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1, Report #1399176
Sep 11 2017
06:12 AM
Set & Service Resources SASRS Merchandising Rip off merchandising company fails to fully communicate with potential employees and scams you into working for shaddy third party companies Raleigh North Carolina
Do not work for this company. They will not fully communicate with you, will not confirm your I9 or any W forms W2, W4 or W9, issues you an employee ID number aka Associate Number before fully running a background check or confirming said state and Federally required by law forms/papers to make sure that if you do work for them if that you will in fact be paid. Then they do not tell you who your supervisor will be or if he or she is directly with SASRS or Set & Service Resources etc. or if you will be working for or with a third party, who the name of the company is, who their supervisor is etc. Also we just witnessed this today myself and another local associate, the people whoever they are show up in a taxi? Umm...  really professional there SASRS not. I will not be returning to this company ever. File the 2 hour no show complaint pay me or else paper work meaning the supervisor didn't show and terminating my tenure with this lame duck excuse for a company. If you are looking for a part time job or extra money then pass this company by. Their website is down half the time and I mean the one they go through for payroll. You guessed it another third party company and email or call bla bla bla. Can we ever actually deal with anyone face to face or in person on this issue? I'm bout ready to notify North Carolina's state attorney general and their labor department and have this company auditted and probably shut down for good. I'm so sick of merchandising firms of America ripping people off. That goes for Premium Retail Gotta be great my rear end, Crossmark, ASM, ABS, the list goes on but you get the idea. Just read the rip off reports on merchandising firms. Shoot even glass door's website reports them as well and also consumer complaints, the BBB and the list goes on. Avoid them at all cost and find a real job if you can. 
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
2, Report #131889
Feb 18 2005
04:48 PM
Dawn Resources ripoff Richmond Virginia
Thsi company advertises in the comunity newspaper as a computer repair service. I called the company and a woman came out to my home. The entire time she was here she talked and clicked off and on different sites on my computer. She did not look at the hardware, nor did she do anything but talk. She proclaimed that the computer was repaired after an hour, took my $100, then left. When I called her the next day to tell her it was not repaired, she stated that the money she collected from me was for her TIME, not for the repair. I would not get a refund and she would not come back out free of charge. Do not use this company!! Donna Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
3, Report #516351
Oct 28 2009
02:03 PM
Northwest Resources - Northwest Resources Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center - Ineffective Treatment Program - Lousy Service Olympia, Washington
Northwest Resources Alcohol Treatment Center in Olympia, WA is possibly the worst place you could turn to for help in the Olympia area. The owner - Dennis - has some sort of a god complex and apparently feels as though his CUSTOMERS who PAY for service there don't deserve to be shown any customer service what so ever. I think he has it in his head that because some people are court ordered to attend treatment that it suddenly means his program is a government entity and can treat patients however he pleases because they have no choice. What he fails to recognize is that while some people are court ordered to attend treatment they are given a CHOICE as to where they wish to attend and therefore he should try his best to meet his clients needs if he wants to keep the doors of his business open. Now to be fair.. several of the councilors who work at this establishment are quite courteous. Sadly, one of the best people they had on staff recently left to pursue other interests. This left a void that the owner decided would be a good opportunity for him to switch roles from running a business to attempting (and failing miserably) to being a councilor. Denis (Owner) is completely unqualified to be a councilor. He has no formal medical/counciling training/degree of any kind and is in fact a convicted felon who has spent time in prison. Denis uses his time with clients to push the AA agenda on the class instead of following a proper treatment course. The session ends up becoming an hour long advertisement for AA. He actually said in class one time Your $5000 bought you this lesson 'Go to AA'. Talk about an insult. When he takes an occasional break from his AA soap box he likes to give out what he believes to be sound nutritional advice during class (not what the clients are there for at all) even though he is not a nutritionist and is in fact quite out of shape. He actually suggested to his patients that they Eat a potato right before going to bed. Are you Serious? Yeah.. load up on starch right before you go to sleep.. thats great advice.And if you want to switch classes so you can benefit from a councilor who actually has a fighting chance to help you... too bad. After multiple calls and even asking DURING class you will still be stuck with the same guy. If you express your distaste for his teaching abilities he will kick you out of their facility. Northwest Resources in Olympia is run by a self-serving AA Zelot. Avoid at all costs. Many other treatment centers out there who take treatment and customer service seriously. 
