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1, Report #734527
Nov 26 2011
12:05 PM
Russell County Alabama DHR Russell County Social Service Caseworker filed false report in system saying that I called DHR and I personally witnessed estranged husband watching child pornography. DHR and the Phenix City Police Department Crimi Phenix City, Alabama
Social Service Caseworker Nicole Jenkins-Waller with the Russell County Department of Human Resources came to my apartment on December 8, 2010 in response to a marriage counseling session I had with my estranged husband where I told the marriage counselor the mental, physical, and verbal abuse going on in my home as well as my husbands going in transgendered social networking sites, watching what I considered to be an excessive amount of pornography (gay and bisexual porn) NOT CHILD PORNOGRAPHY and that he was sexually molesting our son right in front of me and I had called the Phenix City Alabama Police Department on my husband for that and they ignored my complaint and didn't even put it in the police report. In September 2010 the marriage counselor told us not to return to any more sessions after the second visit when I told her what was going on in the home and she reported to I guess authorities? My problem with DHR is that the Social Service Caseworker put in the computer system that I called her personally and said that I witnessed my estranged husband watching child pornography when I didn't. His MAC book came from lab with no child porn found on it. The same exact false allegations was in the Russell County Sheriff's Department, The Phenix City Police Department, and the Russell County DHR computer system. Two officers made statements to the Alabama State Bar that I called them also and said that I witnessed my husband watching child porn and called them one of them which is a lie also. DHR used their title to get in my front door to help the Criminal Investigator get my estranged husbands computers without a search warrant and told him when he asked what was going on that I made the allegations. Once the MAC book came back clean of child porn in March 2011 the Social Service Caseworker wrote me a letter with the findings of their investigation which was that my son was not molested. My son is not a MAC book that was sent to the lab. My son being molested was never addressed by the police department or DHR. Social Service Caseworker Nicole Jenkins-Waller is trying to put my son back in a harmful situation with his child molesting dad. I want to supervise visitation because I see the system sometimes fails children badly and I don't trust anybody other than me supervising my son because the the individuals I dealt with in the legal system do not take child molestation serious but only care about child pornography. A Russell County DHR worker Erick Grades told me that they use many different templates with already written reports and they just fill in the names and dates and that DHR wouldn't be making any corrections to the false report sent to me and that it was well within Alabama State Law. DHR has a terrible advantage because their records are confidential and it leaves them a lot of room to lie and manipulate with little corrective action.
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
2, Report #1404034
Oct 04 2017
06:37 AM
Russell county jail, Phenix city , Alabama, Place of the HELL WHAT WERE YOU THINKING !? Phenix city Alabama
     The   number  of  inmates  who  died   while  in  custody   of  local  jail and  prisons  increased.  One of  such  trouble  jail  is  Russell  county  jail in Phenix  city, Alabama .  The  increase in the jail and prison population from less than 200,000 in 1972 to 2.2 million today has led to unprecedented prison overcrowding and put tremendous strain on state budgets. Jails must be a place of controlled and managed environment, but most of the time  in  Russell county jail that issue gets out of control .Correctional officers refused to follow their job description, rules and basic human treatment of inmates in local jail . Death of inmate  in jail occured just recently, September 12, 2017. Sheriff  H. Taylor  explained to the media it was  suicide .... and  CPR  on unresponsive  inmate  was  performed by  jail  staff until paramedics  were  allowed finally enter the jail block. They  did  not  know  about previous  conditions or diseases present in this  particular  inmate and ... no  precautions  were  taking . Did   jail  staff  need to   know  health  conditions  of  any  of  their  inmates ?? NO !  Inmate , who  died, R.T. , was  complaining  about  chest  pain , severe  chest  pain, was  vomiting  and sweating  . He  ask  one  of   the  officers  to  take  him  to  medical  office . Correctional  officer  refused to  help   R. T.  The other cellmate  of  R.T.  was  taking out  of  their  room  for made up   reason . When  he  came  back ---  R.T. was  dead.The  truth  is : inmate   most  likely  died  from   a heart attack , was  denied  help  from   jail  medical  staff. When  one  of  their  officer  found  him  dead, the officer  covered  his  face  with  a towel . Did not   start  CPR , they  tried  to  perform ECG on  unresponsive  inmate . Sorry,  too  late , they  should  do  ECG  , when  inmates  was   alive and complained  of  chest  pain .  Nobody   was doing CPR , and  even more , I  am  sure  jail  staff   doesn't   know  much  about  CPR  at  all. much less perform CPR on inmates.Death  covered  up by Russell County  sheriff  office .   LT. Steve Johnson current officer in charge of operations of RC Jail  
