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1, Report #1285879
Feb 07 2016
09:05 PM
safe mail services is it a scam Nationwide
In reference to safe mail services. I have been a execs member for over two years w/o any problems. Lately, I can not get to their site, either I get a 404 not found, or if I can sneak in the back door, I get hit with download adobe flash for windows 10, of course it will not down load, seems like I'm blocked, I hope they are not affiliated with Global ad services, they are a scam..
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1396958
Aug 31 2017
08:26 AM
SAFE MAIL SERVICES false statistics Internet
I paid for their membership fee some weeks ago. Everytime I sent an email newsletter to their database, they make up false statistics about open rates and clicks. I have a double way of confirming clicks through links and my website statistics, and you don't get even one tenth of the clicks they say you get. Don't waste your money on this company, they are scammers
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1013390
Feb 13 2013
07:04 AM, but look for the following e-mail addresses in general. I just need to verify you're safe or I just need to verify your age. Internet
Typical Craigs List link that goes to a site where you have to pay (even thoguht it's free) for your age verification or background check.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #70083
Oct 25 2003
02:18 PM
Stain Safe ripoff Lansing Michigan
I purchased my warranty last year through Value City furniture. I filed a claim in May of 2002 because I had some stains on my furniture, needless to say here it is almost November and I have yet to see a technician. I have called repeatedly and nothing has been done. Three times I received these post cards stating that a technician tried to call and was unable to reach me. I called them back and said they were a lie because I have voice mail and no one never called. To make a long story short, I left messages for a supervisor to call. Never received a call. Now I have filed a report with the Better Business Bureau because my warranty is not being honored. Value City, who I got the warranty through also called StainSafe and nothing was done. So we will see what happens because I paid a $'100 for this warranty and this is ridiculous. Consumers should not have to go through this and I fault Value City Furniture also because they should know what type of company they are dealing with. I'm tired of people/companies trying to get over on me and for anyone who can't get the issue resolved on their own call the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General in your area. Tyrea Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Lansing, Michigan
5, Report #412162
Jan 14 2009
05:43 PM
Safe Security is a scam San Ramon California
signed up for alarm monitoring service in 1994. The company we signed with sold our service to Safe Security. We have been paying them for years. We sent them three notices and called in june and in October to cancel service. They continue to send us invoices and continue to threaten us. They are a very dishonest company and use unfair and dishonest practices to intimidate customers into staying with them. Carey Duluth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: San Ramon, California
6, Report #652878
Oct 19 2010
02:37 PM
Home Safe America RIP-OFF, THEFT, Internet
Entity: levittown, ny, Internet
7, Report #643847
Sep 23 2010
06:52 PM
always safe makes appointments then dont show up tiffin, Ohio
Always safe is the worst company ive ever had to deal with. Their door to door salesmen (that solicited me) was very polite and actually made me feel bad for him for working for such a crap company, Claims he had 8 cancelations in 2 weeks. i had to schedule 3 appointments with them because the installer failed to show up all 3 times and didnt even call me, I had to call them!! After the third time i canceled the account with them. I still wanted an alarm system though so i called another company called protect your home they were very helpfull and polite and actually gave me a better price of 100 dollars, i spent 25 minutes talking to them and paid for a 99 dollar system, thought all was well, then 3 hours later a woman from protect your home called and said they cant install my sytem cause always safe red flagged my acoount saying i was still there customer that broke my contract!!!! so now i cant even get a ADT sytem unless i let this crap company install it, im furious now. im just gonna go with another security provider all together, i wouldnt even suggest useing ADT after all this.
