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1, Report #1176890
Sep 15 2014
11:52 AM
RP Funding false maitland Florida
Terrible! I spent months with them looking at properties based on their worksheet. We were going based on the homepath loan, which we were assure we could close before the program was discontinued and once I receive the contract, I was told they could not write the loan any longer. For a company that I had been working with for months and likes to advertise, no fees, direct lending, accelerated closing, they sure did not help me at all! Wasted wasted time and now I am scrambling for a lender, otherwise I will lose the property. 
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2, Report #1064499
Jul 04 2013
09:39 PM
RP Funding Unprofessional and lack of lending capabilities Maitland Florida
RP is a joke. The company is full of unprofessional rejects who want to act like big shots and viable substitutes for large banks but in reality have more stipulations than the big guys.  The loan officers offer nothing but promise, but when it comes to the processors they do whatever they can to reject your file.  They collect appraisal the day you apply and then the circus starts from there. Even when I told them I got a better rate from the larger banks and asked them to honor their $1,000 guarentee, they beat around it and never honored it. Do NOT buy into their commercials, advertisements and offers. They are fake, unprofessional and don't have the capability to lend. I would never recommend going to a large bank for a mortgage, but if your other option is RP then go for it!
Entity: Maitland, Florida
3, Report #973560
Nov 25 2012
09:21 PM
RP Funding Robert Palmer RP Funding...complete fraud orlando, Florida
What a joke!  RP Funding is a bunch of half fast brokers ripping people off!  Especially the fat fag we see on the commercials!  We're all tired of seeing your fat ass, girl tits, (feel sorry for u tiny hands), and ur cheap suits.  You're ruining football season. 
Entity: orlando, Florida
4, Report #1344643
Dec 21 2016
11:33 AM
RP Funding Before You Deal with Them. Hear our Stomach Turning Experience Maitland Florida
I wanted to share the unbelievable bad experience we had with RP Funding. I realize that not everyone qualifies for a Mortgage but my experience with RP Funding is Stomach Turning. Here is a brief background of and what we have gone through for the past 7 weeks with RP Funding. Initially contacted RP Funding over a year ago in October 2015 about refinancing our home. They pulled our credit reports and said we needed to work on a few things before proceeding forward. Like many people in Central Florida we were financially hit hard in 2008/2009 and suffered heavy damage to our credit. We did what we needed to do to survive. I was very clear upfront of that. They said that my Wife's income was substantial enough for the Mortgage and we could do the refinance in her name alone. They said to make sure she had no negative marks on her report in the future and it would be her credit alone that would be the basis for the Mortgage. I told them at that time that I had a HELOC in my name that had been late multiple times and was told Not a Problem, it is only in your name and not in your Wife's, just make sure everything in your Wife's name is paid on time. We followed RP Funding's advise and took care of our credit reports as well as making sure there were no new negative remarks on my Wife's credit reports. I put everything on the side and dealt with a few family crises and just made sure we were following RP Funding's advise. Jump ahead to Oct 2016: I was listening to WDBO Radio in Orlando and heard Robert Palmer and his radio commercial/show and it brought the refi back into my attention. Lock in now before the election, we are Direct Mortgage Lender, we have the authority to underwrite your loan right here in Orlando. So I contacted RP Funding to see if the person I was talking to was still there with RP Funding -- he is. Oct 27: RP Funding sent list of Documents needed (We disclosed EVERYTHING TO RP Funding and hid nothing) Oct 27: I dropped off ALL requested Documents at their Office Oct 27: Email from RP Funding on Rate Lock good to Dec 26th Nov 10: Appraisal Nov 14: Email from RP Funding saying good to go with loan amount Nov 15: Email from RP Funding asking a couple questions missed in application Nov 15: Our response to RP Funding answering questions Nov 24& 25th: Emails from RP Funding: Congratulations Approved with following conditions. A list of 8 items needed for approval. Other than 1 item, nothing in this list was brought up again. During this process I specifically told multiple RP Funding staff repeatedly that the HELOC had a bad payment history because if we needed to let something slide we let that go because it was ONLY in my name and not my wife's. Each time I was reassured that it was not a problem since it was in my name alone. We were out of town for Thanksgiving and when we arrived back in Florida dropped off all documentation as requested in the Congratulations, you are approved email on Dec 2nd. Dec 5/6th: RP Funding contact my State Farm Agent and had payment switched from me to them. I have since received a letter from State Farm telling me that they have stopped the regular bank draft on this policy and it is to be billed to RP Funding. Dec 6th: Additional month of Bank Statements requested Dec 7th: Emailed to RP Funding requested additional Bank Statements Dec 7th: In email this day I asked RP Funding if they saw