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1, Report #1366583
Apr 08 2017
02:36 PM
Safe Haven Security ADT misleading, faulty equipment, Kansas City Missouri
When Safe Haven first contacted me to set up an alarm sytem in my home they were customer service oriented. Willing to work around my work schedule, explained they had great customer service. During the install the installer talked me into a fire alarm. I reluctantly added it to the contract. Two momths later the fire alarm started chirping randomly keeping me awake and making my pets unsettled. They charged me to come out and fix it! A year into my contract I had windows replaced and contacted them to have sensors replaced. They were not willing to help during weekends unless I paid an additional $85.00 for the call PLUS the work. I asked if I could cancel and I was told I would be charged. They had no care for me or my well being. I continue to pay for the alarm which can no longer be activated. The fire aarm has now started chiring randomly....I cannot wait for this contract to end. Again, to have their faulty equipment repaired/replaced I have to pay them to come out. All I ask is to be let out of this contract and them to take this faulty equipment out of my home for no additional charges. Awful company. Poor customer service, false advertising. Fauty equipment.   Please help.    
Entity: Kansas City, Missouri
2, Report #1186329
Nov 02 2014
11:26 AM
Safe Haven Security St. Louis,Mo. Beware Safe Haven Security Missouri Kansas City Missouri
This evan raines comes up to my house saying he was sent by my real estate company to sell me adt security system,but did not even know who my agent was,the try's to run my wifes credit without even telling us.this safe haven security doesn't even have a office in St. Louis area and have a F rating with the kc bbb,and this rains guy number is 402-320-0484 a Nebraska number.this company is nothing but a scam,Beware safe haven security they will rip you off
Entity: Kansas City , Missouri
3, Report #1212180
Feb 27 2015
11:54 AM
Safe Haven Security Bait and Switch Contract - Inoperable System - Awful Customer Service North Royalton Ohio
Regional Sales head Luke Allen misrepresented the term of the contract with ADT as one instead of three years. Never provided $100 Visa gift card included with purchase Security system inoperable for three of seven months since installed Luke Allen sent three different technicians to repair, stopped returning calls or responding to text or email when system failed fourth time. After calling ADT directly, they had no record of prior service calls. Their technician determined wrong type of equipment installed. Luke Allen never specified that prior technicians were not from ADT.
Entity: North Royalton, Ohio
4, Report #1375530
May 26 2017
10:51 AM
Safe Haven Security (Chesapeake Virginia) Third Party Of ADT Safe Haven Sales Rep Tanner Manley & Joe Fecondo (harassed me to buy today would not leave from my door when I asked to leave the first time Chesapeake Internet
My realtor referred me to ADT called SAFEHAVEN Security. From the very beginning i thought something was not right. They NEVER disclosed the fact that they were part of the ADT dealer program. Whats worse is, they NEVER disclosed the very important fact ADT WAS SOLD LAST YEAR!!!NOT ONLY THAT 2 (UNSAFEHAVEN) sales reps came by my house Tanner Manley & Joe Fecondo and they HARRASED ME TO BUY TODAY. They also would not leave when I kindly told them to leave after the first time. I was installed already with a different company Theres nothing worse then having insecurity WITH your security system. Fortunatley a nice guy named Stephon Cuffee from Power Home Technologies stopped by and gave us an upgraded Security & Home Automation system. Their system is far superior to what SAFEHAVEN/ADT had installed...Its not even close! ADT's PULSE is their APP it was difficult to use. It seemed that it didnt work properly! PHT gave my wife and I an APP that we can control our system with thats so easy to use & navigate . After speaking with Stephon I realized that SafeHaven was not going to give me adequate safety or assurance of security for myself or my household. I found out that SafeHaven has an extremely high negative experience rate(94%)with consumer reviews.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #575103
Feb 26 2010
10:38 PM
Is taking, copying and pasting info from all sites including customers we have here in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Area he never got himself. 2 our my family members and one my partner's company. NONE have ever ever ever heard of it or the site. There were listings nationwide, now gone, just Florida. Whats next. Also changed prices and now there is a free there. Obviously affraid they would get caught at what there doing. Which they are caught, because 2 people in particular are waiting for one move to put legal files on the site and owner(s). Also stating something else on site the goverment has been sent that it shouldn't be posting. PLEASE PASS THE WORD TO THE GLBT COMMUNITY HERE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA ABOUT HIS COPY AND PASTING.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #628490
