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1, Report #1403225
Sep 29 2017
06:42 PM
Sarah Weaver Girl boss directory They contacted me and offered a place in a local networking directory at a fee of $250. The name of their directory was very similar to the name of a business consultant I had connected with so I assumed it was the same women’s networking group. I sent in the funds and never heard from them again. Internet
I was contacted by Sarah Weaver who advised that a local women’s networking group was looking to add a travel business to their networking directory.  They contacted me and offered a place in the local networking directory at a fee of $250. The name of their directory was very similar to the name of a business consultant I had connected with so I assumed it was the same women’s networking group. I sent in the funds and never heard from them again.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1326022
Sep 02 2016
08:53 AM
LEWIS WEAVER Lewis Weaver is a Con-artist Nationwide
Lewis Weaver and his son or son-in-law Brandon Dykes paid to attend one of my week long crane operator classes.  The class is an expedite type class giving the individual some one on one seat time on set up and operating mobile cranes for the first three days, and classroom the following 4 days.  So typically the class runs Monday to Sunday.  Monday to Wednesday the individual will get one on one of the crane.  Thursday is lecture about cranes, and Friday and Saturday are practice written exams for the NCCCO written exams.  So come Friday afternoon, these two knuckleheads decide they are going to self study at home???  They don't even show up for Satruday practice exams, and show up Sunday for the written exams.  Of course they failed their written exams.   Then they have the balls to have their credit card company reverse the charges.  WTF?  They claim I did not deliver the goods, and that I didn't cover what was on the exams????  I have been doing this for 10 years...serving over 4000 students, and I have an approximate 90% pass / fail rate???  REALLY?   I would definitely stay away from these con artists...and nor would I hire them as they are most likely the type that will look for a law suit.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #11234
Jan 10 2002
12:00 AM
Jeff Weaver Adulery Lexington NC
Jeff Weaver has the lion's den on Lamb Rd. Duped my wife into being his redneck 'ol lady, shotgun in hand. And he feels fine walkin' her into church, Methodist or Baptist. Don't worry about your rotten teeth, I've heard Hades will burn a long time.
Entity: Lexington, North Carolina
4, Report #387294
Nov 02 2008
08:15 PM
Mike Howard, Bldg Inspector City Of Weaver City Government here has become too corrupt, & too powerful Weaver Alabama
This City Resident, has become a victim of a very corrupt gov't. She filed lawsuit papers in District Court (Calhoun County), Oct. 30, 2007....regarding a civil rights' lawsuit. Back on 10/20/2008 certified papers were mailed to ....Mike Howard (Notice & Demand)....w/ regard to lawsuit papers sent to him ...previous to that. And that I needed a settlement....w/ regard to this lawsuit. (Since reply either). This victim has a commercial lien on her property....Without Prejudice UCC 1-308. What has really aggravated this victim too... is how this Bldg. Inspector, along w/ Calhoun County District Judge, Larry Warren, had the Weaver Police Chief (Wayne Bush) to arrest this victim (right in front of her the P.Office here. back in the winter....even when she told him...that lawsuit papers had already been filed in District Court too). These papers were w/ regard to their abusive, stalking, & harassment towards her (a Sr. Citizen) too. All she wants now is to be settled up w/ (in this lawsuit) fairly, & justly w/ regard & concerning this commercial lien on her property. So that she can move on w/ her personal life too.Due to all the un-welcome stress put upon her physical & mental health....she doesn't feel safe at her home anymore. New World Order Agency (which is very evil) towards real Christians now controlling mankind thru our abusive City Gov'ts too. (Zoning ordinances (according to her legal researchers) is a fraudulent scheme being pushed upon many of their citizens too. M Weaver, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Weaver, Alabama
5, Report #190252
May 06 2006
11:22 AM
Vickie Weaver ripoff Bear Delaware
She checked out an oriental rug hand knotted with a price value of $3596.00. She gave us bad credit card number. Despite our repeated calls, she did not bring back the carpet or pay for it. We did file a police report in Raleigh, North Carolina. Insaf Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Bear, Delaware
6, Report #951768
Oct 08 2012
07:00 AM
Ronald Weaver Unbelievable! CEO Ronald G Weaver Own Me 400USD Irvine California
Candy met Ron on May 27,  he always want to use her money, drive her car, use something which she bough, ....they knew two month, it is normal that they should know some then say good bye, also she knew he lie some very serious part  which he has sex disability problem (he did vasectomy on his penis). It is also simple to say goodbye. But he threat her take stuff away otherwise he will burn, and also he told her he has no money for return to her on which he own her 400usd. At beginning, he keep delay date, then he don't want to give her money back. She only get some stuff back. But he still keep some stuff. Unbelievable! CEO want to spend the other woman's money, only 400usd.
