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26, Report #859951
Mar 27 2012
10:17 AM Great sports Inc Terrible Business Practices, But I Am Happy with My Scooter Buy Internet
I found this site after I got spooked, because I got suspicious when a salesman called me after I have placed a purchase of a 150cc motor scooter via the website.  He said shipping was not included and demanded more money, $350, then $100.  I refused and he relented.  Then I got really worry.  I wanted to cancel within 24 hrs, and they wouldn't allow it because of their policy, which heavily stacked in their favor. My reward came 12 days later, including 2 weekends and 2 days working with the shipper.  The good:  it was delivered undamaged; I didn't pay extra for residential delivery (I jury rigged an engine hoist to get it off the truck); the scooter came fully assembled and included a trunk (not in the descriptions); the Certificate of Origin was taped to the box (no need to deal with them again); good price, but not so good now since a $100 increase.  Lessons learned. 1)  I find their sales tactics and policy despicable, like those New York camera and electronic sellers.  2)  But this Chinese scooter selling is tough, competitive business.  Check the fine prints in their return/cancellation policy.  Check other competitors for best price and make sure that it is absolutely what you want because there is no turning back!  3)  You are buying a cheap scooter.  There is no after delivery care, service of any kind.  You need to handle warranty claims and tech support with the importer, not the poor seller.  4)  Don't complain about the poor quality of the cheap Chinese scooters.  Go buy a more expensive scooter from a local dealer, otherwise.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #890100
May 29 2012
04:14 PM Saferwholesale Total scam artists...sent different product and refused to accept the return Internet
I purchased cat jungle gym and a week after the order was placed a sales man called to tell me the  ordered model is not in stock and that they would send the same model, but upgraded for the same price.  I agreed because it said it was upgraded. I received the item and it was far inferior to what I had ordered (much smaller...only one sitting platform for the cats vs. three tiered sitting platforms).  I informed them that I did not get what I ordered and the replacement product was inferior (it was nowhere as big or useful - I have four cats); I was basically told too's yours now.  They refused to accept the return. I filed a complaint with my credit card and was denied because the invoice (which was sent to the credit card company, NOT me) stated As a wholesale company, we do not allow any cancellations, returns, exchanges, or refunds.  Once an order has been placed, it is final.  They failed to tell the credit card company that they sent a much smaller cat jungle gym. So I took my case to court and was informed that refused to accept the registered letter sent by the court, and that there is nothing the court can do to help me (sending a personal court server would cost more than the disputed amount.) Apparently they think sending an inferior product AT THE SAME PRICE AS THE MUCH BETTER PRODUCT is an acceptable business practice. These folks are liars and crooks!!!  Save yourself a huge headache and shop elsewhere.
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #1064091
Jul 03 2013
08:04 AM AKA Problem with website WHICH FROM purchased online two bad products. This webs Ripoff Joliet Illinois
Problem with as follows. I purchased 2 items with problems in early May 2013 with no refinds avaliable. I live in state of Florida that has a 3 day rite of refusal on buying products or signing cxontracts so is the internet sales and contracts not included with this law?. First was an E-Power electric savor. It haa product video on page for product and is shown to have a regular wall electric outlet plug. In commonly asked questions It stated NO ELECTRICION NEEDED. This produst needs to be hard wired into the  main home fuse box by an electriction for USEAGE or to have a plug installed on unit.. FALSE ADVERTISING ELECTRITION NEEDED / NO REFUNDS. Second item was a WiFi netbook computer. It did not work for WiFi or even ethernet plug for internet use.I have gone to computer school have WiFi at home and set up over 25 computers in my life and it does not work. So after  over 3 hours on hold and them to e-mail me ASAP a return mailing address and conformation number. WHICH NEVER CAME 3 days and waiting AND 1 MORE HOUR ON HOLD , NO REFUND AGAIN WHY?
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
29, Report #979601
Dec 08 2012
03:14 PM Sports Bait n switch. Big sale for christmas Internet
After Waisting 10 days of my Christmas shopping time through confirming my order 3 times by email and once by phone. I get the urgent email telling me to contact them immediately. My item is out of stock and manufactorer has it on back order. Typical!! But they would be willing to upgrade me to another ATV same money $500. Well the upgraded model I can walk in toys R us and buy for $130 less. Some upgrade. This online sale is an obvious Bait n switch.  SCAM!
