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1, Report #1398975
Sep 09 2017
07:20 PM
Simple BTC Scam! Money stolen! Internet
 Ordered bitcoins using Paypal on Aug 24 and I have not received them yet sept. 10, 17. Sent them 2 emails and have not gotten a response. Paypal wont help either. Money lost!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1104934
Dec 06 2013
12:49 PM
BTC Robot BTC Robot Steals My Bitcoin Profit Potential Internet
The BTC Robot is a scam. I bought 10 bitcoins when the price was $140 a coin. I used the robot and it brought my bitcoin number down to 2.774 as it made more losing trades than winning trades. I turned it off when I realized what was happening. Despite of this I didn't lose money as the bitcoin price kept rising. If I had simply held my coins and not traded with this stupid robot I would now have almost $10,000 in my account instead of the $2200 that I now have.When you read the testimonials you can see that if they would have done the math they would have seen what I did and realized how they were tricked, but because they still have more in their account than they initially invested they think the robot is working in their favor. On the positive side however they did get me into the bitcoin market which I do not regret and they did refund the robot purchase price. What I learned from this is: bitcoins are very profitable, but the BTC Robot trading software is for fools who can't do basic math.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1402344
Sep 25 2017
07:53 PM
BTC Pro miner Btc Miner btc miner scam London
Any site operated by  Giacomo Bugini  is a scam, he will take your btc, but will never pay out
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1420241
Dec 31 2017
06:13 PM Cashiers payment information through WESTERNUNION NAME. KENNEDY SCOTT STATE. FLORIDA CITY. MIAMI ZIP CODE. 33018 Fake Marijuanna despensary Miami Florida
Please avoid fack online marijuanna Despensary. Here is my scan text messages. Me. How can I order from you. An in MD. Thief. Which strain do you need? Me. afghani kush ,Lemon haze & granddaddy purple. Thief. Give your order from the prices below : 1oz...$280 1/8 pound. $540 1/4 pound. $680 1/2 pound. $870 1 pound. $1660 me. Hi , Am a user just need a some Oz's. if you can ship to md. Thief. Yes we ship to md Thief. You can check our dispensary website then place your order directly from the website Thief. Me. ok. what payment do you use. money order ? Thief.You’ll choose your payment option when placing your order on the Me. got it . thank you. Thief.Just received your order Thief. -Strain: Purple Diesel Qty: 1 ounce Price: $290 Shipping option : Express:$40 TOTAL..$630 thief.Cashiers payment information through WESTERNUNION NAME. KENNEDY SCOTT STATE. FLORIDA CITY. MIAMI ZIP CODE. 33018. Me.I want to Half of the oder just be sure once i recieve it will oder the rest. I hope you understand my concern order# 570. Blue dream 1 once 300 can send 320 for shipping total oder was 640 thanks . Thief.ok Thief.we will proceed with packaging right now long will it take you to complete payment so we can register your package ? Me . right now one sec thief. do you still have our cashier's payment information ? Me . yes Me. can it be here by friday since this day is almost over? thief. we do express overnight shipping and delivery is next day. Thief. meaning you will receive your package tomorrow. Me. ok. still have all of my info right .Any test sample for your new customer? thanks Thief. yes i have all your information Thief. i will give you 2 extra grams Thief. send me a full copy of the payment receipt showing senders name Thief. waiting on you to proceed with packaging Me. here it is Me . I never recieve anything all communication was cut by thief.
Entity: Miami, Florida
5, Report #1036272
Mar 19 2013
09:25 PM
simple sites .com they basically ripped me off with no explanation, Internet
I paid for the name and website for my landscaping website. Spent hours making it sweet.  Offered lovely pictures of landscaped gardens and discussed my certificates as well as what we offered to local brisbane people and those in queensland as landscapers offering edible landscapes. I had fertilizers for sale also. The next morning I was given a notice the website had been pulled down, and that was that. when i queried why i was told it breached the terms. So i asked how pictures of gardens and selling fertilizer did this. No response was forthcoming . so i asked would i get a refund and was told no..... I was not warned or given notice as to what Id done wrong or how I could rectify this. Just your websites been taken down and we are keeping your money. I have emails to prove just that. Do not trust these people . they are not honest.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1408449
Oct 25 2017
07:53 AM
COIN-SIMPLE LTD aka COIN-SIMPLE is a scam! I placed 2 orders on 9/26 ,1381402694 & 4957198703, for 0.25625059 BTC each. They have my money and are no longer responding. New York New York
 COIN-SIMPLE is a scam! I placed 2 orders on 9/26 (1381402694 & 4957198703) for 0.25625059 BTC each. They have my money and are no longer responding. Please can I receive an update as it has been almost 1 month since the orders were placed. Wasn't the whole process suppose to take less than a week? No response.