Entity: Irvine, California
7, Report #1108778
Dec 21 2013
04:40 AM
Thomas Weaver Tommy Weaver Liar, cheater, loser, porn star, dishonest, stupid, loser, pedophile Berkeley California
Do not trust this liar. Thomas is a complete scumbag that cheats on his girlfriend and calls her fat. Thomas Benjamin Weaver has filmed porn while being in a relationship. This guy is a complete uneducated, loser complete with crooked brown teeth and a disgusting nose. Thomas has admitted to moltested his underaged sister Eileen Weaver when he was younger. He constantly posts ads on Craigslist looking for sex partners either male or female. Do not interact with this man he is ugly, poorly dressed,dishonest and psycho. If you reject him he'll stalk you for years.
Entity: Berkeley, California
8, Report #1330025
Sep 25 2016
07:34 PM
Billy Weaver The Weaver Tree Unprofessional, vindictive individual Louisville, KY Internet
 I have been a loyal customer to Mr. Weaver for a long time. For whatever reason, he treats me like garbage. He had very good prices so I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this last time I purchased from him, the stuff he sold me wasn't even what I ordered let alone paid for. He basically sent dirt in lieu of herbal tea. He throws public tantrums and slanders people on his Facebook group. He thrives in drama and is a backstabbing immature jerk. Most recently, he's been trying to arrange a hookup outside of his marriage. Please stay away from this person. He's bad news and his company is a train wreck.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #855407
Mar 19 2012
12:41 PM
Becki Weaver Orlando, FL WARNING !!! Becki Weaver Becki Weaver Scam Warning - Trouble Maker False Community Activist who slanders business Orlando Florida
Posting this as a WARNING to all local area businesses regarding BECKI WEAVER from Orlando, Florida. Be EXTREMELY careful when dealing with this one and think long and hard before you make the mistake of hiring her.  She is a trouble maker.     Unlike her posts against our business, we are not posting this anonymously.   You are encouraged to read her false posting about our company as well as our rebuttal. Incredibly long and crazy story short - she contacted our company with a question about real estate she owned and then as crazy as it sounds - she proceeded to lobby for us to hire her.  At one point she was begging for us to provide a paid position to her.   We said no. She kept emailing and calling but at one  point we  stopped communicating with her realizing that there was something not quite right with her.   She presents herself as some type of consumer activist warrior watch dog or something that is there to protect consumers and help people etc.   She is one of those that view any successful business today that is making money as one that MUST be doing something wrong.    In her deranged liberal mind - it seems profit and success = evil.    Seems she believes that since everyone is broke and suffering in this bad economy - that any business that is successful MUST be taking advantage of someone or doing something improper. We by distressed assets.  That is our business and have been doing it for years.   It just so happens that in bad economic times - there are very high levels of distressed assets and so we tend to do quite well. We work mainly through attorneys, asset managers and other 3rd parties that aggregate property.  We do not work directly with homeowners in any capacity that could be construed as any type of rescue company etc.    We buy distressed assets.  Mitigate liens and sell for a profit.   We are not in business to save the trees, save the seals or save the environment.   We are in business to make a profit and feed our families. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about our business, what we do and how we do it - Becki Weaver proceeded to draw all sorts of false conclusions and make outrageous slanderous allegations - all basically because we woudn't hire her.   Because we weren't looking to hire anyone. This post is to WARN ANY AND ALL EMPLOYERS ABOUT BECKI WEAVER.  Be advised - if she went to these lengths to slander our company when we had absolutely no relationship with her - I can only imagine what she might do to another company that does make the mistake of hiring her. In our conversation with her - she mentioned all sorts of derogatory information about her last employer and even revealed some of what we perceived to be trade secrets.   