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1, Report #1015123
Feb 15 2013
08:21 PM
Safeguard properties THEY WON'T PAY YOU. Internet
You Won't get paid. I wish I would beloved when I read horror stories about safeguard. Luckily I didn't let them scam me for to much. When they asked me to sign a paper agreeing to giving safeguard projectors right to reduce and invoice with or without giving a reason I dropped them. They pathetically tried to bully me to keep working for them but as a principal I don't work for criminals.Now don't be a fool and don't get scam. I heard that one person commuted suicide because they refuse to pay his 30k.Karma gets everyone.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1149157
May 23 2014
10:13 AM
Safeguard Properties Safeguard Propeties has illegal practices tehachapi Nationwide
On Thanksgiving day we found that this company had enteredour home, changed the locks and stolenmany of our valuables. Their legal department has notresponded although we called themto complain and filed a police report. To date, they have done nothing to compensate us for our losses. We see that there are numerous lawsuits against thiscompanyfor fraud and illegal entrance, theft and harassment of homeowners at the request of mortgage companies. Can your organization help us to locate an attorney or class action  lawsuit that is familiar with this company? There are many news items about this and the storiesreflectour experience:
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1143532
May 02 2014
09:58 AM
Safeguard Properties Safeguard Scam Georgia & north carolina Nationwide, oh
I cut three yards for this company. No payment was given and then they cut off the vendor codebI was using. They are true scammers.!!!!They have my ss# and tax I'd 3      
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1257349
Sep 26 2015
04:06 PM
Safeguard Properties Do not be a contractor for Safeguard Nationwide
Safeguard will take you on as a new contractractor, and proceed to treat you like a slave.  They make a game out of paying you.  For instance, you will upload a hundred pictures to prove you did the work required, and they will send out an autoresponse saying that they will not pay you because they want a picture of the top of the roof, taken from a hot-air balloon.  OK, that's an exaggeration, but it's a good illustration of the type of stuff they pull.  They are not a solvent company, so they make themselves whole by refusing to pay for services rendered.  It's bad enough that they try to get winterizations done for $60 a pop.  It's even worse when you do the winterization and don't get paid at all. These guys should be in jail for fraud, but unfortunately their contractors don't have any money to hire a lawyer.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #764244
Aug 12 2011
09:10 AM
Safeguard Properties LLC Use Your Head Valleyview, Ohio
I have been a contractor for 5 years with Safeguard and recently had my account replaced with no notice.  Use your head when dealing with them.  It is true they will give you all the work you need for inspections for $3-$5.  After doing the math times at least 1,000 orders you may say WOW i can do this.  But here are the plain facts.  The amount of time spent at a property is worth far more than the low rate.  You will only yield 5-10  houses per hr, and that is not counting uploading time.  They are ripping inspectors off.  They will send you late work that should be paid as rushes but are paid at regular rate and you do not get the 5  day turn around as discussed when you sign the paperwork.  And the late work is counted against your on-time percentage in which they use to evaluate a inspectors performance. (They think you are a machine).  They assign you more work than you are humanily possible to perform due in one day.  You may say Hire Subs, it is not worth it.  Why should you deal with the headaches of subing work out..enableing Mr. Safeguard to make more money without  him managing the suncontractors and you end up with the problems the sub creates plus your own for $3 per house!!  Not worth it!! Your job ends up being more than just a visual inspection.  That's the scam, All we need you to do is to take photo's and answer a few questions.  You end up being held responsible for things that are out of your control in the fight between Safeguard and the the end of the day, you the inspector are charged back for damages and all sorts of other things that the banks should be paying for.  Your $3 report will turn into thousands of dollars of charg bebacks!!!  They ask you to get Errors and Ommissions Insurance to cover your mistakes.  What ends of happening is; Safeguard will tell you that the banks are concern with a particular issue at a property and YOU the inspector needs to prove them wrong or you will be charged back!!  The bank will just refuse to pay safeguard or file a claim against them,  so Safeguard will just charge you back without using your insurance.  Because the insurance only pays third party claims, and the claim is now you and Safeguard:  YOU the inspector get the honors of paying for the quarrel. The whole industry needs to be brought to light to the media, news, talk shows, so that some of these illegial practices by companies such as Safeguard gets notice. Whether a contractor or inspector has done everything wrong or right, the bottom line are fighting a losing battle before you even start!! And are just another victim waiting to get it!!  They drop contractors as if it is nothing and pick up who's next in line when it is convenient.  BEWARE!!!
