her that it was there and they stated she no longer works there. Uhh kinda suspicious. Well they received the item in their warehouse back in April 2006. I still don't have my money. I have spoken to Matt, Ty and Chad once. All have promised me that checks are going out on Friday and that mine should be in the mail. Well where is my check? My next step is contact the internet Fraud division of the FBI, the IRS (I am sure their accounting division needs to be audited) and I will contact the media and turn them onto this website and others. This might be a good story for them since wicked rocket has ripped off so many people. Chris Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
34, Report #206502
Aug 16 2006
10:21 PM
Wicked Rocket ripoff Selling defective ATVs and fraudulent extended warranties Indianapolis Indiana
Wicked Rocket, also selling under the internet sites - toxicatvs and solidatvs is a complete and total ripoff! If you are going to buy an ATV online DO NOT buy from any of these web sites. The equipment they sell is junk / defective, they are almost impossible to get ahold of once the sale is made and they sell extended warranties that they never back up. AVOID THEM!! They have had their membership to the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana revoked, they are under investigation by the Indiana Attorney General and they have countless complaints on various different web sites. There are many quality internet ATV retailers out there. Wicked Rocket is not one of them! Travis Whitehall, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
35, Report #204630
Aug 04 2006
09:17 PM
Wicked Rocket 2 ripoff lied too stoled money Internet
we order three atv's and helmets atv finally came.110 hand brake was broke the 90 the muffler was broke let the kids ride a little maybe 15 minutes around the yard and reported to wicked about the first problem still no helmets the 50 that muffler broke which my brother notice that the 110 battery oozed then the kill switch never worked.the 90 frame broke in back. We called and called and tried toordered parts by email they sent 2 items still waiting on all of the others and still no helments finally go a hold of Matt to cancel helment since it had been almost 3 months he said know problem we finnal recieved helment two weeks later. they will not call me back or respond to email to return these two helment in which we order 3 all together so now we have extra helment we went out and bought 3 helments about a the same time i canceled there order because i would not let my kids ride with out one. I tried everything to send them back to be reinburstour money the helment alone where arond 300.00 dollars not including what we have spent to to fix them ourself because they wont send nothing we order or if they do it take 3 months or more (lol) this company is a joke there is much more but it is just back and forth and Im getting tired. Karen Georegtown, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #234943
Feb 07 2007
05:07 PM
Wicked Rocket ripoff fraudulent billing returned bike no refund Indianapolis Indiana
Last Christmas, December 2005 we ordered a quadKamakazi 90 for $680.46. We were recommended to this web site from a friend who had ordered a quad also.We recieved the quad Christmas eve,after putting it on a credit card. We had to put a few things together and when it was built we realized the back axel was totally bent. Because it was Christmas day we gave it to our son, but I immediatly called 1-866-942-5332 and told them and I talked to a Pam and she told me how to package the bike and they would e-mail us a BOL (bill of lading) and they would pike the bike up and as soon as they got it back they would send a new one. Well it took a few weeks so now your talking about the enf of January tey picked it up and recieved it back. The new one arrived and my son had it about a week and all it did was break down all the time.... We called and said look just come get the bike and give our money back. We now they had a new freight carrier and Pam told me to do the same thing and gave me a BOL and told me once they recieved the bike back they would send us a check for our refund. This was about the end of March. They came to get the bike and never recieved the check. I called and it was always a run around. On top of it we got the bill from the freight company who wanted us to pay for it, because they said wicked rocket didn't have an account with them. so we got the run around till about August 2006. Then everyone I ever spoke to nolonger worked there.Then about the end of August 2006, the phone was disconnected and the phone number on the internet was taken off and the contact us by e-mail, they never responded. I spent $680.46, now have a bill from the carrier for $203.59 and they want us to pay for it because they can't get wicked rocket to and now have turned it into collections. Jennifer pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
37, Report #229906
Jan 11 2007
07:54 AM
Wicked Rocket ripoff I RETURNED A BIKE AND NEVER RECEIVED CREDIT FRAUD Indianapolis Indiana