Entity: New York, New York
7, Report #1066369
Jul 11 2013
10:23 PM
BTC Marketing Mass Appeal Doug Ascher Different company name, same scam Houston Texas
 All these sports and entertainment marketing companies that deal with merch and refuse to call them coupons are all the same. They literally move the same management team around the country and keep opening up new company names in the same city once people become hip to the scam. They especially pray on new college graduates promising management and running your own office if you follow their pyramid of training regiments. They keep you motivated while you hit the streets soliciting to anyone and everyone selling their product. (It's usually sports and entertainment packages that the customers pays an initial fee for and there is usually unclear or hidden charges and/or restrictions to use the packages) They make a ton of money while you attempt to climb the ladder to run your own location. The funny part is you will actually see folks open their own offices and bring others with them, unknowing that the person running the new offices has already done it before. They keep the same rotating team of upper management while daily convincing and brainwashing their foot soldiers that if you work hard enough for us you can have it all. Sorry, they'll either change the company name or bring a new team from another office that has closed from another major city. Some folks do it just as a salesperson which is fine however they tend to blow those people out who will take the belief factor away from those who are super deadicated because they actually believe they'll run their own locations. I am writing this because I saw so many good hard workers break up families because they actually believed these companies would deliver on the bigger picture. Doug Ascher has run atleast three of these companies in Houston under Apollo direct, mass appeal and now Btc marketing. I literally cannot believe he and the larger company smart circle continue to operate in such a way and poor young jobless people continue to be used up as foot soldiers, like I stated earlier. I found out about this new company yet again and felt compelled to warn others. I even saw six people uproot their lives, moved clear across the country to help thenew manageropen a new office (which was just a new company name) and then get blown out ( you can't actually get fired since your a 1099 employee) after moving to the new city to help motivate the newest group of distributors. They don't want people working their too long otherwise folks start to become keen to the scam and pass negativity or be a neg bomb to others. Please, realize its the same group of people shifting around the county taking advantage of hard working individuals who can't find any better work at the time. They use a strict language and calculated formula that they teach the salespeople to use on their customers to make the sale; all the while they're using the same manipulative tactics and techniques on their employees
Entity: Houston, Texas
8, Report #1316868
Jul 14 2016
11:24 AM
btc success Site does not meet what promises Internet
I made a registration on this site already a bit suspicious, because it promises in one of its investment plans 500% profit on a minimum $ 30 within 24 hours. Before transferring the value, I contacted administrators both by email and by chat, and was told that, as was in session FAQ's own site, after this period I would have my profit according to plan hired and already could request withdrawal. This was done, did the transfer, waited until the next day and I was very happy to see that in fact, was on my site account the $ 30 deposited by me, over $ 150 profit totaling $ 180. I tried to transfer the value to my bitcoin address (which is one of the options offered by the company) but in imediado identified my registered address was wrong. I requested assistance again by email and solicitously been fixed. I tried to retreat again, and spent the maximum of 12 hours for the amount to be deposited, not on anything in my account yet. I contacted again and was asked to create another bitcoin address, which was made and immediately informed. After several attempts to receive several emails asking what was going on I received that to activate your answer, I would need to deposit another $ 150, which is an abuse because in any part of the site is reported this condition.I got to answer the email asking because this condition is not explicit in any part of the site, but since this last email the company does not respond anymore.I would help because I feel injured, blinded and handcuffed as they do not know how to report the site and have my money back.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1414489
Dec 01 2017
08:53 AM
Onex BTC they didnt send me bitcoins in exchange for itunes gift card
One X btc calim to buy gift cards in exchange for bitcoin. i tried their web site and sent them the details they asked for but didnt receive anything
Entity: Internet
10, Report #151336
Jul 26 2005
04:02 PM
Simple Choice Financial Benefits - Client Care Relations - Future Com ripoff Champlain New York