Entity: Valleyview, Ohio
6, Report #1199410
Jan 05 2015
07:34 AM
Safeguard Properties Contractors Beware, Dangerous business practices Ohio
I have been working as a subcontractor inspecting foreclosed homes for a company called “safeguard properties” for about a year. Their business practices have me concerned for my health and safety; as well as the health and safety of other hundreds or maybe even thousands of subs they have working for them throughout the country. I have recently become ill and I’m concerned that it may be mold related. As an inspector, they send me to look through foreclosed homes and assess the condition and value. My concern is that they continue to send me to homes that I have already told them could be dangerous or hazardous without doing any repairs or warning me or the other inspectors that there still is a problem. Here are some examples:I told them (in writing and with photographic evidence) on numerous occasions about a property with extreme amounts of mold through-out. I told them that it was dangerous and should be taken care of. They have sent me back on 6 occasions and refuse to do anything about the mold. They sent me in a house 4 times where the floor was caving in. I inspected a house that was infested with fleas and I told them in my report that it needed to be fumigated. The next time I went back, nothing had been done about it which of course I didn’t know until it was too late. I was attacked by fleas as soon as I walked in the front door. Speaking of attacked, I still have a scar on my arm from when a person living in the house let their dog loose on me. I went into a basement to take pictures of the furnace in one house. I saw snakes and immediately left. I put in my report that I couldn’t get pictures of the furnace because of the snakes. They told me that I should send them pictures of the snakes! I know that sounds about ½ funny but this company is ridiculous. I get paid $8 to inspect these houses and this company does not care what environment they are sending me into, even after they are told repeatedly of the danger and or health risks.Bottom line is this; do I have a case to sue them for the work environment?If I refuse to do the job they will just find some other unsuspecting fool.I have tried to tell them of the problems and they just don’t care. They refuse to improve the work environment and knowingly send myself and numerous other inspectors into dangerous places. The least they could do is tell you that they didn’t remove the mold, fix the floor, or fumigate like you had asked.Please let me know your’ thoughts. Thank you for your time.
7, Report #1194865
Dec 11 2014
09:53 PM
safeguard properties CONTRACTORS BEWARE, read the truth. ohio Nationwide
This is for the  contractors.   Beware. They pay  nice at first. Once you get threw credentialing YOUR IN trouble. They start back charging and telling you if you don't go back to a property and repair something (even when it wasn't on the contract) they will backcharge you.I'm not going to go threw all our accounts because I don't think this will allow me to type 20 pages. We tried to get out while the good was going. We got out when they still owed us $7,357. We stopped receiving our weekly checks and 4 months later after we got out we are still receiving chargebacks. They even sent us a bill for a chargeback. Needless to say we haven't recieved a dime of the $7,357. Tonight they just emailed us another chargeback for $555 for not bidding a job correct that we bid 7 months ago. Now here's the kicker. We never did any repairs on this job, and when safeguard and the crooked projects managers ( who are really glorified telemarketers) send you to these bids they instruct you to bid nothing elseBut what's on the work order.  listen to what we write and all these other complaints we don't just get on here and write him for no reason is to warn others to not make the same mistake as all of us have so you don't get screwed as we did.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1124991
Feb 19 2014
10:39 PM
Safeguard Properties Scandalous Valley View Ohio
This is the absolute pond scum of preservation companies. They will do whatever they can to suck you in, treat you great for the first 6-12 months then all of a sudden things change. Chargebacks, invoice cuts, settling with home owners on false claims without giving the contractor any input. In 12 months time they STOLE $40,000 from our company on bogus chargebacks, unpaid invoices, fraudulent claims, etc. To many companies this may not seem like much but we are small, about 1/4 million a year in revenues. This does not count the many unpaid trips to provide bids for work only to find out the work is awarded to another contractor who does a half assed job and then they try to blame you, even charge you back for the other contractors shoddy work. We were charged back $15000 