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1, Report #1397620
Sep 03 2017
10:59 AM
Romel Regalado Bagares Roque & Butuyan Law Offices Bad legal advice put me in jail Manila Nationwide
I had the displeasure of Romel defending me in a case. Not only did he give me poor advice, but he implicated me in more crimes and turned what would have been a simple fine, into jail time.   This lawyer is terrible, you should not trust him to defend you.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1396598
Aug 29 2017
06:55 PM
Manny Regalado , MR interior design, MR interior design inc. Con-artist Sherman Oaks California
 I have known Manny Regalado for 5 years. And I made a huge mistake to hire him for the remodel of my house before my baby was to be born in September of 2016. Long story short he stole over $50,000 from me. He failed to deliver all of our kitchen appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tiles and countertops , and some furniture. I have sued him in Superior Court , which he never showed up to and was granted a judgment of $48,000. It has almost been a year since this nightmare and every single month I get contacted by other victims of his asking for advise. He has not only stolen from his clients but multiple contractors, carpenters, flooring installers, and vendors. Manny Regalado is a con-artist and every word out of his mouth is 100% BS. My Superior Court case number is bc641878. It is a public record and anyone is welcome to review my case if there is any doubt about my experience.
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
3, Report #1038488
Mar 27 2013
11:14 AM
Baltazar Regalado McAllen Cold Storage, Eagle Produce, Elite Commerce, Valley Urethrane Services. Uses other peoples companies to smuggle drugs and launder money! McAllen, Texas
Mr Baltazar Regalado uses the companies that he makes under other peoples names for illicit activity. I went to Mr. Baltazar for consultation on creating a company. I was not sure what to do to create it properly for my food transportation company. He helped me make it then used my company and my identity to import products from Mexico without my knowledge but with complicity of border officials! I found out one day as I was being told my company was under investigation and we were being investigated for Drug Trafficking. Obviously what happened was he used my company to traffic narcotics. We investigated the situation and it was as we thought. We had to pay large sums of money for lawyers to help us clear up our name and now my company is bankrupt and I am starting over below 0. Further investigations made by our attorneys found Mr. Baltazar Regalado has a reputation for doing this and has many of his own companies to launder the money. Some of the companies he uses for illicit activity are Eagle Produce, Elite Commerce, and Valley Urethrane Services. Everybody be careful, these people are also dangerous! We all feared our families and our own safety while dealing with this situation. These people are connected deep as well, lets get together and take him down.
Entity: McAllen, Texas
4, Report #1303482
May 03 2016
07:30 PM
Boe, Lorenzo Mendoza Munoz, Maximino Avila Regalado Ordered HGH from Internet and got nothing. Lost over $300 QUERETARO Mexico
I suffer from extreme back pain and have for decades. After watching some infomercials I decided to look online for HGH.  While researching prices online I found a company that seemed to have the best price.   I filled out an order online for the product. The form said someone would contact me via telephone for my credit card information.   (This sounded secure to me.) On Easter Sunday a man called and left me a voicemail message with a phone number to call him back regarding my order. The phone number had a Las Vegas area code so when I called him back I asked if he was in Las Vegas. He stated that the company is actually in Mexico however they use that phone number. That should have been an alert for me but I was desperate.   Whike chatting I told him my story and we chatted for a while and then he offered me a two month supply,  one month at full price and the second month half off if I ordered now.  He also explained the process if I paid by credit card which seemed more cumbersome versus paying cash through Western Union. Since Western Union was quicker for me I decided to use that route.  He was in constant contact with me to make sure I got it sent that day, which I did.   The next day he called me and asked me to change the receivers name because he forgot the other person was actually on Easter vacation for a couple of weeks.   He said I could wait a couple of weeks or change the name and he would get the product out in 24 hours.   (Yes, this should have been an alert for me also.)   He told me he would call me with the tracking number the next day. Since then I have heard nothing from him.   I have sent him emails with no response. I have called him multiple times and keep getting a recording with no response to my telephone messages.   I have even tried to call from a different phone however I still cannot get a human being to answer. I thought I would never be scammed. I thought I was too smart for It. But I was desperate and stupid.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1223200
Apr 17 2015
05:54 PM
