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1, Report #1321874
Aug 11 2016
06:05 AM Conner, Jeremy. Dealing with Frankfort Illinois
 I Ordered a Trike Kit on Oct 15, 2014. I wish I would have found this report before then. While reading this report I felt like I was dealing with Connor. I went through the same thing about the credit card. I went with the check like he advised. I told him I needed 24 hours to get the check covered as there was not enough founds in the account. I was given 24 hours. Come to find out they submitted my check to the bank immediately. I was not aware of this. I was unable to transfer funds as the Credit Card Company will not transfer to an account that is not theirs. I called Connor back and told him of my situation and that I would have to cancel my order. This is when he said FRAUD. I said what? He said if I do that he will turn in fraud charges against me. I told him there was nothing fraudulent about it. Connor explained it this way. I had ordered an item knowing I did not have sufficient funds. I guess I should have listened to myself in the beginning that if it sounds to good to be true then don't buy it. I finally was able to get the fiances taken care off. The kit is supposed to arrive in 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Now I am really apprehensive about what I will be getting or not getting. I payed a total of $1900.00. I am supposed to get the light kit for it free. The kits are supposed to be American made. I have to agree with the original report. These people are rally hard to deal with. I would have to say it is nearly strong arm tactics. This will be my first and last purchase. This is my first report I filed with Ripoff.  I had subsequent reports with photos and they have disappeared.  You say you never get rid of any reports so where are mine?
Entity: Frankfort, Illinois
2, Report #902849
Jun 25 2012
11:13 PM Non existant Customer Service Internet
On 11/5/11 I purchased a 700 watt Megashark wind turbine for $799.00 + shipping.  After installing the wind turbine, the first wind event 35 MPH the bridge rectifier included burned out. After numerous calls to customer service, no results,  I finally purchased a rectifier myself, $19.00.  Installed it, next wind event the entire wind turbine burned out. I contacted and was instructed to take pictures and attach complete description of what happened this took a lot of work Many e-mails later, no help. Just a bunch of lip service. I've Been Ripped Off
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #928153
Aug 16 2012
11:11 AM Greater sports inc SCAM! - joliet, Illinois
 Saferwholesale Is the worst company ever. I have inside proof . When making a sale the sales associates will say they are giving you a deal within this call only however they will give you a deal either way , But they will jack up the shipping price on you . your item will come broken or damaged in some way the only way to handle getting your money back is if you go to your bank. the whole customer service is outside of the call center and is by email only is bull they are right in the office and just don't wanna deal with your problems. they always will tell you your item will be delivered between 10-15 Business days in some cases this is true in others it is not . meaning they did not pay the vendor and your item has never shipped out , or your item is backordered and will not tell you.   The staff are rude beyond belief always talking badly about the customers that call in or just are rude to other staff.  all in all this really is not the company to work for or buy from . like the saying you get what you pay for . save a little extra time and money and buy from somewhere else. If your looking for a job with this company you better be taking alot of medicine to deal with them they will treat you like garbage.  with NO PAID OVERTIME OR HOLIDAYS even when you work them .  Thank you for reading. 
Entity: joliet, Illinois
4, Report #1147273
May 21 2014
05:26 AM Total Rip Off! Joliet, IL Internet
Here's the timeline for the 150 cc trike scooter I ordered from 7th: order trike and am told that if I use a direct debit from my checking account, they will not charge shipping fee. I authorize a direct debit for $1789.95 (yeah I know you are shaking your head no, no, no as I would be if I read this posted by someone else) This trike is for my  cousin who gave me the cash money to cover the cost of the debit from my account.April 22nd: I have not heard a word about my order, so I call and am assured that it will ship soon.April 23rd: I get an email saying the trike is out of stock. No idea when it will be avaiilable..could be months. For $250 more they will immediately ship a better trike (they are giving me SUCH a deal). I refuse and tell them I want a full refund to which they reply that there are no refunds  and that the best they will do is give me a store credit. Exactly what good is a store credit going to do me? They finally come down to $175 additional for the other trike. They really have me over a barrel at this point. I need the trike and they have my money. I do however refuse to use a direct debit, so they agree to take a credit card for the additional money which I can dispute with my CC company if they fail to fulfill their end of the bargain. They assure me that the trike is in stock in Georgia and I will have it in my hands in 5 to 6 days.April 30th: No news so I call and they tell me to call back on Monday and they will have my tracking number.May 2nd (Monday): No word from them so I call and they