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26, Report #1151396
Jun 02 2014
08:55 AM
Before Funding, LLC Before Funding, LLC Internet
Before Funding, LLC got your information by you entering your bank info online that was sent to thousands of lenders, I know, it happened to me.   All monies that was taken can be returned to you, by your bank, because if you look closely to the check that they used with your name and address on it, is missing some bank numbers, your bank name, the number of the check is not correct and at the bottom of the check they have the check number before the routing number.   Now to get your money(ies) back just call your bank tell them about it and because we as customers of a backing system that our monies are insureed by the FDIC, they MUST REPLACE YOUR MONEY..BUT you must file the report with them.   Now, the bad check that was deposited through SunTrust had a Account number of:10000172732355.  I was told that once I did the filing they(bank) would contact that bank that the bogus check was deposited through and they will file charges against this company...But you must get your monies back by contacting your bank so that we can help put a stop to them, and if you can, have them to change your bank account.   Before Funding, LLC, is a RIP OFF that is operating in this country, that are not people of this country, under a false name but they do have a valied bank account.    
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1241897
Jul 14 2015
06:54 PM
rock solid funding bad trailer funding texas
rock solid funding is a finance company used when buying trailers from some manufactures. this is the worst finance company i have ever used ,there prices and fees are a rip off there rules and regulations are outragous . if you ever come up against the shady company avoid it at all costs and dont make the same mistakes i have made . i would never use this company again nor would i let anyone i know use this company . if you google there name you will find many others that were suckered by them and i really wish i googled them before i filled out any paperwork and were roped in by them
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #1358255
Feb 25 2017
10:26 AM
Allcare Funding Chris Stratton Business account funding Spring Texas Internet
 Allcare funding is a joke. You wait over 39 days and she tells you everyone is ok and approved just wait for all your documents... nothing ever happens and tells you that her son is in the hospital, lost her phone, sick and fire in the building so all contact is lost
Entity: Internet
29, Report #118384
Nov 17 2004
09:28 AM
BlueHippo Funding ripoff Baltimore Maryland
I have heard about this company. They have joined the FBAA - Fair Business Association of America most likely because every Better Business Bureau has them flagged. fbaa.us You should report them to this entity as well. Hit them from all sides and ruin their already shakey practices. They are theives. I have a friend who ordered a PC from them. $1000 and almost a year later - no PC. Jerry Lutherville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
30, Report #351735
Jul 15 2008
06:41 PM
GRC Funding Complete ripoff! Nationwide Internet
I was in a situation and needed a loan quickly. I had contacted GRC, after seeing an add for their company, and found that I had been approved. I took a loan for $200. When the women spoke with me, all she said was that the payments would be $60.00, taken out automatically of my bank account. Never said anything about finance charges, how long they will be taking this out, and what the total would be when I was done paying it back. All she said was 'Congratulations, this will be deposited into your account within an hour'...click. Needless to say, it has been several weeks now and they are atill taking the $60 out. I have totaled it up and they have taken a total over $400 for a $200 loan! Please help me figure out what I can do, because when I talk to them, they are not very friendly and helpful, and pretty much tell me 'I don't know what to tell you'...anyone with any advice, I would very much appreciate it! Redsmb Gettysburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Internet
31, Report #465020
Jun 25 2009
04:11 PM
Macro Funding Lending Fraud Boston Massachusetts
My husband and I wanted a loan of $7500. On June 19th 2009 we found Macro Funding, Michael Davis said he could give us the loan at 9% interest for 3 years I just had to send in a insurance deposit of $970, we did. On Tuesday June 23rd he told us he needed another $905, and our loan would be funded by June 24th 9am my time. When the money didn't come we called Michael Davis and he was appalled we had done everything to get this loan. About an hour later a very hateful woman called me and told me that I had to send in another $759. We didn't. Well guess what, we never got the money. I have filed police reports, in my home town, Boston, and Canada. I have filed complaints with the Attorney General of Mass, the Secretary of State, the BBB and consumer complaints. I have called Western Union and filed a complaint with them. I am not going to take this lying down. Everybody file a complaint! Joyce Eureka, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
32, Report #933592
Aug 28 2012
07:44 AM