I decided to look up complaints against Aspire Lending and was surprised but was pleased to find that there was proof that Aspire Lending practices were aggregous and nefarious. After googling AspireLending I immediately saw the complaint that Aspire Lending mislead the potential borrower even up to closing. I was using my  VA Loan and have within the last few days completed VA form 10 26-8827 and mailed to Veteran Affairs in Houston, Tx. I dont know what will come of this complaint. I also have an issue with the Builder, Ryland Homes Representative based on the fact that after I questioned AspireLending practices and wanted to change lenders, the Ryland Rep told the Realtor agent that I had to continue with them and the Realtor agent would be main person retrieving documents and talking to them.  Needless to say, of all the  times I shouldve changed regardless I did not and have lost my earnest money. This all transpired a few days ago. This is not my first home purchase and have never lost money. I had worked toward this goal and had my portfolio, credit score and all other items taken care of. It makes me feel angry that I allowed this to happen even after I sensed retaliatory behavior from Aspire Lending after I voiced my concerns and decided to change lenders and to pick up my documents that I hand carried to their office on Alpha Rd Dallas, Tx. They even withheld my Tax Return schedules and claimed that they were given back to me. Its miserable even reliving this experience as I as writing this. The take awaiy is to Beware and chooose another lender such as Chase or Quicken Loans Veterans and Retirees this site will save you heartache and your hard earned money.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
6, Report #588964
Apr 02 2010
04:08 PM
RA Law Group Romel Ambarchian, Hired me to do an instructional video and stiffed me for my last payment of $860 which was due on completion.. They told me they were not going to pay me a dime!! they owe me $860. Internet
I was hired by RA lawgroup to produce an instructional video for selling loan modifications..  We entered in a contract for a flat rate which was to be paid half after shooting and half after turning in edited project.I finished the project, turned it in and was asked to write up a statement of the charges which i turned in. Trusting that they are professionals i turned in the work thinking i would get my check.. 1 week passed and i called the representative who speaks for Romel Ambarchian. his name is Suro Ambarchian and told me I'm not going to pay you a dime, because you took too long to do the project i stated to him the facts which there are no deadlines in the contract.. They received a service from me and now they told me im not gonna get paid.. i have witnesses that the work is done. and signed contracts by one of their lead trainers.They have the project in their hands and have no way of getting paid unless i complain or sue them. I want to let people know that they are unethical and could be using same practices when it comes down to modifying your loans.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #692243
Feb 08 2011
12:33 AM
Ra Law Group APC Romel Ambarchiyan Charged me $5,500.00 for loan mod that was denied and refuse to refund my money back when retainer states money back guarntee if mod is denied or incomplete, Internet
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1042287
Apr 17 2013
03:10 PM
GB Shelter Mortgage Baltazar Regalado Senior Loan Officer Mortgage Fraud Austin, Texas
My grandmother, Donna S who is 75 years old, was approached my a man called Mr. Baltazar Regalado, who is a senior loan officer at GB Shelter Mortgage a division of Guarantee Bank.   He heard that my grandmother was interested in buying a property through a mutual friend. Mr. Baltazar Regalado promised my grandma the best deal and very low interest financing through GB Shelter Mortgage. The property value was of $180k He then asked my grandmother for $80k down deposit and the rest of the deal would be completed by Mr Baltazar Regalado. My grandmother gave a personal check to him for the 80 grand and then Mr. Baltazar Regalado never contacted her back. She tried many times to get a hold of him and all were unsuccessful. She told me about it after it had happened. I investigated Mr Baltazar Regalado, the address provided on the website is not an office, just a p.o. box, the phone number, which is a mobile phone, always sends me to voicemail. I reported him to the authorities, but have not received any feedback on what is going on. I also tried calling the managers of GB Shelter Mortgage around Texas and nobody has been able to help me. Avoid dealing with GB Shelter Mortgage in Texas, specially in Austin and Mr. Baltazar Regalado!!
Entity: Austin, Texas
9, Report #818091
Jan 04 2012
07:03 PM
A & G Dirt Services Giovanni or Romel Lied to me and my wife about the amount he was charging and also lied about the amount of loads brought into my property. I' m filing a suit against him and his company, please dont be a victum of the Houston, Texas
My wife and I looked in craigslist for a Dirt Contractor and we found a Free Dirt Listing we called 713-283-4261 and spoke with a guy named joe he promised to bring us dirt for weeks, after those weeks he called and said he had clean dirt which wasn't clean it had concrete in it we also spoke about a price per delivery which he agreed on and asked us to pay cash only so he wouldn't have to report it to the IRS. Once he started bring in the loads of dirt / concrete he said he would hual out any concrete away he also lied about that, he made me and my wife pay for 150 loads of this trash dirt and said that he brought in 150 loads also another lie after we reviewed our hidden camera it only showed 120 loads. Please dont be a victum of these guys i learned the hard way to do my research on the company before dealing with them.
