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1, Report #1389146
Jul 29 2017
08:19 PM
               I witnessed my father tell off the sales manager for snickering and not taking my dad seriously.   When walked into the into a shop for an engine rebuild and you get treated badly because you have an accent?   My dad and i will never buy another BMW anything ever again. Keep your unreliable POS Bikes!    Their prices are so high it should be regulated !
Entity: San Jose, California
2, Report #112852
Oct 13 2004
06:02 PM
I took my 740 iL in to Stevens Creek BMW for routine service - oil change and a minor repair (replace missing screws on the seat switch panel). It took me 4 days to get my car back - the SA kept giving excuses for why it wasn't ready. When I got the car back, I was told that the switch plates had to be replaced at a cost of $400. After checking it out, I found that not only had the switch plates not been replaced, the service department didn't even replace the two plastic screws that were missing. While the service people were at it, they broke the switch and the switch cover that control the electronic seat switches and the steering wheel tilt mechanism. Replacing that cost me $500 (at an independent BMW repair shop). The oil change cost me an additional $235, so the grand total was $1,135.00! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, GO TO ANOTHER SHOP. Sax SAN JOSE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: SANTA CLARA, California
3, Report #1224988
Apr 26 2015
02:22 PM
google inc mangan w griffith and i paid for 2005 bmw m3 for 4,000.00 i paid with paypal my cash card san jose California
this google inc is useing google address,thier telephone # thier ip address is and they say thier in mountain view,ca 94043 but they real in san jose they useing your phone company to do thier dirt please give me many information a about the company i file compliat with the fbi,google,paypal,w 3 org and more please help im waiting to hear from you thank you i have a lot more about we you contact me they email bill of sale delivery company name but it has the same fake telephone and use telephone company
Entity: san jose, California
4, Report #1418635
Dec 22 2017
07:41 AM
San Jose BMW Motorcycle Reviews  San Jose BMW Motorcycle on me because I'm African American San Jose California
Man, never had this happen before but I walked into San Jose BMW Motorcycle the other day and couldn't get any service. When I finally tracked down their employee with name tag Scott he laughed and said come on man, don't you know that the cheap motorcycles for brothers of color is down the street?. Blatant racism like this should not be tolerated!!!!!BTW -- I see that I'm not the only one who's been dealing with stuff like this from San Jose BMW Motorcycle, here's another review on the site:
Entity: San Jose, California
5, Report #1417486
Dec 17 2017
11:06 AM
San Jose BMW Treated Like an Idiot San Jose California
I went into San Jose BMW last week and it’s taken me a little time to be able to sit down and write this review so others could understand what I experienced while there. I’m disabled and often use a wheelchair when I think I might be inside a business for more than just a few minutes as my back has problems and I also have issues with my legs swelling when I stand for long periods of time. Even with the wheelchair, I am still a fully functioning man and can do basically anything that any other man can do. This includes riding a motorcycle. I’m not much for reading reviews and definitely not one for writing a review, but by the time I left San Jose BMW, I felt like I was a fool who had fallen prey to an online scam or had just been bullied by someone who thought I was inferior to them. Online scams and others who will run a scam are pretty low, but when someone makes a disabled man feel like he is less than a man at all, well, that is pretty low. I had my girlfriend drive me to the bike shop because we live together and as a couple, we make decisions together on major purchases. My goal for the day was to find a bike I felt I couldn’t live without and then proceed to buy it. I planned to have it transported home to be able to ride this coming week when we head to Arizona to visit my brother for Christmas. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be and I can thank the staff at San Jose BMW for their lack of assistance and the way they treated me while I was inside their business. First, when we got to the shop, my girlfriend hopped out of our truck and grabbed my wheelchair. I could have done this on my own, but she is the sweetest woman in the world and she got out of the truck before I did. This must have led the guys inside to believe that I wasn’t able to do anything on my own. We went into the showroom with my girlfriend pushing the chair for me. Not one person offered to show us a bike or even acknowledged that we were there until I asked if someone could help us. The man I spoke to looked over my shoulder and asked my girlfriend if she would be riding the bike. I was sitting in my chair and asked the man why he just ignored me and went directly to my girlfriend to ask if she was going to be the one riding. He said he just assumed that since I was in a chair that she would be the one who was looking for a bike. I was blown away not only by what he said to me but by the fact that when I spoke to him, he blew me off like I was mentally challenged just because I was sitting in a wheelchair. He spoke to me like I was a child and not like the 38-year old man that I am. To say the least, I stood up, folded my chair and walked to the truck and tossed it in the back. I may have spun the tires a little bit while I was leaving the lot. I have never in my life been treated like I was worthless by any business professional, and this guy was less than professional with his assumptions that I was not the looking for a bike and by the way he treated me like I was mentally disabled rather than just a man sitting in a wheelchair looking for a motorcycle. The way he acted upset me so bad that I decided to wait until after the holidays to even shop for a new bike. They could have made a big sale last week, but thanks to improperly trained jerks, they just lost what could have been a good customer to them. 