Entity: tiffin, Ohio
8, Report #749223
Jul 05 2011
10:22 AM
Safe Security California Security Billing impropriety Internet
I have also had difficulty getting rid of this company.  They have continued sending me bills months after I sent a letter terminating the maintenance service agreement prior to automatic renewal, and despite three different phone calls to rectify it.  At one point they said they said they were refusing to allow me to terminate the agreement, notwithstanding the terms of the agreement, until I paid a disputed repair service charge.  That service charge, and others which preceded it, were the reasons for my decision to terminate this company's maintenance service.  The service operation seemed to be almost completely unmanaged.  The same service visits were repeated; the technicians on follow up visits didn't seem to have any field notes from prior visits as they didn't appear to know what needed to be done; and the billing department always generated an invoice (at high rates) regardless of whether anything was accomplished and even when the service had to be provided without charge under the terms of my maintenance agreement.  A number of calls were required to straighten out the billing.  This is the worst home services company that I have ever dealt with.  As I had a long term favorable agreement with the predecessor company that this outfit acquired, I was extremely reluctant to terminate the service.  I leased the equipment for $15 per month and paid $15 per month for monitoring services -- a very good deal.  But Safe Security so completely and totally angered me that I hired another company, The Alarm Company, to install a new system and provide the monitoring service at a higher rate.  I am much happier now.  Safe Security was awful to deal with. 
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #267932
Aug 16 2007
08:36 AM
Safe Touch Security Scam Jacksonville Florida
I am a poor, unemployed single mom who can barely feed her 8 year old daughter.I have been defrauded and deceived by Safe Touch Security. I would like to bring light to this story. I would like other consumers to know what they are getting into. I know I would have appreciated a story like this before I started with Safe Touch. Thank you. This is a letter I wrote to Lestor Jackson owner of Safe Touch Seucurity; On Saturday July 14th I called Safe Touch Security to cancel my monitoring service. I spoke with a Customer Service Representative named Debra. At that time I told her I wished to cancel my monitoring service. Instead of telling me I needed to put my request in writing, I was told it would be noted in my account and to wait for someone in retentions to call me back. On Tuesday July 17th I left a message for Desary Cooper explaining to her that I would like to cancel my Safe Touch monitoring system. I did not get any type of response from her at all that week. I do have voice mail if I am not available and there were no messages from Safe Touch Security. On Monday July 23rd I called Desary again and left another message for her to call me back. Later that day we spoke. I explained my situation to her and she said she would look into it and get back to me. Again that week there were no phone calls from Safe Touch Security getting back to me. On Tuesday July 31st I called Desary again, giving her plenty of time to research the situation like she said she had needed. That is the first time I found out that a letter in writing was needed to discontinue the service. Desary told me the person I needed to address the letter to be Karrie Gabriel. So I left a message for Karrie and sent her a certified letter in the mail. The next day on August 1 2007, I reached Karrie. I spoke to her and explained to her the reason for my wanting to discontinue my service with Safe Touch. I was very nice and respectful while explaining to her my reasons. In the middle of my conversation with her she rudely interrupted what I was saying, talked right over me, and told me I was just a waste of her time and hung up on me while I was still trying to converse with her. I was always promised and assured by every sales man I spoke to that Safe Touch would deliver outstanding customer service and exceed my expectations. Karrie Gabriel's actions were insulting and demeaning towards me. This is the worst customer service I have ever received by any one much less a supervisor representing the company. When I got off the phone I was very upset and insulted by the customer service that I received. This is completely unacceptable.I should not be forced to stay with a company that treats its customers which such disrespect and carelessness. That is appalling and an outrage. Three years ago in July of 2004 I signed up with this company after being told it was a good company to be with. When I met with the sales man I told him that I was only going to be in the house that I was living in for one year and than I was going to be moving the next year. The sales man convinced me to sign a three year contract promising me that they would move the new system that I was buying for free when I was ready to move in addition to monitoring me for three years all included in the price of $32.25. When I called Safe Touch in June of 2005 they refused to move the system that I was paying on. The sales man had lied to me in order to get the sale or safe touch just did not want to deliver on their promise. As it turned out the new house that I bought where I am living now, was already pre wired and had number pads in it. The house was already set up with an alarm system. Another sales man came out to my house and conned me into signing another contract just a year later after I signed the first one. He told me the only way he would move the system over was it I signed a second contract. He also promised me an extra month of monitoring because sooo much time was lost in the move. ] Not knowing what to do I signed the second contract because I wanted my safe touch security system that I was paying on. Again the sales man lied just to get me to sign another contract. Safe Touch Security promised me twice that they would move this brand new system into my new house and never did but got me to sign two contracts because of it. According to your own customer bill of rights we are supposed to receive excellent customer service and have the right to own our brand new system which you have failed to do so on both parts. This is fraudulent, dishonest and immoral. I have been treated with disrespect, hung up on and lied to by the people in this company and I no longer wish to do business with you. I am asking you to please discontinue my service. Karen Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
