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1, Report #1400993
Sep 19 2017
08:49 AM
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1401360
Sep 20 2017
02:01 PM
Secret Allure Classic Scam Englewood Colorado
I fell for it, too, and besides being mad at myself for being so naive I thouhgt I would offer a few more details.  It's also a monthy subscription so if you don't deal with it right away you will get charged again!  I ordered two samples and they split the charge between RJ's Skin Cream and TR2 Eye Serum so both of the S&H charges were under $5.  I agree with everyone else that the terms are buried and obscure, but it is most likely a buyer beware issue as opposed to a true fraud.   Unscrupulous yes, but most likely legal in this country.  Emails went no where and looking for Rjs or TR2 took me down a rabbit hole, nothing real there either that I could find with my internet skills.  First day on hold was 2 hours 15 minutes and then the line cut to dial tone, second day a woman picked up immediately and offerd me 30% off, then 60% off.  I had to ask specifically if I was also in a monthly subscription now and she confirmed that I was, so I cancelled and will have to eat the charges.   I doubt she would have told me if I had not asked abuot the subscription issue.  She was professional enough and gave me a cancellation # .  Now I am just deciding whether I close that credit card or not.   Hang in there, it happens to all of us at some time or another.   
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
3, Report #1392841
Aug 15 2017
06:51 AM
I placed the order for a free thirty day supply (just pay the postage).  The order was received in a few days.  I went back onto their web site and began to read the fine print.  You have to look for terms at the bottom of the page.  The company advises you to read the terms in full.  I suspect most folks do not but I would advise you to do so as the fourteen day trial period soon passes and you will see an additional charge on your card.  In my case I called within the trial period and had the account canceled wtihout any problem.  Perhaps the product works and if it does then my wife may very well order another month.  My point is that I do not like this automatic billing process until you are at least satiisfied that the product works to your satisfaction.  So in my case it has all worked out okay.  The reason for this posting is not complaining but to warn all of the readers to do just that - read the fine print.  Thanks.  
Entity: ENGLEWOOD, Colorado
4, Report #1406148
Oct 13 2017
03:57 PM
Secret Allure Deceptive advertising and billing Internet
I saw the ad for a 9.95 trial of face and eye cream on the internet so I ordered it.  It took a week to arrive.  15 days later my credit card was charged $89.92 and $84.95.  I immediately called to find out why and let them know I was deceived and wanted to return them.  I was told it was past the 14 day trial period and there was nothing they could do.  Had my credit card been charged when the order was sent, I could have known in time to make this call.  This is a very sneaky, unethical way of doing business. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1395618
Aug 25 2017
04:02 PM
Secret Allure Withdraw money from my account without any reminder or notification Englewood Colorado
I ordered the 14 day trial offered by Secret Allure on the night of August 9, 2017, over the phone.  I gave them my credit card number I thought for the shipping and handling charges.  I recieved the products on August 14, 2017.  In the box were the 3 items I ordered, with a packing slip with my name and address and the shipping and handleing charges ONLY. No instructions on when or how to return or cancel the items.  On August 24, 2017, I seen a charge of $89.95 on my account.  I seen it was for Secret Allure, and that there were 2 additional charges pending for $89.95 & $84.95.  I called the number and spoke to a customer service reprensitive who told me that I agreed to that arrangement when I did not cancel the order after 14 days. I was furious.  No they do not sent out reminders, that it is in the print of the advetisement and no, they don't tell you over the phone either. The fact that its NOT a true 14 day trial, which I thought a trial was testing a product, not ordering one, is also a fact that your free trial and how you like the product is not important to them or economical, its the fact that they depend on people like me who works hard, has a life and is not going to remember to cancel a $265.00 product in less than 10 days! I beleive that I was scammed.  I feel like I was robbed.  This was my first and last time ever ordering any products offering a free trial. This company needs to be stopped or made to disclose their charges and made required to send notification before and after they withdraw from your account.  
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1398464
Sep 07 2017
01:00 PM
Secret Allure Skin Cream Ship OffersEyeFive, Inc Deceptive business practices Englewood Colorado
Web site makes you think you are buying a special offer of their skin cream product then enrolls you in a subscription program with significantly higher fees.  The details are made difficult to find and harder to cancel.  No mention of the subscription in confirmation emails sent and no emails regarding charges for subscription- just cryptic entries on credit card bill from RJSerum and Cream. Customer support states nothing they can do. Company is run by a group called EyeFive, Inc doing business as ship offers. The registered agent is Doug Roberts.  Partners are Tony Grebmier and Gil Gerstein.  
