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51, Report #1234145
Jun 07 2015
06:51 PM
Sears Sears Home Delivery HOME DELIVERY FAIL Fargo Nationwide
Almost three weeks ago I purchased and paid for a furniture set to be delivered and assembled.  Tonight--the night before delivery they email me with a totally different time.  I had to wait 55 minutes on hold to speak to someone and she refused to explain why they changed it.  They seriously offered me a 10% off coupon!!!!  I went to a lot of trouble to make arrangements for tomorrow, and now I had to make new ones for Wednesday.  Their customer service is unprofessional and I would highly encourage people not to shop there and especially not to use their delivery service.  Ugh!!!
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #1160890
Jul 09 2014
08:37 PM
SEARS - Kmart - Sears Holdings Bait and Switch RIPOFF Chicago Nationwide
Sears is a RIPOFF, do not purchase items online. FALSE ADVERTISING. Here is a link for a NFL display they list on and listed as HOT BUY. Ad says Riddell 32 Piece NFL Match Up Set with Display Case. But what they sent me was a set for 3 Year olds and up, and it's listed everywhere else at about 20% less than Sears and it wasn't even close to what I was supposed to get. Some HOT BUY.They sent me thi: I would never have purchased this. It's a young boys toy, I ordered what was supposed to be a gift for a 25 yr old man. Thanks for ruining that too. I called the store at Superstition Springs in Mesa, AZ and the sales associate Lois told me Marilyn the store manager said I can't return it there, I called the online customer service and the associate from somewhere in the Mideast told me they would give me a $5 sales adjustment for inconvenience and they would contact management about false advertising. Obviously I'm very displeased with this purchase and I highly recommend to everyone you DO NOT PURCHASE from them. This is their 3rd strike within a few years. Basically I did not get what I sold to me so I guess my next step is to call my bank and dispute the charge of $60.54 to my visa card, luckily it's not a Sears credit, that's another nightmare to deal with.SEARS RIPPED ME OFF AGAIN - Do yourself a favor NEVER APPLY FOR A SEARS CARD - Employee's are spiffed ($3-$4 per sign up) and threatened to lose their jobs for not getting quotas of new credit cards.
Entity: Nationwide
53, Report #1290693
Jul 26 2016
01:22 PM
Sears Vacations Sears Direct Access Deceptive practices without full disclosure Nationwide
Stay away from this company at all cost. Run don't walk We went in and signed up without actually googling the company because obviously you have to sign up after the presentation. The man you sat with us Ali at the Marriott in Uniondale said we had 30 days to cancel and to my surprise since I didn't see the cancellation term on the contract itself, I googled it and learned that it was 10 days providing you faxed/mailed/called them which I did just within that 10 day window.  So after faxing and writing to them which they received I made the call today and surprise, surprise - even if the link below says subscriptions can be cancelled within 10 days, the lady on the phone said cancellation period was actually 3 days so she cannot cancel the membership. Needless to say they won't get anything else from me so they can gladly take their membership and stuff it. program itself is full of baloney.. They give you so called free vacation certificate but what they don't tell you is that the resorts you can select are limited. I specifically asked the guy at the Marriott whether there was a limit on the places or resort availability when we were there. He said if I can see it on any other site, I should be able to see it on their site.  LIES.  I perused the site and found that I couldn't get to select 1 resort I actually wanted to visit within the US.  It appears most of their savings to make this worth the membership fee is assigned to the resorts outside of the US meaning the amount you may have to spend on airfare especially if you have a family will surely outweigh the benefit of this program. Secondly they provide you with credits to use towards helping reduce the retail price of your resort/hotel, but wait... They also limit the number of credits you can use for each reservation... If you provide the customer with 6000 credits, they should be able to use it as they see fit.  One potential reservation limited the # of points I could use to 115 pts.  That was a 11% savings across the booking... I could get that at any other travel site or directly with the hotel itself.  Please do your research or better yet... listen to me.  
