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1, Report #1039195
Mar 29 2013
08:35 PM
Sentry Recovery and Collections Offensive language and Fradulent charges las vegas, Nevada
I received a phone call from this business on 3/27/2013 saying that I owed a bill to my apartments, which I was unaware of, once notified I was more than happy to pay right over the phone. The woman provided me with information stating my bill would be NO MORE than $419.36. The next day, I called after I looked at my bank statement noticing they charged an extra $20 fee, my charges were $439.36. I called Sentry and spoke to a lady who told me that I was told there would be fees and I told her no I was not and in fact was in the company of two others who heard the phone call and never heard that either. She then changed her story and said that MY bank, Wells Fargo did it and I should call them. She was very very rude the entire time I spoke with her, telling me basically that I was a liar. Then I called my bank, who said hands down they did not charge me and I filed a dispute with the charges with them right away on 3/28/2013. I called the business back and was directed to the same lady who then told me she never said anything about my bank, but that it was their bank that added the extra fees. I told her that I did not agree to paying any additional fees and that I will not pay it. She told me that I had no choice, I had to pay or they would sue me and put it on my credit report and they also would give me more expensive fees, if I did not agree to keep the additional fee. I then hung up on her because of frustration of her constant attitude and talking over me. I then called my father who is a financial adviser in NV and he told me to cancel my payment right away because this company has been known for their scams. I called to cancel my payment and was then transferred to a male. I told the man that I would like to cancel the payment due to fraudulent charges. He said, Fraudulent charges, how do you figure?. I then explained to him that the company charged me additional fees, without telling me and doing it on my card anyways, which is fraud because that is stealing money. The man then told me that I was indeed notified and that is not fraud. My boyfriend then asked me while I was on the phone, if I was talking to them again. I then replied to him and said yes with a bit of a laugh and the man from Sentry over the phone goes Oh, you think this is ******* funny, and I replied with Excuse me? Why are you being rude to me? and he told me because I don't want to hear your annoying laugh in my ear. I told the man to shove it where the sun does not shine and he replied with, Oh, do you eat with that mouth too, you little S***. My boyfriend then grabbed the phone and said Do not talk to my girlfriend like that and the man from Sentry hung up. I immediately called the business back to complain and they sent me twice to voice-mail. Fifteen minutes later, I receive a call from the original woman I spoke to, who told me my bank charged the fees, and she said they would have to talk to their manager about waiving fees and that they would call me back. I did not receive a call all day and called again on 3/29/2013 at 2pm and the receptionist said that I was only allowed to talk to Mrs. Shelton and unfortunately she was out so I need to try back. I then said I need to cancel my payment now and she said no I would have to talk to that person first. I hung up and called back ten minutes later saying I wanted to cancel it NOW and not later, she sent me to voice-mail again.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
2, Report #1401196
Sep 20 2017
06:39 AM
Sentry Recovery Allied Bulls*it, Deceiving and Shysty Las Vegas NV
I had gotten an eviction on my credit report from one of there clients. Known as Portofino Villas Apartments. Of which I was the live on site supervising maintenance man. I started with my late fees towards my rent. I got paid on the 5th instead of the 1st. So I already started accumulating late fees of which there Corporate said they would wave the fees cause I was an employee od the company. Which they didn't. Anyway there where two murders on site one across my apartment and on down aways from my apartment. I told them that I was planning on moving to another place. Which they didn't like the idea of that i gave them my 30 day notice also I paid them my 30 days. After I the management left all the doors and windows open for anyone to come in and out. I didn't know this until I went to visit my ex neighbors. Then i seen the place fully open. My neighbors to me that squatters where coming in and out. Then around a week later I check my credit score and come to find out. There it was in plain site Sentry Recovery. Portofino hit me for 3000+ dollars. So I called Sentry and ask them why was the collection so high. They told me that Portofino report that I destroyed the apartment before I left and the only way to fix it to where I can rent again is if I come and sign a piece of paper. So I went to Sentry And the lady there was all nice feeling all so bad for me. Giving the good Oscar award act. She said if I sign the paper that I can start looking for a place to rent So the paper showed all the fees that Portofino reported. So I told her I'm not signing anything so she said that it is a payment plan that the will Reduce the fees and I would only pay so much. So I signed the papers I told her that my job is not steady and that there are times were I don't work for weeks. She said. Don't worry about to call her and everything would be cool. . So it happened I didn't work for two weeks and the payment date came up so I called her. She told me not to worry about it So I didn't worry. So finally I went back to work and I went to make a payment they wouldn't accept it. I asked why and they didn't respond and hung up on me. So I let it go. After a couple weeks went by a Marshalls delivered a letter to my work. And my boss gave it to me. Come to find out they sued me for 5000+ dollars. And by the time I got the letter my court date passed so automatic judgement went to them. So I'm pretty much f*cked by them and I can't even get my housing benefits from them because of the judgment on my credit report. They are very Deceiving and full of crap. I hope someone sued the bricks of there a*s for every thing they got and more.. and thats my story..