I believe I am a victim of telemarketing fraud. On May 12,2005 I received a call from a gentleman that used the name of Frank at extension 8508 claiming to with a company called Future Com which to the best of my knowledge is a company based in Concord Ontario Canada. The reason for them contacting me was supposed to be a promotion to receive a Dimension 4700 desk top computer from Dell that was to include the CPU consisting of a 40GB hard drive Pentium 4 processor 2.66 a 17 inch Flat Panel Monitor along with for (4) year on site warranty a 30 day 100% money back guaranty also included was a $1000.00 on line shopping spree to be used within 1 year. I was to receive the entire package for $299.00 US dollars. In addition to the $299.00 it was required that I subscribe to Dell Computers (ISP) Internet Service Provider. At this time I agreed that this would be a great deal and I would like to participate. I then proceeded to give the banking information they requested and was to review this information via a recording of the conversation during the course of the recorded conversation arrangements were made to debit my Washington Mutual checking account for the sum of $299.00 US dollars on May 20, 2005 and was informed that I would receive the computer package in no more than 25 business days. I completed the recorded potion of the call and received an order number (107677). I received a customer service telephone number at the time of 1-866-952-8883 from the who was supposed to be a verification supervisor by a gentleman using the name of Vimal. Immediately after the conversation I went on line to see about this (ISP)Internet Service Provider from the computer company Dell. Upon visiting the Dell Internet web site I found that Dell Computers does not have an (ISP) Internet Service Provider company specific to Dell Computers. Dell did at that time and does to the best of my knowledge still does market other companies ISP's notably SBC and Verizon neither of which are apart of the Dell Corporation. Upon learning this I immediately called the customer service number (above)I was provided to cancel the transaction. When I reached the customer service department the person I spoke with was a woman that did not give her name, stated that they had no record of me because the transaction had not been completed in there computer system and if wished to cancel the transaction I would need to call back in two (2) days and that the transaction details would be available at this time. The woman I spoke with also gave me an additional customer service number of 866-847-9287. I tried to contact the company as I was instructed to do. I was unsuccessful in reaching the said customer service department. When I did finally contact the customer service department on May 19, 2005 I was informed that I was to late to cancel the transaction and that I would have to wait to receive the said package and upon receiving the said package I would need to contact customer service to obtain a return authorization number. While on the telephone with a Lady who called herself Laurie at extension 337 I ask her to cover the contents of the said package I had agreed to one more time. She said she did not have all the particulars but I was welcome to listen to the recorded conversation. I then agreed to do so and listened to the recorded conversation. Upon hearing the contents of the recorded conversation 80% of which I had never heard until I listened to the recording. I realized at that time that I had most likely been scammed or defrauded of the $299.00 US. The recorded conversation made no mention of what I was led to believe that I would be receiving rather a so called benefits package which included a Nokia cellular telephone, a discount coupon for a Satellite Dish I do not recall whether it was Direct TV or Dish Network, along with a host of other discount opportunities all of which I have absolutely no interest in nor would I ever buy. I also learned at that time that the company I had done business with was not Future Com rather it was a company that calls itself Simple Choice Financial Benefits based out of Champlain New York USA as best I can ascertain. I was given several customer service numbers one was to a company that was supposedly in Anchorage Alaska,which was the second telephone number listed above and another that was supposedly in Montreal Quebec Canada which was the first telephone number listed above, as well as a number not for Simple Choice Financial Benefits but rather a company calling itself Client Care Relations which is supposed to be the customer service company for Simple Choice Financial Benefits. I acquired this telephone number from Washington Mutual my bank. I have contacted the company or what I was led to believe was the company numerous times in an effort to obtain a refund of my money. The debit to my bank was $249.00 rather than the $299.00 that I had originally been informed that it would be. The electronic draft check for $249.00 was presented to my bank on May 20, 2005 which I have obtained a copy of the electronic draft check from Washington Mutual. The bank transaction according to my bank records cleared my account on May 23,2005. From May 23, 2005 25 business days later would have the said package arriving in my possession no later then June 27,2005. I contacted the company Client Care Relations again on June 24,2005 in an attempt to cancel the transaction again because I had not received the said package as yet and was then informed that the delivery of the said package to the delivery company that was to deliver the said package to me did not receive the package to be sent to me until June 8,2005 and that the 25 days to deliver the said package was from that date of June 8,2005 and that the company Simple Choice Financial Benefits had until July 13,2005 to make delivery of the said package. I contacted the company Client Care Relations again on July 11,2005 and spoke to a woman that called herself Sarah. At this