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1, Report #302796
Jan 23 2008
06:30 PM
Scentura Creations Inc was promised pay and never recieved it, one of my customers still has not recieved their order 3 months later Atlanta Georgia
I saw the add in the paper for a management training program. I was told to come in for my first interview which consisted of only a few questions and was told that I would be called between 5 and 6 that evening if I was chosen for a second interview. I was called around 5:30 and asked to come in two days later for a second interview. When I got there, there were between 25-30 people in a room and we were lectured for 3-4 hours. We were told that we were not hired as salesmen and that we would be training to take over our own office. After the lecture, the guy interviewing us said that he was going to call out names and that if he called our name, we had gotten the job, to fill out a form that he had and bring it back with us on Monday. On Monday, he was telling us how things were going to work. That we would recieve $175-$250 during our first couple of weeks of training and that our pay would increase after that. Then we were given a box of cologne/perfume to go out and sell. When payday rolled around, we were told that we only got a certain amount of what we sold during the week which completely contradicted what he had said on the first day. I worked for them for almost 2 weeks before I decided that it was cheaper for me to sit at home rather than run all of the gas out of my car carting people back and forth trying to sell their products. I have a customer that ordered cologne from them back in October and still has not recieved their merchandise. I've also learned since then that new owners have taken over the office that I was working for and that one of my managers no longer works for the company and the other is located somewhere else now. Jackie Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
2, Report #163641
Nov 07 2005
12:16 PM
Empire Wholesale - Scentura Creations - Epiphany Scents -RIPOFF Door to Door bullsh**ers Downey California
Okay so i seen the ad in the Penny Saver, ATTN! I NEED PEOPLE! Asst. Managers/Receptionist. New office needs total staff. No exp necessary. Start tomorrow. Have Fun Make $$$$. So i called and got my interview everything seemed okay. So after the first interview, i went home to go do a little research on the company and realized that there business cards did not have a web address. So i put in Epiphany Scents Inc. The first thing to pop up was Scentura Creations Scams,(Not knowing yet that they are the same company) read a little but did not find Epiphany Scents. So come the next interview while he was try to sell his company to all of us, he finally gave us there web address and i noticed that it was, as soon as i realized it was the same company, he then began to tell us how there are going to be ex-employees talking a bunch of bull on the net and to listen to any of it. Oh and that when we go home to talk about this job to our families that they might be against it. Yea that right there got me thinking. But i went ahead and showed up there today but i got there early and there was another manager there so i started to talk with him and asked him about this company. Is this company good or is it bulls**t? he replied while cutting me off with How old are you? 21 i told him, well by the time your 35 you'll be a millionaire! Then it was time for my real question. So do you guys sell door to door, and business to business? He replies with Ummm...i can't answer that, I'm not allowed to, you should ask them and just do everything they tell you. OKAY!? Yea sorry don't think so! If this company is so good and i can become a millionaire then why is there such a big secret?? Well you know what they say If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is! M downey, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Downey, California
3, Report #414180
Jan 20 2009
05:58 PM
BAWD Inc. - Scentura Creations, World Perfume, Richard Greenley, Daphna, Glenice, Ivan BAWD Inc. - Scentura Creations - , Daphna, Glenice, Burlingame California
B.A.W.D Inc. or BAWD Inc. = These people are obviously looking at the Rip-Off-Report Website! (See new advertisement below) Since their last job posting they have changed the name of the person to call for an interview and changed around their job posting. Don't be fooled, it's the same company trying to scam you to sell perfume and to attend a 6 week training. It's linked to Scentura Creations and World Perfume, among a few of the names they have used around the USA. This scam has been taking place around the USA since 2002 In the future: Anytime you apply for a job, you should know the company that you will be applying!!!! A Company always wants you to do research on what they do, because an employer wants an employee that cares about what the company does. They should always give you material on day 1 to let you know more about the company so that when you come back for training you know what to expect. NO company will pay you in cash, because they do not want to fill out paperwork!!! No company will not tell you their last names, no company will ask you to come back for training so they can tell you what they do. And virtually no company will hire you on the first day for ANY management position. Any employer will carefully select who they hire and will take time to decide. More importantly!!!! Don't give these people information about yourself unless you know information about them. And don't apply for any job with a vague job descriptions like seen below: Here is their new job posting for B.A.W.D. Inc that was found on craigslist Receptionist/Customer Service - MUST WORK WELL WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX!! (burlingame) NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY WILL TRAIN! Our office is understaffed. Use your people skills and administrative abilities to advance into a Management Position. Immediate openings for Management Training. All positions are Full Time. Must enjoy working in a fun, positive, energetic atmosphere! Call Glenice @ 650-204-9135, for an immediate interview. * Compensation: DOE * Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. * Phone calls about this job are ok. * Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. Nomore Santa Clara, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Burlingame, California
4, Report #131625
Jul 16 2012
09:44 PM
Scentura Creations ripoff, scam, waste of time, *ssholes Tampa Florida
I worked for Scentura about 4 months ago. I worked there for 3 weeks and was given $75 for my bottles I sold, but I didn't get cash I got 3 bottles of perfume and was told to sell them at $25 each. This place is such bullshit. As far as I know, all the Tampa locations are gone now so hopefully someone did something about it.A girl that I met while I worked there had her mom buy a lot of perfumes, over $400 worth and they fired her and she got NO money.One more thing.... Rene and Olivia, you were sweet, but to Dickens.... a nice big fat F*** YOU!Sabrina Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
5, Report #65138
Aug 01 2003
09:54 PM
Scentura Creations ripoff waste of time Margate Florida
This place is a complete scam. I was looking for a job, and desperately needed one. I saw this add for management-no exp. necessary-will train.954-i can't remember the actual number. So i called and was told that i had to come in for an interview that day because they were finishing up. So i go in and there's a room full of people. they tell me if i'm chosen i will be called. Surprise-i get a call that night. I go back the next day and sit through this 3-5 hour interview in this conference room full of people. They go into how you will upon completeing the 6-10 week training will be an exec. owner of your own perfume office. And you'll have as many employees as you like, and blah blah blah. That night your suppose to sell perfume to your friends and family who only buy out of pity anyways. The second day you're introduced to the old dogs (anyone that's been there over a week). They teach you all these retarded chants - Motivated, motivated, down right dedicated if your not motivated blow the f@%! out. Sound familiar. (there's plenty more). You go out to sell their perfume that you only make $5.00 a bottle from using your own car and gas. (Now mind you when ur first hired your told how ur gonna make all this money-$40,000 a year). And they expect you to go out in the pouring rain, sleet, sun, they don't care-if you have to work until midnight-your main priority is to sell those bottles. The more bottles you sell the faster you progress through your training. Now at the beginning of each week, you start back at 0. I did