Entity: Nationwide
54, Report #1293260
Mar 12 2016
07:24 PM
Sears Warranty Sears Warranty is a scam. Sunrise Florida
I called Sears to have an appliance tech come out to house to look at my oven. When I called, the female rep told me a way to save money would be to purchase a warranty with a one time price. Ok, I said. Big mistake. I paid the one time price, using my wife's credit card. They failed to mention to me the monthly fee.  When the tech came out, he charged me again for some other addtional fee. He said there was nothing wrong with my wife's oven. She begs to differ. Cooking a turkey is one thing, but when you are cooking cakes, it must be accurate in oven temps. My wife is so mad. Anyway, I just took it on the chin. Then one day, I am looking at my wife's credit card statement. I notice all these extra charges for the last three months from Sears. I called them up. and asked what were the charges? They informed me that it was my $39.00 monthly fee for warranty. So, I asked to be canceled. Oh, now that is an additional $79.00 fee. I felt like I was on Green Acres talking to Mr. Haney. These people are rip-offs. They know it. Maybe there is connection to the rise and fall of Sears, and this type of behavoir from them.
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #1404069
Oct 04 2017
08:45 AM
Sears Sears Duct Cleaning Service Pembroke Pines Florida
Gerardo H. Sepulveda, Pembroke Pines, Florida.On 24 September 2017, I made an appointment in the Sears Web-site for home duct cleaning service.  I selected the 15-18 duct vents for $194.95 and scheduled the appoinment for 27 September 2017.  On the Sears site, they did not have any information listed on serives like blower cleaning, air condition main ducts cleaning, or coil cleaning.  Doing the day of the service, a service techinician with one other guy came to our house to do the duct cleaning service that I have scheduled.  The Sears main technician told my wife that the air ducts were not that dirty.  He said that the problem that we have is with mold and beacteria on both of the air-condition main ducts.  The technician told my wife that our systems were really dirty and when he cut holes in the side of the intake ducts (up-stairs and downs-stairs), he stated that we had serious mold and bacteria problems.  I was hard to believe that we had these problems since both of the air-condition untis were just replaced 3-4 months ago and this was nver mentioned about having mold and bacteria problems with both of our units.My wife watched some of the work being done by the head technician and then he started to explaining my wife about an UV light system.  He started telling my wife the benefis and the diffrent pricing.  There were three Sears service optinos:  Option 1 (basic service) for $695.00, Option 2 (temporary detail service) for $2,200.00 and Option 3 (lifetime servcie) for $1,1950.00 (per unit).  After he explained the three servcie options, the Sears technician asked my wife if we were going to stay with the house that he recommend to do the Lifetime Service.  However, if we were planning to sell the house in 1-2 years to just do the Temporary Detail Service.  My wife was very honest and told him that we were staying with our home, so the technician sold her the Lifetime Service.  She paid a total of $4,000.00 and the Sears technician charged the entire amount of $4,000.00 to my Sears Credit Card.  The Sears technician took advantage of my wife and we got Rip-Off.       Gerardo H. Sepulveda, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
56, Report #141745
May 06 2005
07:07 AM
Sears ripoff Dedham Massachusetts
Hearing all the bad news about Sears I thought I would include my horror story. I purchased a brand new refrigerator from sears, within 2 years the refrigerator was not working. I contacted sears who wanted $60 to come out to look at it. I then contacted an independent refrigerator repairman to come out. This repairman wanted to know where I purchased my used refrigerator. Apparently, there was an area in the back where the freon was leaking. This area, according to two (2) repairmen had been soldered. I contacted Sears again, they had no record of a purchase from me, and on and on and on. I spent about 2 months being aggravated with Sears before I finally gave up. I figure I will just never buy anything from Sears. Joanne canton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Dedham, Massachusetts
57, Report #156143
Sep 06 2005
02:24 PM
SEARS ripoff Downey California