time she asked that I give them till the end of the week to receive the said package which would be by July 15,2005. I did not receive the said package by the previous mentioned date of July 15,2005. I contacted the company Client Care Relations again on July 18,2005 and spoke to gentleman that would not give his name, he again said I must wait until the end of the week July 22,2005. I still have not received the said package as of today July 25,2005. Today being July 25,2005 the said package still yet to arrive and is considerably past the 25 business days that was promised for delivery of the said package that I did not and do not want. I have managed to contact the company Client Care Relations this day July 25,2005 and was told by a woman calling herself Sarah that the company would see about getting me on a list for a refund. However if the refund was granted that I would receive the refund via a paper check in 30 business days via the US Postal Service System. Assuming the request is granted and at this time I have no reason to believe that it will be, this would have the refund of the $249.00 US dollars arriving no later than September 5,2005. At this time I realize that my loss is insignificant compared to the other crimes that this agency is investigating, however I would request that this matter be investigated, not only for myself but additionally all of the other people, perhaps thousands or even tens of thousands that have been fleeced by this same company Simple Choice Financial Benefits or Client Care Relations which ever it may be. This report has been filed with the FBI. If you are a victim of this type of Federal Crime and you want to help put a stop to this type of crime by apprehending these thieves. This is a very elaberate rip off and it is spreading all across the United States and for all we know Canada as well. I know $249.00 and for some much more does not seem like a lot of money however enough of those $249.00 swindles adds up to tidy sum especially when this is going on nationwide. The totals are most likely in the Millions of dollars if not Tens of Millions of dollars. I highly suggest to you file a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at and also at File your complaint with The New York Attorney Generals Office at File a complaint in state where you resides Attorney Generals Office The United States Attorney Generals office at The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at For those ladies and gentlemen reading this report I realize this will be an inconvenience for you to file these complaints however if you want to put a stop to this and put these criminals behind Federal bars for a long long time where they belong. What is REQUIRED for you do so is first,... file your complaints with each of the agencies listed above and following through with the requests that these agencies may ask of you. There are no exceptions you MUST FILE the COMPLAINTS. I do not know if anyone reading this report is aware that the recipient of Federal Prison Time can not and will not be paroled, pardoned or shortened in any way. If one receives a 50 year sentence in a Federal Prison they will be there for every single minute of 50 years and there are No Exceptions. The Federal Government does not play and they are very very serious about this type of crime. It is however up to you the victim of this type of crime to take the first step by filing your complaints with all of the agencies above with out exception to any or all. As mentioned before if you want to apprehend these thieves it is up to YOU as the VICTIM to Report these CRIMES by filing your COMPLAINTS with these agencies listed above. By all means do report these crimes to your local officials as well,however our best chance of apprehending these thieves is on a Federal Level. I ask you Please help me I will work tirelessly to apprehend these CRIMINALS as I am disabled and can not work so I have nothing but time. I am like you, I can not afford to lose my money to THESE CRIMINALS but more importantly these CRIMINALS MUST BE STOPPED!! The next person they target just may be your friend or an elderly person you know or don't know, it could even be your own mother as they do not discriminate who there next victim will be.. Darold Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
11, Report #1182097
Oct 09 2014
09:15 PM
Regan Reckman is a liar and a thief! Cincinnati, Ohio
Regan Reckman is a douche bag who cant be trusted. I am posting a judgement that I have gotten against him just to prove my point and warn you never to do business with him. He is a lying theif. You have now been warned.  net-ARB Binding Arbitration Award { Myself } the Creditor vs. { Regan Reckman } the Debtor Findings: Case No. 13206 1. Bitcoins are a decentralized, peer-to-peer unit of currency gaining popularity on the Internet. 2. Using the website, the Debtor entered into a loan agreement (BTCjam Loan No. 13206) with the Creditor for a bitcoin loan in the amount of 1.0 bitcoins at 10.0% interest monthly. 3. The Debtor's name, last known address, and other information is: Regan Reckman Cincinnati, OH 45220 United States Phone: 5136006884 Driver's License 10 4. The Debtor was required to make monthly loan payments to the Creditor but has failed to make a payment for the past 91 days. The Debtor is in default. 5. The amount owed at the time the debtor stopped making payments is 1.68279764 bitcoins and is immediately due and payable to: BTCjam Member No. 17181  Arbitrated by net-ARB, Inc. September 29, 2014 /Marty Lavine/CEO, net-ARB, Inc. 