this for about 3-4 weeks-made NO money, and have an 11 month old daughter to support. They tell you that if you quit your a W.P.O.S. (Weak Piece of S#@**). Nice, huh? You work yourself to death, and you very rarely have anything to show for it. My bosses (Kelly and Mike) had everyone there (including me for a while) completely brainwashed, that we were gonna make ourselves rich by going out and working ourselves till we couldn't see straight. And Saturdays were the worst. If you didn't sell your quota than they would through pies in your face, or make you hold a nail in your teeth and through a balloon filled with whipped cream at you. They would completely humiliate you, almost every saturday i would spend my own money and buy bottles-just so i wouldn't have to go through that. I believed in their crapp so much that it was causing huge problems between me and my husband. We would argue over it every single night, and every night i would repeat word for word what Mike or Kelly would say in their prep talks. Fridays your hours would be from 9am-9pm, and if your quota wasn't met you were suppose to stay out until it was. Then god help you saturday if it wasn't met. I finally quit when i was told that i had to make this my first priority and put everything else (including my child) up on the shelf. I decided then that it wasn't for me. Melissa Coral Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Margate, Florida
6, Report #105923
Aug 28 2004
08:29 PM
Scentura Creations Ripoff Peddling Scam ripoff Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
I just lost a week which may not sound a lot to you but it was a hard and gruelling week. I went in for an interview & the music was loud and the girl was energetic. She then told me she would call me between 5 & 6 to let me know if I was invited back for the second interview. I got a call back the next day (I get the feeling everyone got called back for an interview) and got told I had a second interview on the following thursday along with one of my friends. So we went to the second interview & it sounded like a dream come true. We could quit our jobs that sucked (I was making decent money but they treated their employees like shit) and they seemed to care about their employees and are motivating as hell. They told us not everyone would be offered a position (the position was to open an office and manage a team of distributors). Well...went in for our first day & that night we had to try to sell perfume to our friends and family. The whole week was nothing but selling to freinds and family or people on the street. I'm not a sales woman... I don't do sales and never have. Natalie and Kevin made it seem like it was the easiest thing in the world to do--not even close. They seemed super cool & fun. They had a lot of cool and funny stories as well. They talked about all this money they made but I just didn't see it in what the drove, wore, etc. The funny thing was, only 8 people made it through (I just think the other people were smarter) but by the end of the week, there was only 4 of us (my friend & I included). Yesterday was power pair up day and we had to go out with another manager (they kept saying that once you were a manager, you didn't have to sell the perfume... funny because all of them still were). We were out from 9am until midnight because we had to stay out until we sold 10 (I sold 1). The group I was in got in to a car accident & the manager didn't want to take the one girl to the hospital that said her back hurt... that would cut into merching time. Eventually she went and her husband (who was on the other team) didn't find out any of this until about 4 hours after it happened. We left the girl at the hospital and went to merch some more... when the girl called back to pick her up, the manager said well you'll have to wait. I have obligations to fulfill so I'll be there as soon as I can. I realized quickly that the only thing they care about is sales. Well needless to say, we all showed up today to see if we got paid like they kept saying we would... we didn't. So we worked our asses off for basically nothing (I got paid $30 for the whole week) so we all quit today. It was the worst experience I have ever had--almost seemed like a cult. I advise anyone, don't try's not worth the blood, sweat & tears!!! Tanya Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7, Report #190542
May 08 2006
05:18 PM
Scentura Creations, AFI, V&M Enterprises ripoff Pasadena Texas
In march of this year 2006 i was job searching when i came across an ad for managers needed with great pay and immediate hire. I went and they loved me. I turned out to be a perfume comapany. they lead you on from the beginning they tell you we like you come back for a second interview were i meet alan montandon the big boss of the company and he made it sound like the job of a lifetime. there was a class of 25 when i started but the next day it was only 5. I kicked *&* my first week in hopes that i wa going to make money but ended up spending more than i made. when me and a friend decided to leave they humiliated us be making us stand up in front of the whole company called me a cow a follower and told me and my friend to hold hands as we walked out a HE. Bewar their now in houston. I knew something was funny when the so called owners had no cars of their own but used those of the FNP's. Ilost my car my apartment and my job for this opportunity. Do your research before you work. Michael houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, Texas
8, Report #203501
Jul 29 2006
07:47 AM
Scentura Creations Serious $$ Yeah Right ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I recently was Employed through this company. It's funny how people only see dollar signs are very decieved trust me it wasn't easy for me either. I showed to the interview and was interviewed by a man named Sean Shinick(if thats his real name). He told me I would be making $70,000 a year. I quit once my fiance did his research while I was at Work when I got home he showed me all of the entries here on ripoff report. com once reading them I was immediately shocked by what was going on. I never returned. But the story doesn't end there. I went up to Progressive Design collect on the bonuses I had recieved while I was there and Sean Told me that I was hard up and He called me a F**king Crackhead He stated that he was going to call police and I said I was going to stay ther until the police arrived. Sean proceeded to pick up the phone but then he hung up once he realized he was going to be the one in trouble. But wait.. I then called my mother who works for an attorney down in Orlando, FL she stated that she would be making a trip to Jacksonville, FL to have a conversation with mr. schinick. Once my mom arrived she went up to progressive design mr.schinick stated that he did nothing of the sort and proceeded to tell my mom I was a liar. While he was surrounded by my older brother, younger brother, and my fiance. Mr. schinick stated he was not going to pay me dime that I was a private contractor and that was that. My mom then called channel 4, the florida times- union, channel 12, channel 6 and the police. Channel 4 stated that they had done an investigation on mr. schinick once before which made my mom very happy. Once the police showed up the only person that they would listen to is my mom because mr.schinick was trying to talk over her. Moral of the story Sign a w-2 which ever job you are trying to get and we are trying to get channel 4 to do another story on Progressive Design. Don't be fooled by $$$ signs. Ashlee Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
9, Report #229303
Jan 08 2007
06:16 AM
Scentura Creations - Designer Creations RIPOFF SCAM WARNING! SCENTURA NOW OPERATING IN FT LAUDERDALE FL! Sunrise Florida