Following my introduction, is some of the actual e-mail I sent and received from Wicked Rocket....not included are the dozen phone calls I made and never recieved a call back. In summary, I ordered a mini bike and paid an additional $50 to have it shipped to me in an agreed to period of time. Wicked Rocket shipped the product two weeks late, and than tried to deliver the bike to the wrong address...not in my city. I notified Wicked Rocket that due to their breech of our agreement, the bike was going to be returned (from the shipper) and I expect a credit to my Visa card. According to the shipper, Wicked Rocket has recieved the bike.Wicked Rocket refuses to credit my Visa and will NOT respond to my continued requests for resolution of this issue. My suggestion is do not purchase a product from this company. There are a number of other mail order companies that will place customer service at the top of the don't need to pay for bad service, at most companies it is free. SAMPLE E-MAIL FROM WICKED ROCKET: I apologize for the hassle truly sir. With our warehouses out of state we depend on them to make things happen and sometimes they just don't. Refunding the $50 is not a problem at all. I would understand you just refusing and canceling but I assure you that it will come and we are disappointed by this situation as well. I will wait until Monday to put in for the $50 refund. We should have a tracking number before the weekend and I will be able to tell you when its coming if it doesn't come today or tomorrow. If you do not receive it contact us Monday and we will go from there. Thanks, James 317-917-3107 If You haven't requested it through someone here you can email and he will take care of it for you. He is my manager and he is on vacation I would assume next week. Thanks, Becky 317-917-3107 Hi Loren I tried to call but I guess it's a little early there I apologize. We have shipped your order and it will be there tomorrow. Road Runner says that an appointment has been made so this may be old news but I thought I would let you know. Thanks, James 317-917-3107 That is just ridiculous, I apologize for that, I am emailing your file over to my boss he'll have road runner bring it back to us for you ok. Thanks, James 317-917-3107 Not a problem we make sure this situation is taken care of. Thanks, James SO FAR THE SHIPPER HAS NOT APPROVED THE RECONSIGN YET - SORRY FOR THE DELAY, BUT THE LEGAL ISSUES OF DELIVERING TO OTHER WHAT THEY REQUESTED YOU KNOW.............. I WILL CALL OR E-MAIL YOU AS SOON AS I HEAR. Frank: I am STILL waiting to hear back from you! Are you or are you not going to credit my VISA for the returned merchandise? I advised you to call VISA when you said you were unable to make the credit go through. I even provided you with their phone number. Did you call them? It will be a cold day in h**l before I ever deal with Wicked Rocket again...and I plan on telling 25 of my friends. Your days in business are numbered. Loren Edmonds, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
38, Report #349379
Jul 09 2008
05:09 PM
Rocket Paving Don't let this happen to you! Lakemoor Illinois
Well, T Cooper of Rocket Paving PROMISED to be at my house on July 8th to repair the damage he did on my driveway. Guess what??? No show and No Call. I got in touch with him that evening and, you got it, PROMISED to be there today, July 9th at 12:30 to repair my driveway that I have been waiting to have repaired since April 24th. You guessed it, no show, no call. I am done contacting them. I guess I need to get their attention some other way. DO NOT HIRE ROCKET PAVING to do your parking lot or drives. I have pictures I will gladly email to anyone who wants to see my driveway. Undie Bristol, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Lakemoor, Illinois
39, Report #1107509
Dec 16 2013
06:33 PM
Red rocket hobby shop RedrockethobbiesRedrockethobbiesreviews Bad expirence Klamuth falls Oregon
Beware of this seller. Red Rocket Hobby Shop offers its products through its own web site and Amazon Marketplace, but did not deliver on order placed through the Amazon marketplace. The seller is located in Oregon, and unless you are located next door, will likely cancel your order with a claim that either 1) it is too expensive to ship to you with the postal rate increases, or 2) you would be much happier with a retailer located closer to your location where shipping may be quicker and cheaper. If they offer a product with a advertised shipping charge, you should expect them to fulfill the order.Much of this appears to be a strategy to avoid negative reviews and feedback, especially on a shared marketplace like Amazon where reviews can not be placed for canceled orders. So if you are not patient with their slow service and shipping (7 days after order placed), you will likely find your order simply canceled once you raise any questions regarding status or shipping time.The customer service was actually prompt in responding to concerns regarding order status, but this was the only positive. But promptly canceling an order due to the risk of negative feedback is a sure warning sign.   