Entity: San Jose, California
6, Report #77591
Jan 20 2004
09:56 PM
San Jose Mercury News ripoff San Jose California
Don't let this happen to you! I had a kid come to my door in July and sell me an introductory offer for 8 weeks for $10 for the Merc and the San Francisco Chronicle. I signed up for it and a few weeks before it ran out, another kid came to the door and offered my husband the rest of the year for $20, but he had to give him 2 checks each for $10. Then in Sept. I get a bill for $34 for the Chronicle. And then I get a bill for $31 for the Merc. then the phone calls started. They pretty much told me if the receipt didn't specify the promotion, I was out of luck. Last straw was the collection notices. That was the last straw!! I was sooo mad, I emailed the vp of circulation of the Merc and the Chronicle, customer service, and copied all the news stations. Wow, talk about quick turnaround! The Chronicle contacted the collection agency and it has been resolved. I have been assured by the Customer Service Manager at the Merc and I have been told it has been taken care of. I finally stopped getting the Merc as of yesterday (1/19/04), so let's hope I don't get a bill from them! J.T. Santa Clara, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
7, Report #12772
Jan 29 2002
12:00 AM
Watch out for newspapers' kids that come by asking for money so they can earn points for college. I suspect they are using this tactic to sell SUBSCRIPTIONS to unexpected victims. I just gave a kid $10 and after the fact, I realized he gave me a RECEIPT for a subscription. BEWARE OF KIDS TRYING TO SELL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE SAN JOSE MERCURY!!! It's a scam tactic! jOHN
Entity: San Jose, California
8, Report #392492
Nov 18 2008
03:02 PM
San Jose Water Company collection of deposits San Jose California
After just moving to Campbell from Thousand Oaks these guys required a deposit to start my water service. They however would not accept any form of payment other than a check in person. Since I moved in on a Friday afternoon, and it was nearly a 1 hour trip into down town via public transportation I had to suffer my first weekend waterless in my new home. What a sham! Porscheguy695 Thousand Oaks Ca, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
9, Report #568737
Feb 12 2010
04:16 PM
Securitas San Jose Age Discrimination San Jose, California
To make this as clear as I can this company accepted my resume and application for a position requiring little or no experience. I was laid off from the electronic distribution industry and decided to make a career change. I went to a security training course and obtained a state security guard card authorizing me to work in the security industry. After visiting the company in San Jose I was turned away and told to go online to fill out an application. I went home, logged on and did just that. I am a US Navy veteran, and have a solid work history dating back to 1974. I had not heard from them and continued to see them advertising on CalJobs, HotJobs, Monster. I called and asked to speak to someone in their human resource department. The recpetionist told me they don't accept telephone calls and asked if she could help. This is where it gets interesting. I told her I sent in an online application. She told me that my application was sitting somewhere and it would be filed in case something comes up. Meanwhile others have been employed with far less life experience, or credentials. I emailed them at the email address they use on CalJobs. I never got any response one way or another. I again decided to call. For me, this wasn't going to be just a job, but a new career. I was again denied access to anyone with hiring powers. I must also add that the receptionist that I spoke to literally told me the company treats their guards badl, and barely pay minimum wages. She also told me that the company tends to hire younger kids rather than someone my age. If that's not age discrimination I don't know what is. Do these people think American's over the age of 50 don't need to work? Do they think we don't have anything to offer? Was it the salt and pepper hair? If you find yourself looking to enter a new career as myself and choose to enter the ssecurity industry I strongly suggest you do not look at this company. My next step is to find a way to report them to the California EDD and ask that their job ads be removed from the system.