A warning to all Florida residents: Scentura is now trying to set up their operation in Florida. Their new name is Deisgner Creations, run by John B. Green, Heather Fay and Ken Wulwick. Here's my story, which may look familiar to any who have read these reports. Last week I responded to an ad that read Crazy 28 yr old girl needs help running her business Heather was the one who called me back to come in for an interview. Everything she said souded like a sales pitch, but I figured that she had interviewed so many people and probably had to say the same thing over and over. There was loud techno music playing and the office seemed really shabby for a multi-milion dollar operation. Like others, i was asked the happy or married question. Heather talked a mile a minute, I was so busy trying to process all the things she was teling me that I never had a chance to ask questions of my own. She then asked me to come in for an interview with the regional manager John Green. I was surprised when about 15 other people came in at the same time. When I realised it was a group interview, I just figured that it was a way to save time and tell the qualified applicants all the info at the same time. Just like others who have filed reports on this site, we were promised our own office after training selling their cheap purfume. He promised this was not a scam, he cursed like a sailor, and claimed to be an ex heroin addict who turned his life around because this company gave him a chance. He also informed us of FFAR and of the contest we'd be having Monday night. To earn exra cash and practice our selling technique. He made it sound like he was doing us a favor. We were never asked about work experience, he made it clear he was choosing people who laughed at his jokes and took notes. We were encouraged to ignore the doubts of people close to us, not to ask questons, and to pay $20 for a background check. They claimed to be the 3rd largest manufacturer and distributor of perfume in the US, and that they were expanding from New York. When I went back the next day, so excited from being chosen from what they claimed was hundreds of applicants, I turned in the paperwork for a backgroud check and was given a list of their perfume. I noticed one of the scents John claimed they had created on their own was made by Scentura Creations, which was never mentioned in either interview, although the supposedly fabulous Larry Hahn was. Since I couldn't find Designer Creations on the web, I decided to try searching for Scentura when I got home. You can guess what I found. Hundreds of people across the country who have been put through th same scam they were trying to get me with. I just want to thank those on this site with the balls to tell their story. I was supposed to start training today, but thanks to info I found on this site and others, I've saved myself time, effort and humiliation at the hands of Scentura. FLORIDA RESIDENTS BE WARNED!! THEY PLAN TO OPEN DOZENS OF THESE OFFICES IN THE SUNSHINE STATE! DON'T BE TAKEN BY THEIR SLICK TALK AND FALSE PROMISES! Lucky Tamarac, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sunrise, Florida
10, Report #437753
Mar 25 2009
10:54 PM
PDR, Inc/Success, Inc (Scentura Creations Cheap Perfume Pedelling) Lied about management positions and training. Lied about the entire nature of the ad. Doral, Miami, South Florida Florida
So I look on craigslist for the current openings and I see the same ad we all saw about the management position with the paid training, 40k salary, benefits, etc. I show up and the music is blasting, there are 10-15 people waiting in between two rooms as they call out names. People go in and are out in 5 minutes. This all seemed odd but hey, the times are rough and a jobs a job.... right? I get into the interview and I am asked what word I would best use to describe myself, where I'm from and a quick spill about my personality - No questions regarding my resume or the positions I held before or anything regarding my skills or experience. I am then told to call back that afternoon to see if I got the job. I called back and am congratulated about making it to the 2nd interview. I show up the next day and am placed in a room full of people. A man by the name of Curtis Sharrod claiming to be one of the Presidents gives a curse word-ladden presentation about how he is now rich by opening offices all over the country by distributing rendition perfumes..... I thought it was a bunch of crap but whatever, management position (I have extensive management experience) I'm thinking entails managing the distribution center or office that would eventually be opened, after all they claim to be an expanding company in their ad. We then are told that training begins Monday.... I show up Monday and notice that most of the people that had been called out before the cream of the crop was chosen for the position all came back, everyone it seemed got the job... All this was already pointing to one thing - scam. No info on the internet, business cards, logo, nothing. The people in the room are shaking their asses to the loud music and with all their motivational crap they encourage it. The main trainer, Masambla keeps up the hyping of the company and how his boss is a multi-millionaire telling us stories about her buying $14,000 pairs of shoes on a regular basis, elaborate tales of success. Then the competition comes...... sell as many bottles as you can.... 10 bottles=$50.00 bonus 20 bottles=$100 bonus and a week or two off the training....... So at this point it all came into clear view. I didnt return the next day but kept in touch with a guy who like an idiot went out and sold bottles that night. I was told the following day they were split into groups of 4 to go sell perfumes to mall goers, approaching strangers in the parking lots of Walmarts, Home Depots, Gas Stations, and Shopping Centers with cheap perfume at $25 bucks a bottle. Do not fall for this scam. They use the name PDR in Doral, FL and claim to have opened a new office by the name of Success, Inc in Kendall, FL. Pdr scam Pembroke Pines, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Doral, Florida
11, Report #87176
Apr 20 2004
09:38 PM
J & R Inc; Scentura; J & R Wholesalers ripoff; scam - hired for MANAGEMENT TRAINING, not what they provide Tampa Florida
My husband, Charlie, who had been out of work planning for our adoption, applied for several jobs in the newspaper a few weeks ago. Our intent: to earn extra money for the airfare to Kazakhstan to complete our adoption process. One of the jobs he was hired for was a management training job where he was told after 4-6 weeks he would get his own business. Being provided with an office, ads to hire staff and running fees for 1 month. He was told that no selling would be involved - yet he would have to peddle product in gas station & mall parking lots the first week for practice...but eventually, he'd have staff to do it. During training, he was told he would get $400/week plus any bonuses. Reading through all the SCENTURA CREATIONS rip off reports really hit home. Cause, yes, at first you have to practice on your family & friends...My husband did just that selling 16 bottles the first time around. He was having trouble and Jose told him that if he sold 7 bottles, he would be paid bonus as if he sold 15 bottles. He later found out since he did sell 16 bottles, he was going to be paid the bonus for 26 - which was $150. They went out in groups to peddle, and the first tiem the old guy gave him $3 in gas for 6 hours of driving; another day they went out he got $5. All bottles Charlie sold, $20 went to the company and anything else, (minus shipping to the relatives in other states) would go to Charlie. But later, he would pay some where between $9 and $11/bottle (which would make a good wholesale: business to business or selling perfume on-line business). Two days later Charlie sold another 10 bottles...and through contests won: DINNER WITH THE BOSS AT A RESTAURANT OF CHARLIE'S CHOICE; $50 bonus and the honor of throwing a pie in an old dog's face. On this day, we also learned that he wasn't getting paid on Saturday - and it was the next Saturday. He went to work that Friday, and after the meeting, he went home and called many businesses to get them to put the perfume in their stores. Unfortunately, even though, it appears from the reports that Jose, his boss, was getting the bottles for $9-11/bottle - Charlie still had to pay $20 so it's difficult to sell wholesale. Charlie felt selling them for $15/bottle when 15 were ordered would be a good thing. I think that the rest goes into a fund for people cause they, supposably, set you up with 1rst month's rent on an office, 1rst month's electricity, etc... We got more leary and instead of looking the company up as Observe L'Essence, we looked it up as SCENTURA...Saturday a friend of ours went in with Charlie to help give his opinion as to if J & R INC was a scam...Jose talked to both of them, and told Charlie and our friend he would be getting his $400 in training plus $200 in bonus the following Saturday, whether he stuck around or not...he also told Charlie if he was uncomfortable with peddling the product in gas stations etc, he didn't have to do it...he then told Charlie he could take the rest of the day off and decide if he wanted to stick with it. On Monday, he went in for the meeting and then when everyone else was peddling, he was going to leave pick someone up at the airport and then go home to make more calls or go out visiting busineses...he did just that...but the meeting started late. He returned to the office for the nightly meeting. Tuesday, he was told he didn't have to peddle - but needed to drive around people that were peddling - he got about $13 to drive them around this time... One night, he