Entity: Klamuth falls, Oregon
40, Report #1012947
Feb 12 2013
01:07 PM
Christy-Rocket McCann Christy McCann Thief - Rip-off Artist Pleasant Hill, California
Christy McCann (a.k.a. Christy-Rocket McCann) was found guilty in a Concord (Country Costa County) court of law of fraudulently selling a 21.5 inch computer monitor, which was advertised by her as being a 27 inch computer monotor.Christy McCann advertised this on both Craigslist and Facebook, and testified that she owned the monitor for at least 3 months. In her usual nothing is my fault attitude, she blamed the inaccuracy on her ex boyfriend, claming she never measured it before advertising it and her ex said it was 27 inches.She dropped the monitor off at the buyer's home, took her money and left within minutes. When the buyer measured the monitor the next day and complained, and asked for his money back, she REFUSED, saying it was not her problem now. Of course, this went to court. Typically, a judge will not announce the results in court in order to spare the loser embarrassment & huminiation. Hoever, in this case Christy McCann was so unreasonable that the judge proceeded to scold McCann and announce the result immediately. Guilty, ordered to refund the money, pay processing fee, and pay service fee. This was August 23, 2012. As of today (Feb. 12, 2013) McCann has not paid her court ordered debt.The message here: If you are considering doing business with Christy McCann on any level, think twice! This woman is dishonest and a scam artist in my opinion.
Entity: Pleasant Hill, California
41, Report #1330935
Sep 30 2016
10:44 AM
Rocket Resorts, 702 Resorts Timeshare Ripoff Scam Chicago, Las Vegas Internet
Kenneth will give you the option to pay with gift cards and once you do then there will be numberous excuses on the delay on getting you the confirmation number. -  The hotel is delaying on the confirmation codes -  He had some fires to put out -  He got the reservations mixed up -  He didn't receive payment yet  etc....   At the end of the day, this is a scam.  He only keeps the business name and domain for a few months or until there are numerous complaints then they are closed down.  So 702resorts will probably only last a few more months.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1222741
Apr 15 2015
09:46 PM
gogo rocket Did not provide campaign boosting services I paid for Frazier Park California
We are a non-profit running an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Gogo rocket contacted me and offered campaign support premium for $289 USD. I paid this and received a confirmation email that follows.there was never any followup nor response to my emailenquiries. There is also no activity from gogorocket evident on our campaign sitesupport Your Order with GoGo Rocket has been confirmed! We will send a follow up email confirmation from one of our campaign specialists soon. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation of your campaign being logged into our system.Thank you for your order!Order InformationMerchant:GoGo Rocket LLCInvoice Number:2155 Billing Information Rosemary White(((redacted)))Toronto, Ontario M1R 1J1Canadarosemarywrites@bell.netShipping InformationTotal: US $289.00 VisaDate/Time:21-Mar-2015 6:56:15 PDTTransaction ID:7024423675 
Entity: Frazier Park, California
43, Report #387812
Nov 04 2008
08:43 AM
Rocket Comm SVCS Inc Rocket rip off with AT&T Palm Harbor Florida
I have contacted both AT&T and Rocket and have had no luck with either company. I did not order the services of rocket, yet AT&T allows them to add $12.95 to my monthly bill. I have filed a complaint with the Utilities Commission. I'm really pissed off that a company can add a bill to my AT&T account and AT&T does nothing about it. I'm going to change phone companies! Gary Placerville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Harbor, Florida
44, Report #354776
Jul 23 2008
01:33 PM
Rocket Communication Services AT&T Enhanced Billing Services charge for Rocket Communication Services Internet
Our AT&T bill included a charge for $12.95 for Enhanced Services Billing Inc. Not knowing what this was, I called the AT&T number listed under this service and was rerouted to Rocket Communication Services. I was given the option to cancel the service, which I did, but there was no option to speak to a person or find out what this company does, or why I was being billed for it. An interent search led me to where I found a posting by someone with a similar charge. Teri Valencia, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #547560
Dec 30 2009
01:47 PM
Rocket Innovation Technology Management Rocket Innovation Technology Work from home and earn $665 a week Internet
Okay, I responded to a job posted on a website called It was for a work at home job through Nikon Innovation Technology.  I responded back and forth with this company a few times until I realized that, this IS NOT NIKON.  If you are to come across this job, work at home for $665 a week, it is not real.  I took the time to call Nikon headquarters and e-mail their Human Resources Specialist for the USA.  If you would also like to call and clarify this information is a fraud, you may call Nikon to confirm: 1-631-547-4200 or e-mail the HR specialist:     Also, here is the e-mail I sent, and the e-mail I recieved back from Nikon.  Hope this helps all of you job seekers out there looking for answers regarding this matter!  Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 12:25 PM To: JobOps Subject: Inquiry about a possible Scam Job Hello, Like always, I am always searching for a job online. Recently, I came across an ad for your company off of More and more, I am thinking this is a scam, but if it is not, I would like to know about it either way. It's almost impossible to get anyone on the phone there, and I just wanted to touch base to make sure that you are aware of this. Please get back to me in regards to this e-mail. Here is the first e-mail I recieved. Please let me know if it is to your company or not, because there is a bunch of websites calling it a scam. Thanks for your time. Hi, I did get two messages from you a few minutes ago but was at lunch. This is not an ad run by Nikon but I will keep your resume on file should another opportunity become available. You can review the career opportunities on our website as well at Thank you, Stephanie  
