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1, Report #1272255
Jul 16 2016
10:43 PM
Sono Bello Sono Bello Clinic stole our money Houston Texas
Sono Bello Clinic of Houston Texas stole our money .  My wife choose this clinic for a laser liposuction procedure. The doctor quit the day before the procedure , for unknown reasons.  The clinic NOW refuses to refund our money , which is over $8000.00  . The office manager I keep speaking to, Judy, at their Houston Texas office is refusing to refund our money , even though NOTHING WAS EVER DONE. 
Entity: Houston, Texas
2, Report #1025671
Mar 08 2013
01:22 PM
Sono Bello Bait and Switch , Internet
On January 24, 2013, I visited Sonobello for a consultation concerning Lipo procedure for my lower stomach. The consultant was a petite young woman. She told me the lower stomach area was not sufficient to meet my needs. I would have to have the upper stomach, and my sides done as well. Upon my hesitation, she stood up and said she had the same procedures done and she looked great. I agreed to the procedures and signed a contract that day. The contract was for $5000. Upon returning home, I reflected upon what occurred and realized I had been conned by Sonobello. I made several telephone calls to cancel the procedure, but I was unable to reach anyone. I sent 3 emails attempting to cancel the procedure. All of the emails were returned as undeliverable. I repeatedly telephoned Sonobello leaving voice messages for Dana, the manager. She never returned my calls. I decided to try a different approach and I called Sonobello with a different telephone.  Surprisingly, Dana answered the phone and she told me she had called corporate and got approval to credit my cards for all of the charges except for $950. She said the fee was charged as a result of  canceling the contract as stated in the contract I had signed. I told her I had attempted to cancel that same day as well within 24 hours. She said she was sorry but her hands were tied. A contract is a contract.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #1119558
Jan 30 2014
12:37 PM
Sono Bello Liars Sandy Utah
When I arrived at Sono Bello, the staff was very friendly (as they were throughout the entire procedure and afterward).  The person who met with me said that the scars from the procedure were very small and looked like little moles and proceeded to show me.  She also stated that she had the procedure done.  I had many questions because I didn't want to pay thousands of dollars for something that wouldn't work.  I had heard from others that losing weight so drastically makes your body rebound and go into survival mode and thus retain weight.  They told me that with their procedure, this would not happen and that their methods would make it so you could even eat junk food and still be ok. Excited, I signed up.   They told me that because of my skin elasticity and weight that I was the perfect candidate.  The fact that they only took my weight once, never measured me, and only took pictures should have tipped me off that this wasn't a good deal.  But it never bothered me.   I trusted them. After the procedure, I continued to live the healthy lifestyle that I had always maintained: No sugar and lots of exercising.  My thought was that even though they told me I could eat sweets, that if I didn't, I would maximize my results. My results lasted for about 4 days after the procedure.  I did everything I was supposed to, and I gained 20 pounds in less than a month.  I am now the largest I have ever been and for the first time in my life, I am considered overweight and at risk for hypertension because of my BMI.  Although I have alwasy been a quick healer, I still have large scars 2 years later.  In addition, I have a large crease in the middle of my stomach from the recovery process.  In short, I look worse than I did to begin with. Sono Bello is the worst investment anyone could ever make.  Do not do it! I regret everyday that I made the decision to do their liposuction. They may be super nice people, but what they're selling is not worth the thousands of dollars that are wasted.  Everytime I hear their commercial, I am filled with regret and anger because of what their process has done to my body.
Entity: Sandy, Utah
4, Report #1054530
May 28 2013
07:32 PM
Sono Bello Half job done Austin Texas
 Please read this before going to Sono Bella. This is not good. I am 41 year old male.  I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. I had gained some weight. In 2012 I went to Sono Bella to get a kick start to the body I had several years ago. I met with Bailey. Great lady. She told me that if I could pinch it, they could suck it out. I wanted to get rid of the fat on my chest. She also talked me into getting my upper and lower abs also. I had a low BMI I met with Dr Pittman- Waller. She reassured me that she would get rid of my boobies, fat on my lower and upper abs. 1st procedure Sept. 2012. The nurses and Dr Pittman were great. After the procedure Dr. Pittman called to see how I was. My swelling was not even and it looked like I had more fat on my left side of my abs, right side of my chest was large and the shelf below my belly button was still there. I did look a little flatter. I was confused because it seem like I still had considerable fat on my chest and abs left. No one said it looked right. 1st check up. Dr Pittman said it looked great. My right side of my chest was larger and Knots were forming. I showed her a big fat lump on my left ab area . Right side of rounded left side fatty squared. And my shelf on my lower abs was still there. She said it was all swelling and it would go away. She told me I needed to rub those areas and they would go away. Month check up. Everyone says it looks awful. I am embarrassed. I wore my support garments 20 hours out of the day. By Dec. my right side of my chest was much larger than my left. Peers  at work would stop me to see what was wrong with my chest. I had formed long horizontal dense tissue in my right side of my chest. I met with my regular doctor, Dr Geyer. He also said that it was an awful job and sent me to ARA for a sonogram and Xrays. It showed horizontal lines of dense tissue. The affects of surgery. I went back to Pitman Because I trusted her and asked what I should do. I asked her if I should go to another surgeon? She said she would take care of it. In Jan.  she made an incision under my right areola and cut out lines of dense tissue.(Yes, she cut them out)  Now, the areola on my right side is permanently stretched because of the scar on the base of it is much lower than my left side because of less fat in my lower chest. It dimples when I lift my arm. I have scar tissue now.  I look more deformed. At my 6th months I look nothing like the pics on their site and no one beside Sono Bella says it looks good.  