10, Report #1377873
Jun 08 2017
11:31 AM
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1407803
Oct 22 2017
10:48 AM
Safe Coin Escrow LLC Philadelphia Pennsylvania
 I'm not actively job seeking. I just keep an updated resume out. So, I get this offer for an Escrow Manager Position. Okay. Site looked legit. I'm a nurse so I'm used to recving job offers with recruiters sight unseen. Work from home employment is standard for my profession, also. The only thing that I found unusual was the request for I9 and source documents to run background when I hadnt spoken with a recruiter. That's not standard. I called the number and it went to VM. Sounded like a Brit. I sent a message through their portal. So, I filled out the I-9. I just didnt give my SSN or real birthdate. I didnt upload any of my source documents, either. But I passed the background check and got the job, though! I was given access to an MSOutlook style intranet system. My supv is Kelly Granger. There were, like, 10 emails about the job position and bitcoin. The next day, I recvd an email stating that her colleague sent emails related to another position in Philadelphia. Probably a ruse. Anyway, i have 3 emails in my inbox r/t this position. My start date is 23 Oct 2017. We'll see. Ive a pretty neutral opinion of the company. I get the gist of escrow and bitcoin. I just need to figure out what liability Id be assuming...and where these funds would be held. A company wallet or...? Im not accepting funds if these people have access to the account, too. ...because they havent done enough to build trust. They could yank the money right out and Id be liable. We'll see, though.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #61900
Jun 26 2003
08:29 AM
TriStar Products Jack La Lanne Power Juicer plastic parts were not dishwasher safe as advertised false promises Wallingford Connecticut
The product Jack La Lanne Power Juicer was not dishwasher safe. Before I ever turned it on I put the plastic parts in to the dishwasher, the pulp catcher and the Juicer press both warped and the product became unusable. I will be sending it back. In my opinion they gave guarantees which are false advertising. Joanne Santa Rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Wallingford, Connecticut
13, Report #1213925
Mar 06 2015
05:48 PM
Safe Streets USA Safe Streets USA are Scammers/Fraud Washington DC Nationwide
Safe Streetss Is FRAUD STREETS. My safety and security has been diminished greatly by this company. As a new home owner, I wanted to feel secure in my home and when I received the call from a representative selling ADT equipments, I accepted and had them come out to my home to install the equipment. Had I known what I know now about this fake, misleading company imposing on innocent Americans who simply want security systems in their homes to feel secure; I would not have invited these imposters and their fraudulent activities into my home. First, the representative with whom I spoke to on the phone, told me that the service would be $42 monthly and all I would be responsible for paying was an installations charge of $99. I would receive 4 free sensors to be placed at the doors “normally we only provide 3, but I’ll throw in a 4th one at no cost to you” so I was told. Second, when the technician arrived and wanted to install the equipment on the wall jack, I told him that’s not what I wanted and it shouldn’t be installed with my phone as I’ve never seen home securities systems installed in that manner. I was told by the technician, that if I wanted the equipment installed without using my home phone, then the price would be $47.99. Little did I know that I was making a HUGE mistake. Third, after the equipment was installed and tested, I realized that there was no sound when the doors were opened. I informed the technician of this; he then told me that ADT no longer offers those equipments as they are old. Again, I trusted what he said and accepted it. I signed for payments and the technician left my home. Now the insult, fraud and scam that Safe Streetss provided is not only disturbing but appalling. The most appalling thing about this whole situation is that when I called to cancel the service due to the fact that I’m very unsatisfied with their service, I was told that I signed a 3 year contract and in the event of cancellation, I would be responsible for 75% of the contract. I was so upset and went ahead and canceled and told them that I would not be responsible for it as I never signed an agreement with them; I provided a signature for payment of the installation. The representative with his vicious voice told me “good luck to you, you signed the agreement and it was emailed to you”. Not only wasn’t it emailed to me, I was never told of a 3 year agreement. Had I known, I would not have had them in my home. I don’t even have a word to describe the insensitivity of this company, how can ADT, a reputable company entrust such a fraudulent company to be an authorized dealer. Does ADT not care about the type of company/people they have representing their trusted name? I wanted an ADT security system as I believed in the company – after I called to cancel Safe Streetss service, I called ADT directly to come out to my home and provide service as I can no longer deal with Safe Streetss, real name, FRAUD STREET.  