Entity: San Jose, California
10, Report #1272282
Jul 19 2016
08:38 AM
Ebay San Jose, CA New Seller Deception San Jose California
My eBay selling experienceOn November 21st, 2015, I signed up as a new seller on eBay.  After almost 20 sales and almost $100 in shipping, as well as over $150 in merchandise sold, after about 2 weeks I had received just $25.00 in money from my sales.eBay states that new buyers are put under monitoring for buyer protection.  They also state that after a customer has received their item and the seller inputs the tracking number and prints the shipping labels and marks the items as shipped that the seller receives their funds in 3 business days, rather than the usual 3 weeks.I input my customer tracking numbers on 18 of my 20 orders and followed all ebays new seller polices.  On December 5th, 2015, I went into paypal to look at my funds I saw that there were sales that I had made weeks ago that did not have my funds released, especially those that meet the qualifications for the 3 day funds release policy. I lived up to my end of the bargain, eBay and paypal did not live up to their end.  They are cheats and liars.  They treat new sellers like garbage and are a disgrace to emerging capitalism, maybe that's what they really want to is destroy the marketplace. Maybe that's the new American way, become a big mega corporation and stop playing by the rules, do whatever you like and get away with it. Obviously I closed my eBay seller account and am going to keep selling on Etsy, I don't do business with shady crooks or people who lie and cheat.  P.S. I had stopped using paypal 7 years ago due to other problems, but thought they had cleaned up their act.  It seems that they have only gotten worse. How can these crooks get away with such behavior?
Entity: San Jose, California
11, Report #1149694
May 26 2014
10:38 AM
savage BMW now Penske BMW of ontario BMW of Ontario California Sold a salvage vehicle, lied, refuse to take back! Ontario California
Purchased a 'certified used x5'. The 1 page car fax they gave was clean. Then when I went to turn it in. To the Same dealer they told me it was salvage, and show me a new car fax multiplied pages. I contacted corperated. They said take car back. Remove the miles and the money I already paid. Dealer refuse.  mike and his team ran me around in circles. Only contacting me when the BBB was filed#20037992, did he contact me. Still refuse to take the car back we didn't know it was salvage too bad for you. They falsely presented a 'clean' car, sold it >$42,000 but it's worth $16,000.    bmw corp. says we can't make them do anything. Just monitor it To see if it's a pattern. Bmw only cares about themselves, they lie and cheat and misrepresent their products!! Consumer beware.
Entity: Ontario, California
12, Report #113025
Apr 08 2005
12:40 AM
Safari Moving And Storage Safari IS A RIPOFF LIED AND DECEIVE San Jose California
The Safari moving company RIPPED me off. Before I called and gave them my business to move from Milpitas, California to Streamwood Illinois I tried to check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, on the week of 10/04/04 the Better Business Bureau was updating the safari moving company's record so all I got was This company's record is being updated, please check back other time So, I called Safari and asked them if there was a reason why the Bettere Business Bureau was updating their records and was it becasue of a complaint... they assure me that it was not a complaint but that every 6 months the Better Business Bureau updates their system. Anyhow, so I went ahead and trusted them on 10/05/04. I called and spoke to Isai and she quoted me the move from Milpitas, Ca. to Streamwood, IL. for a total of $978.00 at a total of 1150lbs at 0.85 cents a lbs. I agreed and schedule a pickup time which was Saturday 10/09/04 between 4-6. I then booked my flight after work for Friday 10/08/04 from Chicago back to California to take care of the moving and to let them into storage to pick up our stuff. I arrived on Friday 10/08/04 at night. A guy name Keef or Keith from Safari Moving then called me at 5pm on Friday 10/08/04 and said that they can't pick up my stuff on Saturday 10/09/04 like they had promised between 4-6pm and can only pick it up between 8-10am (that only leaves me a couple of hours since I just got off the plane. SO the next morning they came and said that all my PC and computer must need a special box and the box I had was not good enough. I had to purchase 4 of their so call special box for $54.99 EACH! Besides that the mattress cover I got was also not good enough so I had to purchase 2 of their mattress cover for $11.99 EACH! (on the quote said that king/queen mattress