say there is a problem. The item isn't in stock in Georgia afterall, it is in California. It's going to take them a week or so to get it straightened out so call back on the following Friday. I ask why I was guaranteed it was in stock in Georgia and they refuse to give me an answer.May 9th (Friday): Call and they say they are working on it. I go off on them and am promised that they will have updated tracking information for me on Monday. To please give them time. Tell me to call back on Monday.May 12th:(Monday) I call and they are still working on it. I demand a refund yet again and am told again...sorry no refunds. can only give you a store credit. They swear that they will have the tracking info by Friday. Please give them till them to get it straight as they are working SO hard to get this right for me.May 16th:(today) I call and am told to wait for a manager. Manager comes on and says that because the item is in California, and not Georgia, that the shipping cost is much more and they want $200 MORE MONEY. I tell them that they are not getting one more penny from me (first smart thing I've done thru this whole process) and that my lawyer will be in contact with them. They say that they will after all give me a full refund but it will take 4 to 6 weeks to process I tell them it took them 8 hours to take the money out of my bank account when I originally placed the order and and that I need this money to go buy another trike now, not in 6 weeks. They tell me that's not possible and when I get irate and tell them that my lawyer will contact them, they say fine, he'll be more reasonable then you are right now and hang up on me.So that is the whole sordid story. I am now disputing all charges with my bank and my credit card company.Please spread to word to AVOID THESE RIP OFF ARTISTS AT ALL COST. They wil lie to your face and tell you anything to get your money. I feel so bad about this (for my cousin who gave me the money to buy the trike for her) I used my credit card today to order another trike from another company so that we can get one soon and will just apply the refund (whenever the hell I get it) to pay off the credit card
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1203651
Jan 22 2015
06:04 PM Saferwholesale Ripoff Joliet Illinois
 On 5/6/2014, my wife ordered a RCI-22, 22 Foot Fully Loaded Pontoon boat, as a gift for my 20 year retirement from the United States Marine Corps. It was a great deal! She was very excited! With a delivery date of 8 weeks, we would be able to take the boat and family out... on a couple of trips before the cold started rolling in. However, 7/21/2014 we found out through our sales rep that the design we wanted would not be available for another 8 weeks or so and offered us a Newer model. We expressed our concerns about the newer pontoon being a RCI-21, (turns out to be a 21 Foot Boat), not fully loaded and were assured via email that it was the Same boat just with a different configuration. The included features are: Bimini Top, Navigation Lights, Captain Chair with Flip-Up Arm Rests. Optional features include: Power Stereo w/ Speakers for 499.99. Your total refund for the difference of the boat will be $1963.00. My wife chose the Stereo so expected refund would be $1463.01 (still have not received this) (and no, there is no record with our bank NFCU that shows any deposit attempt). Now the date is 10/20/2014, after hearing NOTHING from the company, we wrote another email expressing our anger at not only the lack of communication (regardless of what they wish you to think), but also the infinite extensions that were obviously taking place. We filed with the BBB and FTC and advised the company that we wanted our money returned and did not care to receive the boat that we had been waiting on since May 2014. By the way do not bother with the BBB ... the company never returned any attempts at communication by the BBB which translates to a lower rating submission and nothing that really helps you as the customer. Then comes the email response stating that, Unfortunately, as a wholesale company we do not allow returns or cancellations. and Once a deal has been brokered it is final. hmmm... **Please be careful if you still choose to shop at this site and read everything before agreeing to anything!** Now lets roll to a call made Jan 2015 with a gentlemen at sales that states, If we (my wife and I) were not so wishy, washy about the sale, we would have the boat already. (you know who you are) .... interesting ... I was under the impression that Once a deal has been brokered it is final. Not only that, so how many changes have to be made and exactly how long is TOO long to be waiting for a $16,000.00 product before a customer is allowed to get frustrated TO THE POINT of not even having the taste for the product that he/she was so excited about half a year earlier? Fast forward now to 1/19/2015 and we receive the boat. It did NOT include: 1. Battery 2. Gauges 3. Jack for trailer 4. the extra foot of boat that we were informed we were getting. It did have: 1. Stereo 2. Detached outboard motor And we have still received $0.00 of that refund. Again, we have no control over where you wish to shop. All we can do is share our experiences (good or bad). Unfortunately, nothing but bad here. Good thing we have folks out there that fight over seas to ensure the freedom of treating others like dirt is always a choice. Your move Customer Service! Hear from you in say ... 8 weeks? less
Entity: Joliet , Illinois
6, Report #1189005
Nov 14 2014
08:05 PM
Entity: Internet