Entity: NV
3, Report #257550
Jun 28 2007
04:46 PM
SENTRY RECOVERY & COLLECTIONS $689 on credit report, billed me since'98 4 trashpu, I'm not owner! rented it for 3 mos! Ripoff LAS VEGAS Nevada
My credit report shows that SENTRY RECOVERY $ COLLECTIONS has me with apast due notice of $689.00! REPUBLIC SERVICES(trash pu in LV)apparently has me down as the homeowner??? I never agreed to trash pick up..I also AM NOT THE HOMEOWNER OF THE STATED ADDRESS!! I got the run around on phone from well as some very rude women at SENTRY SVCS.I was hung up on twice...and I WAS THE POLITE ONE.!! THEY keep saying show me proof from Nevada I call NP..they tell me they have no record of me at that address!! I then call SOUTHWEST GAS..the lady tells me they only go 2 years I guess my proof lies with the police i was candidate for LVMPD IN 1998,as well as Veterans adminisrtaion (I am a US ARMY VET) WHERE THEY KEEP RECORDS OF EVERY ADDRESS I have ever been because I recieve medical care through VA SYSTEM, ALSO DEPT. OF MOTOR VEHICLES, I 'm a licensed insured driver of a registered vehicle, and gee lets check with IRS I know they can show a valid address, so if this has happened to anyone, I know this is fraud, they are saying my acct. is scheduled to continue on record until 2010 and IT SAYS it right on my credit report... I am so mad right now,i mean getting abill from an address you only lived at for 3 months,,nuh uh,oh hell no.SOME ONE HELP ME!! SASSY HACKETTSTOWN, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
4, Report #1158903
Jul 01 2014
05:06 PM
sentry recovery & collection TRYING TO COLLECT A 13 YEAR OLD DEBT Las Vegas Nevada
 I got a letter from Sentry Recovery saying that I owe $1,573.62, from an apartment that i lived in from December 2000-December 2001. I moved out when my lease was up, I did not owe rent at that time. I called and spoke to a woman named Jennifer who said that I signed a paper in 2002 agreeing to pay $301.24, I did not sign that paper, I've never been to their office. I would not agree to pay money that i did not owe. She said that it doesn't matter how long ago it was from they are going to garnish my checks, I can't afford that! Especially to pay for something that i didn't owe in the first place.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
5, Report #1040266
Apr 03 2013
07:56 AM
Sentry Recovery Mr. Cruz They are dishonest and deceitful when it comes to payment agreements. Las Vegas, Nevada
Mr. Cruz has been dishonest from the start. He called me in January of 2013 for a debt i owed to some apartments that I left before the lease was over. I understood that it was my responsibility to pay it off and I was okay with that. When we first spoke he said that he did NOT have anything to do with any collections agency. He said he was working directly with the apartments. We came to an agreement that i would pay him $300.00 then and do payments of $125.00 every month before the 25th. He stated that as far as i made those payments the debt would not show up on my credit report, and I was okay with that.                                     A month after that agreement and two payments later i went to buy myself a new car. When they ran my credit the Senrty collections came up, which was odd because Mr. Cruz promised and gave me his word that as long as i made those payments the debt would not show on my credit report. He Lied! Soon after leaving the dealership i gave Mr. Cruz a call to find out what happened with the agreement we set up. He said he forgot and that it was too late that its now there and that there is nothing more he can do. He talked to me like a child. After him lying to me I had my husband call him because he was there when Mr. Cruz called the first time and heard the whole conversation on speaker phone. Mr. Cruz started mumbling every other word knowing that he had been caught in a lie. After realizing that we(husband and i) just got scammed we decided to learn from our mistake and continue to make the payments to get this past us as fast as possible and deal with the lying Mr. Cruz as least as possible. The only problem now is that we are getting ready to move into a new apartment but they will not let us move in yet until we have some sort of payment agreement from the Senrtry Recovery collections agency. We had to call cruz back to get the written agreement from him. He refused to give us any statement of payment saying that in order for him to give us that we would have to be 3/4 of the way done with payments. We asked fo rreceits and he refused to give us that too. His way of doing business has been extremely unprofessional and dishonest. In conclussion, be aware when dealing with this company. Record every conversation for your records. They like to change their story around every time. Also, I do not now how Mr. Cruz's parents raised him but if he gives you his word on anything do not believe him. Get any statement in writing. He does'nt seem to know that a mans' word is like gold. Too bad his is more like dirt. If anyone wants to file a class action suit against this company notify me through email. we already have started the process.   