anything that was a concern. His response was No and if they need anything else it will be minor. Dec 9th: Email from RP Funding requesting documents and clarification on 4 items including the previously repeatedly talked about HELOC that was in my name alone. Dec 9th: Faxed documents and emailed details of each item requested Dec 9th: Email from RP Funding at 4:44PM stating the underwriter needed a letter from CPA stating that one of our old business entities that my Wife was listed as a Partner in was no longer in operation. I called RP Funding and explained it was an idle business entity and it was clear from our 2015 taxes that there was no income. The impression I clearly got was that all the documentation that was submitted earlier that day was adequate and this was the ONLY thing hold up the loan. I went ahead that night and filed for dissolution of the Business entity and paid the fees to have it certified by the Secretary of the State of Florida. Dec 12: Emailed RP Funding the signed Certification letter from the State of Florida Dec 13: Email from RP Funding saying he had forwarded the information to the underwriter. Dec 14: Email/Phone call from RP Funding asking for information that I had previously submitted. I resubmitted the information (HELOC and if my wife had any ownership in another one of my businesses). Patrick said I should hear back from him by the end of the day. Dec 15: Didn't hear back from RP Funding so I emailed them. RP Funding responded that the underwriting was at a second level review and he would let me know when he heard back from underwriting Dec 16: RP Funding calls at 10:46AM to discuss the HELOC and said we could probably do a letter -- Again, prior to this call I was told repeatedly that this was NOT going to be an issue because it is in my name alone. He said he would call me back today. I had not heard from him by 4:45 so I called him. He said that they still didn't have an answer and we should know Mon/Tues this week and someone would get back with me. Dec 19: Email to RP Funding putting the possibility of me filing a quit claim deed with the County and then the house would only be in my Wife's name. I am not the expert and have no idea if that is feasible. I asked for a response that never came. Dec 21: Haven't heard from anyone so emailed Mike, he responds declined. So now I am left with a lot of questions and comments: 1) When you lock in a rate, is it a block of money that you have secured at a certain percentage rate? So if a better looking application came along does RP Funding bump us out to make room for that one? Clearly the lock in rate that we received back in October was much better than if we were starting the process today. 2) Does RP Funding staff know what basic conditions are needed for a refi? Our situation cannot be that uncommon in today's world. The HELOC specifically! I made it crystal clear from the beginning was reassured repeatedly that it wasn't an issue because it was only in my name. 3) Why do they issue Approved with Conditions at all? I understand additional documentation that could be needed but this is at the very least misleading. There was nothing listed in the Going back to item #1, it feels like a run around to get us out. 4) Their Radio ads and Website: We have the authority to underwrite and close your loan made the decision for us to proceed with RP funding and not with New American Funding or Rocket Mortgage. I guess that was a lesson learned and will be shared with others. 5) We followed RP Funding's advise for past 14 months and here we are declined. 6) Their customer service and response time went from being stellar to embarrassing instantly. They would respond within a hour or two typically and then it became like pulling teeth to get followup starting Dec 14th. Is this their standard operating procedure? So now we are out the money for: the appraisal, cost to dissolve a company, cost to get a certificate of dissolution from the Secretary of State, and at best a mortgage rate at least a half a point higer. Thanks RP Funding and Robert Palmer! If you would have told us that the HELOC was an issue with RP Funding when we clearly disclosed it, we could have saved the money and tons of time.
Entity: Maitland, Florida
5, Report #1418203
Dec 20 2017
02:26 PM
RP Funding Tried to nickel & dime me with fees not disclosed up front Maitland Florida
I contacted RP Funding to re-fi my residence in November, 2017. I explained at the time (as I have gone through this before several times) that I own my buisiness as a Chapter S corporation and that income / bank assets are one and the same. Also informed RP that I have owned my home in a Trust for almost 20 years. RP consistently contacted me for more documentation, which, although a pain, I understood the reason for and was able to supply within 24 hours of the request. Got approved but was then notified I had to pay an attorney for an Opinion Letter on the trust. NEVER encountered that before and told them fine, I would be happy to supply a copy of my trust to them for their in-house attorney to review but I'll be damned if I would pay hundreds of dollars for some attorney to verify what I already know, all previous brokers had no problem with, or that anyone with an 8th grade education could verify just be reading the thing. Anyway...I ended up wasting my time with these incompetent brokers. My advice? Find a REPUTABLE company to deal with and don't get sucked in by their radio ads. Almost forgot...I'm also out the $475 I paid for an appraisal up-front!
