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26, Report #891586
Sep 17 2012
04:29 PM
Shopped for a lipo suction service locally and found Sono Bello. Made an appointment with person and was measured and pinched. She made an off to remove my fat around the middle for $2995. She wrote on the proposal lower hips and handles but assured me it was for all areas that concerned me. Before day before treatment appointment another form with lower abs showed up. Again I was told if was for the areas I came in for. Day before surgery had appointment with doctor who ask me which area did I want done? I said all of it. He said I either could have hips or lower abdomin, but not both; unless I paid more money, ($1,250). I was angry but left without saying much. Overnight I researched to see if this last minute money grab was common with Sono Bello and found evidence of that. I showed up for my surgery and the doctor came in and said my surgery had been canceled because I was not excited about having it done. He did not say my contract or offer was cancelled. They refunded my money, but I had put off work and everything for that week, I had made an emotional decision to have the work done, and it took weeks to stop being angry and feeling like I was conned. I still feel conned. I have not looked into getting it done elsewhere because I am afraid they are all like that.
Entity: SCOTTSDALE, Arizona
27, Report #1087080
Sep 24 2013
07:01 PM
Sono Bello Body Contour Center Sonobello Buyers Beware of Sonobello Sonterra San Antonio Texas
Buyers beware! Sono Bello in Stone Oak area has questionable practice. First of all, they do not seem to understand the basics of honoring an appointment; Second, their office hours stated on their website are not consistent with their hours shown on their front door. Third, they care ONLY about making money. You are at your own peril to seek treatment there.Real story. Upon receiving an appointment confirmation email from Sono Bello, I excitedly showed up at the time and date indicated in my email, only to find the office was completely shut. No light, no cars in the parking lot, not a soul. The contact number in my confirmation email had no response when dialed; the 800 number on the main web page was answered by someone in Atlanta who did not know what to advice me, as she did not know the actual availability of the office staff. The operator did attempt to leave a message to the staffAfter waiting another 15 minutes in front of the office, I saw a man pulling into the empty parking lot in a beat up SUV. He walked into the backdoor of the office with his head down as if he was trying to hide from someone.This whole experience is kind of creepy to say the least. If that unkempt man was a doctor working in this empty building, no woman in their right mind would undress to show her most intimate parts in an empty building to this suspicious man. Sorry Sono Bello, there are plenty of other services who would love to compete for your customers.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
28, Report #506795
Oct 09 2009
07:58 AM
Bello packages defective products. Internet
Bello makes tv stands/audio video cabinets. They boast that no tools are needed to put these units together. They are sold over the internet and locally in by HHGregg and Best Buy.  I purchased model WAVS-326 (cabinet) from an internet store called Provantage.  I was home when FEDEX delivered the cabinet.  The box had absolutely no signs of damage.  I opened the box to find the pieces layered in thin styrofoam, and individually wrapped in a thin foam type material, with packing tape securing the material. Upon unwrapping the pieces I discovered that the corners of the top were chipped off, and that one of the shelves had a 3 inch by 1 inch piece of veneer broken off.  There were no pieces of chipped wood or veneer anywhere in the packaging.  I immediately took some digital photos.  I began to assemble the cabinet.  No tools required.  There are 2 doors that open on the front of the cabinet, (completely assembled in the box).  The left hand door was so misaligned that it scraped at the top, and had an obvious gap at the bottom.  I took photos of this too.The one year manufacturers warranty stated that the furniture and all of its components are free of defects in material or workmanship.  I called customer service.  1-888-235-7646.  I told the customer service rep that my cabinet had some defects, and was immediately told that these were probably from shipping.  Just send us some photos so we can make a determination.I sent the photos, and the next day received an email that said they had determined that the damage and misaligned door were all due to shipping damage.
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #91788
May 17 2004
12:23 PM
William Bello & Associates rip-off! Nationwide
I received this e-mail saying that a man had died in an accident on a bridge in lagos now this guy claiming to be a lawyer has sent me an e-mail saying that I am the next of kin and that I am supposed to get 42.2 million dollars that is an nigerian bank. I think this is a scam Michael Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lagos, Nationwide
30, Report #1106996
Dec 14 2013
10:15 AM
SonoBello Body Contour Centers THE SONO BELLO ‘EXPERIENCE’ Overland Park Kansas
                                    THE SONO BELLO ‘EXPERIENCE’ I went to Sono Bello because I have/had areas of my body that even at my ‘thinnest’ (114 lbs 5’7”) made me unhappy.   I was told they could help me, ‘shown’ by their consultant (sales person) what they could do and pushed very strongly to sign and have it done quickly. I was told how ‘their surgeon’ is very picky and guarantees his work, whereas other places/surgeons do not.  This was said over and over again by the staff there…especially after I told them I had read all the bad reviews Sono Bello has in other states.  This clinic in KS is new so there hadn’t been time for complaints yet.  So, after all of their professions of being better than the others and caught up in the thought of losing those hated areas, I signed and paid $12,000+ to have the areas done.  After weeks of worry, angry with myself for spending so much on myself and much trepidation I had the procedures (2 wks in a row) done.    Now, I have read all sorts of horror stories online and I have this to say, “Yes, it does hurt a little and is uncomfortable (I felt like a water balloon), but only a couple times did I feel what I might term ‘an ouch’ of pain.  Recovery the first week was pretty fast.  Recovery was slower after the 2nd surgeries a week later.  Wearing the pressure garment is kind of a pain (literally – I am a long torso, in, I guess, a short torso world – so any kind of a strap extender is a must!)  Dr. Singhal seemed caring and is very good at his job.  He’s had a very interesting life so I enjoyed hearing about it during surgery.   As my swelling went down over the months I began to notice on both sides of my thighs (the area connecting the thigh/hip area on my side) was huge.  I looked deformed and could not wear certain pants or dresses (so much for the go shopping for new skinny pants right after ad). There were cut marks above and below the area but it seemed this was totally missed on both sides.  At a post op visit the nurse went and got Dr. Singhal to see.  He looked confused and upset and said I did not have my thighs done.  The nurse told him I did.  He assured my husband and me that he would fix this for free and for us to schedule it, then he left the room. After $12,000+ I should not look deformed at the very least!  I set up an appointment and met with their new consultant (have a bit of a turnover there).  I scheduled surgery.  My inner thighs also had a part that needed fixed and I was assured if I had my ‘butt roll done’ (ONLY part I did not have done) he would fix the inner thigh during surgery.  I paid.  They always make sure you pay when you are there.  I don’t think they are supposed to let you get away without paying.  My payment included the $995.00 ‘surgery fee’. This fee is charged once – no matter how many areas you are having done.  Within a week I decided NOT to have the butt roll done (over a month before surgery) and to only have the areas fixed before I did even more surgery – so I cancelled ONLY the butt roll portion.  The surgery date and time did not change.  Imagine my surprise when I went in for my pre-op the day before surgery and I was told I had to pay to have the thigh part done because Dr. Singhal now informed me that my thigh, where it meets the hip was actually my butt (they don’t do butts).  Well, I do not know about any of you, but my ‘butt’ is not on my thigh or my hip.   I was noticeably upset.  The consultant said she’d talk to the clinic manager and call me later, no matter what. Then, the receptionist up front, along with the consultant, told me that the area I was having done was actually an ‘undefined area on my side between my hip and thigh.  ‘Undefined area’, hmmm……Don’t remember reading that in my anatomy books. I do not know which is more disturbing…that the Dr. called my thigh/hip my butt, that the receptionist and consultant called it the ‘undefined area between my thigh and hip’ or that they all must think I am dumb enough to believe any of that (my 6 year old granddaughter looked at me like I was nuts and said, “that is your thigh Oma.”)  