I made an appointment with Dr, Pittman she said she would meet with me. When I got there they told me she wouldn't meet with me. I could hear her in the next room. I met with a Dr Lauren Crawford. She was rude and short with me from the start. I showed her the clump of fat on my left ab, my shelf below my belly button, one flabby breast and the other one with a larger areola and lower. She said that they only can take 70% of the fat. I asked why they don't have that on the web. She could answer that. I asked why then did Bailey say that if I could pinch it ya'll could suck it out and why did Dr Pittman agree? She could not answer that. She told me I don't know what a flat stomach or a flat chest looks like and then I showed her pictures of me.  Stumped her again. I even offered to walk over to Central Market with her and have people Say if you did a get good job or not. She said, NO She got mad. While a nurse was in the room she told me I come in all the time and sexually harass the nurses with my derogatory remarks and that she had gotten many complaints about me. (I'm gay. If she actually spoke to Dr Pittman or Bailey or the other nurses, she would know this) I told her this has ended and that I was going to get a second opinion From a Dr. Cameron in Westlake. Pissed, she said, fine, I will redo your procedure, Picked up my file and left. The nurse asked me if I wanted to schedule another appointment. I said, she just accused me of sexually harassing the nurses and now that I am going to get a second opinion she is going to redo the procedure?  I did not. I met with Dr Cameron and he said it was a bad procedure. It would cost me over $6000 to redo what Sono bella has messed up. He does not recommend going in my right side of my chest for a 3rd time. I am permanently damaged. I will not be able to take my shirt off again. So If you would like to meet in a public place,  I will give you a disc of all the pictures that sono bella took of me( a very nice nurse gave them to me). You will see that I have done my part to lose weight. The pics will show my sides and back are smaller. You will also get a copy my second opinion dated this May 2013 from Doctor Cameron and copies of my xrays with all my paper work. And I will show you in person what they have done.Sam Austin, Texas
Entity: Austin, Internet
5, Report #1127081
Feb 27 2014
03:59 PM
SONO BELLO How about ten grand down the drain Sandy Utah
I had sono bello laser lipo done on my back bra roll, arms, hips, lower & upper belly, and side flanks split over two surgeries a couple weeks apart. I am 4 months post operation. Aside from a slight difference on my back bra roll, I look the exact same and weight the exact same. No change in the way my clothes fit ever occured. They made me pay more because I had a higher BMI. The second surgery was far more torturous than the first. The nurse told me that being four months along, my results are pretty well as good as they will get. They told me the doctor took 9 lbs of pure fat from my body, so weighting the exact same amount now I have technically gained weight. They stated this is the reason I cannot see any results.I was lied to. My consultant said my problem areas would be permanently gone. She stated if I ever did gain weight, it would be uneven because I would not gain it in the areas I have had the procedure.Before the surgery, the doctor stated it was hard to describe exactly what i will look like. He stated I should find a picture of someone who looked similar to be on the before and after pictures on his website and that was how my results would look.Now, when at the 6 mo check up, if I am still unhappy, I have to pay half price to have them all redone again. More money, more torture, more recovery.... and will I even see results then? I wish I had voice recorded the promises made to me by the consultant and the doctor. Ten grand later, I am unhappy. Along the way, they were so nice to be. They really specifically told me that my body would be transformed and that the excess fat on my belly wouldn't have any volume to it. As you can see from the pictures, all that pain and money was for nothing. 
Entity: Sandy, Utah
6, Report #1234748
Jun 10 2015
10:35 AM
Sono Bello Fake Promises, Terrible customer service, Rip off, No results Bellevue Washington
I had made an appointment with Bethany (The practice manager or whatever) to see if I could get a lipo suction done. She was one of the perfect sales person, who has no medical training and frankly lied to me on many points, I fell prey obviously. She marked a number of places and gave me a quote of 13000$ (Trust me no wr close to what they advertise). Until she got me paid for she had all Fake Promises! The procedures went fine (according to them) and then i had my follow ups. I had kept complaining on all my follow ups until the 6 month follow up that I have not lost an inch or lb, and i am bloated and disfigured than i was earlier. they didnt care and said everything was normal. I received a Survey that i chose to take, I usually avoid surveys. I did take the survey and gave the nastiest possible ratings and asked them to follow up with me. Which obviously they never did. Later when I went in for the 6 month follow up, they checked my weight and said i was over by 20 lbs and that i cant meet the doc unless i loose the weight (the whole point of getting a lipo done was to get rid of the fat, which didnt happen, Thanks to their lies and half baked promises) Then I finally get to meet PAM, Who happens to be a new person to their team, who had reviewed my survey and seemed to offer some help, and gave me details of the WA area supervisor or whatever (Stephanie - another ridiculous team member, who has 0 value for people's time & money) Pam asked me to reach out to Stephanie and that she will be able to help. I called stephanie and told her the whole story. She said she has no clue about the case and that she will return back my call in few days after studying the case. 30 days after the initial call I still have no word from her. I have reached her number, left vm's, reached PAM and asked her to escalate. I get fake promises that they will call me on Saturday, they will call me in 10 mins, 2 mins, Several 2 mins have passed, several saturdays have passed no response. To add more spice to the situation, All I had asked them was to provide my entire case files and they asked me to fill in a form and that they will call me asap and let me know when i could pick up the same, Then i called in 20 days after the form was filled, I hear that they should have it to me in 30 days from the day the form was filled. 40 days till now, I still see no calls from them or reports. I have tried my best to reach all people and follow up..  I feel cheated and wasted. 10k may seem too small to them, but to people who actually work hard to earn it, its a lot. These people dont deserve to loot it from innocents and play around with it..  SONO BELLO BELLEVUE TEAM IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF!!! STAY AWAY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!  
