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1, Report #1403170
Sep 29 2017
01:00 PM
Snow pomeranian teacups Snow pomeranians Scammed I pay'ed for a puppy and they didn't ship it to me. San benito Texas
 Martin elliott is the breeder of white micro teacup pomeranian I gave him 250.00 and the next payment would come after I got puppy. Well they ended up getting all 500.00 with shipping problems.any way they didn't ship and I call and they wouldn't pick up at either place.
Entity: San benito, Texas
2, Report #1369142
Apr 22 2017
07:12 PM
Lux Pomeranian Puppy Scam Covington Internet has a slick website and photos of adorable pomeranian puppies available. The owner, who called himself Malcolm Kai asked for a $200 downpayment to hold the puppy so we could pick it up the next day. We sent a Walmart money gram- Walmart confirmed that he picked up the money using his ID and he never returned our phonecalls again. We were not aware of such puppy scams before, but apparently this is very typical.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1135844
Apr 02 2014
08:15 PM
Alabama Toys and Teacups PUPPY MILL BROKER Arab Alabama
I purchased my puppy two months ago. According to the listing on the Alabama Toys and Teacups website, the female puppy was a Morkie whose dam was a Maltese who weighed 5 pounds and sire was a Yorkie who weighed 3.5 pounds and that this puppy would weigh 3.5 to 5 pounds when full grown. I was not allowed to see the puppy prior to pickup. Other than that this appeared to be a legitimate breeder who raises these puppies with love in her home. I was taken aback when I received no registration papers or vet records when I picked her up at the storefront. I had already paid her $800 plus $88 for handling fee??? so it was too late to change my mind. The next day I took my puppy to my veterinarian for a check up and she weighed 3 pounds, eight ounces. He estimated her adult weight to be 16-18 pounds and said she had been misrepresented by the breeder. She is now 4 1/2 months old and weighs 8 pounds. She has thin wiry hair and long legs. She looks nothing like a Morkie. These puppies are bought from puppy mills and resold by Merry Melton Daniels at Alabama Toys and Teacups under false pretenses. I would never knowingly support a puppy mill! Please understand, I love my puppy very much but I would never have paid $888 for a puppy of unknown lineage.
Entity: Arab, Alabama
4, Report #470367
Jul 16 2009
11:30 AM
Bought dog and she immediately had breathing probs. I made vet appt. for Tues. July 1 abiding by the 48 hour rule to get dog checked (excluding weekends). Since this was my second yorkie- I knew they had to be given special supplements and I did. She became tired by Sat. night and at 9am on Sunday morning she was having a seizure. She died at an emergency clinic around 9:30 am Sunday. I had the dog less than 48 hours. I researched the USDA # given to me by TeaCups on a website and it returned that she came from a kennel that served as a broker for her and that her breeder was unlicensed and illegal. I found numerous complaints about this broker selling sick dogs. Furthermore, this puppy was shipped air freight from Nebraska at 9 weeks old. I was told that she came from a licensed private breeder and this is not the case. I have evidence supporting my claims. This pet shop is purchasing from puppy mills and selling some animals that are sick. The shop owner offered no help, refund or a new dog. The shop is asking customers to sign a form that waives the consumers right to the Florida state law against a 'puppy lemon law'. In other words, if the dog has a genetic disorder- too bad. These are unethical practices concerning animals. Desired Settlement: Other (requires explanation) Settlement Explanation: Attempt to make people aware of TeaCups practices. I am contacting State Att. General, Broward Consumer affairs, TV, Newspapers, FL. SPCA, human society, etc... Rob shell knob, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
5, Report #1109851
Dec 25 2013
08:36 PM
Luxury Teacups Sandys Luxury Teacups Horrible Puppy Mill Arlington Internet
Seller inaproprate and rude. Sold me a sick puppy and within 24 hours I was at the emergency vet on Christmas Day spending another $800 to try and save this poor puppies life. The living conditions were discusting. The house smelled to high hell. Almost unbearable.  I was picking fleas off of her in the car on our way home. I guess this is how puppy mills sell so many because you feel so bad for the dogs you want to take them out of the environment they are in. Within less than 24 hours this dog went limp and couldn't hold her up. The vet said we bought her sick from the start. Seller made every excuse in the book on how it wasn't her fault. Then she started calling names and saying read my contract.  I don't remember signing a contract. ????? I would say that's a huge no no in customer service to be so... Dis tasteful. Needless to say this brings an entirely new perspective to puppy mills. My sweet puppy that I gave to my 4 year old little boy for Christmas is still at the emergency clinic.  Cross your fingers she pulls through and this idiot gets shut down!