Aug 03 2010
06:38 AM
Gay Safe Haven Posting Businesses without pay or authorization Internet
Listing Businesses without Pay and Authorization in Orlando and State of Florida.Owner of Gay Safe Haven was prior employee of Fraud Listing Company Orlando Gay Yellow Pages. Articles in Orlando Newspaper about Fraud.Gay Safe Haven, In Business less then a year, and covers whole state with Listings that never approved or bought into. 10 Orlando Businesses listedwhere called to verfiy pay or knowledge of Gay Safe Haven, All 10 Never Heard of it or paid.Gay Safe Haven is being Dis-Honest in the Truth of Thier Business Listings on Thier Site
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #574040
Feb 23 2010
08:27 PM
OPENED/STARTED SEPTEMBER 22,2009 -STEALING BUSINESS NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS OFF OF OTHER WEBSITES. WE ARE HERE IN ORLANDO, HE WORKED UP HERE AND WAS FIRED. He copies things and business of other websites and then posts on his and then calls to sell. ASK TO SEE PROOF OF SALES & AUTHORIZATIONS. They have not gotten written or any proven paperwork of business who states they are Gay owned or Gay Freindlyand that give us a bad name in our community. They took off other web sites. HOW CAN A BUSINESS STARTING IN SEPTEMBER 22,2009, GET ALL BUSINESS IN ALL 50 STATES LISTED AND HAVE PAID TO BE ON IT IN LESS THEN 5 MONTHS, ESPECIALLY IN TODAYS ECONOMY.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1093276
Oct 20 2013
02:29 PM
Safe Haven Ibogaine criminal threats, scam, incompetence, bad providers Rosarito California
This ibogaine program is loacated in Rosarito . My friend did 94 hours of work in return for treatment and they reneged on their promise.  She wrote about in on her blog and they threatened physical violence if she did not remove her post. Safe Haven Ibogaine have the worst reputation of all ibogaine clinics. Beware of sending your loved ones to them.  Safe Haven is a Scam and Fraud.
Entity: Rosarito, California
9, Report #1315054
Jul 19 2016
03:04 PM
Binary Safe Haven, Miguel, Lucrative Trader SCAM RIPOFF Internet
Miguel Matias AKA Lucrative Trader is a FRAUD SCAMMER. He charge me 250$ for a system in which i can find freely online. when i approached with this concern he would not give me a refund of my money back. he has minion followers that will bash you if you try to speak up and tell the truth. do not do business with this scamming boy. i think of him as a demo trader anyway. he runs a group called BINARY SAFE HAVEN *ironically* and FUSION BINARY SIGNALS. nothing more than another person online to take advantage of people
Entity: Internet
10, Report #749223
Jul 05 2011
10:22 AM
Safe Security California Security Billing impropriety Internet
I have also had difficulty getting rid of this company.  They have continued sending me bills months after I sent a letter terminating the maintenance service agreement prior to automatic renewal, and despite three different phone calls to rectify it.  At one point they said they said they were refusing to allow me to terminate the agreement, notwithstanding the terms of the agreement, until I paid a disputed repair service charge.  That service charge, and others which preceded it, were the reasons for my decision to terminate this company's maintenance service.  The service operation seemed to be almost completely unmanaged.  The same service visits were repeated; the technicians on follow up visits didn't seem to have any field notes from prior visits as they didn't appear to know what needed to be done; and the billing department always generated an invoice (at high rates) regardless of whether anything was accomplished and even when the service had to be provided without charge under the terms of my maintenance agreement.  A number of calls were required to straighten out the billing.  This is the worst home services company that I have ever dealt with.  As I had a long term favorable agreement with the predecessor company that this outfit acquired, I was extremely reluctant to terminate the service.  I leased the equipment for $15 per month and paid $15 per month for monitoring services -- a very good deal.  But Safe Security so completely and totally angered me that I hired another company, The Alarm Company, to install a new system and provide the monitoring service at a higher rate.  I am much happier now.  Safe Security was awful to deal with. 