Sears what a joke. I have had 3 Kenmore Refrigerators. I bought the Extended Warranty. The first Box they came out 5 times to tell me they did not know what was wrong with it. So after much battle with these people they replaced it under the Extended Warranty. At a cost to me of 575.00 Dollars. I am glad I had the warranty.(LOL) So I got the new box at home and took a crap after 6 months. They said the computer board was out. That I would have to have a new one. So again I went to the Sears Store in Downey and the Store Manager (Jim Brown) Made a point to make me feel like he was doing me a favor by changing the box out. I ask him if I could buy another Extended Warranty and he said no. That the warranty that I have on the old one will be in use for the new one. I told him I was not happy with that and told me oh well there was nothing that he could do. Company Policy did not let him do anything. This all took place around 08/14/2005. I was told that I would get a check for me food spoilage and a gift card. I would get them with in 5 to 7 working days. Well here it is 09/06/2005 and nothing. I talk to the warranty people about the food check and they say there was never a claim. Again Let me tell you that I wioll never Buy another Sears product again. The customer service for sears does not work at all. The Customer is the last thing they want to hear from, If you are in the store and going to spend your money they are your best friends. But after the sale is made you are on your own to deal with the saddest Customer Service Department in any Company I ahve had to deal with. Also a note when I ask to just have my money back on the 7 month old Box they proated it to 500.00 dollars. Even though they would send it back to Whirlpool for a full credit. This is how they work so please read all the fine Print and go ahead and shop somewhere else. John Downey, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Downey, California
58, Report #159410
Oct 04 2005
10:27 AM
Sears Optical ripoff Richmond Virginia
I went and spent a lot of time picking out a new pair of regular prescription glasses, and prescription sunglasses... When I went to go pick them up the regular glasses were ok- and I thought the sunglasses where ok- After wearing the sunglasses for awhile, I started to feel sorta strange, I then realized that the tint of the sunglasses was WAY darker in one eye then the other- I showed them to my boyfriend, he also noticed that there was a permanent fingerprint in the frame that occured when they molded the frames.. So I call Sears- they say...fine bring them back- They were unable to repair- so they said that I could get an entirely new pair of sunglasses.... this is the catch the frame style I had chosen was discontinued... So I had to pick out new frames- Well the only fairly decent ones were $25.00 more then I originally spent- and guess what???? They made me pay the add'l $ 25.00- dont you think they should have written that off since they were the ones that messed up the first pair of glasses ( by the way- when I called to report the messup, she knew that they were messed up BEFORE I came to pick them up, and just decided no to say anything)! Real nice customer service! S richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
59, Report #163245
Nov 03 2005
04:54 PM
SEARS ripoff Winter Park Florida
i called sears because my garage door oper wasnt working i called to have someone come out well i did as of October 28th 2005 a tech came out to supposely fix it and he rewired it unpluged it and then he hit it 4 times then the 5th time that we tryed to shut it the whole door went to the side and went off the track and the wire to the garage broke Well the man looked at came back in and said oh my sorry about that you guys are my first customers and then after that he tried pushing it down and up would more or budge now he left i paid him 115 dollars way before it broke. i called and called every day getting the customer service lady saying ohh i will send someone out there to take a look at it then another man came out here just too look at it On October 31,2005 and he called his manager to tell him what he saw he said oh it isnt the techs fault i called and then as of november 3,2005 i got a call back from the manager Eric and he told me why am i calling you now told him what happened he also said that it wasnt the tech fault i told him yes it was he argued with me they i told him i would seek a lawyer he said go ahead so i did the lawyer told me to write a letter and see what goes on from there but it is his fault even the garage door man told me the same thing it was the techs fault so thanks and hope you can help any more questions please call me Dawn CASSELBERRY, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Winterpark, Florida
60, Report #64985
Jul 30 2003
02:01 PM
Sears Automotive scam artists Niles Illinois
Sears automotive installed 4 brand new tires in my car, along with balancing and alignment. One month later my car had to be towed to the mechanic because one tire fell off! The lug nuts were improperly tightened and snapped off, causing considerable damage to my car. I am in the process of trying to get a refund from Sears for the damages that their incompetence caused. IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Niles, Illinois
61, Report #82477
Mar 01 2004
10:10 PM
Sears worst customer service Dallas Texas
I ordered a motor/pump for my dishwasher and received a water filter, took two months to get money back.I ordered this part 12/29/03 and received the rigth one 01/01/04, when I called c/s to get the right part they told me they had to contact the whse to verify they sent the wrong part and they would call me. four days later sears called and told me to reorder the motor/pump and send back the filter. I called c/s to see when I would get my order, they said they canceled that order and I would get a refund and to reorder the pump. two weeks later I got the right part but my visa was charged $183 twice. when I got my visa statement a month later, no credit from sears, I called sears c/s and they said it typically takes six weeks to get a credit. My dishwasher was down for 2 1/2 weeks and I didn't get my money back till I threated to go to the attorney general, then they said they would expedit my refund. Every phone call to sears c/s was like pulling teeth and they made me feel like I made the mistake,I even had to argue with them to pay for the shipping back on the filter. Now I have to argue the interest charged on my visa. Merritt venice, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