Entity: Arlington, Internet
6, Report #1254146
Sep 10 2015
03:08 PM
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #469990
Jul 15 2009
12:01 PM
TEACUPS PUPPIES AND BOUTIQUE - TEACUPSPUPPIES.COM MISTREASTED, ABUSED BY THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE- THEY SHOULD BE CLOSED Very sick puppies are sold from that place that thinks they are different from all others. They are rude - they should also be closed down Pembroke Pines Florida
NOTHING BUT PUPPY MILLERS - that's what this store is all about. Teacup puppies, teacupspuppies and boutique. They tell people like me that they only buy from breeders when in fact they buy from puppy mills as too. I have seen a truck behind their store and taken pictures. It's horrible, don't buy a puppy from there, they are sick. I went there and they are very rude to people. They don't even know who they are buying the puppies from. I called the other day and asked questions and they had no information about the parents of the puppy. Write your complaints and call the state attorney's office to file a complaint about these horrible people. THEY MUST BE CLOSED An investigation has started and we will not stop until they are closed down. Anonymous west palm beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
8, Report #583482
Mar 20 2010
11:05 PM
Jacklyn's Exquisite Poodles, Toys, Tiny Toys And Teacups After you pay in cash they are totally done with you Calhan, Colorado
My wife and I bought a dog from these people and paid $3,500 cash - they wanted cash. When we met Jackie at her home she and her husband Ty were the most congenial and friendly people you could ever meet. Informative and helpful with promises of future help and boarding if needed. Our dog is VERY small and we didnt want to leave him with just anyone. So, knowing that very nice and experienced people would be available was very comforting. Well the day of the sale the cash was exchanged for the dog. Jackie was very informative and helpful. Jackie said we might have questions so dont hesitate to call. The money was in her hands and we had our dog. We were happy.  Right afterword, the same day, our little puppy would intermittently limp when trying to run. We called and left a friendly message to call us back ... no return call. We had some simple questions because we are new at this with such a small dog ... no return call. We continued to call many times ... no return call. Each time we called nobody ever  answered the phone so we could only leave a message. The messages we left were always friendly and asking if they could please call us at their earliest convenience  - NEVER called us back. We just gave up and stopped calling. In fact I do remember that the first time we called I left a message that I wanted to buy a dog ... message was very quickly returned. Now, do we love our little dog - ABSOLUTELY! Will we ever buy another dog from these  people or refer to them - ABSOLUTELY NOT. What they say and what they do just doesnt match. I just wish we would have simply checked them out before hand ... 'stuff' is out there.
Entity: Calhan, Colorado
9, Report #1051310
May 15 2013
11:24 PM TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique, Pets Are People Too notorious puppy mill Shut down by the city, Keeps moving addresses Pembroke Pines Florida
this is a puppy mill, TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique aka pretends to care for dogs but the are a puppy mill. Look around the internet... So Many Reports about this place. Buyer Beware. Do your research. I no longer see my report about so I am reposting it. Good Luck and have a great day everyone!   First of I want to say I stop by and their dogs do not look healthy or happy. I went to a few high-end petstores in Miami and this store is 'no bueno'. This all started when my friend and I stopped by for some stuff for her dog. I was also interested in getting puppy for myself and my daughter. Anyways, I did not like what I see and their prices are outrageous for some half-dead looking puppies. (sorry but it is true) They do not have happy dogs. Anyways, my friend tried to return an item because of poor quality and the staff gave us such a hard time.. We lost over $200.00 at the store. so I decided to look into TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique. People in Miami are just discussing as a whole. i found alot of negative stuff on TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique. I heard all the news about this pet stores being closed...They pretended to closed due to all the negative and bad news ... but they just re open at another location. was shut down by the authorities for running a fake adoption -buying+ selling puppy mill dogs!!! In the store the salesgirl act like we could afford their dogs.. little did we know these dogs are not from top breeders I found out on many dog blogs they are no good. They buy dogs from problem breeders and puppy mill breeders who don't care about dogs just money. Its on many many blogs online. Do not go to TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique. They suck!!.. they pretend to be high-end and posh with they have nasty and sickly dogs .. I saw many with runny noses in their store. Your best bet is to go to Shelter or Rescue I never going back there.
