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1, Report #1202086
Jan 16 2015
06:05 AM
ADT security ADT security Canton Michigan
So I got to say this is a complete nightmare. I had ADT security install some cameras on my house  couple weeks later camera stopped working came out replaced cameras do two boxes not silicone properly One box had no silicon . You're not very professionally don't pick up after their selves leave a mess in my house. Then my DVR start acting up had my DVR replaced four times The Mandren in the Madison Heights office. Was talking to me like I was stupid I have quite a bit knowledge behind I'll how to use a DVR but no uses that I was doing something wrong and he was right I was wrong but each and every DVR had a hard drive issue which Curlett clearly stated that there was a hard drive error and you could see that . Now finally the issue got fixed a month later now to PTZ cameras that they installed what's not the proper power supply start to act up and not function properly and get water and moisture inside the dome. contact the local office and speak with the manager try to tell me that there's moisture outside the dome and not inside the camera. I repeatedly say no the monsters inside the jail meet you obviously see in the picture and there's water in one camera he avoids a try to get the camera repaired this this really making me mad . Please take a look at my pictures and let me know what you think. 
2, Report #74311
Dec 06 2003
11:23 PM
Cybertel Security ripoff Nationwide
On November 28, 2003 someone from Cybertel Security called our home and spoke to my husband. Stated that a credit card we had applied for last year did not get approved and the were going to return $299 back into our checking account. He told my husband it would take approximately 8 to 10 days to return the money. He already had all our account information and reverified the info with my husband. Well on December 1, 2003 Cybertel Security sent a pay by check to deduct $299 out of my account. We called the 866-939-1646 number that was given to us incase the funds never showed up but it was no longer in service. The gentleman my husband spoke with also gave him a confirmation #653470. My husband with to our bank and explained this money was to be deposited per the conversation he had with the man on November 28 and it was fraud had the deducted when that is not what he had authorized. The bank did return our money. Thanks to them we were not short of funds this month with 2 little children and him being laid off. I have tried to remember last year but I am uncertain of talking to someone from this company. I do remember receiving a package of some sorts for a credit card that you could use to buy merchandise out of a catalog. I did return this but I can not really recall. If this company does owe me $299 like it says it does I would greatly appreciated being returned but only in a form of a cashiers check made out in mine or my husbands name. Sara - Missouri Sara Blue Springs, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #594050
Apr 17 2010
07:39 AM
CPI Security Deceptive Advertising, Internet
CPI security is advertising locally that they have a $99 installation fee. We called to schedule an appointment and were told that since we found them on the internet,the installation would be free. We scheduled the appointment. A day or two before the scheduled appointment, they called to tell us that, after a credit check, we did not qualify for the special installation pricing therefore it would be $500. The ad says nothing about the installation price being subject to a credit check, and further, our credit is good. This appears to be a bait and switch. We cancelled the appointment and will not use their services.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #677076
Dec 30 2010
07:06 PM
Icon Security Harassment Provo, Utah
My husband and I started with this company in 2008. 3 months after signing a contract with them, our system began to have problems. We called, and to no avail, in order for them to come repair the system, it would cost US out of our own pocket! They refused to fix it, and basically I refused to pay for their "services". I closed the bank account they used to draft my payment from, and began to receive letters stating I owed X amount of money or else! Then the calls started...4 times a DAY! Their customer service is the rudest I have ever dealt with! After about 2 months of this, I received an anonymous text message from them stating "Happy New Years you cowardly jackass. Maybe now you will grow up and take care of your business"!!!!! HAH! What kind of people are they!? all I have to say is "FU** YOU ICON!!"