thought he might peddle again, and ended up getting mugged...and when he told them the next day, they told him to go home... Today he calls saying he is taking others out peddling again, but wasn't sure how much gas he was going to get. While I was talking on the phone (cell phone) to my husband, Raul (the R in J&R) got on the phone and didn't introduce himself at first...and basically told me that Charlie must think it's OK to drive other's around for meager gas funding because he keeps showing up...then he introduced himself. I called into the office to speak with Jose to ask him to make me feel comfortable about the whole thing and Raul took over the phone....I explained my situation and scared feelings asking for reassurance, and asked him why peddling was so wasn't even sales...telling him Charlie wanted to run a legitimate business, not one with people peddling on the street. Booths in flea markets, wholesale to nail salons & general stores, and most importantly an on-line version...but how can you do that buying product for $20/bottle... I asked him how this was management training - and if this wasn't a sales job - why were they doing nothing but peddling. I told him that Charlie won't be peddling anymore and that he'd be in Friday to get his $600 - $200 in bonus and $400 for training...I was told by Raul that he might get the $200 in bonus, but there was no $400 training and that it wouldn't be this Saturday, it would be next and Charlie wouldn't get the whole thing cause he missed most of the week...I told him I wasn't talking about this week, I was talking about last week...and I was then told there is no $400 in training. I also told him that Charlie was selling on the phone to businesses not in the street but he was still working many hours in the name of selling perfume...but what I mainly cared about was that he got his $600... I mean there is no dinner...Jose told Charlie on March 25 that dinner would be the following week and Charlie said he wanted to go to Charley's Steakhouse...but no date was ever set...that is another $100+ he earned in a dinner as a bonus that we'll never see. This whole situation makes me uncomfortable from the 25th till now...cause on the 25th, Jose told him that when they referred to him getting paid on Saturday - it was the following Saturday. And today Raul is telling me it's not tomorrow it's the next and there is no $400. They have no hand outs or anything printing with letterhead...they make rookies take notes...and Charlie has all the notes from all the classes...They have his social security number and our address and I am scared they will show up. I spent over a week worrying every minute he was with these people...this week he was sticking around just to see if he got paid and to see if they could prove they were real... You don't tell someone they are getting $400/week in training pay when they don't...and you don't tell them you are management training when all you do is get new people to peddle products in the street and practice on their loved new meat... My husband felt so good about himself when trying to set up his new business...and he will run an on-line business. He is partnering with a friend of his...but this isn't the company to get started with...I saw some people in his training class...they were young kids (most probably still living at home - I even saw parents drop some of them off) - they came from hardly anything from what I can tell - the type of people who didn't feel it beneath them to peddle...not knowing that there are better ways to make money... We lost about $100 in the endeavor through mailing out perfume and buying 5 bottles for ourselves to sell later...but more importantly Charlie turned down a real job for this and missed out on 2 weeks of looking for a job....not to mention the $600 we thought we were getting - it doesn't look like we are getting. I want my husband to get what he we can reinvest it in a real business buying wholesale stock from a legitimate company. Amy & Charlie Tampa, FloridaU.S.A. 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Entity: Tampa, Florida
12, Report #371516
Sep 10 2008
06:24 AM
I.W.S ,Scentura I.W.S ,Scentura Creations designer perfumes Las Vegas Nevada
I Responded to an add in the paper for the position as a Receptionist/Admin Asst. Help! Need energetic individual able to handle multiple tasks, *phone* people, money, Appointment Setter. Call Now: 702-731-1110. Scentura Creations located in Las Vegas. The office that I found is at a location on 1500 E. Tropicana STE 221 Las Vegas, Nv. 89117. From what I was told, the company manufactures cologne and also girls. When they had contacted me to come in for the 2nd interview I had noticed , there had to be someone here. How about :Valley View , and Tropicana. 17 of out of us 27 got the job. See you on Monday @ 10a.m to 1p.m There were two forms from this company from this company that we filled out. No Tax form, No document copy started the company policies, rules, guidelines, and an employee handbook. Ok, that job that you might have herd in the past that that didn't hand out a employee handbook? Every previous job in the past... did. Always bring notepad to work , everyday Why? To write everything that you'll need to know that's expected of you to be a manager. Lucky for me, I wrote down everything I herd that was by far, very shady to me. No Sales they said, and what are we ending up doing is sales. Now this is the part where the manager talks about this so-called contest. We start out with just friends and family. the cost per bottle is $25.00. This is generally to test your abilities when it comes to being #1. Now, as a group our production level to have total is 75 bottles sold. Plus we get weeks off training depending on how well this class did. The minimum that we expect everyone to make is 5. If you couldn't make any that's ok. 8 bottles sold - 1 wks off training $50.00 16 bottles sold - 2 wks off training plus $100.00 in cash 26 bottles sold - 3 wks off training plus $150.00 in cash. - Extra cash - $25.00 - Jackpot - $50.00 - Super Jack pot - $75.00 Lucky, I was able to noticed that there was something that just did not feel right. I sold 527 total of perfume and cologne. Also, Also, Also, get this: before we walk out the door, the manager has one last thing to say; How many of you would like to know how to cheat? Lets say that Kira bought about 12 bottles for only $50.00 each. You know what you do after your done tonight. Now rather then saying it costs you ,technically if there No manager that I've ever herd of had ever tried steeling. Especially from family and friends. Just pocket the wrest. michelle las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #101858
Aug 03 2004
02:20 AM
Scentura Creations Distributor AKA CMI RIPOFF SCAM THIS IS THE ONLY REPORT YOU NEED TO READ they changed the name of this distribution center Nashville Tennessee
Scentura Creations - Fashion Design Inc. - World Perfume - Midwest Management - WMI - Gray & Gray Management - Capitol Wholesale - Reign International - Common Scent Imports - Phoenix Managment - Cornerstone Management - Empire Wholesale - Imperial Managment - Pittsburgh Wholesale - Essence Unlimited - Skyline Advancement Corporation - Extreme Enterprise - Universal Wholesale Distributors - Zirbel Enterprises, Inc. - J & R Wholesales - Harewood & Elie Management ..and the list of AKA's goes on.... Let me start by telling you that this company DID NOT GET THE CHANCE TO RIP ME OFF i stopped it before it happened i found the information ahead of time but everything that i found about it being scripted i heard everything word for word what i was told i was going to hear i researched a little and found one thing that should explain it all i went to 475 metroplex a complex of suites to the initial interview and so on i found that 1 year ago in 2003 the same company had a suit on the opposite side of this same complex and was shut down for their illegal practices They changed the name of this distribution center and came back to the same place to try it again so anyway everything that i have read heard or found was to the exact phrases of what i was told when i went for the job. Now everything that iam about to write is in front of me in writing from the actual company newspaper ad reads: MANAGER/TRAINEES ASSISTANTS ATTENTION I NEED PEOPLE! No.exp nec. Earn while u learn. Have fun up to $500/wk to start. Mgmt. in 4-6wks. 90% of our staff is 18-24yrs old.start immed. call James 615-831-5550 this is word for word period for period letter for letter no bs from me i have the paper right here to start James never existed 2nd $500 is after 8wks of training not to start 3rd training consists of you going out and selling perfume on your 3rd day and for the next 8 wks. now for the actual notes