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
10, Report #1416253
Dec 11 2017
11:57 AM
Ultimate Teacups Cyrstal Hill Yorkies, Bertrand Mephon,Alton Pet Dilivery I sent Money via Walmart to Walmart to purchase a teacup Yorkie Named Vianny and did not receive my puppy my funds back and blocked my calls and my web page to contact him, Fairfax Virginia
I sent this guy Bertrand Mephon $580 thur Walmart to Walmart, and talked to him by phone about recieving Vianny the Puppy, This guy resides in Fairfax Va. He said that He had a coupon to send the puppy free of charge, Then the next day he said the Alton Pet Delivery, Home Delivery Air Courier Department Inc.wanted another $900 dollars for Insurance on the Puppy and I would get it back, I told Bertrand that I couldn't afford that amount, so he said he could do halfand I do half, I decided to tell him that I couldn't do it, to please refund my money , I just couldn't afford that abount.  He then contacted me the next day andI told him I checked into the Alton Pet Delivery and it stated it was a scam service.  I got mad and told him I wanted another pet delivery service to deliveryVianny , I went back on his web page Utimate Teacup Puppies, and noticed he did not put sold on the picture of Vianny, so I really got mad and told him I wasgonna get a lawyer if he didn't return my money, so he wouldn't take anymore of my calls, blocked me from his phone and also the Ultimate Teacup web site,I was searching another web site and  found Vianny on this site which is Crystal Hill  If nothing comes of getting my money back I want thesepeople off the Web to not rip off any more people, Lesson learned by me. 
Entity: Fairfax, Virginia
11, Report #1213642
Mar 05 2015
04:37 PM
Dave's Snow Plowing Service Not Performed Troy Michigan
For the second time this season, Dave's Snow Plowing did not plow when virtually every other plowing service plowed their clients drives and walks. Dave claimed the snow hadn't reachached the two inch minimum required by the contract. It had. The reputable plowing services realized it did and plowed in accordance with their contracts. Even when Dave's does plow, his company is the last to plow, usually after you've already left for work. As you can see from the numerous complaints, Dave's Snow Plowing short-changes its customers whenever possible. If you live in Troy or Rochester Hills. skip Dave's and go with an honest and ethical plowing company.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
12, Report #1254372
Sep 11 2015
03:31 PM
KIM'S LOVELY POMERANIAN PUPS JEREMIAHG21@OUTLOOK.COM They are using other peoples Puppy Pictures to sell.......well what are they selling if they don't possess the Puppy? Nationwide
These people are using other peoples Puppy Pictures and trying to sell........well who knows what? If they dont possess the Puppy........what are they trying to rip you off with? I know that the picture they are using is my White Pomeranian and I can prove it as she has a Microchip...........and I have multiple pictures of her AND I have possesion of her. WARNING! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SCAMMER!
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #983557
Dec 17 2012
08:48 PM
SnoCountry Snow Reports SnoCountry Snow Reports are FAKE. GARBAGE -no- Truth. nasuah, New Hampshire
SnoCountry Snow Reports Review SnoCountry Snow Reports are FAKE. GARBAGE -no- Truth. I just learned Snocountry Ski Reports is a paid PR firm in NH owned and operated by ski resort members. is the website name for NESAC a/k/a New England Ski Area Corp - owned by NE Ski Resort Members. SnoCountry reported: Hunter Mtn had Great Skiing top to bottom This snow report was 100% Fabricated Junk & Untrust Worthy. (didn't want to say 100% BS) On Sunday our family wanted to go skiing after reading the SnoCountry snow reports. We drove 2.5 hours, wasted $139 in gas and tolls, and purchased 4 ski tickets for another $260. Please be advised: Hunter Mtn slopes were white washed and in terrible condition! The base had less than a few inches of stuff on the trails. photos here:   sunday   monday Man Made Snow by itself is plain garbage You need a Natural Snow Base of at least 10 - 24 to make skiing super fun and enjoyable. The man made stuff is OK to cover a bare spot here and there. Did You Know? Man Made Snow is really frozen ice chunks (high pressured water). The machine groom turns ice chunks in to BIG Frozen Golf Balls Skiing on golf balls is extremely hard and painful on the body. Each turn gives you instant Thigh Burn. If you fall, expect nasty bruising & swollen black & blue marks! I'm an expert skier and a former ski patrol veteran. Skiing today, at best was both painful & grueling. My thighs are still aching! And I ate 2 bananas with breakfast. My Skies would stick often to the ice balls and without warning you come to a jolting dead stop. My skies were waxed and super sharp and I'm an expert skier. think about this Ever drive your car on an unpaved bumpy road? Every car rattle is 200% louder, and your body gets bounced around a lot. Same thing skiing on man made snow a-k-a frozen golf balls - it's a very hard on your body. My wife is an expert rider and was practically in tears. Shy said; this man made stuff was miserable hard and not fun. My professional advice is; Stay away from any ski resort until they get a least 10 to 24 of Natural Snow, yes natural! check with  before heading out. DON'T TRUST   SNOWCOUNTRY.COM  it's a SKI PR Firm Thank you, Dan If Hunter Mtn can't make good snow, neither can Ski Windham or Jiminy Peak. view 2 Hunter Photos  (sun / mon)  OMG!    sunday    monday Friends advise; Killington and Okemo conditions are pretty bad. View Killington Photo.    sunday My Advice: No Real Snow - Don't Go.... Save the $400 for a better day Your body with thank you.