Entity: Cincinnati, , Ohio
12, Report #1423759
Jan 18 2018
07:34 AM Sent them .01 BTC for product that does not exist. Internet
Unfortunately folks, it seems like is a complete scam coming from the same group of criminals responsible for BITMINER CLOUD EU LTD along with a network of phantom companies with reported combined assets of over £13 million. looks like a scam at first glance, but being a diligent person, I entered my BTC address and also paid them .01 BTC for the first level “upgrade.” Days later and my “Upgrade” is still pending – as if payment was never sent when indeed it was.Do Not Send Them Bitcoin OR Personal Information! This site is a typical Ponzi Scheme, I guarantee that there is No Crypto Mining Equipment, No Mining is Happening! The numbers that you see on your screen is just html script – Sorry, but it’s not real. If you do receive BTC from this site it is because they are giving you a little bit (.005) of Bitcoin that they have stolen from someone else (like me). Company phone does not work and is also the same number listed for known ponzi scheme: Bitminer CloudSearch Company Number: 09951039Do a web search for the address listed on their contact page.20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GUTop Result: “High Court orders six more bogus multi-million pound companies into liquidation:A network of phantom companies with reported combined assets of over £13 million have been ordered into liquidation by the High Court on grounds of public interest.” Source GOV.UK“The Court heard that all bar one of the companies were incorporated by the same formation agent, a Jade Evans (who has not been located), and her company, ABN Company Formations Ltd (now dissolved). The Court also heard that over 50 other companies had been formed by Jade Evans and utilized as part of an extensive network of companies engaged in systematic fraud.”I would recommend you stay far away from and possibly “cloud mining” all together. The best way to get on board with Crypto-Currency train – the future of money – is to simply buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos using a verified site like (((REDACTED))).
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1428415
Feb 10 2018
11:54 AM
cloudminer took .005 btc and got nothing in return Internet is a scam, i got no services in return for the upgrade, and I see others are saying the same.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1332183
Oct 08 2016
10:00 AM Non payment of affiliate btc Internet
 I had an affiliate signup under me who went on to deposit and lose over 50 Mbtc atleast.. After about a week went by and I didn't see any of my % of the profit I sent in a support ticket followed by another followed by over 15 live chat sessions.. Now almost 3 months later none of my support tickets have any responses, and each live chat conversation went the same, with me being told I'd be awarded the btc I am due as soon as the supervisor arrived which would be in a matter of hours. But those promises were weeks ago and were never followed through on. Now my live chat sessions are barley even answered but at this point after nearly 3 months of being jerked around and lied to over such a tiny amount of btc compared to what me and my affiliates have deposited its ridiculous how unprofessionally they handle their business... I'll attach a couple screen shots to show what I've been dealing with
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1416380
Dec 12 2017
06:40 AM Scam to steal $1800 of BTC from me
On 12/04/17 I went to the site fdc to purchase an Antminer S9.They required payment via bitcoin in the amount of 0.16082 BTC ($1800 at the time, but now much more) which I sent to address  14MXFmRyn88zEUys9jGbawUNAtTG2NeJBDI realized very soon after I made the transaction that it was a scam.The transaction on the website gave no confirmation or thankyou. Then I googled the company and found out that others were claiming to be ripped off as well.I'm not sure what can be done, but I can furnish further details if needed.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #482241
Aug 19 2009
07:43 AM Mine is the same story as everyone elses'; debited my checking account twice, without authorization. Now my account is in the negative. They stole my $$! Let's stop them! Contact me@ROFF Thievery, Pure and Simple! Internet Are Nothing More Than Thieves! I've read numerous reports on these guys, and I, like many others have been the victim of their scam-twice! There are laws against these kind of things, and I ask you to join me in filing a suit against them! has my contact information!  Let's not get Mad, Let's get even!  