7, Report #751510
Jul 11 2011
02:23 PM Great Sports Inc. Misleading advertisment ,Shipping & Photography, Internet
- Experience Timeline - Take a deep breath so youll have the attention span to read this. Late at night, Wednesday, July 6th, I discovered Sports Inc by searching for an inflatable product. [I spent my whole day searching for a good deal on this particular item. This item is scarce. If you continue below, youll realize why I now recommend spending at least 12 solid consistent hours on researching a company regardless of how good the deal is. Ignore the time pressure.] The inflatable product photographed on their website matched the color and appeared to be made of the material I needed for my business. [However, they are using a photo of a superior quality item with a popular design to advertise for the chemical reeking, poorer quality, differently designed inflatable I received hours ago. The smell is making my wife and I sick to our stomachs. Unfortunately, we have no other place to store itOur property management does now allow us to store items outside.] I would have liked to do further research but Sports Inc was advertising an after July 4th sale. I felt pressure to buy it that night due to the lower than expected price. I spent roughly 2 hours researching consumer complaints but they were all related to motor vehicle issues. I concluded that motor vehicle shipments were a more complicated process and that issues would not likely occur with my inflatable order. [However, we received a chemical reeking poorer quality, differently designed inflatable via UPS hours ago. The smell is making my wife and I sick. Also, the sale resets itself everyday. The price and the reason for the low price has not changed for the last 5 days. I should have waited] So after research, I noticed the description of the photographed product says it is made out of 420D Oxford Cloth and PVC .40m. [However, I still used the photograph as a reference. After receiving the product hours ago I now realize the product in the photograph is obviously made of a different material and radically different than the one I received. I believe this is false advertisement because the photo and description of the material contradict each other.] Lastly, when ordering, customers have two shipping options: Express or regular shipping. Express is $49.99 and regular is stated to be free. [However, after completing my order, Matthew (sales rep.) called to confirm my order and used a brand new explanation on how shipping would cost $165.00 due to their drop shipping process via Los Angeles. It felt like a bait and switch because the website says FREE DELIVERY. It was late so I crossed my fingers and just hoped that it would look exactly like the advertised photo their using to sale this product. It was not what was advertised and I called customer service and they told me to take photos of what I received and send it to them.] -Conclusion- Their delivery is very fast; however, I did not get the right product. So if you are reading this and thinking about buying from them, you are very likely to get your item within quickly (5-days) but it wont be exactly like their advertising. Based on my experience; Sports Inc. is skimping on quality service and is focused on volume. My guess is that they have an office culture whereas managers demonize customers for lacking common sense and condition their new employees to not care about consumer concerns. Their terms and conditions probably make senior management feel invincible.a sad state of affairs. I am now in the process of doing what I can to get my money back (roughly $1,200). I will update this post with positive or negative news.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #827714
Jan 24 2012
10:33 AM Great Sports No refunds. Rude customer service. Illinois, Internet
Middle of Dec.2011. I was thinking of ordering a massage chair for my dad. I fill up the order and register an account from When i didnt go through with my Order. Somebody called from saferwholesale why i didnt go through with my order. I told them i am not decided yet but he was very persistent on me buying the massage chair. I was surprise, they quickly call me to place an order.12.24.12 I decided to order the massage chair. After a few days they called me up saying that the price went up bec of the shipping (around $200-$400 more). I told them to cancel my order but they said they will give a discount ($100 off) so i can go through my order. After minutes of talking on the phone, they convinced me to go through with it (they are very persistent group) (Biggest mistake). I emailed them right away to to send me a receipt but i never got one. I just saw my online credit card that it was charge to me. I emailed them when will i expect the chair and they told me 10-15business days. Since dec.24, 2011 until now (Jan.24, 2012), i have never received the chair. I decided to call & cancel it since my dad who i was giving the chair will be moving out of the country and my order is delayed for at least 2 weeks. We talked for 10-15min that i want to cancel my order and him not listening to what i want (like he was not hearing that the person ill be giving this chair will not be availabke anymore). Finally, after 10-15,im, He said NO REFUNDS PER OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS and if there is a refund there will be a 30% RESTOCKING FEES. I explained it to them that i never even received the chair yet but the CSR just said he will email me a cancelation lettter but there is a 30% restocking fee.After talking to them, I called my credit card company to dispute the charges. My credit card company even call them up with me on the other line but saferwholesale keep transfering her over to different CSR and one CSR even tell my credit card company that we have the wrong order # (I just called them and give my order # earlier and found my order). so she just went ahead and file the dispute for me. Hopefully, it will be resolve. I will put an update what happens to my dispute.Be careful to saferwholesale or Great Sports company whichever is there company name. I have read all the dispute here ( and i have felt that i needed to do my part for people to become aware. I have read worse. Good thing, i used my credit card on ordering.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois, Internet