I was given the 70% off rate PLUS charged a second $995.00 fee, even though I had already paid it. I was told the $995 I ALREADY paid for the surgery fee was lost because I cancelled surgery I NEVER cancelled surgery,  still had the original date and time and was still scheduled for surgery the next day. I wanted to walk out.  I was being ripped off and we all knew it, but…I was deformed.  They had me and knew it.  I paid and had it fixed.  Let’s just say there was a lot that had been left from the other surgery.   They were smart enough to have me fill out their survey BEFORE meeting with the Dr.  So, if in a similar situation wait to see him.  I said things like he had morals, integrity, etc…I take it all back.   I am very unhappy with Sono Bello KS.  I do not believe they have integrity.  I would not believe a lot of what they tell you.  PLEASE be careful.  They do not honor their ‘wonderful guarantee’ and money really is their only objective. Think hard before giving them ANY money because once you do they will do everything they can to keep it.  I believe they at the very least owe me my $995.00 so I only pay one surgery fee for the one surgery (a refund of one of the 2 surgery fees they charged me for one surgery).  I am deciding what else to do about this.  I am frustrated, a bit angry and do not wish for others to be taken advantage of either.   Update:  I was contacted by a Dr. Garrison who asked me to please give him a chance to make this right before I posted any reviews.  He had a Mr. Raysbrook contact me.  First I was told no refunds (PLEASE you give them all the time – proof is on the internet. You just pick and choose who gets them!), and that they could give me $1000 in treatments.  We have been transferred out of state so I cannot do that.  He then said I would get the incorrectly billed second surgery fee refunded if I signed a paper.  I said ok.  Imagine my surprise when in order to get something that I should never have had to pay refunded; I had to release them from liability for everything - All liability if something they did harmed me (even death).  No more post op visits, on and on.  A bit of OVERKILL for a refund... For a company doing what is right (I should have paid NOTHING for any of this and now I am at over $2500 more!  Some being ‘different’ some ‘guarantee’), so I spoke with an attorney (their paper suggests it hoping you do not).  I was told under no circumstances should I sign something like that for a refund due me.  That it was ridiculous and shows the true caliber of the company. There is more – but  I will leave that off here.   So, all I have to say is that there are many good surgeons and clinics out there.  Do your homework, get in writing any guarantees, read reviews and DO NOT let them pressure you by ‘only then’ deals to give them money.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
31, Report #1016
Dec 19 1999
12:00 AM
Bello Transmission Repair Service in Louisiana unresponsive to damages.
Larry or Sharon Email - Larry is a Riverboat worker. He was working on a boat on the Mississippi and was living in New Roads, LA during the first half of this year. He drives a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder. We have historically maintained good preventive service. In keeping with this policy, Larry had a local transmission service check his transmission and Bello Transmissions serviced it in June of 1998.We chose the company because they were listed as having been in business for a long time and were recommended by another mechanic. Larry was working 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and caught up on sleep on his rare off days. As a result of this, his car was logging very little mileage to and from his place of work. In early August a job change required a trip to St. Louis. On this trip, Larry developed mechanical problems and went to a local service provider, Schaeffer Auto Repair. The owner, Mr. Carl Gendece, examined the car and said we needed to have internal service work on the transmission. He recommended a second service provider, The Transmission Factory, who had a reputation for warranty and quality service. Upon examination of the car, John Budd, the owner of The Transmission Factory, said that the transmission was going out. They recommended the necessary replacement and Larry agreed. He arranged for hotel, rental car and left the vehicle in their care for the fully authorized repairs. Larry stopped at the repair shop the next day to check on the progress and was informed by the proprietor that someone had messed up his transmission during previous service. (This transmission had never had anything other than maintenance checks and routine service). The owner proceeded to show Larry that a bolt that was not an original (too long) had been substituted and when it was installed, it's excessive length, penetrated the chamber holding the fluids. They theorized that when the car was taken on a long trip and got hot, the fluid began to seep out leaving the transmission at unnecessary and unanticipated risk. The Transmission Factory owner provided a statement of the problem he found, took photos of the problem and salvaged the old transmission since the damage is apparent to the naked eye. Larry spoke to the first service provider who reviewed the damage and supported the findings on the reason for the problem. Let me emphasize that Larry had authorized a new transmission. There was no reason for these servicemen to identify this problem except that they were upset by the apparent negligence and felt that we should know. They have offered to provide additional statements or testimony if it is necessary. Each of these service providers were very professional. The car was repaired and we have had no additional problems with it. Larry accepted the job in St. Louis and on his return to New Roads to prepare for this move. On or about August 30th, 1999, Larry went to Bello's shop and asked for the owner. An employee told him that Bello was out with sick. Larry spoke with the employee, left a copy of the statement from Triple A. He left address and phone number in St. Louis for contact. On September 17th, 1999 We wrote to Bello by certified mail and received no response to the letter, so I called Mr. Bello, explained my call and left messages for him to call me on September 24th and the 28th. No call was returned, so I called again on September 30th at 3:30 P.M. and Mr. Bello answered the phone. I explained the call, the letter, my problem with the car, the date of the work and asked if he was familiar with my issue. He said yes. I asked if he was prepared to respond to our loss. He said No! I won't do anything. He said the letter had been turned over to his attorney asked for the name of his attorney and he said he would not give me the name. Bello said he wanted to see the receipt to see what he did to the car. I gave him the date and told him we paid $75.37 for the service on the transmission. He said he had no record and did not know what he did. Mr. Bello said three months was too long to come back on him and that we should have come back to him when we started having problems. I told Mr. Bello that while in Louisiana Larry only drove the car back and forth to work. We had no problem until he took it on the trip to St. Louis on August 23rd, 1999. I explained the Schaeffer Auto repair findings and Mr. Bello said he put the same bolts back in the car and that it had over 100,000 miles on it. Mr. Bello said we waited too long and that I could get an Attorney if I liked, but that he would do nothing. Mr. Bello was belligerent and impatient to get off the phone. The conversation ended. A copy of the letter that we sent to Bello ....... Mr. Bello, My 1993 Nissan Pathfinder's transmission was routinely serviced at your place of business on June 3rd 1999. Your help damaged my transmission by using a bolt that was so long it pierced the O-ring, causing the leak and damage. I provided your employee with documentation on this matter and I have not heard from you. Please provide for reimbursement or provide the name of your insurance company. I want to know your intentions forthwith. Sincerely, Larry __________ There appears to be no attorney that we can find in the 50 mile radius of New Roads, LA that wants to handle an approximate $5000.00 claim. There are no governmental agencies that are available to handle the complaint or hold these merchants accountable. An attorney's office that I spoke with informed me that they get hundreds of these calls and they know of no one who will handle them. We were able to afford the economics of the situation. However, I am concerned for those citizens who have limited resources and this kind of rip off would devastate theri famiy. If there is a way, We would like to pursue Bello on the basis of human decency and in pursuit of justice. Thank you for your consideration of this complaint. I do have documentation to back up the statements made and we still have the damaged transmission.