An ADT representative came into my home and to my surprise, the equipment I was told was the latest and new being used by ADT, is no longer even supported by the real ADT company. Safe Streetss, better known as FRAUD STREET, sold me a DSC System (low system) with a low grade keypad and to add insult to injury, my equipment is not even registered so in the event I have a real emergency, the police would not even come out to my house. Is that security or fraud? Additionally, I was told by the representative with ADT, that they can’t help as there is no information from Safe Streets with regards to the service they provided and that I would have to cancel with them prior to working with ADT. I want an ADT security system and would appreciate the real company installing what I need in my home but they can’t help me so now I feel helpless and not safe in my own home. ADT, your reputation is far too great to let such companies as Safe Streets be an authorized dealer. They are fraud/scammers, give innocent people misleading information and don’t provide any sense of security. I feel like my trust and safety has been jeopardized by this company. Please beware, if you’re looking to install an ADT security system, Please, please do not call Safe Streets or answer their calls. They are a fraudulent company and would only cause you damage than security. Don’t do it, I’ve learned a huge lesson. Stop and think, please don’t do it. Don’t allow Safe Streets into your homes as they will only deceive and provide you with old equipments not even supported by ADT. Save yourself the hassle and pain as they are SCAMMERS.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #459462
Jun 07 2009
08:01 PM
Safe Security Charges for undelivered services or Theft by Deception Ramon California
I signed a 3-year contract with Safe Security for monitoring and maintenance services in September 2003. I had an occasion to request service a few years ago and they informed me that I only had monitoring service. I faxed them a copy of the contract showing where I did have maintenance service and was paying at that time $6.00/month. The guy said he would change it to show that I had both services. A month ago I had to request service again and the company said that I only had monitoring. Again I had to fax my contract to prove that I had maintenance. I also requested verbally and in writing that they cancel my contract with them as their cost continue to increase annually. I also requested a refund for the money that I had spent over the past 79 months for a service that I thought I was paying for and they said that I didn't have. A lady called and said that I could not cancel. and they continued to debit my checking account. Then she called back to say that they could cancel my contract after July but they would not refund my money. This is fraudulent on their end and theivery as well. I am sending yet another letter to request my money and to cease and decist from the auto-pay from my bank. Annie College Park, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Ramon, California
15, Report #262025
Jul 20 2007
06:36 AM
Debt Safe Scammed me out of $990 with no services ripoff Marietta Georgia
Debt Safe, yeah right, more like Debt Joke. I was contacted by Debt Safe randomly which should have been my first sign. They spoke with me and assured me that they have special technicians that are able to negotiate lower rates on all of the credit cards that I owed money on. I was also told that I would receive the paperwork to sign within 3-5 days to make my final decision. Needless to say, that never happened. I still have the postage envelope showing it came 2 weeks later with their disclosures. I called up at that time and tried to deny the contract but was told it was too late. So I proceeded with the process since I just was scammed out of nearly $1,000. The technicial was very nice but the only thing we did was call each credit account and inquire whether there was a lower rate than what I currently had. If you ask me, I truly believe I could have done the same thing on my own. We lowered the rates on a few cards but are for adjustable rates and will need to be addressed in the near future (within 6 months). Also, I was told the financial technicial would be in touch with me every month to re-establish some accounts. I signed up in February and received one call in March and nothing since then. 4 months later I am sitting here with the same debt, just $990.00 less. I would strongly urge any consumer to stay away from this company. The old saying holds up here, if it's too good to be true, it is. B moran Branford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
16, Report #912841
Jul 16 2012
01:25 PM
SAFE MAIL SERVICES SMS Did not provide services as advertised then refused to refund my $39.95 Membership fee. Internet
Safe Mail Services promises to Email well over 3,000 emails a day to targeted customers with your add. I submitted my add every day as per instructions for more than two weeks. I got Zero replies using the very same adds I use manually in free classified. These adds work very well. After a few weeks of continued Zero results I contacted SMS using their ticket system and made my complaint know to them. They replied by saying I needed to include my contact information in the adds. My contact information was in every add I posted. In a very short time I again used their ticket to tell them they were not doing as promissed and to refund my membership fee of $39.95 in full. I waited nearly two weeks and they did not reply nor did they refund my money. I finally sent them another Ticket explaining all this and this time they replied that they had gotten my first Ticket for a refund and now they are refusing to refund my $39.95 at all. This is a complete and total Rip Off. User Beware!