Entity: nasuah, New Hampshire
14, Report #1339100
Nov 20 2016
08:13 PM
Got snow services Snow plow scam Solon ohio Ohio
 We have fallen victim to a snow plow scam apparently that has been being conducted for almost 10 years. Company never comes to plow, does not return calls. Solicits customer by mail. They have used several different business names and continue to do this every year. The company is GOT SNOW SERVICES, owner randy woolfork. 440.231.4826 7655 Richmond Road Solon, Ohio 44139 They also have a po box . PO BOX 391541 Solon Ohio multiple previous company names (The Snowplow Guys, Empire Snow Removal and Natural Science Landscaping) It appears that this guy has been scamming people for years with no one stopping him or no end in sight
Entity: Ohio
15, Report #402900
Dec 16 2013
10:22 AM
Texas Teacups / Teacup And Toy Pet Boutique Misrepresents their Size and Health Guarantees on their website Forney Texas (Dog Breeder) (Dog Breeder) Owner: Becky Bice Texas Teacups 6518 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway Dallas, TX 75240 I picked a puppy to purchase in December. They kept promising me that it was going to be shipped. After several weeks of trying to get information on when they were going to send the puppy I found out that the puppy I picked was sick and they were waiting for it to get better to send it to me. I told them I did not want the puppy and that I wanted my money back. They said they would give me only part of my money back since I had been on a waiting list and money that I had sent them to be on the waiting list had already gone to the breeder for the puppy. The other thing they could do is send me another puppy as soon as one was available. There is basically no customer service, talking to someone is nearly impossible once you give them money to be on their waiting list and more money to be on a priority waiting list. I finally got a hold of them and they finally sent me a puppy. Following is a letter that I sent to Becky regarding the puppy I purchased: Enclosed please find copies of two 24 hour emergency veterinarian bills. The puppy that you shipped to me on February 3rd arrived safely and seemed to be in good health. Unfortunately, on Monday, February 6th at 2:00 a.m. the puppy became very ill. The puppy was vomiting and was passing bloody stools. I immediately called my vet and they referred me to a 24 hour emergency pet clinic. I also called and left several messages on what I was told was your cell phone (972.898.8495) and the office phone (972.991.6477). I started leaving messages on Monday, February 6th at 2:00 a.m. and continued throughout the day and also on Tuesday. Shelly finally returned my call on Tuesday afternoon. I explained to her the following: 1. The puppy got sick on Monday, February 6th at 2:00 a.m. It was vomiting and passing bloody stools. 2. I took it to the 24 hour emergency pet clinic right away. While there the puppy had another bloody stool and fortunately the doctor was able to analyze it. He told me that he found Strangyloidas Stercorelis. He said that usually you see eggs from the parasite but that this was bad because he could see the actual worm in the stool. Fortunately he had the medication (Panacour) needed to give to the puppy. The vet said to feed the puppy rice and cottage cheese to settle the stomach. He gave her a shot to relieve the puppy from cramping to relieve herself. 3. The main thing the doctor said was that this type of parasite is usually in animals that come from Texas. He said that the puppy should have been thoroughly examined, including a fecal sample checked before being shipped out. You can call the doctor and speak to him directly at 1-323-254-7382. 4. Throughout the day I was concerned because the puppy just slept and did not want to eat much and what it did eat it would vomit. My regular vet suggested I go back to the 24 hour emergency pet clinic and have her rechecked by the same doctor. 5. I returned that evening Monday, February 6th at 6:00 p.m. to have the doctor check on the puppy again. Although it was a little bit playful it did not want to eat and slept most of the day. The doctor was afraid it might have Parvo and tested for that. It was negative. He did a blood test and her blood sugar was a little low. He gave her water and some plain chicken and rice canned dog food made especially for puppies with gastrointestinal problems. Because she did eat it he let her go home and not keep her to put an I.V. He also gave her another shot so she wouldn't be nauseas and be able to keep down her food. All this I explained to Shelly and she said that she had never heard of that parasite being linked to animals coming from Texas. She also explained to me that the puppy came with a health certificate signed by the vet. When I asked her if the exam included analysis of a fecal sample she said that it probably did if they checked the puppy out. I called the vet office on the health certificate and spoke with a lady by the name of Snookie. When I asked her what the exam for the puppy to be shipped consisted of she said it was very general and basically if the puppy looked okay they would fill out the papers needed so the airlines would accept shipping out the puppy. I specifically asked her if the exam included a fecal sample and analyzing it for parasites and she said that normally it was not done unless it was specifically asked for by you. And unfortunately this puppy was not checked for parasites. I told Shelly that I wanted to be reimbursed for my added expenses of getting a sick puppy. I was surprised when Shelly said that usually you just reimburse for medications, considering the Health Guarantee that you state in your website. After a $268.00 bill I am not going to be happy to be reimbursed for $20 worth of medication. Per Shelly, I am writing you this letter and have sent it certified mail. I am requesting reimbursement of $268.00. I spent $1800 to purchase a puppy that was guaranteed to be healthy. As you state in your website the puppies are Health Guaranteed for up to one year and I expect full reimbursement for my added expenses. I have also done some research on your company and was rather shocked to find out that the Better Business Bureau has numerous complaints regarding Texas Teacups. The complaints range from not returning calls, which I have telephone