Entity: New Roads, Louisiana
32, Report #1418960
Dec 24 2017
11:32 AM, Roberto Bello Unable to withdraw funds Internet is not approving my withdrawal.  I will join any group who is trying to bring them down. Please Contact me.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #794767
Sep 13 2012
01:58 PM
sonobello procedure gone bad ! wouldn't do a thing ! except ignore and hope I go away! Murray, Utah
Aug 24, 2011 Jun 7, 2011. by by visions at Citysearch. 1 Year out Sono Bello - Murray. So it's been a year since I had my procedure ! @ 6 months office followup. I was very happy but I still had a lot of swelling I figured going through winter and see how it goes another 6 months go by I start feeling like could wear shorts swimsuits and other attire that showed my body from chest to knee these were my problem areas. I look in the mirror in my tiny little pokka - dot bikini .. LOL ! ... all I see is lumpy & bumpy legs and my husband says what is that fat thing below you right breast? it looks like a flab of fat you need to go get looked at your body looks like they dug out fat not sculpted. so I called they made me wait 2 weeks to be seen this gave me time to get other opinions I went to several board certified surgeons they had the same reaction as my husband finally went so then I posted my experience on City Search because I was so upset for them making me wait 2 wks I received a call the day be for asking if I was coming in still I said of course why the office manager Heather called me personally she said because of the post I put on this site! I said that I was upset that they couldn't get me in sooner so she said come in we would talk. I went in june15 2011 to Sono bello they said that this can be normal to be lumpy and bumpy! I was not happy with that! asked what they would do? the doctor David Williams MD (aka ER doctor )He was rude he said I was hopeless he wouldn't touch me again! he said I was holding him hostage because I put this post on this site! then he walked out on me in room standing naked I asked to speak with office manager Heather she said that she was sorry that David doesn't have very good bedside manner and he is not going to be working there anymore! she said that she could see if another doctor could fix the lumps and bumps. she asked if I would show her problem areas in her office I removed my clothing she said she could see what I was talking about! I thought she sounded genuine when she said she would talk to corporate to see what could be done! Then she asked if I would remove my post on city search? I said sure because I thought she was going to take care of me! Then she asked what would make me happy I said That I'm not sure if I could get this procedure done again ! ( I was very Scared)I never said I wanted refund I was hoping they would maybe offer compensation out of good faith. she asked me so I left she said she would get back tome in a week or so so I wait 2 weeks go by I call her left message no call back then I just kept calling left messages. sometimes I would get ahold of heather she always said that corporate was busy because the were opening new clinic but she would get back to me! I'm still waiting.. in the mean while I have over $4000 dollars done to repair this mess! Dr Robert Rodriguez board certified plastic surgeon has done a amazing job and my recovery minimal going to mexico in 2 weeks will be wearing bikini only after couple months of his procedure! wow thats what makes me happy!I felt I needed to repost my review to all to educate that all lipolaser procedures don't result in a happy ending. Dr Robert Rodriguez board certified plastic surgeon has done a amazing job and my recovery minimal going to mexico in 2 weeks will be wearing bikini only after couple months of his procedure! wow thats what makes me happy! All sono bello had to do is call me back make an effort to get me to new doctor Pay for redo! Just do what they could to make me happy and give me what I payed for! now the only thing they can do is help me pay for the extra cost I occurred when they could of done it them self!
Entity: Murray, Utah
34, Report #77235
Jan 16 2004
06:46 PM
Bello Spencer ripoff Watch out for these scammers who want to get into your bank accounts. Lagos Nigeria
Watch out for these scammers who want to get into your bank accounts. Here is the information on this scammer from Nigeria. Subj: URGENT ASSISTANCE Date: 1/16/04 7:49:01 PM Eastern Standard Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details) Engr Spencer Bello National Electric Power Authority Central Business District, Ijora Causeway Lagos Nigeria. REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Dear Sir, I am Engr Spencer Bello, a top management staff in the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) and I head a seven-man tenders board in charge of Contract Awards and Payments Approvals. I came to know of you in my search for a reliable and reputable person to handle a very confidential transaction that involves the transfer of a huge sum of money to a foreign account. There were series of contracts executed by a consortium Multinationals in the energy sector in favour of NEPA among which were: 1. The supply of Y2K compliant personal computers and accessories to the Ajaokwuta, Kanji and Shiroro. 2. Supply of drugs and relief materials to the victims of the Niger/Delta crises. 3. The construction of schools, hospitals and housing units in the Niger/Delta region. The original value of these contracts were deliberately over- invoiced to the sum of US$ FIVE MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS (US$5.5M) which has been approved and is now ready to be transferred. Unfortunately,my colleague and I cannot handle the transfer of this US$5.5M without the assistance of a foreign partner who we shall present to NEPA as the sub-contractor for the claim of this US$5.5M. Our assurance is that your role is risk free, as we will accord the transaction the legality it deserves and for mutual security of the fund, the whole procedures will be officially and legally processed with your name, and of any Company you may nominate as the beneficiary to the fund. On the successful transfer of this fund within the stipulated period of 10 working days, we will meet you for our share of the fund. On this note, it is clear to you that this very mutual golden opportunity will be base on our conviction of your transparent honesty and diligence. You will know further details on your acceptance of this offer. Yours truly, Engr Spencer Bello Charles Deltona, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lagos, Other
35, Report #950756
Oct 04 2012
10:43 AM
SALAMI BELLO SHERIF Roisin Wilma Sanderson online scam, American profile and Nigerian bank account. SANGO OTA, Internet
Online scam, American profile and Nigerian bank account. claimed to need help to travel home, and needed money to pay medical bills from an accident , and money to get her belongings back from a insurancy agencies/deposit box.