Entity: Loxley, Alabama
3, Report #12047
Jan 20 2002
12:00 AM
John's Auto Sales : Rip Offs and rude , bad customer service :Phenix City , Alabama
I had went to John's Auto Sales : to start with I had went to test drive a little nissan sports car , They went out to start it , it wouldn't start so they got the battery tender and started the car Connie one of the owners had told me that before I got home it would charge enough to start it and bring it back after I test drove it . I got it home , came straight home anyways . Went to take it back and it wouldn't start . I then called and Connie wasn't there . So I left a message with the lady I talked to on the phone . No one never returned my phone call , so I had my mom take me by this place and to let them know where the car was and that it was unlocked with the keys under the seat . I tried telling the mechanic how to get there and he completely ignored me , he also asked me how I got the car to my house , I went about telling him how she had to charge the battery and that it would be charged enough when I got home to bring the car back . And he said and you believed her , I said yes that was a employee talking to a customer I hope she wouldn't lie . I walked out . Connie then came out with him . I told her what he had said , she told me they would fix the car , and I could pick it up the next day to test drive , so my husband could see how it drove . I went back the next day . It wasn't fixed . She then told me I could test drive a Nissan Stanza . I then took this Nissan , then my husband test drove it and we was going to get this one , it only needed one new tire . I took the key in and told her I would be there in a couple of day's to get it , Connie then told me she would not be selling me a car , because I had taken the first Nissan and tore it up . She denied ever jumping the car off before I left . Connie is one of the owners , her husband is the other owner who is now in jail I know for sure for selling drugs , somebody had also told me he was in jail for that and also selling STOLEN VEHICLES , so a little tip this place is the biggest rip off place and the rudest you could ever go to .Take it from somebody who knows off hand . Not A CUSTOMER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
4, Report #1375245
May 24 2017
08:45 PM
Russell County Sanitation Department Placing community members in jail over delinquent payments Phenix City Alabama
 Russell county used to have there water and trash together. Then the county got greedy and split the two and made 2 different offices and two separate bills. They hiked up the cost of the trash and sanitation services and are forcing the people to sign up for sanitation services. If the resident does not sign up, they are summoned to court and are charged with environmental infractions. ( without proof ) and made to pay costly fees and court fees. If you don't pay your sanitation bill, they put a warrant out for your arrest and then you have to pay the sanitation bill in full plus extra charges like bond, processing fees and admin fees. If I remember correctly, this is why the united states split from england. In our amendments it says that no person shall be jailed or placed into prison for not being able to pay a bill. It's a civil matter and that's what we make garnishment for. No one should ever be forced to sign up for county services. This county is money hungry. The politicians line their pockets so a poor or disabled persons of the county go without a voice. The government in this county is corrupted along with the sheriffs dept, dhr, and local lawyers and attorneys. The government violates citizen rights and the people are powerless to stop it. When electing officials, they don't know which ones stand on moral grounds. The people are being raped by the county and it's sheriffs dept. The sheriffs dept is a good ol' boy system and the judges that dismiss the cases coming against them are in bed with eachother. Who can stand up for the rights of our Russell Co. Alabama citizens? I wish I could. Every corrupted- money hungry, political , civil rights violating individual would be thrown into forced labor to see how hard it is to even make it in this world much less be powerless to stop it. God needs to do something about this. Our people are crying out to him from the wilderness as poor, oppressed and depressed citizens of Russell County Alabama.