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1117502
Jan 22 2014
06:39 AM
BTC robot, Clickbetter, BTC e Lying thieves. Wont allow withdrawal after deposit. They repeatedly send you bogus instructions for fix. Belfast UK, Also somewhere in Russia Internet
First you purchase the Bitcoin trading robot from a group of Russian internet thieves. You are directd by their site to purchas thru the ' Legit' ClickBetter LTD, Forsyth House Cromac Square, Belfast, BT2 8LA, UK that bills itself as an internet market place.  Next you are directed to open an account and deposit bitcoin funds via QR code at the online trading platform they own called btc e where the trades are supposedly executed. Here at btc e is where you are supposedly able to transfer funds in and out of your account. The problem is they never allow that to happen.  You will be directed to Verify your email adress  on the btc e site by clicking a link and waiting for further instructions. The further instructions never arrive and 4 weks and severl dozen emails later you have no way to access your money. The supposed support desk responds to each request for assistance with the same instructions on how to fix it.  Then when you ask Clickbetter to refund your money since they offer a 60 day money back guarantee on the purchase of the robot they say the money has allready been refunded. Obviously this never happens or I would not be making this complaint. 
Entity: internet, Select State/Province
18, Report #1243696
Jul 23 2015
06:13 AM - STOLE 10 BTC FROM ME! BitcoinVideoCasino, Bitcoin Video Casino, stole, ripped off, bitcoins, btc, scammed, scammers, scam Internet
Entity: California
19, Report #1429914
Feb 18 2018
08:26 PM
Wind Wide Coin If you invest 0.1 BTC you will recieve 1.0 BTC Houston Texas
I invested 0.1 BTC and costumer service said I will recieve 1.0 BTC. Which I didn't and they attempted to hack my account to drain all my investment. Dont trust these guys they steal money and then they try hack your account. 
Entity: Houston, Texas
20, Report #1189943
Nov 19 2014
06:57 AM
Bitplatstic Account was not credited after a 0.3 BTC transfert Internet
I created an account to bitplastic. To get the debit card, you have to send 0.3 BTC to an address provided by the website. After the transfer, I did not see any credit on my bitplastic account. I have mailed their customer support and I did not get any answer yet. I cannot access to the website anymore.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1252517
Sep 02 2015
02:04 PM
CEX.IO Refused to allow withdrawal after taking BTC from me. Internet
I used CEX.IO to transfer a portion of my Bitcoins to in order to sell them. I read their disclosure's, fees, and TOS. At no time did any there information or FAQ's provide information about needing to provide banking, photo's (selfie) of me holding my ID card, or other information. They also did not announce that there would be a 17% transaction fee above the cost of selling, as well as seperate fees for sending my money. For $472 in sells, minus $12 before I was given my part, they also are charging me over $90 just to withdraw my money, if they allow me to withdraw it.   Following the withdrawal procedures explicitly, even after finding out how stringent they were, I used their 'verfication help' link to insure the process went smoother so I could get something back besides a scam, a waste of time, and a massive headache. I uploaded my most recent bank statement that was mailed to my home, with all banking balances, accounts (not the #'s just the transactions I've had) and transactions blacked out to protect myself and the people I do business with. This was done from a flat bed scanner to a file, in color, as directed. I also copied, in color and over 3 MB's in size, a copy of my Government issued Driver's License, front and back, clearly readable. This was scanned and uploaded exactly as the site requested.  And finally, I had my spouse take a picture of me this morning with a 16MP camera, after I put in a newly charged battery. I uploaded it, in color and format as requested. I then sat down and wrote the following email to the company:   Attn: CEX.IO   As an early supporter and adopter of Bitcoin, I have been sitting on my little stash for approximately 3 + years. Over the years I have watched numerous Exchanges and finance houses close due to fraud, mismanagement, and continued failure to provide basic reasonable services for the very product which they are stated to support. CEX.IO is no different in my opinion, and if anyone in your Quality department cares to take a look, I will provide all the reasons.   First, setting up an account and uploading BTC is relatively easy. You make no mention at the time of set up that I will be required to provide some very controlled personal identification in order to make a withdrawal. That borders on the edge of dishonesty.  To be fair though, based on reviews, I chose to take the chance and only upload 2 1/4 Bitcoins out of my 100+ in order to determine if your company had just overlooked the process..   Second, I looked at the spread in what you charge to purchase BTC's and what you sell for. As someone who deals in precious metals routinely, I understand premiums and other 'costs' associated with doing business, so the spread your company makes between the buy/sell points is understandable.   