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #412162
Jan 14 2009
05:43 PM
Safe Security is a scam San Ramon California
signed up for alarm monitoring service in 1994. The company we signed with sold our service to Safe Security. We have been paying them for years. We sent them three notices and called in june and in October to cancel service. They continue to send us invoices and continue to threaten us. They are a very dishonest company and use unfair and dishonest practices to intimidate customers into staying with them. Carey Duluth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: San Ramon, California
12, Report #555653
Jan 16 2010
06:39 PM
After paying off a 3 year contract with a home security system known as SAFE TOUCH SECURITY, I tried to end my contract. And by the way, the system hasn't worked in years. I made every payment and on time too. They then told me I had to submit my request in writing to cancell my service. Which I did. Then they told me I had signed a 5 year contract not a 3 year. I argued with them and told them everything I had said 36 months. Safe Touch then told me I had to pay 2 more years or they would turn me over to a collection agent and ruin my credit. I asked them to fax a copy of whatever they had saying I agreed to 5 years. Of course they said they faxed it, but nothing ever came. After more research, I found that Safe Touch has many complaints about their underhanded contracts. They are world famous for screwing their customers. THEY ARE ALL OVER THE WEB. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. Safe Touch will tell you one thing and then make you pay for another thing. BUYER BEWARE.
Entity: JACKSONVILLE, Florida
13, Report #267932
Aug 16 2007
08:36 AM
Safe Touch Security Scam Jacksonville Florida
I am a poor, unemployed single mom who can barely feed her 8 year old daughter.I have been defrauded and deceived by Safe Touch Security. I would like to bring light to this story. I would like other consumers to know what they are getting into. I know I would have appreciated a story like this before I started with Safe Touch. Thank you. This is a letter I wrote to Lestor Jackson owner of Safe Touch Seucurity; On Saturday July 14th I called Safe Touch Security to cancel my monitoring service. I spoke with a Customer Service Representative named Debra. At that time I told her I wished to cancel my monitoring service. Instead of telling me I needed to put my request in writing, I was told it would be noted in my account and to wait for someone in retentions to call me back. On Tuesday July 17th I left a message for Desary Cooper explaining to her that I would like to cancel my Safe Touch monitoring system. I did not get any type of response from her at all that week. I do have voice mail if I am not available and there were no messages from Safe Touch Security. On Monday July 23rd I called Desary again and left another message for her to call me back. Later that day we spoke. I explained my situation to her and she said she would look into it and get back to me. Again that week there were no phone calls from Safe Touch Security getting back to me. On Tuesday July 31st I called Desary again, giving her plenty of time to research the situation like she said she had needed. That is the first time I found out that a letter in writing was needed to discontinue the service. Desary told me the person I needed to address the letter to be Karrie Gabriel. So I left a message for Karrie and sent her a certified letter in the mail. The next day on August 1 2007, I reached Karrie. I spoke to her and explained to her the reason for my wanting to discontinue my service with Safe Touch. I was very nice and respectful while explaining to her my reasons. In the middle of my conversation with her she rudely interrupted what I was saying, talked right over me, and told me I was just a waste of her time and hung up on me while I was still trying to converse with her. I was always promised and assured by every sales man I spoke to that Safe Touch would deliver outstanding customer service and exceed my expectations. Karrie Gabriel's actions were insulting and demeaning towards me. This is the worst customer service I have ever received by any one much less a supervisor representing the company. When I got off the phone I was very upset and insulted by the customer service that I received. This is completely unacceptable.I should not be forced to stay with a company that treats its customers which such disrespect and carelessness. That is appalling and an outrage. Three years ago in July of 2004 I signed up with this company after being told it was a good company to be with. When I met with the sales man I told him that I was only going to be in the house that I was living in for one year and than I was going to be moving the next year. The sales man convinced me to sign a three year contract promising me that they would move the new system that I was buying for free when I was ready to move in addition to monitoring me for three years all included in the price of $32.25. When I called Safe Touch in June of 2005 they refused to move the system that I was paying on. The sales man had lied to me in order to get the sale or safe touch just did not want to deliver on their promise. As it turned out the new house that I bought where I am living now, was already pre wired and had number pads in it. The house was already set up with an alarm system. Another sales man came out to my house and conned me into signing another