62, Report #116502
Nov 06 2004
05:34 PM
Sears ripoff Marion Indiana
It's the price of their replacement parts. You buy a 49 dollar drill & to replace the battery they want 44 dollars. It's the same with their Mowers you can buy a new mower cheaper then a motor or a mower deck. It's rediculious! Jon La Fontaine, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Marion, Indiana
63, Report #95273
Jun 17 2004
10:12 AM
Panasonic - Sears ripoff Dothan Alabama
I purchased a panasonic digital camcorder just before Christmas from Sears. Model #PV-DV203. With the purchase came a rebate for a free battery pak. I filled out the paperwork, sent it in to the appropriate address, but as of March, I still had not received it. I started calling and harassing people, and finally received a letter in the mail saying I would receive my battery pak no later than Arpil 30, 2004. It is not June, and I still have not received my battery pak. I have started calling the Sears company, and the Panasonic companies with my complaints again. I am getting the run around, with no good results. These people want you to just give up and forget about it. I know it's only a battery pak, but give me a break....I spent over $500.00 for this product, and I don't think by them promising to send me something that costs $20.00 is going to kill them....especially since they promised it to me in the first place. These people, both Sears and Panasonic are LAME when it comes to rebates! Paula 36330, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Dothan, Alabama
64, Report #50655
Mar 26 2003
04:51 PM
Sears rip-off Hoffman Estates Illinois
I purchased a computer ( $3017) from Sears (Altamonte Springs) in 1996 with an extended 3 year Sears warranty. It was repaired 7 times prior to the warranty expiring. I had asked for a replacement after the 1st replacement died in service and was denied. They offered to sell me another warranty after my 1st one expired. I told them that if they wouldn't / couldn't fix the computer after 7 tries - why would I spent additional money for ANOTHER warranty. I have sent documentation to the Sears CEO ( Alan Lacy ) on two different occasions. Jan 14, 2003 Beverly Edling ( Sears) ( Tel # 502-266-2597 ) Called to ask if I was still having a problem with my computer, I told her that It hadn't worked for quite some time. She said that someone from Sears would call me this week to rectify the problem. Jan 16, 2003 David ( Sears employee # 25825 / Tel 800-877-8701 ) telephoned me to say that My computer was out of warranty and that Sears was not going to do anything to repair it . I telephoned Sears service manger Shanie (employee 16991 ) who was extremely rude and non-cooperative. She said that I had not purchased an extended warranty with Sears, I told her that I had - and that I still had the original receipt and that I would fax it to her. After checking for 17 minutes, she came back on the line and said that I had never requested a service call. I told her that Not only had I requested a multitude of service calls - but I had the receipts of the service calls. She checked again ( with someone? ) and told me that it didn't matter if I had the receipts - Sears was NOT going to do anything about my computer problem. The only advice that I have received from her was to get an attorney if I didn't like Sears decision. I telephoned Sears Executive product repair ( Tel #: 800-659-7057) and spoke to Jason. He asked me if I had filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General. I told him that I had. He then asked me what would it take to make me happy. I told him that all I wanted was a computer that worked. I didn't even care if it was refurbished . He said that he would get back with me. I was mailed a $100 Sears gift certificate, which I then cut up and returned. My family has sent well over $15, 000 at Sears during the previous 10 years, I find it hard to believe that they would treat a customer so shabbily. Doug DeBary, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
65, Report #2673
Jul 15 2000
12:00 AM
Sears put 4 new tires on backwards
My husband purchased 4 new tires from Sears and after making him wait for hours, we ended up with all 4 tires being put on backwards. I noticed it immediately when I saw the mount this side in statement on the tire! Not too hard to figure out when they are supposed to know what they are doing. So we waited again for them to mount the tires again! They also added $50.00 to our bill for some type of warranty on the tires. My husband was never asked if he wanted this item and had I not noticed it later, we would never have known. They said that they would refund the money, but that is still unresolved because they were supposed to mail me the credit, but to date we have never received it.