Entity: Olympia, Washington
4, Report #40237
Jan 06 2003
08:44 AM
freedom resources ripoff slow prossessing & non-delivery promised service atlanta Georgia
These people continuosly called me to buy into their product over a 4 month period. Which I constantly refused until they caught me off guard and I naively signed up for that program. I am usually pretty stoic when it comes to thses scams. They prey on you and catch you off guard. I've learned from this and now just ask them(any telemrkt) to remove them from the list and hang up. Jesus Farmingville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
5, Report #356011
Jul 26 2008
05:14 PM
All Computer Resources Very Poor Service and Misleading Info Given Coral Gables Florida
I placed an order for a ECM which is a computer module for my 2004 PT Cruiser. I also processed the order next day air for an additional $40. I was told that it would take 2 days to process the order. I placed the order on 7/23/08 and on 7/25/08 I tried the merchant's website and also Paypal website and could not locate any info. I called the merchant and spoke to a rep there who said that my order should be received by 7/28/08. I asked for a tracking number. I went to the UPS website to track the order only get an error saying it was invalid. I called back and left a msg that I need a valid tracking number. I waited and then made a 2nd call and got another person who said he would call the 1st rep to find out and call me back. When he called me back he said that the 1st rep was not available because he had left for the evening. Which was weird b/c the website says 24/7 sales and tech support. The 2nd rep advised that it takes time for UPS website to update and said that I should wait but the order should be received on 7/28/08. Well, I checked the UPS website again and got the same invalid error message. So I called a left another message, then another email, w/ no response. So disputed the transaction w/ Paypal. A few hours later, the merchant called me and I advised that I needed a valid tracking number. He immediately escalated and started talking down to me and saying that he did not have any of his Paypal money b/ecause of my dispute. I asked him to calm down and that I am trying to work with him. He escalated his voice again. I told him that I just want to track my package. The merchant then said that if I had a problem then I should have called him first. I exclaimed that I have made numerous attempts by voicemail and by email and no one called until I filed the dispute. Then he says that he can't track ONLY my order. Also Customer service is only Monday-Friday 9am-5pm not 24/7. I stated that it does not say this anywhere on his website at all. Then he says because he does not have his money that now my order won't go out til 7/28/2008? So what happened the 1st 2 days when the money was available? All of this was done with him yelling at me and me yelling back. Finally he says he will refund the money back to me. If you deal all computer resources inc be prepared to be lied too and yelled at. What a terrible company. Henry Fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Gables, Florida
6, Report #470055
Jul 15 2009
01:54 PM
Global Water Resources disconnection of service skyrocket, due to not invoicing customers Maricopa Arizona
On 07/14/2009 the water in our home was shut-off unexpectedly. We were not informed of the impeding disconnection of service. We were not notified by mail, e-mail, notice, or phone call. Nothing, nor have we recieved any invoice or statement from Global Water in the last 2 months. My complaint mirrors others on this board. In that, in order to have our water restored, even though we were not properly notified, we were required to pay a $60.00 reconnection fee. The 'customer service' representatives at the Maricopa office were not able to assist us with our concern. After numerous phone calls and request to speak to a supervisor, we were transferred to a voice-mailbox. We did leave messages that were never returned. After paying the $60.00 reconnection fee on the a.m of 07/14/2009 we were told our water would be running again by the end of the day, it is now 07/15/2009 at 1:44pm and still no water. On our first conversation with a customer service agent (Nicole Guy) on the day of disconnection we were told that the disconnections that Global Water are handling have skyrocketed over the last few months and they may take a bit longer to reconnect our service. We were told that they've attempted to contact us by telephone regarding our bill, when we told them to confirm the phone number they provided us a number that wasn't even ours. As for never receiving statements? We have been told the last two months that they have been mailed, but magically they just don't appear in our mailbox. I think the magic is they don't send the invoices and they turn that magically into $60.00 in their pockets. Szclan Maricopa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Maricopa, Arizona
7, Report #209907
Sep 07 2006
10:37 AM
Grant Educational Resources ripoff and no customer service only full mail box recording Internet