contract just a year later after I signed the first one. He told me the only way he would move the system over was it I signed a second contract. He also promised me an extra month of monitoring because sooo much time was lost in the move. ] Not knowing what to do I signed the second contract because I wanted my safe touch security system that I was paying on. Again the sales man lied just to get me to sign another contract. Safe Touch Security promised me twice that they would move this brand new system into my new house and never did but got me to sign two contracts because of it. According to your own customer bill of rights we are supposed to receive excellent customer service and have the right to own our brand new system which you have failed to do so on both parts. This is fraudulent, dishonest and immoral. I have been treated with disrespect, hung up on and lied to by the people in this company and I no longer wish to do business with you. I am asking you to please discontinue my service. Karen Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
14, Report #1398814
Sep 08 2017
06:35 PM
Safe Haven Security ADT Fraudulent Cancellation Policy NORTH KANSAS CITY Missouri
ADT's service company, Safe Haven Security installed a security system into our new home. The salesman, installer and hand written contract said I had 3 business days, until midnight 7/18 to cancel. However when I went home early at 4 pm 7/18/2017 I realized I could not cancel online and their service representatives went home at 3 pm becuase they were on Central time. Not being able to reach a human durng the day, 7/18/2017, I sent an email to their support email, told ADT I wanted to cancel when I reached them the next day (7/19) and submitted a notice in writing. Despite these efforts I discivered this weekend that ADT is hitting by Visa every month and I received a call from a collections agency that I owed over a thousand dollars to ADTs service provider, Safe Haven Security Systems. ADT is a total ripoff, we cancelled because we don't really have any valuables to steal, and it certainly could never be worth the problems trying to figure out their products. Oh, and their keyfob interfered with my car key, so the ADT folb in the trunck, I was locked out.) Lousy products + worse service = a sleazy ripoff.
Entity: NORTH KANSAS CITY, Missouri
15, Report #1328496
Sep 16 2016
07:59 AM
Safe Home Security Safe Home Security is the Worst Compnay Ever Internet
In 2013 I entered into a contract with Point Home Security, which is now Safe Home Security. This company has the worse custormer service reps and the lack professionalism. I'm constantly calling about my alarm system, and it takes weeks, maybe even months, before anyone shows up to do anything about it. I purchased an alarm to keep my family and me safe, but it's not helping if it doesn't work. Right now, there have been an increase in home robberies since the flood in August. I explained to the manager that this was an emergency, that I needed my security system working and I was told it's only an emergency if someone actually breaks in my house. I was dumbfounded. At that point I don't need an alarm, I need the police and that's what I'm trying to avoid. Protecting their customers is not their first priority, but they never miss a month getting my payment. I'm unhappy with this company and I no longer wish to be apart of it. I want out of this contract.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #595081
Apr 20 2010
08:20 PM
Gay Safe Haven , Steals Businesses from other websites and Claims as his own. Proved it over and over by making calls to them and verfiying Internet
YOU ARE HURTING OUR COMMUNITY, BEING DISHONEST IN A BUSINESS YOUR TRYING TO PAINT AS CLEAN. I and others have called SO MANY businesses on his website and NONE NONE, NONE have ever heard of it or from him. Then tries to sells others, says free, then small print 2 weeks free.  BE HONEST PLEASE. If you are going represent our community, BE HONEST. Looked up you business lics. on you Started in Oct of 2009. Obvious, he just copied and pasted from out of other websites. Stop, Stop, Stop representing our community unless, you can start a business honestly, sincerely and with meaning. Does it from Sarasota to Tampa to Orlando. Just found out yesterday that he stated he paid sponsor for a site that he just did a trade with. YOU ARE HURTING OUR COMMUNITY BEING DISHONEST IN A BUSINESS YOUR TRYING TO PAINT AS CLEAN.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #587237
Mar 30 2010
06:37 AM
BAIT and SWITCH. Free trial it states then in small writing below says trial listing-two months yet everyone I called so far has NEVER heard of it and is still on there AFTER 2 months. So it's obvious they are posting businesses on there to look like being in business long time or paid. Again Called many of them, they never heard of it or approved it. Business opened in 09/21/2009. Even found 3 businesses on there that are out of business when I called. ASK TO SEE PROVEN NUMBER OF HITS PER MONTH, ESPECIALLY AFTER ONLY BEING IN BUSINESS LESS THEN 6 MONTHS.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #823101
Jan 15 2012
11:28 AM
Pasados Safe Haven Donor funds line the CEO & COO pockets and the animals suffer. Sultan, Washington
2009 spent $674,181 on salaries and 2010 they spent $1.217,292 million on salaries, $543,111 more in salaries!Revenue: 2009 2.307550 million 2010 1.403346 They lost almost $660,000 for 2010 So revenue is down but salaries are double?