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
7, Report #1415603
Dec 07 2017
01:09 PM
Sono Bello Orlando & Cincinnati Unsatisfactory Results Orlando Florida
I had a Trisculpt procedure done on my abdomen on August 2015 in the Orlando, FL office by Dr. Siemian . I spent over $7k with this and 10 Venus Freeze/Legacy Treatments which were both recommended by Chelsey Bishop. It has now been over 2 years and I told them from the beginning that I was not happy with my results. While my abdomen looks better I know I should look way better than it does especially for $7k. They kept telling me that they took out all the fat that is allowed by law which I don't believe. I believe the surgeon did not want to look bad and admit he did not take enough out so he lies to cover himself. Keep in mind I am 5' 6 tall and only weight 155lbs. Furthermore, I went to the Sono Bello office in Cincinnati, Ohio to finish 8 of my Venus treatments. Unfortunately, I was not seeing results on my abdomen, at all, after 8-10 visits. I was then told by office manager, Sherry Jones, that these treatments did not work well on the abdomen and should be used on areas like the face where it helps with collagen production. Keep in mind this procedure came highly recommended by Chelsey Bishop in Orlando and cost me over $2, 000. Why would you allow me to have 8-10 treatments before telling me this? To further add to my disappointment I had to drive 2.5 hours 1 way to get to this office. After making a compIaint, I was given 5 extra treatments which I decided to use on my face. No one explained to me that the heat from this device could cause broken blood vessels on my cheeks. Afterwards, they tried to act like they told me and then acted as if this was a preexisting condition which really upset me. Also, when dealing with Sherry on making a complaint against my previous TriSculpt procedure I was so UPSET at how poorly she treated me. She was EXTREMELY rude, impatient and gave a lot of attitude. I can not believe she is an employee here much less a manager. VERY DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE HERE AND WITH SONO BELLO IN GENERAL!! WISHED I COULD GET MY $7K BACK AND GO ELSEWHERE!!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
8, Report #1153697
Jun 10 2014
04:15 PM
Sono Bello Body Contour Center Pressured my wife to sign up then billed $500 for nothing! Overland Park Kansas
My wife went for a free consultation, she weighs 150lbs and was led to sign up for $6000 worth of lipo! She came home and told me and I was totally shocked this company would recommend surgery to someone her size. I told my wife she didn't need a surgery procedure, and she canceled in less than 24 hours. They still charged her $500 as non refundable when no treatment or procedure was ever done! My suggestion is think twice before signing ANYTHING with this company, they were no longer friendly when she didn't want the treatment and they avoided her calls. My opinion is a reputable company would not do this.  Read the reviews for this company, PRESSURE TO SIGN NOW and if you change your mind you pay the price! 
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
9, Report #963990
Nov 02 2012
06:52 PM
Sono Bello in Atlanta, GEORGIA Deceptive, Unprofessional, Poor Patient Care, Ignores Patient Requests, Gross Negligence, Disrespectful and Disorganized Front Office Staff Atlanta, Georgia
 I am completely disappointed and still in shock at the lack of patient care at Sono Bello-Atlanta. After my lipo procedure, I had an incision that would not heal after numerous weeks. I went back multiple times to have them check as I was afraid it was infected since the skin had not closed and I had about a 1.5 inch gash in my skin. Every visit I had with a nurse (not a doctor) they kept saying its fine, just give it another week. Flash forward 3 months to my 3 month post-op appointment (which was only with a nurse NOT with my surgery doctor). The nurse sees that the gash is still there and hasnt healed and THEN decided it was worth a doctors visit. A different doctor comes in and takes one look, saying that I need to have the wound excised by my surgery doctor as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage and disfigurement to the area. The nurse explained to me what an excision meant and I immediately told her that I would not be able to handle that type of procedure without something to relax because of my intense fear of needles. She responded, that it was no big deal and that I shouldnt need anythingcompletely ignoring what I had just told her. The night before the excision procedure I was called by a front desk person to confirm my appointment time which was an hour past what I had been told the day before. After I told her I had already made arrangements and that I needed it to be the original scheduled time she, responded I had no choice and that the appointment could not be rescheduled under any circumstances. I immediately asked to speak to the practice manager and was told the practice manager would have to call me back. Thirty minutes later, I get a call back from the nurse not the practice manager who told me, I understand that you had some questions about  your appointment . After the nurse again told me that I wouldnt need anything for surgical procedure I got off the phone since nothing was going to be resolved. I then called back and asked to speak to the practice manager (once again) who assured me that they would take care of me the following day during my procedure and speak to the doctor about my fear and anxiety surrounding the procedure and not to worry.  The next day, I arrived with my driver to my appointment and I get handed 10 + pieces of paper to sign for a procedure that was no big deal and didnt require any type of pain medication.  I filled it out and then got called back to a room where my surgery doctor and his nurse were waiting ready to just start the procedure. I was in shock since I had already spoken to the practice manager about my concerns regarding pain and anxiety with needles and the doctor hadnt even been spoken to.  The doctor began to inject lidocaine and I immediately started shaking and crying from the pain (as I had no medication given to me to help). The doctor keep trying to get the needle in and then said it was the wrong gauge and he needed a different gauge after around 4-5 injections. After the nurse got him the correct gauge needle he continued to inject me as I was vocal about my pain and continued to cry. The doctor immediately left the room to go see other patients. At this point I was so upset that I felt like my body was in complete shock and could not move. While I was still on the table a different nurse comes in and asks why I am crying (first person to actually seem like she cared about my pain)so I tell her why and she gets the practice manager. The practice manager said she would talk to my doctor about giving me something for the pain before they started the actual excision portion of the procedure. She left the room and came back and said a different nurse would be back to give me something for the pain before my doctor began the excision. I waited for 20 minutes (no nurse came in) and then my surgery doctor came back in and just began the procedure without any concern. I was so in shock and felt so violated that I couldnt even speak when the doctor asked me questions. Its hard to form words when you can feel someone sewing your skin together. In the middle of the excision one of the nurses finally returned with pain medication that was supposed to be given to me prior to my procedure.  What happened to me is completely wrong and is an example of extremely poor patient care.  I hope no one has to experience what I went through. I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone. Results do not matter if patient care is non-existent. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
10, Report #1316183
Jul 11 2016
09:12 AM
Sono Bello, Beverly Hills High pressure,Bad, bad results did notthing about my complaint Beverly Hills California
I guess I should start with the fact that now I am the product of two bad procedures. A reduction years ago and now this. I am so dissappointed at the results of the procedures I had. First, I didn't meet the doctor until after I had signed the paperwork, The woman in the front office was so positive and had me convinced that my problem was to remove the fat and that my skin would tighten up. I am not 25 years old and had a lot of loose skin from loosing a lot of weight. The Doctor said, that basically I wouldn;t be  perfect, but I didn't have any unrealistic expectations. I admit it did remove some of the wrinkles under the skin, but I don't feel any better about how I look in clothes or how I feel. I didn't expect miracles, but I expected better. I told them immediately and constantly how unhapy I was and in the end after they did all thos BS skin sucking treatments for 6 weeks, there was no difference. The Plastice surgeon said when I get back from vacation I will contact you and we can talk about what needs to be done to fix this. So I'm already out 16000.00 for the laser lip. - Now to fix things it will cost me another 14000.00 to fix this with plastic surgury. I have lumps where I had none before. I still have a large amount of loose skin that hangs off of my tummy.I have now consulted with 3 other plastic surgeons and am seeing a counselor to see if it is just in my head. Which It isn't.  I think that they need to be honest with people who walk in and suggest that perhaps they should see a regular plastic surgeon first instead of having some idiot in the office who is not a doctor push a bill of goods on people searching for some help to make them look better. If I had had the suregery that is being recomended now I wouldn't have needed to waste the money that I did.    