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
7, Report #1398308
Sep 06 2017
05:11 PM
Secret Allure DO NOT be ripped off by the FREE Trial Internet
Do not purchase Secret Allure.  You purchase a 'Free Trial' paying $4.95 (which they tell you is for s/h)  & no where does it say that if you don't cancel within 15 days, (& it is 15 days from the day you purchase -- even though it takes a week to get their product to you)....   they then bill you $84.95 for the cost of the skin cream.  When you get billed & attempt to contact them, they do not respond to emails.  I called them, they told me that I was supposed  to email them to cancel within those 15 days & since I didn't do it, I'm responsible for the bill.  I told them I would dispute the charge with my credit card company & was told that I would lose since it clearly says that on their web site. (still can't find it written anywhere & don't want to deal with this company ever again).   After arguing with them, they then will offer to give you a credit of 60% of the $84.95 & then have the audacity to offer to send you more product at 60% off!  She also told me that 1000's of women use this product!  Really?   Everyone falls for this?  I'm shocked... Even if you did not use it, you cannot send it back!  Wow!  I told the woman, I'll never use their product again & will make sure that I file a complaint online, so that is exactly what I am doing.   This is not a legitimate company.  I am not sure where they are located, but I will never purchase their products again.  
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1422584
Jan 12 2018
09:10 AM
Secret Allure Charged account without permission Internet
Received sample of cream, used once and had reaction including face/eyes swelling.  Two weeks after receiving product noted that $89.92 taken out of my accoun.  Called company for explanation as never gave authority for withdrawaL.  Had to fight to get even half returned to my account. I know this is a ripoff so please be aware and don't buy this crap  
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1411853
Nov 14 2017
12:58 PM
Secret Allure Duped into purchasing products. Refused refund or return. Englewood Colorado
This company claims to offer you a free trial...only pay for shipping. If you don't read the incredibally fine print you will be charged full price and sent more product at full price before you've barely even tried the first free trial.  When I rec'd an email from the company stating that my next shipment had been sent, I immediately replied that I did not want the shipment or any further shipments and for instructions on sending it back for a refund and discontinuing further shipments. I did not hear from them until I rec'd an email that my next shipment had been sent.  I called customer service and spoke to agent 426 (Rachel) who after many attempts to get me to keep the product at increasingly larger discounts gave me a return authorization for the last shipment but not the others, stating that I was past the 30 day return guarantee. After a contentious conversation I was transferred to her supervisor agent 485 (Amy) and given the same story. She offered an even larger discount (for the last shipment only) to keep the product before finally giving what she said was a full refund. (I don't know if it's a full refund because I do not know yet what my credit card was charged). She states that nothing can be done about the as yet unopened 2nd shipment or being charged for the first free trial. These agents are hard as nails, rude, condescending and very good at maintaining that it isn't their problem that you fell prey to the companies deceptive advertising business practices. It should be stated that the full price of the products was not revealed on the original order or in any email regarding future shipments or on the package invoice. Regarding the product, it is drugstore quality moisturizer that would probably retail in the $5-$10 range. 
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
10, Report #1404603
Oct 06 2017
09:15 AM
Internet scam. Only pay $4.99 for shipping. Then 19 days later they charged me $174.87 with out my authorization. 
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1405666
Oct 11 2017
03:23 PM
Secret Allure M2Skincream8442374148CA The secret behind Secret Allure is that ghey lure you in for a $4.99 sample, then rip you off for $89.92 surprise charge! Colorado Colorado
 While evscuated for Hurricane Harvey, I ordered via an internet solucitation a trial sample of eye serum and skin cream from Secret Allure. As advertised. I was billed 4.97 and 4.99 , respectively, on Sept. 1, 2017, and the trial-size products were waiting for me at my home when I was able to return after the storm. On Sept. 15, however, I was billed by Secret Allure for an additional and unexpected $89.92. When I called the Secret Allure company number I got from Mastercard for an explanation, the first person I spoke to was only marginally understandable but I finally understood that she was telling me that the $89.92 (plus the two earlier charges) were ALL for the shipment I had received because I had not cancelled within their 14-day trial period, and that that info was included with the offer (it was not) and they did not make refunds. The person then tried to offer me percrntages off future orders, then being unsucessful at that, hing up on me. I called back and got Shanty who identified herself as the supervisor. Shanty, who said she was geographically located in florida, was slightly more understandable, but again, the story was the same- she insisted also thatinformation on the additional charges had been included, to which i countered that it was not on the internet solicitation to which i responded nor was there any paperwork included with the samples when they were shipped. She offered me a 60 percent refund which i refused, then a 75 percent refund, which i also refused, saying that i was not going to pay for their unscrupulous budiness practices and continuing misrrpresentation. The conversation ended with Shanty saying something I could not make out other than, I think, keep the product and abruptly hanging up. Help - I have no idea where I am with this company or their charges. Thank you, Leslie Watts
12, Report #1382744
Jul 02 2017
07:34 PM
Secret Allure Skin Cream - $4.99 Trial Scam Secret Allure Trial Scam, charges you $4.99 and then $89.95 14 days later without telling you! San Diego Internet
Secret Allure free trial is a SCAM! I signed up for a Free sample of Secret Allure skin cream. Hidden in the terms which are NOT disclosed on their website is that they will charge you $89.95 14 days after you order the FREE sample online (not when you receive the product, when you order the sample on their website). It took about 7 days to get the product (that does not work) and then a week after I received the product they charged my credit card $89.95! They did not include information on how to use the cream (which was a TINY amount) and I had a heck of a time trying to find contact information (there was no contact info in the shipment). I called customer service and they would not refund me and they would not take the product back! How can they do this? I called them on the 15th day and they refused! When I asked them to refund me they said wait in line!... inferring that alot of other customers have also asked and the do not give refunds! Secret Allure's secret is that they rip people off!