Third, charging over 17%, or even over 5% on each transaction for a withdrawal is completely dishonest and does not show me a company that is choosing to support BTC or even wishes to established itself as more than a 'fly-by-night' crooked operation.   Finally, I sent my verification's to your company just prior to sitting down to write this email. I have worked in industries that must be very critical of scanned and electronically submitted documentation, to the point of being able to discern quickly if an item is acceptable or not. The 'Selfie' that was sent was taken exactly 10 minutes prior to my writing this email, in full light, with a 16MP camera at a distance of less than 1 meter, with numerous shots taken to ensure glare and clarity were removed. The overall file was 3.6 MB of data, which is quite large for 1 photo, because it was done in high quality. My bank statement was extremely clear and showed all pertinent information, but did not show my transactions, balance, or other personal information that your company absolutely has no right to for information unless you planned on using it for illegal purposes. And my Identity documents were scanned photos, front and back that had the clarity of even showing the holographic displays that are built in for anti-theft purposes. Your company sent me a reply on my uploaded documents within 5 minutes of submission rejecting them all because of 'low quality' and 'not taken recently' and 'other'. I find that completely false and can see that any attempt to withdraw money will be met with repeated step after step after step until maybe 3 months from now, only if I stay on this will I receive even a fraction of what is rightfully due me.   So in summary, as your company is simply doing business in the worst way possible, and making every step as hard as possible, while also being dishonest and fraudulent, I will be taking my aforementioned 100+ BTC to another service in order to conduct business. Please do not believe that I have given up in getting my money for the BTC's I have sold, as failure to provide them to me by your company is simply theft. If you were going to require all of these things in order to make a withdrawal, why didn't you require them to accept the deposit? Unless your whole business model is set up for fraud.   Sincerely,   Charles E Hall     The reply I received for the first denial was this:   Dear Charles Hall , Thank you for your letter to us. We highly appreciate your interest to CEX.IO services. The verification with providing information and photo proofs is used to create a strongly secured environment, in order you can feel comfortable and sаfe, using our platform. At the same time, any operations with crypto coins do not require any verification. As soon as users wish to use fiat money, bank transfers and payment cards we ask them for verification to avoid fraudulent activities on the site.The charges for withdrawals via bank transfers are connected with the expenses of payment processing. Our Compliance department informs that your your documents can be accepted for the verification purposes but they kindly ask you for a little bit of cooperation.The reason why your selfie was not accepted is that it was recognized as an old one. We kindly ask you to check the time settings on your camera - the issue may be connected with this.As for your Driver License, we kindly ask you to send us not a scan but a photo of it (both sides). And the proof of residence may also be accepted. As you have sent a file, we kindly ask you to make a screenshot of the website where you downloaded your proof of residency and upload it. The screenshot must contain an open document. We must clearly see the website URL on the screenshot. Thank you for cooperation in advance.Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions. Best regardsMia BarrettCEX.IO Support   I replied with this, after checking the website for my own accuracy and taking screen shots of the verification process should litigation ensue:   CEX.IO Support,   So again, to prove the point I made in my email, your company is being both dishonest and is attempting to delay the process for a simple withdrawal. To wit, your email addressed the issue of a 'scan' versus a 'photo'. No were on the website, either during the verification upload process, or in the 'Verification Help' link does it say that a 'photo' must be used. It CLEARLY states a 'scan' of both sides of my government issue ID, in color, and clear. Which I provided and is clear. To make sure, I sent it to one of my other accounts and opened it from a phone to make sure it was clearly seen and all information on it was legible/readable.   Also, you state that the selfie is out of date? If you are aware that the settings on my camera are showing a date that you feel is outside the 'authorized' period, why doesn't your website 'specifically' state to insure the settings for the camera are up to date. I put a recently charged battery in my camera this morning and had my spouse take the picture. The file was written to my camera this morning.    