9, Report #874561
Apr 26 2012
10:17 PM great sports inc scooter company joliet illinois Joliet , Iowa
Order a scooter on line. within a minute, got a call from Mike. He called to say the price did not include shipping.  I cancelled the order after hearing this.  Mike called back offer to throw in a face book coupon to try and lower the price.  I declined.  He called back again and left a voicemail saying they could give a lower price if I agreed to pay by check that day.  I never returned the call and bough a scooter from a local dealer.  Weeks later I get a voicemail saying a scooter was waiting locally to be delivered. I checked my credit card account and they had charged me for the transaction I cancelled.  I called them and spoke to Tim.  Tim acknowledged they messed up and processed the order despite my cancelling. He asked me to consider taking delivery of the scooter at a reduced price and an extended warranty because they would have to incur return shipping charges to correct their mistake.  So much time had passed I had no idea what model they sent so he said he would send me a photo to review with my fiance to allow us to make a decision.  Upon receiving the photo I inquired about the specs and received no response.  I then texted Tim and told him I received no response.  This made me skeptical and i did some research on the internet and saw all the complaints against the company.  I then emailed tim to ask about the negative press and ask what his bottom line figure was to accept delivery as i was not willing to pay the price he suggested.  Got no reply so sent another message asking for a refund.  Next, I get a title in the mail which causes me to check credit card. I see no refund has been issued.  I call Tim and he says he ordered a credit minus $300 because now he wants me to pay the shipping fraudulently claiming I agreed to.  NO WAY. They made the mistake, acknowledged it, then when I wouldn't accept delivery, apparently decided to put that on me.  STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. If they don't refund money there will be litigation.  If you want to sue them too, contact me, strenght in numbers. By the way, the title they sent for the scooter indicates the horse power is a lot less than the specs Tim said they were, more fraud.
Entity: Joliet, Iowa
10, Report #983580
Dec 17 2012
09:35 PM SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE Joliet, Illinois
 I ordered an electric guitar on the 30th of Nov. for a gift. I get an email thanking me for my purchase. So I think all is well now all I have to is wait for the tracking number.  1 week goes by, no tracking number. I call them, they assure me all is well and my number should be in my inbox within a few days. Another week goes by no tracking number and now I have an inbox full of adds. I call them once again. Craig assures me my number is coming and my order should be right behind it. Finally on Friday the 14th theres a letter  in my inbox, Im thinking cool my tracking number is here. I open it up only to be told they were out of stock and my money shall be returned to my account.    I am LIVID! I fire off an email letting them know how I feel. It goes as follows: ARE U KIDDING ME?!   I found your company over the internet and I took a chance that you would be a reputable company. The item I ordered was in stock when I ordered it on the 30th of Nov, 2 weeks later Im getting this letter from you? This is unacceptable and I will never do business with this company again and I will tell my family and friends of this. TheFlying V guitar I ordered was a Christmas gift and now not only do I have to wait for you to reimburse me I have to try and rush to find this item. You have terrible business practices! Have a Merry Christmas!      Jan This is what I get back:  tim@saferw? I have no problem giving it straight. If you want to try and me feel bad by telling me you ruined your families Christmas by refunding you on a cheap Chinese made guitar all I can say is GET REAL  Are you kidding me? The man can't even type a proper sentence!   Why are these people still in business? This needs to be stop and someone needs to HAVE it stopped.  I am a widow on S.S. I bought what I could afford to buy. This company and these people have truly ruined my holidays.  Well here it is the 17th of Dec. I have yet to be reimbursed and no extra money to replace a gift. Merry Christmas.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
11, Report #1165130
Jul 26 2014
07:59 AM SaferWholesale NOT A RIP OFF, YA RITE! Internet
its not just ONE costomer complaint ! Read them ALL ! I called there Costomer Service,  they tell you anything you want to hear.  However ask the wrong question and They hang-up !   Please, Read the FINE PRINT FIRST ! ! !