Entity: Houston, Texas
10, Report #1041729
Nov 02 2013
10:42 AM
Solomon Group Real Estate Baltazar Regalado Jennifer Eskina Identity Theft Fraud Austin, Texas
I emailed Solomon Group as I wanted to buy my son a property for his University Graduation Girft. I was contacted by Mr. Baltazar Regalado who is a Financial Advisor at Solomon Group Real Estate. He asked me to give a deposit and a copy of our families Id's to file the paperwork under all of our names for the property purchase. He asked me to wire the money to his personal account and this way he said we wouldn't have to pay taxes on top of that. When I suspected that he was doing fraud I contacted the solomon group, and people said they knew him but after we told them what happened they all said they didnt know anything about him and denied any relationship with him and of his existance in the company. There is proof That he is a financial advisor in the group but now everybody denies his existance and we just want to make sure our Id's are not being stolen. We strongly suggest to avoid the services of Solomon Group at any cost as you could avoid deep troubles and dealing with authorities and scares of being robbed of your identity.
Entity: Austin, Texas
11, Report #414718
Jan 31 2011
06:59 AM
Home Improvement King / Builders Emporium - Romel Reid, Employee, No Call No show,Constant lies, falsification of hours, Unreliable North Hills California
Apparently, An employee of mine during my employment at Home Improvement King named Romel Reid. Has accused me Arthur Pascual of being apart of Home Improvement King bad checks and bait and switch scams. I was hired on as a manager in 2007 in the month of October by Mitch Wittenburg and Dave Alan. Home Improvement King close down and filed bankruptcy in 2009 January, supposedly. Owing me at least a few thousand dollars in gas milege, commissions and salaries. This is a rebuttel to Romel Reid's weak attempt to cover up his own issues. Home Improvement King did everything they could to employee Romel Reid and he expected to get paid for not showing up to work, tardy on numerous occasions, falsification of documents, loss of leads, etc.. This will also go out to all other demonstrators that know exactly who they are.. Stop accusing me as a crook when you're clearly a CROOK! Also for the record: Dave Alan and Mitch Wittenburg, thanks for making me look bad. I did nothing but make you money and in the end you both rip me off. In my 1 year employment with this company..I had no idea that they were crooked scam artist. I would have never took the job. I heard things more and more as my employment grew but did not see or hear any real trouble. Sorry for all the honest people who got burned, which I was one honest person who got burned. I want to apologize to the managers of these venues, that were very kind to me. Do it Centers - Doug, Tony, William, Laura, and the CEO's All Home Depot Managers that trusted Home Improvement King. Division Manager North Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: North Hills, California
12, Report #1154018
Jun 11 2014
03:38 PM
Regus Gabe Regalado, Mark Dixon, Curt Dominic Regalado told me that the contract I was signing required two months notice (I paid more than two months deposit). He had me sign it and never gave me a copy of it. He altered the contract afterwards to a yearly rental agreement without my knowledge or agreement so he could collect his full rental commission. Now the company has turned it over to collection for nearly $9,700.00 even though I gave them over 2 months notice of vacancy and they kept the full amount of my deposit $2,600.00. They collected rent in advance so I was paid up through April 30, 2014, giving them two months notice on April 20, 2014 by certified mail. Campbell California
During the month of January 2014, I met with Gabe Regalado, who was in charge of renting office space for Regus at 1999 South Bascom Avenue, 7th Floor, Campbell, CA 95008. He was very helpful and very personable. He suggested that I get a virtual office first. Quite frankly, this was a complete waste of money as all the receptionist did was forward the office number to my cell phone. They did provide internet access. However, it was almost always a pain in the neck to get the Ethernet to work. All other services like using the copy machine or calling out on the office phone was a la carte (They charged you extra for using them). You did get free coffee and water (whoopee!). At any rate, I gave an $800 deposit for the virtual office and another $1800 deposit for the actual office. I had one office space without a window for three weeks and then they switched me to an office with a window when it became available. As it turned out, this was a new business for me. I held seminars and tried to sign up clients for retirement and estate planning services. The reason I did not want a long term rental commitment was because I was not sure how things would work out, being as it was a new business for me. After doing two postcard mailings and four seminars, I had not brought any income into the business. This was not the fault of Regus. However, I sent my entry card and office keys to Regus by certified mail, giving them notice on April 20, 2014 that I was surrendering my office and giving more than 2 months notice of termination. When I was sitting in the conference room with Gabe, I expained my vision. It was clear to him that I would not be in the building long term. As I continued to do seminars (assuming my business was successful which