We thought this was very odd but now realize that this is the game she plays. She presents herself as a nice, pleasant, energetic person in order to get hired and then once she is inside the organization - she becomes a cancer with what we believe is an intent to learn everything about  a company in order to use that trade secret information as leverage in extorting that business into doing what she wills or even avoid firing her. We wanted to WARN all businesses in the greater Orlando area - especially any business in the insurance, real estate, mortgage or related businesses - as this is where she tends to focus. If you have trade secrets, methods of marketing, competitive market edge or have figured out new niches to be profitable in today's economic climate and you want that information to REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL   then DO NOT HIRE THIS WOMAN.    She is a virus that will sit in your organization with the sole intent of using your strengths and weaknesses against you in such a way where she can impose her will. We refused to hire her and she caused all sorts of problems for us.  I can only imagine the poor business owner that makes the mistake of actually hiring her.  She is a black widow to be avoided. Business owners in Orlando area beware of Becki Weaver.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
10, Report #845707
Mar 01 2012
06:51 AM
Ross Weaver Construction/Excavation Weaver Excavation, Weaver Construction Unreliable, Crook, Incompetent, Abandons job, Lier, Cheat, Doesn't pay bills, Unregistered, Unlicensed Ogden, Utah
Beware of Ross Weaver Construction and Excavation.  He was contracted to excavate a home I built in Park City Utah.  He committed to have the job done in three months.  After getting the contract and doing about 25% of the work he stopped showing up.  He would work a couple of hours or a couple days and then be absent.  We tried to work with him and this went on for a couple of months.  We found out later Ross was training for a marathon rather than showing up for work. Ross tried to hold us hostage saying he needed more money or he wouldn't finish the work.  At this point we hired someone else to start completing the job.  He was upset and we  offered to let him continue working which he did for about two weeks but we said it was contingent upon him being there on the job doing the work.  He also asked us for an advance which was to pay for a hydraulic hammer he rented but hadn't been current on paying his bills.   This was the only commitment Ross kept, we forwarded him money and he was there for the two weeks working. After this he tried to extort more money out of us which we dismissed him from the job and had the other contractor finish the work.  Ross even had the audacity to lie to the equipment rental company claiming we didn't pay our bills for which the owner started calling us.  We showed the owner the receipts and proved it was Ross Weavers lies and games.    By the time he was dismissed the job was 6 months into a job that should have been done in three. You would think Ross would have been man enough to accept responsibility but his lies continued.  He claimed the survey was wrong and that the information he was given was incorrect and that he removed more loads.  I had the survey repeated and a model of the excavation to demonstrate all the information was accurate.....the survey was correct he just couldn't calculate correctly or load his trucks to full capacity. Ross found an attorney that had a robo business slapping unlawful mechanics liens on developers, proceeded to sue us for the balance of the contract that he didn't complete which was about $27,000.  Remember he was relieved for not showing up on the job and we only paid him for the percentage of the job that was completed.  We paid the $27,000 to the contractor that stayed on the job and completed the work.   The lien interfered with us selling the home so we bonded over it.  At the time my brother who was the general contractor passed away and I wanted to move on and eliminate all negative influences in my life so I offered Ross the $27,000 to go away. This guy is such a greedy crook that when he found out the bond was for $60,000 he wanted it all.  I put my foot down and told him I would spend $100,000 to see that he got nothing if he continued his extortion.  He finally took the money with the realization he wouldn't get anything.  Also, the Utah supreme court finally established and sided with us that it was an unlawful mechanics lien. This guy works without licenses or beyond the limitations of his license.  He has two incidents in the past he was fined for doing so.  Worse is his portrayal that he is an upstanding and religious and faithful follower of the mormon faith.  He is nothing more than a crook.  I think Ross is just incompetent and a bumbling impersonation of a contractor.  He has a history of doing these types of antics and scams with insurance companies too.  Ross will reap what he sews and if I can prevent one person from getting took by this cheat, it will be well worth it.  