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1177410
Sep 17 2014
11:45 AM Great sports inc Beware saferwholesale is a scam. Internet
Beware of I ordered patio furniture on May 14th, 2014 and was told it would ship in 10-14 days  But have never received A thing!! I call but only get the run around. Sales people are rude and clueless. They refuse to give  Any information on when the furniture might come, or any proof that it was ordered. They do not hold themselves  Accountable for your order and only seem interested in taking your money! It is now sept 17th and nothing! The BBB Has tried contacting them but they don't respond. Do not give this company your money!! They are a complete rip off And the employees are liers.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1039758
Apr 01 2013
First off thank you to Rip off Report for giving us a place to post things like this!!! SAFERWHOLESALE.COM??? they should change thier name because its not safe to buy from them! i bought a brand new x-19 pocket bike which they claim is a t-t knock off. i was told parts are aval if anything ever happens. my son laid the bike over which broke a tail light! i called to order the tail light i will pay for it ... not asking for it to be covered under warrantie. i was told my name is not in the system so they will not sell me the parts to fix the turn signal???? the guy was very rude over the phone! when i pointed out that i was told at the time of the sale that parts are aval for these if i should ever need them he told me to go pound salt!!!! an argument insued. they hung up on me! i called back 8 times over 3 days and they have the parts so they say but will not sell them to me! i was in the process of ordering another bike for my other son but canceled it! i will not buy anything else off them every again! i could not recomend anyone to buy off them! its buy at your own risk! BTW the bike they sold me for over $2000.00 was listed for sale for under $1000.00 on other web sites! x-19 super pocket bike! look it up!!!
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #993923
Jan 09 2013
10:29 AM Great Sports, Inc Lies in their adds - wrong product! Internet
I am in the market for a scooter.  There were tons of advertisements lurking around for pretty good prices on some models I was interested in.  The Sicily 50cc was one particular model, and a link led me to  The price was great, but the pictures were of the Taotao scooter - not the Sicily.  I clicked to chat, and the sales associate did tell me honestly that indeed, they were not selling the Sicily under the ad for Sicily Scooter.  Instead, they were selling what they considered a clone.  I avoided the scam - but I don't think people should do business with a misleading company.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1138540
Apr 13 2014
02:01 PM Order Cancelled, No product received, No Refund received Joliet Illinois
Here is my experience report with 3/13/2014 I researched scooters on the internet and made an attempt to purchase one at online and I intended to use my credit card for the purchase. The purchase did not go through so I called in and eventually talked to a Connor and placed an order for a scooter for close to $900.00. He talked me into paying with an through the phone check so I could save on shipping.By the 17th of the same month $900.00 were deducted from my account. That included shipping. Around that day I had emailed SaferWholesale as I had a question about the available colors. Connor statement contradicted what the website stated. Then a day or two later I had called in and asked to cancel the order as my personal situation had changed, due to my job, and I did not need that scooter anymore. The first guy I talked to on the phone seemed kind of ok with it and he then he supposedly needed to connect me with the returns department. All of a sudden I was talking to that Connor guy again, now in the returns department. I repeated my story that due to personal circumstances I need to cancel the scooter order and I want my money back. I told him that the guy before him gave me a positive signal in the form of “no problem”. Then Connor told me that I am lying to him and he told me that I should have read the SaferWholesale return policy. SaferWholesale is a wholesale company, I was told by Connor, that does not give the customer’s money back upon cancellation of an order. They only give in-store credit. I then repeated that I am cancelling the order and I do not want an in-store credit but my money back.At no point in the conversation while placing the order was I made aware what the return policy of the company is!As of today 4/13/2014 I have not received my money back and neither did I receive a scooter.Had I not been talked into doing the transaction by phone check but rather had made the purchase with a credit card I would have my money back already without much of a fuzz.I do not accept an in-store credit as I would never do business with a company like SaferWholesale again. People who call me, the customer, a liar on the phone, do not deserve my business.I hope this is helpful to some of you out there. The lowest price is not always worth the hassle involved. I really do not enjoy dealing with these kinds of low end people. I put this company in my folder labeled SCUM on my computer now
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
16, Report #1276004
Dec 23 2015
03:44 PM
Great Sports Inc. Joliet Illinois
 i put $400.00 down on a new 150cc moped because it was only on sale that day. And I was told I need to put some money down on it to get the on sale price. I had no idea about the no refund policy until they had my money. Im social security disability but I tried to work part time so I could at least afford something to drive because walking short distance hurts my hips and legs. And it got to were I couldn't even work part time. So I couldn't afford the moped or anything else so I had to move in with my son and his wife in Kansas. And now great sports has had my $400.00 dollars almost a year now it was 02-02-2015 when I put money down on the moped. .
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
17, Report #1287039
Feb 11 2016
06:14 PM craig, fasode,liars,say one thing mean another california.