Got a phone call about getting no less then 5,000 dollar grat free money never have to pay back. debit account for one time fee of 298.00 for search of grant, and that after the one time fee was recieved it would take 15-20 days after to get my grant deposited into my account, they gave a number and spoke to many different people by the names of one sean bennet with a number of c12033, and a james mccoy with last s.s # of 6283. they said that they would set up the transaction on date 9-15-2006. That I could call back on the 13th to change payment plan on getting the one time fee. But when I called to tell them i changed my mind of this program there was only a full mail box and then hung up on me. Now I am worried because i found a rip off report myself after they gave me there website and on my way to my bank to stop any transfer of funds of my account. Brandi Beaverton, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #170712
Jan 06 2006
12:13 PM
Patriot Settlement Resources dishonest practices, embellished information, false promises and bad service Ripoff Houston Texas
I'm sure our situation is a bit different than most of the stories on here as this is still somewhat of an unspoken practice. We recently sold annuity payments. Payments tath were awarded to my husband, as a result of a very bad accident he was in in. We took this risk in order to take that final step of getting out of 4 year battle in regaining our creditworthiness because we wanted to do it on our won (not by filing bankruptcy.) We were put in this position after losing our jobs when our place of employment (family business) burnt to the ground and the crooks who insured the establishment(Elevators Mutual Insurance)financed a full fledged witch hunt in order to get a arson conviction,so they didn't have to pay and not only was the local prosecutor dumb enough to fall for it, false reports filed and literall 100's of mistaked made by the state fire investigators most of shom had also been sued previously for their inability to competently investigate the cause of a fire. But that's another (very long) story. Anyhow we sold some (the remaining guaranteed)payments to Patriot Settlement Resources in hopes of getting ahead. Evertyhing seemd to be going ok at first then time and time again I'd have to refax forms to them or get a hold of the other parties involved (insurance Co's etc) myself because these people could jsut not get it together and their follow-up was horrid. And we were unable to cancel the contract after 10 days, so ok we're in it for the longs run. This is initally introduced as a 90 day process (which turned out to be more like 180) and fees legal and otherwise are paid by them, all we are responsible for was a financial consultation so we understood what it is we were getting ourselves into, or losing, for immediate financial relief. Mind you this is all supposed to be legal and binding as it now has to be approved by a judge (to protect all parties). The problems occurred once it was approved, suddenly everything we had discussed beforehand. Ex. payments sold previsouly and needed to be paid off that were disclosed to them on day 1 ( of which I was later accused of being a liar), the 1000.00 dollars that was missing from the contract verbage on the agreed to sales price and was going to be sent to us in a separate check was suddenly all foreign to the very people we had been conversing with via email (so I have documented all of this!! from day one!!) and phone. The legal fees for the second court appearence that accrued due to their lawyers inability to be prepared for court with documents I had supplied them with more than a week ahead of time, and the fact that he was before a Judge he'd not dealt with before and was obviously not used to be opposed, were indeed charged to us contrary to their claims, another 836.00 dollars (which just happens to be the same amount of the monthly payments they are getting). They even threw in some hold back fee which we were never told about that amounted to another 1600.00 this I did end up getting 2 moths later after weekly emails to the owner. So to this day I am still out more than 1836.00 dollars we had agreed upon. I'm still unsure why I got the holdback fees and not the other 1000.00 I was promised and the 836.00 in legal fees they were responsible for, trust me it's not like they didn't make anything from this transaction they netted over 40k. Be very careful with these people, eveythings fine and dandy until you challenge their practices and they realize your not just another idiot they can take advantage of no questions asked.. (they actually disclosed the inferior mental capacity of most of their clients to me previous to this also). Beware. DR Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
9, Report #266123
Aug 08 2007
12:13 PM
World Language Resources Poor Service & Lies Ripoff Los Angeles California
Ordered language software on 7/17/07 via their website. Received email reply that order received. Sent three emails later to find out shipping and no answer. Telephoned and was told by Michael Mun that software back ordered and would ship to me the week of Aug 1st. Did not receive nor receive email confirmation so called 8/8/07. Talked to different person and was told they had software there but had not shipped. Would ship today 8/8/07. I cancelled order as will be gone before it would arrive. Very poor service. Lied to me and would not respond to my emails. Will never buy from this company again. Charles Biloxi, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
10, Report #1009796
Feb 06 2013
10:35 AM
Tax Resources/Tax Audit Audit Defense Liers and a rip off Newan, Georgia