Entity: Ogden, Utah
11, Report #157033
Sep 14 2005
08:21 AM
Weaver Wayside Furniture Heavy handed agreement and treatment RIPOFF Danville Virginia
The Weaver Wayside Furniture Concern promised a short delivery of 4 weeks, but the actual delivery was 14 weeks. There were several promises of earlier deliveries but none were met. The goods, when they arrived were OK. They use a contract of adhesion that allows them to take as long as they want to deliver goods. You have no right to cancel delivery and the agreement specifies that they can sue you in Virginia. So, even a credit card is not a lot of help. They take the position that they are an established furniture concern in Danville, but the local Chamber of Commerce informed me that they run their local office by appointment only which likely means they are doing very little except their internet sales. They also have many unresolved BBB complaints. The money saved did not justfy the delays and heavy handed treatment. They also blamed the delivery service, but would not accept any responsibility for the performance of the delivery company. DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU CANNOT GET THE GOODS ANYWHERE ELSE!!!! Gene Richmond, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Danville, Virginia
12, Report #337184
Jun 05 2008
03:52 AM
Carin Weaver Deadbeat Liar - Ripoff Stole thousands of dollars from people - even her family. Wellsville Ohio
Carin Weaver pretends to be religious, a Jehovah's Witness in Wellsville OH, but what she does is prey on the kindness of others. She does the poor me scam to perfection. She has stolen $1000s of dollars from her own brother. She borrows things from people and then pawns them. In fact, she went to rental centers to rent things - and then pawns them. Currently she earns money by selling her perscription narcotics - which she gets from several area doctors and fills at different pharmacies. Do not get involved with her. She has no long-term friends - because she rips everyone off. She has even been seen cheating on her husband as recently as a week ago - while he was working all day at his shop. Nothing to prove East Liverpool, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wellsville, Ohio
13, Report #358395
Aug 02 2008
04:11 AM
Laurie Weaver Rented me an Illegal Apartment, could not meet builders code. Cartersville Georgia
Laurie Weaver , Rented me an apartment in cartersville, Ga. That was an addition onto a Single Family Dwelling. In a subdavision, That was zoned for single familiy dwellings only. this apartment did not meet building codes. She wanted me to move when I asked her to make needed repairs to the apartment, such as water leeks, Broken outside doors. etc. When my lease was due to be up on the 8th ofAugust. She Told me to move By the 1st of the August or she would start charging me $25.00 a day starting on the 1st and everyday thare after untill I moved. This was not in the lease agreement. And my lease wasnt up untill 8th of August. I think this is her way of not refunding my Deposit. Sweetwine Stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cartersville, Georgia
14, Report #451492
May 13 2009
11:57 AM
LeModeln - Linda Weaver Unscrupulous and unorthodox Boardman Ohio
I had high hopes when I signed up. I was disappointed, however, when she turned on me a couple weeks into my contract, and began to show an ugly side. This agen'ts contract is Exclusive. It is best to go Non-Exclusive, but that is all she would do. I was desperate, with no other opportunities, so I did it anyway. This agency allegedly charges up-front fees, (her headbook fee) or will enslave you to work as a temp in their office, making cold sales calls to other victims. As I was unemployed at the time and desperate, I signed on for a year and agreed to work for a couple weeks in her office. The work dragged on for a month, then I quit, as I could not afford to drive the hour to Boardman and back, without pay. In the beginning, I was coerced to be cast as an extra on a bad -and canceled- television show, in an attempt by her, to make it look as if she was real, to lure me into working with her. Then, she began to 'turn' on me and became mean and nasty towards me, and would forbid me from giving out any contact information when I tried to network with other professionals in the industry. (she even snatched a business card out of my hand, in public and yelled at me, right in front of thousands of people, as I tried to do so.) She would not book me for other work such as concerts, either, (except for low or no-pay)...and booking for good quality paying shows, was the primary reason I signed up. She was allegedy to be producing a battle of the bands show on ABC. It did not pan out. I was supposed to be a talent judge on that show, along side, allegedly, of J-Lo and Diddy, or someone of that sort. I did get paid, from the extra gig on the other canceled television show, but she took the lion's share of the pay for herself, for her 'headbook fee' (even though I 'worked off' my debt in her office) and i made zero profit. I just walked away from that. A reputable agency would not charge up-front fees, but would only take commission (ten to twenty percent) and would not interfere, should artist or actor