out of my notebook from the first three days of training to be a manager.this is word for word what was wrote on a board or was told and i was told by Corey Moyers my trainer or operator of this location. no tellemarketing no in home sales nofees not multilevel marketing and a list of 20 locations soon to be opened this is a career a carrer is putting yourself into a position where you cant be replaced 5-8wk training process founded in 1974 in atlanta ga i would be responsible for open/close office books $ inv oversee staff interviewing productivity &day to day operations mark larcey-chemist started knockoffs 1988 court ruled you cant patened a perfume how they get product to consumers wholesale for resale mom and pop stores employee discount promotional useor advertisement internet 3 levels of training basics teaching&evaluation management in 4-6wks after training you are on your own to pay bills and so on in your own office proffit sharing & bonuses of up to 20,000 no taxes taken out you are to do this on your own you are a independent contractor such as the man training you is dress business casual possitive attitude get ride of all neg in your attitude and life(ffar) not a pyramid and i had to write a list of as many people i knew he said a day in this business feels like a week a week feels like a month set your goals to be rich with no limits that was real notes from company now my 3rd day i asked alot of questions and made alot of comments through out the course of this class well he got suspicious and told me and my fiance that he didnt think this was for me i told the class it was a scam and we were told to leave immediatley needless to say i could have been finding a job as a maint tech which is what i have experience in doing making 12hr but i want all to know that this company has a new tactic which is to tell you to look up all this bad stuff on the internet and bring it to them but the point of this is that they want you to think that people are just mad and make this stuff up but they didnt its real as real as the earth you and i live on so i should have to write no more i didnt sit here and waste all the time writing this for nothing dont waste your time its all a lie you will only screw yourself no one else but yourself IF YOU NEED A JOB THAT BAD EVERY MC DONALDS IN AMERICA IS HIRING AND YOU WILL ACTUALY GET PAID FOR WORKING MOMMA ALWAYS SAID IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE PISS ON IT IF THE FLAME GOES OUT IT WAS IF NOT GIVE IT A SHOT WELL I SPIT ON IT AND IT WENT OUT SO YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE SCREW YOURSELF OR GO SOMEWHERE WITH YOUR LIFE JUST JOIN THE FIGHT TO SHUT THESE COMPANYS DOWN I WILL AND I HAVE MY CITYS AREA CODE TATTOED ON MY FOREARM AND IM GONNA STAND UP FOR MY CITY AND SHUT THESE COMPANYS DOWN SO JOIN THE UNION AND ENJOY LIFE SINCERLEY JMUFUCCINC JmufuccinC Cashville, TennesseeU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Scentura Creations
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
14, Report #202463
Jul 23 2006
12:39 AM
Excellence Enterprise Scentura Creations Inc. ripoff, SCAM, Stay Away, you will never get an office, big fat illusion that will ruin your life if you get sucked into their lies Union City New Jersey
This company is a big fat illusion that will ruin your life if you get sucked into their lies. They will paint a pretty picture and tell you how you will be making so much money if you go threw the 6-8 weeks of training. They will tell you everything except once upon a time. I almost fell for it until I got curious and looked up the name of the so called president of the company. I was promised an office and $30,000 a year. They said I could name my company anything I wanted. I went on 2 interviews and was chosen to start training. When I went on the first interview I couldn't find the place because there was no sign on the door. It was a plain warehouse looking building. There was loud music playing. I noticed that there were three rooms. One room with a desk and a phone, one room filled with fold out chairs, and the waiting room with a small desk and phone. There was no computer, no fax machine, no file cabinets. Then I started to think how could a buisness survive without these things. I was called back for my second interview and i was told to bring a notebook to take notes. One of the managers went on and on about the company and how they were expanding and was in need of new managers. When I researched more i found over 20 websites about horror stories about this scam. It is happening all around the world. There are about 170 reports on this web site that will tell you the same thing. Click search and type Scentura and see for yourself. Don't fall for it. I was lucky that I was curious enough to research the so called president before i went to far. The name of the company where I was supposed to work for is called Excellence Enterprise in Union City, New Jersey. The branch managers there are Grisel Martinez and Crystal Martinez. Nina Bayonne, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Union City, New Jersey
15, Report #145796
Jun 11 2005
08:34 AM
Scentura Creations how to possibly stop them, ripoff, deceptive practices, pyramid, scam Oak Forest Illinois
I've been reading the scams perpetrated on this site and came across Scentura Creations (locally known as the Circle Company, i think) and felt like relating a story from a long time ago and what I did about it: First let me make it clear that this was like 10 years ago and some of the details may not be 100% accurate but are 100% factual. Many years ago I became disillusioned with the company I was working for. I was working my tail off, but not feeling the monetary or career satisfaction I was looking for. Then I began to scan the help wanted ads and came across Management positions available, Earn $1000s a week, Team players only Of course an opportunity like this doesn't come along every day, so I jumped on it. The first day they hooked me like they hook most everyone: pictures of company getaways, claims that they were on the Fortune 500 list, why they could sell it so cheap because you can't patent a scent, how much they were making, and the potential he saw in us. Did the meetings, interviews, and got offered the job. I went to my job and talked to the Store Manager and gave my two weeks. When he asked why I was leaving and what I was doing he looked at me and said, Listen, I won't accept your resignation. Instead I am going to put you down to part-time and let you see if that other place is what you really want to do. Thankfully I accepted his generous offer and went to part-time. During the process I started to see the chinks in the armor of the company (I will explain later). I had been in a supervisory position before I went to Scentura and through previous training and experience had a little more awareness to how people speak and what they really mean. I would go out with the group all over God's green Earth to different areas, mostly in Chicago and try to peddle this water. You had the goal to sell like 10 bottles within a week to get promoted to Supervisor with the $500 bonus. Of course it was next to impossible to sell the stuff for $25 to make the $5 profit. Usually you would sell it for cost or a buck or two below so that you could make your boss happy which meant you made no money. On the first weekend I arrived to work and found the door locked so I waited outside the building for the bosses. When one of them arrived he unlocked the door and we went in. The metal cabinet that held the perfume and money was broken into. The boss started to flip out and went right to the money box and stated that someone had taken all the money. I said that he should call the police and the boss literally blew it off. I had studied crime scene investigations in college and began to check for points of entry or exit. I found nothing unusual nor any pry marks on the doors or windows. Also the fact he didn't want to report a burglary made it more disturbing. The big break I got was the second weekend they told us we could take the perfume home to sell at like $17 cost. Luckilly for me there was a huge sporting event that weekend (Mike Tyson or the Super Bowl) and my buddy and I always threw these huge parties with lots of alcohol. I cleaned up by selling most of the water I had and got promoted the next week. During that same time I had a girlfriend who worked for Arthur Andersen do some investigative work on both Circle Company and Scentura Creations. She called me one day and told me under no certain terms to get out of the company and fast. The research she did produced a lot of deceptive things. After the break-in and the info from her I quit and went back to my old job. Below are the things I found unusual and were