Entity: Maitland, Florida
6, Report #1415391
Dec 06 2017
02:23 PM
RP Funding False, misleading advertising, they roll the closing costs into the interest rate, and lie about it. Orlando Florida
Ripoff is simple, they say they will do a no-cost refinance, and lie about it, they simply give you a much higher interest rate, then get a huge kickback when they sell off the loan(they also say they keep your loan and make money on the interest - which is bulls**t, they only service the loan, Wall Street firms own the actual mortgage) Call around for rates, don't save a couple grand and pay much more in interest over the life of the loan. Also - go to glassdoor.com and you can see how happy the employees are working there lol. Run, dont walk from RP FUNDING.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
7, Report #1243359
Jul 21 2015
03:19 PM
RP Funding Worst Mortgage Company EVER Maitland Florida
The first part of our journey with them seemed fine. We got our pre-approval for a conventional loan and I promptly sent the documents they requested.  My husband had recently received a raise and promotion by his company to X amount yearly but when we received his first pay stub, it was divided into hourly + overtime pay and not a salary pay.  It's the same amount each week and it does add up to the X amount yearly we had specified.  I brought this to the attention of my loan officer, Bob, when I e-mailed him the copy of the paystub and I asked him directly if it needed to be changed or not.  No comment was made by him. It could have been changed to salary right then but since they didn’t see it as a problem, we left it. We found the house we wanted & performed all the necessary paperwork and signing of the application and disclosures.  We proceed on to underwriting. We then receive a call that there was an issue.  They just now realized Mark's pay was not salary and said because he hasn't received overtime for 2 years, they would not be counting his overtime pay into his income.  They proposed a solution. They said since I am a SAHM and receive no income, they could take my name off the loan and that would change our debt-to-income ratio and it should be fine then.  We consent and are sent to underwriting AGAIN.  They then realize that both my husband and I's names are on most of our debts and it does not change the ratio to their liking.  We are then asked to acquire a letter from his employer stating that he is paid X amount yearly but is paid via hourly plus overtime instead of salary.  They say that this, according to our loan officer's boss, would work for them.  We are sent to underwriting yet again. ONE WEEK BEFORE CLOSING We get another call. Nope, the letter wont work because again, he hasn't had overtime pay for 2 years.  SO!  Their next solution to our problem is switching us from conventional to FHA because FHA has better debt-to-income ratio limits.  Fine, we consent and move on to underwriting again. All the while, myself and my agent both ask our loan officer REPEATEDLY if we are still on track for closing.  YES he says, he hasn't heard otherwise was his response.  We are sent the FHA application and promptly sign and return it electronically. ONE DAY BEFORE CLOSING myself and my agent are after this lender, asking how we were looking for closing that next day. Our file was still in underwriting. All my loan officer could say was that no one had told him any differently about closing tomorrow and no one has asked for an extension.  He was on top of it and this was his first priority. My agent gets a phone call at 4:58pm from RP Funding stating that they needed a 2 WEEK EXTENSION due to more issues needing clarified.  They JUST NOW discovered that our current home that we own is an FHA loaned home.  Just now. SO, due to them JUST NOW discovering this, we have to have an appraisal done of our current home and this appraisal has to come out to have 25% equity or we will not meet FHA's guidelines on a new FHA loan.  Steve Dickmann went on to say that this appraisal would be rush ordered and that RP funding would, infact, pay for this particular appraisal.  This was the day before we were supposed to close, at 4:58pm on a Wednesday.  I never received a call.  At this point, everyone knows about this extension and loan issues EXCEPT for me.  I have to e-mail my loan officer to find out what exactly these issues were. THEN, after that e-mail, I receive a call about it. Thursday-i hear nothing about this rush order appraisal.  Friday –I email them about it- Bob gets back to me and says I'll find out right now.  4 hours later, I receive a call from Bob.  He states before they will pay for an appraisal, they need to get my file in order and make sure it all checks out with FHA guidelines.  These people were no where near ready to close my loan on time.  Funny enough, the documents that Bob requested were ones that were sent 2 weeks prior. And the other document was  a bank statement which was sent in the very beginning, during the pre-approval step.  But he didnt have them. He found them both in his email inbox while I spoke to him on the phone.  He said he would update my file with these documents and get it to his boss to get the appraisal ordered.  I hear nothing the rest of the day.  Monday comes around and my agent asks for an update on this appraisal. Apparantly, it was supposed to be PERFORMED on Monday and instead, it hadn't even been ordered.  No response to my agent was given. I myself sent another email, not a very nice email mind you, to Bob and his boss, Steve, and a few hours later finally get a phone call.  They still havent ordered my appraisal because they dont want to spend money on an appraisal until they make sure everything else checks out.  They decide that our debt-to-income ratio is STILL OFF for an FHA loan and that my husband and I have to pay off a couple of our interest-free loans totalling $3,000.00. THEN, after that is done, our ratio should be fine and they would order the appraisal at their cost.  SO!  They just now decide, after switching from conventional to FHA due to debt ratio's over a week ago, that this debt ratio still wont work due to the way my husband is paid.  Need I remind you that ALL of this could have been avoided if they would have said during the pre-approval process that his pay method was an issue, because it could have been fixed right then and there. We have paid for inspections, survey, and appraisal. We have spent over $1500 on this home. We have lost it due to their delays and their neglect. They were no where near ready to close on our loan and kept misleading us. They should have spoke up in the beginning of this process that husbands pay needed changed. If that was correct in the beginning, none of this would have gone wrong and we would have our house right now. Instead, we get to start all over again with house hunting, paying for all the costs again for a new house.  RP Funding should be responsible for part, if not all, the expenses we lost due to their ignorance. If we had known our DTI was still off the week before closing, we would not have spent $500 on a survey. They should have known all issues long before closing date.  