Vantage Funding Fraudulent Internet
On 8/13/12 I did a check of my account to find check#99455 processed within my transactions. I immediately called my bank for this is not a valid check number for my account. I was told through my bank that this was a paper generated check that Vantage Funding put through to my account. I did some surfing looking for a possible online loan. Vantage Funding generated a paper check with my personal information without my consent. I did not contact this company nor sign any agreement with them to receive this charge. A loan was obtained on my end but not with Vantage Funding. My first contact with Vantage Funding was to dispute this charge not to attain a loan. Upon contacting Vantage Funding on 8/13/12,it was explained to me that the $30 fee would be included within my loan amount. I refused to sign a loan and  was told I would receive a refund of my $30 check process fee within 15 days. After further review of my account, I discovered that this unauthorized check would cause insufficient funds for charges I had authorized prior to becoming aware of this fraudulent charge. I contacted Vantage Funding again on 8/20/12 explaining the negative effect this check was causing on my account and the fees accrued through my bank. The representative expressed her apologies and said that my complaint was to be forwarded to the billing department for my claim to be expedited. I was told to keep monitor on my account for a refund within the week. HA! It is now 8/27/12 and no refund. I just got off of the phone with a rep at Vantage Funding. Again I received apologies and was told my claim would be forwarded to the billing department for a second time to be expedited. Initially she expressed that I would receive my refund by 9/4/12, but when confronted with the conflicting dates, the unsatisfactory reports against this company, and the threat of attaining an attorney regarding this case, I was told I will have my refund by the end of this week.  STILL WAITING!
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #934372
Aug 29 2012
01:52 PM
Vantage Funding Fraud!!! Internet
Company took money out of my account; I inform them and my bank inform them also that it was a fraudlent charge. They told me to wait 15 business days about three months ago lol. I call again and ask them about my refund and they told me to wait another 15 business days; so today is the 15th business day and I called again and they inform me again to wait another 15 business days. My bank is investigating this charge again and I should be getting my money back. These people don't speak good English and I think they are a fraudlent company. Run for your life lol!!!I think they are located in the Mountains because all you hear is animal noises in the background.
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #964090
Nov 03 2012
03:43 AM
vantage funding fraud spam Internet
I noticed my bank account was overdrawn because of a 30 dollor fee plus the 25 from the account being overdrawn thanks to the 30 dollor fee. When i called the bank they told me it was vantage funding so i called them. They told me they couldnt refund the money even though i never used there services. I tried calling again and got hung up on when i explained why i was calling. They told me again on the 3rd call that i couldnt get it refunded. They said the only way to get it refunded was to get a loan through them and get it back with the intrest. I applied for a online loan and got approved but it wasnt through them. I think they stole my info from another lender that i went through
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #1263466
Oct 24 2015
11:36 PM
Provident Funding Late Fee Scam Nationwide
I have had no issues and paid my mortgage on time with this company for many years. Now in September and October of 2015 they have started charging me late fees even though my payments clearly have reached their offices on time. Why am I sure? Because no company has charged me a late fee on any payment for more than twenty years but Provident Funding just hit me two months in a row. I have read elsewhere that their scam is based on only picking up their mail once a week so they can hit customers for late fees. Please--will some state attorney general investigate these crooks?
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #788739
Oct 14 2011
10:18 AM
Unsecured Business Funding Unsecured Business Funding, Business Funding, St. George, Utah
On September 19th I was contacted by an Adam Fubotten in response to an online inquiry I made the previous week regarding getting business funding for my business.  He explained that he could help me get business funding for my business all I needed to do was pay $249 and an underwriting would call me.  Honestly the details of the conversation are a bit vague because I was still recovering from a surgury I had done 3 days earlier.  I do remember him sending me an email and asking me to click the lick which I did. Exactly two days later I was going through my emails and I realized that I e-signed a contract with Unsecured Business Credit and they charged my credit card $249 in an email from Adam Fubotten.  I immediately sent an email directly to Adam as well as the main email on there site indicating that I was still recovering from my surgury on Monday when I signed up and after reviewing everything I would like to cancel and receive a full refund.  