key reasons I left, also the reason to possibly stop them is below: RED FLAG #1: The first thing I noticed is that they were based out of Atlanta, GA. If you pay attention to infomercials and those too good to be true offers, they mostly are based out of Atlanta, GA. Why? I don't know, but it is true. RED FLAG #2: The independent contractor agreement. Once you do that it indemnifies them from liability from you. You don't make any money, that is your problem not theirs. RED FLAG #3: The break-in. The acting job the boss did seemed to rehearsed. And the fact he did not want to report it was more disturbing. RED FLAG #4: The main boss' residence. I know this may sound silly but I noticed that where he said he lived, the village sticker in his window, and the mail that was in his car were three different addresses in three different towns. Why move so much? RED FLAG #5: The salary guarantee. It's is only applicable if your people sell X amount of perfume. Which when you figured it out is actually less than if you didn't sign the guarantee. AND FINALLY BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY RED FLAG #6: Their business license. All businesses are required to have a business license. This was the achilles heel of the one I was at. It's money that they have to put up out of their pocket and then they have to report their operations to the city they are in. Most of these types of business' don't want that so they will just fold up and run to the next town. I hope this helps. Scott Lansing, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Scentura Creations
Entity: Oak Forest, Illinois
16, Report #158929
Sep 30 2005
01:44 AM
Scentura Creations AKA Mystic Management ripoff Pyramid Scam Torrance California
Scentura Creations AKA Mystic Management (This ad was taken out of The Daily Breeze today) JOB DESCRIPTION (Reference No. 36818) RECEPT/ASST MGR New Co needs staff, fun/motivated people ASAP. No exp nec. Casual environ. Call Kim 310-791-5898 STATUS Regular Full-time Seems like a great opportunity, huh? I thought it was too when I called and they asked me to come in for an interview that very day. I drove to the hard to find office that turned out to be a hole in the wall office. There was no office furniture other than a desk and a phone. I could barely understand what the girl at the desk was asking me to do because they had rap music blaring in the background. They were using patio chairs as seats for everyone. No one in the office was over twenty-five. I feel so stupid now looking back upon it, but I was desperate for a job and money. All I was told during the first interview that it was a management job and that I would be making 30k a year. My interviewer went as far as to break it down by how much I'd make hourly and by week. By that last statement, I was under the impression that this was a salary job; I was even told that there were benefits. It had to be too good to be true, but they told me that they wanted me to come to a second interview. I figured I come and check it out. I returned a few days later for a second interview and I sat for the next three hours listening to what Scentura Creations supposedly was. At the end they picked the best of the best to sign on and join the company. The first day of work we were given a contest. The person to sell the most would receive $800. Everyone busted their asses to sell the most and the next day they told us because we didn't reach the group goal, the contest was void or some crap. They kept you on day by day by giving you $20, $40, or $50 bonus' for going out on the streets and selling this perfume. I'll cut to the chase because I can go on and on about these guys: Scentura Creations and Mystic Management is nothing but a Pyramid Scheme. Sure, you don't have to buy in but I promise you, you're never going to become a manger or an owner. You're never going to get your own office. I lasted four weeks. I was told that we went through different stages of training so you can learn how to run an office but all we did all day was drive around in MY CAR and sell perfume. The only thing I was learning was to take rejection better. No one wants to buy this product it's FAKE. I'll leave you with a few things: Geiger, Camilla, or Kim will state that Scentura has a clean credit record and a spotless record with the BBB. This is entirely untrue. How they can say this and get away with it is because Scentura has a spotless record with both agencies because all of their branches are independent contractors which means Larry Hahn has all of his distributors sign a contract making them independent thus keeping his company name spotless and safe from being prosecuted. If this were a real job, why haven't you been asked to fill out a W2? It's because it's a 100% commission job. You WILL NOT receive a weekly paycheck. When it was my turn to start training new employees I was told to not let them talk alone at all. This was to keep them from talking about whether this could actually be a scam or not. I also learned that this is why they keep the rap music up on max volume, so you can't hear and talk to other people. If you have any other questions, go to this page: David Lomita, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
17, Report #64503
Jul 23 2003
02:38 PM
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
18, Report #118690
Nov 18 2004
02:03 PM
Scentura Creations - Kendal Managment Ripoff SCAM ARTISTS & FAST TALKERS TAMPAtampa Florida
I went to Kendal Management yesterday to apply for an administraive position. At that time, there was extremely loud disco music playing and a so called meeting going on in the room behind me (with more noise) and the girls working there were extremly relaxed and dress very casual. I thought it was kind of odd that music would be playing so loud you can hear it outside. I met with one the girls after filling out a getting to know you sheet. She was very nice but a fast talker. She was very clear as to state she didn't know any particulars about the job such as salary, benefits and vacations. She did mention to me that I should call her in a half hour to see if I was wanted to come back for a second interview at that time to meet her boss. I then went home and didn't call. After about an hour they called me to say that I was someone that they were looking for. I went on my second interview today and was told all the particulars. 8 week training can make it to 4 weeks. they want motavated people and there was not only me but about 25 people in one room. When we first got there the music again was blasting to the point you couldn't hear yourself think. Finally they boss came in and was a fast/smooth talker as well. He also said that he hoped we didn't mind him using vulgar language. He proceeded to tell about the job, but in my opinion was still very vauge about that responsiblities we were expected to have. I came home after discussing this whole thing with my husband, searched the internet and thank goodness i did. I had a bad feeling something wasn't kosher about this whole setup. The address on the door was the only thing. Nothing said Scentura Creations. I happend to look over at something on the wall and wrote it down. Good thing I did. They wanted to have me come back and welcomed me a board and start Monday. Guess what - I won't be a part of this. I have too much to loose. I hope that someone reads this and too decides not to do this. Maybe not only will people stop applying but they will be shut down for scamming people. Thanks. Ronda TAMPA, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
19, Report #94847
Jun 14 2004
02:40 PM
Scentura Creations ripoff They are fake to give you a job Brooklyn New York
Scentura Creations is buillshit! They cheated me . They told me that they were going to give me an office after the 4 week traning program but they didnt. I wasted my 4 week for nothing. Also i wasted my money for no sh*t. I was told that they were one of the best perfume seller in the nation but they aint no sh*t. So be carefull!! DO NOT LET THEM RUIN YOU!! THEY WILL TELL YOU SO MANY GOOD THINGS ABOUT THEIR COMPANY TO CHEAT YOU!! NEXT TIME YOU LOOK FOR A JOB IN THE AD, MAKE SURE TO ASK FIRST IF THEY ARE Scentura Creations . John Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: NY, New York
20, Report #346760
Jul 02 2008
11:36 AM
Scentura Creations, CWA Elmhurst, IL False advertisement for a job Elmhurst Illinois
Job ad showed promise of high pay and management work. Seems they do this to alot of younger people in IL. Didn't tell the truth in the first interview about expectations and the like. Came from FL, and need to have their license to operate in IL revoked. Mary Brookfield, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Elmhurst, Illinois
21, Report #410552
Jan 10 2009
04:12 PM