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #485720
Aug 26 2009
03:56 PM
Rocket Communication Services, Inc. - Rocket Comm Svcs Inc. - Rocket Voicemail Unauthorized charges for voicemail and Internet fax on my Verizon residential phone bill I doubt if the unathorized charges that appeared on my phone bill were innocently made by Rocket Voicemail, considering I have read several similar complaints on the Internet about this company. Fort Wayne, Indiana
Opening your phone bill and trying to decipher the hundreds of obscure charges is not an easy task.  It is actually rather annoying to figure out exactly what you are paying for.  The experience becomes much more annoying when you find an authorized charge, as I did when I discovered that Rocket Voicemail had billed me through Verizon for voicemail and Internet fax services I did not authorize.  The amount was not large, $12.95, but as far as I was concerned, it could have been $129.50.  I tracked down this company, which I had never heard about until this unpleasant discovery, on the Internet and sent them a firm but not ranting e-mail of protest through their contact information on the web.  I also called Verizon, who said they will credit my account for the unauthorized charge. I wonder how many other people Rocket Voicemail has charged for services not authorized, and I wonder how many of these unsuspecting people will not notice this on their phone bill and pay it?
Entity: Internet, Internet
47, Report #365481
Mar 04 2009
07:10 PM
Rocket Communications - ESBI Verizon Cheated by Rocket Communications ESBI Verizon Bethesda Maryland
I have three accounts with Verizon - cell, FIOS, and landline telephone. My Verizon bills for June/July/August 2008 show a charge ($13.21) for Enhanced Services from a company called Rocket Communications. They are also known as ESBI. The charges are for FAX/Voicemail. I do not own a fax and have an anwering machine on my telephone so I have no need for either. I never signed up for this service. Never. I have called Verizon on six separate occasions in July and August 2008 to try to straighten this out. Each time they told l me that although the bill is from Verizon they cannot help me. Each time they told me to call Rocket Comminications/ESBI. I have contacted Rocket Commnications 10 times in July and August 2008. Each tinme they told me they will deactivate my account and refund all of the money they I have paid to them. Rocket Communications have lied to me. They have continued to bill my account. They have returned $0.0 to me. I am not happy about this situation and will continue taking action until this matter is resolved. SM bethesda, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Bethesda, Maryland
48, Report #818907
Jan 06 2012
12:59 PM
Rocket Voicemail/Fax Communications Rocket Communications Ripoff Fraudulent Charges made by Rocket/Communications/Vmail and Efaxing to my phone bill Palm Harbour, Florida
This company Rocket communications/Vmail and efaxing has been billing my telephone company for a fee of $12.95 for several months now for voicemail and faxing services that I did not sign up for nor did I authorize that they bill my telephone company for these services. When I contacted the company the customer service rep. argued with me that I did authorize theses services via the internet, I know for certain I did not give permission for these services to be billed to my telephone bill nor did I know what services this company even offered until contacting them. Apparently, all they need is your name and email address to bill your telephone company for these bogus services. I have voicemail with my phone company and an answering machine, and have no need for faxing services, why on earth would I agree to pay these frauds $12.95 a month for something I do not need. When contacting my telephone provider I was told they do not have any affliation with this company that if I have a problem with billing I need to take it up with them that they just bill me because they were billed by this company, and in no way do they try to verify that their customers authorized the services to be billed to their telephone bill. I am unhappy with my telephone provider for this reason, I believe they should better protect their customers by bringing these charges to the customers attention to verify that the customer actually authorized them. I indeed overlooked this charge as I have paperless billing and a bundled package with my phone company, it was easily overlooked until I printed my bill and went over it in detail. Now I am trying to get my money refunded from this company. My phone provider told me they could not help me. Please pay close attention to your phone bills folks, these type people are being allowed to tack additional bills on to our accounts with no customer verification what so ever.