Entity: Provo, Utah
5, Report #864542
Apr 05 2012
06:26 PM
ADT Security Shady Cancellation Policy, Internet
I have been an ADT Customer for 6 years.  I moved a year ago and thought I was just transferring my service from one place to another.  Little did I know, it renewed my contract for another 3 years.  Now I am moving and I will not... have an alarm at my new place.  ADT is charging me $932 to cancel my contract.  They did not install the equipment in this home, all they did is transfer the monitoring from my old home to this one.  I was told when I transferred that it was a transfer of service.  When I called today I was told that I was locked into this contract and that this was explained to me when the technician came out to set my service up, which consisted of him making a few phone calls and collecting a check from me.  I promise, I will never use them again, I will see to it that no one I know ever uses them again.  The power of Social Media.  I will cost them far more than $932.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1355824
Feb 13 2017
03:26 PM
paragon security false advertising toronto
This Company always advertises big pay rates but in fact its a lure to get you to come in and apply. I applied to a add that said the pay rate was 18$ph upon my interview i was told the highest they pay was 15$ph for that site. Why advertize a higher rate of pay then.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #547354
Dec 30 2009
12:37 PM
ADT Home Security Services & Adhesion Contracts Internet
I'm writing this report to save other people the time, misery, and MONEY by avoiding dealing with ADT. Hopefully this report will be help some of you avoid the hardship I am now having to deal with because of the greed of big business. Also, I want to thank the honesty from former employees upon coming forth and telling the truth instead of standing behind the principals of ruthlessness and dishonesty.I became a customer of ADT in August 2008.  Throughout this time I had a fair relationship with their company, but a few signs should have been red flags for me upon the purchase of this system.The first being the sales person, John, who promised me three free months of service. It took me five months and several phone calls before I finally received them in December 08. The second surprise was the 600 dollar bill I received a month after beginning my service. John told me it would only be about 381.Regardless of all this I continued my service with ADT primarily because I spent months away from home and needed the extra protection while away. As a loyal customer would do, I paid ADT many times several months in advance. However, the unforeseeable happened and my husband was laid off in June of this year.Fortunately, our service was paid up until October and when I spoke with the representative she offered me three free months. Gratefully, I took the three months in hopes that our financial situation would improve by December.Three months passed and my husband is still unemployed. I called ADT yesterday morning and told them I COULD NOT PHYSICALLY AFFORD my system so it would be best for them to cut it off to avoid further charges. Upon telling the woman this she did offer me a lower rate, which would have been fine if we had an actual income.I tried explaining to her my financial situation that I have two small children to feed (2 years & 3 months) and that I'm already facing foreclosure, but she had absolutely no mercy and told me I would be charged over 530 dollar for a disconnection fee and service that I wont even receive.You know, it's not really necessarily the disconnection fee itself, many companies have a disconnection fee. It's a matter of honesty, had John explained to me that I was going to be charged 75%, I repeat, 75% of a remaining contract upon cancellation within three years I may have reconsidered, but because I trusted John and this so-called award winning home security system I'm being labeled as foolish? Why not put the 75% service charge on the front page of the contract? Better yet, explain this term to all your customers prior to signing, lets see how many signatures you get.And to all you ADT profiteers who scream , read the contract! I ask you, how many times have you actually read a terms of service? I mean, thoroughly read a terms of service. If this held true to everyone there wouldn't be millions of people in extreme credit card debt now, would there? Many of us as customers and PEOPLE place our trust in these so-called honest and accredited businesses, not because we're idiots, but because we want to believe they are as honest as they claim! Hopefully my story has helped some people realize how ruthless big business really is and that trust, compassion, and strong relationships between people and businesses are a thing of the past, especially when dealing with companies like ADT. Good bye ADT and good riddance.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #194470
Jun 02 2006
12:58 PM
ADT Security Services ripoff DALLAS Texas
ADT specialized in ripoff no't on security services I singup a agrement with ADT, before I know this, I don't need the services any more because I shot douwn the busines and they force me to finihs the contract or 75% of termination fee. that is new for me, the person who sold me the services never told me nathin, aboutit. I dont know what to do same one can help me? Gabriel dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
9, Report #1336830
Nov 06 2016
10:40 AM
