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1, Report #1108101
Dec 18 2013
04:14 PM
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
2, Report #1159428
Jul 03 2014
03:07 PM
Sam Moon Scammed by Sam Arlington Texas
Today I purchased three items from this store, two pairs of earrings and one bracelet. When I got to the car I opened the bag and there was no bracelet. I returned to the store and asked the clerk. She looked around, then said she knew she had placed the bracelet in the bag. She called for another employee and he went to check something. When he returned he said he viewed the video and confirmed she placed the bracelet in the bag.  I didn't think to ask to view the video myself. The bag holding the jewelry is only 7 long and the bracelet was stretched full-length on cardboard. I assumed the bracelet was folded in the bag; this is why I opened the bag as soon as I got to my vehicle. There is no way the $18.50 bracelet jumped out of the bag from the counter to the parking lot. I have been shopping at various Sam Moon locations over twenty years and I am very disappointed in this event. I am not the type to create a scene, I just don't go back.    
Entity: Arlington, Texas
3, Report #1406646
Oct 16 2017
03:19 PM
Sam Ovens Sam Oven - unresolved refund request New York Internet
I paid for the Consulting Accelerator Program after watching a webinar where Sam Ovens guaranteed 14 days refund. I confirmed via chat (I have the proof) that indeed there was this 14 days refund guaranteed. No conditions were showed or explained - there weren’t any conditions exposed before the payment. Only AFTER the payment I got access to the user terms and conditions. I read it and there were lots of conditions I didn’t agree. Because of that I DIDN'T SIGN THE AGREEMENT. I have been asking for an immediate full refund, but his customer service is terrible. I've sent several emails and got just one disappointing response asking me to conclude the first 2 weeks to be able to request a refund (that is one of the conditions explained AFTER the payment). However, like I said, I didn't sign the agreement with this condition, so any of the conditions can be imposed on me. I trusted on the information available at the time of the payment – 14 days refund guaranteed. I DID NOT SIGN THE AGREEMENT. After the only response I got I sent several other emails (to support@samovens, support@consulting,, general@consulting) and I got no response whatsoever. I confess I was very excited about the program and I am still looking for a program to study in the future. So far my experience with Sam Ovens’ business has been awful. I feel cheated and disrespected. I am still waiting to have my issue resolved. I will update my post if anything changes (for the better or for the worse).
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1248459
Aug 13 2015
10:17 PM
Sam Wilson Attorney General Office Illinois
 I tecieved a phone call at 4:15pm to my cell phone from 911. A message was left that I would be arrested in 30 to 45 minutes as a legal warrant had been issued for my arrest and to call (773) 345-8014. I saw the call at 5pm as I took a break at work. When I called back I was told that his client was an internet cash advance that was prosecuting me for an advance I had received in 2013. I informed him that I have not had a checking account for at least 5 years due to issues with ex's so it couldn't possibly be me. I asked how I could stop this and was informed that as long as I could prove this and was a law abiding citizen I had nothing to worry about and have a nice day. I should say that Sam Wilson sounded to be of Indian (from India) descent.