cover are $7.99 each!) Since I had to purchase their so call SPECIAL BOX I wanted to leave some stuff behind and they said that it has to be a minium of 1100lbs. THAT WAS NOT ON MY CONTRACT! On my contract it said that Total cost will based on actual weight! NOTHING REGARDING ANY MINIUM WEIGHT THAT HAD TO BE !So, now I have to pay an extra $237 for their so call special boxes and covers! I called the company on the following Monday 10/11/04 and complain. I spoke to Diane at Safari Moving and she assure me that she will try and resolve the issue for me next morning (10/12/04) she did not call me back at all. I actually had to call her back everyday for the rest of the week. Finally, she calls me back on Thurday 10/14/04 and told that they will take off $8 off for charging me $11.99 each for the 2 covers which on the quote had the price of $7.99 that I had to purchase at $11.99 each but the rest they will not take out! I don't understand why I had to purchase all these so call special boxes and covers. I have the right to refuse them and use my own materials... they should of make me sign a waiver stating that they reccommend me to use their so call special material and if I refuse then it's not their reponsibiity if something happens to the stuff! Instead, they said if I don't purchase their special boxes and covers then they will refuse to load my stuff for moving! They intentionally, change the times knowing that I don't have the time to pack my stuff and intentionally made me purchase their materials for extra costs! And Lied to me that I my stuff had to be a minium of 1100lbs. (COMPLETELY OPPOSITE OF WHAT WAS ON THE QUOTE!). EVERYBODY PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS RIP OF COMPANY Regards Thuy Streamwood, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Report list of other Moving Companies Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on National Moving Network and other various transport companies ripping off the consumer
Entity: San Jose, California
13, Report #250865
May 28 2007
07:31 PM
San Jose Land Rover Ripoff broke windshield wanted me to pay $1200 to repair it San Jose California
I bought a used totaled land rover off of ebay. it had been repaired and had only 8000+ miles. the windshield wiper did not work, I asked to have it replaced. land rover checked to confirm warranty or not and confirmed it was totaled and had no warranty. I agreed to pay for several repairs myself, about $4000, they did $2500 in repairs and broke the windshield because they said it had been put on wrong. They are supposed to be the experts...they knew it was a salvaged vehicle, they told me they would be careful just in case. They assumed no liability. The rest of the work was also shoddy, I paid $2500 for some crap workmanship. Under the circumstances I traded the car in on a Chevrolet SUV. It cost me lots of money to deal with these unscsrupulous people...and lots of inconvenience and headaches. Ross San Jose,, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
14, Report #1322309
Aug 13 2016
12:18 PM
Regional Medical Center of San Jose Medical Bill Scam San Jose California
My wife, Mai T. Lac, had a shoulder dislocation in June 12th 2015. She was taken to Regional Medical Center emergency room for treatment in the morning and by noon, she was ready to go home. I was told by the person doing the billing at the emergency room at the checkout time that that our insurance would pay for the treatment but we have to co-pay an amount of $955.51. She also told me that if I pay for the co-pay in full on that day, I would have a discount of 20% or so. Thus, I paid for the co-pay bill the same day, $764.41, thinking everything was settled on that day. About a month later, we received a bill from NPAS Inc demanding payment on behalf of Regional Medical Center for a balance of more than $1027.29 (see attachment). Although, I was not sure what the charge was for, I called the phone number on the bill and negotiated a monthly payment of $100.00. I paid $100.00 from my debit card on the same day.Then, I received no bills for a few months. On 12/31/2015, I went to Regional Medical Center to pay for another bill for my own emergency treatment in December 2015. I brought along the bill for my wife treatment that I received earlier and told the cashier at the hospital that I want to pay for the bill. The cashier checked my wife's patient record and told me that we own no money to the hospital and advised me to ignore the bill. So we ignored it. Then, a few months later, we keep receiving bills for my wife case this year that we decided to ignore thinking it is an error at the hospital billing system. Then, we lately received a debt collector, Parallon, demanding