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #4451
Feb 14 2001
12:00 AM
Sears wall oven farce
Last week I tried to order a 30 Whirlpool wall ($1099) oven from Sears on my Visa card over the phone. They refused to take my card, because they aren't allowed to do Visa over the phone. However they DID wanted me to let them order it on a Sears account they would open for me right then and there. I said no, and called my sister-in-law who works at another Sears in our state. I paid her and she ordered me the oven which they said was onback order until Feb. 28. Yesterday our Sears in Presque Isle, Maine called to say my wall oven was in! When I went to pick it up the oven they had for me it was damaged and I refused to take delivery. It was all dented in the back where the fan was and the lip to support the oven in the wall was bent so you would not be able to mount it. The guy at the center told me that was the way it was made and kept insisting on putting it in our truck. I told him no way. I then went inside and asked a representative of Presque Isle Sears to reoder the oven. They said they couldn't because it would have to be done at the store the order was placed in, so I asked for my money back and they refused that for the same reason. They said they couldn't afford to have the loss on their store. I called my sister-in-law and she looked into the matter. It seems when our Sear got notice of the back order, they cancelled my order and substituted it with a damaged oven they had in stock. (I have copies of this info, Store records that show the damaged unit in their inventory stock. The unit states in stock, damaged) They had planned on us taking it out of the store and then calling them with the fact that it was damaged, which at that time would be ours and not replaceable. Corporate damage control has since tried to apease us, but I had my sister-in-law cancel the order and get my money back and I am now going to a small local store and buy a Maytag from them. This is not our first experience as such with Sears. Ten years ago we went through a horrible mess with them on a computer, which was never really straightened out. We more or less just gave them back their computer with no reimbursement. SEARS SUCKS, and I will be telling everyone about their shoddy deal!
Entity: Presque Isle, Maine
67, Report #6427
Aug 30 2001
12:00 AM
Sears rip-off tire scam
Dear Sears Representative, I just returned home after having tires installed at the Port Huron, MI location to find I am victim of dishonesty from Sears. I called the store and arranged for tire purchase and installation. I requested a set of Michelin's on sale for $98. The sales person on the phone (Rich) said they were out of stock, but he had Much better tires he would give me an even better deal on. He said he would let me have the XC LT4 tires for $110 each when regular price is $146 each. I accepted. Now I have discovered the tires he lied to me about are on sale for $99.99. I've been scammed for $40 and lied to about $184. The thousands of dollars I've spent at Sears in the past year now appears to be foolish on my part. My simple request for now is to resolve this as soon as possible. Regards, Scott Painter
Entity: Port Huron, Michigan
68, Report #1827
Mar 28 2000
12:00 AM
Bewear Sears repair ripoff
My washer&dryer needed repairing,so I placed a call to sears for a appt. The repairman was at my home one week later,for a total of 25 min.My washer needed a small part that cost $9.18.My dryer needed a heating element at$40.13.The total of parts were $49.31.My total bill including parts&labor were $197.37.I had to pay $148.06 in labor for 25 min. of work.The repairman never told me how much the work would be before he made the repairs,Sears policy is to talk over the bill before the work is done.He never did this! I have called Sears but they think that was a fair price.I don't.So before you call Sears for repair work,call a small busisness.I'm sure you won't pay as much as I did!