for a roof repair that we bid but were not awarded the work. We called from site with an active leak and were told to tarp the roof, which we did, but 2 months later another contractor is awarded the job of putting a new roof on and we were charged back because we tarped it instead of repairing it. (The allowable for the repair was $600!) On another occasion we were charged back $1500 for a bogius claim a home owner made that we allegedly took $15000 worth of lawn equipment and tools. The work order was an eviction and the Sheriff was with us the whole time we were there, our pictures proof the equipment was not there, yet Safeguard takes it upon themselves to settle out of court with the homeowner for $1500 and took it right out of our check. Impossible to dispute because they wont return phone calls and give you fake email addresses to send your dispute to. When an invoice does not get paid they refuse to give you the correct name and number of the accounting department in order to inquire about it then once the grace period expires you magically get a response saying it is too late to bill for the work. Yeah right, these crooks are collecting from the banks and keeping the money. I bet if they were audited the whole company would collapse do to the embezlement. Oh and they will file fraudulent police reports of vandalism in order to collect insurance money for items that were never stolen and possible never there. I was sent more than once to file a police report for theft of copper, ac units, water heaters, etc that were never stolen. On one particular house I know for certain that it never had central air. The furnace was not prepped for it, no a-coil, no line sets, no holes or provisions for the line sets yet I was forced to make a police report that it was stolen. I made sure the officer put in the report that to the best of my knowledge no ac unit had ever been present. What did they do? Sent another contractor who was ok with lying, filed a new report and used it to collect the insurance!!!! If it were ever questioned the poor contractor would be liable for filing a false report and possibly insurance fraud. Now that we have opted to no longer utilize them, it is just getting worse. Daily chargeback letters, false accusations, anything they can think of to retain our money. They act as if they are judge, jury, and executioner.  
Entity: Valley View, Ohio
9, Report #1217549
Mar 23 2015
09:33 AM
 The people of Property Preservation sent someone to my home. I am currently in the process of moving so I am not there 24 hrs a day. All my things are packed and the house is full. They broke off my locks and stole items from my home. They then put neq locks on the door. When I called, they said they probably moved the items and I need to look around for them. I spent all weekend moving out and putting all my belongings into storage (I dont want them stealing anymore!) and the items they stole are not there.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1328570
Sep 16 2016
02:23 PM
Safeguard Properties VENDORS BEWARE!! Cleveland Ohio
We were vedors for Safeguard (SG) for a little over 4 years. In that 4 years time, we witnessed changes that adversely affected the vendors to the point of putting us out of business, but favored Safeguard. SG lost 2 huge lawsuits: 1 with Bank of America (BOA), and 1 with HUD. Both costing them MILLIONS of dollars. Once the lawsuits were said and done, the following requirements/changes began to occur. It was because of the following that we finally had to close up shop and find another industry to work in.1. REQUIRING vendors to have commercial vehicle insurance and workman's comp even if the state the vendor resides and works in, doesn't require workman's comp, SG was requiring it. This is ILLEGAL. They can't FORCE a company to purchase insurance if the state the work is being performed in doesn't require it. According to our local laws, unless a vehicle has LOGOS on it, it's not deemed a commercial or company vehicle, yet they were requiring it. Both cost were found to be too costly and hard to manage since SG pays out 30-45 days AFTER work has been completed. (If chargebacks didn't happen).2. Charge Backs for work completed MONTHS in the past were happening. Charge backs for erroneous claims too. One of many incidents that occured was, we were charged $180.00 back for 'debris' left behind. Of course, I challenged the claim and asked for the pictures that they were basing their claim off of. According to their claim, HUD found the debris. HUD vendors have to take pictures just like SG vendors do. So, I asked for the pictures that the HUD vendor took of the debris. SG sent me MY OWN PHOTOS that I took for the grass cut bid!! No debris was left behind, it was grass needing to be cut and properly bid according to SG's guidelines. Another, more recent, charge back, just happened. $800.00 for 'non-performance'. Ironically enough, this charge back happened AFTER we quit and was based on a property that we NEVER went to!!!! The charge backs have increased tremendously, and bids were constantly being cut in huge amounts. It's our belief that these charges are happening due to the loss in the lawsuits and SG is doing anything and everything they can to recoup their losses. 