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
11, Report #1240454
Jul 08 2015
07:51 AM
sono Bello overland park ks Overcharged and didn't provide body contouring Overland Park Kansas
 Didn't explain charges was over charged. Women doctor arms got tired so she stopped the procedure. Didn't do laser liposuction because another doctor needed the machine. Never did body contouring part that suppose to tighten skin. Pain was unbearable and she wouldn't add numbing medicine. Never seen doctor after surgery.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
12, Report #1242569
Jul 17 2015
02:45 PM
Sono Bello High pressure sales insisted on $1,000 deposit. appt cancelled as physician would not approve it, they kept my $$$ Sandy Utah
6/12/15 I contacted Sono Bello and got an appointment for consultation to see if I was a candidate for Laser Lipo. 6/22/15 I arrived at appt for consulttion. I was sold on the proceedure. the only risk discussed was sagging skin, lumps and bump. I was asked to sign a contract and pay $1000.00 non -refunable deposit right then. After I did that, they scheduled appt with their surgeon. 6/26/15 they emailed pre proceedure instructions and I did everything I was supposed to do to prepare, buying supplies, and scheduling time off work, etc. 6/29/15 Monday, appt with suregon. He said I was a good candidate, generally repeated what the consultant said. I felt good about having the proceedure and was excited to get it started. They gave me prescriptions to fill and meds to take the day prior to the proceedure. Dr. decided he would like to have a medical release from my family physician and their office faxed one to my doctor and both the office staff and I phoned to let my doctor know it was coming.  Proceedure was scheduled for Friday, July 3rd. 6//15: Sono Bello called and said they had not received the medical release from my doctor. I called my doctor and could only leave a message. This was repeated on June 30th, July 1st.  In the moning of the July 2nd I called my doctor again and got her assistant on the phone. The assistant said they had never received the medical release. I called Sono Bello and gave them my doctor's accurate fax number and they faxed the release again.  Sono Bello called me later that evening as I was pullling into my pharmacy's parking lot to fill the prescriptons I was supposed to have for the morning. They told me my physician said she would not sign the medical release until she has seen me as it has been to long since my last visit with her. They had to cancel my appointment for the next day.  My doctor's office has yet to contact me about any of this. 7/10/15 I emailed Sono Bello having learned of additional risks they never mentioned; the fat removed stays gone, but if you gain weight again, it can go around your heart and organs is is a greater health risk than my current weight problem. I really wanted to do this proceedure and would have gone through with it. I save up money for over a year to afford it! I did not cancel the appointment, they did. Since that time, I have become aware of the greater risk to my health. So, I think they need to cancel my contract and return my money. High pressure sales, not disclosing all the health risks, this is no way to do business. I have received NO response from Sono Bello to date. It is 7/17/15. I would like this place investigated and the public to be aware of this scam and risk and how they rip people off. Can you help? I paid the deposit of $1,000.00 with my Visa credit card in person at their office.          
Entity: Sandy, Utah
13, Report #541534
Aug 04 2010
07:40 PM
Scottsdale Liposuction Sono Bello Scottsdale Liposuction Sono Bello Totally Butchered my Body Scottsdale, Arizona
Sonobello Scottsdale I cannot tell you enough unprofessional and scary things about this clinic!  I had a lipo procedure there over 5 months ago and they totally butchered my body.  When I came for my initial consult I was met and evaluated ONLY by some woman with no medical credentials whatsoever.  I asked when I would meet a doctor and she informed me on the morning of my surgery.  I realize I am stupid to go through it at that point but please hear me out.  I then asked who the doctor performing my procedure is and she informed me ..BUT on the day of surgery it was someone totally different!  It turns out this doctor wasnt even from here but just flies around to their different clinics stamping out these procedures like an assembly line. I was horrified.   After doing some research my investigator has learned this clinic Sonobello was the brainchild of a physician  who wanted to create these stripmall clinics all over the USA with rotating docs!  Scary! Stay away from them. They are dangerous! Sincerely, Should  have been smarter
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
14, Report #617343
Aug 18 2010
06:54 PM
Sono Bello Sono Bello Body Contour Centers DISFIGURED MY BODY /unqualified doctors/false advertsing /deceptive & unethical business practices Scottsdale, Arizona
Sono Bello disfigured my body in May of 2009! I have uneven, hard, lumpy results all over my abdomen, lower back(flanks) and thighs. In addition I also now have a second belly-button hole where the lipo tube was inserted, and constant excruciating abdominal pain that I believe is permanent nerve damage.  They advertise that it is almost a pain-free procedure with little downtime & you should be able to resume normal activities in a few days.  However, my insertion wounds bled profusely for several days staining my vehicle, carpet, tile, furniture, and clothing. I suffered severe edema as a post-op complication.  My hands & feet swelled to about 5 times normal size.  I couldn't sit, stand, walk or wear clothes.  I had to stand over the toilet because of the pain and sensitivity in my thighs and abdomen.  Because of these issues, I was out of work on disability for a month! Their Barbie Doll look-a-like sales-person wanted my business so bad she failed to disclose the real credit terms.  My financing through Care Credit started out at 12% (but she neglected to mention for only 90 days), then jumped to 16.9%, and ultimately went to 29%.  I have been paying on this account for a year and still owe as much as the original amount financed even though I have already paid $2200. The Velashape cellulite removal that they perform and advertise as feeling like a mini-massage is horrible painful as these rollers pinch your skin & a laser supposedly zaps the cellulite.  My thighs look worse than before the surgery and are I contacted Sono Bello & provided a detailed account of my concerns along with photos depicting the disfiguring results. Their Scottsdale manager offered to have me come in so they could evaluate me & offer corrective procedures. I declined to be seen by Sono Bello doctors because they are not Board Certified plastic surgeons, just licensed physicians with varying specialties who found a way to make a quick buck (the average body-sculpting procedure costs $5000 and Sono Bello schedules 3-4 procedures per day /6 days a week). Based on my experience, I feel that it is very fair to ask for a full refund for everything I have already paid in addition to the remaining Care Credit balance and a reasonable offer for my permanent bodily injuries to avoid a nasty legal battle.    Their regional manager contacted me today to advise Sono Bello will not negotiate any type of settlement with me. She advised I can sign a waiver to request a refund of the original amount financed and nothing more, or file a lawsuit. I have already filed a formal complaint with the Arizona Better Business Bureau, and will contact the Arizona Attorney General, and all media outlets in the Phoenix area!