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #1196655
Dec 19 2014
07:22 PM Conor and Jeremy ~ sales dept. Company truely deserves EVERY negative report filed against them ~ juliette Internet
I didn't realize how many negative reports this company had until i came here to leave mine.  Rude, condescending, arrogant, and unknowledgeable.  Really a sad state of affairs someone doesn't stop them from ripping people off. I checked with the Better Business Bureau and there are literrally hundreds of complaints and maybe a handful the company even bothered to respond to.  Buyer beware and SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE ~  Awful all the way around ~
Entity: Internet
31, Report #1191722
Nov 27 2014
04:32 PM Great Sports inc. Sold me a damaged Golf Cart, with Dead Battery's faulty wires, overcharged for shipping Internet nation
bought a golf cart from saferwholesale on the internet paid for shipping to my home.  took six week before it was shiped. got a call from UPS to tell me they could not deliver it to my home because of size, so I had to have it rerouted to a local bussines that had a forklift where it was unloaded, first thing that I saw was a broken roof on the golf cart, The driver of the truck and myself took pictures of the damage, and it was noted on the bill of ladeing. Was told by UPS that saferwholesale would have to put in a claim for damages. That day I started my 5 months of wasting my time. After 30 emails returned as timed out. 10 phone calls (20-30) on hold put through to there customer service guy by the name of Arti. he is very rude, does not answer emails, until threatned, dodges phone calls. Once the cart was uncrated found that the battery's were all dead, wires faulty. Told Arti about battery's, wires, etc. another 10 emails no reply. more phone calls, emails. 5 months have passed nothing done, Email from Arti they did not put in a claim for damages to UPS. I have gotten no were with them, they lie, and cheat.  
Entity: Internet
32, Report #1157187
Jun 24 2014
03:44 PM
Great-Sport-Inc, This company is group off CRIMINALS. Joliet, Illinois
This company is group off CRIMINALS. I ordered entry door from them for $2,179. I pay by cash from my account. They send to me smaller door. Which was absolutely no use to me. I couldn’t feet in my house and cost less money. I contacted manager, owner of the company and customer service many time. They told me I have to send them additional $900.00 for exchange on right door. Who care if they make a misstake. They were rood and ignored to me. Just laugh on me.  I ask them if they can guaranty to send me right door if I will send to them extra $900.00. They said NO Guaranty and we take cash only from your bank account, no credit card. We might send you a bike..... How anybody can do business with them?? Please DON’T. I hire attorney and will do anything to destroy this CRIMINALS. They will pay my entire legal fee, my transportation to the court and they will return my money back to me. My advice to all who was burn out by please send complains to State Illinois Attorney Generals. We have to stop this BS. By The way this company in last a few years change name many times. Now you know why......  
Entity: Joliet, , Illinois
33, Report #1156959
Jun 23 2014
07:02 PM You'll be waiting forever to talk to someone OR recieve your product...dont waste your time Internet
WOW Really???  15 days to let me know you cannot get the product I ordered???  No unfortunately these units do not work for us. Also, I tried for days off and on for two weeks to get someone at your company to talk to me about my scooters and possible shipping dates and every time I called I was placed on hold for more than 15 minutes..I made no less than 3 phone calls each day some days 4 or 5.   Each time I called back in I would just be put on hold again, no matter what I said.   I asked to speak to a manager several times...again...on hold...or told there were no managers on site.  Also, I was told that I would not be charged for these scooters until  they shipped and you had already taken the money out of my bank. This is absolutely unacceptable and no way to do business with someone.   All I wanted was communication.  I wasn't demanding the scooters in an unreasonable amount of time, I just wanted someone to explain the process and the timing.  Not only that, but after I called I tried to get online with someone to ask my questions to and as soon as I would start talking to someone the online chat would say operator has discontinued the chat....after more than a week of this I'm just done....T there should be no restocking fee since you are unable to deliver my product to my state with the proper emissions.  Never in my life have I been so unhappy with service I have received online. Or should I say lack of service... Every person you have there answering phones should be fired...not ONE person was concerned enough me the customer, that they were willing to help me out by answering some questions.  Pretty shady and unfreakinprofessional if you ask me...