3. Absolutley unattainable Contract to sign. The latest and greatest contract that SG wanted their vendors to sign had several flat out stupid stipulations. One stipulation was, any property that a vendor winterized, that property was the SOLE responsibilty for that vendor. So if another vendor, or realtor, or pissed off home owner, or vandal, decided to enter the property and compromise the winterization, the vendor was responsible for ALL damaage done!! That's beyond unreasonable!! We can't control what happens to a property once we left it. Yet they had all vendors sign that they would accept responsibility. Secondly, vendors had to sign that they, as well as no sub-contractors, could NOT lein a property for non payment. Impossible to sign if you NEED subs to complete a job because that's a legal right subs have if they don't get paid! Also ridiculous to request a vendor sign that if the vendor hasn't been paid for jobs completed. 4. Bids were being cut to 40% BELOW industry standards. SG's expectations were beyond stupid. We started to LOOSE more money than we were making due to the cut bids, charge backs and waiting on payments.If you are a vendor currently,...CYA!! If you are thinking about becoming a vendor for SG, steer clear. There are better companies out there
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
11, Report #799790
Nov 19 2011
08:39 AM
Safeguard Properties Safeguard Properties Treats Vendors Unfairly Valley View, Ohio
Safeguard Properties recently withdrew the contract from the number one vendor here in Colorado because a broker filed complaints with Fannie Mae. Several brokers had requested Consolidated Services to perform work on their properties because the jobs were done professionally. Safeguard Properties chose to send other vendors to these properties where the work was not done to standards. When several brokers complained to Fannie Mae, Safeguard Properties decided to cancel the contract of this vendor rather than accept responsibility. Fannie Mae is one of Safeguards biggest contracts. I would encourage all brokers in the Denver metro area to file complaints against Safeguard Properties to Fannie Mae and let them know that Consolidated Services have provided quality winterizations to their properties as well as all other services, but because complaints were filed, Safeguard chose to eliminate this vendor. Demand that Consolidated Services get their contract back again, or that Fannie Mae should eliminate Safeguards contract with them.
Entity: Valley View, Ohio
12, Report #1025955
Mar 09 2013
05:50 AM
Safeguard Properties Safeguard Properties is a national scam Valley City, Ohio
Safeguard Propeties is well known across the country for ripping off people. Safeguard Properties is working in connection with other scam artist in my area - Cleveland, OH- and will be given - as in FREE - 50 properties from our county's landbank.  And the corrupt county land bank will consider giving Safeguard Properties hundreds more properties. Safeguard intends to use their own 'national contractors' to reduce the cost of rehabbing the homes.  The cost will be lower considering Safeguard Properties does NOT pay their contractors. I need help in exposing the thieves.   Please read the following link and comment to expose them. HELP is needed immediately.
Entity: Valley City, Ohio
13, Report #1228002
May 09 2015
02:42 PM
Safeguard Properties Safeguard Properties non-responsive to requests for foreclosed property maintenance. Internet
For the past Six months, I've tried to contact Safeguard Properties about a Bank of America / Countrywide Mortgage Property in Foreclosure, to get them to show up and repair the yard and trees and other maintenance.I've been told off by their phone reps, and now find their online form on their website does not submit.There is no way to get them to do the work they contracted with Bank of America to do.I am at the point of wanting to sue Bank of America as all kinds of weird vines and weird weeds are spreading from their property onto mine. Rats and Bugs infest the property, and there hasn't been a maintenance at that location in a year.  They are continuing to cause financial damage to my yard and home.I've written to them. I'm about ready to file complaints with the town.I've spoken with others who say the same thing: its a SHAM.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1368752
Apr 20 2017
02:10 PM
Safeguard properties Michael Greenbaum Safeguard properties the ugly truth Cleveland Ohio Nationwide