Entity: Shelby, N.C
69, Report #211756
Sep 19 2006
11:58 AM
Sears ripoff Nashville Tennessee
I called Sears Repair when my Kenmore washer broke down. It would get half-way a cycle and stop. The repairman came to my house on June 6, 2006 said he repaired my washer and charged me $180.00 of which only $24.00 was for a part. This past week, my washer started doing the same thing it did before the repair. I call Sears and they informed me that since my 90 days ran out last week, they would not do anything unless they charged again. James Tupelo, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
70, Report #520297
Nov 05 2009
08:50 PM
sears Do Not BUy windows Internet
Just like a person that goes to a parole hearing for a person that killed a loved one, I will make sure that I continue periodically to try to save you some pain. Believe me, do not have Sears install windows for you. I was ripped, the treated like a piece of garbage. They mangled my window sills, and will look you in the eyes and take your money. The salesmen will tell you anything, really, play with them little. They just make things up, then you will never be able to contact them again. Sears has a joke complaint dept. I imagine people sitting around when you call and then after talking to them saying,the moron thinks we give a ........ Do not, Do not get sucked in.
Entity: Internet, Internet
71, Report #524204
Nov 16 2009
09:34 AM
SEARS Price and Service appleton, Wisconsin
On Saturday November 14th my wife and I visited the store to purchase a new stove. After nearly an hour of waiting for a sales associate to even show up in the department we opted to leave the store. They adverise being the lowest price so we walked in planning to purchase a stove and leave. After leaving due to poor service we went to local competators and found they were far from being the lowest. We found other buisnesses were from $100 to over $400 dollars cheaper and they had helpfull,knowledgable,and prompt service. We hapily Purchased a new stove from Menards .
Entity: appleton, Wisconsin
72, Report #381002
Oct 14 2008
07:17 AM
Sears hosed us on web order Internet
We ordered a clearance patio furniture set on They accepted our order and said it would ship within 5 business days. They even sent a follow up note to say it was getting ready to ship. After it had not arrived a week later, I called Sears and they said that they had canceled the order and that I should have gotten an email that day. I never received the email, not that it would have done me much good a week later. We were searching for end of season bargains for our new patio and had quit looking after they accepted our order. We had passed up several items in stores that are now sold out. The person I spoke to online was very snippy and said that they retain the right to cancel any order at any time and that it was just too bad if I didn't like the way they handled things. I had refrained from buying from Sears for a very long time because of how they treated me 20 years ago. Guess I'll be crossing them back off my list. I spoke to someone in their store and she said she'd heard they were doing this to a lot of online consumers. Thadamstown Adamstown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
73, Report #358364
Aug 01 2008
10:16 PM
Sears Kenmore Elite - buyer beware Enid Oklahoma
We purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite Trio in November 2006. In September it quit cooling, it took a week to get someone out. Then it still was not fixed, they had to order a fan motor kit and come back 21 days later to put the part on. Then in January 2008 it quit working again. This time it was the compressor. Again, had to order the part but this time we only had to go 9 days before they came back to replace it. However, they did let us get a dorm refrigerator to use and said that we could keep it even after ours was fixed and they would credit our Sears card for the purchase, after 3 months of waiting and not getting credited we took it back. We just got back from vacation 7/31/2008 and came home to a hot refrigerator and all of our food ruined. The local Sears store said that there was nothing they could do. Onesource, a part of Sears, said it would be a week before they could get a tech out. In the meantime we have no frig and the store manager said he has no loaners. After spending our last day of vacation on the phone we finally got a tech to come out. Apparantly the tech that replaced the compressor did not get all the caps tight enough and all the freon leaked out. So this guy tightened the caps filled it w/freon and it started cooling. We then went to get groceries to refill the frig, brought them home put them away went to rent a movie and came home to a frig that was now 51 degrees and a freezer that was 15 degrees. Again we called and they told us it would be Monday - 3 days - before anyone could get out here. Still no loaners and all newly purchased groceries will be wasted. Do not buy from Sears, the customer service is horrible. We have dealt w/Lowes and there is no comparision. Young3 Enid, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Enid, Oklahoma