We received a letter of audit from the IRS April of 2012. We had completed our taxes with the help of Turbo Tax and had always purchased the online audit defense that is offered through Turbo Tax Tax Resouces/Tax Audit.  We reported the audit. Within a day someone contacted us and it took up to 3 months with over 6 different people before we were assigned to Norman Reiss out of Newan, GA. He was the one who would go in to the IRS rep and explain our issue (the IRS deciding our business was a hobby instead of a real business). Mr Reiss called and gave instructions which we followed and even sent more information than he requested. Emails were exchanged and phone calls stating he was working on it, but in July of 2012 Mr. Reiss stated the IRS rep will send you a final decision of the outcome. The final decision was no more than more interest tacked on. Then Mr. Reiss advises that we should appeal and he sent over the appeal paperwork and we sent it off right away. And Mr. Reiss states we will hear from an appeals officer with in 30 days to 6 months depending on how backed up the IRS appeals system is. NO PHONE CALL EVER! Even tho I emailed on progress or contacting of the IRS appeals officer Mr Reiss stated they will call you then he informs us that once it goes to appeals he can no longer help us but can answer questions. January 2013 we received a notice from the IRS no indication of the appeals begin over, just what the new amount with added interest is.  I call Mr. Reiss left a message, he emails back 3 days later and stated that our information has been forwarded to California and they will now get in touch with us. WHAT??? 22 days later Sid Circle from Tax Resources call and states I'm here to help but your case didn't go to appeals so the letter from the IRS in January is a final bill and you need to make arrangements or we can see about getting the penalties evaded, but I will call you by Friday of this week.  I said of this week ? Its thursday night. Oh YES by Friday night he said.  Friday comes and goes NOTHING! Then a Debra woman calls on Tuesday and says that the case was closed in October and all they can do is advise us to get our taxes amended for another  issue that Turbo Tax forms were not included after proper information was input. And told us that Mr. Reiss had made several attempts to call and email us but we didn't respond. BULL CRAP! What a lie! I told the woman I had copies of every email and information that was exchanged and could get proof of the phone records if needed. (But you all know this is just a game they play. Do be a fool and fall for it.) SO bottom line. This service is a joke! Get a good CPA one you feel you can trust  it will be worth the money.  The IRS is fallacious..Do the research and know the truth.
Entity: Newan, Georgia
11, Report #1349411
Jan 12 2017
12:42 PM
All Computer Resources Buyer Beware Miammi Nationwide
Buyer beware, referred to wrong product,  they want to charge me for them sending wrong module.
Entity: Miammi , Nationwide
12, Report #1372182
May 09 2017
09:24 AM
Skilled Resources Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Fraud Continues Tampa Florida
On Saturday May 6, 2017 I saw a Craigslist ad for a staffing agency seeking workers for a large, long term job.  They actually wanted people to come in that Saturday to fill out the application.  I waited until Monday figuring that the work will be there if it's long term. I got to the office Monday morning around 9 am after stopping at another labor hall first, and the place was dead silent. Not one person in the building.  I told the black lady with braids behind the desk that I was responding to the ad on Craigslist and she gave me an application.  I took a seat and began filling it out.  My antenna immediately went up when I saw four pages of the application had to do with the (WOTC) Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  I filled out all but one form which wanted me to state that I had been unemployed for less than 27 weeks or that I have received unemployment benefits. Neither of which is true. I work security and just wanted some extra money.  I gave the lady the application and she hi-lighted the section of the form that I had intentionally skipped because it wanted me to attest to a lie.  I told her that neither statement was true so I couldn't sign the form stating that it was.  She said the corporate office needs that form filled out, that it's just something that they need.  I asked her about the two boxes which ask me to choose if I've been unemployed for less than 27 weeks or the other that wanted me to say I'd received unemployment benefits when i haven't. She said to just sign the form and corporate will fill in the rest.  I took the entire packet and walked out the door.    I have previous experience with these employment fraudsters.  Back in 2012 I filed a report (#1022471) while living in Orlando about two security firms Staffpro and Andy Frain who stole my information for the purpose of collecting the WOTC. This fraud has been going on for a long time. But I guess since only the poor working man is being hurt, no one cares.  I filed complaints with the Attorney General of Florida and the Federal Trade Commission on those two companies, but there are millions of other companies perpetrating this scam every day.      Lots of day labor halls are doing this scam.  They have dozens of people standing and sitting around their buildings, hoping to work every day. But the people behind the desks only want new applicants that haven't been used for the tax credit.  People should think, if I have to wade through dozens of people not working, what makes me so special that I'll be put to work. They are making money just taking applications.  No need to actually hire anybody.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
13, Report #597273