We are a former long time client of Safeguard Properties who has watched a steady decline in safeguards ethics and fraud. The corruption is complicated and deep so read carefully Mr Greenbaum at the helm has forstered a climate of corruption both inside the company and by its sub contractors in the field the following policy's detail the way it goes down at safeguard 1- safeguard isolates the billing dept off site (there old building ) This makes for a hard break between clients ,contractors and operations employees. They give the billing dept no phone or email capability this is so there is no way to track the fraud i.e. ,, overcharging clients , under paying contractors etc,,, 2 - a thorough top down audit showed that safeguard rotuinely overcharged its clients while under paying it sub contractors. This was done in many ways like ,but not limited to giving clients inflated bids and then paying out only a fraction to sub contractors, hiring poor sub contractors at deflated rates who commit fraud on jobs and simply not paying contractors and billing clients the full bid amounts , 3- safeguard has cut contractors line item billable items to below what it actually cost to complete the said task this has led to legit contractors fleeing while ushering in fraudulent sub contractors Some things we see as common issues Debris clients pay safeguard to remove being rotuinely left behid on jobs , not small amounts of debris tires paint trash thousands of yards of debris clients are billed for this in full while it is not removed. This is a direct result of Mike Greenbaum's poilcys he has cut pricing below what it cost to actually remove debris this is a widespread issue 4 - improper work being done that leads to more damages New roofs with out leaks being tarped over so safeguard can bill for a tarp. Debris being buried or tossed in the woods in properties Inproper winterzations leading to freeze damage Improperly boarded windows Horrible cleaning and lawn care This is not an isolated problem however it's more of an issue in the north east where garbage disposal cost and labor cost are higher Safeguards lawn/snow dept Mr Greenbaum has directed his staff to play how low will you go in regards to grass cuts,, this has resulted in the pay per cut going so low that the work is not actually being done just pictures looking like the work is being preformed this is nationwide Mike Greenbaum has zero regard for clients, employees or subcontractors his poilcys have led to an environment that actually puts clients in a worse shape then before safeguard got the property Furthermore our Audits have shown that Safeguard repeatedly just did not pay contractors for work preformed when pointed out it was written off as a clerical error ,,, however most sub contractors do not reconcile there weekly checks with what safeguard actually pays any sub who does will see the fraud ,,, this is no clerical error,,, Clients pay for all of the above at full price safeguard under Mike Greenbaum 's leadership has ruined a once good company and left a ton of damage on its wake He needs to go Safeguard needs to be investigated This is just a small sample of how deep the issue is at Safeguard , I have never seen such a fraudulent operation
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #642402
Sep 20 2010
08:57 AM
safeguard properties Safeguard stealing values in foreclosed homes. ypsilanti, Michigan
I am letting everyone know that safeguards are stealing values from foreclosed homes. I was a victim on April 17, 2010. I had a mortgage loan through Citifinancial Mortgage Company, and they gave me a time frame to evacuate my house. I had to evacuate my house by April 19, 2010. When I came home on April 17th everything was gone from my house (kitchen appliances, washer and dryer and etc.) They came through the front door of the house and change the lock on the door. My husband call the police and an officer came to the house. The officer said no robbery is not going to have time to put a different lock on the door. He said, this sound like an civil action. We have taking Citifinancial back to court, of course they denied  the actions that has taking place. We tried getting in contact with safeguards but of course they are many locations. Something needs to be done about safeguard stealing values. People have lost their homes and then to know that your values have been stoling. This is a terrible feeling to lose your home and also everything that was in it. Can we get some help here? Imagine yourself, losing everything you worked hard for. Now you have to work even harder to get it back. I just need someone to hear us out and to understand this sad situation. Can we get some justice? This will stop them for stealing people values. Thank you for hearing my case and hopefully we can put a stop to this.                                      