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
5, Report #183810
Mar 28 2006
07:18 PM
Jim Walter ripoff lies terrible work and more lies Phenix City Alabama
We purchased our home (we bought the shell and have been finishing it ourselves) under the promotion of $1,000 free furniture from Rooms to Go. After the construction manager lied to us and tricked us into signing the tender, Jim Walter claimed that they had made a mistake and we would not be getting the furniture. After months of phone calls, and the threat of a lawsuit, the sales rep who originally sold us the home called with the sad story that she was personally giving us the money out of her pocket. When we signed the tender, the construction manager told us that this wasn't the final tender, just an agreement that everything that they had done so far was ok. We signed it and then all of the construction crews disappeared. The manager actually left the company immediately after we signed the papers. That's why he lied to us, so he could get paid and move on. After several calls and getting the run around for weeks, they finally somewhat finished the job...or so I thought until I tried to have the home inspected by our county inspector. The framing was not up to code, the plumbing was not up to code ( Jim Walter installed the plumbing) and the roof started leaking. We were also promised screens for the windows, which we do not have yet. They used the worst possible lumber to build the decks with and the paint and caulking looks like pure crap. I had to get them to come back to replace a step that one of their guys had accidently sawed half through and just left it as a step. They also told us, after they had started framing, that they no longer use double windows. They said that we could only get single windows in the breakfast area. We refused and had to fight them on this also. We finally got the windows we wanted, the ones in the plans we originally picked, after more calls and headaches. There have been so many problems that I'm sure I have not listed them all. This has been the worst experience of my life. These people make their living by lying and being deceptive. This is what they thrive on. Eric Valley, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
6, Report #1179000
Sep 24 2014
12:33 PM
Optical Shop Company overcharging for Glasses Phenix City Alabama
 Scheduled an appointment..explained to Worker Margaret that I had indeed worked in Optical and knew what I was looking for. She then stated that the insurance I had with the School System was no good and she began to give me negative feedback on what it took care of. I proceeded to get examined but before that I picked out a frame and would be ready to order once I came out. I was dilated and therefore not able to see very well ..but Margaret then stated that my balance owed was some exorbitant amount I questioned her and she stated that my frame cost $99.00 when it had $66.00 marked on the frame.She then stated that my lens cost $100 because they were polycarbonate I then told her that I wanted plastic she then proceeded to look at the owner and asked can I do that.he stated yes and he told her some kind of fradulent story about doing a cash sale.I told her I wanted a tint which cost $10.she obliged to that and the color I chose was blue.when the price tag was finally totalled I owed her $40.00 compared to the $150.00 price tag in addition I had forward 7 days I called to see if said frame was ready Margaret then got on the line and stated that since they didn't have blue she tinted them a yellow color.i was so upset and distraught that I could not focus in the glasses because the prescription in the glasses is not the same as what Dr. REDDUS PRESCRIBED
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
7, Report #247912
May 09 2007
01:05 PM
HOMESTUFFERS 100% legitimate my foot! took my money and no prouduct ripoff PHENIX CITY Alabama
This so called company is a rip off! I sent them money to start this work from home program and I have not recieved anything. I have called both numbers I have for them and 1 keeps telling me mailbox is full the other number has been disconnected. They also have no way of contact via their web page. I am sure there are some legitimate home based work programs but I myself would be very unlikely to try again and take the chance of being ripped off again. Kim INTERCESSION CITY, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: PHENIX CITY, Alabama
8, Report #1419897
Dec 29 2017
12:40 PM
Russell County Sanitation threats. over charging Phenix City Alabama
Russell County Sanitation is a monopoly! They are a joke! They charge $20 a month to pick up trash from your home/ business. It is MANDATORY! You can not drop off the garbage yourself or you will be find! When they pick up garbage from both my home address and my business address, they leave garbage in the bins, on the road, in the ditches, and they throw the bins into the woods or in ditches or leave them in the road to be hit by a car! If you have a large amount of trash THEY WILL NOT PICK IT UP! They ask you to hall it yourself and must pay additionally to the $20 a month, I already pay $20 for you to not pick up my trash, I'm not going to pay additionally to that to drop it off my self. If you are behind on your garbage bill you will be charged an additonal $20 for a penalty, if you do not pay for a few months you will be threatend to be sent to jail! OVER GARBAGE! There is noreasoning with them.
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
9, Report #1163221
Jul 18 2014
03:25 PM
Southern Pride Plumbing Incorrect Installation of Tankless Water Heater Results In Voided Warranty And High Cost Phenix City Alabama
In October 2010, my contractor had Southern Pride Plumbing complete all plumbing work on our new addition to our home. One of the jobs completed was installing a new Navien Tankless Water Heater. The system worked good until July 14,2014, it completely shut down and would not power back up. I immediately called Southern Pride and the employee had to call me back after checking and informed that they no longer could service this particular brand of tankless water heater and could not do anything for me. I then called the manufacturer to find plumbing company's that they recommended for service on this unit. They referred me to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, a national company with an office in Columbus, Ga. The representative with BFP called a national representative with Navien and discussed the situation along with providing him pictures. I was informed that the unit was incorrectly installed by Southern Pride Plumbing. Several issues were pointed out to me. First of all the date stamped on the inside of he unit for manufacturer was 2008. Seeing that this was installed in late 2010, I was sold a older unit and did not know this. Secondly, this unit was supposed to have been plugged into an outlet, not hard wired. SPP stripped the plug off and hard wired the unit. Third, SPP used the wrong size PVC through out the entire home for the unit to work best. Fourth, SPP used the incorrect size PVC on bottom of unit to make connection water to the unit. Fifth, SPP did not even install a particular valve at the bottom of the unit that is required by the manufacturer. Sixth, the manufacturer requires that this unit be flushed and serviced on a annual basis. SPP never informed me of this and did not provide this service that was necessary. Last, SPP never called in the date of installation and serial/ model numbers to manufacturer as required. My unit basically burned up on the inside due to a combination of these installation errors. I had no choice but to purchase a new similar unit for $5,700. 