Entity: Maitland, Florida
8, Report #409275
Jan 07 2009
04:06 PM
RP Subscription Unauthorized ACH Auto Debit out of my checking account!!! Internet
ACH checking account debit in the amount of $24.95 using a strange Check #. It is Pay to the Order of Payment Systems then is lists RP Subscriptions 1-866-878-0935 and a REF#. It says that you can call the # for order details or to request a refund. I called for a while and the number was always busy. I finally was able to reach a person who was very vague but said he would refund my money ASAP. He said the charge was for an adult website and that I had 30 days to request a refund so he gladly refunded my money. When I began to question him he got short with me and hung up. I have contacted my bank and submitted this as fraudulant and will see if I need to do anything further. I too also sold Mary Kay and used ProPay in the past. So even though they claim there is no connection it seems a little odd to me that several others of us have the same connection. Missy York, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #407291
Jan 02 2009
03:14 PM
RP Subscriptions ACH checking account fraudulent debit Internet
ACH checking account debit in the amount of $34.95 on my account, using funny check number similar to #892289. Check shows payment made to RP Subscriptions, with the phone #866-878-0935, which is always busy. I sold Mary Kay and used Propay years ago; the address information and the account number on the check and was the same as was on the ProPay account. Many other people on many other websites (search on 866-878-0935 or ProPay ACH fraud) report ProPay as the common denominator. I did close my bank account, opened a new one, filed a fraudulent report with my bank, contacted ProPay to close my account. I also reported this to the police and the credit agencies. Not sure how much personal info has been compromised. Mary Kay and ProPay deny that there was a leak or database hacking. Here is the press release where ProPay denies thsi problems is confined only to their customers: https://epay.propay.com/tutorial/fraud_alert_ACH.aspx Genna Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1374313
May 20 2017
10:12 AM
RP Funding Be Very Cautious In Dealing With RP Funding Maitland Florida
Timothy Hanks files lawsuit against RP Funding https://rpfundingcaution.wordpress.com/ Be Very Careful In Any Business Dealings With RP Funding    
Entity: Maitland, Florida
11, Report #568077
Feb 11 2010
01:29 PM
RP INC. Sent unauthorized printer paper, after asking what kind of credit card machine(17 yr. old crew member) Plattsburgh, New York
One of our 17 year old crew members answered the phone, she was asked for her name and then asked how our credit card machine was working, and what the model number was, she was told they were going to send some paper for it if that was ok...again keep in mind this is a 17 year old worker...on Feb. 10th I received a fax for an invoice for 24 rolls of thermal paper for $188.00!!!! then someone named Barbara called to make sure I got the fax, after I questioned why she was calling and why her number was Blocked on my phone she ask me again to verify I had received the fax, at which point I picked the invoice up and went off asking her who authorized this order, especially when we get our supplies from a local vendor, @ .06 a roll...so why would I give her company $7.83 a roll...she said if I would just pay the shipping I could keep them, again why would I pay for something I did not order....FEDX would not pick it up as refused since someone signed for it, again this shiping company is helping them rip off consumers by refusing to return the item COD...said I could report them as fraudulant to their fraud department....don't think I was the first company to report these people to FedX...we are on a no call list, doesn't seem to matter...don't believe this is a USA company, don't know where they are located...wish someone would shut them down..