5, Report #101534
Jul 31 2004
12:52 PM
Sam Lipoff, Sam Lippoff Aka rip-off! Nonworking watches, wrong items, did not last 30 days! Internet
I used the positive referrals from TheReplicaReport (this site is down now - I wonder why ??)to phone in an order for two watches(His and Hers). I used THEIR item numbers and fully described them as well. The watches were sent COD and very quickly. We picked them up from the post office and opened them as soon as we got home. My watch was incorrect - not even close to what I had ordered, my wife's watch would not work. I could not set the time or the date or wind. I imediately phoned the number that I called to place the order and got an answering machine. No call back. I emailed the customer service address ( as listed on their site. No response. $600 is a lot of money to scam someone out of. After the 14 day return period had expired I decided to wear the ONE watch that did work. I only wore it on the weekends (dinner and a Movie etc)and took very good care of it. On the third weekend that I wore it - the thing died !! Now there is something rattleing around in the case. I have two very expensive lessons why NOT to trust a business on the Internet. These watches are nothing more than a VERY CHEAP piece of junk. The kind of watches that this company says it does not handle. Jeff Beaumont, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1182905
Oct 14 2014
05:06 PM
Sam Martin Sam Walter Sam Carvin Sam requested two Green Dot Cards totalling $680.00. After sending $250.00I s.Closed my file and took supposebly stimus $. San Fransisco California
Received  several calls from Disteict of Columbia. Spoke with lady who stated free stimulus packages were being distributed randomly and I was selected.  She provided another  number of her supervisor who confirmed what she said previously. I was asked to send $250.00 and receive the $7000 stimulus money and would also receive the $250.00 back used to  purchase Green Dot Package Card.    I then reported the card information to a financial officer supposebly from Washington D.C. who said to call Sam Martin at Federal Reserve Bank and the process would be complete in 10 minutes. Sam then asked for an additional $680.00 claiming its needed for fees and taxes and within 10 minutes I would have the money. He even congratulated me. I didn't have that amount on hand so borrowed from some one .     It was the convience store clerk's comment that got me to thinking.  He stated that  the person asking me to purchase the Green Dot Cards totalling that amount knows that only $500.00 can be spent per day on  Green Dot Package Cards. He went on to say I bet the person told you to go to another store if the first store refused for the amount of her$680.00. Which is exactly what Sam Martin asked me to do!      I went back and returned my money in the bank and also returned what was borrowed.  When Sam called asking for the card information and I explained what had transpired at the store he became outraged!! I told you to go to other stores!!! Are you going to purchase the cards or not?!!!  When I responded, No... He yelled I' m closing your file and you're going to lose all that stimulus money.. Which I replied, That's fine    Running  A Scam Sam I Am.  
Entity: San Fransisco, California
7, Report #1319122
Jul 26 2016
11:46 PM
Good Sam Insurance Good Sam RV InsuranceGood Sam Insurance AgencyGood Sam Enterprises, LLC BAIT & SWITCH - Premiums Internet
BAIT & SWITCH - although the switch occurred a year later at renewal time.  Good Sam Insurance Advertised they could save several hundred dollars on vehicle, RV and auto insurance - I called / got quote / and did save several hundred dollars by bundling all vehicles together in one policy, RV, cars, trucks, trailers, etc. Annual renewal time came - Premium increased from $2,700 to $3,400 - no explanation available from Good Sam Insurance and no apparent reason for there to have been an increase - admitting that there were no reasons against me to cause an increase in premium (no accidents, no tickets, no claims, no nothing!) - only that National General just increased the premiums.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #161886
Oct 24 2005
12:34 PM
Sam Deane ripoff East London United Kingdom
I completed a life coaching course with Results Coaching Systems and subsequently was entered onto a yahoo groups email list. A life coach from this company put out an e mail to the group as follows: Dear Results Coach, I acknowledge you for your brave decision to follow your bliss as a coach. However, as you know, whilst this may be an excellent decision in terms of personal growth and spiritual fulfilment, it is not always the most advantageous of choices from a financial point of view. Having spent a great many months seeking a realistic solution to this problem for myself, I am pleased to say that I have hit upon a rather novel way of maintaining myself economically whilst continuing as a full time coach. I wonder if you might be interested to hear about it? If so, then please call me on 0208 983 3770. Leave a message on my ansaphone if I don't pick up. I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes from Sam Deane Results Coach. Knowing that the Results Coaching Systems was a respected one, I decided to follow up this e mail with a call to Sam Deane. He invited me to a business presentation but was highly secretive as to any details of the presentation. He exploited his position as a Results coach by stating 'trust me'. Foolishly I did trust him and went along to a presentation by Omi Club ( To become a member of the club you were requested to hand over 1600 in cash. To make money in the 'club' you had to pursuade others to part with the same amount. After giving part of the subscription fee, 1200, to Sam Deane, I later found out that omiclub is an illegal pyramid scheme. I feel angry that I was cheated by a so called professional life coach from a respected company. The whole experience has put me off the Results Coaching Systems that I trained with as they did not back up my request to take Sam Deane off their list of coaches for his unethical behaviour. I feel he lied to me and cheated me. I also witnessed him trying to encourage one of his coaching clients to part with the 1600 membership fee. He refuses my request to refund my money. Bea LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: London, United Kingdom