bills showing the number of calls I have made to you with no call back, complaints of no response to emails, to complaints of selling puppies that are supposed to be small and end up weighing 11 pounds. I also found that you have many DBA listings. I am hoping that I do not have to file a complaint not only with the Better Business Bureau and add to the already long list of unhappy customers but I will also file a complaint with the local Humane Society in Texas as well. After sending the letter I had to keep calling and calling. I finally received my refund for $78.00. Even though they state on their web page that the puppies are 100 % health guaranteed up to a year it is not the case. The health gurantee that they send AFTER you have the puppy says that they will only pay for medication for up to $20.00. Becky found it in her heart to pay the additional monies for the 2 shots the puppy received. I think it is wrong that after paying so much money I had to pay additional money to save the life of the puppy. I feel that it wrong for vets to just give a health certificate without getting a stool sample and checking for parasites. So Becky gets away with the costs of paying a vet for parasite medication or lab work and puts it on the new owner. Becky is an irresponsible breeder/owner. I feel helpless in that I am in another state and are not able to incurr additional costs to take her to small claims court. What makes it worse is that is now selling puppies for up to $14,000.00. (no I did not put the decimal point in the wrong place). She claims these puppies are from the bloodline of the celebrity puppies she sold to Paris Hilton, Michelle Quon, Jessica Simpson, etc. It even states that some of these celebrities have received these puppies for free. And she also has a puppy for $1 Million dollars. It is so tiny that you would have to constantly be feeding it for fear the blood sugar will drop and it will die. I am really upset about this and wish I could do more. The only thing I can do is keep telling people not to buy puppies from her. I really would like to get back the rest of my money for the vet bills and also the extra money I paid to have the puppy shipped to me as well as getting my full money back since the puppy did not stay at the 4-5 lb. weight that she Guarantees on her website. The better business bureau and Humane Society needs to put an end to her business as this company misleads consumers into purchasing puppies. I feel bad that I purchased a puppy from Becky Bice and had not idea what Puppy Mills were all about. I am now doing all I can to put complaints about this breeder to warn other consumers. Gloria Glendale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Forney, Texas
16, Report #975405
Jan 31 2013
10:05 AM
Jim Snow James Snow THEIF!!!!! Do not use Snow Plumbing Internet
Dont use Jim Snow  Snow Power Plumbing!!!!   He is a thief!!!!!   He Started work in my house after the hurricane and there is jewelry missing.   I saved it from the storm only to have it taken by the plumber????!!!   I called LBPD and they wouldnt take a report because everyone knows Snow is a thief, but he is in good with people    He wont give me my money back because he started meaning he came in and looked around. Also found out he stole supplies from other houses he is working on for his home that got hit by the hurricane Sandy  Hasnt removed one piece of  old plumbing and here is the best, I cant complain about him!!!!  Long Beach building dept tells me to go to Nassau county, they tell me he is licensed in Long Beach so basically, Im screwed.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #371000
Sep 08 2008
05:21 PM
julia cole is a scammer in all pets classified such as , yorkies, maletese and monkeys. she have rip me off for $450 for a teacup yorkies. i mate her at (((Redacted))) . please, if you come across this name, Julia Cole. dont purchase anything from her. she is 100% scammer and also a fraudster. she do changes address, city, state and zip code but uses same name as Julia cole in receiving payment through Money Gram and Western union. pls, if you come across such person, never you deal with her no mater the amount of words she says to convince you. she gat no puppies. she is just a thief. Mellisa Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: SAN DIEGO, California
18, Report #1051315
May 16 2013
05:33 AM
teacupspuppies Very Sick Puppies at TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique of South Florida specializing puppy mills Pembroke Pines Florida
Update if you go to yelp. and research Pets are people too  or any teacupspuppies  information online you will see the same complaints.Puppy mill,  sick dogs,  movers,  always changing their address.Prentending to be caring but they do not care for DOGS!This store sources their pets from puppy mills in the Midwest (ours came from a mill in Michigan that was breeding at least five different breeds of dogs as well as horses and cows). We found this out when we registered her (the AKC site lists the location and relatives of your dog). We love our dog, but she has terrible allergies and has had to be on medication almost her entire life (which is very expensive). A reputable breeder (not a puppy mill) would not have bred dogs that had allergies. It is also a really good idea to meet the parents of the dog that you are considering adopting to make sure that they are healthy and normal.Before you purchase a dog from this place, PLEASE consider adopting a dog or buying one from a local breeder.another writesthe store is beautiful. The puppies seem to be well taken care of but are however overpriced. Some gorgeous puppy clothes, collars, leashes and other accessories, all of which are pricey but not unaffordable. Now for the negative, after recently going in there with my boyfriend to look at some things for my new baby...I was approached by the owner, which apparently had been watching our every move. She told me that we needed to step into her office. ... The have adoption dogs but they are also a cover for their greedy practices.  The city went after aka Pets Are People Too aka TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique.DO NOT BUY DOGS FROM THEM.The only thing that is cool to buy is their boutique items ~ or go to national chain or safe boutique for is a really sad place!