Fashion Scents - Scentura Creations SCAM!!!!!!!! Upland California
OK ! So I found this listing on Craigslist for manager positions (entry level no experience required)...... I call and the girl (Alex) sets up an interview for the frst day... I Go to the interview and the second I walk in the room I get a weird feeling..... The walls are painted ass backwards colors, Loud music, Alex is on the phone cussing (I found this to be very unprofessional). So she takes me in for the interview and basically goes through the process with me BAM BAM BAM! I didn't get in a word otherwise!! I had to actually ask what the name of the company was before I left.... She sets up a 2nd interview for the following thursday. Im excited of course even though I have some uneasy feelings in my stomach. (Another thing I noted was that she kept answering the phone with different names). SO I go to the 2nd interview on thursday (they tell me to be on time and bring a notebook). Then tis guy michael goes through a 2 1/2 hour long spill about the business.. 6-8 week training, profit from sales' your own office, they set up a savings account for you, etc. It all sounded a bit off. But I think cus I wanted it to work so bad that I kinda just ignored my instincts and figured it was al for a reason.... Almost everyone in the interview was ghetto like they just came out of Compton. They were ALL kids. AND another thing was that they asked what kind of car you drove and for your license plate number???????? WTF?? So Michael talks about how he has this and that, vacations, mercedes, blah blah blah.... Very convincing I might add. So afterwards he tells me that I was selected and I can start on monday. Needless to say I went home and my father smelt something fishy so we looked it up and found all of these reports... GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!! ITS A SCAM!!!! WHEN SOMETHING SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT IS!! I'm just glad I figured it out before I went back..... Ide like to scam him just for waisting my damn time!!!!!!! Jc san bernardino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Upland, California
22, Report #440883
Apr 04 2009
05:40 PM
World Fragrances Scentura Creations RIP-OFF MLM SCAm San Francisco California
This happened back in Feb. 1995. I was living in San Francisco, CA back then. I was desperate for a job at the time. I went to the office which was South of Market Street. I wore a suit and tie and everything. The First day you're told it's Scentura Creations. it's supposed to be Fragrance replicas. You're told that if you're hired you'll be running a fragrance store location. Then you're told about FFAR (Friends, Family and Relatives). You're told to try to sell it to your friends and family etc. That was the first day. I never went back, realized what it was at that point. What a waste of my time, when I could have been pounding the pavement for a legit job. Then four years later in 1999 I was living in Denver, Co working at a call center, and a fellow associate told me about it, she was trying to sell it. Then she told me I didn't have to buy anything, I think she figured out she didn't have it in her to schlock that crap. I can't believe this company still exists. And to date I have never seen any of these so called stores. John Garner, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
23, Report #667780
Dec 03 2010
06:55 AM
Scentura Creations Texas Scents Incorporated Here's a fair warning. San Antonio, Texas
Ok, so there's already a ton of nightmare stories about this company online, and they all sound exactly the same, so my aim here is to write an unbiased review taking many aspects into consideration.I encountered this company back in 2002 in San Antonio under the name Texas Scents Incorporated led by a Brian Warner. This location is now gone, probably due to too much heat from the media when the one girl died during a fun run due to exhaustion not being able to afford a hotel room for the night when she didn't drop enough bottles to take care of her paid trip.I bailed on the first day of field training when we finally found out what it was we were doing; later out of boredom decided to research the company a bit -- you can imagine how mortified I was, and how grateful I was to listen to my gut feeling to get the ef out asap.So, the big question everyone is asking -- Is this a scam, and if so, how are they scamming people?Well, there seems to be a huge gray area here; if you consider using young gullible kids who are fresh out of high school, eager to please, ambitious and taking advantage of the fact that they plain and simply don't know any better, hard to say no, and susceptible to a good motivational speaker for your own selfish greedy desires, then yes.However, more so, in the real world, the answer is no -- sure, it's a complete breach of labor laws and civil liability not to mention common decency..........but ya did sort of sign your name to the independent contractor agreement and alleviated them of any liability to you...Soooo, not much help there.I wouldn't call it a scam, I think it would fall more under the category of false advertising -- as I told Brian when I left I responded to an ad in the paper that said Customer Service Representantive, not street hustler...You lied, you've been lying from the get go. But I didn't take it personally because I have to take into consideration the person above him is lying his ass off constantly as well. It has been labeled one giant web of lies, its no secret. I would also label it irresponsible business tactics; when you take one thing and call it something else, i.e. leader, drops, direct sales, field, or you're a subsidary of a company with a different name, then the words dodge and hustle should be the only things that come to mind, hint hint.Remember when you first went out in the field and the guy you were assigned to go with told you he was out of gas and/or car was in dire need of repair? The web of lies and getting accustom to using people actually begins long before store ownership.I have to hand it to Brian, he's one hell of a motivational speaker -- not one person there left without at least trying...But when we found ourselves in parking lots, street corners, and I couldn't help but noticing the ducking and running from the police (this would indicate you know better) ehhh yeah, over half of us bailed, I wasn't alone.So, here's the other big question? Does it work? I have no clue, but let's have a little fun and assume for one minute that it does...In order for you to get to where they're talking about, you have to fall under one of two categories -- 1) Living with family rent free/no obligations, or 2) Living out of your car like Larry. Bottom line, if you have bills to pay, forget it.The problem is, this is never made clear and a lot of people ended up figuring this out the hard way. On that note, this compounds itself; several VERY important things are never made clear, i.e. you have to have a vendors license, and some places a mobile vendors license to be doing what you're doing, and your leader's license does NOT cover you, and as other reviews have made clear, they won't take care of you if you get in trouble, even if they did, it's still your record that's taking the hit. It's a loose-loose situation.So, what if you do get your own location? Once again, lets assume you do; Just browse through all the thousands of horror stories on theripoffreport, consumeraffairs or similar websites, read up on all the tails of kids getting their first taste of the so called real world by taking a long hard journey down the boulevard of broken dreams, not to mention rape, robbery, and deaths, and ask yourself, is this what I want to be conducting? Seriously, can you live with yourself knowing you're wrecking young peoples life's on a constant basis? Literally hundreds of thousands week in and week out. It takes quite the soulless sociopath to pull this one off. But it also takes one hell of a runner; take a good look at their office, how empty and featureless it is -- this is how you have to spend your life: lurking in the shadows, and ready to run at the drop of a hat.Anyway, a lot of people do have to live and learn everything the hard way, but if you're the type that can read and learn, here's a bit of advice:1) Never sign your name to anything unless you're absolutely sure it's what you want and what was originally being offered.2) When businesses dodge appropriate terms, you should dodge them like the plague.3) If a business cannot explain what they're doing, right now, and in one sentence, it's probably either illegal or not the least bit ideal.4) If you are your own boss, you would go directly to the vendor. Where's the logic in doing your leader's dirty work for him, putting yourself at