Entity: SANGO OTA, Internet
36, Report #182279
Mar 20 2006
03:53 PM
Oluwadanilare Williams - Musa Oluwadanilare Williams - Musa Bello - Johnson Frank Madu ripoff Scam Internet
The first guy emailed that I had a relative that had $25.5 million in an account so I contacted him. He other guy did the email from the bank that it went through and I needed to contact a lawyer(the third guy). So I did a sent him $200.00 dumb me. We did more looking into it and found out it was a scam. So we are out $200.00. It is almost like the letter posted here. Name changed and amount of moneyin=s the only difference!! Bridget rutland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #237771
Mar 04 2007
01:19 AM
Bello Tanja ESQ. a rip off fraud This man is running a 9/11/01 scam Internet
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
38, Report #297546
Jan 06 2008
02:07 PM
Ibrahim Bello He offers loans, for personal, business, consolidation loans. Asks for $500 or $600 fee up front Thru Western Union. Internet Based Internet
This is his email he sends out: I am Mr Ibrahim Bello a Private Loan Lender and a cooperate financial for real estate and any kinds of business financing. I also offer Loans to individuals, Firms and cooperate bodies at 5.5% interest rate per annum and 0.5% interest rate monthly base, loan terms determinant,Loan amount between the sum of $3,000.00 to $50,000,000.00 US Dollars. Loan for developing businesses a competitive edge/ business expansion. We offer the following kinds of loans * Personal Loans (Secure and Unsecured) * Business Loans (Secure and Unsecured) * Consolidation Loan -Low Down or Zero Money Financing Program Available FIRST INFORMATIONS NEEDED ARE: Full Name: Location: Age: Contact Phone numbers: Amount Needed/ Duration: E-mail: THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR DEBT AND FINANCIAL PROBLEMS !!! Here to show you a better way to financial freedom !!! I contacted him. he then sent me this email: Hello Dana R, I am in receipt of your email. I will be able to offer you the loan of $25,000.00 .I have stated the terms of the loan below for you to see and tell me if you are in agreement with the loan terms or not CONDITION Loan Balance: $25,000.00 Loan Interest Rate: 5.00% Loan Term: 6 years Monthly Loan Payment: $402.62 Number of Payments: 72 Cumulative Payments: $28,988.92 Total Interest Paid: $3,988.92 Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 71 payments of $402.62 plus a final payment of $402.90. There are two option which you are required to choose from which is the process of your loan transfer, 1.If you need the loan via western union money transfer, you will be required to pay just $500 for the transfer fee and if you are in agreement with the western union transfer, you are to send down your western union detail sure as recievers name,address,state,country while 2. If you are in agreement with Bank transfer , you will be required to pay just $600 for the transfer charges and if you are in legal agreement with this option, you can send me your bank details sure as bank name,bank account number,bank account name,swift code,routine number 3. Loan refund:The loan must refunded back to the lender at the end of the tenure the loan seeker is seeking the loan for without any delay The loan will be transfered to the loan seeker just in 20-1hour time after the transfer charges must have been remitted to us without any further delay Considering the above conditions if they are acceptable to you,you have to give me a fast response so that i can assign my lawyer to send you the loan agreement document , so that i can start processing your loan. So, do send me an urgent response to this mail and do include in your next mail the option being choosen by you okay? Response needed ASAP. Thanks Mr Ibrahim Bello. Contact phone +234-7030-892-532 NOTICE: the Transfer charges must be sent in first by Western Union. I contacted him and told him to take the fees out of the principle, or to have Western Union collect the fees at the time they [Western union] recieves the loan money. He has not responded. BEWARE! This is the same kind of scam as monry orders being sent and having to remitt fees thru Western Union for overages in the MO's. Dana r Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #120589
Dec 01 2004
01:27 AM
BARR. J.E.U WILLIAM-BELLO Contest I have won - rip off want $620 to start process clain I won $3mil Lagos Nigeria
To my surpirse I have won a contest , 3rd place and guess what? They say I have won $3,000,000. I responded and said. Thanks Just send me the mone and gave them ny address and phone number. Knowing that it was too good to be true. They responded with some forms and finally said I need to send the $620 to start the process. I wrote back and indicated for them to take the $620 from what I have son and send me the rest. They quickly responded and said they cound not do theis because they need the funds to pay fees, etc to have the $3,000,000 released and send to me. It has been about a month and I still an receiving notices that I need to quickly respond or I will just have to tell my children that I lost the change and did not eceive $3,000,000. What a joke. If I won they could just sned me the money or deliver it in person. Gary South San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lagos, Other
40, Report #406167
Dec 30 2008
09:28 AM
Karina Alvarado Rios, Mercedes Rios Sono, Esiservis Corp Karina Alvarado, Mercedes Rios, and Esiservis do ponzi scam to friends and family Miami Beach Florida, Guayaquil Ecuador
Karina Alvarado Rios was introduced through a friend since we lived in the same building. I met her in 2006, and since she did not speak English well I, and often spoke to her in Spanish with our circle of friends. She seemed to be from a good family and seemed very successful at the time, supposedly from various investments through contacts of hers in Ecuador. After about 1 year of knowing Karina Alvarado Rios she asked me if I would like to invest some funds on a deal she had going with her company in Miami called Esiservis. The deal was to involve buying oil pipes from texas and shipping them to Ecuador. The return on the investment was phenomenal so I gave her a check of 93K. After the 2 months were up on the initial investment she told me that all had gone very well and she was working on another deal of purchasing clothing through her brother whom is the lottery director in Guayaquil Ecuador. I then invested a sum of 50k for the lottery prizes. I did not know all the details of how she shipped them or crossed the border with them but I offered many times to go with her to help her place the orders and help in every possible way to see for my own eyes the business and to protect my investment. She always came up with an excuse to not bring me along. She always talked about her mother Mercedes Rios Sono Pulley and about her connections and her success with her company Esiservis S.A. These investments were made from Aug of 2007 through Dec of 2007. The payoff was supposed to be paid in Jan of 2008, prior to