network to further his or her career, and would want to help the artist or actor to get booked the best quality gigs as possible, as the more the talent makes, the more the agent makes, in commission. Sadly, this one did not do that for me. I have been in the record industry for twenty years, I have had a great agent, for my first few years, who did wonders for me. They took a ten percent commission, AFTER I was paid for my shows. That is how it is supposed to work. Legally, it is OK to take twenty percent, but they took only ten. After they went out of business, when the agent retired, I worked without an agent, but later on, especially after y2k, it became evident that I needed an agent to be able to work as before, and that was when I tried Lemodeln, as they were the only local agency around that I was aware of. I later, in 2008, tried another agent, Tradewinds Success, run by Richard Cooks, based in another state, Hawaii, and although they did not charge fees, i had bad results with them also, as they did not get me any work, and someone in his office would not forward my email messages, so, I am looking for another agent, again. I don't recommend signing to Lemoden...If you do, beware. Someone famous somewhere, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Boardman, Ohio
15, Report #905502
Jul 01 2012
10:08 PM
MILLIE WEAVER IS A LIAR!! Liar, cheater, Gold Digger, Thief Internet
I recently witnesses my lifetime friend get caught up in a would be relationship with Millicent (Millie) Weaver. What a whirl wind this girl took my friend on. She calls my friend up and tell him she is being abused, so he offers her refuge use at his residence, she starts the Im a victim crap that many LA girls do to gain the trust of the men they want to manipulate. Well my friend falls for this hook line and sinker! He falls in love with her and that is where all the lies and deception start. She is actually married, she admitted she married this so called abuser so he could get his Green Card and she could get money off him. All I know is his name is Berker and hes from Turkey. My friend purchased this tramp a car, cloths etc. He even put on a nice birthday party for her costing a $1000.00 PLUS, the couple of days before he spent the money she went to Vegas with her husband. She used to take off telling my friend she was going to see her mother, when actually she was going to see her husband, and other men one I know of is named Gavin Wince. Long story short this is a lying b*tch, with a past of deception and friends with benefits a mile long. She was caught in a bunch of lies and quickly moved out taking many items that were not hers. I made my friend get the police involved! She is now moved on with the next victim, 37 year old Gavin Wince who lives very close to my friend and he lives with his mother (OMG). She has started what is called The Hollywood Girls Club and this is to promote her and her sisters agenda, many of the girls are falling for this scam. She is a total liar, everything that comes out of this girls mouth is a lie! My friend would never submit this, as he is totally in love with this liar of a person, but everyone should know the truth. Someone needs to spread the word. What do you think, she looks sweet but do not be fooled.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1308940
Jun 01 2016
02:36 PM
Jim Weaver Automotive Faulty equipment, poor workmanship Clearwater Florida
On 3/10/2016 I took my car to Jim Weaver's Automotive because my AC was not cooling.  After examining my car, he said the evaporator core needed to be replaced.  This was done at a cost of $813.65.  He told me he test drove the car and it was working fine. After picking up my car, I noticed that the AC was still not cooling.  I called him back and he said to bring the car back in.  I took my car back in on 3/24/2016 and he told me it was my condensor.  He charged me $459.97 and, guess what?  The AC still was not working. I then took my car to another mechanic.  After examining my car, they told me that both the condensor and evaporator coil needed to be replaced.  I had them do the repair and the AC then worked fine. I charged both of the of the above transactions and upon trying to get a refund credited to my account, my credit card said they would not do it - that I should have taken my car back to Mr. Weaver.  I was not about to trust this man with my car again after - God knows what else he would find wrong with it.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
17, Report #1219574
Apr 01 2015
08:14 AM
John Weaver JohnEveningStar Con artist- over priced- poor quality work Colorado Springs Colorado