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1396115
Aug 28 2017
08:37 AM
Secret Allure Skim Cream Joanna Gaines Beware this is scam, not free, you get charges $85 in 14 days St Petersburg Internet
This is advertised by Chip and Joanna Gaines as a new business of Joanna's, Secret Allure Skin cream. They offer trial samples but in 14 days they charge you $84.95 for the product that supposedly you only had to pay the shipping. No where in the website do they tell you that you will be charged unless you return it in 14 days, my guess is they will continue to charge you until you catch it, my bank mentioned that they had numerous complaints about this since we are close to Waco Texas where the Gaines have their TV house flipping business. They attrack a lot of people due do their popularity on tv.  
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1409001
Oct 27 2017
12:09 PM
Secret Allure I wanted to try the 4.99 trial offer never received that an then they charged my credit card 3 more times for 89.95 Englewood Colorado
 They didn't even send my 4.99 trail offer an then they charged my credit card 3 more times for 89.95 an still received no product from them! Thanks Richard
Entity: Englewood , Colorado
15, Report #1386633
Jul 19 2017
09:30 AM
Secret Allure I signed up for a 4.99 and 4.97 trial product with a free month trial--within 14 days my bank account was debited an additional 84.95 and 89.92 charge without my permission--or without receiving additional product Aurora CO 80012
I signed up for a free monthly trial of Secret Allure Eye Wrinkle Cream and Anti-Aging Cream with an agreed shipping charge of 4.97 and 4.99. Fourteen days later my bank account is illegally debited for 84.95 and 89.92--without permission. This is a total rip-off. They advertise it as a free monthly trial then 14 days later debit your bank account for 174.87! Beware!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1408192
Oct 24 2017
07:51 AM
Secret Allure They refused to refund my money after I had cancelled the order saying I didn't do it soon enough, and they charged my credit card again even though I had cancelled. Englewood Colorado
I originally agreed to pay $4.99 each for shipping only for the face cream and eye serum.  No where did it say I was agreeing to pay full price of $89.92 and $84.95 for the products. When my credit card bill came I saw they had charged me the full price.  I called immediately and cancelled .  They said I could get a refund if I mailed the items back.  They were shipping me another order on the same day I cancelled.  When it arrived I mailed it back to them, but when I checked my credit card bill I saw they had billed me again. I called again and was told they would not refund the first charges because I had not cancelled soon enough, and it would take at least a month before they could take off the second charges, which were added after I had cancelled. This is a major rip-off.  I got no satisfactory solution from the company.  I read the original ad for the cream all the way through and no where did it say I was agreeing to pay full price within two weeks and would receive monthly shipments.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
17, Report #1405591
Oct 11 2017
11:25 AM
RJS Skin Cream: Secret Allure The free trial will cost you $89 in 14 days from SHIPMENT (took 6 days to arrive). This is not apparent on the website. Aurora Colorado
Sent away for Free Trial of skin cream and paid shipping only. It took 6 days to arrive. It was a 30 DAY SUPPLY. On day 14, after I had received it only 8 days previous, my account was charged $89. When I called to complain, they said my 14 day freee trial was up that day and it was already evening in Colorado (5:00 is evening???). After a great deal of arguing, they said I could send it back for a 60% rebate. None of this information is apparent on the website. Nor was this information contained in the box it was shipped in. Free trials are typically free, without notification of displeasure within a certain timeframe. It would appear to be very unethical to send a 30 day supply for a 14 day trial and then bill the customer on day 15. This is without warning and absent from the advertisement. What makes this even more disappointing is that it is touted as being a company started by Mrs. Joel Osteen, the wife of mega-church pastor Joel Osteen, a supposed leader in Christian circles. It is fraudulent and unethical and totally fits the definition of SCAM. Do not fall for this skin cream 'allure' (a very fitting name!!!).