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
10, Report #1347498
Jan 04 2017
07:00 AM
Russell  county  jail,  Alabama,  Not all psychopaths are in prison - some are in the boardroom. Phenix city Alabama
 I   JUST   CANNOT  LOOK  AWAY   ANYMORE  !!!     No  state   has  crammed   more    people   into  less   prison space   than Alabama .  That   remarkable   overcrowding   has   contributed   to  host   of   problems   for   this  state .  The  Constitution   requires   that   prisons,  jails  provide humane   conditions  of  confinement . The  Eighth  Amendment   forbids    cruel  and  unusual  punishment    and   is  the    most  important  amendment  for  prisoners .   My  current  report   is   about    Russell  county  jail ,  Alabama  , runs   by  Lt.  Steve  Johnson ( the lieutenant makes sure that his staff run the shift correctly !! )  ,  one    of  my  reports .You  may  remember     columnist  Chuck  Williams's    article  in  a local  newspaper  about    Russell  county  sheriff  Heath  Taylor ... when  he     wrote : Right  now  ,  he  ,  Taylor , is  frustrated ....    (  regarding  killing  a  cops  around ) . Yes, he  was   frustrated   then ... I  am  very  frustrated   now   and  will  be  for  a long  time ,  what  happened   to  my     close  friend ,  whose   child  in  the  Russell   county  jail  (  RCJ ) ,  and .....   she  is  in  a   heart   hospital ...... Hopefully  she  can  make it,   she  is  very   strong ! I    feel  that   her  last  night  ( 1/3/2017 )  by   dealing  with  a  RCJ  staff   put  her   in  that  kind  of  health  problem.... as  last  drop . That's   what  she  told  me   in  a  hospital ::: She  called  to  jail   to check  on  her  child , as  she  was  doing    few  times   before . Usually   she  called  at  night , less  staff  around,  that  she  cannot   stand,  and     she    worked  ( hope  will  work )   at  night . Most  of  the  time  she  had  no   problem  to  get  a simple  info  about  her  child  ----   if   inmate  is alive  and  not  sick .  Jail  staff   does  not  inform    family    if  something  happened  to  inmates ...   They  said  they  do , but  they  lie  (  that's  why  I  mentioned  8th  Amendment  above  , and  that's  why   she  so  much  worry  about  her  child )  .  They  don't  care  at  all. I  personally  was  in  a lobby  of  that jail  and  I  witnessed  a lot  of  wrong  things  around , made  a  note .  That  particular  night  sergeant  Thompson  was    a  night  supervisor . First  time  she  called  around  11 pm , officer  Crawford  said  Thompson  is  busy ... ok,  mama  left  a  message,  thank  you. No  calls  back.  Second  time  she  called  around  4  am --  officer  Crawford  said  sgt  Thompson  is  busy  at   the  back  of  jail... ok,  asked  her  to  tell  him  to  call  her  back , please, thank you .  Crawford   told  her   that   jail    is  moving  an  inmates  around  because  of  flood  inside  jail,  heavy   rain  that  night  (  there  is  already  a lot   of  very  unhealthy  mold  inside  jail , lung's   diseases   probably  too ,  get  into  your  airways ).   Still   no    calls   back   , she  called  third  time ,  because  officer  Crawford  could  not  answer  her  about  her  child  --  if  alive  or  sick  or  anything  more  happened . Mother  called  third  time around  5:45 am (  because  night  shift  is  over  at  6  am  and  she  tried   to  catch   with  night  supervisor ,  they  never  called  her  back  before ....???) , officer  Crawford  told  mother ,  that  this  time  Thompson   is  busy   at  the  front  of  jail ..  ? OK ,  Mother   told  person  on  the  phone,  that  there is   no  way,  that  Sgt  could  not  find  a  min   to  give  her  a  call  back ,  and  she  documents   each  of  her  calls  to  jail.  Hm.. in  5  min,  at   5:  50  Sgt. Thompson  retuned  her  call . She  said    thank  you  for  your  call  back  , so  how  is  my  child  doing ?   