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1, Report #1411446
Nov 11 2017
08:30 PM
software . uc  . com / softwa reimage Web: Unsolicited contact with no help and charges to my credit card legitimate
I never had contact with anyone from this merchant. I opened their website from a webpage listing various sites with information regarding computer screens with a yellow cast. I found the $19.95 charge on my credit card but I never authorized the charge. saint laurent cd is a fraudulent merchant and conducts scams on the internet. They did not do anything on or with my computer. They charged my credit card without authorization.I don't understand how they got my information. They are not ligitimate.  
2, Report #224958
Dec 12 2006
11:12 AM Three W Networks UC Implies multimedia content provider yet only provides links to public domain software Nassu, New Providence, Bahamas
I was lead to believe these people provided a service much like Apple Computers' iTunes store for a flat yearly rate, but instead all they do is direct you to download Limewire and other public domain software. There is a link to email these thieves, but the responses are generated by a robot. Roger Pleasant Grove, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nassu, Other
3, Report #732907
May 25 2011
07:10 AM - bad software Las Vegas, Nevada
I purchased some cameras and software to run the cameras. I called and emailed tech support over and over and still don't have the software running and refuses to give me my money back because I've been trying to get it to work for more than 30 days! The two biggest problems was never able to resolve:      Vanguard software: is a memory hog and brings my PC to it knees. To get the cameras to function I had to run it on the same PC as Active Home Pro. Now all the macros that were working in Active Home Pro no longer work because of Vanguard. According to other users on the forum they've never been able to get Vanguard to work.      MyHome software: I have a webserver running on port 80 and found out after many hours trying to get MyHome to work that it must use port 80. gives no way to configure the software to use any other port. My suggestion - don't buy MyHome if you are running a webserver on port 80. So here I am stuck with cameras and software that don't work and support won't work with me nor will the company refund my money. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
4, Report #4349
Feb 02 2001
12:00 AM wholesale software Arthur Yucebas fraud
We filed a consumer complaint with the Dept. of Agriculture and Commissioner services State of Florida. We purchased via check software that was never delivered. The owner of this company goes by the name of Arthur Yucebas. He refused to answer to the state dept. request to contest. We also filed with the Better Business Buureau of West Palm Beach. This business is a FRAUD. I suggust anyone else who has been burnt by this guy, do the same. It through services like these that the consumers can get information before money is spent.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
5, Report #881284
May 11 2012
08:37 AM Drake Software / Phil Drake / Drake Software / Phil Drake WARNING RIP OFF Internet
I purchased a tax preparation and efiling service through Drake Software / Phil Drake owned website and all I got was 39.95 deducted from my bank account and lots of headache. The site gave an unable to connect error a few times while preparing and then when I tried to submit the efile and it kept getting rejected. I called the IRS 3 times and they had me try different things and they finally said their system ('s) was probably messed up and I should submit my return through the mail. I took their advice and then contacted for a refund and explained the situation. They said they would not refund my money. They said their site clearly states no refunds in their TOS which it still doesn't at the time of writing this. I even told them it wasn't in their TOS. Still no refund. The FTC states your terms should be disclosed clearly and conspicuously in your advertising. This was not and still is not the case. I feel as if I have been entirely ripped off. When I signed up I saw ZERO mention of no refunds. This is a scam.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #430105
Mar 02 2009
07:44 PM
SOFTWAREDOCTOR.COM total ripoff Beaumont TEXAS
my god- what a total rip-off- i must have been drunk or high on crack! lol- actually, i'm a good old girl from the south, and i was only looking to find my birth certificate-i can't believe i actually paid 29.00 for nothing! so god help me, or forgive my stupidity! Naive1 nome, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Beaumont, Texas
7, Report #388716
Nov 06 2008
06:23 PM
DRI*ELEMENT5.COM Unauthorized charges to credit card Internet
I had a legitimate charge from this company just over a week ago to renew my PC Tools Spyware Doctor subscription. Then today I noticed another charge in the same amount from the same company...totally unauthorized. This company is apparently ripping people off all over the country by making unauthorized charges. I have had to cancel my credit card, and go thru the process of challenging the charge with the bank. Big PIA. I am also going to contact PC TOOLS, a legitimate company, and make sure they know what their processing company is doing! There is no phone number, no location, nothing on the most recent charge, just the company name (as described above.) Patty Pittsburg, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #383321