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
18, Report #1409189
Oct 28 2017
07:16 PM
Secret Allure through Ebates ,Amazon Phone # is 888-969-6560 Offer was $4.99 and the charge came though as $36.91 The email is: Florida
I ordered the Secret Allure skin cream that was advertised under the Name of Actor Sally Fields and the price was $4.99.  I received an email with a charge of $36.91.  I tried to call back and cancel but their office hours are Monday through Friday.
Entity: Florida
19, Report #1270799
Nov 28 2015
09:30 PM
Infinity Allure Free sample scam Internet
 Wife ordered free sample of Infinity Allure, next we are billed $84.95.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #943819
Sep 19 2012
08:32 PM
Eve Allure Total Wedding Dress Scam Site Internet
I found a dress on that looked exactly like a dress I had liked in a bridal boutique, but half the price. It seemed to good to be true, and I should have followed by instincts! I ordered the dress in a standard size. I actually ordered bigger than my measurements just in case I need to alter it. I paid with a credit card via PayPal. My dress came in about 3 weeks in an bag! Not just any bag, a grey garbage bag with the dress folded up and wrapped in a plastic bag inside! The dress came with no invoice, no packing slip, nothing to indicate where it came from at all. It was literally a dress folded up in some plastic unmarked bags!The dress was not the same as the dress on the website! It was a lane dress very similar to the photo on the website but not the same type of lace! Plus, the dress was too small.I emailed the company as per their instructions that all returns had to be relieved within 14 days of receipt. I sent 5 emails to the response. I tried to reach someone on their online chat, again no on ever came to the chat and no response!So nowI am stuck with a wedding dress that I cannot exchange or return because the company will not communicate I me. I guess I can try to sell it somewhere, but that will not be easy.I recommend that brides stay away from this site! The dresses are cheap Chinese knock offs and if there is anything wrong with it, you are stuck with it because the customer service claims are a total scam!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1398917
Sep 09 2017
01:13 PM
Le Allure Money Scam Phoenix arizona Nationwide
 Ordered one product free just pay S&H Sent two products. Did not open products Contacted company, reluctantly they closed account Returned both products Called company after receiving proof of delivery During first phone call I was told they received products in good unopened condition and refunds being processed Called today and was advised one product was opened and refund for other product already sent to my bank and I don't know why you can't see it When I questioned the product that was not opened they read a script and hung up on me. (Called twice and advised same thing)
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1409141
Oct 28 2017
10:22 AM
Secert Allure Rip-off englewood Colorado
I ordered a sample that I had to enter credit card for $4.99 shipping, then I started getting billed monthly for acharge from ARMEYESERUM for $89.92 and a charge from RJSCREAM for $94.91. Beware of the scam! And you can only get 60% refund they charge 40% restocking fee.
Entity: englewood, Colorado
23, Report #325994
Apr 14 2008
03:06 PM
Allure Patch Allure Patch sent me a package I didn't order Neenah Wisconsin
Allure Patch somehow got my debit card number and sent me a package of diet pills and patch that I did not order. I see it happened to someone else a couple of weeks ago. They do not answer their phone to complain. Jean Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Neenah, Wisconsin
24, Report #1085757
Sep 19 2013
09:50 AM
Allure Resort - Orlando Allure Resort International Drive Orlando Worst Experience Ever - Ridiculous Hotel Orlando Florida
We recently had a 3-day event at this hotel and the staff were a disgrace. The ballroom a/c went out the first day and they did nothing about it. Orlando in August with no a/c!! We lost more than half our attendees. The staff did nothing to help us and I literally had to yell at them just to get some fans brought in the room. The a/c was out the entire 3 days and they literally did nothing to help us. Regina is the Manager and she will not even return our calls, she is ridiculous. If you are considering doing an event in this hotel, I highly recommend you find a different location.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
25, Report #1377698
Jun 07 2017
03:00 PM
Allure RX Skinfresh MD Allure RX and Skinfresh MD SCAMS St Petersburg Florida
 Allure RX and Skinfresh MD offer free trials for a product with a small shipping and handling fee . This is just a way to get your credit card number so they can charge monthly fees. The wording they use is very evasive so nobody expects the charges.
Entity: St Petersburg, Florida

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