And  now  at  this  point  I  have  to  ask  Sgt.  Thompson  a  question , ask  him  as  a  former  officer  too : ARE  YOU   READY  TO   WEAR  THE  BADGE  ???     You   recall   your  answer?   I  help  you  , your  answer  was :  You , Ms. .. cannot call  here,  your  child  is  in  jail , and  I  am  not  going  to  check  on   your  child ,  because  I  am  a  s e r  g e a n t , and  you  have  to  address  this  to  LT. and  staff Sgt .  listen  to  me , listen  to ME  ( loud !)  you  cannot  call  here  anymore , or  I   will  charge  you  with  harassment    !!  Good, Sgt,  very  good, this  was  a  third  threat  that  she  got  from  the  jail  staff .  You  tried  to  tell  her  that  all  staff  so   buuusy,  that  even  some  of  your   jail  Sergeant   got  suspended  for  a  few  days     for  a  deep  sleep   during  his  shift  (  some  good  officer  took  a  pic  of  that      good  dream )   I  don't  think  I  could  be  so  nice  as  she  is  for  so  long  time  after   you  treat  her  like  this  ! She  is   just  nice ! Why  ? Would  you  like  me  to  remind  you, officer  Thompson ,   how  you  threw  a bottle  of  water  at  inmates  and  cussed   him  outside  of  jail ??? Does  your  camera  still  have  it ?  Or screaming  at  them  over  the  phone  , coming  back  from  work  place ..?  Your  words :  You  have  to  bring  your  butts  here  now ..  you,  butts... ya.. now , said  , me .... bring ..  too  many  words , has  no  sense .  Did  you  or  ANYBODY  from  jail  staff  ever  supervised  inmates  at  work,  place  that   FULL  of  DRUGS !!  AT  NIGHT  !!!   Nobody  knew  about  this !!??? LIE !!  I  was  taking  inmates   back  that  night , I  heard  your  voice,  ugly , offensive  , rude  .  May  be  you  would  like  me  to   remind  you  how  you    to  offended   inmate's  mother :   What  your  mother   think  about  herself ,  who  she  is  she  thinks ,  to  tell  me  what  to  do , why  she  is  coming  here ?  Who  cares  for  her ?   Does  she  think   she   is    something  important ??  Do  you  have  any  questions to  me ?    Hold  on, that's  what   you  have  been   training   for  ---- psychological   tortures  on  inmates  and  their  family ,  right ?   Your  Russell  county  jail  has  CATASTROPHICALLY  LOW  STAFFING  AND SUPERVISION  LEVELS ! We  all  look  at  life   through   a  filter , and    my  filer  is  definitely  better  than  yours .. even  you  think  that  you  are  much  better   than  one  of  your  Sgts    Shannon  Chamber -  Johnson , who  HAS   NO  manners  at  ALL , and  really   where  she  could    learn  it  from , or  did  she  ever  wanted  ?  Too  much  time  I  am  here , but  at the  very  end  I will    remind  you , officer  Thompson ,  who  is  that  mother . She  is  a  WOMAN   first  of  all,   if  you  ever  knew  what  that  mean ,  she  is  a  mother , she  is  very  carrying  person  , loved  and  welcome   by  all  her  patients , she  is    VERY  strong  and  very  confident  what  she  is  doing , she  is  educated  and  smart and  very, extremely  patient  with  all  of  you in  that   facility  , and  one  more  important  difference   between  you (  majority of  you )   and her ----  she  is  holding   her  patients  hands on   her  hands   with    love,  compassion  and  tears ..  sometimes ,  and  people  look  at  her  eyes  with  a  deep  love  and   words : Thank you ,  thank  you  for  your  care ..  You, officer,  cuffed  people   hands  with  anger,  hates , pain  for  them    and    careless      after  that .  You  will  never  find   love  to  you   at   inmates  eyes  .   You  got  a  difference  !?  I personally  ,  as  an  officer,     feel  a  passionate dislike  to  you , jail  officer ! No,  I  dislike  ALL  of  you !!      For  a  public  reading .