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
6, Report #1413209
Nov 23 2017
12:57 PM
Sentry Recovery And Collect Jamie and Deboran HIghly Unprofessional Las Vegas Nevada
Hello my name is chanell November 21 2017 i won my court case Aginst the mi casita Apartment so i own zero balance. i immediately call the Sentry Recovery and Collect and say for Jamie. who was overview my case Jamie ask me to come in at 4:30 November 21, 2017 so he can get the copy of the paperwork. because i want then to take off my credit report. so the lady in the font told me to wait for him and the back office as soon i get the back a lady name Deboran can out the back in rude manner voice asking what did i have start snatching my papers talking about she went to law school and the judge didn't not Granted me nothing. i told if u look at the paperwork and stop yelling at me. you clearly see that it say motion granted and i told she very unprofessional and i am want corporates number. disrespect to highest point i ready to take them to court so clear my credit report up. them deboran want to sign some paperwork Explaining it to me. so i said let me take paperwork to court she thur the paperwork in my face. i so okay yeah i see u and court.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
7, Report #1011607
Feb 09 2013
09:33 PM
Sentry & recovery collections Allied collections manager mr Allen and Julia alvorado. Sentry & recovery are scam artists. Need help I am being sued for apartment damages that are not true. They harass you and try to bully you. Most unprofessional collection agency I've ever seen! Internet
I lived in an apt and my daughter was attacked by a pitbull which weren't supposed to be allowed in complex. Dogs still there and management didn't do anything about it so I moved. Stayed in contact with the manager several times throughout the next month asking about my deposit. About 34 days later I finally got the manager on the phone telling me they kept my deposit and wrote off my debt for repairs. 2 hrs later a collection co calls demanding I pay almost $1000.00 I told them I wanted a bill in writing sent to me.I received nothing from either party the apt and the collections. I went in person a few days later to apt asking for receipts and proof of breakdown. They refused and printed out my history an showed late rent fees when I told her I had receipts proving I paid on time and $555 clean carpet and such. She told me my file was given to collections 10 days after I moved out so she can't provide a copy of my walkthrough proving I didn't owe and to deal with the collections. I then certified a letter to apt demanding my deposit and they refused it. I also received an eviction notice a month after I moved which thankfully wasn't filed with a constable since it was bogus!Meanwhile collection agency has a lawsuit against me which was the first thing I received from them and I answered the summons the best I could and now have a motion for discovery.They refuse to reason even with my proof and threatened I'm goin to be garnished. What do I do? I have no money for a lawyer I'm a single mom making $13 an hr. I have 2 different sets of breakdowns from their lawyers that don't match.Can I sue the apartments for not sending me anything and for my kid being attacked? Can i still counter sue sentry & recovery as well? Please any help would be appreciated or guidance. My name is Stefanie (((ROR redacted))). I do not owe them.   CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #744665
Jul 13 2011
06:41 AM
Sentry Recovery And Collections Ron Allen abusive behavior unauthorized drafts out of bank Las Vegas, Nevada
this is the worst chop shop (collection agency) i have ever dealt with. I CALLED THEM TO PAY MY DEBT. i set up a one time draft to pay my balance off in full and this Ron Allen took the fund from my bank account well before the date i authorized.. when i called and asked why he said CUS I DONT LIKE YOU! then denied me my balance paid letter... if you unfortunate to have a account placed here i would make sure you record your call . THIS IS THE WEB SITE TO REPORT HIS VIOLATIONS OF THE FDCPA THIS IS NOT THE FRIST OR LAST TIME THIS MR. ALLEN HAS DONE THIS ....TAKE THE TIME AND REPORT BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE !!!!!! IT ONLY TAKES 3 MINS
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
9, Report #1114567
Jan 10 2014
01:53 PM
Sentry Recovery & Collections unprofessional and rude people working there, i could not believe i attempted to settle with these kind of trashy people las vegas Nevada
I have an account with this unprofessional, immoral and unethical want to be company. I called them politely and wanted to settle and pay an old debt. The biggest uneducated and idiot in these company is to be the manager. He hangs up on me because he does not a man enough to talk on the phone. I could not believe myself calling theses thieves to give them my money. Do not call them at all. They are unprofessional and unethical. Save your money. I will report them to the BBB and to the attorney general.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
10, Report #704948
Mar 10 2011
01:20 PM
Sentry Recovery & Collections Mr. Allen Company violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Las Vegas, Nevada
When this company first contacted me regarding a debt from an apartment complex, I was told to come into the office to set up a payment agreement.  I went in and signed some paperwork saying that I was to pay $25 every 2 weeks, and it would be automatically charged to my debit card.  I explained to them that this would work best for me since I have a 2 year old daughter, work full time and also go to school.  They took a photo copy of my card and everything.  Then a few weeks later, when I noticed that the payments were never taken out, I called the company and was told by Mr. Allen that I was in default and they were in the process of garnishing my wages.  Turns out what a signed that day I went in was a judgment against me - I had no idea.  Also I was told that they NEVER take debit cards or automatic payments, so they basically fabricated that whole payment agreement knowing that I would go into default. So in order to stop my wages from being garnished, i had to go back in the office and set up a NEW agreement, and they said they wouldnt accept anything unless I gave them $500 cash right away.  I couldn't do that, so I agreed to give them $250 that day, and another $250 two weeks later.  