When I terminated my service with ADT recently there was a $650 balance owed to them because I ended the 3 year contract a year early. I do not have a problem with paying it but I expected to make the final payment with a personal check. I had it budgeted to be paid after I received the final escrow settelement check from the sale of the home where ADT provided security service.  I stopped the automatic monthly payments to ADT a month before their service was ended. They still dipped in and took the $650 final payment out of my checking account without my knowledge or consent. In accordance with a  telephone conversation with a customer service representive, the funds will be refunded to my checking account within 7 to 10 days. It creates a multitude of problems for me. When I asked to speak with a supervisor the customer service representative said there was no supervisor available. This is not a customer friendly company and I do not recommend ADT to anyone. Communications with them are one way - from them to you. They constantly send me junk mail and email but I found their customer service efforts to be totally inadequate. Their products and services are nothing special. They are over priced and similar products and services can be obtained from other companies much cheaper. Shop around.  Stay away from ADT!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #353474
Jul 20 2008
06:05 PM
Firstline Security no security - services Windsor California
I have called and called more than 5 times to get answers from firstline but i never get to talk to a real person. I and my family are victims of their security system scam. We have a system installed but now know that there is no monitoring, no police or service. I feel ripped off and very violated. It is so concerning to know that i have no home security when i thought i was protected. Does anyonbe know if , since firstline went bankrupt in california, that im not obligated to the cobtaract? Help Heather windsor, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Windsor, California
11, Report #359506
Aug 05 2008
01:51 PM
Firstline Security Security NOT Orem Utah
I have been completely ripped off by this company. They have depleted my bank account and I have to close it out and start over. They have been taking out two payments per month....DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY Shirley Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
12, Report #719180
Apr 18 2011
05:47 PM
Star Security STAR SECURITY SCAMS MONEY Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Star Security is a company out of mississauga ontario that advertises for non existent jobs on kijiji and craigslist THROUGHOUT ONTARIO.  they call people in for interviews and it turns out they make you pay money for training that most people don't need. People should not have to pay money to get a job.  Then I did some research and asked some of their staff how they treat their staff.   They are treated like dogs. No breaks, long hours, and very underpayed.  $10.25/hr.  They promise alot of hours and give you 8 to 10 hours a month, if youre lucky. I URGE ANYONE APPLYING FOR A JOB IN SECURITY IN TORONTO and surrounding areas ONTARIO NOT TO TAKE A JOB FROM THESE RIPOFF ARTISTS. Chances are you will end up paying for something and never even get the money back in worked hours. because at 10 hours a month and at 10.25/hr it would take you 3 years to make back the money paid in order to get the job.  BEWARE OF STAR SECURITY. FALSE JOBS ADVERTISING
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
13, Report #749223
Jul 05 2011
10:22 AM
Safe Security California Security Billing impropriety Internet
I have also had difficulty getting rid of this company.  They have continued sending me bills months after I sent a letter terminating the maintenance service agreement prior to automatic renewal, and despite three different phone calls to rectify it.  At one point they said they said they were refusing to allow me to terminate the agreement, notwithstanding the terms of the agreement, until I paid a disputed repair service charge.  That service charge, and others which preceded it, were the reasons for my decision to terminate this company's maintenance service.  The service operation seemed to be almost completely unmanaged.  The same service visits were repeated; the technicians on follow up visits didn't seem to have any field notes from prior visits as they didn't appear to know what needed to be done; and the billing department always generated an invoice (at high rates) regardless of whether anything was accomplished and even when the service had to be provided without charge under the terms of my maintenance agreement.  A number of calls were required to straighten out the billing.  This is the worst home services company that I have ever dealt with.  As I had a long term favorable agreement with the predecessor company that this outfit acquired, I was extremely reluctant to terminate the service.  I leased the equipment for $15 per month and paid $15 per month for monitoring services -- a very good deal.  But Safe Security so completely and totally angered me that I hired another company, The Alarm Company, to install a new system and provide the monitoring service at a higher rate.  I am much happier now.  Safe Security was awful to deal with. 
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #871163
Apr 19 2012
11:11 PM
affordable home security security arlington, Texas
i had a sales rep come to my house and sell me on the fact that they were the best and all this stuff they then left and as we looked into the company (affordable home security) we found that they have some bad reviews on BBB and ripoff report.  we found that they are very unethical so we called to cancel and was directed to a kevin, who is a very rude and obnoctious person and refused to help us.  i wanted to post this so that no one else will fall for there sales tactics. 
Entity: arlington, Texas
15, Report #1071201
Jun 25 2014
10:38 AM
Vision Security & Security Networks -?- Deceptive Orem Utah
I have concerns about the deceptive & disengenous way Security Networks did a takeover of my home security service. I had a service with Monitronics and a year ago a young man came to the door and said he would like to upgrade our existing service. I assumed he was with Monitronics but I would later realize he was doing a takeover for another company named Vision Security. The signs and phone numbers I was given to identify my security system was with Security Networks.   While Vision has an address in Utah I have have noted that Security Networks has an address in Florida.    I have also noted that both these companies have numerous consumer complaints against them and was wondering what exactly is the business relationship between the two?        