Oct 21 2008
10:37 AM Charged my bank acct for 29.95 Nationwide
I noticed a charge on my bank statement from this element 5 for $29.95. I went to the bank and filed a fraud charge on it so that they could stop the payment...then i came home and saw this report on the compnay. I called the 800 # and got a human. I was cautious to release any info, but after giving just my last name, he found my turns out it was a software that I had purchased 5 years ago!!! And now they decided to renew my subscription..I said NO WAY I demanded a refund back of this charge, and i was assured It would be back in my bank in 2 business days... VERY STANGE that they had my current addres and bank acct...none was the same as 5 yrs ago!!! I will await my refund and will post update... L wenona, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #366411
Aug 24 2008
06:15 PM
Found charge om my check card that I did not make. Posted as MERCHANT PURCHASE TERMINAL 469216 DRI PCTOOLS COM 800 764 5 mn 08-21-08 SEQ # 823420000620. Did search and found out this is a credit card number theft scam simulating legitimate purchase PC TOOLS billing as dri*element 5. John o Oak Creek, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1107717
Dec 17 2013
01:00 PM
Chupamobile Com Money Back Scam Florida
Chupamobile Com SCAM for creative people This is a website that claims they will refund your money on purchased digital content. In good honesty I made a purchase, it did not work and I requested a refund. They took forever to reply and finally they denied me my refund of some bogus technical lingo. The product failed to work as their website claims refunds. This business is not located in the United States but as such I am warning creative people not to buy from this place.
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #847829
Mar 02 2012
04:47 PM Hailong Hong Scam selling Microsoft Office 2010 key by Internet, Internet
I bought by internet from a Microsoft office 2010 key that was supposed to be legal and approved by Microsoft and I never received anything, I pay using Paypal and I never received anything, this is a true scam!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #1129945
Mar 11 2014
02:33 PM followers 1, SCAM!!! FRAUD!!! THEFT!!! BEWARE!!! Internet
I asked this company for one of their packages and it was never received.  I sent emails several times to wait, and never received the package after making payment.  I have disputed the item with Paypal and am hoping to get my money back.  These guys are a joke and will only take your money.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #153271
Aug 10 2005
06:49 PM
I found Software Diner at a reputable shopping comparison site. They offered the Mac OS Tiger at a reasonable price. I arrived late and when I put it in my computer, it was BLANK! After many emails and 5 days, they finally agreed to take it back and refund my money. It mailed it to them and they REFUSED delivery. Now they're not answering my emails. Barry Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
14, Report #67566
Sep 25 2003
10:22 AM
Ascentive Com Software ripoff never received the credit due to me, instead they charged me. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Last year August 2002 I purchased the promoted software from Acsentive cost $39.95 with a 30 day return policy if I was not satisfied. I tried the product but I did not give any improvement working with the computer. I called the company and was promised a credit for the amount paid. I never received this credit ($39.95). To top it off, Ascentive charged me on my credit card this August 2003 another $39.95 for something I never ordered or received. I mailed ascentive a registered letter, this letter was received and signed for at 28 Aug 2003, questioning them about this but I did not yet get any response from this company. What would you call this? Gerry lunenburg, OntarioCanada
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15, Report #1096737
Nov 04 2013
07:35 AM
UC Health UC Medical UC Hospital UC Health Charges me hundreds for no services or care Cincinnati Ohio
I visited UC hospital in November of last year. I did not feel I was sick but was forced into going. Upon getting there I sat in a room for almost 10 hours without seeing any medical attention of any kind. At this point I told the nurse on duty that I had no intention of paying or seeing anybody anymore. I was told that under the circumstances I would not be getting any bill.They then brought out a doctor, who spoke to me for literally 2 minutes, and said I was obviously fine and able to go home7 months later I get a bill. I went through a long dispute process and they kept insisting the bill was valid. 213 dollars for 2 minutes of talking to a doctor, after being told I would not be billed.I sent the dispute up to different levels of supervisors who were totally unhelpful and unreasonable. They then sent me over to collections, to screw with my credit, without any warning. I went and paid the bill right away after this, but they have now charged me hundreds in unwarranted and unrfullfilled bills, and turned me over to collections. 