it was not), I would be holding seminars in different locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This is the reason I went to Regus in the first place. As my seminars moved, I could move my office space to another Regus location close to my clients. Gabe understood my business plans and needs very well. He had me sign in a few places on the contract. He verbally told me several times, All you need to do is give me two months notice before you move out of your office. That was well understood between us. I never got a copy of the contract and was unaware that he had modified the contract after I signed it to a yearly contract without notifying me. He never said anything and I never received any copies of the contracts or any indication of the nature of the contract as they billed me for one month for June 2014 in May 2014. The only way I found out about the change was when I was contacted by a bill collector circa June 6 for an amount of $9700.00. I could not figure out how they arrived at this amount. I finally deduced that what Gabe did was alter the contract without my knowledge and submitted it so he would get his full commission for renting the office for a year instead of only for a few months. To put a few extra dollars in his pocket, he threw me under the bus, by modifying / completing the contract that was not what we verbally agreed to; not notifying me or providing me with a copy of the contract. I received no indication of the terms other than what was verbally agreed upon between the two of us from Regus and only was able to deduce what happened after they turned the contract in for collection. I enjoyed meeting Gabe and doing business with him. He is very personable. However, this is one of the most unethical actions I have encountered in business. I'm sure his area manager, Dominic, and his president, Dixon, will use the full power of their financial might to smash little guys like me, but people should know what sleezeballs they are doing business with before engaging in business with them. Frankly, I tried very hard to work this out, but they think they have me over a barrel and there is nothing I can do about it. To me, this is very short sighted on there part, as any money they think they are going to collect is certainly not worth the negative publicity. I will be going to file charges with the Campbell police but they usually consider this a civil matter, although it's no difference to me whether they extort money out of me this way or use a gun. I will also be filing a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs. 
Entity: Campbell, California
13, Report #1210410
Feb 20 2015
12:08 AM
khoury's & associates Romel Khoury9641 Rainfall Ave. Suite 13Las Vegas, NV 89147Direct Tel: 702-501-4249 Office Tel: 702-785-3646 E-mail: KHOURYSGROUP@gmail.comNevada Entity: E0450752013-2 Watch out for scammer/ fake banker Las Vegas Nevada
KHOURY’S & ASSOCIATES owned and operated from romel khoury from his home. He put suite 13 but if you look up his address, it is a rented residence where he lives. Be very careful. He makes himself pass for an investor or a bank. He is broke. He lies a lot. He has nothing. Everything about this guy is a lie. This guy will promisse you millions and billions of dollars but he does not even have 2 cents to rub together. Stay away. He is not licensed, he is a scammer. He is a very old fart. He speaks with a very heavy accents. He is of arab descent and speaks arabic. I would not trust him at all or trust any of his contacts. HE brings deals to the tune of billions but most likely it is a way to scam you out of money. If he starts talking big. Go visit him and you will find him living in a tiny 2 level story town house. Just google earth his address and you will see where he lives. I am surprised there are still people like that around. I believe he was also convicted for a felony a while back. I heard that he was a war criminal in some countries in the middle east. In any case, I would not trust anyone who speaks arabic and who is arabic. He will tell you that he is christian or jewish, it really depends on the weather or who you are, but in reality, he is muslim. Be very careful when dealing with this individual.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
14, Report #1036790
Apr 19 2013
06:12 PM
McAllen Cold Storage Baltazar Regalado Miguel Garcia Gerardo Lopez Garza Hire and work with companies knowing they use slaves for work. McAllen, Texas
Mcallen Cold Storage knowingly hires a trucking company that uses slave (unpaid workers) to transport their products because its cheap! They also work with slave farmers and construction workers. The company they use is related to a Mexican drug cartel and they take hostages and make the people work for free to keep their families alive. The savings that these companies make while cheating their drivers is passed on to Mcallen Cold Storage, 8101 S 23rd St, Mcallen, Texas. The slaves can't complain or go to the authorities because they would put their families at risk. Report has already been made to the authorities but while investigations are on DO NOT USE McAllen Cold Storage for any reason!      We realized this was happening because we stored merchandise in their warehouse and they stole part of the goods. We did not realize until unloading the truck at the final destination. We hired a private investigator to look in to McAllen Cold Storage because something seemed fishy. The investigator found out these horrible links and reported them to authorities. Watch out!