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1054093
May 27 2013
06:18 AM Threatening customer service, a shakedown attempt, and far too much stress Internet
I tried to purchase something for $400 from these guys in February. After placing my order, they called me and said that there was a mistake on the website and I needed to pay a shipping fee. He told me the cost, and I said, okay, then cancel the order. Then he said he could give me a discount on the shipping, but I said, no, that's fine, just cancel the order. He put me on hold, came back, and said never mind, they'd give me free shipping as the site promised. That was my first WTF moment with these guys--a shakedown? Seriously? Then two weeks later after the device still didn't show up, I called them and was told they couldn't process my payment because the billing address and the shipping address didn't match and I needed to send them a photocopy of my ID and a canceled check. Again, alarm bells--surely I'm not the first person with a different shipping and billing address, since every e-retailer on Earth allows you to put different shipping and billing addresses, right? When I asked about this, the guy (Conor) was not only rude but threatening, so again I asked for a refund. He refused, and said they wouldn't ship until I sent a copy of my ID. So you'll keep my money and not ship the device--how is that not fraud? I asked. He got extremely irate, and at this point I was so annoyed that I just agreed to play along, and sent a copy of my ID... Then I waited over two weeks to get the device. A very stressful two weeks where I wasn't even sure I'd get the thing. I had to call them three times and finally threaten to report the case to my bank to get a chargeback before the device finally arrived. Avoid these people like the plague.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #1070973
Jul 29 2013
11:26 AM There is no set chain of command, they do not have contacts for managers. chicago illinois
I ordered an inflatable water slide that looked to be a great deal for my scout camp. because this was my first order, I only ordered one. It was changed twice and tried a third time they tried to change the product I threatened to file a complaint for a bait and switch and suddenly I got an option that would work and it magically appeared 7 days later. I chalked that up as a fluke, and spoke directly to a sales manager, Alex, who sent me two more options that he had checked that were READY TO SHIP. I placed the order and no more than a day later something was not available and they had to change it up. Now 2 weeks later, no delivery, no one can tell me what's going on. I even received tracking for one that showed it was sent here and then the sender pulled it back and while it was due here Friday, it did get delivered..... BACK TO THEM... I am preparing to file a dispute with my credit card and would love to know what government agency can be called in to investigate their practices. And the comment from RANDY... He does not exist, he is not there. I asked for him and they said no one has ever worked there by that name. so his report on here is fraudulent as well. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
36, Report #1160299
Jul 07 2014
11:13 PM Greater sports .inc Miscommunication then charged me $539.90 4 days later Internet
 I called in for a price told them where I had found them they told me a price of $100 per unit (they claim they did not quote that. So when I called back to check on my order they told me the cost was $539.90. I said wow that is a retail cost I am trying to buy these and resale them, if that was the cost I needed to cancel my order. I had still not been charged the rep I spoke to said ok that was fine sorry for the miscommunication. I said me too, thanks. The next morning his boss calls me and said sorry I am charging your card anyway, I've canceled your order you can have a in store credit. Then 2 days later charged my card. I have sent a dispute through my bank. They totally manipulated the system when I had only been a buyer for an hour, canceled then was charged 4 days later.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #800355
Nov 21 2011
09:19 AM Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale,,, 866-710-6096, 866-606-3991, 708-669-1237 SaferWhoelsale Deceptive Trade Practices Joliet, Illinois
Waited over two weeks and no shipment information. Called customer service and they refuse to cancel order or give refund. Customer Service states reason they can't cancel is order is shipped. Can't, however, give any tracking information or tell who was used to ship product. Total scam artists you would be crazy to buy anything from this company.They do not allow you to cancel any order once you place it. This information is not shown on the website and you only see the policy if you get a receipt. They will not even send you a receipt unless you demand one and then you only see the no cancellation policy on the receipt.Do not buy anything from this company!Great Sports Inc., Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale,,, 866-710-6096, 866-606-3991, 708-669-1237 Beware before you buy anything from Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale,,, do your homework and know the terms and conditions before you pay, dont pay by ACH. 