Apr 27 2010
09:36 AM
Landscape Resources, Inc. Poor service, unresponsive and arrogant attitudes at Landscape Resources. Left with a dead yard and $1,000 water bill Orlando, Florida
I want to tell the true story about this company. This company maintained my yard and it died and we fired them and told them we wanted a discount for the bill.  We offered them $500.00 to settle but they refused. They filed a collection against me on my credit report.  I have disputed this collection notice and have never been contacted by a collection agency or have signed an agreement.  Additionally, the service was very, very poor.   Poor service, Grass died, trees died.   Adjusted our water without my permission and we had bills over $1,000 a month for water.  They had the water coming on days that were not allowed in the county and staying on for hours.  Since hiring the new company, my bill was reduced (they over charged too) and my home is looking much better.  I would never, ever recommend or hire them to do lawn service at your home or business. Larry Lanpher managed our account at Landscape Resources in Orlando, FL and when indicated the poor service they performed, he was unresponsive and did not care.  He was impossible to deal with and almost arrogant by his actions.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #1251104
Aug 26 2015
04:26 PM
This lady, Mrs. Sarah Peck, is down-right NUTS!  Not only is her 'Linkedn' page a complete fabrication of time with companies shes worked for, but when she is put in charge of hiring people, every word uttered to a employee at either Signature Retail sercvices or her previous company, Set and Service Resources, SHES ONLY LOOKING TO PUT SOME $$$ IN HER POCKET AND SCREW ANY HARD-WORKING PERSON OUT THERE!!   I've worked for both companies, and been ripped off by her & had tooo many lies thrown my way for the last time!!  This lady desperately needs to be fired and BANNED from the merchandising profession.  A lot of my friends still are working for Signature Retail, and feel the same way as to why she was hired & re-hired after time-and-time again she screws with peoples livelyhoods!     She has cost me over $2,000 work of work from working for both companies, especially Set & Service Resources, and even after the supposed Born-again Christian SASR owner Erik Havely fired her after hundreds of complaints against her, he refused to apologize to his most loyal US traveling employees & pay them restitution for the lies Sarah told on work pay & travel pay!    She is now doing these same 'Sick-tatics' at Signature Retail Services, and the owner needs to fire her if his company is to proceed forward with hard-working people being happy with their job!
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #133878
Mar 05 2005
01:24 PM
Pantheon Holdings, Global Resources Ripoff purchase & receipt of non productive equipment and with marginal to non existent tech support Miami Florida
I Purchased one Pantheon's EZLink terminal May 21, 2004 for $17,980.oo. I Purchased three Global Resource's Commerce centers July 19, 2004 for $14,970.oo. In the interim I have received an EZLink terminal placed in El Paso, TX City Hall complex. The Kiosk has been inoperative more often than not and no advertisements are posted on the wall paper and income has not surpassed $10.oo since December 28, 2004. From Global Resources I received 49 cell phones with an area code for Dallas, TX programmed into them. I'm in Las Cruces, NM! Global Resources has failed to replace them with phones for this area, so I have No product to sell. When calling Global Resources, I keep getting a Call back next week, or Call back in a couple weeks, as we are working on it. Finally, one of their custmoer service representatives (an Andrea) told me to request a refund by mid-March If they can't satisfy my purchase order made nearly eight months ago. Their (Pantheon/Global Resources) lack of customer service in fullfilling the promised merchandise and support of same is criminal' in nature. And a 'Class-action' suit is more than justified at this time. Preferably with 'damages'... for their breach of contracts. James Las Cruces, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
16, Report #68069
Oct 02 2003
08:37 AM
Financial Resources Unlimited, Shelton & Associates, Mark E. Shelton, S.M.S (Supreme Mailing Service Deceptive, Rip-Off, Liars, Theifs Willowbrook Nationwide
I dated Mark Shelton from 1993 through 1999 when he started all this mail order scam up. In 1999, I got tired of all the lies, and tired of him sitting at home on his ass doing nothing but ripping people off. He never went to work at a legitimate job except once for a very short time. I worked at a retailer for over three years for legitimate money I earned. I kept my lifestyle simple. I drove a saturn, Mark drove a Lexus, a Cadillac ect. When I decided to leave him in 1999 Mark went to the bank closed the bank account and took all my money I saved from my job. He cut me a check for approx 2300.00. Which I just got from a medical settlement. So he made off with approx 20,000.00 to 27,000.00 dollars of my money that I had saved up in those 6 years. In the time between 1993 and 1999, all the money he recieved, he NEVER PAID TAXES ON. NOT TO MENTION, HE SUCKED OFF THE GOVERNMENT ON UNEMPLOYMENT! He is being sued by the Illinois States Attorneys Office. Please get ahold of them and let them know how he ripped you off. C New Lenox, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Willowbrook, Illinois
17, Report #423736
Feb 13 2009
09:50 AM