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
19, Report #92232
May 20 2004
07:48 AM
SNOW MANAGEMENT GROUP ripoff Snow Management Group still owes my comapay $1573.00 for winter subcontracting snow removal for one of their clients. ERIE Pennsylvania
Snow Management Group hired my company by telephone in an emergency to act as their subcontractor for snow removal at one of their customers in our beaver county area. originally they owed us near $9000.00, but have since whittled the amount still owed down to $1573.00 We are now told they don't know when they can pay us the rest. Their are many subcontractors out there who have not been paid by this company. If you read this please contact me. Jim BEAVER FALLS, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: ERIE, Pennsylvania
20, Report #480099
Aug 14 2009
04:53 PM
Snow Federal Seminars Ch - FEBC Snow-Cap Agency - FEBSI - FESI - Judy Snow, Castle Rock Colorado
Snow Federal Seminars is the re-make of the Snow-Cap Agency, formerly operated by Judy Snow.  Several prevous operations included under the names of FESI or FEBSI and the ChFEBC designation. The new company Snow Federal Seminars is an apparent quick reinvention of the new enterprise now perhaps operated by Judy Snow's daughter, Heather after Snow-Cap Agency, FEBSI and other related incorporations in Colorado apparently declared bankruptcy in 2009 I am a former vendor for Judy Snow's various enterprises, and have been embarrassed by any association I've had with this company.  I have unfortunately also been a witness to the fact this company did not pay its vendors and  contracted agents (such as instructors or contracted sales staff of the seminars they produce).  Those that consider doing business witih Snow Federal Seminars ChFEBC should be advised to seriously consider the other comments on RipOffReprot regarding Snow Cap, Judy Snow, etc.  before doing business with this shady organization.    
Entity: Castle Rock, Colorado
21, Report #1006592
Jan 31 2013
08:34 AM
Snow Power Plumbing Jim Snow, James Snow Horrible work, Cheater, Lies and cheats clients. Island Park, New York
Jim Snow replaced a sink in my kitchen, and ran plastic tubing to it. He forgot to crimp one of the lines, and my wife came home to a flooded basement. We called him and he blamed her for putting things under the sink! Guess he was upset she didnt like him making moves on her. I took pictures of everything including the uncrimped ring. He fixed it and left. About a year later I met up with a former worker of his, he told me, lets just put it nicely, he has a past that sometimes becomes his present. I will be glad to tell this story to the news if they want. I feel sorry for anyone at his mercy. Sloppy work, wrong attitude, over priced and never on time except to get money. After this we started using  Angies List, he has alot of horror stories there.  This happend a few years ago to us, but recently someone put a flyer on my car when I was shopping, glad I read it. It was asking anyone who had a problem with Jim Snow to please help get him out of Long Beach. He was probally coked out when he did the sink, and hit on my wife. (The entire time telling her how he is Born Again) I hope more people come out to help. Long Beach is a very expensive place to live and we always needed to use Long Beach approved workers. 