Entity: ypsilanti, Michigan
16, Report #1148627
May 21 2014
02:46 PM
Safeguard Properties Company does fulfill their mission to protect vacant properties in Detroit Michigan
Safeguard Properties is managing preservation services for a particular property at the corner of Dexter & Taylor in Detroit, MI. Despite multiple calls by myself and my neighbors when looters break into the house, they have not returned since clearing out the property and locking it up the first time in the late fall of 2013. Today I called while a looting was in progress and was told they already had two open tickets on the house, but that they had 48 hours to follow up. When I told the operator that I had never seen a Safeguard representative show up to re-secure the property, she said they had photos of a lockbox on the house. There is a lockbox, but the looters broke the doorjamb so the box is useless (this was done over the winter, so several months ago). When I told her *that*, she completely blew me off. I know that a lot of looting goes on in Detroit, but if Safeguard just writes off the properties they're hired to protect it just exacerbates the problem. I've already called Bank of America (the owner) to report this but feel this Ripoff Report is justified because of the demonstrated lack of follow-up by Safeguard.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #407341
Jan 02 2009
05:32 PM
Safeguard Properties CONTRACTOR OUT OF THOUSANDS!! Brooklyn Heights Ohio
I am in the same situation as far as being jerked around by Safeguard. They owe me lots of money and are not paying. My regional coordinator actually called me today and tried to get me to refer contractors in my area to work for them. I told them no!! How could I refer my fellow contractors work for them when they owe me money. The nerve!! Safeguard Properties is truly a horrable company to do business with. I was considering small claims court, but this is starting to look more like a class action situation. These crooks need to learn to play nice. Micontractor Traverse City, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn Heights, Ohio
18, Report #607400
May 26 2010
08:21 AM
Safeguard Properties stealing and payoffs are what keeps them going Internet
wow, when you think you've heard it all about this company, i've got the topper.         i worked for a vendor who is employed by safeguard for about a year.  i recently quit when i had enough. make a long story short, the vendor i worked for as a sub contractor had her employees stealing everything that they could get their hands on from these properties, everything from sump pumps, lock boxes, dehumidifiers, and anything else that they could bid to install in new properties. at one point in time there was a a job that payed 12,000 to repaint, new carpet, and install new appliances. the appliances came from a home in the same sub division that the owner said to take because her area manager (who is also her business partner from safeguard) told her to do it.  after a while, a few of us got tired of the bs and decided to quit. well the threats started immediately from the vendor.   my son who was also a partner with this company quit.   in some of his saved emails he had very clear messages from both the vendor and the 2 safeguard officials of how it is a perfect set up, the head of all repair claims on the construction side would make sure the vendor would get the bids, then she would split it with the other safeguard employee (her partner) my son decided to let safeguard know about this little scam even providing them with the emails, which clearly state who they are from, who they went to, and they exact words that were written. ( he forwarded the actual messages )  one of the office girls that still work for this vendor is preparing to quit, she informed us that safeguard officials came to the office and told the vendor to get an attorney and go after the group that quit, she was told by safeguard to say we where disgruntled employees who were fired and we are looking for 'payback' i don't understand how an issue as serious as this is being covered up by everyone. would'nt fannie mae be furious to know that all the money that is paid to safeguard is backing cover ups and insider money making scams. if this is going on with safeguard and this vendor, how many area qc field reps are on the take from their local vendors?  is that how you are protected in this game by paying off everyone?  I thought you go to prison for this kind of stuff in america.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #621380
Jul 08 2010
07:43 AM
Safeguard Properties Incorporated Safeguard's Bank / REO Clients Should Know The Truth! Internet
I fully agree that a class action law suit should be filed against Safeguard Properties, Inc. As a recent vendor who just told them to remove me from their vendor's list, I'm still very surprised that they continue to get away with this. Yes, my company experienced the exact same cheated results that all others have expressed except of course Mr. field Service himself who needs a serious class or two in spelling. Their process is never explained at the onset of services. Lawn maintenance becomes a full time job from Photographer (they have no other way to get photos so you are the field Photographer) to inspector of property ( windows broken, debri, roof)????? For $30.00 a cut do you really have a profit much less they choose to send you checks for zero with no explanation or reference of why a charge back was issued. Yes.... I've seen it all! The best was that your employess could not take a holiday off unless they approved it just in case they needed an emergency cut? I am no longer doing work for them and will have quite a time collecting the balance owed. Funny how Mr. Klein the CEO stays under the radar or do you think he even cares. In the meantime, I may never recover the payments due since the other thing they do is shut you off of vendor Web so you can't bill and then tell you they were cancelled without notice and then never respond since all they do is find another one just like you to pick up where they finished screwing your company. I am personally writing letters to the clients they represent and perhaps even sending them a bill directly for services not paid by Safeguard. If anyone files suit let me know I'd be glad to attest to their horrific business practices. Before anyone else loses hard earned money. By the way... do the math... lets say 1000 vendors (low) multiplied by an average of $200.00 per month of no pays Equals $200,000.00 / month and that's on the low end because rest assured they are doing it at a much higher level and getting paid for all of our work. Good Luck to all.......