Ms. White from the 'legal department' agreed to this, and we outlined a new payment plan which included 2 mothly payments of $25. Less than 2 weeks later, I'm on my way to California for a weekend and my debit card is declining out of no where.  I call the bank and come to find out Sentry placed a legal hold on all of my accounts.  At this point, my 2nd payment from the new agreement wasn't even due yet.  I called and spoke to Mr Allen once again, and have never dealt with such an unprofessional, disrespectful business person.  He told me that when they were garnishing my wages, they were also garnishing my bank account at the same time.  When I asked why this wasn't stopped along with the wage garnishment when I paid the $250 cash, he said that it's not his problem and it was my fault because I was the one that let the account go into default.  He also used some other name calling, bullying tactics in trying to get me to come in with $750 cash to unfreeze my accounts.  He said things along the lines of you are an incompetant mother and pathetic excuse for a human being, among other things, eventually reducing me to tears.  Mind you that I was stuck in california with absolutely NO access to any of my money. Long story short, I had to wait until I came back to Vegas on monday and talked to a lawyer to get my accounts released.  The lawyer advised me to just make the agreed upon payment ($250 which was due the next day), and she would follow up with the company to have my accounts released.  According to my lawyer, it was a mistake on their part to even allow my bank to be garnished after a new agreement was established.  Unfortunately she said there was nothing that could be done regarding the way that Mr. Allen treated me.  I still have to call and speak to this guy every 2 weeks to make a $25 payment over the phone, and I get a nasty attitude everytime I ask for a simple confirmation number, or the remaining balance.  I'm sure when I'm about to be done paying off the account, I will have some more problems, and if I do I will be sure to repost.  If you think a class action is possible, feel free to contact me.  I already filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission.  I am appalled that this company is still operating and treating people like this on a daily basis.  If there is anything more that I can do please let me know.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
11, Report #920430
Oct 01 2012
01:49 PM
Sentry Recovery Mr. Allen, account manager RON Claims to be the owner when asked. This business needs action taken against them and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to see that it gets done. They a Las Vegas , Nevada
This is the most outrageous organization I have evern encountered in all of my life!.  I have immaculant credit and was surprised when I was recently turned down a job because of a random collection on my credit. I was able to buy a house and this was from well over a year and a half ago and the first I had heard anything of it. This was just reported to my credit on 7/7/12, they have had the account since 11/2011 and have never once contacted me or sent anything to the address provided, that they claim they do not have, which I have proof that they do.   I contacted the company to simply get information and was transfered to a Mr, Allan, I have now learned his first name to be RON.  He was extremey rude to me and would not allow me to speak to him at all. I simply asked what address did they send the notices to, and he replied with the address that I vacated that this account is for, obviously If I was sent to collections for this apartment I no longer live their...really people come on?  THe client already advised me that they provided this company with my correct address that they had on file. THey also suggested that I contact their corporoate office and advise them of how nasty I was treated and that they are not even allowing consumers to speak to them.  After getting hung  up on I called back over 20 times and was hung up on transfered to random voicemails. When asking anyone who the owners name is or who to complain to you get hung up on.  I am very professional and wanted to discuss the opportunity to settle this account with these people and get it off of my credit because I was never legally advised of the debt in any way shape or form, and wanted the opportunity to pay it before having ny credit ruined and not to mention a job was turned down because of this one account.  MR ALLAN used the f word towards me and told me to seek an attorney, before he hung up on me. He said he would no longer speak to me, so I guess I am left with no choice other than to not pay. I HOPE someone attorney out there wants to take this company on because I think if investigated there are grounds for a lawsuit. If anyone knows of one Id like to participate.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #1426172
Jan 30 2018
11:41 AM
Sentry Marketing basically refused to pay me
I did a shop in November, just one. I was paid $21 bucks for it. I got an email saying that the paper check option would be $2 or sign up with and they will pay me electronically thru there. I told them no. I would cancel my account and take the $2 penalty and bid them farewell. I was told then that they were going away from gigspot, and and that i now had to sign up with to get my money. there is absolutely no way i will do that. I demanded a check and the guy David Agius, got real indignant with me. And told me that i had no option. Finally i pointed out that when i did the shop, a paper check was an option, and that legally had to honour that. he told me that it was a special request and would delay payment up to 30 more days.  I verified they had my address and moved about my life. a few days ago i got another email saying to be sure to sign up with dwolla to make sure i get paid, i immediately responded to the negative and told them i expected a paper check. now, today. i get an email from dwolla, saying that my $21 was sitting there waiting for me to collect it, after i sign up of course.  I immediately called and was rather rude to Pete over the phone and gave some choice words. I told him i was sorry, and i feel bad about it, but  this is crazy. i want my money, and i absolutely refuse to sign up for a third party company to get paid. David Agius will be emailing me back, but conveniently enough, he wasn't in the office today.I am still awaiting my one and only check. I will not be signing up with or anything. I offered that they could use my paypal, since it is an internationally well known company. he refused.