I hired John in July of 2014. I had a reference from a friend that had heard of him, but did not know his work. My first impression was he seemed to know his stuff! He was overpriced, but I wanted my bathroom perfect so I figured it would be worth the cost for peace of mind to know it was done right. However, things quickly went downhill! He brought a few helpers, which one of them used to work at the conscience store by my house. However they got into a verbal confrontation at my house, in my bathroom. And, that individual left- and I never saw him again! His other helper stayed- bless his heart! But John, although upon taking this job, and seemed confident about a linear drain- did not slope the shower correctly, nor the floor. He was told and told of the importance for this slope since the drain is in the floor without a curb to the showe. He refused to use our liner we got wirh the drain. So we complied with what he felt comfortable and purchased red guard- which he seemed very familiar with. My husband was working out of state most of the time- and I was tmostly the only one interacting with him. When he was about half way done- my husband realized the error with the floor and lack of slope. He stayed home that day to help John pull up a good deal of the floor so it xould be done correctly. Clean up was minimal. To make a long story short- it still wasn't right- and my husband did not want to deal with contacting him and having him fix it since everything took longer than normal- and he was so difficult to deal with- and obviously since the altercation with his worker- I had not been happy with him since and did not want him around. My husband took the tiles out around the drain- and we found wooden shims under the tile!!!! Literally wood under out shower tiles- no red guard - just raw wood under tile that water was running over. Surely they would rot!!! I am livid. I paid a good deal of money. We did not skimp on paying this man. And he really screwed us out of money, peace of mind, and comfort in hiring NOT hire this man if you want even decent work done!
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
18, Report #1393991
Aug 19 2017
12:59 PM
Dream weaver photography las vegas Fake photographer Las Vegas Nevada
 This is a self called photographer in Las Vegas who has a fake website, he begs and pays any girl including non professional models to photograph them naked and likes to take them outdoors and to open their legs. He likes to advertise in Craigslist and back page and also uses model mayhem, be aware of him he is old on his mid 60's and does not have an ounce of professionalism, most likely a dirty old man.
Entity: Las Vegas , Nevada
19, Report #345556
Jun 29 2008
10:57 AM
Castle Pines Auto Sport LLC And Wayne Weaver Castle Pines Auto Sport ripoff artist Wayne Weaver fraud Castle Rock Colorado
Wayne Weaver is currently being investigated by the Denver D.A. for running a business, Castle Pines Auto Sport LLC , with money from investors to ripoff more than 60 victims. Personally, he sold me a used Audi with an extended warranty, which was paid for but never processed so he kept the money. Now, I have an expensive car to maintain and no warranty even though I paid almost $3,000 for it. To top that off, Wayne said he would make things right by exchanging my car for a newer Audi and would put the warranty on that one since he was unable to add a warranty at this late of date on the other Audi. He told me he would order a car from out of state and that I just needed to sign the paperwork to get it brought here for me to look at it. After signing the papers, Wayne disappeared. Little did I know he had already taken out a loan on my credit for the newer Audi in addition to the Audi I already had and I never even saw the newer car! Now I have 2 loans for 1 used car with no warranty. I filed a police report with Castle rock police and am filing a complaint with the bureau that investigates dealership complaints. My advice: Don't ever sign a buyers contract without having the car in your possession. Don't ever pay for an extended warranty and not verify it's been activated (don't wait until your car breaks down). Castle pines auto sport ripoff victim Sedalia, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #564866
Feb 05 2010
08:22 AM
Douglas Weaver DBA PS Racing none i'm aware of Thief, Liar, Crook White Devil in burbank Doug Weaver PSRacing burbank, California
  I'll tell the abbreviated version of this story so I don't write a novel. In 2008 I took my car to PS Racing/Doug Weaver in Burbank.  He was supposed to do an engine rebuild in my 69' 911. At that time I told him that this is a project car and i'd need to have the motor completed by May of 09 so I could drive it by my  bday in July. He never did the work and lied about it the whole time! I was able to get my car out but he pulled the motor out before it was sent to the body shop around may of 2009. Its now Feburary of 2010 and this Doug Weaver stole the motor out of my car, took $5000.00 of my money, didn't purchase any new parts, lied to me the whole time about the progress, said work was completed that wasn't and the great city of Burbank continues to let him stay in business.   Now I've filed suite against him which i'm sure i'll win but why does the city of Burbank let crooks operate there without doing anything about it? Now he's saying that he's holding via a mechanics lien until I pay him the rest of the money for the rebuild.   OOH I never mention that he lied to me about a bolt being in the motor and thats why the motor had to be rebuilt in the first place. He lied! When he showed me the bolt it looked brand had to carbon deposits, no dirt whatsoever it was all a lie that I didn't realize until later......What a fool I was to believe this guy...... Don't take your porsche to PSRacing.........He will rip you off........  