To this day I have not gotten any response to those emails. A few days passed by and I received a call from some lady at Unsecured Business Funding saying she wanted to setup my initial underwriting call that I paid for.  I said I don't want to schedule anything because I sent an email canceling and asked for a refund.  She said all sales are final and directed me to call Robert (Adam's manager).  His number is 866-366-1141 x 230.  I left him a voicemail asking him to call me back.  I also sent an email directly to Adam the same day asking for his manager's information.  NEVER received any response from any email I sent or the voicemail I left with Robert.  This was around 9/23.  Today I called in again and left another message with Robert, however this time after leaving the message, I called back the main number and asked the operator to please find someone I could speak to and she got a Darren Taylor on the phone.  I will say that Darren was nice, however he still stands behind very poor business practices.  I explained my situation to him and he did the whole we have these services and that.  I quickly told him if I had gotten a response to my previous emails and calls, I would be willing to listen, however the way that ALL 4 of my previous communications to them were flat out ignored, I would never consider doing business with Unsecured Business Funding.  He said he is willing to work with me and offer me a 50% refund to which I said no way.  He said he wanted me to accept responsibilty for signing the contract.  I said I was still recovering from surgury and I contacted you all within 2 days to cancel the contract -  well before any services were provided.  He responded by saying and I quote If you were drunk you are still responsible for your actions.  I asked are you willing to issue a full refund and he said no.  I told him I will be going another route to recover my money and politely ended the call. I'm not an attorney, however I have heard attorneys say that all contracts can be voided within 72 hours (which I did).  It's not like they provided any service for me (they never did anything for me).  As soon as I realized what happened I notified them, they chose to keep my money, and not offer to provide any service until I decided to contact them again almost a month later. I would NEVER do business with these folks and if I were you STAY AWAY.  If you decide to sign up and you have problems, you can't say you were not warned.
Entity: St. George, Utah
37, Report #522006
Nov 10 2009
10:04 AM
GB Funding - Global Business Funding fight back so they don't rip more people off turn them in Internet
Global Business Fundig has ripped me off but I did some digging and the Bureu of Consumer Protection will look into them if enough people complain so fax you case of being ripped off to (702) 486-3283. It's time we let these guys be revieled for who they are.  
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #953901
Oct 11 2012
05:11 PM
Tracey Ellis, Ellis Funding Group SCS Private Funding Scammed by Tracey Ellis, Ellis Funding Group & SCS Private Funding Westfield, Indiana
In March of 2012, I responded to a Craigslist ad posted by Tracey Ellis where he advertised home mortgage loans available by private funding. Tracey met me at a hotel next to my job site and he explained that he represented SCS Private Funding and had been working with them for over 5 years. He gave a real sales pitch saying that there were many people who they were helping and that their program was so popular that their biggest challenge was to be able to process the loans more quickly but that they made recent changes to streamline the process and believed the problem was now resolved. Tracey is easily believed and he actually lives 5 miles from me so I thought he was legitimate. He gave me an application to fill out and required $3500 upfront for the loan. I gave him the filled out application and cashiers check for $3500 and received a loan approval document from SCS Private Funding in a matter of a few days via email. I presented to the builder and it fooled them too and the home construction got underway. Come September when time to close, my builder could not reach Tracey Ellis or SCS Private Funding and called me concerned. I left messages with Scott ONeil of Private Funding but they go ignored. Tracey has given many excuses saying the appraisers were running late and then that the investor (Enrico Corporation- never heard of this name before) is running behind due to the volume of loans they are processing but at the end of the day, we will not be getting any loan from anyone he represents and we are desperately looking for another lender in time to keep from losing our new home. Tracey recently admitted to me that of all of the loans he has worked on through SCS Private Funding, not a single one has ever been closed. We had this home designed to accommodate our two disabled kids and we are livid that we have been scammed. Tracey Ellis and SCS Private Funding are both currently under investigation by an investigator for the Secretary of State here in Indiana. I have already been asked if I will testify and I will not stop until I get my $3500 back.