Entity: McAllen, Texas
15, Report #844465
Mar 02 2012
11:10 PM
Ultimate Business Services Nick Baki, Patrick Regalado, Lillian campbell, Chris Zahn All excuses. They work together to make excuses when it comes to what you deserve deerfield beach, Florida
This company seems to be great off the bat.  But after a week or so of being employed there your work structure  starts to get questioned.  Don't do what I did I ignored all the negative posts and spent my time, money and energy working here. These post are definitely here for a reason.  I know all companies have bad reports but none like this one.  Do all your research before you accept a job here SPECIALLY if you are leaving a company to come here.  No matter how bad you think you have it with your current employer the grass is NOT greener on this side.  Don't be SOLD.  They do paint a pretty picture but at what point do you realize it was all B.S??? Ususally after you have wasted your time. Everyone there gets paid on how long the new hires stay employed.  The turn around rate there is 3 weeks and those that tell you diffrent have been paid bonus to basically keep their mouth quiet and motivate the new sales people.  But they will all get fired as soon as they start learning all the in's and out's.  Good Luck!
Entity: deerfield beach, Florida
16, Report #779855
Sep 23 2011
07:24 AM
libertyfta Tahrir Kalasho and Tony keith committing fraud and slander Internet
This persons and company has done nothing but committed fraud and slandering people and their companies. This person is just a representative and the actual seller does not endorse the website. Nor the seller did not give them the authority to do such acts. This company website needs to be shut down and reported. Because this persons who has no money and has no idea how commodity deals work. 
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #749492
Dec 23 2012
10:11 PM
LAW OFFICES OF ALG RA LAW GROUP | Notice: Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration Decision: A neutral and independent Arbitrator has determined that the following report contained one or more false statements of fact. The false statements have been redacted (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))) |LAW OFFICES of ALG & RA LAW GROUP (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))). Glendale, California
RIPOFF REPORT VIP ARBITRATION SUMMARY OF ARBITRATOR DECISION Law Offices of ALG & RA Law Group, Complainant v. Kevin, Author of Ripoff Report # 749492 ________________________________________________________________________ Complainant, Law Offices of ALG & RA Law Group (Complainant), has challenged the truthfulness of certain statements (each, a Statement) posted by Author Kevin ((REDACTED BY ROR)) (the Author) on the Ripoff Report website at on July 5, 2011, as Ripoff Report No. 749492 (the Report). The Author contends that the Complainant has misrepresented to the public its experience and qualifications. The Complainant denies the allegations in the Report, contending that the Report has been submitted by a former, disgruntled employee. In response to the Report, Complainant has submitted information regarding its status as a law firm and Declarations from current employees regarding their work within the firm. The Author has not submitted a response to the Complaint. By submitting a Report and a Complaint on the Ripoff Report website, both the Complainant and the Author have agreed to submit the dispute to the Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration. Each Statement challenged by the Complainant has been considered, together with any Witness Statements and Documents provided by the Complainant for determination of the truth or falsity of the Statement. The Author has not provided a response to the Complaint. The Arbitration has been asked to decide whether the preponderance of the evidence submitted establishes that each Statement is true or that it is false. If the statement identified by the Complainant is determined to be an opinion, no determination will be made as to that particular Statement because an opinion cannot be determined to be true nor false. The Arbitrator determined that the statements in the challenged Report were false. Therefore, according to the VIP Arbitration Rules, those statements have been redacted. Decided December 21, 2012 Bruce E. Meyerson, Arbitrator * A copy of the full Arbitrators Decision is available upon request. Please e-mail with the name of the Complainant and Report number. ________________________________________________________________________ LAW OFFICES of ALG & RA LAW GROUP (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))). (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))). (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))). (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))). A relative, ROMEL AMBARYCHAN, Esq., who owned the bankrupt RA LAW GROUP which has numerous Rip Off Complaints, was now of counsel. They professed to have seven attorneys on staff, when in fact, they had none. Furthermore, ANTHONY CARROLL the Operations Manager of the firm, (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))). I became suspicious of their abilities with regard to REAL ESTATE, LOAN MODIFICATION, DEBT RESTRUCTURING and SETTLEMENT, FORECLOSURE DEFENSE, BANKRUPTCY, SHORT SALE, LENDER LITIGATION and especially complex COMMERCIAL matters. Clients would state (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))) the EMPLOYEE TURNOVER was egregious. (((Statement REDACTED as false pursuant to Ripoff Report VIP Arbitration))). Many employees referred to the Law Offices of ALG and RA Law Group as the Armenian Mafia and were organized only to maximize their profits. Finally, I suspect that the Law Offices of ALG/RA Law Group will shut down, only to rear its ugly head in the form of another rip off legal services or real estate loan enterprise.