Entity: Palm Harbour, Florida
49, Report #804797
Dec 04 2011
09:37 AM
Ab Rocket Emson - Ab Rocket Company did not return Ab Rocket Machine mailed to them for Repair / Replacement. Company confirmed receipt of my machine incl. Target receipt, issued case number, declined repair / replacement. numer Wallingford, Connecticut
Emson - Ab Rocket company continues to ignore and does not respond to my request to mail back my property. Their customer service has failed to resolve the issue. The supervisor named Barbara (company did not provide full name of supervisor -- obviously for a reason ! if this supervisor even exists) did not ever respond to my detailed letter. The letter describes the case:  I had mailed Ab Rocket machine bought at a local Target storewith a request for repair or replacement. When mailing the machine to your company it was accompanied with a letter explaining in detail the malfunction of that machine as well as copies of those Target receipts documenting the multiple even exchanges at Target to get a machine without that malfunction. However each machine displayed the same problem.After waiting more than two months and not hearing from you I started to inquire by phone. The customer representative at the phone confirmed the receipt of my mailed in machine and according to your customer database no action was taken. The representative explained that the machinehad only a 3 months warranty and not a 1 year warranty as I had assumed, and that your company declined to repair or replace the machine. I understand that you based on your warranty policy will not repair nor replace the machine even though all 3 machines through even exchanges at Target displayed the same problem causing he machine to be useless. Unfortunately the instruction booklet which came with the machine did not indicate purchasing an extended warranty. I have no problem with your company declining to repair the machine. I do ask that the faulty machine be returned to me.I had made 4 telephone calls in the meantime to ask for my Abs Rocket machine to be mailed back. Each of the different customer service representatives said that they had to check with their supervisor and I would receive a response within a week.Well, I have not ever gotten any response from you so far nor was my Abs Rocket machine mailed back to me.  This machine is not your companys property! I have paid $106.24 for this machine and after two even exchanges at Target which did not resolve the issue I mailed that malfunctioning machine to your company for repair in good faith.With this letter I am asking you to return my machine so I can find ways to repair it myself. I cannot tolerate that your companys customer service simply ignores my four previous phone requests to return my machine. I hope to hear from you and I hope that my machine will be mailed back to me as soon as possible.I mailed this letter to the supervisor in June 2011 and have never received any response to this day. My Ab Rocket machine with retail price of $106.24 was possibly refurbished and sold to another customer by this corrupt company.  Emson - Ab Rocket Company has been most disrespectful and commits the crime of stealing my property. I strongly advise to stay away from this company and not buy their faulty products. I also will make a report to the Better Business Bureau about this issue. 
Entity: Wallingford, Connecticut
50, Report #1107525
Dec 16 2013
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Red rocket hobby shop Red Poor service Klamath falls Oregon
Red Rocket Hobby Shop Very Bad!If you order from Red Rocket Hobby Shop pray that your online order goes smoothly. If it doesn't, these people will have no sympathy for your problem, even if they caused it. Here is my experience with them. I was interested in ordering a Parkzone P-51-D R/C plane. It was very important that this plane came in a different radio frequency so that I could fly it without interfering with the frequency of my friend’s P.Z. Spitfire. Of two stores I was considering I decided to order with Red Rocket Hobbies because they would ship the plane for free. I sent them an e-mail asking specifically if the plane came in different channels. This was their reply: “Hello customer,Yes the p-51 comes in channels 1,2,3,4,5,and 6. You can place an order online with a credit card but the billing address must match the address that your bank has on account with you credit card. If you want you can call me and I can do a phone order for you and put a request in the order notes that you want a difference channel. You can choose which one. Please let me know what your decision is and I will be glad to help. Thank you”> Replyer Red Rocket Hobbies They have no toll free number so I ordered online, taking care to include in the “order comments” box the following: “Don’t send in channel 3. My existing Plane is in channel 3 and I want to be able to have the planes fly at the same time. Channels 1,2,4,5,or 6 will be fine but don’t send the P-51 in channel 3.” A week later I received the Plane in channel 3. I called them and was told That “When a channel request is submitted we always pass this request on to our warehouse, but have no control over the actual channel that is shipped out.” On top of that they wanted me to to pay for return shipping and original shipping of the plane. Free shipping was the reason I ordered from them in the first place. The bottom line is that this business is deceptive. Their deception may be intentional or pure incompetence. Ether way they won’t admit it. After giving up dealing with them I ordered the plane from Hobby Zone. I received it a week later in the requested channel 5. I have since filed a report with the better business bureau. 
Entity: Klamath falls, Oregon

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