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
15, Report #560535
Aug 04 2010
07:31 PM
Sono Bello Unprofessional Consultation/Evaluation Beverly Hills, California
I went to a consultation for liposuction at Sono Bello a couple months ago, in November of 2009.  First of all, I pre-called to find about where to park and ask some preliminary questions, but could only be directed through the national 800 number.  The operator at that number didn't know parking info for the Beverly Hills location, so had to give me yet another local number to call to find out the specific parking info.  And...they don't validate. The receptionist in the front was very pleasant.  I filled out extensive paperwork and was brought back to the consultant, Sue's, office after a short wait.  I told Sue my areas of concern, primarily abdomen and upper arms.  She had me pull up my dress right there in her office, I was not even given a gown or put in an exam room.  By the way, the consultants office window front faces Wilshire Blvd, which is so busy, with only a thin screen to shade you from the street's view. Sue, although not a medical person, conducted my initial consultation, and was recommending liposuction to countless areas, despite my expressing I wasn't interested in those areas.  After spending about 15 minutes with Sue, the surgeon came in and did the same - examined me with my dress held up right there in the consultant's office.  I asked if I was guaranteed the surgeon who examined me would be the same one who conducted my liposuction and I was told no. After the surgeon examined me, he didn't think I needed as many areas of liposuction as Sue had and told her right in front of me.  However, when she was writing up my pricing at the end, after the surgeon had exited her office, she said she was just going to include all the areas that SHE had originally recommended, despite the surgeons recommendation.  Of course, to try to make a dollar even though it wouldn't be in my best interest or medically necessary for me! I ended up with a quote for $17,000 of surgery, despite my 5'3, 115 lb. frame.  (Just so you know, after a consultation at a neighboring Beverly Hills surgeon's office, my surgical quote was only $6500...and they validated!) Sue was extremely pushy during the consultation and called me the same afternoon of my consultation to further pressure me to book a surgery, despite the fact I told her I was in the shopping phase and planned to see other surgeons in the next few weeks.  I felt like I was being given the hard-sell. Luckily, in the meantime, I did more Internet research and found how there was a death at Sono Bello during a tumescent lipo procedure in the past couple years so I knew to stay far away.  Here's my take - unprofessional establishment with a shady reputation.  Very impersonal and inappropriate for a medically untrained SALESPERSON to be conducting any party of a medical consultation.  I also don't like the fact that you do not necessarily get to meet the surgeon who would be doing your individual surgery. I would not return here and would definitely not recommend it to anyone considering liposuction.      
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
16, Report #460501
Dec 11 2009
08:52 AM
Sono Bello Will remove fat cells for good at ZERO percent interest on our credit card Bellevue Washington
Last year, my husband and I went into Sono Bello to get fatty cells removed from our stomachs. The surgery was quick and easy, not painless like they claimed but quick and easy. We had 5 days of healing when they told us it would be only 1-3. Then the day before the surgery we asked if they offered a credit card because we didnt have 10,000 right now but really wanted the surgery. The lady at the office that helped us told us that they did have a credit card called Care Credit we were approved for the amount we needed for the surgery and that it would be zero percent interest. She told us nothing more. Once the application was completed and we were approved she needed us to sign for the zero percent intrest credit card, or at least that is what she said. With that being said and done, we had the surgery the next day. Shortly after that we recieved the first bill from care credit. We paid it, not thinking anything of it. Soon realized that we were being charged an interest rate even though sono bello told us that it would be zero percent. We called care cedit and they said that the doctors office had to offer a refund for the interest rate that they charged us when they shouldnt have. After months of trying to get someone to call us back from sono bello about fixing this problem, we called again today and finally got through. The lady said that we signed for 11.99% not zero. I said I understand that you are telling me we signed for that but you told us it was zero percent, we trusted you and didnt think to make sure. Sono Bello employees repeatedly told us that we were at zero percent and that we were going to look great. We would lose a ton of fat cells that would never come back and that everything was going to be great. Now, six months down the road, neither of us have kept off any of that weight, and no, its not from over eating, like the rude lady on the phone at sono bello told us, we are on weight watchers, it is just that WE NEVER ACTUALLY LOST THE WEIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE LIKE THEY CLAIMED WE WOULD. Sono Bello is a rip off. They claim to do magic. Yes, magic if you starve yourselfs. And they claim to offer no interest rate payments. They dont do either, instead they have cost me over 12,000 which did me NOTHING. They are a complete rip off and wont do anything to help fix the problem. Stephanie Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
17, Report #1412932
Nov 21 2017
03:47 PM
Sono Bello This chain of scam artists overcharges poor people for liposuction and killed a number of people through malpractice. I worked here for two weeks and quit because as a good christian I couldn't tolerate their stealing tens of thousands of dollars from patients, double booking them, and then maiming their bodies with bad procedures. I could go on, but will let facts speak for themselves. ,, c o m p l a i n t b o a r d .com/sono-bello-l420.html , Sono Bello Kills People who Come in for Liposuction
Sono Bello This chain of scam artists overcharges poor people for liposuction and killed a number of people through malpractice. I worked here for two weeks and quit because as a good christian I couldn't tolerate their stealing tens of thousands of dollars from patients, double booking them, and then maiming their bodies with bad procedures. I could go on, but will let facts speak for themselves. , c o m p l a i n t b o a r d.c o m/sono-bello-l420.html Sono Bello Kills People who Come in for Liposuction
18, Report #768306
Aug 22 2011
01:11 PM
Sono Bello SonoBello Body Contours Centers Ripoff/Deceptive/Shady business practices Atlanta, Georgia