this she was stating that her husband was beating her and when I would call she would say that they just had a fight and could not talk. Things just did not seem right and she did not seem stable. In early Jan I received a phone call from Karina Alvarado Rios from Peru, she was hysterical crying asking me to send her $3000.00 or $4000.00 that her pocket book was ripped off so please wire me or western union me anything possible. I was furious at this point and was suckered into believing this was true so I sent 2k. January 2008 comes and I here from other friends that Karina Alvarado Rios fled the country and pulled a big ponzi scam on everyone she new. My life was ruined as I knew it! I knew the circle of friends she was around so I called and asked if they invested, some denied it, and others flat out told me they were now broke and lost there retirement, children's college funds, having to relocate, repossessing their cars, heavily loaded with credit debt. We were all in the same situation. We contacted the local and government authorities (which were not very helpful) filed all the proper paperwork and to this day, she is nowhere to be seen. So we hired a top private investigator and consulted with various lawyers in Guayaquil, Ecuador and in Miami and have everything ready to prosecute her when she returns to USA. Everything is in place and we are a group of about 15 investors so far, more might surface when this all over the internet! We are now going to show all their business associates, friends and family exactly the type of criminals they are! Through our contacts we have learned that Mercedes Rios Sono Pulley seems to be holding the money that Karina stole since much of the funds were funded to Esiservis Corp in Guayaquil Ecuador. Victor 'Devuelvan La Plata Que Se Robaron' 'Return The Monies You Stole' Karina Alvarado Rios is about 38 Years Old May 30/31 1970 Karinaalvaradorioscriminalscammer Miami beach, Florida U.S.A. Colombia Delray Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida
41, Report #105673
Aug 27 2004
07:38 AM
Webelectronix (Marco Bello) I ordered a laptop and Camera and made wiretransfer of funds, I did not received my articles till date. I enquired only reply I received that item has shipped we will look in this matter and contact you. Metarie Louisiana
I was interested to buy a Laptop and Camera. I find the internet site, I asked several questions they replied than I made an order for Acer Aspire 1700 and Olympus C-5000. For this I made a wiretransfer in Euro. I made wire transfer on 21st july still I did not received my articles. gave me the 100 30 0073, When I enquired they just send a mail on 28th July the item has shipped we will look in this matter and contact you. I made several E-mails anf Fax but did not responded The address they provided me were Contact Us Our address: 2900 Ridgelake drive, Metarie Louisana 70011, United States Phone/Fax/ +1-321-256-5005 Bank Transfer details provided: Beneficiary: MAGNUM WORLDWIDE LLC Beneficiary,s acc. no.: LV72PARX0006885120001 Beneficiary'address: 25 Greystone Manor Lewes, Sussex Country, Delware Beneficiarys Bank: PAREX BANKA S.W.I.F.T.: PARXLV22 Address of Beneficiary's bank:Riga, Lativa Reference Number: 100 30 00073 After 28th July I made several mails and Fax but still not responded. Fax and E-mail are in use. After this I will go to POLICE to get my funds back or articles in hand. I will made a police complaint soon. Manoj Jouy-En-JosasFrance
Entity: Metarie, Louisiana
42, Report #738536
Jun 08 2011
05:00 PM
AUTO BELLO COLLISION LLC Salvador Gomez This guys call you two times a day even if you tell them not to call you, spoke with a manager still they dont care, they waste your time. Las Vegas, Nevada
Ace Auto Supply this people just waste your time, They call you sometimes twice a day, different guys they act stupid. They tell you, will remove your name off the list but they Don't it. This month they call me 8 times come on.!! Stop doing that.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
43, Report #851026
Mar 08 2012
11:54 PM
Murphy Bello Jimmy Tartar Electronics scam, please be aware of this person and many others trying to steal your money. They will ask for a money transfer through western union, money gram or bank transfer and never deliver. BIRMINGHAM, Internet
Electronics scam, please be aware of this person and many others trying to steal your money.They will ask for a money transfer through western union, money gram or bank transfer and never deliver.
Entity: BIRMINGHAM, Internet
44, Report #366268
Aug 24 2008
03:06 AM
Dr. William Bello Of The Malanville Health Centre Here In The Republic Of Benin. told me my friend i was looking for was in trouble overseas and tried to get me to send money Malanville In The Republic Of Benin Africa
i left a message for a friend on and got a response almost right away to email her so i did. from me hey chicky whazzup with you? i cant believe you answered so quckly, this is awsome. when i was looking for you i saw that you and mark got married or at least you had his last name, and after all the stuff you said about not wanting to marry again, i really was happy to see it. ya'll made a good couple.give me a call some time my # is i'm living in the US virgin islands on st. croix and loving it. i finally found my HOME almost three years ago now.i cant wait to talk with you, i'm so excited to be in contact with you againyour very happy to find you friend, jeana response Quite nice to actually receive your mail chicky. I was actually trying to link up with the nearest US embassy to where I am now for immediate help when I stumbled on your message . I travelled with Mark to West Africa since last week and we had a brush with some hoodlums somewhere in Tchumitchumi,a remote village in the Republic of Benin two days ago. We lost all we, our passports, our clothes, our phones etc. I'm in fact sending you this mail from an internet caf in Malanville , a town not too far from Tchumitchumi BENIN and I opened this mailbox in the name of our tour guide who was killed during the attack by the hoodlums...just to honour his memory. Mark is in a pretty bad shape 'cos he received knife wounds and he's being looked after at the village clinic where there are no drugs and poor health service. there's a doctor whom i doubt has any education ! I have not been able to get help up till now and I'll be extremely happy if you could send assistance immediately. I'll send you a name of someone with a valid ID who can collect money on my behalf by western union or moneygram in Cotonou the Republic of Benin. Whatever you can afford will do but a minimum of fifteen hundred dollars will do...and I'll sure pay you back when we get back to the states. waiting for your mail. I don't have access to a phone now a next response by them Waiting on line for your reply, . I'll be here for the next two hours and then come back again in the evening. We're about 6 hours ahead of the US .