the balance payment of $942.20. A strange thing about these bills are they come from various entities with different address. One common thing is they all use PO box for return address as below (see attachment): Debt Collectors: 1/ Regional Medical Center of San Jose, PO Box 402269, Atlanta, GA. 30384-9178 2/ Parallon, Patient Account Services, 5707 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 100, Norcross, GA. 30092 4/ Regional Med Center San Jose, PO Box 923508, Norcorss, GA. 30010-3508 3/ Medicredit, Inc, PO Box 1692, Maryland Heights, MO. 63043-0629 4/ NPAS,Inc., PO Box 99400, Louisville, KY 40269 Based on the cashier of the hospital advise and the above fact, I become suspicious that the hospital billing system was hacked and the information was sold to all these scam companies to demand payment from past patients. However, the hospital covers it up. This is a serious offense. If this was the case, the hospital must alert the patient of such potential scams. On 08/08/2016, on advise of ABC News On Your Side editor staff, I sent a letter to the Chief Operating Officer of the hospital, Mrs. Sandy Yanko, but have not heard anything from the hospital. I report this experience here and demand the hospital action on my case and if the hospital billing system was hacked and information are sold to scammers, the hospital must inform all patients so they dont pay these scammers' bills.
Entity: San Jose, California
15, Report #1463502
Oct 04 2018
09:54 AM
San Jose Water reamed me for $441 water bill caused by leak San Jose CA
The following report filed with SJ Water was promptly ignored. Today I was sent a cut off notice which stated the balance of the bill MUST be paid AT THEIR OFFICE IN PERSON by Oct 9 or I would be cut off. These people are impossible to reason with, nasty and insulting on the phone and act like Gestopo, besides ripping off consumers.- - - - - - -Stephen and Hirut Campbell                                                    7170600000-8(((REDACTED)))  San Jose, CA (((REDACTED)))(((REDACTED)))                                                       approx 07-20-18                                                 approx 08-30-18Attn: Wendy Walker, Controller; Curtis Rayer, Vice President - OperationsLeak started behind wall adjacent to water heater in garage area and when un-noticed until thiscaused another leak at hot water the output connect atop the heater. The wall had to be demolishedand piping replaced. As well, water heater was replaced. Repair costs (parts) were a section of1/2 copper piping and 2 sheets of drywall The labor costs were minimal as my neighbor, a plumber,did the pipes and I did the drywall replacement.A spreadsheet analysis clearing showing a gross departure in water use in Aug/Sept 2018 vs.historical use. The spike useage from the water leak caused a 66 and 59 CCF reading for Aug andSep, respectively. Due to this unforseen and unavoidable leak, we are requesting a calculatedcredit (spreadsheet) for AUG/SEP of $180.36
Entity: San Jose, CA
16, Report #109168
Sep 20 2004
01:13 AM
Hollister Hollister ripoff steals dollars from customers San Jose California
Hollister employee sold the same $9.00 item to me twice! I caught this two weeks later when I received my bank statement. I went back to the store and I was treated like a thief by their typical young manager & employees. I decided to contact their head quarters to resolve this issue. I should have known that I would get the same treatment from them! The guy on the phone was talking to me as though I'm trying to steal a measly petty $9.00 out of them! So he said that they need to do lots of investigation!! He got my number and never got back to me. I decided that the $9.00 weren't worth my time and energy wasted with this cheap,petty company that obviously preferred to lose a customer over $9.00 dollars. I have not gone back to them since and never will again spend a dime at their store. I have also made sure that everyone knows about their dealings with me. Linda San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
17, Report #87976
Apr 16 2004
08:47 PM
BENEFICIAL ripoff False Advertising & Unprofessional Business Behavior. SAN JOSE California