Entity: Sultan, Washington
19, Report #574035
Feb 23 2010
08:14 PM
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1125726
Feb 22 2014
01:54 PM
Safe Haven Ibogaine, Jessica, johnathan, dereck, Do not go to this rehab center! they are scamming people out of thousands of dollars  rosarito mexico
 Do not go to this rehab center! they are scamming people out of thousands of dollars. The doctors are not qualified and can't show any proof with diplomas or degrees. Nurses are just maids dressed in scrubbs. labor is cheap and laws are relaxed which is why they choose mexico to scam you. It is all fake. The owner just wants your money, and will do anything to get it. Please dont make the same mistake I did. There is no research being done at safe haven! The truth is you are better staying home with your family. These people can't be trusted, and use a dangerous drug that needs more research first. please don't go to this place. They are horrible people. A magic pill with ibogaine in it will not cure your addiction! if it sounds too good to be true than it is, and Im trying to make sure you dont make the same mistake.
21, Report #550842
Jan 07 2010
03:25 PM
SAFE HOME SECURITY INC home security Internet
I foolishly signed up with Safe Home Security three years ago.  It was a 3-year contract for $42.99 a month charged to my credit card.I lost a good-paying job, and tried to cancel, but they wanted all the money then and there to cancel.  I couldn't afford to do that, so I had to keep paying and paying until the contract ran out.Last month I got a call from them telling me my contract was about to expire, that they were increasing the billing amount by $1 a month, and that I would receive something in the mail I'd need to sign and send back.I never received anything in the mail, but I immediately wrote a letter of cancellation, since I still have to do that to end this miserable contract.The first letter didn't make it because Safe Home moved their office (Stacy told me a YEAR ago) and never notified me of their new address.  So I had to send another letter of cancellation.Stacy called me to tell me the contract automatically renewed itself, that I can't cancel, and her supervisor will tell me the same thing.So, the contract renewed ITSELF, before it even EXPIRED!  I never had a chance to get out.Great little scam they've got going.  What do I do now?  I can't afford this.  I'm never going to be able to get out of this - they have it set up so that you can't possibly get out of it.  They move, too, to avoid cancellation letters.These idiots are TWICE as expensive as other companies.DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE CROOKS.