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
38, Report #907711
Jul 06 2012
01:28 PM Great Sports Inc., Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale,,, 866-710-6096, 866-606-3991, 708-669-1237, LG Wholesale,, Saferwholesale.c NO customer service or care. Zero communications and lie to your face , Internet
I purchased a gokart from on 12 June. It was at first an exciting process. Me and the boys spent hours searching the internet for a design they liked. Once we settled on the Spear Jr. 110cc model, we placed the order with a expected delivery of 10-15 business days. My sales rep assured me that it was in stock and the kart would be here before the 4th of July. On 29 June I decided I had better contact them and sent a email inquiring about my order. But after waiting all day with no response I decided to call and make sure that it was going to make it. I reached a operator and inquired about my purchase, after being on hold for 15 minutes I was hung up on. So I called back again and again was on hold for now 10 minutes. The operator returned and stated that the gokart has not shipped yet and that she would have my sales rep contact me within 48 hrs. For some reason only the sales rep knows anything about a persons order? Hopefully they dont ever have a sales rep go on vacation or even worse quit. Who would know where your order is.   Next I Tried to contact them on July 1. It was a Sunday so I used the online operator this time since its a live chat. Again after a lengthy wait they came back with the same exact story as before. Only the Sales rep knows what is going on with my order and would call me within 48 hrs. So I am not patient anymore and call back on Monday the 2nd. I was put on hold for 15 minutes and again hung up on. So after a second stint on hold my sales rep is mysteriously unavailable again but I am assured I will get a call back. Now the 4th has come and gone, It is the 6th of July and I still have no gokart or idea where it may be. So I call one last time and not to my surprise I am given the same line of B.S. Only your sales rep knows where your item is and he is not available it is not in the system as shipped yet. I will leave a message with him and he will call you within 48 hours At this point I lose it and tell her that if I am not contacted today not tomorrow not next week I will just go through my bank and take action to recieve a refund. Now I finally get a call back. The sales manager states that my order has been delayed 3-4 weeks before it gets to California and then it will be shipped to me and that there are many others that have been waiting longer than me, as if it was an accepted practice to go weeks over the shipping deadline. So that means an additional 4-5 weeks before I see the kart for a grand total of 2 months and some change. Or the sales manager says I could opt for a totally different design of gokart that we do not like. I say thanks but no thanks I will just take my money back. He states that because I paid with a check they can only give me an in store credit. THIS IS THE SCAM PART GUYS! They rope you into a check instead of credit cards so that you have to jump through hoops to get your money back.  Luckily I have a great bank and they are taking care of it for me. I have filled out the paperwork and they will be getting my money back.  However I will not get back the 2 months spent waiting or the excitement I had hoped to see in my twin 6 year old boys faces when the gokart arrived. Thanks for the runaround and a huge waste of my time!
Entity: Internet, Internet
39, Report #367148
Aug 26 2008
02:01 PM
LG Wholesale,, Defective, unsafe Scooter, no warranty, no exchange, no refund. New Lenox Illinois
LG Wholesale, aka GlobalTrailer, aka Saferwholesale do not warranty their product, and won't repair, replace or refund if they sell you defective merchandise, (even though they sell it to you as warrantied). You are left with all the problems and costs. I purchased a Scooter from They encouraged me to use an online check to get the $100 off and free helmet being offered. The on-line advertisement I ordered from stated Every single bike comes with a warranty that is fully backed leaving you with NO RISK involved! I agreed to the purchase, and paid in full. The following day I received an invoice from LG Wholesale. Red flag, so I did some research on LG and found many duped customers, I called to cancel my order and that's when I found out there was a 30% cancellation fee, and was told my order was a great product and I would be very happy with it, so instead of losing nearly 1/3 of my investment, I agreed to continue, big mistake. The scooter arrived on time, in the color of choice and looked to be in good condition. After 2 days putting it together (with help), I was finally able to check the oil, add gas and put the battery in, ready to ride. Well, as soon as I installed the battery, (yes, correct and + polars), it began to burn. I immediately unhooked the battery, bought a new fuse and tried again, same result. I contacted Parts and Tech Support and Customer Service via Build Chat, and was then informed it was some kind of electrical short, and I should take to to a mechanic. They refused to pay to have the scooter repaired, would not replace or refund my money. I'm out $1200.00 + time + frustration. Would recommend no one purchase from this company. Be sure to check out your dot com to see if it is a subsidary of this company, something I didn't know to do. Lots of hidden issues. Marcia DeSoto, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: New Lenox, Illinois
40, Report #893787
Jun 06 2012
02:05 PM Conor it's not worth the aggrevation... and obviously with all there shady practices they have had many previous issues, Internet
I wanted to buy an inexpensive gavin fisso single speed bike, so that is how i ended up coming to their website, and which i was going to proceed with my order...unfortunatly i started my order and then during the shipping part of our conversation, i wanted them to have it delivered to my apt door and be left (which many other internet companies do), but then the sales rep (mike) said he needed to check with his when he returned, he said i need to get it in writing, which seemed to be strange (which i found out that this company is so worried about liability b/c there practices are shady at best) then when i wanted to stop the order, they wanted to charge me a 30% restocking fee, which they claim is clearly on the page i was looking at, which it isn't...please don't shop there and expect good customer service...