Entity: Island Park, New York
22, Report #522537
Nov 11 2009
12:06 PM
Judith Snow, Snow-Cap Agency Inc., And Federal Employee Seminars, Inc. Judy Snow LIE LIE LIE, WANTS MONEY UPFRONT DOES NOTHING Castle Rock, Colorado
Entity: Castle Rock, Colorado
23, Report #482075
Aug 19 2009
05:02 AM
SnowCap Agency, FESI, Snow Federal Seminars, Judy Snow FESI Judy Snow/FESI owes me $3,000.00 for seminars I conducted for her Lithonia, Georgia
I am a former instruc     tor who conducted seminars for Judy Snow(CEO), Snow Cap Agency, and FESI         since 2006. I was paid in a timely manner for all seminars conducted during         2006. I was not paid in full for seminars I conducted in 2007 until July, 2008. I         conducted seminars for Snow Cap from January, 2008 through August, 2008. I            stopped conducting seminars at that time because I was still owed $5504.00 for        previous seminars. I contacted the Better Business Bureau (complaint 75075972)    and they contacted Judy Snow. Judy acknowledged that she did owe me the            money and would pay me. I started to receive checks in the amount of $100.00 to $250.00. Judy requested that I cash the checks immediately. When I did this, four (4) of the six (6) checks  I received bounced. I had to contact BBB three additional times because the checks would stop after three weeks. My last correspondence with the BBB indicated that Judy Snow will not respond to their requests and they will enter it as unresolved. I received an email from Judy stating that her companies are inactive and there is no money. I am still owed $3,000.00 by Judy Snow/FESI/Snow Cap Agency. She has not acted in good faith to pay me. I am requesting an investigation into Judy Snow and her companies and that she be directed to pay me the $3,000.00 owed to me.    
Entity: Castle Rock, Colorado
24, Report #476489
Aug 04 2009
08:01 PM
Cynthia Wallen At Beau James Pomeranian Took My Money Upfront ($2,600) And Disappar For Weeks At A Time For Months, Never Send The Puppy Shelby Ohio
My wife and I have been crazy about Pomeranian since we married 13 years ago. It is not until 2 years ago we have saved up enough money to start our own little kennel in a small ranch. We start to collect famous bloodline all over the country and we had 10 beautiful Pomeranians. Everything was great until we came across with this lady from Beau James Pomeranian from Ohio. We found her from a website called, under her descriptions, (, she claimed that she had 40 years of AKC championship experience and she specialized in breeding quality dogs. Her name is Cynthia Wallen. Her phone number is 419-522-0797 or 419-610-6084. Her address is 811 Boyce Road, Shelby, OH 44875. The date was July, 2008. When the first time I called her, she said that she has a beautiful 4 years old wolfsable female for sale as a breeding stock. She was asking $3,000 for her and she claimed that the price is high because she was a good breeder. We finally negotiate down to $2,600 included shipping and she agreed to ship her. I paid her with payapl, she kept delaying the process claiming that she cannot withdraw the money from the account, etc, etc. Finally I have to ask her to refund me the money and she asked me to send her a USPS money order. I agreed and she sent me the dog the following week. That's how I got Evenwolf. ( That was the beginning of my nightmare. First I found out she weighted 7 1/2 pounds when she was quoted medium; then I found out Cynthia DID NOT sent me the AKC paper or a contract with the dog which she promised. I called her, and she said that she has some problems between her and AKC, but rest assure that I will receive the paperwork. Then 3 months goes by, she disappeared without reply to ANYTHING!!! Then when we were lucky to find her, it was the same story again and again. After that, she was gone completely. I was left with a ok quality big female with no paperwork. Finally at February of this year (6 months goes by), she called out of the blue and said her AKC issue has resolved and I can get my AKC paperwork, but still no contract. By then, I have already stud Evenwolf twice and she just will not take. I got my AKC back in March and I called her concerning the issue about the breeding and she gave me some advices and asked me to try one more time. I did what she told me to do back in April. Nothing neither that time. I did hired professional breeder to breed her. Finally I called Cynthia back and tell her that $2600 is way too high for a 4 years old dog that can't be bred. She said she would replace her with another good quality dog. She asked me to send Evenwolf back to her and she picked a cute little female call Flirt from her stock. I accepted her offer and pay out of my pocket to ship Evenwolf back to her in Ohio. She then requested me to send her another $160 by paypal to cover the shipping cost of Flirt, which I did. She called me a few days later and said that Flirt has some teeth issue and she don't want to ship me one that is not top quality. I said okay. She then talked me into a little black male named Georgie. At that point I was so feed up with the experience with her and I just said ok and hoping to get this nightmare over with. Then she disappeared for a month AGAIN! No replying phones call or emails. Finally I sent her a nasty letter saying that I had enough of her stories and I will seek legal action. She called me back the next day. She said she has been sick and was in and out of the hospital. She said she lost the money I had send her for Georgie (guess what? paypal issue again) and asked me if I can pay for his shipping again. I have no choice but to say yes to that ridicules request. I called Delta Airline and arrange the shipping with them, pay them with my credit card and all I ask her to do is no matter what, please make sure someone carry the dog to the airport at the date of the flight. She promised me even though she's in the hospital then, she will have her sister do it for her, don't worry. She even asked me to go ahead to purchase an AKC DNA