13, Report #416373
Jan 26 2009
02:00 PM
Sentry Group, Inc., Sentry Safe NO customer service, # ALWAYS busy, no reponse! Rochester Nationwide
Accidentally locked combo in new safe. Followed instructions on the website to retrieve which included writing a letter, getting it notarized and providing emails and phone numbers for payment of Reserach fee $15 to get combo for us. Their website says it takes 48 hours to process the faxed letter. It's been 3.5 business days and no call for payment so we can get this process moving. Tried calling customer service number, it is ALWAYS busy. After some reserach, found out that everyone that has tried to contact them has had the same problem. No response from company. They have no customer service department and should not advertise or have a customer service line that is always busy. Perhaps it's time for them to upgrade the phone system? Fear that we will never get the combo or items out of the safe at this point. LM Everett, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
14, Report #401764
Dec 15 2008
10:47 PM
Sentry Collections They are scam artists Florida
These scam artists called me about a debt I didn't owe. My account got charged twice from a gas station. My bank took care of it. Two weeks later, these jerks call me and indicate that my bank rejected my check because of NSF. What a joke. I requested my bank not pay the second time I was charged!!! This is a joke. They threatened me, said it would be on my credit report, that they are pressing charged, yada yada yada, and that I had to pay up. I said no way. Then I called them back because I had caller ID. The woman I talked to looked up my account, wouldn't tell me her name, or the previous callers name, wouldn't tell me the name of the place I was calling, wouldn't tell me where they were located or their address, even though I requested several times. She told me she was going to send me a letter outlining my rights and responsibilities regarding paying this - a bill I don't owe!! She would not answer any of my questions, and kept telling me that she had to read me my rights and responsibilities. I have no responsibilities. A gas station erroneously charged me twice, and I've got rights and responsibilities? I don't think so. I told her that if she or her company contact me again, I am reporting them to my State's Attorney's Office, and hung up. This is outrageous. I'm sure it's illegal, but where do I go, what do I do? The bill to them is like $52 +, and they told me that it was such a small amount that I should just pay it!! What a joke, what a scam!! Cb Glenwood City, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
15, Report #673151
Dec 18 2010
07:47 PM
Sentry Credit, INC internet fraud Everett, Washington
I was applying online for a loan. I never was approved and never got any loan approved. However on May 29 I received a phone call to get a loan and all I had to do is pay 150 by sending money for a fee. I had to send it electronically by money gram. The first day I never got a loan. So the next day I called the representative and he told me to send money again electronically so that I could get the loan. I never got the loan. This whole process was done on May 29and 30th. Well it was and is a scam. I don't owe them any money. I can't even afford to pay the 150 plus 10(fee) twice. I am out $320 for the whole thing. I had to send the money some where in India. I am asking that people be careful who you talk to and be wary of scams. I have reported to the FTC and they proved to me that this was all a scam. Don't do anything online anymore because it can be the worst thing possible. Thanks
Entity: Everett, Washington
16, Report #813052
Dec 22 2011
02:45 PM
auction sentry updated software so it wont work refuse to honor license I purchased Internet
purchase a software program Auction Sentry it was suppose to be a lifetime license. then the company was sold and they updated it till it wouldn't work anymore......  then they tell me I need to purchase a new license. what a ripp-off. refuse to honor license I have paid for
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #931970
Aug 24 2012
09:08 AM
Sentry Asset Group Precious Metal Investment Scam Delray Beach, Florida
Sentry Asset Group is a boiler room.  They will steal your $.  The company is run by an ex time share scam artist Sal Contarino who just so happens to run another scam- A fake advertising group called GT Publications.  Look at the complaints online.  I found out through some online research that Sentry Asset Group is a spin off of Sterling Precious Metals which was uncovered as another fraudulent investment firm that bilked investors out of 10 million. These are the SAME guys.  They will offer a rebuttal that they don't have a client by this name, but they used FAKE NAMES when they wanted me to send them a check so what's fair is fair right!? THESE ARE LOW LIFE THIEFS THAT MAKE A LIVING STEALING FROM OTHERS. 