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #777945
Sep 17 2011
11:58 AM
This is the worse company I have ever had to relate to.  They make up the rules as it suits them.  They steal the little money they pay us contractors.  They said you can dispute a charge back.  Sure you can however it is NEVER in the favor of the contractor.  They make up memos that don't exist about rules of, of course stealing more money from us., when I have asked for the memos no one gets back to me.  Unfortunately, I have to work with these people because of the economy, but I'm about to go under.  I cannot keep up all the insurances they require, they keep taking $ of my invoices for EVERYTHING and then when I dispute it and have proof that I have provided them with the correct pictures they tell youthe pictures are non existant althoug I'm looking at them.  They want perfect work for the peanuts they pay.  I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO fed up with them.  I don't understand how they can get away with this.  I have had so many charge backs one of them was for a twig!!!! Whenever I ask a question, No one knows anything.  When I have sent e-mails asking to speak to the person or persons in charge of the chargebacks, I get ignored.  They have so much turnovers that its difficult to keep up.  When a company has that much turnover is not a good sign. I wish everyone would quit in Florida and sent this unethical, ruthless company to where it belongs, in RUINS!!!!  I hope its true that what goes around COME around. Hopefully Safeguard will get what it DESERVES.!
Entity: Internet, Ohio
21, Report #745885
Jun 27 2011
12:00 PM
Safeguard properties, llc Stealling from the contractor Valley View, Ohio
After working for Safeguard for 6 weeks it became very apparent that I could not make money. They kept sending us back to do little things like remove a toilet paper roll. Our area was huge so every time we went back I lost money. Think Motel 6 prices and Ritz Carlton quality. That's what Safeguard wants and it doesn't really work unless you want to do the work yourself and make minimum wage(if you are lucky) After I told them I would not work for them anymore they withheld about $4000 from me for over 60 days while they tried to figure out how to steal it from me. Matthew Walsh is the brains behind the attempt which was successful. He net Safeguard about $1000. I'm sure his bosses are very proud of the way he taught the mean contractor a lesson! If you are thinking of working for Safeguard make sure you know your numbers. They require a lot of overhead to get started. If I was smarter, I would have never fallen into their trap.
Entity: Valley View, Ohio
22, Report #890351
May 30 2012
06:53 AM
Safeguard properties Most unorganized company EVER. Cant match payment with work completed Internet
I started workiong for Safegaurd Properties and was told I would have 168 properties to do Bi-weekly. I took on the work and worked 12 hour days for weeks to make sure I was on top of it. You have to upload pictures to vendor web to get paid. Vendor web does not work correctly. I had to waste endless hours on the phone with their iT dept to try and correct problems on their end. I was told by their IT vendor web is not compatible with Internet explorer. I asked if I could use a different browser, but was told it is not compatible with any. I asked if the problems getting them the pictures would affect my payments, as they threaten charge backs if work is not done on time. I was told no, but after 3 weeks of this, I quit, because I dont have 4 hours every night to walk their IT dept through their problems. I was told repeatedly to contact my regional with problems, but they wont put me through to her. EVER! I always get some idiot who doesnt have any answers. They like to give you the run around, and then act offended when you get disgusted. I finally got my first check, though it was not for all of the properties, only a few. The check and stub have no reference as to what they are for. I was sent an email referencing what the check is for, but the email only has order numbers, no addresses. Well, I needed to know which properties the check was for, so I checked my list of work done, which has order numbers, against the email I recieved. Not 1 of the order numbers match, so I cannot even deposit the check yet. I called their accounting department and spoke with Debbie Gbow, who said she did not know why they didnt match, and asked me to send my list as an attachment so she could look into it. I emailed it while she was holding, expecting it to be addressed, She confirmed she got the email, and said she would look into it later and get back to me. She never did. Let me change that.... None of them EVER call back. They also tell you to fool vcendor web to try and put through orders. I was instructed by my Regional, Jennifer Omalley to lie in several spots, as to conditions of the property, just to get my orders through vendor web. This does not seem to be any way to run a business, and I am surprised they have managed to stay open this long. All I can say is- STAY AWAY FROM SAFEGAURD. You will NOT be safe dealing with this company as a vendor, or customer. Feel free to contact me regarding this if you'd like. Safegaurd doesnt care enough to even return phone calls.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #965648
Nov 06 2012
04:54 PM
Safeguard Properties Their contractors stole my property inside and outside my home! Valley View, Ohio