Darlene L. Tawiah - University Of MD Human Resources Laurel Maryland
Darlene L. Tawiah (University of MD Human Resources) 240-381-4863 I worked with this company when you & your son would come in, yelling, cursing and swearing. I am not sure this is what Jesus would do, nor do I believe this is the way a woman of your stature, a Human Resource Professional for the University of MD, should behave. You had everyone in the building observing how you behaved. I worked in another department, and could not help but get involved with you screaming out your personal business. We all felt that CarMax's offer was more than fair, not holding you to pay for the 3 vehicles that your son would return damaged that were provided to him as a courtesy while his vehicle was in for repairs, or hitting you with all of the body damage & interior damage that you had done to the Mazda. I can't believe you had the Mazda this short period of time, and drove the life and good looks out of it. My advice to you is, the next time you have a concern, you should be a little more professional about it, this way we won't feel that you are disrupting our business. Buzzzz off the busy bee Laurel, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Laurel, Maryland
18, Report #451835
May 14 2009
11:29 AM
Financial Trust Resources/O'Neil Consulting Received partial and unsatisfactory service; their guarantee of $ back is worthless! Casselberry Florida
I received a call from this company in Nov., 2008 offering to lower my credit card interest rates and save over $5,000 in interest. I had just lost my job and wanted to take advantage of this offer to be smarter about reducing our credit card debt. I can't believe that I wasn't smart enough to check this company out first before paying the $695 fee!! I compiled and mailed them all my credit card and mortgage info. and did receive 2 or 3 calls from one of their consultants - a Jack Richardson. We talked over our routine expenses, a sketchy budget and called several of the credit card companies to negotiate better interest rates. We did get the interest rates lowered a few percentage points on 3 major credit cards for 10 months to a year. However the consultant said he couldn't do anything with Gas cards or Store cards or the mortgage. He asked me if I was happy with our results and I said No, that I felt their claims were overstated and my savings was not nearly as significant as the literature had led me to believe it would be. I was supposed to receive a summary of what we had accomplished and an estimate of my savings, with a check-in again after 3 months. This never happened. I began to worry and tried to contact the company. The phone number no longer worked and I could not reach anyone to complain. I called the BBB of Florida and learned that this company had many complaints and an F rating from the BBB. If only I had checked them out first. Oh, and the kicker was that I have had 2 fraudulent charges on one of my credit cards since I so stupidly shared my account data with Financial TRUST Resources and guess what - both of these were from Florida addresses - totalling over $600. The credit card company is working with me to dispute the charges and credit my account. How stupid was I to place my Trust in this company!!! Mel Huntersville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Casselberry, Florida
19, Report #931310
Aug 23 2012
03:46 AM
USA Legal Resources USA Referral Network Inc. Much worse than a useless service- will withdraw unauthorized funds from several company names! Internet
Truly disgusting evil and worthless service takes advantage of people who are desperate for legal advice. Who does that? Amanda Bell convinced me that she had lawyers in my area who could help me out and like a jackass i gave up my debit card information. That's what they want- NOT your credit card because they know that you have hardly any rights with a debit card, unlike a credit card. But it gets worse. Much worse. Besides failing in every possible aspect, the website that you gain access to may even give you false legal information. It's pathetic and nothing like the promised Legal referral service and website that they tell you about. the not very smart clerks that answer the phone numbers they juggle at you are probably not smart enough to have devised this scheme and just puppets for one much more sinister.  its all a cover for obtaining the right to steal money out of your bank each month under different company names that you've never heard of or approved of. I still don't know how they convince your bank that are legitimately authorized withdrawals- but dealing with my bank is my next step in stopping this scam. these false company names pull all kinds of money out of your account and when you call the number that they give you to call for cancellation, they tell you everything's cancelled and give you a confirmation number. when the money comes out of your account again and you call again, they tell you that you cancel withdrawals from one of these false company names- and continue to pull out money as USA Legal Resources. They pull this trick a few different times to extend a few more months out of robbing your bank account. I hate these people and they have to be stopped.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #170782
Jan 07 2006
12:19 AM
Global Resources, Inc Took order for machine, Took money, goodbye, Nothing further. Answering service now states that GR, Inc has filed for bankruptcy North Miami Florida