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #1185481
Oct 28 2014
04:09 PM saferwholesale.comGlobaltrailer.netGreat Sports Inc rude customer service, sends incomplete products, then charges extra to send it back or get a part online Internet
PurchaseDate:09/07/2014,Ordered sliding driveway gates from their online website:, spoke to live sales rep, Ray, who was very friendly and told me that the sliding driveway gates were on sale for the same price as regular swing gates. I asked the sales rep if the kits came with was everything I would need to make the gates slide; he replied Yes it has everything to make them slide. The gates shipped from the USA to Ontario, Canada in 3 weeks, but upon inspection they had sent the parts for a swing gate and some of the parts for a sliding gate.  The instructions on the box for missing parts said to contact the Manufacturer, which I did.  The manufacturer notified that I was missing a v-track, wheels/rollers and chain for assembly and that it should have come with this style of gate and to contact  The first time I called (10/21/2014) they agreed that I was  missing parts for the gate to operate and they would send them and email a confirmation with the shipping information. No email was received. I called again on (10/22/2014) about the email, where customer service department and the parts department had said to me that I needed to purchase these parts for an additional $1000.  I told customer service that I had paid for these part already and they were missing, as quoted on my bill Full kit sliding gate opener for sliding gates up to 60 feet long 1300-pounds $535.95T x2.  They put me through to Arty or Ardie (who would not provide his last name) the Administrative Supervisor, who said that the missing part will be shipped and an email will be sent with the shipping information.  Again, no email was sent and so I called again on 10/23/2014 and they told me that the parts department was unavailable and they needed to contact the manufacturer which would take a couple of days. I called again today, 10/28/2014 to see if the product was being shipped.  Again their parts department said it was an additional part and it would cost $1000 more to make the sliding gates able to slide. I quoted them my invoice and they said that the kit described on my invoice did not include these parts and that this was the wrong kit sold to me; their sales rep put in the wrong information as the complete kit was on sale for the same price as the full kit which was sold to me.  I spoke again to Arty, as this mix up was not my doing (since I had called the 1800-number after viewing the website). Arty very rudely told me We have sold you sliding gates that can slide and you should have had someone who installs gates place the order [as they did not sell the parts to make them slide]… [Especially, since] our sales men have no knowledge on what they are selling and you are obviously incompetent in reading the website. For the record I am University Graduate and M.Sc. Candide, I am a co-owner of a Property Management Company, which regularly does building renovations and constructs residential units; and I often make construction material purchases, and his derogatory comments were unprofessional and judgemental against females.  In addition, he said that dealing with me was waste of his time, that he is not paid for solving customer problems and he is losing money talking to me as I wasted an hour of his time, I should be paying him for his time.  He said from what he can see on the invoice we have gates that will slide and the motor is able to pull them open and closed, which has held up his end of the deal, providing sliding gates.  Apparently, following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to assemble the product is not important and not his problem, by Arty’s comment “the gates open and close, whatever that something it is running on is your problem, we are not providing it.”  Apparently, I am not the only one that was sold an incomplete gate kits. My hope is that no other customer will have to go through such horrendous customer service.  I am going through the manufacturer to get the missing pieces which cost $580.SimonOntario, Canada 
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1217487
Mar 22 2015
09:34 PM Great sports inc SUED! GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Safer SUED! Get your money back! Justice served!! joliet, il Internet
Time for these scammers to go down!! Everyone that has been defrauded by this company needs to call and get your money back!!     Illinois Attorney Lisa Madgian has filed a lawsuit against Great sports inc AKA Saferwholesale..Madigan is trying to revoke their business license and prevent the company from doing business in illinois. Her office has recieved hundreds of complaints from 19 different counties in Illinois alone and estimates customers have lost around 350,000 dollars. Madigan is encouraging any customers who believe they have been defrauded from this company to contact the consumer fraud hotline   Chicago- 1800-386-5438  