Entity: Glendale, California
18, Report #1387447
Jul 22 2017
06:34 PM
MR Interior design Manny Regalado II interior designer, paid for complete renovation, paid in full $92,000. Only $10,000 of furniture delivered. He is a con atist that has defruaded many families, see yelp review. Los Angeles California
A decorator I have known for 14 years, Manny Regalado, did not deliver the items that were paid in full. I hired him to redecorate my home, he ws frantic about deposits, lied about the furniture being in his warehouse, asked for full payment and when it was time to deliver the furniture he said he ran out of money. I contacted the companies to see if they had my items and was told nothing was ordered! I had worked with th designer may times over the passt 10 years with no problems. I am in contact with several other clients who he defrauded. Police report has been filed, one client took him to court, won the judgement, but the decorator never showed up.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
19, Report #138892
Nov 28 2012
02:01 PM
Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #1164 Shoplifting: Falsely Accused of Eating Food And Not Paying! Columbia South Carolina
I am a devout Christian, family man who is disabled and use (will no longer shop at this store) to shop at Wal-Mart and spend about $300-400 monthly. Before I begin let me say, on the 7APR2K5, I had purchased two Biblical Research Books costing a total of about $60! On the day, 8APR2K5, I went to the store with my wife, son age 6, and daughter age 10 months. Our normal task; would be for me and my children to go to the Deli section and eat or drink something while my wife picked up the items we would purchase. After I would consume the food, I would take either the empty container or take the Price Bar Code up to the cashier for payment. (I was told to do this many times by store employees). I took the empty containers and Price Bar Codes with me to the cashier along with a full cart of items my wife had wanted. I gave everything to the cashier and had asked if she had scanned the empty containers and Price Bar Code items. The cashier confirmed twice she did. (At this point I usually check it myself, but my son was complaining that he needed to go to the restroom and I wanted to get back home because a bad thunderstorm was coming, so I trusted the cashier and went on to exit the store). As I exited the store, a lady by the name of Debbie Miller approached me and said I consumed food and did not pay for it. I told her you are crazy, I paid for it. At first she did not want to look at the receipt. When I insisted, she looked and said nothing is on there. I was shocked and looked at the receipt and discovered the items I paid for (over $150!). Her face turned bright red and she left the room, she returned with items from a trashcan. She asked me if these items were mine. She demanded I sign some kind of a form. I kept repeating lets go talk to the cashier and she can clear this up that I gave her all the Price Bar Codes and Empty Container items. Ask her! If there is a problem it is with the cashier, not me! Ms. Miller refused and left the room again. She returned with another man she said was her boss, he said call the police and secure the videotapes. I said, Sir, you are making a big mistake, I will fight this thing, and I have not done anything wrong. I am a devout Christian; and therefore would never do this! I demanded to see these videotapes so it will prove I gave everything to the cashier. They refused to let me see anything. I said let me call an attorney! They refused! A few seconds later the Columbia Police G. Wise, badge number # 10855, arrived and began writing an arrest booking. I began telling him the truth and my wife showed up at the door in the back where they had taken me. Officer Wise went into a rage and began yelling at my wife, who had with her my two children. All she was asking (in a normal voice) was what was happening, an employee had showed her where I was. This outrageous officer threatened to have my wife arrested and take my two children to foster home. Because of my illness, I broke down in tears, and kept repeating I did nothing wrong. The store demanded that I be taken to jail, and the enraged officer took me to jail. My rights were never said, I was never told what I was being arrested for, I never saw a warrant until I arrived at the jail! Strangely, the police took me to another jail in a other county. My family called all night and the next day and could not locate me. They were told there is no one in custody by my name. I even asked the prison when will I go to the bonds court, and I was refused my request, and they even told me I had a five page rap sheet of all kinds of charges. (I have never been put in jail before)! My family got in touch with the courts and demanded I at least be found and released on bond. I was told by the jail that I would be there for 30 days! By the grace of God and answered prayer, I was released the next day. I still cannot understand why the store manager and police did not want to talk to the cashier. The items were scanned and paid for, and she was the one who scanned them and she knows what the truth is. It seems to be all lies to take down a good Christian family man. I am now fighting this as best I can, and I will sound the trumpet as loud as I can to make the people know what corporations are doing to our freedom! It is out of control and needs to STOP! God Will Give Me Victory! Todd Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wal-mart
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina

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