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
18, Report #221930
Nov 23 2006
07:34 AM
NEW SENTRY MARKETING International Lottery scam tax check enclosed Newton Pennsylvania
I received a letter from New Sentry Marketing stating that I have unclaimed lottery winnings in the amount of $300,0000. Also enclosed was a check in the amount of $4250, which was deducted from my winnings. The later went on to state that I should use SOME of the money to pay for taxes on my big winnings. And then you are requested to cash the check and moneygram them $4000, which by the way is the tax amount. Makes you wonder if this is the tax amount why aren't you sending it to the IRS instead of back to the company who sent you the letter? The catch is if you do as they say and CASH the check the bank is liable for the invalid check and can't come after you but if you deposit the check into your account and then take out $4000 for the moneygram you will have to pay the bank back the $4000 as they soon find out the check is invalid. THat is why the letter clearly states to cash the check. If you receive a check in the mail for winnings go online and search for free routing numbers and enter the routing number of the check (at the bottom the first set of 9 digit numbers) this site will tell you if the aba is valid or invalid. My letter asked me to contact a claims attorney, Tina Smith at 1-647-866-3967. Save yourself a big headache and don't cash the check or send the moneygram these are scams. If you didn't enter into an international lottery you can't win now can you? Good luck and be smart about these type of claims do the research on the internet first. God Bless. Patricia monroe, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Newton, Pennsylvania
19, Report #230927
Jan 16 2007
07:30 PM
Sentry Safes Horrible, Horrible, Customer Service Rochester New York
If you are thinking about buying a Sentry Safe...Don't! This company has the absolute WORST Customer Service Depratment of ANY company I have EVER had dealings with in the entire United States. A client gave me a Sentry Safe for which he did not have the combination or keys. I tried and tried over a period of TWO weeks to get though to these people by telephone. Their toll free number is ALWAYS busy...with the exception of between 12 and 1...their lunch hour. Their non 800 number will ring about ten times and suddenly quit. They do not respond to emails either. After several tries I FINALLY got a response to an email. The representative instructed me to get a notarized statement of ownership and fax it to them. I was also instructed to call back the next day to provide billing information. I followed their instructios to the T...and I am STILL waiting for the combination to be mailed to me. Since I have already provided the notarized statement...and paid their fees...I have once again tried to get through by telephone and emails. NO LUCK. If you are looking at a Sentry Safe and considering puchasing it...BUY ANOTHER brand. This company absolutely SUCKS! Gary Charleston, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
20, Report #233503
Jan 30 2007
09:12 AM
Sentry Safes Poor Customer Service Rochester New York
I bought a Sentry Safe a year ago. There is a one year warranty on the product. During the year of warranty the safe solenoid kept sticking. I called the company at least three times to fix the problem. They kept telling me to check the batteries and to rap on the safe with a rubber mallet above the key pad to make the solenoid to release. Not once did they offer to fix it. Now after the year warranty is over, they wont even get back to me on the problem. I have e-mailed the company twice and get a reply that they will reply within 48 hours. It has been two weeks. I have called the company and after being on hold for forty five minutes a rep took my call and after I told them the problem he said a supervisor would get in touch with me. that has been over a week ago. Terry Chester, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
21, Report #973237
Nov 24 2012
05:21 PM
Sentry Credit, Inc Harass people who never owed anything Everett Washington, Washington
One very nasty person named Ina keeps calling and harassing my wife, looking for my ex-wife who I have no doubt owes lots of companies money.  That ex-wife has been gone for over 4 years and isn't even in the country, and I have no legal obligation to any of her debts.  Yet, they keep calling.  Ina is extremely rude, arrogant, pushy, insulting and condescending.  She can't seem to understand that ex-wife would not actually be living at the house with me and new wife.  This has upset my wife greatly, and I'm sure this bee-itch Ina takes pleasure in it.  I managed to take the last call, and I must say Ina has a talent in inciting people to anger who are otherwise kind and calm... I'm not sure how that'll help you collect money though as it doesn't make me want to help you. Hey Ina, not only are your efforts to harass my wife and I going to be hopeless, but you aren't ever getting any money!  My deadbeat ex-wife has never paid a debt in her life, has no assets and is in other countries with no known contact info.  Enjoy trying to find her!