And last- AGAIN, where does it say anywhere during the verification process that I MUST have a copy of the URL for the proof of my bank? The statement shows my bank name, it's operating address, heck, it even has it's email and phone number verfication on the print out, it shows my name, the date of the statement (which is the most recent one I was MAILED to my home address) and my home address on it. And it was 'scanned' as per the instructions your website requested.   And you still did not answer my question about the high interest charged for the withdrawal that was not available at any point when I sent my BTC to your company, which should and is considered theft in most countries. And in others, it's a clear indication of very unethical business practices.   As it is, I am documenting every bit of your replies and each of the actions your company has taken to mislead and redirect away from the responsibility it now holds to provide me with my withdrawal within a satisfactory time frame. I have already notified 7 different Bitcoin community review companies of your actions, and mine, and will continue to post more until your company follows through with the withdrawal procedures AS YOU STATED THEM to begin with.   Sincerely,   Charles E Hall   At this point the company has not gotten back with me, but per their current actions and refusal to follow their own rules, I can see that litigation may be required in order to gain satisfaction for their theft.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1307641
May 25 2016
11:22 AM
BitCoinSurf Demand payment to confirm BTC account and does not pay Internet
This site allows you to earn btc by surfing.  After reaching their minimum payout, a deposit of .06 btc is required to confirm account, and is supposed to be immediately refunded.  I made the deposit, but no refund was performed and no payment has been made.  Just a ripoff for suckers like me.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1362228
Mar 16 2017
05:19 PM
bananafund compoundfund ripped me off of 0.1027 BTC Internet
Hello, So I invested some Bitcoins (around $100) into an online fund called It was going well until one day the website mysteriously went offline. The owner of the website is []]Now If you see in his FB he is creating another project People were wondering where their investments went. Couple months later Jo pops up and post on FB this, []] Now hes blocked me from Facebook and deleted some comment so they wont show in the theft scam report page I made.Of course in them deleted post's is all the proof of the problems that he failed to look at and correct. He states that I sent him the wrong address when in fact I didn't send the wrong address. If you look at the dates in some of these emails. I have all the emails.This is my very first initial email request I sent him:From: Dan C Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2017 10:20 PMTo:r@Banana.fundSubject: Address, I hope its not to late      Hello, please send here:1HaM1GydyTrD9g3bDH8QWphSjFkUGuLLij Thank you!_________________________________________________________________________________If you look back at the report I made you can see he didn't respond for a few days and I did email more times. He did finally respond with:From: Banana Fund <>Sent:Friday, January 20, 2017 4:26 AMTo: Dan CSubject: Re: hello are you getting my emails please? Fw: You just sent 0.23767477 BTC to 1P5ArBbqH2uchC5UBoARFxea2cJXs7xCk7       Yes I have your request. From: Dan CSent:Friday, January 20, 2017 10:46 AMTo: Banana FundSubject: Re: hello are you getting my emails please? Fw: You just sent 0.23767477 BTC to 1P5ArBbqH2uchC5UBoARFxea2cJXs7xCk7      Ok, thank you very much for responding. From: Banana Fund <>Sent: Tuesday, February 7, 2017 11:06 AMTo: Dan CSubject: Re: hello are you getting my emails please? Fw: You just sent 0.23767477 BTC to 1P5ArBbqH2uchC5UBoARFxea2cJXs7xCk7       []]  - your refund has been paid. It has 2700 confirmations.This is a warning to anybody that is looking to invest into anything this individual is creating.Link to original scam theft report:(((REDACTED)))
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1345207
Dec 23 2016
09:38 AM
Helping revolution rip off of 0.7634327 BTC Califonia
Helping revolution ripped me off of 0.7634327 BTC which I invested on the 6th of December 2016, they claim to be a US Based organisation. Since 7th December I have not be able to access their website- the error message is that their server is undermaintenance and they will be back shortly. I want my money back! the bitcoin address I paid the currency into is 3HevDWxs67Ze7iev1zsXb4FjU2bSRMTJeQ belonging to a Samuel Obasanjo, but I strongly believe he is a part of the scam. I pH on the 6th of December and their website went off on the 7th of December.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1419168
Dec 26 2017
07:21 AM
Hit Btc they do not give me bitcoin coins and funfair.
Hit Btc they do not give me bitcoin coins (0.02910000), and funfair (1497.04016910), funds from the account have been removed but transactions have been frozen for 4 days, I wrote 20 letters in the support center and they do not answer and the funds do note return, the transactions do not continue, Such is not only my one, many people complain about hit btc, they are crooks! 
Entity: Internet

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