9, Report #164358
Nov 12 2005
03:17 PM
Homepay4u - Sam Griswold ripoff Gainsville Florida
Hi, Just to let you know Homepay4u is a scam, they are ripping off hundreds of people per week. Sam Griswold from Gainsville Florida is the person behind the scam. I know of hundreds of people that have been promised goods, like Laptops, Bose systems etc. Not one person has received any of the promised goods. Sam also does not answer emails, so those that cannot log on will never get any assistance to do so. If you want further information about this person and where you can report him, you can email (email deleted - see below) and request Further Info on Sam. Regards Lyn Lyn Gainsville, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Gainsville, Florida
10, Report #466099
Jun 29 2009
03:26 PM
Sam Leath Sue Him Brea CAbrea California
Sue this man. He needs to be in jail. He is a con man and has dupped many people. He needs to be stopped. File a complaint with the attorney general, state attorney or anyone else you can. He should be in jail and paying restitution to all of us. Mel Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Brea, California
11, Report #458979
Jun 05 2009
02:21 PM
I worked for TLC Services, Inc. as a salesperson; Sam Nardone was the president of TLC and my supervisor. When I was in the office, Nardone sexually harassed me repeatedly. Eventually I resigned, and then sued TLC for sex discrimination under Title VII and TLC and Nardone for intentional infliction of emotional distress. A jury found TLC liable, but TLC went bankrupt and does not appeal. The jury also found Nardone liable and awarded me $25,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages. Over the past year and a half I hired a PI to do an extensive investigation on Mr. Nardone because I was screwed by him because right after I was awarded the judgment he purposely filed bankruptcy to get out of giving me a dime. My PI came up with a lot of stuff to prove my sexual harassment charges, He got engaged to a woman named Beverly also know as Bev, who was hired by Nardone to work at his cigar shop, Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge. Bev has been fired numerous times because she wouldn't do what Nardone told her. She even over heard her saying because I wouldn't wear a ring he fired me. People told my PI Nardone treats Bev like a dog, embarrasses her, belittles her and uses his money to make her do what he wants when he wants her to do it, just like he did to me. He was even followed to bars where he got drunk and would start fights with woman bar tenders because she not go out with him. I also know Nardone has illegal gambling going on at his shop, where the FBI has been watching him since 2008. He allows cash games where the pot is well over $5000 a hand and he get a piece of the action. Nardone also sell liquor to good customers and allows them to pay under the table. This man is being watched and investigations are ongoing because of all he has done to all the women who have worked for him. It took me years to get the nerve to write this, but I had to. Don't work for him, don't do business with him, stay away he is a man who will use his money to use you and hurt you, not just in business but personally to. Below is all the proof to show what I said is true. CJH LAS VEGAS, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: MELBOURNE, Florida
12, Report #367258
Aug 26 2008
06:03 PM
Sam Fannin Appraiser Quack DeKalb Texas
This quack appraiser needs his license revoked. He doesn't know how to do his job. A monkey could do a better job than this guy. He appraised a home with one 10 miles away. Was given a list of 5 homes to compare it to and he wouldn't even look at them. Now we may not get the house of our dreams all because this guy wants to be a jerk. I guess it makes him happy. I know he's not a christian or he sure doesn't read his Bible. What would Jesus do? Fire the guy and hire Peter. Tim and Shirley Texarkana, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: DeKalb, Texas
13, Report #726983
May 08 2011
08:13 AM
sam leath Business opportunity bear, California
Scammed me out of 25K for a bogus business opportunity
Entity: bear, California
14, Report #1112500
Jan 03 2014
05:57 AM
sam buffy rip off loans new Mexico new Mexico
 thanks to the report on this Website I didn't send Sam buffy any money. I put a post on the internet very detailed telling people how desperate I am for a loan and how many times I had been ripped off hoping someone honest would come along. I got an email from Sam Buffy who had not been in touch before. He asked me to forward to him via western union 80 dollars i was a worried because I had done this before and not received the loan, but he is using his own name to collect it which is different. Because of all the people who have ripped me off i thought i would do a search first and came across the entry on this site, so thank you I know I haven't got the loan i need so desperately but at least I haven't lost anymore which I cannot afford to do.