( GMT + 1) Evon my response what kind of bird did you have, what color was it and what was its name there was no response so i sent a next message hey i get off work in a half hour {8am} and i will not be able to check my mail again for another 16 hours after that{midnight}. i am very skeptical that this is actually you, but i still hold out hope. the more info you can tell me the better, so that i would have no doubts. if this is really you though i'm sorry to find out about your misfortune and hope ya'll are ok i would love to help you as much i can. my next response came 9 hours later Hello, This is Dr. William Bello of the Malanville Health Centre here in the Republic of Benin. I was called upon this evening from Tchumitchumi to treat two Americans of knife wounds and serious bruises. I was informed that the lady was still conscious throughout today and lost consciousness some minutes after coming back from a cybercaf. As for the man,he has been in a coma since two days now as I was told. Upon examining the lady, I got this e-mail address and the password to the address and I decided to see if I could get through to someone she knows just by chance. Your e-mail address and some e-mail messages from and to you were the only things I could find after opening up the mailbox. There are no identification papers at all with the couple and we don't even know what really happened to them except that they had serious knife wounds. We guess it was an attack anyway because they look very much like tourists to us and they had a tour guide with them who was found dead. The lady was treated but she started bleeding again and lost consciousness. They are under observation but their conditions are worsening because we don't have the necessary equipment and drugs etc to adequately take care of them. In case you want to assist them, please call me whenever you can on my phone + 229 95 01 54 65. Dr. William Bello my response hey doc have one of them get ahold of me when they wake up or feel free to call me yourself i find it very rude and hurtfull that they make you imagine such bad things happening to people and after being so exited to be hearing from my old friend. i knew immediatly after the minimum funds requested and am now just trying not to lose all touch with these evil people till they get caught Jeana f'stedU.S.A. CLICK HERE to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Malanville In The Republic Of Benin., Africa, Nationwide
45, Report #1314732
Jul 02 2016
09:08 AM
Stone King Builders RAÚL Toledo Christopher Bello Hethical scammed photography photos Miami Florida
 Stone King Builders, aka Raul Toledo (General Manager) was recommended to me from an associate. We immediately met after our first phone call to find out more details regrading the project. During our first meeting, we exchanged information towards the project and discussed a bit on pricing. Raul advised me that we would need to meet with his marketing manager Christopher Bello aka CEO of Hethical. On our next meeting, Raul and I were waiting for Christopher for at least thirty minutes if not more for his arrival. Once Christopher arrived, we now exchange more information on what the project needs to be successful. Once our meeting with Christopher has ended, Raul and I did a trip to the location of the factory that produces his products and also instructed me of the products and details that he would like to include. Also, Christopher and Raul both stated that this is URGENT and extremely necessary to complete for business to run properly. Which then during our ride, Raul complained on how Christopher isn’t taking this seriously and not the pace that he would like. On our third meeting, Raul, myself and coworker arranged pricing agreements and finalized the details of the project. The following day; My coworker and I met Raul and received our deposit. Raul was suppose to be present with us while the project was ongoing but his schedule was “busy”, also transportation was suppose to be included which it was NOT. While my coworker and I continued with the work, Raul was suppose to send us an address that was NOT delivered until a few hours in the day. All which is still a surprise as during our meetings Raul expressed tons of urgency towards the completion of project. Once we gathered all the details that what we believed was necessary to complete this project, I sent the details over to Raul.From my understanding and from what Raul told me himself; he needs to pass on the files over to Christopher for verification. A few days goes by and still no word from Raul or Christopher on the results. After multiple of phone calls to Christopher, he tells me that the files aren’t to his liking or to his exceptions. I requested him to send me the details and I will get right to it. He did send me a small email stating VERY briefly the details. I then requested more information. After a few days goes by I decide to call Raul and Christopher, both do not answer. I send them text messages, no reply. A few weeks goes by, no answer, no reply via email or sms. Nearly more then a month goes by, I give it another try. Christopher picks up the phone and doesn’t even remember who I am. Fine. I explain the details to him and question him when was the last time he spoke to Raul, he states just a few days ago which verifies that Raul is now ignoring me. This project started on March 23, I did not deposit the deposit that he gave me until the end of June to show good faith. Money is still owed, no one is responding and on my stupid mistake I send the files without any sort of watermarks. Whomever it may be, Raul Toledo from Stone King Builders and Christopher Bello from Hethical are not people who I recommend doing business with. Raul passes on the blame to Christopher and Christopher doesn’t respond. When he does respond he refers me to Raul which then Raul refers me back to Christopher. In my opinion, they are friends trying to get free service or at a such low cost that they are burning bridges. Thank you
Entity: Miami, Florida
46, Report #1421377
Jan 05 2018
03:44 PM
Coin-Banks Roberto Bello, Victoria Walker They took money to do crypto currency trading Nationwide
I had begun making deposits with Coin-Banks in June 2017. The first trader I worked with was Oscar Levin and deposited 10,500.00 USD via credit cards of which 500.00 was withdrawn. He soon became unavailable and I was put in touch with a trader named Bruce Connors. I sent 4800.00 via credit card to him for which he opened a trade and shortly thereafter became unavailable. All communications were done via Skype.  After calling and writing countless times I was contacted by Roberto Bello who persuaded me to keep sending Bitcoin which he would increase my account balance greatly with. He told me after December 15, 2017 I would be able to start withdrawing my funds and he was going to his home in Sicily and would get back in touch with me shortly. I have not heard from him since. I cannot get in touch with anybody at Coin-Banks and I have every reason to believe I have been scammed. I have the Bitcoin address i sent to and also bank wire information although I never se not funds that way. 