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #387823
Nov 04 2008
09:22 AM
Safe Home Security Rips Off Military Members! Raleigh North Carolina
We are a military family who lived in Goldsboro, NC. We purchased a home security system from Safe Home Security, but we were not informed that they had no military clause and that there was a set contract length. We were given military orders to move in early 2008 and sold our house in May 2008. Upon selling the house, even though the new owners kept the system, we were forced to pay over $700 to this company. Companies that work with numerous military members such as this one does, MUST have a military clause or they are just practising unethical business. Circumstances are different for military families, who MUST move when ordered. This company has not responded to any emails or phone calls and they already have a bad mark from my complaint to the BBB. I want to make sure no other military families get scammed! Nancy Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
18, Report #532050
Dec 02 2009
09:32 AM
Safe Security Money hungry, incompentent, scammers San Ramon, California
My situation with Safe Security started in May 2009 when I called their office to inform them that I was changing the phone number that was used to monitor my security system. They took all the info and we thought thats all that had to be done. WRONG ! Several days later we noticed that a red light on our panel was on constantly which never happened before. My husband called Safe Security and told them the problem and after consulting with a technician was told that this happens and that there was no problem and not to be concerned.  Well being two people of reasonable intelligence this did not sit right since we have had this system in the house for 20 years and the only time this light was on is when a window or door was open. But things do happen. Needless to say about  two weeks later the alarm accidentally went off..Guess What? Safe Security never called. Since we were in a rush to get to a business appointment we didnt pay attention, till several days later the BULB light up and I suggested to my husband lets set the alarm off and see if they respond.You guessed that rightNO CALL So we called them. We spoke to Mary and she told us that they never got a signal at anytime. So she suggest we hang up and set the alarm off again ( 3 times) and still no signal. We asked could this possibly have anything to do with the MYSTEROUS red light.?  Her suggestion was to get a technician in to check out the system. Reasonable idea. But before we do that we asked if it was possible that this had any relationship to our changing the phone number? ANSWER: Did you have the phone company switch the lines? BINGO! we got the problem solved. RESPONSE: You never told us that when we called and informed you that the number was changed that we had to do that since all we did was have one line cancelled and all the calls re-routed to another in-house phone which they were informed of...DUH! If you are monitoring our security wouldnt that be one of the first things that a customer is told when a change like this is made. It gets better, we called the phone company and they told us they dont do that, that we need a technician. (Again we were misinformed) Ok we found a very reliable company to come in and do the work, now we need a CODE for them to get into the system (which we own), so I called Safe Security and asked them for it and guess what I was told that they could not give out that information.  Not acceptable I told them I want a supervisor NOW. That really exerted some power and I was successful in getting the CODE1234, now did you thing it would work? Of course not how else were they going to get rid of me. Needless to say the new technician was great it only took him 4 hours to break the code. His company is now monitoring our system. I immediately sent out a letter of cancellation to Safe Security. Now you would think all is well, think again. These people are like gum on the bottom of your shoe, you just cant get rid of them.  They want me to pay $277.74 for the balance of my contract. I assume that you can read between the lines as to what my response was. I requested a copy of my contract and they sent me a copy of the original contract I signed with America Security in February 1997. I have no copy of any contract with Safe Security, which obviously bought the contract from them. Why were we not sent a new contract when this transaction took place? This is looks like a legitimate way to pull off a PONZIE SCAM. By the way they call at all hours day and night looking for money. What a wonderful thing Caller ID is. Needless to say the conversations I had with them went on deaf ears. They breached their responsibility of securing my home with their incompetence.They did not provide the service that I was paying for I guess they need the money to pay their legal fees because I m sure with business practices like these they are adding up.
