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1, Report #1045413
Apr 23 2013
06:53 AM
loving the classics ordered and paid dvd never came Internet
I ordered a dvd and paid for it on April 6th it is now April 23rd and still have not received it even though on the website it says it was shipped also they give u no way to track the package one phone number they on site is disconnected the other always goes to voicemail I really feel like I have been dooped aand I am extremely upset
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #964976
Nov 05 2012
12:44 PM
Future Classics LLC JT @ Future Classics & the owner (Nick DeMartino) not in the car business, rather the RIPPING OFF business! Lakewood, New Jersey
Some may stumble on to this site while doing their due dilegence, and for others this was a destination spot.  Eithe way, pat yourself on the back, but not in haste unless you choose to heed the warnings.  Granted, I'm sure they've got SOME satisfied customers...I (along with others) am not one of them. Listen, I would not waste my precious time if e/thing was as described and I was dealt with in an upright, professional & honest manner.  Geesh...we've all got better things to do, right?  Hey JT & Nick...while you THINK you're getting away with this crap, you're missing much more business than you can imagine.  The fact is, there are more people than you can count that will not even frequent your website or retail location due to folks like myself who reveal the dirt about you folks.  A/ways, for those of you about to delve into this fiasco, please read on... 1st of all, I have TWENTY THREE emails from Future Classics, or should I say JT their Sales Manager.  He was the one I dealt with from start/finish.  I asked him rePEATedly about certain issues, and they were either, A. Never addressed or B. Lied about. 2ndly, I have pictures to back up each claim other than you can't film foul odors.  Yeah...the interior of the vehicle wreaks of a foul odor.  Listen, I've owned a '56 Chevy that had no odor, so JT (and I truly hope you're reading this), don't offer up the lame rebuttal for this and other claims of mine by saying, This is a 39yr old car. Let me go through the items that were either NOT disclosed to me, or lied to me about.  ENGINE BAY... Listen, as I told JT, I only drive the cars & buy them if they look good.  I'm no mechanic, and wouldn't know if I were looking at 318 or a 426.  If s/thing breaks on a car, I take it to the shop.  I simply turn the key and drive 'em, ok?  Well after we did the deal as far as exchanging monies for title, I was told the A/C was not hooked up...didn't know if it ever HAD been hooked up, and therefore didn't know if it worked.  JT tells me, You can look at the engine pics and see it's not hooked up.  I told JT that maybe HE could tell that, but I surely couldn't identify if it had/had not! 2ndly, if that was obvious, then why wasn't the fact that the car has an 8 1/4 rear end in it and not an 8 3/4 like the listing states?!!  Oh says JT, that was an oversight. Oh really now? 3rdly, I was told all along the way that the engine had been rebuilt, but AFTER the fact I was told that the previous owner got it from an estate sale and that THAT owner was told that (was he?).  The fact is, I'll never know unless the engine fails at some point and a mechanic has to get into the engine? EXTERIOR & BODY... 1. Several HUGE paint chips near the license plate area.  Never told about that, and guess what...they put on their Future Classics paper tag so they knew clearly WELL the paint was all chipped up in that area. 2. Several scratches on the roof of the car that were never noted, and again...I asked JT a number of times both by email AND phone about the condition of the body/paint. 3.  A 4 crack in the paint job on the trunk deck that had been painted over when the car had a repaint.  Ha...the owner (Nick DeMartino) in his reply to me from the BBB suggests that it was done by the transport company, NOT!  This is UNDER the paint/clear coat, duh! 4.  This is the biggie...a HOLE, that's right a HOLE in the dash!!!  This is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DRIVER that stares at you which is HIGHLY visible!!!  Want a picture?  I've got 'em! 5.  The front seat (I am afraid and have not even sat in the rear seat) has lost most of it's support due to metal fatigue and old rotten foam. This is highly evident when you sit in it, and when you get out of the seat, you can see that there is a large depression as the cushion underneath does not fill the seat cover. 6.  ODOMETER & SPEEDOMETER BROKEN!!!  And DeMartino in his reply to the BBB says, We didn't know about that?!?!?!  Wait, why do you think that that lame excuse is usable each time?!  Hey, you folks drove the car to an off site location to photograph the car, right?  