Entity: Everett Washington, Washington
22, Report #1177145
Sep 16 2014
11:18 AM
Credit Sentry Reporting Affiliate company of tradeline Cottonwood Heights Utah
I hired Sentry Credit Reporting to remove all negative items on all 3 CRA's for $800 over the course of four monthly installments. I have spoken to Michael Paige and Spencer a total of around 3 or 4 times. The most recent was Michael calling me to send out my monthly update, but had to collect the next $200 payment to do so. The link to their back office software website is Once logged in, I reviewed the updates to my case history and did not find anything that would warrant any referral.   After 3 months, Sentr7y credit has disputed the Premier Bank charge off, the 60 day late on child support installment and 3 California State Tax Leins. The disputes, with their behind th scenes strategies and techniques, have yielded no results. All negative items still currently remain. The disputes were digitally performed using the CRA's ACDV system...which all everyone knows is nothing more than the E-Oscar electronic dispute verification system. The additional strategies and techniques were to audit the negative items in hopes that something would be found was not not accurate and would require the item to be removed. Well, to date no luck. In fact, the State of California probably has my tax liens red-flagged and will most likely go out of their way to make sure they stay reported on my credit file with the CRA's. Like all other credit repair companies....these guys are nothing more than a derived version of Lexington Law. They make promises, provide testimonials, and just end up taking your money. Thye downside side to all of this is that they are affiliated with a credit scoring company, a law firm and a collection department that will ding your credit reports is you do not pay and they will place the account into collections and report that to the CRA as a member of the CRA reporting customer. Be cautious when dealing with any credit repair company that requires [payment up front for services not performed. I will be updating this post once final payment has been made and Sentry Credit moves on to another customer without completing the work.      
Entity: Cottonwood Heights, Utah
23, Report #1048026
May 02 2013
02:40 PM
Sentry Insurance Liars! Two $1,000 deductibles for the same damage Stevens Point Wisonsin
SENTRY INSURANCE SUCKS A**!An unusual situation occurred in that my car was struck twice by deer, the second time within days after the first clain. On complaint of having two, one thousand dollar deductibles when the same area was struck a supervisor called me and said that it would not happen this way. NOW that is exactly what they are going to do. Two thousand dollars! I feel this is wrong, and against what I was assured. So we will be leaving our 15 year relationship with Sentry on our four cars and house and umbrella policy. They lost a customer, and made me pay twice for the same damage.   
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1371752
May 06 2017
07:14 PM
American Sentry Solar They charged waqy to much Bel air Maryland
A lady called me one day and said I looked up solar on the internet and she wanted to have some person come to my house to tell me all about the solar for free. I said OK and then she said my hubsand had to be there to. I told her my husband works two jobs and would not be there the night because of work . She said NO!!! he had to be there because of some rule in Maryland. So we did it for a Saturday day. She said we would get a gift card to go to dinner  for free just the two of us for doing their grass roots thing but we did not get the card because the man said he forgot to bring it.Another lady called and asked about my credit but I already told the first lady but she was nosey and i told her it was already good but she was mean and asked other questions she said I had to answer otherwise we would not get the free dinner  and I asked her why she wanted to know. She said it was because of government programs are only for people with good credit but my credit passed and she said ok. She is a liar. IT is for financing not the government. They all lied about credit. Anyone can get the government money, they are all liars. All they do is lie. The second lady sounded like a little girl and said we had to have good credit for the government stuff. No, she lied. She said we could not have the govenment money if we had bad credit but she lied. Any one can have it. That’s what we found outSomeone should tell the government they lie about the money and the credit.    On a  SAturday a man showed up but he was a salesman not a teacher about solar. The woman lied to me and tricked me. He said he was not a salesman but a Director of the grassroots thing. He lied, he was a salesman. He kept tricking us about every thing.    .    The man stayed for hours. He would not leave. He showed some things we did not know them he tried to sell solar. We said no we don’t have no money like that and he said he knew we did. At first he said a  price that was way high, 70000 dollars and we said you are crazy we don't have no 70000 dollars but then if we wanted it today we could market our grass roots and get some money off for a sign on our grass.    Then he called someone and he said if we did it today not tomorrow we could get it for 60000 dollars. He kept saying we were such great people and we deserved solar and it would get rid of all our killer watts and if we did it today there would be no killer watts left and he knew we had the money to pay for it.    We bought it because he said it was the bestest deal and not nobody else could ever get a deal like this one and he never saw a deal this good.He was a used car salesman, I hate him and the Sentry Solar people, they all lie.    