Entity: Plattsburgh, New York
12, Report #873854
Apr 25 2012
04:21 PM
RP Inc. Barbara Sent receipt paper that wasn't ordered then tried to collect a HUGE sum! Plattsburgh, Nationwide
Barbara from RP Inc called one of our shops during a busy time, posing as our credit card paper supplier.  Being as it was busy, the manager responded to Barbara's questions regarding needing credit card receipt paper and then got off the phone.  Two weeks later, I started to get plagued with phone calls from a number that showed up on my phone as Quebec, Canada.  After much curiosity, I finally answered the phone. A woman named Barbara said she was from RP Inc. and asked if we had a fax that she could fax and invoice to for the paper they sent.  I asked how much for the six rolls of receipt paper and she wanted over $200!!! We get the stuff for FREE from our machine company. I told her that there was NO WAY we were going to pay that much for the paper but I wanted to ask my manager and the owners about their thoughts and would confirm what we would do then.  Barbara literally called EVERY DAY! Sometimes 3x a day!  To me, it was borderline harassment for something that we didn't even want!  I refused to give her our fax number and told her that she would need to physically mail an invoice before we would even consider paying it.  The invoice came and basically looked like it was printed on a home computer. After receiving the invoice, and answering one of Barbara's MANY calls, I told her that we will not be paying for the paper and felt mislead and deceived with what they were trying to do. Her next response was comical...After wanting over $200 for the paper, she agreed to settle for $14 for shipping costs and we could KEEP the paper! I told her that would not work. We do not want their product nor do we want them thinking that we EVER want contact with them again.  I told her that I would gladly send the paper back if she would give me an address.  She was NOT happy about my solution and continued to argue with me that it would cost me just as much to ship it back as to keep it and pay them for shipping.  I basically said cool, don't care.  I'm willing to pay for the shipping to the post office to give you your paper back.  we're not sending you any money. She reluctantly gave me her mailing address, which seems to be a PO Box, classic. BEWARE...this company is making money off shipping back a product that YOU NEVER WANTED in the first place.  Shady!
Entity: Plattsburgh, Nationwide
13, Report #1186555
Nov 03 2014
02:41 PM
Sly Fox Tracker/RP Software Mike Hawk support staff SLY FOX is sly! You cancel an order and they keep your money Internet
     Sly Fox Tracker home page indicates that this program can be easily downloaded to any phone, incuding I Phones. This I learned the hard way, is just NOT true. I cancelled my order with Sly Fox within 24 hours after ordering it.      Nevertheless, Sly Fox had 25 days to correct their mistake and not charge me. Yet, my charge card bill came and they charged me $30 for the product I never received. Have e-mailed them as they offer no phone number, and no one cares to respond.      RIP OFF BIG TIME. I will continue to try to get some person there to right this wrong. However, I saw another complaint where they did not refund someone else in similar circumstances. How can they get away with this?        
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1186742
Nov 22 2014
11:43 AM
Patrick Jerald PJ Rinker dba RP Builders aka RP Development, LLC Unlicensed Contractor - Scam Artist Westminster Colorado
Patrick Jerald PJ Rinker fraudulently held himself out as a licensed contractor in the City of Westminster, Colorado.  He cashed a check for $4,210.00 to build a deck/patio at our home.  He never pulled a permit to build it (as he stated he did) as he's not licensed with the City of Westminster, Colorado.  He never built the patio/deck & stole our money.  His civil/criminal case history (including 3-4 bankruptcies filed from 2010-2013) show that he's been pulling fraudulent scams since as early as 2003 & continues to do so.
Entity: Westminster, Colorado
15, Report #1234553
Jun 09 2015
12:28 PM
Robert Phelan RP Productions, RP Construction, Junior and Seniors Home Repair, Robert Phelan Jr., Robert Phelan Sr. Unreliable Scam Artist Harrisburg PA
Hate to leave negative reviews but at the point where I have no choice. It first started when Home Depot referred me to this Red Beacon site to get my basement finished. What I failed to realize is that they put the order through as a drywall repair for some odd reason but did not find out until much later. Rob Phelan (RP Construction, RP Productions, Junior and Seniors Home Repair, Robert Phelan, Robert Phelan Jr. Robert Phelan Sr., Rob Pehlan, Rob Phelan Jr., Rob Phelan Sr.) was one person that came out to give me a quote, all others did not. Since he was the only person and was willing to do the job I went ahead and hired him to finish my basement. I personally have no knowledge of construction or carpentry so everything that he was doing I was believing what he was saying. For the first couple of days he showed up on time and worked. As the days and months went on (keep in mind this went on for almost 6 months) everyday was a new story why he was walking in the door at 1 o' clock in the afternoon to start work. It became so bad that he ended up just vanishing one day with no call or anything. When he started the project to finish the basement I asked for a bar and home theater. He started building the bar and home theater first so now there was no way for me to put up drywall behind the entertainment cabinets or bar. Everything was dis-proportioned and not done correctly. I have had numerous people come out and told me to fire him on the spot as they would not work on top of his work because it looked so unreliable. The last payment I gave him was supposed to be for the insulation in the basement. That is when he disappeared. When I spoke to his father he told me that he was in the hospital and the hospital would not give him the father any information which is bs. If he could not handle the project from the beginning he should have told me instead he took me for a good $5K and now I have to take everything down and start all over again. Better it happened this way as now I am much more knowledgeable about construction and know what needs to be done.  