Entity: Orem, Utah
16, Report #1313659
Jun 26 2016
08:05 PM
EEI Security EEI Security- Rip Off Tampa Florida
 This company never finished setting up my alarm system. I paid for a full year in advance which I thought was the entire term of my contract. A year later, I started receiving bills and was told that I had another two years to pay for. EEI Security never honored 1 single day of service on my contract. They never completed the alarm system set up after coming to my home 3 times. I paid them almost $900 for first year and then they wanted me to pay for for two more years. They are a horrible company. I would never reccomend them.
17, Report #1206275
Feb 02 2015
10:02 PM
Lorex security lorex security cameras Lorex Rip Off Nationwide
I bought these cameras! four in total on June 22 2014  directly from the Lorex website. I installed them over the Fourth of July holiday. the first camera quit working three days after it was installed. lorex sent me a replacement. on 11-20-14  another camera quit working I tried for two days to contact Lorax  finally I was able to get a hold of them on Saturday 11-22-14  the tech I was talking to told me he needed the model number I explained  to him the cameras are already mounted and that they  were 11 feet off the ground I would have to get a ladder to get a model number and I would contact them again on Monday with the information  that is when he gave me a ticket number 566070. had to use  a magnify glass I got the model number off the camera that quit working this is when I discovered that the model number wasn't the same number as the cameras  that I ordered. I tried contacting Lorex again on Monday I was on hold for two hours before I gave up I tried calling back again at about 10 a clock Mountain time  this is when I discovered there was an option for me to push where they would call me back, after six hours I was contacted by customer service representative, I told her I was having problems with the camera! before I had a chance to tell the customer service agent they sent me the wrong cameras she told me I had the wrong department she was going to transfer me to the tech department I told her I didn't have time to wait for two or three hours before I had a chance to talk anymore she transferred me over and put me back on hold. I finally got a hold of the Lorax tech today 11/26/14  he told me there's nothing he could do about them sending me the wrong Cameras I had to talk to customer service this is a  Classic Case of bait and switch. so it is now 2/2/15 i just had the 3rd camera  go down 2 days ago, what the hell! is LOREX bald face ripping us off? I have some older 480TVL cameras that blow these 600TVL cams a way! so I guess I just got F* out of $200 Dollars and they are still selling this garbage to the U.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #621123
Jul 07 2010
01:56 PM
Icon Home Security, Icon Security TOTAL RIP OFF PROVO, Utah
These people said we could have the system removed within 30 days then refused to do so. When we stoped paying you say it was 3 days. Your system sucks, your people are rude. You threaten law suits and you have the worst customer relations I have ever seen. Never EVER use these people.