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1243524
Jul 22 2015
11:28 AM BOUGHT 3 ATV's nothing but issues after 6 months still can't ride 2 of them. Never get any response joliet, IL Internet
this company is a FRAUD.  Bought 3 new ATV's nothing but issues since I started the process. From delivery to today the staff was VERY RUDE.  2 ATV's can't be ridden becasue parts were broken and no replacements sent.  Everytime I call - I am at LEAST 45 min on hold.   They waited exactly the 60 days to get back to me so I could not return the items. Now 6 months later; I still can't ride them and they still have not gotten back to me with anything.   THIS COMPANY is a HOAX - don't ever buy from them  
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1167726
Aug 06 2014
06:20 AM This company sent a damaged pakage with missing parts and it broke after one use and won't hold a charge on the battery. Joilet Illinois
 I ordered a foldable electric scooter from this company. They charged $45 for shipping, $500 for the item and the box arrived damaged. The transportation company literally dropped it off and ran of the porch quickly. Once it was opened, there were not assembly instructions just a picture. Once it was partly assembled, it was noticed parts were missing. The parts depeartment sent out the missing part. It was then used one time and the battery died after 1 mile after being charged for more than 8 hours. After the battery died, the petals were used to go the rest of the remaining 2 miles being traveled when the petal snapped off. This is the worst item I have ever bought. it was requested to return this product as soon as the product was receieved in a damaged box. We were told it couldn't be returnedand that they could only send out the missing part. The battery is defective and the petal is snapped off. I am  $545 in the hole and there is not resolution that is able to provide for the loss I have incurred on this purchase.
Entity: Joilet, Illinois
45, Report #977993
Dec 04 2012
03:32 PM Great Sports, Inc. Buyer Beware!!! Internet
Buyer Beware.  This company will not do you right.    Bought a new scooter trike from them.  Either shipped already damaged or damaged in shipment.   Crate dropped off at my residence by freight carrier when I was not home.  I did not sign for an obviously damaged crate. offered immediate replacement parts for anything damaged.  I foolishly believed they would correct any/all damages or problems.   Cascade of problems with scooter; lengthy delays and unavailable replacement parts.   Bent rear rim; bent rear axle/drive shaft; defective front wheel bearing; mis-wired scooter with global electrical malfunctions.  Asked for replacement scooter-- denied by Saferwholesale.  Asked for new rear wheel assembly--  not available.   Sent an inexact replacement requiring skilled removal/re-fitting of rear brake disc.  Wheel out of true and rear brake disc not 'true'.  Asked for new replacement motor because rear drive shaft bent-- sent used replacement motor.  Sent motor back and second motor taken off another scooter.  (Not exactly what someone would expect for new replacement.)   Got scooter running, but  discovered binding front wheel bearing when attempting to ride.  Sent new bearing and had to have installed.  Then found bike outputting excessive electrical voltage that destroyed battery, lights and instrument cluster function.  Approaching the two year mark for all this happiness and still do not have a scooter I can ride.   Am filing a lawsuit to recover damages.   Parts and warranty department act 'put out' when asking for help.  A real nightmare.   Do yourself a big favor and do not do business with these people no matter how good the product looks in the ads. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
46, Report #1348026
Jan 06 2017
10:18 AM
Great sports Inc. Lied, Joliet Illinois 60436 Illinois Great sports Inc. Lied, Joliet Illinois 60436 Illinois Misleading marketing / Not consumer friendly Chicago Internet
On Nov 5, 2016 I purchased from Safer Wholesale an Ice Bear PST150-17 trike scooter.I paid for residential delivery with a lift-gate vehicle so there would be no problem unloading.  The vehicle was deliverd via a tractor-trailor which by no means could negotiate my driveway up to the house.  I had to borrow a truck and they off-loaded it onto the bed of the truck.  Beyond that, it was my responsibility to get it unloaded (about 600 pounds).On unpacking, there was no paperwork included at all.  No owner's manual, no assembly instructions .... nothing.  Using common sense, I managed to do the assembly and had a licensed mechanic check my work and sign off on road-worthiness.During the entire purchase process, everytime I called SaferWholesale, I was told a different story  No one there is on the same page other than to get your money and sell you shoddy Chinese merchandise.I have owned this trike for exactly ONE MONTH now.  Last week it became hard to start, then refused to try at all.  