Hi, my complaint is that i order a 50,cc moped motor vehicle for a christmass gift from safer whole sale .com.  i asked for a blue and silver  in color the sale,s man on the phone said no problem , the moped dident arrive till 2 weeek,s after xmas, it was black in color in stead of blue and silver the sale,s man craig agreed to reimburst the shipping cost, never happend. i i callled to talk to craig about the fact that he did not inform me in the begining that it would arrive in peice,s and i have to put it together, thier were parts , nut,s and bolts missing, craig told me go to home depot, that his job is to sell not to whare house, or install the units,  so these people will tell you what you want to here to make a sale get your money and thats the bottom line .    people please do not waste your time or hard earned money. with this company  called safer whole sale .com.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #738946
Jun 09 2011
Do NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I ordered 2 scooters from safer wholesale (A.K.A. Great Sports) on April 15, 2011. The scooters were delivered on April 27, 2011. The salesman Charlie (Chuck) told me that the certificates of origin were at the company offices in Illinois and Chuck told me specifically that once I received the scooters, I needed to email customer service and request the certificates and they should be in my mailbox (Florida address) in 2 to 3 days. On 4-28-2011, the day after the scooters were delivered, I emailed customer service and requested the certificates of origin. I got a reply from Allie in customer service who said,  I have requested that paperwork from the manufacturer for you. As soon as I receive it in from them I will get it processed and mailed out to you immediately. Typically this whole process does not take longer than 2-3 weeks at the very most. After 3 weeks of waiting, I called customer service and was told by yet another rep that this process can take FOUR weeks. Then after a full MONTH of waiting, I emailed Allie in customer service and DEMENDED to know where my certificates were. I got a reply from  Brittney in customer service which said I received your paperwork in from the manufacturer on May 24th. I processed it and mailed it out to you on that same day. You should be receiving your paperwork shortly. On June 6th 2011 my patience ran out. I emailed Brittney back and DEMANDED  to be contacted by somebody with authority or I would report this to my local attorney general, I was immediately called by GINA, who stated that she would reprimand those who lied and mislead me. Gina PROMISED to start the process all over and request new certificates of origin from the manufacturer and promised to overnight the documents to me. Gina also said that she would keep me posted as to what solutions were reached. It has been 3 days and NO WORD FROM GINA. Obviously it is GINA'S JOB to BS and  pacify customers who are being SCAMMED. It has now been OVER 6 WEEKS  since the units were delivered and my scooters are GATHERING DUST and USELESS TO ME because I cannot register them without the CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN. ALSO, BOTH scooters have electrical problems with the lights and one has engine problems and requires so many restarts that the starter and battery are failing prematurely. Can you say INFERIOR PRODUCTS?? So far, I have been LIED TO by CHARLIE (Chuck) the sales rep, I was then LIED TO by ALLIE in customer service, then LIED TO by BRITTNEY in customer service, now I'm being PACIFIED by GINA. I know full well that this company has NO INTENTION of resolving this matter in a timely manner IF AT ALL (I believe the latter), but they certainly TOOK MY MONEY in a hurry. My mistake was NOT RESEARCHING SAFER WHOLESALE on I REPEAT... DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. It is *AMAZING* that this company is allowed to continue RIPPING CONSUMERS OFF after YEARS of complaints such as this and others posted here, as well as those posted on I see that has their spies responding to these complaints and FURTHER deceiving those who have been wronged by their employer. To those, I ask this question: HOW DOES IT FEEL, DEEP DOWN IN YOUR HEART OF HEARTS KNOWING YOU ARE AIDING AND ABETTING A BLATANTLY CRIMINAL COMPANY like safer wholesale??? Hey, it's a paycheck RIGHT?. People, don't believe the posts from this company's representatives stating that safer wholesale, Great sports inc. will work to resolve these issues, they do NOT. This company is NOT a great sport nor is there anything safer about dealing with them. PAY MORE and BUY DIRECT FROM A DEALER even if it means driving a few hundred miles. At least you will have direct access to a company that WILL work with you or refund 100% of your money should the product be defective or unsatisfactory.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
19, Report #853216
Mar 13 2012
11:34 AM Great Sports Inc., Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale,, Spent 7 weeks trying to get parts from warranty. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY New Lennox, Illinois