I went to visit Sono Bello in Atlanta, GA in early August 2011. I scheduled a visit on my lunch break, which the scheduler confirmed would be enough time. I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment and filled out the paperwork. 20 minutes after my appointment time had passed, I was called back. I spent the initial consultation with a Barbie-doll woman who asked me medical history questions concerning diabetes, heart issues, cancer and any other genetic issues I may have and then she went into depth about why did I want this done (for my wedding) and had I had anything else done (LASIK). Then we discussed my LASIK I had 10 years ago and I gave her my doctor's name. She then looked me upand down and said, eh, you look healthy enough. Then she left the room, asked me to undress except for my bra, underwear and a pair of big shorts. Then she came back, had me stand in front of a mirror and she pulled and tugged around my midsection (pulling back my fat, calling it a banana and showing me what I could look like). She told me to get dressed and she would go over some other info. When she came back, she asked how would I pay for it? I told her that I would have to either borrow it or do a credit card, but I didn't have that much money at one time. She then said, no problem, let's see if you qualify for a Care Credit. So, she went on the computer, made a call and had me speak with a lady who asked me some personal facts and questions. Then I put her on speaker phone since the consultant said, she's going to give me a number to see if you qualify and I need that number. (Later I would find out it was my new credit card number and they were charging me $5,180 right then and there!!!) Then she said what day could I come in to talk to the doctor and what day was I potentially looking at to have the surgery. She then said they needed to do some additional paperwork and she walked me into another room. Another lady, whose name I did not get, came in, flipped some paperwork around, pointed where they needed my signature and had me sign. She said it was just some run of the mill stuff. Myphone kept ringing with my coworker saying I needed to come back to the office. I kept telling them that I needed to go, can I come back to fill out paperwork? They said that was all, gave me a folder of my initial consult with the doctor and my tentative surgery date (30 days out) and post op dates. The next day I get an email from the practice manager welcoming me. I emailed her telling her I had not had my initial consultation with the doctor, but that I had some initial concerns I wanted to discuss. I did ask her what her expert thoughts were on the situation because I wasn't sure about moving forward. I waited and waited for a response and never got one. So, 3 days later, I emailed her again. I waited and then called them after lunch. After being transferred to her, she had me on speaker with their nurse to ask my some questions. I went over my health history, what I felt, etc. and she said for me to sign a medical release to see if I was eligible or not. That same afternoon, I went to my doctor. After speaking with my doctor, I decided not to do the surgery. I sent an email cancelling the initial surgeon consultation and the tentative surgery itself. I also asked her who qualified me for borrowing money, because I wanted to cancel that process too.I waited and response. I send another email 2 days later asking for the information once more.I waited again and there was still no response. So, I called the office and spoke with the Practice Manager. She said her Regional Sales Manager was there that day and she was going to discuss this with her and get back with me. When she emailed me, she was requesting a letter from my doctor. So I called back again and asked her why did she need a letter from my doctor? I wasdefinitely cancelling within 14 days of the tentatively scheduled surgery (it was almost a full month away), so why was the letter necessary? She said she was definitely going to refund $4,180, but in order to refund my last $1000 (which was needed because according to her, they are so busy, it's to hold the surgery date), she needed a letter from my doctor at least stating I had the issue. I had sent this email:**Also, you mentioned the $1000 deposit was the only part of the $5180 that was non-refundable without the letter, since it was required to hold my surgery due to the office being so busy. Wouldn't it then also make sense that if someone else booked that slot after me, you'd have your money back and I could have my deposit back?**No response back. Of course.That same day, I get home and I have a the new credit card in the mail. I called to see what the new balance was (since I was already starting to get shady-vibes) and they said there was still $5,180 charged on it from Sono Bello!! They never heard from Sono Bello to refund the $4,180!!!! So, I sent another email:**Hi Practice Manager, I still never received any emails or phone calls from youregarding the questions posed below.Also, today in my mail, there was the credit card from CareCredit and the balance on it states $5,180. The last time we spoke, you stated everything was going to be refunded except the $1000 deposit, which you told me would be refunded when I provided you with a letter from my doctor. (Which, by the way, was never verbally told to me during my initial consultation) Now, with thisbill, the lack of an agreed-upon refund, the lack of a reply from you regarding this $1000 deposit, I am not feeling confident about Sono Bello at all. With the amount of money in question, the whirlwind way the initial consultation was handled, the lack of indepth questioning before being charged and all of this, I feel really overwhelmed and as though I'm being taken advantage of and its not a comforting feeling at all. I went in for myconsultation feeling amazing about your company and now I have many concerns ofmy own. Please help me resolve these questions and these issues, especially getting the $4180 refunded immediately. Feel free to call me at any time.**Still no response, nothing from the Practice Manager or Sono Bello. I finally went to my doctor's office and picked up a letter stating I suffered from the disclosed medical issue. I faxed it over and sent this email:**There was a letter faxed over from my doctor. Please refund my money ($5,180) as soon as possible.** And yet, still no response from any correspondence via email or the phone messages left. And there is still $5,180 on the Care Credit Card, so nothing has been refunded and no amounts have been reduced, per a prior conversation with their Practice Manager and even according to theirdocuments, which state if it's cancelled within 14 days of the surgery, my money would be refunded. I just want my $5,180 back and it's ridiculous the amount of phone calls, emails and multiple conversations I have to go thru to get my money back or to even get someone to speak with me. I haven't had an initial consultation with the surgeon and yet I don't get a refund?!I would never recommend any one going in to see them. I have already filed a formal complaint with the Georgia Better Business Bureau, and will contact all my friends, coworkers and other media outlets in the Atlanta area.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
19, Report #953030
Oct 09 2012
05:36 PM
sono bello Dr. Partington first he lipo'd where he was not told to so im mis- shaped he missed a spot i pointed out and to top things off he scolded me for being honest to a lady in the waiting room...he is fake and they are r C-154, 1200 112th Avenue Northeast Bellevue, Washington
please before considering Sono Bello, they are fake, rip offs and rude once they have your money. I am now mis-shaped because my Dr. Partington chose to lipo where we never discussed and left a bubble of fat where he should have lipoed...please find a Dr. with the proper credentials, look at theses Dr's degrees some are degrees in farming, etc...Do your homework, PLEASE
Entity: C-154, 1200 112th Avenue Northeast Bellevue, Washington