I hauled it to a reputabale repair shop and discovered that some/much of the wiring harness was fried ..... literally ...... wires burned into with all insulation melted off.  The machanic noted several other things wrong that were not part of customer-required assembly, but just done wrong by the manf.I have placed a claim for parts with SaferWholesale an was told that it normally takes 2-3 weeks for the parts to be drop-shipped to the customer.  In the meantime, I'm without the transporation that I paid for.  I am retired on Social Security Disability.It is VERY distressing to have a proguct for only ONE MONTH and have it burn up like this.  No offer from SaferWholesale to replace the unit.  All they are going to do is process a claim with the manf.Am disgusted!  Will NEVER deal with Saferwholesale again.  Once the trike is repaired, I plan on putting it up for sale.  I'll pay more, but will find a quality American or Japanese product.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1012215
Feb 11 2013
09:32 AM
Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale, DO not do business, scams, fraud, rude,, Great Sports Inc, LG Wholesale, Joliet, Illinois
Note to all. I was one of the lucky ones. It was on Friday 2/8/2013 I made a purchase of a sauna and a generator. totaling close to $2200.00. CRAIG was the rudest person I have ever spoke to. He even hung up on me. With in just a few minutes a nicer person called me back. They wanted to charge me more this time then what we agreed on. I had to argue the issue with them. Then they came down to the agreement price. After the transaction was made by electronic checking. I went to the google and yahoo search and typed in Great Sports Inc to report the rudeness of this person. I seen a link that said great sports inc ripoff, scams. My heart dropped. I did not know what to do after reading over 56 reports. It was on saturday night I called my bank and left a message on the phone because they were closed. On monday morning 2/11/2013 I recieved a call back from my bank and was able to stop payment on them. If it had been on thursday the transaction would have been made and it would have been to late. Please beware. and read all there terms and conditions. ITS A JOKE.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
48, Report #927370
Aug 14 2012
08:30 PM
Great Sports Inc Customer Service is Terrible Internet
This is the worst company to deal with. They put the wrong information on the sales receipt which the DMV refused to take. All they had to do to fix the situation was fax the right paperwork to the DMV but they refused to do so. They wanted me to email them copies of paperwork they already had and send the certificate of origin back to them to redo. This is after already waiting 3 weeks for delivery plus another week for them to send the paperwork.  Save yourself time and hassle and stay away from this company. Just order direct from sunny sports. All this company does is drop ship from them anyway and you have no customer support whatsoever.
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #713763
Apr 04 2011
04:00 PM
do not buy at all from this company. i ordered a jimmie johnson bowling bowl on feb 8. on the website it said to use check and it would discount some orders. so i called them and ordered it with a check over the phone. they sent me emails confirming this. three weeks later they called me and said that the bowling ball was out of stock,and it would take ten days to get my refund processed and to me. well after about two weeks i called them and asked them what was going on! they said that i had to email the problem i was having to customer service. well i did i emailed them and asked where was my refund? i got a email back saying this ordered was never processed so in fact i was not intitled to a refund. i called them several times and talked to several people about this problem. they kept saying the same thing that i would have to email my problems to customer service. finnaly she asked me to send her copies of my bank statement showing that they had took out the money from my account. i sent them a copy of it and called them aswel and talked to a guy he said that it was showing where they were going to send my money back. i made sure that it wouldnt take ten more days. he assured me it wouldnt. well here i am the first of the month in april and still no refund so i check my email. it says that the didnst recieve anything. so i call she tells me the sme thing they told me when i first called them that on feb 3 it showed that this was never processed like there wasnt anything in the computer where i have sent emails and called. started to tell me to email the problems to customer service. i told her of all the problems and all the phone calls and emails. she said the person that does this has no phone just excepts emails. so i sent her several emails of the bank statement of them taking out my money. and all the emails the sent me on me purchasing this product. will keep u upto date on this. they right know are trying to steal $109.00 off of me. the next action i will take on this is going to small claims court.