Entity: Phenix city , Alabama
11, Report #1203848
Jan 23 2015
02:44 PM
The general car insurance They kept our money Phenix city Nationwide
On December 23,2014 I signed up for car insurance paid the down payment of 156.53 well I have q sick mother in law in Macon Georgia and a sick step mother in law with cancer in Phenix city Al. I have permanent residences in both states. They would not let me explain this to them so this very rude male agent got on the phone with me and told me I had to pick a state or cancel. I had no choice this was on december 31,2014 so q total of 8 days. They told me I would be refunded in in 7 to 10 days waiting and waiting.... Now January 23 no refund so I called them the lady told me I am not getting any refund... So for 8 days of insurance they got over 150.00 bucks now we have not ever had accidents we are in our 40's and not filed a claim my husband has a cdl and has been driving otr for over a year we are safe and they are just keeping our money.,, it's the principle of the matter they have no right to do this to people 
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #144913
Jun 03 2005
02:35 AM
Card33 ripoff Victim Tampa Florida
I am also a victim of card33. I have contacted my bank and sent emails to 3 of the sites card33 operates under. They have promised me a refund within 5 days. Has anyone else that has been promised this received a refund? Karen Phenix City, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
13, Report #105510
Aug 26 2004
08:47 AM
USBI ripoff Nationwide
Was billed for two phone calls on 08/12/2004 on my home phone. There was no one at my house at the times that the two calls were placed. Was charged 86.04. Was charged for calling Diego Garcia, for a total of 40 mins. The calls were both for twenty mins. I will not be paying these charges. Debra Phenix City, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #2438
Jun 13 2000
12:00 AM
15, Report #401643
Dec 15 2008
04:58 PM
Cashbanc Ripoff experts Internet
I have read similar complaints from others that closely resemble what my situation is with cashbanc. do not ever, anyone out there use Cashbanc. they are the biggest ripoff experts I have ever encountered. they must be so sure that they can keep getting away with this that they totally do not care you have account documents that prove your right. what can you do, right? Other than close your account there is nothing. I hope there is someone out there to put a stop to this company. They took more out of my account than they were supposed to, then had some ridiculous explanation of why, then my payoff amount went up within a week{between pay periods!} They came up that I owed abolut a hundred plus dollars more than what I should have owed. someone please stop these people!!!! Anonymous Phenix City, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #172724
Jan 21 2006
10:51 PM
Greentree Harrassment ripoff Palatine Illinois
I recently lost my husband due to Cancer and when going through papers came across our papers for our trailer which were financed through Greentree. I found out that only my husbands name was on the papers so I called Greentree to tell them of his passing and asked what I should do since my name was not on the papers. I told them I was willing to pay it off when I recieved his Life Insurance and the man told me to just contine making the payments intill then. He said they would release the trailer to me once I payed them off. I was late in December due to having to pay other bills and not mutch money comming in while waiting for the insurance but told them I was going to pay it off and would catch up on the payment. I was recieveing calles every other day by the same rude guy telling me they needed some form of payment and I kept explaining to him what was going on and I would catch up. He ever backed down telling me the same thing over and over til I finally hung up on him. I sent in a Decembers payment and told them I would send in Januarys payment by the end of the month and by then should have the insurance money to pay it off. He started calling every day so I didnt answer the phone. Finally he called my daughter and left messages on her phone.I called his supervisor and told her this was not right and they could come get the trailer. I then fould out this man had called a neighbor whom I hardly knew and left a message on her machine. This really made me mad so I called back and told his supervisor that this man was crazy and had lost his damn mind. My neighbor didnt even know my husband had passed and I didnt feel it was right for this man to get someone I didnt know involved in this mess. I have never been trated like this in my life and this man is the rudest person I've ever come in contact with. I still trying to get over the death of my husband and they are causssssssing me more stress that I can hardley deal with. I am not responsible for this trailer yet they are comming after me in every way they can think of. I have told them to come get it that I don't want it. I have to screen my calls and god only knows how amny of my neighbors they have called. How can someone get by with this type of harrassment? Judy Phenix City, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
17, Report #1278399
Jan 18 2016
05:09 PM
DHgate  Internet
I order a wedding dress that has defects and DHgate giving a run around about my refund. I was scammed by DHgate my wedding dress has defects and they refuse to give an address to send it back or give me a refund