20, Report #1166377
Jul 31 2014
03:40 PM
Sono Bello/Jennifer Used Car Salesman tactics - oooo TODAY ONLY - MONEY NOW TO HOLD PRE-OP DATE AND MONEY NOW FOR SURGERY DATE. Never met the doctor - would meet him at pre op - Signed up on Money July 21, 2014 and then read all of the negative reports on the internet and CHANGED MY MIND - Overland Park Kansas
went back into the office on Wednesday Jul 23, 2014 with my contract in hand - which was taken from me willingly don't no why I gave that up to easily but I did. I asked for my money back BUYERS REMORSE nope that didn't work talked to an attorney and there was nothing he could do it says NO REFUND POST OP so I thought(finally) because it said Post Op I could get at least some of my money but not unless it was for a medical reason not just because I changed my mind. Jennifer said that they would not have people coming in signing up and come back the next day and change their mind that Plastic Surgeons are expensive - gee I didn't know that - she was very disrespectful - I was not rude nor aggressvie I lost 1,000.00 for absolutely nothing. No creams to treatments of any kind. I am a licesned Esthetician and the Practice Manager new that - the day I went back to change my mind the post went on Linkedin that they were looking for a parttime esthetician. If Dee would have mentioned it I sure would not work for a company with this reputation. Spoke to one of my customers about the procedure and she told me that her brother-in-law new somebody that new somebody that new somebody that DIED I don't know them but he want my customer to tell me please don't have that done. I don't know the people but completely trust my customer so it is hearsay. I would settle for part of my money back especially the two creams listed on my financial statement that was not explained to me one for scar reduction and the other for numbing (I believe that is what Dee Practice Manager told me) lost 1000.00 but could have lost my life. Had shoulder surgery last September and sure didn't have to any money down for the surgery or the surgery suite. Too many RED FLAGS should have paid attention to my GUT Feeling.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
21, Report #803666
Dec 29 2011
02:34 PM
Sono Bello Atlanta Dr. DiFrancesco Total LIE -you will be a skinny minny by summer! Atlanta, Georgia
User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by ewtexan@... 12/01/2011 Sono Bellosaw Dr for one consultation before procedure she was rude and stated she was in a hurry had somewhere to be! did not even tell me she was the Dr.! I started crying, felt like a piece of meat and embarraassed to be looked at by her. had procedures because was told half would be kept if i cancelled! did not see again until i requested because i was upset with results but had to wait 6 months.Dr. DiFancesco came in looked at me upset and said what's the problem? told her I see no results she came in before i had time to change into a gown and requested me to lift your shirt (in street clothes) she did not even look at my back areas! told me i told you, you'd have to have a tummy tuck after procedures & this area (pointing to underneath my bra) is your RIB area, that was not included....I paid to have a flat stomach! (a tummy tuck was never mentioned in 1st consultation, ever!) why would i pay an additional 5-9 thousand dollars after paying for a flat stomach? i asked for all areas to make sure this happened! nevertheless even with rib area excluded the stomach is NOT flat and definitely has FAT!Dr. was rude 1st visit and hardly spoke to when had 1st procedure. It was painful and uncomfortable. rememer her yelling at me be still or we cant get it!! I was in shock and in pain! I did state that my 'muffin top' didn't look too different and stomach and hips looked the same at 2nd consultation for 2nd procedure. 2nd procedure was better. i thought i liked results.but only ok after taking off girdle type contraption for a short period, had to wear for 8 weeks. I wore for 10 weeks. once taken off for good and body relaxed looked like nothing had been done! complained again & given run-around. had appt. with practice manager who said will ask owners if something can be done website and paperwork state if not happy will offer another procedure at 70% discount, wasn't even offered that. shouldn't have to pay again for what i paid for! 2 weeks later heard nothing. Called again this morning, again can't talk with manager.I paid for a service, did not receive the service. I left after first surgery and came back stating there is no difference in my hips at all, they don't even hurt, the same with my sides and waist. (muffin top) i was concerned but was told some don't experience pain or swelling i did not see any difference or pain! felt they had not been touched. 6 months later i look basically the same...wait! MY BANK ACCOUNT is almost lost fat!Sono Bello will not work with me! I look the same and they got my money!!!I'm embarassed I ever used them!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
22, Report #803668
Dec 29 2011
02:35 PM
Sono Bello Deceptive and Rude! Atlanta, Georgia
Sono Bellosaw Dr for one consultation before procedure and not again until i requested because i was upset with results but had to wait 6 months. Dr. DiFancecso came in looked at me upset and said what's the problem? told her I see no results she came in before i had time to change into a gown and requested me to lift your shirt (in street clothes) she did not even look at my back areas! told me i told you, you'd have to have a tummy tuck after procedures & this area (pointing to underneath my bra) is your RIB area, that was not included....I paid to have a flat stomach! (a tummy tuck was never mentioned in 1st consultation, ever!) In fact in my first consultation we hardly spoke! she was rude and told me i'm in a hurry without even introducing herself!  why would i pay an additional 5-9 thousand dollars after paying for a flat stomach? i asked for all areas to make sure this happened! nevertheless even with rib area excluded the stomach is NOT flat and definitely has FAT! Dr. was rude 1st visit and hardly spoke to when had 1st procedure. The procedure was very painful and i remember her yelling at me to be still for 2nd procedure was better. i thought i liked results then but would look ok after taking off girdle type contraption for a short period, had to wear for 8 weeks. I wore for 10 weeks. once taken off for good looked like nothing had been done! complained again & given run-around. had appt. with practice manager who said will ask owners if something can be done website and paperwork state if not happy will offer another procedure at 70% discount, wasn't even offered that. shouldn't have to pay again for what i paid for! 2 weeks later heard nothing. Called again this morning, again can't talk with manager.I paid for a service, did not receive the service. I left after first surgery and came back stating there is no difference in my hips at all, they don't even hurt, the same with my sides and waist. (muffin top) i was concerned but was told some don't experience pain or swelling i did not see any difference or pain! felt they had not been touched. 6 months later i look basically the same...wait! MY BANK ACCOUNT is almost lost fat!Sono Bello will not work with me! I look the same and they got my money!!!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
23, Report #784253
Oct 04 2011
10:57 PM
Sono Bello Atlanta Ripped off, very rude, no customer service Atlanta , Georgia