Entity: San Ramon, California
19, Report #356734
Jul 28 2008
07:36 PM
Safe Home Security Don't care if people are military! Cromwell Connecticut
My husband is in the military. We received orders to another base and sold our house. We gave the company all the information but we are now being charged for the remainder of the contract despite the fact that we are relocating on Government orders!! Nancy Goldsboro, NC Darkhorse79 Rockton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Cromwell, Connecticut
20, Report #449704
May 07 2009
03:25 PM
SAFE TOUCH SECURITY CONSUMER WARNING Richmond Hill And Jacksonville Richmond Hill Georgia
Consumers Beware! I was told it was a 3 year agreement. WRONG. It is a 5 YEAR agreement. If you dont remember to cancel within 60 days, 5 years from now you are back on for another 2 years! You want a security system or a credit card? Safe touch only tells you your getting a security system. I was wondering why I had to give my annual income to get a security system. Sales rep lied and said it was just to do the credit checkI now have a new credit card! I was never told I was getting a credit card. They talk about 45 second guarantee, what guarantee? It is just an advertising ploy. Set mine off 4 times now and only once was under 45 seconds. Big guarantee.. The two way voice is fairly cool but sounds cheap. Sounds like they are in a coffee can and they cant hear me unless I get right next to it. They said they could hear everything in the house and get a faster response time. How can they hear anything if they cant even hear me unless I am next to it? They bashed the mess out of ADT when I was shopping, my neighbor got ADT and his install looks nice! The equipment he got looks more advanced than mine and the 2 way voice he got sounds great. He is happy. Cheaper IS NOT better! I called and talked to several people there. Couldnt ever get Mr. Jackson. They are rude once your signed up and dont care about the methods used to get people to buy. I wish I had gotten the system my neighbor did. Youve been warned. Got Safetouched! South Georgia, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond Hill, Georgia
21, Report #555512
Jan 16 2010
12:00 PM
I was in a destructive relationship, and for my own safety and the safety of my daughter, I had Safe Touch install a basic system into my home. From the beginning, there had been numerous problems with the system. I don't think the yellow trouble light has ever been off. But that is not what this complaint is about. I was lead to believe I had signed at 3 year contract, of which I paid in full. This is the point that Safe Touch rears its ugly head and announces you do not have a 3 year contract as presented by their sales staff, but in fact you have a 5 year contract. In addition, there has been talk of a 500 dollar disconnect charge apparently for software loss. I don't understand this, nor do any of the others who have been placed in the same Safe Touch nightmare. At the time of purchase, there was no mention of 5 year contracts, of disconnect charges, of software charges. BUYER BEWARE OF WHAT YOU'RE SIGNING. SAFE TOUCH HAD YEARS TO PERFECT THEIR DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES. DEBRA, MACCLENNY, FL
Entity: jacksonville, fl, Florida
22, Report #835893
Feb 08 2012
10:43 AM
Safe Protection Plus Patently lied on telemarketing call Internet
I received a telemarketer call from a non-english speaker.  The call offered me a gift card for a free trial with Safe Protection Plus.  I was pretty certain I did not want to use the service but I would give it a trial run if they gave me a gift card.  Quid pro quo. But I wanted to make sure that I could cancel before getting charged.  They assured me that I could.  After another ten minutes of useless conversation (this is how they get you invested in it.  Which i knew they were doing but you don't know you are invested in a positive outcome until you are.) they were ready to send me to the taped line asking my permission.  But they said there was a small mistake in the tape and just ignore it.  It would say something about no trial period, but this was an error and they were doing this special offer and that the message had not been changed to just say YES at the end it they would take care of it. Well of course that was not the case.   So when i got the charge i called them.  Told them to cancel.  They were very sorry, how terrible of this telemarketer to lie like that.  They understand my issues and agree with me.  BUT... we still have to charge you for mailing costs and initiation fee. I said, if you agree that they were wrong then reverse all the charges.  No, they responded, take it to your bank, good luck, and good bye. So far they have charged me this: 54.95 + 2.95 + 34.95 As far as telemarketer scams go, this one is truly the worst.