kit for the new dog since she won't release the AKC paper without the DNA test. So I did what she said. The paypal shipping was eventually refunded. That was a month ago, of course she didn't ship the dog, nor did she reply my phone calls, nor did she reply my emails. I gave her a benefit of a doubt, thinking that she might be very sick. But no, she is actively selling in Here: I accepted a male adult dog offer from her because A- I have no choice, B- I have 2 females that were coming into season. At this point, I don't even need a male adult anymore since I have purchased one from Bitsy Poms. I am out $2,600 for the dog, $225 for the second shipping, $225 for the third shipping, $35 for the DNA kit. Not to mention the 2 stud services related to Evenwolf, Vet bill, and more torturing, our time. She called me 4 days ago after I send her another nasty email, saying she has 2 beautiful female that would work. I was so glad that she called and she offered me some pictures of the pups so I can pick. She said she would send the puppy to me this Thursday. Then of course, nothing happen and no contact after that. A supposed happy purchase become a nightmare that last for a year! The $3,000 plus dollars was a result of years of saving, and dreams. My wife and I worked so hard to save up all this so we can be surrounded by these wonderful creatures. Now, because of her, because of my easy going personality, there are constant fighting between us. I can't sleep, I can't think of why she would do this to us. She seems like a good person when you talk to her but she will just take all your money and not care about how you feel! It is a shame since I would love to befriend with her since we share so much interest in common. Of course my statement is back by traceable documents. Anyone would like to know more are more than welcome to contact us by visiting our little website I am not going to give up until I got my puppy I paid for, I am contacting an attorney, and AKC, and Attorney General of Ohio's office. No matter what, I will not quit. Joypoms Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Shelby, Ohio
25, Report #864247
Apr 05 2012
08:14 AM
Scam for puppies on Horseville DogsI had contacted TONY BANKS after seeing his ad through The ad brought me to Horseville Dogs where I then emailed Tony Banks about the Pomeranian puppies he had available. I asked him Do you have female Pomeranian puppies available and if so do you have photos of the dogs? His reply was a mile long sob story. He said:  Hello thanks for email.Let me tell you about my female and male puppies Louis and Vuitton.I know you will love these puppies..They are 14weeks old now and registered and they are currently on all shots,when ever i call them up they will run up to me like a three year old kid..They have been raised in our home with lots of love and care, and they are well socialized with a wonderful temperament,they are vet checked and up to date on all shots and are very fine among kids and other pets like dogs,cats.birds etc, they will make very fine house pets.they are just too adorable.These little puppies love to run and play,they like to stop and smell flowers.They are a pleasure to have around,They are very friendly,playful and has a very good behavior and very good temperament.These puppies are eager to learn, fearless, friendly, and sociable. their high energy level may overwhelm new owners who are not prepared for it.My puppies are not prone to excessive barking, but their tendency to bark at suspicious activity makes them excellent watchdogs.They love to be cuddle, but they are not overly demanding of attention. I am giving Louis and Vuitton out for adoption because their mum was knock down by a car and i don't have much time to spend with them now.I am having a new occupation that takes much of my time,so i want to send them to any loving and caring home,that they will be spoiled rotten with love. They will bring so much love and joy to your family,you will get just the best from these puppies.They need lots of love and affection,lots of kisses and hugs,sure you will give all this to them ? Health wise their health is guarantee as they had proper veterinary check ups.worming and they took the following vitamins.3V-Caps for development of Skin and Coat,NEW Glycol-Flex Stage 1 for Development of Joints. Before you adopt Louis and Vuitton i will like to know the following from you 1-Have you been around dogs or is your first experience? 2-Are you a pet lover or simply a fan ? 3- Do you have children because these puppies has high affection for children? 4-we will like you to describe your home environment? 5-where are you located ? 6-can i have your number? I am asking all this questions simply for the well being of the bundle of beauty you are about to bring into your home. Thanks and waiting for your reply soon. --  Tony Banks I thought this was a very strange response. After seeing the Pomeranian puppies I knew this was a scam. The puppies look like the same puppies one would get from MSPUPPYCONNECTION and TINYTEACUPWORD. I have a Pomeranian already and she comes from a Champion Sire and has many Champions in her lines. No real Pomeranian looks like these ones. I decided to look to see what else Tony was selling and he was selling many different breeds of dogs all listed in different states. No real genuine breeder has dogs listed from all different states.  I emailed Tony back telling him that he was selling Puppies from a puppy mill and that he was trying to scam people. He was very pissed at this and wrote me back Do not contact if you cannot afford He didn't even give me prices but was telling me I couldn't afford his dogs. He even went so far as to use the words BROKE BITCH. I then looked up his name again and I have found many bad reviews on this person.  He uses the name TONY BANKS and emails you from DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM ARTIST! Do your research and find a real breeder!
Entity: Internet, Internet

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