I gave him about a month to hear from him but still nothing, so this is why the negative review is going up and will be on other sites to warn others.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #860868
Mar 29 2012
07:57 AM
(rp) replaypoker free poker site and option to buy play chips which I did. Even though I was dealt numerous winning handa someone always had better. The same players were taking me out even if I moved to another tabl Free membership online poker receive play chips with option to buy play chips no real money involved except purchases of play chips. Internet
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #860884
Mar 29 2012
08:47 AM
(rp) replaypoker free poker site and option to buy play chips which I did. Even though I was dealt numerous winning handa someone always had better. The same players were taking me out even if I moved to another tabl Free membership online poker receive play chips with option to buy play chips no real money involved except purchases of play chips. Internet
Just for a little a little relaxation and fun, I registered for online poker and received 20,000 play chips free with the option to buy more chips.  There is no real money in play you, cannot exchange chips for money. Soon after joining, I realized I needed more chips. To start I purchased 100000 chips for $9.99.  I won that first time but soon I was on a downward spiral buying in more and more in the end a total of $50.00.  Its nor a lot of money but the potential for losing large amounts of cash is there just like real poker in fact it is worse than real poker because you can never win back the cash you pay in.   It also seemed very odd that at all times the site posted the names of high stake players, tournament winners with no less than 1000 members logged in and at least 250 playing.  I had access to all the games 18 tables per low, medium, and high stakes players, plus 2 tournaments were available however, I  never saw more than 20 players (if that) during the entire 3 weeks I participated.  In fact I would say 90% of the all the tables so the posts were clearly false.  I only encountered a small group of the same players on a daily basis morning afternoon or night.  This group continued to break me regardless of how good my cards were.  I tried to leave the group but no sooner did I move to a new table the group followed. In addition, they occupied 2 to 3 tables at time, and eventually I knew was never going to lose them. The way I was lured in was that I kept being dealt these phenomenal winning hands, full house, straight flush/high straight, 3/4 of a kind so naturally I bet, bet, and yet I lost, lost, lost to and not just to same players, apparently the only players. It appears the gimmick is that after you purchase the first time you win but then the pattern is loss after loss, buying, losing and so on. Even though the odds were 10000 to 1 in my favor, I lost.  The great hands I was getting enticed me to bet, then I would lose until I lost all my chips so then buy more, just like real poker! I was suspicious from the start but not 100% sure.  Finally, there was no denying I was stuck with these players and no matter how high the odds in my favor were I was never going to win By that time I was so outraged I called the players on their constant wins and even asked how much Replay Poker was paying them to pose as real members, and told them to quit stalking me. In deed I it was so obvious that it got to the point that of 15 great hands I was dealt I was able call  their hands; for example just before a showdown I predicted their straight to the ace would beat my straight to the king and I was right. The winners or I should say cheaters always beat me by just one card but of course, it had to be that there is no incentive for one to go all in on muck, but to consistently lose by just one card 19 out 20 times well that is just too phony. In my opinion, Replay Poker is a major rip off!  The game is rigged!
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #356256
Jul 27 2008
05:56 PM
Billingsvc.com I was rp-off of $21975 from $49-95 Redmond, Wyoming