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #651405
Oct 15 2010
12:47 PM
safe touch security Breach of Contract jacksonville, Florida
I purchaced my alarm system in July and at the time I choose the smart phone option to be able to monitor my home alarm from my phone. I paid a extra $199.00 for this option here it is Oct 15th and still do not have what I paid for. They were paid in full in July my mistake. I called two weeks ago and was told they were going to have to pull my file to see if i had paid for that option. I have made 5 more calls including the one this morning with the women promising me she would call me back in a hour that was at 9 am. I called the company back at 3 pm to talk to a supervisor and she told me they had to pull my file to see if that was a paid option. I asked how long does it take to pull a file because I have been told that for two weeks, she could not answer me. You call them and the phone message says I will transfer you to our award winning service department the only award they could win is the stupid award.
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
24, Report #550842
Jan 07 2010
03:25 PM
SAFE HOME SECURITY INC home security Internet
I foolishly signed up with Safe Home Security three years ago.  It was a 3-year contract for $42.99 a month charged to my credit card.I lost a good-paying job, and tried to cancel, but they wanted all the money then and there to cancel.  I couldn't afford to do that, so I had to keep paying and paying until the contract ran out.Last month I got a call from them telling me my contract was about to expire, that they were increasing the billing amount by $1 a month, and that I would receive something in the mail I'd need to sign and send back.I never received anything in the mail, but I immediately wrote a letter of cancellation, since I still have to do that to end this miserable contract.The first letter didn't make it because Safe Home moved their office (Stacy told me a YEAR ago) and never notified me of their new address.  So I had to send another letter of cancellation.Stacy called me to tell me the contract automatically renewed itself, that I can't cancel, and her supervisor will tell me the same thing.So, the contract renewed ITSELF, before it even EXPIRED!  I never had a chance to get out.Great little scam they've got going.  What do I do now?  I can't afford this.  I'm never going to be able to get out of this - they have it set up so that you can't possibly get out of it.  They move, too, to avoid cancellation letters.These idiots are TWICE as expensive as other companies.DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE CROOKS.
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #866653
Apr 10 2012
05:42 PM
Safe Home Securities Auto-renew contract scam, Internet
In January 2012 I was contacted by Stephen Neubert, a representative from Safe Home Securities.  Stephen was just checking in with me and making sure I was happy with my alarm service with Safe Home Securities.  I told Stephen that I had had some problems with my system, a system that I paid close to $3,000 for 5 years prior.  He said he would send me out a manual for my system and then he asked me to sign a renewal contract. I asked him if I could keep paying month-to-month rather than renewing my contract with Safe Home Securities and he would not answer the question directly, although he kept saying that he wanted to make sure my house with protected.  Whatever. After doing some due diligence with other alarm companies, I found a service that would charge me $5.95 per month rather than the $30 per month that I was being charged by Safe Home Securities.  I signed up for the alternative service and emailed Stephen that I wanted to discontinue my service with Safe Home and to please send me my final invoice.  I then received a phone call from Tracy from Safe Home Securities collection department stating that they had received my notice to terminate service.  She informed me that my contract had auto-renewed back in December 2011 and that I had to fulfill the remainder of my contract.  I asked her why Stephen had asked me to sign a new contact if my contract had auto-renewed and she had no answer for this. Now, Safe Home Securities continues to harass me with phone calls looking for me to pay the remainder of my contract, which I never signed up for. If you are looking for a house alarm, my advice is to stay away from Safe Home Securities.  There are plenty of services out there which will charge you far less to install a system and monitor it on a monthly basis.  Many have no contract at all, which makes sense, especially if you are paying for the equipment costs out-of-pocket.
Entity: Connecticut, Internet

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