After we bought it We had a bunch of  friends over for dinner and showed them our new solar panels and and one was a neighbor friend down the street and he said he had solar to. He bought from a solar company in Elkton maryland and bought his solar form them.    Our salesman told us they were the only company that lets people  buy solar in Maryland but he lied. Our neighbor has the same size house we do and we asked him if his solar was good. He said yes. He asked how much we paid and we said 60000 dollars.    He said he paid 35000.00. I said no way! !!He said he still has his contract and could show me and the next day he showed me. He spent 25000 dollarsd lesser than we did so my husband called the American salesman and he said that my neighbor was lying and we said we saw his contract.    The salesman said it must be for smaller killerwatts because he gave us s the best deal ever, ever, ever! Nobody could get a better deal then us because we were such good people. He lied.My husband got mad on the phone and cursed at the seller guy. Our friend had his salesman come over and look at our contract and he brought our friends contract again and my husband got mad. Realy mad. The salesman showed him we used the same killer watts but he sold our friend a bunch more panels because they can sell the electric back !!! and make money!!! but he showed us we bought less panels than he did for more money and we don’t have electric to sell.!    My husband got really realy mad and called the solar guy at his office but he was not there. They took our number but he never called back all day.Finally a couple days later my husband called and talked to a man who said since the panels are on the roof now we have to pay for them but my husband said you come get them!!and said he wanted to speak to the guy who owns the company and he did. The guy with the same name  told us it was too late and the panels were on the house but he would give us 50.00 if we put up another sign like the first one or  he would give us money if we got someone else to get ripped off like we did but he said it nicer.    My husband said she was going to call a lawyer and take him to court. But the man told him it was too late and not to bother because he always wins in court and it would just cost a lot of money for nothing.    Our lawyer said we should have called him first before we bou8ht the crazy panels and paid 25000.00 way more then we should have. He said we got screwed.     Now when my husband comes home he sees the panels and gets mad at me  and makes me cry sometimes. My kids hate the panels because they make me cry. We threw our money away.     The first lady lied. The second lady lied. The baddest part is we still have to pay the electric company. Our electric still cost over one hundred dollars it is not eliminated like everyone says.    I hate the panels they make me cry because my husband says it is my fault we are broke now  for twelve more years and he said we can not go down the ocean this summer with our kids because we have to pay for the stupid panels.    We have to keep paying and it will cost us alot more because of financing cost, something like alot of more money. Then we found out the county money won't come to us for four or five more years!!! That made my husband madder. He blames me for everything that happened.     They lie all the time.     They lied about the big money we would save but it cost more to have solar then before.
Entity: Bel air, Maryland
25, Report #1292625
Mar 09 2016
11:48 AM
Reputation Sentry Bruce Rivers, Reputation Sentry, elaborate, scam, con artists, internet scam, theft, fraud, india, Russia, fake address, New York New York New York
Reputation Sentry is an ellaborate scam designed to take thousands of dollars from you. They claim to be based in one of the most prestigious buildings in New York but it's all a lie. They are actually off-shore, in Russia and India, making it near impossible to get a hold of them.  They sent me very detailed reports on the work they were doing to protect my online reputation. I went through this report to see if they were lying to me. What I found is that they hadn't done ANYTHING that was in the report. I paid them thousands of dollars for just about a year to push 2 articles off Page 1 of Google and all they did was make the problem worse. In fact, those two articles that were at the bottom of Page 1 are now holding the #1 and #2 spots.  They will try and make themselves sound like a giant firm, using phrases like our IT Department, our Social Media Department. However, it's really just a 3-4 person operation with all of the staff located in India. The biggest problem is getting in contact with them. You can tell immediately that they are based in a foreign country because the emails are poorly written and correspondence only comes during the midnight hours (if you're in the United States). The time difference also makes it difficult to communicate becuase it literally takes them 1-2 days to respond to any email. The articles and content that they will publish about your brand, company, name etc (all the stuff representing your image) is also extremely generalized and written very poorly. Even if they did clear Page 1 of my bad listings, Page 1 would be full of articles that makes my company look like a toddler is running the show.  Upon wanting to termiante my services with them, they held my domain name and website hostage. BEWARE: if you use this company (or any company like this), buy all of the domains they want yourself and then have them build the domains on a hosting account you own. I learned the hard way as they started trying to ransom me for my websites.  This company is a complete scam and unfortunately, I fell for it. I'm hoping that nobody else makes the same mistake with these horrible people. 
Entity: New York, New York

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