My mortgage company hired Safeguard Properties to come out and maintain my vacant property. I've moved and the property was listed with my realtor. This past May, two separate neighbors witnessed their contractors go in and out of my house loading my property in their van. They also took items from my garage. My neighbor immediately called my realtor who then called me. The police were called, I filed a police report, I've constantly followed up with them and they have done nothing but give me the run around. They never call you to let you know what's going on. I, because I called, found out the rep that had my case never called the witnesses and he no longer works there. Being persistent I finally talked to a supervisor, lynda, and she basically told told they have too many cases to follow up on. She offered me $400 to basically go away and I declined. I told her wanted to make sure that these guys are held accountable. She did call my realtor but disregarded her account of the events. They stole almost $2000 worth of property but her response was that they signed a sworn affidavit that they didn't take anything?!!!! So confused by their lack of investigation and only going by the thieves words and not my neighbors that witnessed it. So I offered to take time out and do the leg work by going to neighbors and getting their numbers. I gave her that info. I called today and Lynda, who didn't talk to me, sent me a message through another rep stating that my case is still closed. I'm so tired of trying to take the proper measures to get justice. After speaking with Charleen today to get an address to send the small claims info to she rudely said, go on the website and find it yourself. I'm not going to help you locate an agent she quickly said goodbye and hung up. People need to know about the practices here at this company, their disregard to whom they serve and their inadequate investigation practices. It's been months now and I shouldn't have to follow up and do their job! I just want the truth to come out and make sure it doesn't happen again.
Entity: Valley View, Ohio
24, Report #1039707
Apr 01 2013
10:31 AM
Safeguard Properties Scammers trying to steal my home. Valley View, Ohio
So I buy a property at auction in Florida and take title from the courts, do all my repairs and get the house ready for my tenant to move. I spent the considerable amount of money to renovate the property and it was looking good! I had a lockbox at the door and the day of move in I met the tenant at the property only to find that the lock and my lockbox was changed. A note was left at the front door stating this property is under the control of Safeguard Properties any questions call 216-447-8211. I called and said what the heck are you people doing, breaking into my house, changing the locks and stealing my lockbox? They had nothing to say except we will have someone call you for access. I waited hours for someone to call and 2 days later I called a locksmith and the cops to file a report. I do not know what these people are up to but BE AWARE!  They are trying to steal properties and possibly rent them without your knowledge. Any more incidents like this please report to I am preparing a report for the Florida State Attorney to investigate this company.
Entity: Valley View, Ohio
25, Report #1042440
Apr 11 2013
10:00 AM
Safeguard Properties Steals neighbor's belongings while securing a foreclosure next door. Valley View, Ohio
Safeguard Properties was hired to strip out Mike Moors neighbors rural property, mistakenly took thousands of dollars of his things instead. Included were: a backhoe, a boat and perhaps most important, family heirlooms. Now Mike Moors wants it all back, but the property recovery company that took his property wont tell him where it ended up. Theres stuff thats in those trailers thats worth a lot more than gold to me, Moors said. Moors is lamenting the loss of family photographs, a 100 year-old wood chest filled with his wifes childhood memories, even his wife's wedding dress. All that is left now of two storage trailers, are cinder blocks in the dirt. Moors, 53, and his wife have been planning to retire on the 10-acre spot, with a view of Coupland, Texas to the west. He hadnt been here in months, but a visit in late January revealed someone had broken into his barn. They just tore the place up, and they tore that timber in the barn out to get the backhoe out, he said, adding a boat was also missing. The motor, and trailer without wheels, were left behind. When Moors complained to Safeguard in February about the mix-up, they would only tell him they were looking into it. He is now working with a lawyer. For Moors, the loss is most painful when he recalls the contents of one trailer, where he said there were irreplaceable items. My wifes wedding dress was in there. You cant get those anywhere, he said. Every woman wants to give that wedding dress to her daughter. She wont be able to do that anymore. Safeguard Properties spokesperson Diane Fusco told KXAN they admit a mistake in this case. We want to be fair with him, she said. We are working with Moors to come up with a settlement as quickly as possible. Fusco said it's policy to not release any photos taken on the site or the name of the local contractor who did the work. She also said since several months have passed, Mr. Moors' property is likely disposed of.
Entity: Valley View, Ohio

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