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1259610
Oct 06 2015
05:31 PM
Kim'  Irvine California
 BEWARE!! Local Florist??? OR ...A Kim's Florist - company is based in California posing as a Local Florist making local deliveries in Wichita Falls, TX. Travel time is 16 hrs 33 mins - 1231 miles! Orders are transfered to a grocery store for cut rate flowers & cheap cheap delivery!!! Spend $50.00 - Kim's cost at the grocery store is about $17.00. Big Profit - Easy Money 
Entity: Irvine, California
19, Report #45043
Feb 11 2003
03:23 PM
Texaco Express Lube Rip-off dishonest work safety liability Pheonix City Alabama
On Friday, 2-7-03,I used texaco express lube in phenix city for a routine oil change- I was confronted by Gerald-a technician at texaco express lube in phenix city-he communicated to me that my air filter was dirty-and needed replacing-I kindly thanked him, but said that I will get it replaced at a later time-I then asked Gerald if he had checked the tires-because the right front tire looked low-he stated that he checked all the tires, and they all were fine-and the right tire had 32 lbs/pressure- As I drove 10 min down the high way-I decided to stop at a gas station and check out the right front tire-to double check-the gauge measured 20 lbs in the right front tire-I immediately added 12 lbs-then drove 90 miles home. The next two days, I checked the tire to see if there was any air loss-the gauge still read 32 lbs. Today, 2-11-03, the gauge still reads 32lbs-but obviously there must be a slow leak involved, for the tire to have dropped to 20 lbs over a three month time period. This problem may not be a big deal to some people-but the way I look at it is such. I would NEVER make a big deal over a technician telling me they filled my wiper fluid, and did not actually do so. But when you start telling me you have checked the air in my tires, and didn't, you begin risking my life, and the lives of others. It is one thing to forget to do something, it's another to be reminded, but to still show no concern for that person's safety. I travel for a living, mostly highway-at speeds consistently in the range of 55-75 mph. There is no way I'm letting this dishonesty go by without bringing it to the attention of texaco's administration. They are fortunate this incident didn't cause a major accident. Robert Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
20, Report #187237
Apr 18 2006
10:47 AM
Home Buisness System- Georgia Home Services I HAVE BEEN TRULEY SCAMMED BY GEORGIA HOME SERVICES Phenix City Alabama
I recenlty quit my full time job to be mor invlved with my childrens school activites; my husband had begged me to find a legitament job that i could do and stll be able to pick the kids up and be at home for my family; I answered an ad out of the Thirfty Nickel out of Texas Home Buisness System p.o. box 82092 Pembroke Pines,Fl 33082-0902 (212)946-5047 The ad provided a website the ad seemed very convincing as well as the wesite; the number that was provided in the website (334)448-5343 only had a voice mail without any message voice box I finally spoke with someone at the(334)448-5343 they would not give me their name and had limited information, but insisted that I mail in $45.00; well I mailed in the $45.00 thinking I was to receive a box of envelopes, only to receive a 6x10 envelope with instructions Instructions on how to ripp off people and con people!! they told me to open a buisness and register the name of the company with the county; and place ads in newspapers that could cost anywhere from $300.00 for 2 weeks of advertisment to 1,000 for advertisment There aren't any envelopes to mail; the object is to get others people $45.00 you keep $17.50 and mail Georgia Home Services the rest; you never see a box of envelopes to stuff; I actually started the buisness name american home serices 2010 I put an ad in the Thirty Nickel and put flyers out as well; wh i got a response from a guy he questioned me to the fullest about the program; actually we talked for about an hour; he encouraged me to really investigate home buisness systems and georgia home services. When i did this is when i found the Rip-Off report I was so depressed i felt like a fool; i just called the Thirfty Nickel and discontinued the ad; i pulled all the flyers that were left and put this warning out for all who have fell for this scam please do not!!! endulge in this program you will be very ticked- off Ruby irving, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phenix City, Alabama
21, Report #361605
Aug 11 2008
11:35 AM
Lowes Financial - Michael Tibbs Kingston Jamiaca
Michael Tibbs called me to confirm that I had been approved for a 5,000.00 personal loan. Sounded perfect. I was then asked to submit 500.00 for collateral. I did so and was then contacted again by Mr Tibbs letting me know that my credit report was looked at and that they were requesting an additional 490.00. I again sent these funds as well. A total of 990.00. I heard nothing. I then contacted Mr Tibbs and requested a refund. I was ignored and disconnected everytime I attempted. He at one point told me that my refund was being processed but then I heard nothing and there was no refund credited back to my account. This is fraud. They took my money. Almost 1000.00 and I recieved nothing but more hassle because of the already hard situation. Concerned citizen Phenix City, AlabamaU.S.A.