47, Report #1104827
Dec 06 2013
07:07 AM
Ivan Arturo Flores Villa costa rica colombia Ivan Flores Villa costa rica colombia Ivan Flores Villa costa rica colombia bello horizonte escazu costa rica costa rica
 Ivan Flores Villa becareful of this guy Costa Rican cedula ID 800740983 colombian passport #E353686 date of birth march 21 1955 in ANTIOQUIA COLOMBIA he is aa scammer he sells real estate lots and lies about the lots he says they are flat when you get there the lot is a hill and cannot get building permits he loves in Bello Horizonte de Escazu and might be living also in San Vito cotobrus sabalito, beware not to do business with this guy at all, he was in jail in the United States and was deported back to Colombia he tried to enter the UK United Kingdom and was deported back to Costa Rica he is a naturalized Costa Rican citizen, he says he is a taylor but he is alway looking for investors for his shaddy deals, do not buy any real estate from this guy or do not do any business dealings he is a liar big time. He has been in Jail in the USA and Colombia, do not give him any cash as he will disapear and run away with your deposit he is constantly moving and changing his cell phone he has a story that he is going to the Bahamas to do some business, beware.Cuidado con este estafador Ivan Flores Villa el dice que es sastrero y vende terrenos es Colombiano COSTARRICENSE POR NATURALIZACION el es muy mentiroso el vive en Bello Horizonte de Escazu y sabalito,cotobrus,sanvito el cambia de telefono a cada rato no hagan negocios con el que los estafara, el ya ha estado preso en estados unidos y colombiaany information email me at (((redacted)))
Entity: bello horizonte escazu, Select State/Province
48, Report #106794
Sep 02 2004
09:55 PM
NOBEL KING ASSOCIATES Union Bank Of Nigeria ripoff nobel king isa bello, scam SATELLITE TOWN; Lagos Nigeria
Scam about rich relative that died in car accident and left 12.5m usd in bank (guess which one: Union Bank of Nigeria) ------------------------------------------------ FROM: NOBEL KING. TO: MARIEA KLAJDERMAN 2/09/2004 I HAVE RECIVED YOUR MAIL AND UNDERSTOOD YOUR CONDITION. HOWEVER, ALL I AM DOING IS TO ENSURE THAT THIS FUND IS REPATRIATED TO YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT ANY HITCH.IF YOU CAN NOT PAY THE COST ALONE YOU CAN CONTACT YOUR PARTNER MR. ISA BELLO SO THAT THE BURDEN WILL BE LESS. I HAVE TODAY CONCLUDED WITH THE COST OF SECURING THE LEGAL DICUMENTS THAT WILL EMPOWER THE BANK TO APPROVE AND RELEASE THE FUND IN YOUR FAVOUR. ALL THE DOCUMENTS WILL COST $2,500. YOU CAN SEND IT TO ME BY WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER WHICH IS THE FASTEST WAY OF SENDING AND RECEIVING MONEY TO ENABLE ME ESPEDITE ACTION IN GETTING THESE DOCUMENTS SECURED AS SOON AS THE ARE EXPECTED. SEND THE MONEY WITH THE NAME OF MY PERSONAL ASSISTANT: MR. DENALD JONES NO 5 OHIKERE STREET, SATELLITE TOWN, LAGOS-NIGERIA. LIKE I SAID, IF YOU CANNOT SEND ALL THE MONEY, SEND WHAT YOU CAN AND ASK YOUR PARTNER (MR. ISA BELLO) TO ASSIST YOU. BE REST ASSURED THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE DONE AS SOON AS I RECEIVE THE MONEY FOR THE PROCURING OF THE DOCUMENTS. LOOKING FORWARD TO RECEIVING YOUR MAIL. NOBEL KING. ------------------------------------------------ Dear Mariea, Thanks for your information. It is in line with the procedure. In response to your questions on the form, Applicant's first name: your first name your surname Nationality: your country present address: is your address Permanent address is also that same add of yours next of kin: is your name Address: the same addres above Relationship: the deceased was your Uncle Name of the deceased: Mr. Mark King Date: of death: 21st April, 2000 cause of death: auto crash Last address of the deceased: 282 b 1 close, Shell Bp estate, Victori Island - Lagos Account type: Fixed Deposit Leared Balance: $12,500,000.00 Do you wish to be paid in installments? answer is NO Form of payment prefered: andswer is: bank draft transfer Choice of currency is: U.S. Dollars Below is the name of your bank, address, switf code if any. Amount applied for is: $12,500.000.00. After that, you sign and send back to him. Regards, Bello. ------------------------------------------------ FROM: FROM NOBEL KING TO: MARIEA KLAJDERMAN 1/09/2004 DEAR MADAM, IN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO YOUR MAIL, I WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT I HAVE RECEIVED YOUR MAIL AND WILL IMMEDIATELY PROCEED TO THE BANK WHERE THE FUND WAS DEPOSITED FOR NECESSARY INQUIRIES ON THE AVAILABILITY OF THE FUND AND WILL GET BACK TO YOU ON THE OUTCOME OF MY INQUIRIES TODAY. BE REST ASSURED THAT I WILL DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO ENSURE THAT YOUR INHERITANCE FUND IS TRANSFERRED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU. NOBEL KING (NOBEL KING #ASSOCIATES) TEL: 234-1-7902256. ------------------------------------------------ Dear Mariea, I have concluded with the lawyers contact. Below is his contact information. Barrister Nobel King Tel: 234-1-7902256 fax: 234-1-4401094 Email: Do please contact him immediately you receive this mail as I have told him that you will contact him as soon as I furnish you with his information. He has accepted working for you in ensuring that the fund is transferred into your account without any delay. Do let me know when you contact him and his response to you. I wait for your reply. Regards, Isa Bello. ------------------------------------------------ I am Very sorry for late reply. I was actually out for an official meeting that lasted for two weeks. I am back to the office now and I am very much ready to conclude this transaction with you in a short time fastion. As you have read, it is all about a customer who deposited a huge sum of $12.5m in our bank and later died in an auto crash along side his family. The bank has given me an ultimatum as his personal account manager to look for someone that bears the same last name with him to enable them transfer the fund in his or her favour. In view of that, I contacted you to solicit for your emmence assistance in ensuring that this fund is transferred into your account by presenting you as the next of kin since you bear the same last name with the deceased (Mark King). Meanwhile, for us to forge ahead, i would like you to furnish me with your personal information, such as your full name, address, tel and fax number to enable the lawyer whom we are going to employ to secure all the relevant legal documents which will authenticate you the bonafide beneficiary and the next of kin. Furthermore, I have in my custody the deposit certificate of the fund which was used to deposit the fund by the deceased. I will attach it to you to prove the availability of the fund upon the receipt of your information. I wait for your urgent reply. Regards, Mr Isa Bello ------------------------------------------------ AlGhoul Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Lagos, Other
49, Report #92372
May 20 2004
08:52 PM
Union Trust Bank Nigeriaplc;usman Bello Aka:account Manager;larry Cuje Aka Attorney tried to pull a scam on my family Lagos nigeria
These following letters are what i recieved from these people,they have not yet taken anything because i found your webpage before sending them my routing # to my bank account and the fact that the sheet they sent me looked bogus,thank you for this ATTN; MR STEWART JAMES MARTINEZ. THE ATTACHED IS THE PROCEESING FORM THAT YOU ARE TO FILL IT VERY WELL AND SCAN AND SEND IT BACK TO THIS OFFICE MAIL BOX FOR YOUR FUND TRANSFER PROCESSING. BE REST ASURED THAT WITHOUT THIS FORM FILL AND SEND BACK WE CAN NOT PROCESS YOU FUND TRANSFER TO YOUR NOMINATED ACCOUNT, AND YOU HAVE TO DO THIS UREGENTLY. BEST REGARDS USMAN BELLO ACCOUNT MANAGER. (U.T.B) ------------------------------------------------------ BARRISTER LARRY C MOHAMMED B.C. B.C CHAMBERS. SUITE 1 YUSIFU HOUSE MARINA VI LAGOS-NIGERIA. Dear Martinez, I am Barrister larry .c. mohammed personal attorney to Mr.H.Martinez, a national of your country, who used to work with Shell Development Company here in Nigeria herein after, shall be referred to me as my client. On the 21st of April 2000,my client, his wife and their three children were involved in a ghastly motor accident along Warri-Sagbama Express road. Unfortunately, all occupants of the vehicle lost their lives as the vehicle caught fire after the crash. Since then I have made several inquiries to your embassy to locate any of my clients extended relatives this has also proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to track his last name over the Internet, to locate any member of his family hence I contacted you. My purpose of contacting you is to assist in repatriating the money left behind by my client prior to his death before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where this huge deposits were lodged particularly, the UNION TRUST BANK where the deceased had an account valued at about US$25Million dollars. The bank had issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have the account confiscated within the next thirty official working days. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over 2 years now I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since you have the same last name/surname so that the proceeds of this account valued at US$25 million dollars can be paid to you and then we can share the money afterwards. I have all the necessary official and legal documents that can be used to back up the claim we may make. All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us inseeing this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. For your sevices you will have 35% of the total sum, while 5% have been mapped out for the orphanage Homes. Please get in touch with me by my email address no: Best regards, BARRISTER LARRY .C. MOHAMMED -------------------------------------------------------------- Dear mrs. k.martinez, Thanks for your mail and your willness to help,i will like to also let you know of the procedure.I decided to propose this transaction to you in strict confidence. I contacted you to help repatriate this fund left behind by the deceased since I do not want the bank to freeze the account because of the non-appearance of his next of kin ever since his death. My main focus is to use my position as the attorney to the deceased mr h.martinez. to present you as the next of kin to the deceased and apply that his entitlement be transferred to you through the said legal processes. We shall start by sending a formal application to this effect. I will do that on your behalf, Thereafter, the bank may request of your account were the fund will be tranferd into. I am on the stand by to see that everthing is done successfull.and Once we have provided the Bank with their requested informations you will need to sent to then, like your full name and address, yout tell/fax numbers,and an account number were you will like that bank to transfer the fund into,they would now be under legal obligation to transfer the funds to your submitted bank account. Be assured that the procedures to be adopted in effecting the transfer in your favor will be official and legal which will protect us from any breach of the law now and after the transfer though this transaction requires confidentiality. Above all, I personally count on the will and blessing of the almighty God to facilitate our plan and understanding, to produce not just success, but also peaceful sharing of the funds at the end of the day and a healthy family business relationship thereafter. I also pray for establishment of cordial relationship between us, God being our helper. Send to me your personal telephone numbers for effective communication. Regards from barrister larry cuje ________________________________________________________________ Dear Mrs k Martinez, here attached is the Death certificate of them Deceased and the Certificate of Deposit which he used to deposit the said fund with this bank that will be incharge of this fund transfer to your account, the union trust bank nigeria plc, i am sending it to you for your understanding of the reality of this transction that i am intruduceing to you, but please i will not like you to betraed me when this fund gets to you, please try to always be honest for i pray that by the grace of GOD all will be well, and we got to be happy at last,but honesty and trust faithfull is requerid in this deal please, i have trusted you with faith before contacting you for this deal, i will wait for your urgent respones, thanks and GOD bless you, larry ---------------------------------------------------------------- hello mrs. k.martinez, i am waiting to hear from you and your husband as you have said on your last mail to me, please i need to hear from you urgently, for i have inform the bank about you ben the next of kin to the deceased mr h, martinez, so you need to make up thing fast so that we can proceed on to make the claim of the said fund, i wait to hear from you, thanks larry, _______________________________________________________________ Dear mr/mrs martinez, thanks for your mail and the questions you asked, like i have told you before this deal is a risk free deal, i am an anttorney, and i stand my grand in any thing i am doing in life, you have nothing to worried of, everything has been put in place for thr selfty of this transcation, all i will like you to do now it to mail me your contact information, and your full name and address,tel/fax number fro easy communications,and the you can nominate an account were you will like this fund to be transferd into,but that if for the bank,it is the union trust bank were this said fund is we have to demand for that because i know they will ask for that,but all i need for my side now is your personal informations so that i can used it to write an application letter to the bank on your behalf as i am presenting you to the bank as the next of kin to the deceased mr martinez my client requesting for hie fund transfer to your account as the beneficiary/next of kin, it is when this application is send to the bank that will enable the bank to kwon whom you are an then contact you to tell you how the fund can be transferd to your account, on that of the certificate i sent to you is for your perusal.your more understanding of the reality of the deal. if your computer can not open it you can therefore check it from another computer that can open it so that you will be sure of what i am saying, and understand what we are doing, for what you should do. for now all i feel you should do is just to send to me the requested infomations that can enable us go for the fund claim from the bank first, i wait to hear from you, thanks larry, ________________________________________________________________ Dear Mr&Mrs Martinez, thanks for your mail and the informations, after reading your mail i have to write an application letter to the bank. the Union Trust Bank Nigeria Plc.on your behalf requesting for the transfer of mr .horman. martinez's fund to you as his next of kin/beneficiary to his fund that is been depsoited in there bank, hopefully .you will be contacted soon by the bank to let you know of the procedure on how the fund can be transfer to your nominated account, please as soon as you hear anything from the bank you should always try to be mailling me of the progress report so that i can be able to know when the fund is transferd to you to come over to meet with you for the sharing of the fund,i am saying this becuase why i have to step aside now as you now deal with the bank direct as the next of kin/ beneficiary to the fund as i have presnt you to be,as i step aside to avoid the bank suspecting what the deal is all are to dealing with the bank direct as soon as you hear from then.but please always try to work with the instruction and advices of the bank so that we can be able to have this fund transferd to your account smoothly. thanks and GOD bless you as you do so. i wait to hear from you, thanks larry Kapua honokaa, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Lagos, Other
50, Report #357361
Jul 30 2008
11:35 AM
Universal Rock Pools And Spas, Dennis Lavine, Mr Bello., J.C Also ripped off by Universal ROck Pools and Spas San Bernadino California
I was also taken advantage of by Universal Rock Pools and Spas. It took 8 months to build my pool. I found many things wrong with my pool while being constructed. I had to complain many time before anything was done. I also did much of the work myself that they would not fix. Problems with the plumbing, leaving a pump not plumed in. Incorrect electrical that took 3 months and 3 different subs to fix. Not putting in a waterfall I had paid for. Charging me extra for a retaing wall that I was told was included in the price. They put in 6 jets in my 8' hot tub which all are in the back half of the spa. They told me they couldnt put any in the front since it was an elevated spa. I could go on and on with problem after problem but it would take me all day. Now I am having problems with the gas line not making it my heater. So now I have to have it dug up and fixed. Mike Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Bernadino, California

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