I purchased a 2 person Infrared Sauna from this company. I was told the delivery would take up to 4 weeks. To my surpeise the sauna arrived within 1 week. Thats where the good part of this company ended. When I took delivery, there was absolutly no way I could have inspected the product prior to the driver leaving. It was on a pallet in 2 seperate boxes stretched wrapped and strapped down.  When I broke down the pallet and opened up the boxes, I immediatly saw damage. I started taking pictures of everything as I removed the pieces from the box. After I put the sauna together, I took an inventory of what was missing and what was broken. In total there were 3 missing parts and 1 damaged part. I called the company that night (the same day I received the product) and told them the situation. There reply was to have me send the pictures and description to their parts and warranty department. I did this. I got an automated response from the department stating they would get back to me in 2 business days. Fair enough. In the meantime the part that was damaged was the main control panal. So I could not even turn the unit on to see if there was anymore damage. Well, 1 week later, I had to call back because I was never contacted by the company to replace my parts. When I contacted the Parts and warranty department, I was told that they were working on it. I explained to them that I cant use the sauna because the board is bad. They repeated back to me that they were working on it and that they would call me in a couple of days to let me know the status.  I waited another week before I called them back. I was then told that the manufacturer has not gotten back to them and they are still working on it and that they would call me when they found out. This went on for 5 weeks before I got 1 missing part fedexed to me. The part that didnt matter. The part that still would not have worked because I could not use the unit because the main board was damaged. I called back and got the same BS runaround that I got the first 5 weeks. I explained that I still could not use the sauna because the main board was bad. The response was rather funny. Well, why didn't you tell me that the first time? I explained to the gentleman (I use that term loosly) that not only did I tell him each time I called and spoke to him, I stated that in numerous emails to his company email. He didn't know how to respond to that except with I will call the manufacturer. AGAIN After I threatend to do a full charge back to the credit card and I would welcome a smalls claims case, I finally received the board that I was waiting for.  I have so far received 3 of the 4 items that I needed and was told that they did not think that is was necassary for me to receive the final item. Because it was not important to the funtion of the equipment. Really? I just went to Lowes and bought the $3.00 part myself to end this BS.  This company should be NEVER used. AVOID them at ALL costs. It dosent matter how good the deal looks, if there is something wrong with the product, GOOD LUCK getting a quick result. Their customer service is horrible. Their parts and warranty department is useless. Even the woman who answers the phone has a chip on her sholder.  DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY   
Entity: New Lennox, Illinois
20, Report #989059
Dec 30 2012
05:15 PM Great Sports Inc., Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale,, Bait and Switch. Delivered lesser priced item. Joliet, Illinois
Scooter order.  I ordered a 50cc MC_WY50QT which has a 4 HP engine and 13 inch wheels.  After unpacking, I found that they actually delivered a JL50QT-6A which is identical but only has a 3 HP engine and 10 inch wheels although the invoice and packing list showed the MC_WY50QT. Customer Service said that the MC_WY50QT was no longer manufactured and they had the right to substitute, and would not take a return unless I paid the return shipping.  After informing them that the scooter delivered was not a correct substitute based on the wheel size alone they argued that they measured the wheels differently.  I informed them that the tire / wheel size is part of the tire and molded as part of the rubber on the side wall and that there was no creative, unique SaferWholesale method of measurement.  Customer Service said they would get back to me within 24 hours. In the meantime, I found the engine plaque and determined that it was a 3 HP (2.3 Kw) engine.  They never called back so I called them.  Then they disagreed on how I converted Max Power from kilowatts to HP to determine that it was not a 4 HP engine.  On several occasions during the exchanges I had to inform SaferWholesale / Great Sports that neither they nor I can generate our own conversion factors.  It was ridiculous and had to be some of the dumbest conversations that I have had in my entire life. After two days of politely attempting to sort it out, I simply stopped the payment through my credit card company (Chase).  Chase stopped the payment and took all of my information and facts.  Chase then informed SaferWholesale / Great Sports that the difference between the scooter I paid for and the exact one I received was was over $180, SaferWholesale finally agreed a month later. I got the difference of the cost between the two models, but still wish I would have gotten the scooter I ordered.  SaferWholesale / Great Sports still advertised the MC_WY50QT months after I when through my ordeal. I will never do business with SaferWholesale / Great Sports again and recommend the same to others.  Check your order thoroughly even if you have to bribe the delivery driver to help while you remove the box, plastic, and remove enough housing to read the manufacturers plaques.  Don't assume SaferWholesale will make it right in the end.  You will get the most ridiculous responses from SaferWholesale's Customer Service.  Chase did the heavy lifting and without Chase I would have been ripped off more ( $, not just the lack of being fully satisfied with the model received).