Would you not have viewed the speedometer during that trip?!!  Did you not document the mileage when you took the car in for consignment?  Did the previous owner not disclose that to you?  What BS do you want to claim here JT and DeMartino?! 7.  The healiner. WHOA...I aksed JT several times about ANY issues with it, i.e. sagging, tears, etc?  He simply said, No rips.  Well wouldn't you know that the headliner is a hard/cardboard type material in this model?  Well of COURSE it wouldn't be sagging, but tell me...why didn't you disclose the two large areas that are nicked up/scratched?  Again, OBVIOUS!  This is a dark green color, and when the paint is scraped off, it is NOT painted, DUH! PERFORMANCE... 1. There is a bad leak in the master cylinder.  I have only driven this car one time, which was to a mechanic.  I wanted to see if he could lower the car by adjusting the torsion bars.  It was at this time that the leak was spotted.  Guess what, they had wiped it clean before having it shipped, and it obviously begins leaking with the next push to the brake pedal. 2.  There is a flat spot when you push the can probably be fixed by an adjustment to the carb, but why was this not shared with me JT? SHIPPING... Not a long story here, but suffice it to say that I waited over a MONTH to have the car moved to me less than 700 miles!  I live just off a MAJOR interstate, I-20.  The MAJOR interstate that runs from New Jersey to my home is I-95, so prey tell...why couldn't they move the car sooner?!?!   They tried to post the car on an auction board for a transport company to pick it up, but low balled the price because they didn't want to cut into their profit!  When nobody bit, they raised the price a smidgen, but STILL no company was biting.  At the 30+ day mark I called JT (had contacted him prior) and asked, Just what would YOU do if you didn't have your car that you paid for in full over 30 days ago?  He had no response.  At was then that I told him I would be taking some sort of action when we hang up, but I'm not sure what that will be JT. The company (1 man operation with his son helping) that moved the car for me was never used before by Future Classics.  They moved the ETA three times on me due to getting a late start/etc.  Nice guy as far as personality, but his work ethic and job performance was slack as a dog's hind leg. Look, this company fully intended to falsely misrepresent the car and not fully disclose the true condition.  Guess what, THIS IS CRIMINAL!!!  When I got a hold of the BBB initially, I said I saw a complaint that was registered against the company to which she said, There have been several.  Keep in mind, MANY won't even bother to file a complaint due to the BBB not really offering any solution to complaints...they simply deliver complaints/rebuttals to each party. From the few pics they posted up online, I was able to enlarge them a bit and noticed some small nicks to the door edges.  Upon seeing them, I asked JT if there was a/thing else on the body that would detract from the overal quality of the vehicle.  I said that many cars look good at 20', 10', etc but how does this look close up and personal?  I asked him to put on a BUYERS set of eyes and take off the SELLERS glasses.  He said, You've spotted them all...that's all there is!  I say, LIAR!!!. Again, he failed to mention all the above...the chips by the license plate, painted over crack on the trunk deck, several scratches on the roof, hole in the dash, nicked up headliner, lost support in the seat, broken odometer, broken speedometer, no 8 3/4 rear end, no A/C, a car that has a foul odor, a car that has a flat spot when accelerating. To those still reading this, you can email me for copies of my emails from JT if you question any of this, and I'll be glad to send you pics as well of the blems that were never pointed out.  There are several other sites that echo similar complaints and confirm that these folks are in the habit of getting away with all they possibly can. I've bought 11 cars or so online.  One was shipped from California, and the only issue I had with it was with the SHIPPER,  NOT the car or condition of the vehicle. After I took possession of the vehicle I tried calling the owner at his home, Nick DeMartino.  I was only able to leave him a voice mail.  I simply told him I had some concerns and wanted him to contact me.  When I got no response, I sent a certified letter to him that was delivered and received.  In that letter I spelled out all problems with the car just like I did above here.  After no reply from him, I then proceeded to reach out to the BBB and the Dept of Consumer Affairs. Posting on this board is yet another step in trying to halt the criminal crap from these folks, and it won't stop here.  Potential buyers...BE CAREFUL!!!