Om May 29 ,I had a problem with my computer,having pop-ups that my PC was in a hight risk ,So they advised me to purchase a XP antivirus for $39-95,I did so , but the problem was never solved,I then again on the 30th when ni still had the same problem ,some pop-ups came in my computer again advising me to purchase Mallwarrior software at $49-95 one time,IU did purchase it ,But still the problem persisted without control. On June 5 ,I started to try and call them when I discovered that they had charged my account $269-60 splited to 3 defferent things with the third one called Digger.I then took my computer to Stalpes to be fixed the same problem this advised me to purchase their software which never worked for me.After one month as I kept on trying their phone ,I managed to talk to somebody in their customer service ,who I explained my problem and kept on putting me on holt many times ,and finally told me they charge me $00-50 per minute for 17 minutes i took talking to them relating my problem,I was then told I recieve an e-mail with the answer ,Soon after reading that e-mail from them i started having problems again with my PC. Now it was pop-ups advising me to activert the 2009 anti virus @ $49-95 one time .As I thought it was a defferent company ,I went ahead and purchased that software,Right from there ,I got an e-mail from them thanking me for the purchase and more details to contact them if i happen to have a any problems,Now I discovered again there was 2 additional charges of $34-95 and $24-95 added on $49-95,I called them strait away ,and their answering mechine asked me to enter the ID nuber to locket my account,So I did put the ID number of the preciouse order of more than a momnth ago ,and it accepted it which was my proff it was the same company which rped me off on XP ,Mallwarrior and the Digger, Now it was on 2009 antivirus,now I was riped off a total nof $379-45 from $49-95. Twice Maiden, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Redmond,, Wyoming
19, Report #695678
Feb 15 2011
01:19 PM
rpstore.com RP Store cannot reach to return product Brooklyn, New York
RP Store shipped a battery that does not fit in my cell phone, though advertised that it did fit the phone.   They do not ever answer their phone during posted hours of business, instead encourage people to leave a message for a call back.  They do not return phone calls or emails.  Their website states products cannot be returned unless the buyer obtains a 'return code', which is impossible to get because no one is available.  Products cannot be returned after thirty days. This company is a RIP OFF and I will be contacting my credit card to with hold payment until I receive a return email with a specific extension of a person I can speak to at RP Store.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
20, Report #1183088
Oct 15 2014
02:10 PM
National American University NAU NAU Rp off LIARS paperwork loss Tulsa Nationwide
The first quarter that I took was online and they would answer my calls. Then as time went on no one answers the phone or don’t call you back. Last quarter I am out of Tulsa area school and the Dean of the school is my so called adviser. I was having problems with my Accounting class and called to get a tutor that they say they have well they didn’t have one for this class. She said that you are allowed to do each assignment up to 4 times, So she said do it once and copy the answers and do it again so you can get an A.    Also my first financial aid went through no problem. But this time on sept 26 2014 everyone else got their money but me. So I called THEM and asked what was up. They said something is wrong with my paperwork. I would think they should have called me with a problem and they did NOT call me. Yes I am not working so I can take classes. So I count on the money to live on. So I wrote to the financial lady and I get this whatever it means: Your loans have already paid out for the quarter, so there is nothing further left there, but the 13/14 pell disbursements ended with the summer quarter and 14/15 pell has to be awarded and disbursed starting fall quarter.  This is why we had to redo some of your paperwork.  We just submitted all your paperwork a week ago, so now we are waiting on a revised award letter to come out that included 14/15 pell.  Once you receive the revised award letter, the Pell can pay to the school. Your account balance is currently 145.62 after the loans paid, and that balance will be cleared when the Pell pays out to the school.  After your balance is at zero, any additional funds remaining will go to you. So they went ahead and used my loan money instead of waiting for my pell and other money first. So then I look up the financial aid website for information and they said they send the money to the school so I take it that they have it and won’t give it to me. So we are supposed to be waiting for paperwork they already have.     And with the 2 stupid classes that they make everyone take like strategy’s for success and CIS about computers is ridiculous. Its just for them to make extra money. I am in the business major so why should I have to take 3 accounting classes. And other classes that has nothing to do with my major. I also had problems with them and giving me credit for my Associates classes from another school. They said they didn’t get my transcripts. I believe all this should have happened 2 quarters ago. I am in my 3rd quarter and am now getting to the point in which I would love to transfer to another school. But I hear you will lose some of the aid you get.  
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1344352
Dec 20 2016
10:07 AM
Dustin Payne RP Auto Do Not Use RP Auto. Major Rip Off Artist Fredericksburg VIRGINIA
 This guy Dustin shows up with a backpack of tools and says he can fix car. He couldn't fix a burned out lightbulb! Do Not Use this guy! You will have major regrets and probably major auto troubles worse then when you started.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #98765
Jul 13 2004
03:40 PM
Royal Prestige - 21st Century RP Royally screwed by Royal Prestige Major Rip-off Monroe New YorkRip-off Report Investigation: shows that Hy Cite / Royal Prestige is fulfilling its commitment to provide excellent customer service. Rip-off Report gives Hy Cite / Royal Prestige a POSITIVE rating in customer support & quality assurance. They pledge to resolve complaints & address any issues - committed to 100% satisfaction - consumers to feel safe & secure.