Entity: burbank, California
21, Report #695890
Feb 22 2011
07:24 AM
PS Racing - Doug Weaver PS RACING Porsche Repair Rip-off: PS RACING - DOUG WEAVER Burbank, California
It seems that PS Racing continues with the rip-off saga over the years. To those of you who own a Porsche and live in Los Angeles: you probably know how hard it is to find an experienced, honest infependent mechanic. You are probably also familiar with that infamous corner of First St and San Fernando Blvd. in Burbank, that garage patio filled with so many dirty Porsches that it looks like a junk-yard. Well, let me tell you that it is far from that. Those are cars have desperate owners. Most are like me, unable to get it back for years because the work has not been performed, or have parts missing -although the work was paid in advance. Lies were used by Doug gor for not complying with the repair agreement and deliver the cars. I recently met 2 other owners with the exact same problem as myself. One has had his car unrepared for 3 years and another one for 5. At one time it seemed that giving Doug the chance to correct his problem was going to be cheaper but it proved the opposite in the long run. We took our cars to this shop for service and minor repairs in the past. I left my 911 Porsche for an engine rebuild on 2004. Doug Weaver charged me 7,000 & left it to rot outside in the patio w no protection and no work done. The car suffered extensive damage in exterior and interior and is undrivable. I had to recover the car with the help of the Burbank police, my attorney and a tow truck. Several parts are missing and it smells like mold inside. The carpet is ruined and the body exterior suffered damage. Doug always had an excuse for not returning it to me but kept promising to finish it in a month every three months. The damage was estimated by a certified porsche shop at least 22,000 to fix it. Doug Weaver dose not return any calls, same as when my car was there. He owes me the cost of $22,000 to fix it plus the $7,000 he charged me. I know of other people who have the same problem. Can you believe his BBB rating? Beware and don't trust..... Thank you for reading and sorry for the typos, I was in a rush.
Entity: Burbank, California
22, Report #898647
Jun 18 2012
04:02 PM
John Weaver Evening Star Renovations John Weaver, terrible work, terrible attitude, full of lies, excuses, and blaming others. Tampa, Florida
In 2011 I needed a small job done to remove a small bathtub and build a shower in a small bathroom in my home on St Pete Beach. I found John Weaver on craigs list, and it seemed for this small job he was a good, skilled, and reliable handyman type. That job turned out ok,  well at least as far as Im know. Though knowing now what I do know about his work, I do have some concerns about this shower. My REAL HUGE problem with him, was that I also contracted him when I did my major addition to add a master suite with my dream master bath. The job he did with my shower and tile floor was nothing short of awful.  And the worst was, had he not kept delaying and lying to me about its completion, I would never know just how bad it was until way too late. The man has no bank account, would cash checks at Amscot and was always short of money. On several occasions he asked me, and I gave to him advances on what was due to him. I thought he was doing a good job, and just let it go. The last straw was the end of March, after he kept promising to complete the shower,  and asking for one more advance, in exchange for tht promise to complete. I emailed him that week, and asked if all was done. He out and out LIED and said all was done other than the shower floor grout. When we arrived at the property that following week, we saw he was out and out lying. The bathroom floor was not complete, the shower walls were not complete. I confronted him about it, and he just went into a fit, and blaming everyone in the world, other than his own incompetance. He stormed out, and after a few emails, we told him not to come back. I had put up with his attitude, which was always rather annoying, thinking his work was good. But I reached my breaking point. I guess its a blessing in disguise because after I found a reputable contractor to complete the work, I was horrified to learn what  a botched job he had done.  He tiled the floors directly on the plywood, no moisture barrier. He tiled the shower seat also , NO moisture barrier. The soap dishes he put on the walls, fell off in the middle of the night. We used the shower , that was complted by someone else, for one month, when walls tiles that John had done, started cracking and falling off the walls. We wound up  having to tear out the entire shower to see the extend of the horror. He tiled the shower , walls, floors and the built in seat, with NO moisture barrier, so when we had it torn out, we already were seeing standing water and soaked wood under the seat. He also had cut the liner pan in several areas, causing water to be soaking thru to the floor. I could go on and on, but the bottoom line is STAY AWAY FROM JOHN WEAVER. If you want to see   picture history of his work, and subsequently what we had done to re do it,  you can see here If this can save just ONE person from the nightmare of this man, I am glad