Entity: Westfield, Indiana
39, Report #143072
May 17 2005
01:14 PM
BLUE HIIPO FUNDING ripoff Baltimore Maryland
I cancel my order three days before intial payment of $124.00 was to debit. blue hippo still debited my account. I called the company, and they told me there was no refund, and it take 10-15 days to stop the debits. They are now currently debit my account $41.80, even though I cancel the computer, and have not sign or sent the contract. What a rip off. don't invlove with this so called company. Vernon OKEECHOBEE, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
40, Report #156798
Sep 12 2005
01:01 PM
Blue Hippo Funding ripoff Baltimore Maryland
Blue hippo took 1500 never delivered plasma tv. Just 900 was supposed to get an delivery date. I made several calls wanted to speak to supervisors and managers. I kept saying they didn't have all paperwork Tracy Sandston, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
41, Report #160252
Oct 10 2005
07:58 PM
Interbay Funding Bayview ripoff Miami Florida
I got a loan from homes enterprise and the payments was only 550 a month at first it was 12% interest for 30 years, a fixed rate then when after a year they sold the loan to interbay funding. The payments went up to 618 then after about 6 months it went up to 662 and then it just keep going then in 2004 the payments got to 700 and something dollars. I finally said the heck with it a mobile home only a 3 bedroom is not worth what they was wanting me to pay. When I first moved in it was a total of 54000 lol. When I moved out it was 57000. The last 6 months I made the payments they was never the same it was up and down. I never knew what my payments was going to be. I would love to get some of my money back out of them. Now I'm renting again because of a forecloure. Any help? Thanks Angela enoree, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
42, Report #163230
Nov 03 2005
02:29 PM
Blue Hippo Funding ripoff Baltimore Maryland
I am reporting Blue Hippo because my husband and I have had nothing but problems with them. They have lied to us numerous times. They tell us one thing and then another. They told my husband we could make payments every two weeks. They started taking them every week causing problems with our bank account. We asked them why and they said they changed their policies. My question is how can you change your company policies and not tell your customers when both your t.v. and computer ads still state weekly or every two week payments. Now they tell us that we can't get our computer because of being in default of the agreement. They were the first ones in default of the agreement. I think it's wrong that we can't get our money back. That is very deceitful of them. They say they are going to help you and they don't they just cause you more money. Did I mention it took us 2 months to get our shipping papers... This company will probably go bankrupt soon because of the dissatisfaction of most of its customers. Billy Beaufort, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
43, Report #165054
Nov 18 2005
05:35 AM
Blue Hippo Funding ripoff Windsor Maryland
I ordered a computer from Blue Hippo Funding, the repersentive said I would recieve the computer in 3 weeks. I gave them the information they required and they faxed me paper work saying they would deliver the conputer in 13 weeks. I failed a grievence and no one responded and neither have I recieved the computer, nor refunded my money. Stacey cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Windsor, Maryland
44, Report #85828
Mar 29 2004
03:39 PM
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #84696
Mar 20 2004
04:12 PM
College Funding Group ripoff Plano Texas
Stole our $1,144. In 2003, we were contacted by this Group and attended a meeting where services were promised to help us in locating funds for our son's education. Received a newsletter a couple of times and then we heard nothing. When we inquired, the phone service had been cut off. We want a refund!! Sandi Peru, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
46, Report #119837
Nov 25 2004
09:59 PM
RJM Acquisitions Funding ripoff California
I have noticed on 2 reporting cycles of my Experian credit report that RJM Acquisitions Funding, has me owing them $454.00. I have not been in touched with this RLM Acquisitions Funding, due to not being able to find a physical number or address? This has been on my credit report for some 2 plus years. Does anyone have any solid way of getting their attention, an having them tell me (us) just what the funding was all about? Walter EL Cajon, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
47, Report #94644
Jun 12 2004
01:25 PM
open aug 2002 balance 49$ idris mobile, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: MOBILE, Alabama
48, Report #4877
Aug 17 2010
01:53 PM
West Coast Funding ..FBI said this was a scam
saw an ad in the paper and called it was informed i was approved for a loan and they faxed over the disclousre forms, and everything they gave me a commitment told me to send in $200 for the loan as a security deposit and i would get my loan in 10 days well low and behold i did not receive my loan was informed i didnt disclose all the information and this time they will get me approved to give them another week gave them another week and this time the ivnestor fell through i said send my back my deposit they told me okay. called 2 days later and was informed refund was made well never received it was contacted by FBI and told that this was a scam
Entity: Seattle, Washington
49, Report #374422
Sep 19 2008
01:08 PM
Federal Funding Programs Ripped me Off! Internet
On July 6, 2008, I went online to this company and was charged $59.91 and have not heard anything from them since receiving my receipt. I can't even find a way to contact them online! Sandy Dallas, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #373440
Sep 16 2008
12:22 PM
Blue Hippo Funding FALSE ADVERTISING Baltimore Maryland
After Nearly 20 months after my account with blue hippo was paid in full i still have not recieved the flat panel tv that was promissed to me. After contacting customer service several times i only got the run around so i want people to know to STAY AWAY from blue hippo. the b.b.b. has close the case and i still have not recieved anything reggie Lincoln, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland

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