My fiance and I were called by 21st Century / Royal Prestige. They told us we had been picked from a bridal show we attened to win free vacations and other things. We went to this small seminar and that's where we got sucked into purchasing these life saving pots and pans. Just like the other couples I read about, we were lied to and ripped off. We were told in this 90 minute lecture these were life saving pots and pans. Of course we wanted to live healthy lives together and raise children without poisoning them with our old cookware. We purchased alomst $3,000.00 worth of merchandise! We even purchased some for my mother because they had us so concerned. At the time we didn't realize we had been lied to and ripped off so badly. After we recived our highest quality products we slowly started to learn we had made a horrible decision. One of the kitchen utensils we ordered was damaged. I tried to call our salesman, Ken who also says he's the regional vice president, but the phone number he gave us was disconnected! Two of our pans have already stained. When we called the eight hundred number the representative told us we probably didn't clean them correctly(I followed all the directions sent with the order). The forty dollar cookbook is not what Ken said it was. I asked him before we made the purchase how to cook several things with this cookware and he said the cookbook has everything in it. It only has a handful of recipes in it. We still haven't received the free vacation package either (which I could care less about now because it will only cost us more). By this point we were very disappointed and disgusted with whole experience. We called Royal Prestige to try to return the items and get our $392.88 deposit back and not have to pay the remaining balance of $2,400.00. We were told that's not possible. That's when I went on the computer to look further for help and found rip-off reports and learned many other couples are going through the same thing. My fiance and I feel like we were lied to and totally ripped off by Royal Prestige. Boy they really know how to pick their prey! Happy couples starting a new life together who only want the best for each other and their future. I hope enough people read these horror stories before getting sucked in. Thanks for reading! Lauren Pennsauken, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Monroe, New York
23, Report #1370460
Apr 30 2017
11:21 AM
chromadex Makers of NIAGEN NIAGEN is a breakthrough product but it cut up rp and thined out by it's distributers irvine California
 To start with , I love Niagen ,  but quality control is over after  it is distributers thin it out and add things that reduce the effectiveness . I need 100 percent potency for my health but You simply don't know until you spent money you can't afford but are willing to if your health improves. I went with ( LIVE Cell Research ), when I started and first time experence was fantastic and after a three month period I noticed one bottle was not working the same so I told Live Cell Research about it but they did not respond about it , of  I got that bottle from Amazon, Live research brand of course. I take it at 4.00 am and go back to bed and let it wake me to energy but this time I did not feel it the same way. Also on the other bottles it when you open them you can smell the yeast or the raw form of it. I since purchased from live cell research except recently I purchased from HPN . It looked different. Instead of the yellowish tent in the capsual,  it was white in color. 250mg as the , Live Cell  Research version,  but the HPN version was disapointing  no enegy surge and now I will go back to my first pick. The point I am trying to make is every ones who are looking for improvements in there life need this after age 40. But Chromadex has to test all after market distributers  versions and let us know the potency level of each one licensed to represent this Health breakthrough or allow them to misrepresent Niagen to it's economic downfall. It only takes a few diapointments that tell others not to buy it because they felt no difference and convence them not to try it.  Not that it won't stopped from being made but  people need not have to  have a disapointment the first time because some one thined down it's effectiveness and  allow people to give up on it.  This solution of verification will help distributers be more honest and more people to have first time sucsess and  be more profitable for Cromadex in the long run. Star rateings for some will be high or low depending on potentcy with out blaming NIAGEN itself. I am hopeing this complaint taken in positive way.
Entity: ervine, California
24, Report #1353496
Feb 02 2017
07:25 AM
R P Singer Private Investigation Detectives have paid RP Singer to make an investigation for me and have not heard anything back from him Internet
I have contacted private investigation detectives to make an investigation for me and i have made the bank transfer for the services.  As soon as i made the transfer they stoped responding to my phones and emails.Then i googled and found they are a scam.  would really like to take my money back.  I dont understand how this guy can still operate when there is so many reports against him? 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1432622
Mar 05 2018
03:55 PM
Kindelmarketing on Fiverr RP LLC A division Of Indie Plus Kindlemarketing other other
I enganged the servics of Kindlemarketing in 2015 as my sales were virtually non existent. They were inititally very good and setting up my blog and redesigning my covers.  It wasn't until I signed a contract with them for distribution that everything went pear shaped.  I lost the login details of my author central. Did they help? No.  All I copped was a mouthful of abuse and slamming me for loosing my login details.  They did not care that I had recently lost my mother.  To make matters worse when I pressed Kindlemarketing from Canada further about my sales.  They once again gave me a mouthful of abuse and said we cant force people to buy your book. Just be patient.  I waited and waited and questioned them.  this time no answer.  They haven not responded to my emails or questions on fiverr. I have asked fiverr about this but they refuse to assist me in any way.  I engaged the services of a private investigator and he could not find them anywhere.  That is a private investigator with over 30 years experience. In my opinion they are a fake company as throughout all the correpondence they never gave their names or address.  They just call themselves Kndlemarketing from Canada. I am just warning people don't engage in their services and on Fiverr you will notice their profile has been on vacation for a year.  This is a deliberate attempt to ignore me.  They are cunning and have probably made thousands of dolalrs but refused to pay me my royalties. I am unlikely to ever hear from them again.  I have jsut found out my books are not up to standard but did they tell me ? No , they saw an opportunity to rip off a struggling author without being honest. How low can you get?  In that case they are the lowest form of life under the sun.  These scumbags need to be caught and fiverr is allowing this to occur
Entity: other, other

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