Why couldn't I find any of these reports on Global Resources, Inc in August 2005 when I searched the web for commentary on the Global Resources fraud minions? Internet ads, sales call after call, advertising package with VCR and DVD, brochures, company financial statement, all the details touting the great client support the company gives. BS BS BS. When they started sliding down the 'hurricanes excuse pole' in response to my querys in October as to where my touted Global Commerce Center machine was and when would it be installed at the location I knew they were operating out of a federal pen somewhere and were using the sewers as their underground commuter system. Probably have learned how to generate holistic images using previously deposited fecal matter wherever they surface to set up their scamming business offices and personnel. Fifteen grand disappears in a week, probably up their noses by now. Who can feed a cocaine monster like that. I can smell it from here (Illinois). Would never had been vulnerable to believing the BS if I hadn't hit snag early in May on a building site where I incurred a broken clavicle and 5 busted ribs with a punctured lung under mysterious circumstances. Still don't know what happened. With no work possible and the future unkown the Global Commerce Center distributorship looked pretty promising for avoiding income doom so I bought into the program, or so I thought. After a few jumbled phone calls where getting someone with current information on the status of the promised machine which was being shipped from Taiwan (point of mfg)was like playing dodge ball I realized that I was in the middle of a fraud based ongoing racket. The cell phone operation they used points it in the direction of something that is operating out of a federal penitentary. Roxy the receptionist must have been trained in a bar. Rick (September) was the consumate salesman with all the support items in a row and the great break for me with the forfeited $5000 deposit from a poor fella who had family disaster pending and had to rush back to his home in the mid-east making the cost of the machine available to me at that substantial 5G reduction. Joel the call up reference person in Scranton who already had two of the Commerce Centers in operation and was planning on getting a third one going is no longer using the phone service, unreachable. I have notified the Better Bus. Bureau in that district and the Southern Florida U.S. Attorney General's office with responses from both, acknowledging and further directing my correspondence to the appropriate legal officialdom. I'm hoping the red tape turns to gold. If you want to contact me 8158997567. L'Nois Larry sycamore, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: North Miami, Florida
21, Report #1201409
Jan 13 2015
02:12 PM
worldwide travel resources, inc. Island Trader vacationsWorldwide Service Travel rip-off. Will not respond nor honor ability to cancel membership Charlotte North Carolina
This compano operates under the same name (Worldwide Travel Resources) and operates all over the US. i have found they have offices in Charlotte, NC, Baton Rouge, La., Sevierville, TN, etc. They travel to different cities offering free cruises or vacations and sign you up for travle memberships through Island Trader Vacations. They signed a contract offering 95% refund of my membership fee if I was not happy. I have tried for the past 3 months to get anyone to call me (phone, e-mail and certified mail) and I can't get anyone to respond. I have filed a complaint with the BBB but they are a ghost. DO NOT BUY OR PAY FOR ANYTHING WITH THIS COMPANY! AS THEY WILL NOT HONOR THEIR AGREEMENTS!
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
22, Report #1002607
Jan 24 2013
11:59 AM
All Computer Resources Replaced computer twice, broken both times would not help or refund monies Opa-Locka, Florida
DONT BUY FROM THEM Brought a computer for  a 2002 jeep grand Cherokee. original computer worked but has issues at times so i got a replacement computer was sent out installed did not work, holidays came and passed the new year with a new computer same issue. the second time had dealer install computer and program it for an additional $260.00 dealer stated bad pcm. called all computer and they told me that i have no more options since it was the second pcm. They said since i signed the exchange recept that i could not return it or get a refund. there website lies that you have a lifetime warranty. No help at all. We are in the auto parts business. i had to refund my customer all the money. no help what so ever    if you like to give money away then do business with them. Will call my bank to dispute charges. And notify the BBB
Entity: Opa-Locka, Florida
23, Report #1081888
Sep 05 2013
10:28 AM
Tax Resources Audit Defense Intuit TURBO TAX AUDIT DEFENSE TAX RESCOURCES CROOKS! Citrus Heights  California