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #817868
Jan 04 2012
01:16 PM
Monitronic Security Champion security Failure to monitor the alarm system properly Dallas, Texas
On 11/20/11 we had a break in at our business and lost several hundred dollars worth of products. The alarm either failed or was not responded to by Monitronics. At 11am the local patrol officer entered the building after he arrived and saw the glass of the front door broken out, at THAT time the alarm worked. A service man came out at the time of the response and made the statement that he thought the Sheriff was in on the break in. We have had a major go around regarding the alarm system and no one at Monitronics or Champion Security can explain how, why or if the alarm failed.  They tried to blame our staff, which we don't have, the Sheriff and even us. 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
23, Report #1129013
Mar 07 2014
12:32 PM
Safe Haven Ibogaine Safe Haven University, BB Pugliese, Randy McCurdy, Charles Johnston, Jessica Bennett Took me for $10,572.00, did not complete treatment, refuses to refund me Rosarito Internet, MX,CA
DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE! This place is a total scam, they took me to my bank in SanDiego and then straight to their bank...Citibank. The place was not at all as described or pictured on their website. It's nothing more than a rented house by a beach. No real medical staff (the ones they did have quit due to no pay). The staff barely speaks English, dogs nextdoor bark all day and night, staff drinks alcohol nightly and parties on other drugs like DMT and cocaine. There was absolutely NOTHING to eat except the cheapest crap they can buy which is Talapia and chicken with rice EVERY DAY. Patients are left to fend for themselves in the mornings while staff sleeps in. There are no activities for patients. All of the patients I met there were rushed into ibogaine the following day of their arrival and dropped off at the airport 2-3 days later with no aftercare plans. I went their on Suboxone and was told $10,000.00 for treatment which included my flights, that wasn't the case as I paid for my own flights there. Due to my liver not being able to take ibogaine, I was dropped off at the border at 10:00 pm and had to wait for a drunk staff member for an hour to pick me up. I was dropped off at the SanDiego airport and was forced to sleep in the lobby until my flight the next day, it took me almost 24 hours to finally get home. Since I've been home I've had no real contact with Safe Haven and when I asked for my money back, I received threatening phone calls from BB Pugliese. I asked for a refund due to all of the horrifying stories I have heard about the way people have been treated there since my departure. I've also found out that ibogaine is still black market in Mexico, it's not really legal and it isn't really illegal but nonetheless, Safe Haven is not licensed to provide that type of treatment, they're registered as a spa! I've heard that there have been deaths associated with Safe Havens treatment. I guess that's why when BB and Randy took me across the border during my stay, to visit my bank, I was told to lie to the officials at the border regarding why I was in Mexico. These people are nothing more than crooks and all I want is a refund! Really, my story isn't much different than any other persons who's had a bad experience with these crooks. Please, for the love of God, do not send anyone there. Unfortunately there will be people like myself who will not check them out before trusting them. I will say this, I will not rest until my money is refunded!!!!
Entity: Rosarito, Internet
24, Report #387823
Nov 04 2008
09:22 AM
Safe Home Security Rips Off Military Members! Raleigh North Carolina
We are a military family who lived in Goldsboro, NC. We purchased a home security system from Safe Home Security, but we were not informed that they had no military clause and that there was a set contract length. We were given military orders to move in early 2008 and sold our house in May 2008. Upon selling the house, even though the new owners kept the system, we were forced to pay over $700 to this company. Companies that work with numerous military members such as this one does, MUST have a military clause or they are just practising unethical business. Circumstances are different for military families, who MUST move when ordered. This company has not responded to any emails or phone calls and they already have a bad mark from my complaint to the BBB. I want to make sure no other military families get scammed! Nancy Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
25, Report #509944
Oct 15 2009
05:08 PM
SAFE HOME SECURITY INC Contract Issues and Poor Customer Service Cromwell, Connecticut
Due to recent financial setbacks and the arrival of oil heating season we found it necessary to discontinue a couple household items-the alarm system and the landline phone. I called to let them know we were canceling as we didn't have money for this service-I was told I was in a contract.  I said I didn't renew anything.  They said by not renewing, I had renewed for another year.  The next payment didn't go through and we received a letter saying that they hope we will re-enroll and if I contacted them withing 72 hours they would waive one of two processing fees ($20.00).  I called the next day and when they picked up there was a loud, irritated sigh.  A gentlman named Dan asked what I wanted.  I said I had received this letter and was calling.  He said, So you're paying with a credit card?  I said, No, I'm calling to see if there are any options available, and I was cut off and he said, So what are you paying today?  Are you gonna be using a credit, debit, or check?  What is it gonna be?  I was so upset I said, Now it won't be anything!   Two weeks later the alarm begins to beep at all hours of the night.  We called today to tell them that for one, we received poor customer service and we were met with giggles.  (We spoke with Ashley.  We also wanted to let them know that we no longer have a landline so we are unable to even use the alarm and lastly, we need someone to fix this beeping. They said that we have to pay a third of what we owe, which has somehow had another $12.00 added to it, and that we are now in a 2 year contract-when a month and a half ago we were in a one year contract.  They will not send anyone out to fix this beeping unless we also pay an additional $300.00 to rig the alarm up to a cell phone and agree to another $10.00 a month on our bill.  Bonnie, Massachusetts
Entity: Cromwell, Connecticut

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