Entity: Select State/Province
15, Report #1179873
Sep 29 2014
08:25 AM
Sam Agyedu Tenant Defaulted on Rent Bristol Pennsylvania
Sam Agyedu was my tenant renting an apartment in Bristol PA. Sam Agyedu moved out of unit without paying rent for months he beat me for thousands of dollars. Want prospective Landlords and Employers to be very careful with this individual he will get you...
Entity: Bristol, Pennsylvania
16, Report #1062197
Jun 26 2013
08:46 AM
Unlock Sam Cell Phone Unlocking Company Internet
The company promises an unlock code for your Samsung phone with a money back guarantee.  I got the code, it did not work.  They have no contact number on their website so the only way to contact them is via email to which they never responded.   
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1311004
Jun 12 2016
07:42 PM
Good Sam Roadside Rip-Off Nationwide Nationwide
Late in the evening on June the 10th, I inadvertantly left my lights on in the parking lot of Home Depot. I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance as I am a paid member through January 2017. Good Sam even sent me a Roadside Assistance sticker to attach to my vehicle.I was denied assistance and was told by Good Sam Dispatch that I was not a member. On Saturday I went to Camping World to purchase some supplies. I related my story to the cashier who looked up my account and verified that I was, in fact, paid up with Roadside Assistance. Good Sam is a Rip-Off.  
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1385445
Jul 14 2017
06:27 AM
Sam Swope On Dixie Hwy Louisville Kentucky
 I bought a used escalade and was told it was a 1 owner. I was also told it had never been wrecked. I found out after several electrical issues the car has been wrecked, was a lease vehicle, and I was the 5rh owner! The seats had all been replaced and the car had been on 5 different states! I asked where the vehicle had been before me as o didn't want a car from Michigan, upstate Ohio & Indiana. Guess what?? All 3! I was told the vehicle was from just across the river which implies southern Indiana. Not true. I know they're under new ownership, but I would never buy from them again!
Entity: Louisville , Kentucky
19, Report #603232
May 14 2010
06:39 AM
IHRB Sam Cohen ihrb IHRB - Exposing the thruth about IHRB and SAM COHEN Internet
I would like to make public a scam that has been going on for some time now. In the business of hair growing treatments there is a company operating that is just a plain old scam I have made a website in order to document the facts and give people the chance not to pay the price and be scammed. I would very much need your support now, as I have succeeded  securing the third position in google for ihrb search after a while of working. I want advise from you and help in how to make this website more public, and of course to tell the story of the IHRB hair growing treatment scam. Please let me know what I should do next. I am ready and willing to put some effort in this quest for the truth.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #653814
Oct 21 2010
05:27 PM
Sam,s Club Fraudulent, Bad buisness practices, sam,s, California
 I purchased 4 AT&T cell phones,s from sam,s club, vacaville ,ca. When i purchased the sales men said that there will be $ 30.00 rebate for each phone from AT & T. When the bill came i called AT & T and requested for the rebates. But AT&T said that i should request from Sam,s club . When i asked from sam,s club they denies. I am a not satified with this fraudulent buisness practices and wants my money back.          