Entity: PROVO, Utah
19, Report #628177
Aug 04 2010
07:23 AM
Castlerock Security - SAI Security CastleRock Security, SAI, First Line Security CastleRock Security Scam,, Internet
CastleRock Security is such an inept company that they have managed to receive an F rating from the BBB.  It's time to make the number 1 spot on search engines be a complaint forum instead of their own site.  This would cost them massive amounts of money in renewals and would destroy what little reputation they have left. GOTO (((link redacted))) to post your complaints in detail.  Just reply to whichever blog post is the most relevant to your situation.CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #386443
Oct 30 2008
03:00 PM
ADT Security Services They should remove security from title Aurora, CO Colorado
I was using ADT services at the time I was broken into and theives made off with whatever they wanted and never tripped the alarm system. I thought my business was protected,because it sure cost me enough to have a system installed,but it never was set off after theives just done whatever they wanted to once they got inside. I called to cancel my service and was told by the local office that they would handle it,that I would need to fax a letter of cancellation to them. I was OK with that. Then I get a charge from ADT on my credit card three months later and when I called them for explanation,they told me they never recieved my original fax.(whatever!) So I sent them another fax and thought that might be the end of it,but no,I keep getting past due bills from them and can not seem to get them to understand that they should be responsible for my loss that I suffered because of their unprofessional service that I was getting.I would not recomend anyone doing business with these folks. Barry w. Cleveland, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
21, Report #933717
Jul 28 2014
01:30 PM
United Metro Security United Metro Security Force security Phoenix, Arizona
Same old wolf, new sheep's clothing.... Where to begin?  Oh, yes.  United Metro Security Force (trade names United Metro Security AND Special Security Force), is the new name for the old company, Special Security Force, LLC.  Guess who the founder of SSF was?  None other than Mr. Patrick Michael Griffith!  Guesss who one of the co-owners of United Metro is?  Yep, you guessed it, Mr. Griffith yet again!  Why the new company?  Well, it could be that he mismanaged SSF so badly that the only way for him to fool anyone to continuing to do business with him was to start under a new name.  It could be because there is currently an active Department of Labor investigation going on at SSF that will likely bankrupt the company once all the details get sorted out (you see, the fraud and mismanagement is so bad that, 5 months into the investigation, the investigator STILL can't sort out all of the bogus and improper records SSF has or doesn't have, as the case may be).  It could be that there have been so many IRS complaints filed on the company that Mr. Griffith realizes that he's in a whole load of hurtin' once THAT investigation gets underway.  Or it could be that he's made so many false promises, conducted so many scams and told too many lies to be able to operate with anyone who's had previous dealings with him.  Either way, it doesn't change the fact that a new name DOESN'T make a new man.  I doubt that Mr. Griffith has had an epiphany and changed his whole attitude on greed, corruption and deceit.  A rose by any other name..... So the moral of the story, children, is that a wolf is still a wolf, no matter the clothes (or in this case, the company).   If you want to be chewed up and spit out, it's your choice.  Just remember, you've been warned. Oh, and if he runs true to form, you'll probably shortly see a change in the corporation records at the Arizona Corporation Commission hiding Mr. Griffith's involvement with the company.  I mean, if you're going to operate a shady company, you can't have everyone knowing who the mastermind is, can you?  That's just too obvious.  Far better to have someone else be the frontman so you have a convenient body to throw under the bus once the wolf excrement hits the fan, as it most certainly will since, once a wolf, always a wolf.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
22, Report #719674
Apr 19 2011
08:03 PM
McAfee Security Unauthorized Automatic Renewal??? Internet
I recieved an e-mail yesterday from McAfee saying that they had renewed my software automatically...through my Paypal account...and also recieved an e-mail from Paypal saying that my account had been charged $89.99 for McAfee Security. WTH??  First off, I purchased my grandchildren laptops for Christmas, and purchased anti-virus software from McAfee for those computers, a one year subscription. After the first month, my grandchildren kept getting pop-ups saying that the subscription had expired.  I also kept getting e-mails saying I needed to renew the subscription, that it expires in May 2011...I did not respond to them, as I did not intend to renew if it was going to be only for  6 months, instead of the year that I paid for. I paid for this through Paypal, I DID NOT agree to an auto renewal plan. I NEVER do this!  I immediately called Paypal, told them not to pay it and filed a disputed transaction claim, I called McAfee and basically told them off too. I called my bank to tell them about this fraud on my account and they had already paid it to Paypal!  Within minutes of me getting the e-mails! My bank doesn't even work that fast for ME! Now McAfee won't even respond to Paypal to answer this,  in the meantime, I am short $89.99 in my bank account!  How can McAfee do this when I DID NOT sign up for Auto-renewal?  I am in the process of filing formal complaints about this also.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #55933
May 06 2003
06:25 PM
Allied Security consumer fraud ripoff Austin Texas