22, Report #256395
Jun 23 2007
12:40 PM
Shopping Esentials Fraudulent billing Ripoff Fraudville Connecticut
Shopping Essentials made charges to my credit card. I have not been able to find out how they got my credit card number. I suspect fraud as I never expect something for nothing. If it sounds to good to be true it may be, and usually is. A XXXXXXX (LAST NAME REDACTED) Alvin Phenix City, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
23, Report #1042252
Apr 10 2013
02:52 PM
No Flame ECIG Misleading // Ript Off Internet
On February 24th I was on the QVC website and this box popped up with a offer to recieve a choice of products to be purchased at a discounted low price for completing a questionair. It gave 3 choices, E-cigg, Ipad and I cant remember the 3rd choice. Upon completing the survey you could choose the product you were interested in and purchase at a very low price but there were only a limited number to purchase in a limited time frame. Being a smoker I chose the e-cigg at the price of approximately 5.00. Thinking its only 5 bucks and if it doesnt work im only out the 5 dollars. I recieved an e-mail confirming the order and I recieved the order in about the time frame that it was told that I should recieve it. I tried the product and wasn't happy with the flavor and thought oh well I wasted that 5 dollars. Not thinking anything else about it...the product had sat on my counter since. Then last week I recieved a package in the mail with refills and then it hit me. I was only being charged 5.00 just to get me in the door for a month to month type purchase.The refills did not come with any type of invoice so I didn't even know what I was being charged for them. So I referred back to my confirmation e-mail and called the number given for customer service (Which by the way even the confirmation e-mail doesnt tell you what you are being charged nor does it tell you about the trial period). It was then explained to me that I did have a trial period of 14 days after purchasing the e-cigg to cancel the subscription and that after the 14 days I was being charged 109.00 and that the refills were 69.62 per month. WOW. I explained to the person (Sherry) that this whole thing from the start was very misleading and that first of all I thought I was ordering from QVC because I was on their website at the time this offer popped up. I also explained to her that I do not recall anywhere that stated that there was a trial period. Believe me, if I had I would have cancelled immediatly once I recieved and tried the product. I then told her I realize this is my fault at this point but as of the date that I called her she was to put a stop to any further transactions on my credit card.    
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #342168
Jun 19 2008
06:43 PM LLC Did not send item or refund money Albany Alabama
I ordered a volume regulator from this site on May 9th, 2008. On May 22nd, 2008 I wrote and asked about shipping since I hadn't heard anything yet. I was told then that item was backordered and would be shipped no later than June 10th. When that day came and went and still no notice of shipping I wrote again and was told it would ship no later than June 18th. It has not shipped and when I wrote and told them to cancel order and refund money, I was told that they no longer processed through that merchant bank and that I would have to contact my card issuing bank to have the charges reversed. I will start that process tomorrow and see what happens next. William Phenix City, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, Alabama
25, Report #1023776
Mar 05 2013
10:43 AM
City of Russell - Kansas State of Kansas, Russell County Sheriff's Department, USD 407, USD 489, Saint Francis Community Services, Sunflower Family Services, The Center for Counseling and Rehabilitative Services, and various Fraud, Conspiracy against Rights, Deprivation of Rights, Public Corruption, Private Corruption, Data Tampering, Failure to Train, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Russell, Kansas
The City of Russell, in Russell County Kansas has conspired with multiple entities and individuals to mute U.S. Constitutional Protections along with those of the State of Kansas' Constitution.  It's all about money and control.  The City and County of Russell will attempt to ostracize anyone whom is viewed as a threat exposing to the many illegal practices that are intentionally, willfully and knowledgeably implemented and regularly conducted in disregard of any protections of actual LAW.  If you have children then be aware of the two school districts operating in Russell.  Common practice is to for Officials or Appointees to gain information in order to defraud, blackmail, extort... ascend to more money and stature no matter how illegal or unlawful.  City council meetings are predetermined and council members are paid.  I'm locked-in here as an observer, documenting the patterns that victimize me and every citizen.  It was a decent place, once upon a time.  Courts are tampered, as is emergency communications and everything in between.  Legislated monies and policy make much of the agenda as this is truly an area for scavengers.  The State does not like to provide proper oversight if any to the County of Russell, much less the City.  Courts are rigged, law enforcement on the take, social services conforms to the collusion as does USD 407 and USD 489.  If you must interact, always cover your own.  The implementation of witnesses, recording devices becomes necessary in a place that conceals so much about what really happens behind the facade.
Entity: Russell, Kansas

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