Entity: www.sam,s, California
21, Report #699947
Feb 25 2011
02:42 PM
Sam Sesi NOW Property Preservation Sam Sesi 32000 Northwestern Hwy, Michigan
I used to live next door to Sam in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I thought he was a really weird gentleman from the first time I met him. First he had all kinds of cameras put up on his house.  Then, sedans would drop him off at all hours of the night, in all states of sobriety. One morning I was in my yard, doing some work, and Sam's German Shepherd bit me.  I went in the house, cleaned the bite on my arm, and went to his house, to make him aware of the situation, and that I was going to the emergency  room.  After knocking for 5 minutes, Sam answered the door. He was completely disheveled, almost like he had been in the woods. Unshaven, his finger nails were at least a half inch long, and the smell was horrific. It was a mixture of dirt, cheap wine, and body odor. He was also holding a bible.  I was shocked by his appearance, and a little scared. I told him how his dog had bit me, on my property, and that I was going to the emergency room, and he would be responsible for any costs incurred, whether through insurance, or otherwise.  I also asked if his dogs shots were up to date.  He said nothing. I asked if he had heard what I said. He still said nothing, for what seemed like two minutes. Then he just pulled down the front of his filthy sweat pants, and showed me his penis. I was taken aback. I left his home (ran), and called the police. I told the officer what happened, then went to the hospital Two days later I called the PD to see if anything had happened as far as Mr.Sesi exposing his penis to me, and I received the cold shoulder, I called again, a week later, and they told me Mr. Sesi not only supports the Department, but also several prosecutors, and that it was a case of mistaken identity.  I moved a short time later.
Entity: 32000 Northwestern Hwy, Michigan
22, Report #229586
Jan 09 2007
04:22 PM
Sam Pack Ford Sam Pack Ford Rip-Off Service Department Carrollton Texas
I took my truck in to have the Coil and Spark plug changed at 6:55 AM. The day before I had the truck diagnosed with an onboard computer reader (OBD). I told the service dept exactly what I needed. They still charged me $87.00 to tell me what I told them. Then they charged me $352.61 to change the coil and spark plug all total. Of course I called and e-mailed the owner with no response. I work full time and I feel Raped! Rod mckinney, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carrollton, Texas
23, Report #100595
Jul 26 2004
01:03 PM
Globalreplica - Sam Lipoff Replica rip-off by Sam Lipoff again New York Internet
On July 16 I received a package which was sent COD via the US Post Office Priority Mail. I was told I needed to pay 688.00 to get the watch(es). Once I gave the post master the cash which he converted to a postal check I received the box. I opened at home and noticed there was only one watch even though I paid for 2 watches and ordered two watches. I have emailed left vmails for and received no response. Today I filed a complaint with the NY BBB. This guy should be arrested as I noticed he has been ripping off many consumers. Mike Oceanport, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: NY, Internet
24, Report #1118834
Jan 27 2014
04:24 PM
Sam Sam Came for an erotic massage and tried to rape me and stole my money Boston Massachusetts
I give erotic massages and I had a client come see me that call himself sam He's very tall and thin. during his massage he turned over and asked if he could watch me masterbate. I said no, thats not something I do and he began to get very touchy feely even though my rules clearly state that there is no mutual touching. I tried to verbally repremand him and ke kept trying to man handle me so i was below him. It was so scary, I had to start screaming and called the hotel security and he left then , but not before staeling my money that he saw me place inside a drawer. This is a bad disgusting dirty man that has no respect for women. Beware anyone that comes across this pervert.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
25, Report #1045646
Apr 23 2013
04:56 PM
Edmiston & Company SAM Edmiston & Company SAM scammer yacht sales montecarlo, Internet
Entity: montecarlo, Internet

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