If google would let me give 0 stars, I would've. From the point this place took my $8000, my experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. The consultant, Jenny I think her name was, seemed clueless about the entire procedure. The ONLY reason I bought was because of the pressure i felt to get care credit and a cleared day. Once I paid and had questions, no one would return phone calls.I called at least two dozen times to no avail. On my day to visit the surgeon, things only got worse. The LPN that took me back was cold and rude, and I overheard her yelling and blasting one of the other nurses with constant F bombs. She walked back in to check a blood pressure, the only exam that is done, while I was still changing. I tried to tell her I was nearly nude. Her only response was that she was in a hurry and that she had seen naked people before.THEN I met the surgeon, DiFrancesco according to their website. She made me feel fat and very unimportant and also stated she was in a hurry to leave for some sort of even plans. After those events, I tried to ask for a refund and to cancel the procedure. Only then did Jenny return my phone call. Initially she said she didn't know how the refund process worked since I'd already seen the doctor.Then, about 3 days later she called and said that I would lose half of my money if I cancelled because I had purchased a cleared day, or something like that. I went ahead with the procedure because that is a lot of money. The procedure was the most painful experience I have ever had, even beyond giving birth to 4 kids. The doctor refused to give me more medicine, and the nurse in the room was extremely loud and annoying as she kept trying to hold my hand and rub my hair. The doctor then said she couldn't take out anymore fat because I was writhing in pain.Now I'm swollen and in constant pain a few weeks after, even though I was told everything would be back to normal in a few days. When I asked about this at my week after visit, the same rude LPN treated me like I was an idiot for thinking I would be well that soon after surgery. Even after I told her that this is what I was told by Jenny, she kept the same rude, cold demeanor as if I were a complete moron.My advice, stay away from this place. I don't think the doctors even work there aside from surgery times. They treat you like a car running through the wash trying to get your money and get rid of you as fast as they can. They hurt me, took my money, and left a lasting impression of how customer service does not matter to them. This place is bad, the employees and doctors are mean, and there is no service after the money changes hands. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #570643
Sep 29 2012
04:01 AM
Sono Bello Sonobello Are They Liars and Killers or just GREEDY folks? Austin, Texas
I went to Sono Bello after hearing an ad on the radio and then looking at the website online. I DID NOT KNOW THAT THEY KILLED SOMEONE!!  A POOR SOUL DIED from their incompetence and greed.  I thought this type of thing (Austin Lipo) was very safe.  My neighbor is a ER doc and she said that they are the only people to have killed someone with this type of thing, so they must be completely reckless. There are millions of women who had this procedure and these idiots are responsible for the only death. This makes them the most incompetent people on the planet...and that's who I choose? I can't believe it.  I should have been worried ahead of time because the before and after pics look bad and the testimonials are not that good or they seem fake.  The staff at the Austin Sono Bello was so fake and pushy. They all told me different answers to basic questions and the entire time was focused on booking my appointment and getting my deposit charged.  I made the mistake of having lipo with them on my stomach and it hurt sooooo bad. It made me cry. After giving birth to 3 kids, I know pain and this is very painful! I got an infection and the doctors and the staff tried to deny it.  I drew a line around the not infected area and sure enough it got bigger and bigger every day.  The area was red and hot and it hurt like mad.  The nitwitt at the desk told me they had never had an infection and she dismissed me, probably like they dismissed the poor girl that they killed. As it turns out, they were wrong and I had a terrible infection!!!  I was on IV antibiotics for 2 days and felt horrid. I thought the infection might kill me.  It cost me about $10,000 in ER and hospital fees. I missed a week of work and my hubby is really pissed.  Sono bello never took responsibility or called me back and I think it was because I asked for a refund to help cover my hospital fees.  My results are lumpy and I can pinch a big area where the doctor missed.  I told them the day after my procedure that the area was not sore and did not seem like it was any different and again, they blew me off.  In the following days my infection got worse and worse, so the super fat chunk area was not my main concern.  Now that I am more healed, this fat chunk bothers me and since these greedy folks won't even call me back, I doubt they will fix it.  I was chubby but my skin was smooth and now I am very lumpy looking.  I would NEVER recommend this office.  This was a huge mistake that I highly regret and unfortunately cannot take back.  I do not think this office will be in business long considering the way they pressured me to give a deposit and the fact they killed a beautiful, young and healthy patient.  I am going to try to reverse the charge on my Visa and maybe sue them in small claims court for a refund. No body should pay for this kind of treatment.
Entity: Austin, Texas
25, Report #1089161
Oct 03 2013
09:35 AM
Sono Bello-Body Contour Center, King Of Prussia, PA Body Contour With Venus Freeze King of Prussia Pennsylvania
 I was told Venus Freeze would take care of the upper portion of my thighs which had gotten bulgy overtime. I excercise regularly but nothing at the gym seemed to be helping. I am a slim woman and it was the first time in my life experiencing this issue. When I went to Sono Bello I asked about lipsuction and Lauren said it wouldn't work for me and that Venus Freeze was my perfect option and that after 4 sessions I would begin to see an improvement. The package for 10 sessions minimum was $2500 so I signed up for it and began going once a week as specified. After 4 sessions not only I didn't see an improvement but they seemed bigger. I contacted them (Lauren) and said if I wasn't happy I could get credit towards another product but they would like to take before and after snapshots. I did just that and apart for this hairline wrinkle that seemed to diminish on the my upper thigh, I saw no improvement. I was told repeatedly that it was because I had little muscle tone. She should've said that when she inspected that area on my initial consultation. So now I'm stuck paying $140.- until paid in full with nothing to show for even after having completed all 10 sessions. And no credit towards anything else. Lauren was very quick to turn over a sale as she is the Patient Care Consultant and probably gets commission, but as for patient care after the sale she cares none. Whilst the staff was very polite their only concern is getting people to sign up for more procedures. I would be better off months later by never having been fooled into believing in the product they sold me. It doesn't work!
Entity: Select State/Province

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