Entity: 21765 s center ave, Illinois
50, Report #1035224
Mar 16 2013
i did no research when I was ready to buy an ATV for my son, I saw peoples comments about staying away from this company but I didn't listen and now my son suffers for it. I purchased an ATV for my son from greater sports AKA for 1300.00, the first one I ordered they told me they did not have in stock so they will upgrade me for free. I got the atv 7/12 had to assemble it myself.  I try to start the ATV day after day month after month with no luck. below is my conversation till this day my son has yet to ride and it has yet to start. STAY WAY FROM THIS COMPANY PLEASE. Hello , I called David on December 3, 2012 he told me I needed a new carburetor. I then had to call Artie informed him of the conversation. I was told I would have a new carburetor sent out to me it has been well over a month. I have yet to get a carburetor sent to me. I have never had such poor service from a company. I will be calling my bank to fight these charges on my account, I feel this is a fraudulent company that sells defective merchandise.  -----Original Message----- From: GSI PARTS <> To: me Cc: 'GSI/EFI Sales Department' <> Sent: Mon, Nov 12, 2012 10:41 am Subject: RE: Re: {ORDER REVIEW) sports sniper 4 stroke Full Size [my name was here] My name was here too, I have received your inquiry regarding the issues you are having with your unit.  Please give me a brief description of exactly what the issues are and how your unit does not start.  Also include photos of the exhaust so that I can show the manucafturer what has happened to that particular unit.  I will submit a full warranty claim once I have received this information.  If there is some simple troubleshooting required I can offer assistance and I also have a technician at the manufacturer who actually assembles these units and works on them daily.  He would be more than happy to help you figure out what needs to be done to remedy the issues you are having.  His name is David and his number is 909-614-1661 when you hear the automated voice service press #2 on the dial pad to be taken directly to his desk.  Please get back to me at your earliest convenience and I will provide you with whatever assistance I can. Thanks,---ArtieManager Parts / Warranty Great Sports Inc / Efficient Future Inc Parts & Warranty 2108 McDonough St. Joliet, IL 60436 ph# 708-669-1237 | fx# 815-215-5183  -----Original Message----- From: my e-mail Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2012 8:36am To: Subject: Re: {ORDER REVIEW) sports sniper 4 stroke Full Size [name] Tim, it has been since July since I bought this ATV and have yet to ride it. It does NOT start and when it did start for a short period of time it burned a hole in the exhaust. I have called the number below, I guess no one seems to answer that phone or when they do they are always busy. I have not registered the ATV either, why register something we cant use. This is my last request , to either send someone to my home and fix the ATV at your expense and or come pick it up. I did not spend $1300.00 for something to rust  it's doing a fine job in that department as well, rust everywhere. This company does not sell quality product and I will make consumers well aware when I leave reviews.Carmelina. -----Original Message----- From: tim <> To: email> Sent: Tue, Aug 7, 2012 9:12 am Subject: RE: {ORDER REVIEW) sports sniper 4 stroke Full Size [name] my name was here,Our parts and tech dept has been advised of your issues. They are available Mon - Fri 10am Central to 5pm Central time.You can call (708) 669-1237 and just ask for parts and tech.Thanks much.Tim-----Original Message----- From: <> Sent: Saturday, August 4, 2012 4:02pm To: Subject: RE: {ORDER REVIEW) sports sniper 4 stroke Full Size [name] Hi Tim, I received the bike on Wednesday, we put it together started it and we watched as a hole burned into the exhaust, how do I return?Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone wrote: Name,Unfortunately with the massive sale we had on the 250cc Sports Sniper caused the units to sell out a lot faster than we expected.We are dealer directly for the manufactured they are offering a free upgrade to the Stealth.Here are the units that we can upgrade you to for free:
Entity: Joliet, Illinois

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