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
21, Report #765157
Aug 14 2011
07:19 PM great sports inc Dishonest, Lie, overcharge, not adhere to bill of sale. Joliet, Illinois
I ordered a dirtbite from this company online.  They sent me a reciept for total charges as shown on the internet. 30 Min Later I get a phone call from someone at the company stateing they want to revies the order just placed for interet saftly reasons. They than tell my that shipping will cost a few hundred dollars more and my total will be 205 dollars more than the bill of sale and reciept. I looked at my reciept and the websight which clearly states free shipping. I told the person if that is the case I want to cancel my odrer.He tells Me ithere will be a 35% cancalation fee once processed. I asked if it was processed and he said not yet but that was the reason for the call. I said good I still cancel the order. After speaking with the night manager I got the same dishonest runaround. He told me all information is on the internet. I told him I was on the site and it says free shipping. There are 105 other complants I could find on the internet in a few minutes regarding this company. The manager told me off and hung up on me so I dont know what if anything is resolved.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
22, Report #771032
Aug 30 2011
02:34 PM Rip-off, false advertising, poor customer service, no refund, Internet
I purchased a go kart from these people on 4/21/11.  When I originally called and ordered it, the price was 2599.99.  They took the money from my account right away.  A few hours later, they called back and stated that the go kart was back ordered.  They offered to send a different one that was a little cheaper.  They said that they would send a refund of 400.00 in 7-10 business days.  In the meantime, the go kart came in and it was damaged.  We refused delivery on that one, they actually did ship another one, but it came in damaged as well.  As of 5/31/11 I still had not received my refund.  I called again and they said that the money would be sent back in 30-60 days.  That did not happen either, when I called again, they said 30-60 business days.  Now it is supposed to be 90 business days.  I think they are seriously just making excuses for them being a HUGE rip off.  So I called today since it is the 90th business day and guess what.....Now they can't talk to me over the phone, all inquiries have to be made by email.  I emailed 2 times and no response.  This is SOOOOOOOOO stupid.  I would recommend that NO ONE do business with these crooks!!!!!!!
Entity: Joliet, IL 60432-2749, Internet
23, Report #787415
Oct 11 2011
09:50 AM Great Sports, Inc Delivered Damage Motor Scooter and charged for parts that were not shipped. Internet
Ordered a 150cc motor scooter that was delivered about September 26, 2011.  The crate is quite large and requires tools to open.  The packaging was undamaged.  The driver did not want to wait and got me to sign for the delivery.When the scooter was unpacked a large scratch in a plastic body panel was revealed.  It was also discovered that the Trunk Box was not included in the packaging.The company was immediately notified by phone and email, with pictures of the damage and that the $49.95 Trunk Box was missing.A reply was sent informing me that the parts would ship in 24 - 48 hours.  It is now 16 days since that message and nothing was sent.  Emails are now getting no reply.This company has terrible customer service and obviously does not stand by their products.  
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #807401
Dec 09 2011
07:46 PM Great Sports Out of Bicylces but No Refunds For Any Reason, Even NO PRODUCT Internet, Internet
Bought $400 bike from for wife before Thanksgiving (for Christmas) gave check acct info. to get further discount. BIG MISTAKE  Week later got call to inform me they they had charged my acct $75 more than origianl receipt due to additional shipping expense. No refunds and no options as bike was already shipped. 3 weeks later still no Bike so called and spoke to Terry Johnson (Sales Manager) Was told bike I ordered was no longer made but could get one almost like it for $100 more.  I wanted my money back and he offered bike for only $75 more but if I want it by Christmas I have to pay another $75 for shipping since it's only 2 weeks away now.  Ask for refund but he says I agreed to Terms & Conditions which means NO REFUNDS EVER without 30% restocking fee. Restock a bike that never existed ? Terry says he is a nice guy who will give me the $ as credit toward other products, just have to call him direct for the prices so he can take care of me.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #800738
Nov 22 2011
09:23 AM Saferwholesale does not represent their name in any way. Internet, Internet
Be very careful when using this company to buy anything as the sales people will tell you anything and if problems arise then you are pretty much on your own. Here is how the story goes.I went on line to purchase a UTV for my children to enjoy around our lake. I did some research and decided on the Forester UTV made by Kandi. I purchased this thru Saferwholesale .com. I paid extra shipping fees even though the web site said that residential shipping was free. I paid for lift gate service as this was mandatory.Upon arrival the semi was unable to unload the shipment using the lift gate service. I had to scramble to find a fork truck to unload the item. This was no easy task at 5pm. Upon getting the freight unloaded the driver was very nice and marked the invoice to refund my money.Saferwholesale was notified and sent the requested documents. They emailed me with the amount of refund I would receive. This was OK to me. They told me it could take up to 90 days. After the time frame I started to inquire about my refund and emailed them at least once a week. This went on for over a month.Now they have declined the refund. But gave me a store credit. Why would I ever buy anything from them again? Where has customer service gone in our country? Beware saferwholesale is not SAFE!Try some other company.
Entity: Internet, Internet

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