legal risk if you are your own boss? DUH.5) Noone, for any reason, is allowed to ask you if you're married or what kind of car you drive during an interview, this is a breach of discrimination laws.6) If they don't want you asking questions, they're hiding something. If they say it'll be addressed later, as in a dodge, see number 2.7) This is America, slavery was abolished in 1865 -- No pay, no work.8) ALWAYS research a company you apply for......I hope you find these reviews in time.9) Yes, ignoring the negativity is an important life lesson. However, there is a huge difference between negativity and reality. Reality will bite you in the ass very hard when the bill collectors want their money.Last but not least, get ready for rude awakening minions of Scentura:10) Next time you have a Coca-Coca, check the label for the unpatentable natural ingredients.....Wait a minute....why would they publicise them like that? IT'S NOT THE INGREDIENTS THAT ARE PATENTED, IT'S THE FORMULA, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!! Furthermore, the competition isn't hurting them in the least :)Disagree with anything here? Perhaps a hard learned life lesson is exactly what you need. It's not illegal to be stupid, and it's not illegal to take advantage of stupid people. So as stated, I hope you found these reviews in time.Have a nice life.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
24, Report #710535
Mar 26 2011
11:26 AM
Scentura Creations A former high-ranking Distributor spills his guts. Arvada, Colorado
The following is a brilliant post from a former Scentura Professional that originally appeared on (((REDACTED))) in August of 2010.Aside from correcting minor spelling and grammatical reconstruction, it is reproduced here in it's entirety.I was a former Regional Manager for Scentura Creations back in 1995 to 1996. I believe I am in a postion to reveal more information than anybody else here.For those of you who don't understand what a Regional Manager is, I will explain.The first level is Branch Office. This is the first level you acheive after training.The next level is Distribution Center. A DC works where you had your interview. A DC works monitoring the Branch OfficeThe next level is Regional Office. RO's are similar to DC's. RO's monitor the DC's and all of their Branch Offices.The final level is Division Manager, the very top.I rose from the ranks as a Branch Office to DC, than onto RO after promoting others to DC.Now to begin: Yes, we opened new offices all the time. The real question is, can you survive the time it takes to get to that first level on pretty much ZERO income?Anybody here telling you they made money during the Training Phase is full of it. I was there longer than most people. I oversaw many offices and had 1000's of people comming through my own. Most people who defend Scentura have not been in the system long enough to know the real deal, and are still in the brainwashing phase.While the fact that new offices are always opening is true, the entire process involved is a lie. Ads are published that clearly state SALARY. During interviews, new hires are led to believe stories about SALARIES and BENEFITS. This is also false. Why not tell the truth from the very beginning? Because nobody would stay, period! This is why people are mislead from the beginning. It is the only way to keep people comming back.Next, we are taught to lie. Taught to lie about how much money we were making, the cars we drove, the homes we owned. The truth was, as office owners, we were all broke.Now, for anyone who wants to fire back that I was a Weak Piece of Sh!t, a Blow Out, etc., I made it one hell of a lot further than you, and I was familiar with many, many offices... and all were struggling financially. All of them.Everday, I watched people (good people) lose everything. Especially during training. Once, I had a Husband and Wife team in our program. They showed up one day in a U-HAUL truck with everything they owned in it, and also had two small children with them and no place to go because they believed that much in the 'opportunity'. They had lost their home.My Regional Manager was robbed at gunpoint by a former employee. If I hadn't left minutes earlier, I too could have been a victim. He was later robbed again by another employee at his home. his children were taken hostage, and his wife shot. This news story can be found online to prove I'm not kidding. It happened in the town of Cockeysville, MD in 1996.(Editor's Note: I indeed found this story online.  Google 'The Baltimore Sun August 7 1996 Senna Dent Robbery)The bottom line is this: YES, we opened new offices, but this doesn't mean success. Many times we were forced to buy additional bottles from the company just to keep our numbers up. So much for profit.One person here has stated the company has been around for 35 years. While this is true, I find it amazing that new offices are continually being opened. One would think that if the 'opportunity' was so good, relatively permanent offices would be established already with very little room for new growth. How is it a company 35 years old has nothing but new offices? And where are all the people that should have been around 35, 25, 20, etc. years? There aren't any! They don't exist. Only a handful of Division Managers at the top, and Larry Hahn himself, have been around that long.(Editor's Note: To put that last paragraph more succinctly, New offices are always OPENING because old offices are always CLOSING)A few years ago, I had a girfriend who got mixed up with Scentura. This created many fights between us, because they had done a thorough job brainwashing her already, and wouldn't listen to me. She stated how her 21 year old manger already owned expensive cars, lived in a 6000 sq ft home, blah, blah, blah. I went over to his office and called him on it. Turned out he was living in an apartment with his parents and driving a 13 year old Ford Explorer (also owned by his folks).Another person on this forum has stated they made $86,000 in their first year. Yeah, well, I call that a bunch of BS.It is all lies. Even I propogated those lies, because I was taught that lieing was the way to success, when in fact, it's a sure fire way to financial ruin, death threats, and even becomming the victim of armed robbery.When all you do is piss people off with your lies, some of them will come back for you. I garantee it.Working for this company means you have to live your life in hiding. Hiding from people, hiding from the Police, the Labor Board, the Courts, the Local Media, etc...Can you make it in this business? Oh, yes you can! But you have to be a person with no soul, period. You have to be a person who can continually lie, and not be bothered by it. You have to be the kind of person who doesn't mind watching others ruin themselves so you can succeed.If you can do all that, Scentura Creations is the perfect 'opportunity' for you.Personally, it was the biggest mistake of my life. After 15 years, I am still bothered by some of the things that happened and have to live with.In conclusion with a final comment:The person who stated they made $86,000 has also stated they've gone on many company trips. First, let me make it perfectly clear the company doesn't pay anyone to go on those trips. The company sets up conferences, and anybody who wants to attend is required to pay their own way. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lieing.I attended many of those conferences myself, and had to pay my own airfare and hotel just like all the other 1000's of people who were also there, so you can't call it a 'company trip'. Regardless of your performance, Scentura will never reward you with anything for free. Like me, everyone on this forum who maniacly defend Scentura Creations at this point, will one day soon either disappear or return, like me, to warn others against it.When the brainwashing is over, and the reality starts, they will ALL change their tune.       CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Arvada, Colorado
25, Report #187551
Apr 19 2006
05:11 PM
Scentura Creations, Carolina Sensations ripoff Jamestown North Carolina
Wow, I am thrilled to have found all of these reports. My son almost got involved with this company. It came down to a yelling contest between he and I. I knew something was wrong with what he was telling me. I have worked in MLM/Pyramid for years and I know the tricks. It wasn't until I found these reports that I was able to convience him to give this scam up. I didn't want him to be part of scamming people. Also, he has a job offer at the airport that he was going to give up to do this scam. Wow, THANKS for reporting!!! S greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Jamestown, North Carolina

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