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
16, Report #498743
Sep 22 2009
11:53 AM
SpyZooka .com - Blue Penquin Software - RegZooka Double Charged, Non-responsive Boca Raton, Florida
I ordered RegZooka online from Blue Penguin Software.  It is supposted to be a registry cleaner for the computer.  First off, I was double billed on my credit card.  I tried contacting them by phone and e-mail.  The phone number allowed me to leave a voice message that never was returned after several calls.  The e-mail was returned due to the mailbox being full. Second, I installed the program and don't see that it did anything they claimed.  It reported 99 conflict errors, but after running the program to correct the problems, I still have the same issues.  So not only did I waste my money on the purchase, but double the amount because they charged me twice.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
17, Report #629654
Aug 07 2010
06:24 AM
Avanquest Software V-Com Avanquest Software Complete Rip Off Artists! Internet
Avanquest Software has a great scam going.  You can only instalkl their software on 3 computers.  No problem.  But here is is new trick.  One of their products I use that caused all this is Power Desk 7.  I upgraded three one of my newer computers to Power Desk 8.  And paid for that use.  I then loaded Power Desk 7 on one of my old computers.  It came back with error messages of being installed previously.  I contacted Avanquest to assisit with this problem.  The fix was great!  Two of my other old computers that Power Desk 7 worked perfectly on suddenly had the error message, and quit functioning! Here is the real kicker.  Power Desk takes over your Control Panel.  So trying to remove it from your now CAPTIVE computer is a challenge.  All I can say is, what a great way to trat a 10+ year user of their software.  Warning, avaoid pain.  Avoid Avanquest Software, V-Com.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #409930
Jan 09 2009
Hi, About 3 weeks ago i was on google searching for a certain game, this company, A.K.A This site promised certain files and games, programs, videos. However after paying for my 3 day trial i could NOT the files it said was on this site, i have repeatibly emailed this company multiple times asking for my money back after no reply about my enquiries, and it has now been a month. I just opened my account this morning to discover (which is them) has taken 3 payments on the same day out. Two payments for $58.37, and another for $13.97. I have had to close my credit account and start a new one, I have also talked to my bank who has stated they are chasing this company in regards to credits and to get me my money back. I fully intend to take this company out. I have learnt the only way you can guarantee a internet company wont rip you off is if they have a sticker on the site that says they are approved. No matter how tempting, do NOT EVER register this company, you will not hear from them, get any money, or the downloads you want. Most of them are failed links are are nothing but multiple files uploaded to other sites they have obtained the link for. Rorted Wagga WaggaAustralia
Entity: Internet
19, Report #427361
Feb 23 2009
07:48 AM
DRI*ELEMENT5.COM - PC Tools Auto Renewal Scam Internet
I fell victim to an Auto Renewal Program for PC Tools Spyware Doctor. I did not ask to be auto renewed. And I have no idea why a third party company is taking ther money from my account for this. I checked thru my emails and there was nothing stating I would recieve this charge. I have called my bank and notified them of this situation and asked to have the payment blocked as it was pre-authorized. 02/25/2009 0926 DDA PREAUTH 02/22 DRI*ELEMENT5.COM ELEMENT5.INFOMNUS DRI*ELEME 39.95 The auto renewal of software is a dangerous thing that needs controlled. wether a magazine, software, or news paper money cannot be taken from our accounts without our approval. Companies have been doing this for way too long and its a negative practice. I had to borrow money to get my account positive only to have this rediculous attack on my finances reduce my to once again overdraft. This is a deal breaker for me. I will never buy another internet based software program again. Thanks PC TOOLS for letting me trust you with my computer security when it was my Bank Account that was truely in jepordy. No more recomendations for you. Mack Pgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #626346
Jul 24 2010
07:41 AM
Game Wizard .com game copy wizard basic package Internet
Eight months ago (Jan 2010) I purchased the gamecopy wizard product and I am unable to get the DVD decrypter to work (after spending several hours on it). I sent a message to your Tech support for help but received no answer. Therefore, I would like my money refunded in the amount of $32.43 (see payment details below) since I am unable to back up my WII game files as promised with your product. I have received no answer and no refund after numerous requests.