I received a check by mail from beneficial, when my bank Wells Fargo Bank tried collecting the funds they refuse releasing the funds. Which there explanation was this funds can not be release for the reason that this account is not existent. All my check bounce & I had to pay $33.00 dollars for every check bounce & besides that it make me look really bad with my other creditors. I call Beneficial and spoke to Maria Pantoja she schedule me for 7:00pm to go over to the office & she was going to write me another check & void the check I received by mail. Afterwards suddenly I received 2 statements from Beneficial with 2 different account & different loan amounts. I contact Beneficial by phone & explain them what happend they said they we're going to fix this problem, & should be receiving the right statement with the right account# & $amount. After this problem was never fixed I received a letter from Benefial Collection Office, saying that I needed to send the past-do amount on my account before my credit suffers furder collection consequenses. On Saturday morning I received a call from Beneficial Collection Dept. I explain the situation again, but wasn't fixed. Sunday night I received another call from them again & they said for me not to send any payment until they fix my acc. & I receive the right statement. Finally on Wednesday 4/14/04 early morning around 8:00am or 8:20am I was getting ready to go to work when my phone rings and it was Beneficial Collection Dept. I spoke to Michael, I tried to explain him what is being going on with my account but he just being very rude and harrassing me when I told him well from which acc. are talking about & tell me if for sure there's only 1 acc. under my name. As soon as I said that he answers well this account is the one I'm talking about, so tell me when are you sending your payment I need for you to actually sended right away. Then I told him well I was told not to send a payment until my account was fixed then he started pressureing me with (well you wan't to talk come on talk to me, you know I'm from Beneficial Collection Dept. so come on talk to me) so after listening to the tone of his voice & the rudeness way he was talking to me, I told him sure can you please give me your name & number were I can call you back because I really need to get to work and I can not be late, but he kept on going until finally I said Don't worry you will receive you payment, then he finally said ok by. But besides this to top it off financially I got worse after I used this loan, & I got in trouble with my Supervisor at work for the reason that Beneficial use to call her Dept. asking for me & when she was trying to be helpful by try asking them for a name & phone #, they wouldn't even answer anything but they would just hang-up. (Why should I pay for a loan that suposely I borrowed, when Wells Fargo Bank return to me the original check that I received by mail with a letter explaining why they couldn't collect the funds.) I'm sorry that I ever got this loan, for the reason that Beneficial screw me up from the begining & they got the rudest people working for them like the representive I mention Michael. Mirna San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: SAN JOSE, California
18, Report #815959
Dec 30 2011
02:30 PM
Metro PCS Long Overdue Rebate San Jose, California
     I purchased a Huawei M835 mobile phone from a Metro outlet in San Jose, CA at the end of October 2011. I submitted the rebate form, the ID number from the box and a copy of the receipt, as instructed The rebate was to be $70.00 according to the Metro clerk.     I checked on the rebate website and the response was that there was no record of receiving my rebate documentation. It has been ten weeks since mailing the documentation to the address in Texas provided by the seller.
Entity: San Jose, California
19, Report #772676
Sep 03 2011
09:38 AM
coolguy42962 Pat dishonest and a player San Jose, California
Pat is a class act. He has a full time hobby scanning and seeing who he can scam next. Don't trust him!!! He will con you for money and not pay you back
Entity: San Jose, California
20, Report #741514
Jun 16 2011
10:43 AM
Verizon Suspended Service Billing San Jose, California
I have a MiFi device through Verizon.  I haven't used it, so I wanted to cancel it, especially since my 2-year period had expired.  Instead of cancelling it, I suspended it, without accumulating charges.  I did not know what this actually meant --- the suspension would only last 3 months, and then I would start being charged again,  AND, the 2-year period (originally over in May) would be EXTENDED the period of suspension!  I saw that I was being charged for the MiFi after suspending it, so I e-mailed Verizon to complain.  They called me back and told me that they would credit me the amount on the bill BUT if I wanted to cancel I would have to pay early-termination fee.  I said that the 2-year period was over.  They said that it had been extended until August, and it would cost me $70 in early termination fees.   This was not evident when I suspended -- I don't remember this being explained when I said to suspend the service on-line.    If you want to CANCEL a line,  you are forced to call in.