I have a similar story to others whom have posted under Turbo Tax OR Audit Defense OR Tax Resources OR Intuit   Intuit seems to own all of these companies and trade names or is at least heavily affiliated and involved with them.  So all of these should be sued.  I am looking for extremely aggressive representation and/or class action against these people.    I was audited by the IRS for 2008 taxes and had used Intuit's Turbo Tax software for many years.  I also bought for several years Intuit's Audit Insurance called Audit Defense which it sells under a company name called Tax Resources.    Tax Resources contractually requires a person to contact them in the event of an IRS audit and only they are allowed to talk to the IRS on your behalf.   They also say they will handle ALL communication with the IRS.    Instead here is what really happened... Even though recovering from  a car accident I immediately contacted Tax Resources to activate the Audit Defense which I had paid for.    The IRS wanted copies of supporting documents which I then supplied to Tax Resources.   In the mean time I got a bill for over $4,000 from the IRS because they through out legitimate deductions pending proof of same.   Tax Resources supposedly sent the documents to the IRS... in the meantime I got a Second much increased bill from the IRS for over $20,000 this time expanding the deductions that were thrown out and adding penalties and interest.     Tax Resources insisted the documents must have not yet gone through the IRS and the notices crossed in the mail.    After a couple months of going back and forth with Tax Resources and more IRS notices, Tax Resources told me I would be better off dealing the the IRS on my own!!!   I then got an email from  Tax Resources saying they would no longer be representing me!!    Then my state contacted me because my state taxes are based on Federal Tax filings.  Since the IRS was throwing out deductions, even though I had substantiated the deductions with physical proof, my state then recalculated my taxes for 2008 which then created a tax liability of $12,000 with them.    Intuit / Audit Defense / Tax Resources failure to properly handle this matter and then throw it in my lap violating the insurance agreement left me having to fight $32,000 in Tax liabilities during a time when I was out of work.  You can not believe the stress I endured.    The IRS only claimed they recieved part of my physical evidence and refused to reopen the case unless I filed an appeal while simultaneously threatening me that if i did so they would likely find something else wrong.    I also knew that if I hired CPA's (because I got quotes) and tax attorney's it would cost me at least $8,000 to appeal.    So after 2 years of going back and forth with the IRS and my State Tax dept...  I wound up paying about $14,000 and lost countless nights of sleep.      If I would have worked directly with the IRS from the begining there would have been no tax liability!   It's all because Tax Resources got involved and screwed it up that I wound up in trouble with the IRS.  Further, Turbo Tax did not raise any red flags as they have all of this audit checking stuff built into their software.   It's also a big LIE.    I had no legitimate tax liability!!   Intuit / Audit Defense / Tax Resources needs to be held accountable for not providing the services they sell with their Insurance Policy and Software   Apparently they are not regulated by State Insurance Regulatory agencies.   They get away selling millions of dollars of phony insurance and then provide incompetence that creates REAL problems for people and significant monetary damage.   I'm out $14,000 and 2 years of hell with Tax Authorities due Tax Resources / Audit Defense / Intuit / Turbo Tax...    They need to be sued and shut down.        
Entity: Citrus Heights, California
24, Report #1349274
Jan 11 2017
08:50 PM
My Funding Resources Fraud me for over $3000.00 guaranteeing of service for home repair grants and funding research and grants for mentoring program. Sandy Utah
On October 11,2010 I recieved a phone call at my house with a offer for funding resources indicating that they can help me with home repairs grants. They explain to me that the goverment had several funding grants that would help people like myself and my husband because we are retired and of age. My Funding Resource said that we would send my a package with forms for the fundings I can apply too. It took 45 days to receive this package, when I recieved it I applied to everything they requested me too on the package for the goverment funding. When I applied to their so called funding packages My Funding Resource send me a rejection letter indiciating that program I was applying to was suuspended, but encourage me to continue to apply.  After 6 months of no results and rejections of several funding programs I requested that My Funding Resource return my money back. I have a letter stating that they would gurantee their serive, if there are no funds available for me to apply they would refund my purchase price. I have yet receive this money, it has been several years now and have sent several letters certified mail and requested several time to speak with someone as well as emailing and writing letters. I have kept all my records and reciepts for this transaction.
Entity: Sandy, Utah
25, Report #1267760
Nov 13 2015
11:44 AM
Natural Healt Resources Institute -- Grace Beaman Sent them $698 and got NOTHING in return except lip service. Guarantee is worthless Bradenton Florida
Paid them $698 for a membership ($198 plus $500 for mailing) 500 pc mailing with a supposed Guaranteed 3% minimum sign-ups. Did get a single booklet that showed my information as the distributor and where to send me the $100 check.  The remaining $98 for their membership was to be sent to HNRI, LLC. It has been over 8 months and I still have not recieved one single dime. They did answer my phone call I made on Moday 11.9.  Promised me a call back on Tuesay.  Never did call me. When I called them today they said they would do a new mailing using post cards.  Something new they are supposedly doing. They are RIP-OFFS!! Pure and simple.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida

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