Thanks to all the folks who responded to my original report. I never made an issue out of being Jewish. I merely wanted a day off for Yom Kippur and of course, they wanted to know WHY. Of course, in security, you know that you will have to work holidays but always at companies I had worked for before, I had traded out Passover for Easter Sunday and we all got along just fine. But I wasn't working at Allied Security. What got the ball rolling, I talked to a guy who attended shul with me and he told me he had been fired because he had requested Yom Kippur off and had wanted Friday nights off because of the Sabbath. The business where he worked was clcosed Friday nights anyway but they deliberately insited on putting him at other places and forcing him to work because he was Jewish --and was VERY vocal about it. The ONLY time they had any indication that I was Jewish was when I requested Yom Kippur off. I think the real harrassment was due to the fact that I was a woman and they thought I was white and I was over 30. Plus, I believe that some of the security people and employees were offsetting their peon wages by ripping off merchandize and equipment from the company and there was NO way I was going to participate or be set up to take the fall for that! I felt that my personal safety was in danger several times. After Allied Security, I worked for three more security companies in Austin, TX but I had worked for some in Dallas, TX before I ever came to Austin, TX. But I AM DONE WITH IT. My Level III card came up for renewal but there is no way I am EVER going back into it again and I am not alone. The owners of these companies rip off employees and clients alike. I am in the process of writing a book about what I experienced in 20 years of this.But, enough IS enough! Some other security companies that you had better NOT work for include the one that does all the shopping mall security that is based out of Illinois ( along with certain other organizations),Initial ( that used to be Stanley Smith Security), Burns which combined with Pinkerton, APS and other smaller companies which is now owned by a FOREIGN company in SWEDEN! Think about non-American citizens being transferred in here and armed under the security licenses or companies owned by foreigners getting US government security contracts and having access to just about anything in there. Does anybody but me have a problem with that? PRIVATE SECURITY IS A RIP-OFF! They don't think enough about their employees to offer them ANY incentive for staying and if they do, there is always a catch to it whereby you are ripped off. Helene Elgin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
24, Report #3385
Sep 20 2000
12:00 AM
Biig Ripoff by Invincible Security Systems
We bought a home security system from Invincible along with a life-time monitoring package. Our alarm system was set off at least 3 times with no response from the local police department to whom the system was supposed to be linked to. Our calls to Invincible resulted in absolutely nothing being done. A few months later this company then ceased selling security systems although they are still in business selling roofing in this state. We received no compensation for a security system that never worked and no answer to any of our phone calls. Several months after this, we received a phone call from another company who'd somehow gotten the list of people who had security systems through Invincible and who then wanted us to update to their system (at further cost to us of course) and naturally they couldn't honor the lifetime monitoring that we'd already paid for with Invincible. If we'd give them X amount of dollars and sign up with monthly monitoring for them, they would update our system and make it work properly. In simple language, we needed to buy a whole new system. We paid $3000 plus dollars for a security system that NEVER worked and have never received ANY compensation from the company that sold it to us. I definitely feel that we have been ripped off big time and would like other people to hear of this company in order to avoid doing business with them. Thanks for any help you can offer in this matter.
Entity: Largo, Florida
25, Report #421243
Feb 06 2009
08:33 PM
Guardian Security Are you really secure? Tulsa Oklahoma
In February 2008 my husband passed away, I was going to move and let my boys live in the house, but they were not going to move in for a couple of months. I called Guardian and explained the situation, they informed me that we could keep services at the house and when the boys moved in they could take over the contract. I moved out in April 2008, in August I called to find out how to have the boys take over the contract so that the bills would be sent to them. They told me I would have to write a letter stating I was no longer living at the address and was allowing the boys to take over the contract. Then all the boys had to do was call and talk to sales and tell them the situation and they would be added and I would be removed. I kept receiving the bills each month, I would call them to find out why the change has not been made, they would tell me that the boys have not called to be added. I would call them and they said when they called no one would talk to them since they were not on the contract. I called them again in November and was told the exact words to tell the boys to say. They still would not talk to them because they were not on the contract. The boys mother finally called the first week of February to find out what was going on, and she was told that since they were not on the contract they would not talk to them. Finally today February 6th 2008 I got fed up, I called them I asked the first lady I spoke with if I have service at the house I am calling about she told me that I have not had service since April 2008, I asked her why I have been billed each month. She transferred me to another lady, I explained to her the situation and requested that the contract be canceled and the outstanding bill be erased, she put me on hold and spoke with her supervisor which I got to speak with, and basically told me that my whole family who spoke with her company was lying. Since April 2008 I have been billed each month for services that I was not getting although we thought the house and kids were protected. Now this supervisor is trying to blame me for all of this by saying I never returned their calls, neither one of our homes was ever called by Guardian but lets not forget I called them almost every month. Va kettner moore, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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