Entity: San Jose, California
21, Report #182983
Mar 23 2006
06:37 PM
Days Inn Ripoff Drug Haven San Jose California
I have needed the opportunity to use Days Inn, San Jose on a couple of occaisions. However My last stay, last year, was the final straw. The first time, the room appeared to be clean and surprisingly odorless for a smoking room. However, having family in the hotel business, I always check under the bed. Under the mattress, inside the box frame, the floor was littered with baby jars with glued straws stuck to them. I was unsure as to their exact use, but my guess was drug paraphanelia. The filters on their air conditioner was absolutely filthy. Upon checkout, I reported to the staff of my find and was directed to the manager, who happened to be unavailable (how convenient). I left a couple of messages but never received a call back. A call and correspondence to Days Inn Corporate was they would check into it and get back to me. It has been 3 months and I have repeatedly tried to get this resolved. Why the big issue? If for any reason you stay at a facility and the police enter your room for any reason, the renter of the room is held liable. Wouldn't that look good on business travel? Del San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
22, Report #302122
Jan 21 2008
03:44 PM
Comcast Comcast is a rip-off San Jose California
I overpaid my account according to the statement and was notified I would receive a refund in the mail. This was 4 months ago. After several calls to Comcast, I still have not recieved my refund, but I did receive an interruption notice. Each time I call them to ask about it, they tell me it will be 4 weeks. What a bunch of crap. Erikwilson San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
23, Report #1068573
Jul 19 2013
08:25 PM
uno False promotions San Jose San Jose
 Grupo UNO operate a number of gas stations in Cost Rica.For some weeks they have been running a promotion whereby you receive a sticker with gas purchases. Complete a card of stickers and you can receive a sports ball for a token price. (football, volleyball, basketball etc)The only problem is that the balls don't exist. Having duly filled my card with my 7 year old daughter we went to get our ball.When presented with the card, the attendant cheerfully announced that there are none. Not at that forecourt or any other in the entire counrty.Has the offer expired... oh no, the advertisments were still all over the forecourtThe head office contact details were given as a scribbled phone number on a scrap of paper, which inevitably leads only to voicemailGrupo Uno continue to run the promotion,despite having no goods to make good the promise, and according to the people in the forecourt, not intending to get further supplies.It appears to me to be a very shortsighted promotion..... get extra sales for a few weeks and piss-off all your customers in the longer term 
Entity: San Jose, Select State/Province
24, Report #1037464
Mar 23 2013
07:22 PM
Alys Tree Trimming Destroyed my Property-Avoid San Jose, California
This grossly incompetent company was hired by the FireSafe Council, a non-profit that was supposed to bring me fire hazard compliant.  They stripped all the ground cover off of my property which is at the base of two hills sides, one on the side of me and one behind.  This is in defiance of all soil conservation and soil engineering guidelines and the run off thus created caused damage to my property, cracking in the walls and driveway.  They also stripped my side and front yard of 70% of the vegetation, again causing severe runoff.  Now they are refusing to pay for any damages.  I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. Please note fire hazard regulations allow dead grasses up to 6 inches high and dense vegetation as long as it does not substantially overlap so all this removals was not necessary to bring me fire hazard compliant.
Entity: San Jose, California
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Jan 03 2013
10:53 PM
Arthur Chien The Rapist San Jose, California
I was not aware i can report about anyone on here! This guy raped my friend when she was sleeping! She reported him to the police but his mom hired a lawyer so he could not get caught! if this happens to you even though you're in a relationship with him, please don't hesitate to report him to the police so he can go to jail! while dating my friend he went on sleeping with other women as well!! those women reported how he touched them as well! he did the same thing to those women as he did to my friend! Be careful with this guy! his full name is arthur zhi kwang chien!!!! he was once in De Anza College, UCSD and might be in SJSU. The last time a report came he was working in Baskin Robins. He can be anywhere to commit this crime again!! His mind is unstable and he is a little crazy due to his family pressure! His mom was crazy too. She knew about his child being abnormal but she kept quiet because she's scared of other family members knowing about this situation.
Entity: San Jose, California

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