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #829056
Jan 26 2012
11:52 AM
tek micro com Don't waste your time dealing with this seller! Internet
Bought 2 copies of Windows XP on December 24 th, 2011. Have been trying for the last several weeks to get a tracking number & shipping date! Good luck with that, all this Company is good for is broken promises! There standard reply is: Give us 24-48 hrs & we will look into it & contact you!  After 30 days of this baloney & several phone & email contacts, I give up. Have filed with Visa for a refund!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #341789
Jun 18 2008
06:43 PM
billinternet .com ripped me off big time took my money the didnt deliver the goods Internet
Pop ups came on screen telling me i had critical virus and that there product would clear them ,i took the chance and dam if my computer crashed ,they took $131 from my account which im not happy about . Rhonda gold coastAustralia
Entity: Internet
23, Report #339869
Jun 13 2008
05:26 AM
DRI*ELEMENT5.COM Unauthorized debit charges Internet
My Visa was charged 2 debits on 6/15/08 for 29.95 each from this company, had to cancel the card. I do not remember ever using this company. Hamster726 Nine Mile Falls, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1050056
May 10 2013
11:25 PM
olykit,com EA Software doesn't work : They don't honor 30-day money back guarantee!!! Internet
 I purchased an expert advisor robot software from a company called They are a company that sells forex trading software. I found out about this company thru the website This website gave their EA high ratings, so I clicked on the tab to see all the products that are selling. I purchased their product called EAKAIN Scalper Pro v1.06 for $214.95 with my credit card.They stated in their advertisement a 30 day money back guarantee if  you were not pleased with the results of the software. Well after two weeks I wasn't pleased with the software and contacted them at, you have to go to the website and hit the contact us tab on their products page to get a response. They sent me a e-mail claiming thaat maybe my settings were wrong or whatkind of broker I'm with. I sent them two other e-mails telling them my settings were correct and that their product does not work. Their EA product misses trades and when it does trade the trades result in a loss. They sent me an e-mail apologizing, and said that they would refund my money by May 5, 2013. Well it's May the 10th and no refund has been given to me. I've sent them two more e-mails sinceasking for my refund on the 30 day money back guarantee, and I have gotten no response e-mail from them. I highly recommend not to buy any of their forex products because they don't work as advertised, and they don't honor they 30-day money back guarantee that they advertise on their website. The name of this crooked company is Take heed to this warning. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #507699
Oct 11 2009
01:10 PM
Dot Com Builder selling other peoples software and passing it as their own, no support provided for turnkey websites, Internet
I signed up for an account at were looking for a particular type of script for a certain type of turnkey website.So I signed up and tried to install the software on my server.When it didn't work I submitted a support ticket.3 days later, someone finally got back to me saying that the error was with my hosting.So I verified it and of course it was not on my end.They then said that it was not their issue that the installer was working right that I was doing something wrong in the process.I double checked and of course I was not making a mistake, I literally followed their instructions to a T.The next tech ticket I submitted they said that there was a new version of the software coming out by the end of the week.2 weeks later it still was not released, so I submitted yet another ticket.  This was now my 3rd support ticket in 3 weeks.They responded that the new version was now uploaded so I installed it on my server.What they actually did was just create a skin for a free version of the software and they listed all the features from the old version on the new version.The problem with that is that the features don't come with the new version so now I paid for something I can't use.I submitted yet another support ticket and the answer was: Please contact the creator of that software.So they sold me a bill of goods.Now look, it was only $29 bucks so I didn't expect much, but boy this was way lower of a customer service resolution than I expected.I own over 300 websites, I have over 200 customers that I could have used this with and dotcombuilder would have had me for a long time as a client, but I guess it was not meant to be.So beware of the dotcombuilder ripoff scam that they are running by selling skins instead of actual software for turnkey websites.
Entity: , Internet

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