74, Report #441969
Apr 08 2009
02:17 PM
Sears NE Phila Many inconsistencies & untruths... Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I am actually writing this on behalf of my boyfriend since his frustration level peaked long ago..At any rate, on Black Friday (November 2008) , he purchased a Kenmore front-load washer, dryer & two floor pedestals for a pretty reasonable price. He was then told by Sears that the washer & dryer were out of stock until Feb 2009 (for which he didn't have a problem with, which was quite different from my feelings)! Ok, so February comes around & he's contacted by Sears that they will deliver the washer, dryer & pedestals in early February (which happened to be a workday that he took off for this purpose). Two delivery guys came with the washer & dryer. He then informed them that he'd also ordered two pedestals for which they were not aware. But after going back out to the truck to look, lo & behold, the pedestals were found! The delivery drivers then informed him that they were the wrong pedestals for his machines & that they would be back out to deliver the right pedestals on the following Sunday. For his trouble, he was to receive a $50 gift card.... Sunday comes & goes without a delivery or word from Sears. My boyfriend calls to find out when he should expect the pedestals & he was then told that those particular pedestals are no longer being manufactured & that his original order for the pedestals had been cancelled! After several visits to the store to speak w/two different floor managers to try & resolve this issue, it was all in vain. He could not seem to get a return call & when calling the customer service center, he was basically told that they could not resolve the issue because they could not make outgoing calls;they could only accept incoming calls. This is not a joke, I witnessed this phone conversation first hand! I even faxed a complaint letter to a fax number provided on the corporate website; it's located in Hoffman Estates, IL, but still nothing happened. When he'd finally had enough, he cancelled the order & contacted Sears to come back & pick up the washer & dryer since the pedestals were no longer available. He was then told because he was cancelling the order that they could not issue the $50 gift card that he was originally promised because he was cancelling the order . During this time, the cost of the washer & dryer hit his Sears account & Sears had the audacity to charge him a 15% restocking fee! Again, he had to make several phone calls to get the charge removed & finally about two weeks ago (mid-March 2009), he spoke with yet another manager at the Sears NE location to have the restocking fee removed, along with the credit for returning the washer & dryer. This manager also promised him a $50 gift card for his trouble, but still he has not rec'd it to date. I still cannot believe a store like Sears allows something as unfortunate as this to happen, especially considering the current economic conditions & with businesses needing loyal customers now more than ever! Quietgirl7 Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
75, Report #589358
Apr 03 2010
09:52 PM
Sears surcharg Internet
 On the site and found a bike jack on sale $69.99 for a 1500 lb motorcycle jack. I add it to my cart and continue to check out. When I get to the shopping cart, I almost fell out of my chair. It says Shipping is $12.34 and Surcharge is $65.00. It was twice the stated sale price,   I allmost clicked on order tell I saw this hiden surcharge. I used the online chat and they said yes we chare a hidden $65 surchage on this item if I have it shiped to me sicne there is a small amout of fluid in the item. I asked if I could pick it up at one of the local Sears stores and they said no! I had to have it shiped and pay the $65 surcharge.   This is vary wrong Sears charges twice the sale price and hides this from you tell you place the order. Sears needs to ether remove the surchare or add it to the stated price. I can't buy it at the price they state on the site and have to pay twice as much!! BAD SEARS!!!!! BAD!!! Your site is a scam that hides the real price form us consumers.
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