Entity: Tampa, Florida
23, Report #1208324
Feb 11 2015
08:29 PM
Creative Market, Ken Weaver, Melville, to_err_is_hunan, Melville, ken.weaver.1806 Ken Weaver, Oakland, California, Melville, to_err_is_hunan, ken.weaver.1806, scam, fraud, theft, extortion, Oakland, California California
Avoid using Creative Market - particularly Ken Weaver and his online shop Weaver regularly engages in acts of fraud - by helping a customer steal money from web designers, to committing it himself by closing people's shop for no reason other than that he's a big baby throwing a temper tantrum after being exposed as a scam artist (fyi, he doesn't give you the money you've earned when he closes your shop either. rumor has it he takes that money and uses it to buy crack cocaine), and of course, if you want your shop back online? you have to pay ken $2000 - obviously extortion.Ken Weaver is a ********** ********** and a scam artist. Creative Market is a joke of a website where you simply cannot make any money without the owners stealing it from you left and right.AVOID!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #55960
May 06 2003
10:45 PM
Sweaver ripoff screwed others too York Pennsylvania
Mrs. Susan Weaver met my friends husband during a business trip in Mississippi. They talked, enjoyed their conversation, and only God know what else they enjoyed. Before leaving Mississippi to go home to their spouses, they exchange email addresses. They email each other for approximately 2 weeks before his wife catches him signing out of a yahoo account the day before easter and checks the History of the computer and then downloads Recover my files and recovers files of yahoo deleted emails. Oh my, this woman susan and my friends husband are having cyber secs and are really falling for each other. The funny thing is she used her company email account and her picture can be viewed online. Mrs. Weaver stated in one email, I am missing you NEEDING you and WANTING you! Dont trust this woman around your man, not even on a friendly basis. She digs her claws in. She admitted to my friend that her feeling were getting to deep and she was glad she got caught when she did. HA yeah right... What a liar. You should read these emails. They show the picture of a true slut that will take any man married or not. To beat it all she calls him on his cell phone a few days later scared that his wife would tell her husband because she didn't want her marriage ruined over a few emails. Wow! stay away. Huntington, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: York, Pennsylvania
25, Report #460303
Jun 10 2009
01:41 AM
PS Racing, Douglas Weaver, Doug Weaver Sold me a 1978 Porsche 911 SC. Was supposed to rebuild the engine before I could have it. Burbank California
I spent a year in California as an exchange student and wanted a classic Porsche 911 to use there and bring back home. Found the perfect object on ebay and it was exactly what I was looking for (the '78 911) and made contact with Douglas Weaver at PS Racing. The biggest mistake of my lifetime. (November 2006) Douglas Weaver billed my credit card twice for a total of $5000. We had agreed on $3000 for parts and deposit for the rebuilding of the 911's engine, but he billed me twice ($3000 and an additional $2000 the day after). After several e-mail, telephone and me showing up at his shop in Burbank numerous times, all i got was endless promises and excuses. I saw no other solution than to file the case at the small claims court. He did not show of course, even though the courthouse is 3 blocks from his shop. I won the case, but had to go home and the matter is in the hands of a 3rd party collector atm. I also filed the case in the LABBB, and he replied there that he was going to pay (February 2008). He actually has a score of A- at the BBB pages which is beyond insane. The 3rd party collector is still on the case. (June 2009) Stay away from DOUGLAS WEAVER and PS RACING. Student OsloNorway
Entity: Burbank, California

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