Entity: Lakewood, New Jersey
3, Report #755105
Jul 19 2011
07:14 AM
Gephart Classics Leo Gephart Classic Car Scam, Scam Car Sales, Liar Gephart Classics, Scumbag Gephart Scottsdale, Arizona
In June of 2011 I inquired about a 1967 Jeepster that was advertised on Hemmings Motor News by Gephart Classics.  I spoke to Leo Gephart, owner of Gephart classics,he told me that the Jeepster was in show condition and one of the best in the world.  I asked him multiple times if there were an issues with the vehicle and he claimed that vehicle needed nothing and that only flaw on the vehicle was the upholstery and that he would send me a new upholstery kit so that the car would be in true show condition.  I specifically asked him if the vehicle had any rust and about how the car drove.  Mr Gephart claimed that I could fly in from Southern California to Arizona and drive the vehicle back. He also explained to me that the vehicle had a brand new motor and that anyone could hop in at a moments notice and drive the car to Pebble Beach or even South Beach!  He also told me that the individual he bought the car from was a personal friend of his and he knew the full history of the vehicle.  I ended up sending a check to Mr Gephart for the vehicle and received the vehicle a few days later.  The Jeep was far from show condition, the Jeepster's temperature gauge would immediately peg to Hot upon startup.  I took a sample of the coolant to have tested, and when the results came back it showed that there was oil in the coolant (bad head gasket).  When I attempted to pull the Jeepster into my garage the steering was so loose that it was impossible to maneuver the vehicle even a short distance.  There were multiple leaks under the vehicle and when I crawled underneath the vehicle to find out where these leaks originated from I noticed that the floorboards were rusted through!  Mr Gephart had applied fresh undercoating to try to mask the significant rust issues on the vehicle.  The Fuel Gauge was also not working.  When I confronted Mr Gephart on all these issues he claimed that he knew nothing of them and that these issues must have occurred during transit (Floors rusting out in 6 hours?)Mr Gephart also claimed that he never actually drove or inspected the car and was going off what someone else told him.  I asked him how he could represent a vehicle in the condition he claimed it was in without ever driving or inspecting the car? Gephart had no answer for this question.  Mr Gephart vowed to make this situation right by fixing these issues, and urged me not to contact anyone and that he would handle it.  I contacted Mr Gephart for the better part of two weeks but he seemed to always be out sick (due to a dust storm).  After 3 weeks I finally received a phone call from Mr Gephart, he told me he had a solution to the problems with the vehicle.  He told me that if I fixed the bad head gasket on the motor, that he would cover up the rest of the rust with undercoating and fix the steering, he would then proceed try to sell the vehicle to an unsuspecting individual on Ebay.  After the sale was complete, we could then split the profits.  I told Mr Gephart that this was dishonest and I wanted no part of this scam.  Mr Gephart told me he would call me back with an alternate solution to fix the issues.As of today Mr Gephart has gone AWOL and is unresponsive to any of my queries and continues to perpetuate his Classic Car scam.  He hides behind the veil of old age and claims to be an honest classic car salesman with 60 years experience.  This guy is the definition of scumbag car salesman, I am sorry I even crossed paths with such a dishonest person.  Do not trust Mr Gephart's soft spoken demeanor he is full of evil and is looking for his next victim.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
4, Report #1378601
Jun 12 2017
11:31 AM
Dream Classics-Robert Foster Drastically over charging for cars that don't work properly St. Cloud Florida
 Charging top dollar prices for antique cars and claiming that they are in perfect condition, but cars have very bad, expensive problems. I purchased a 1968 Mercury Monterey convertible from Robert for $18,000. He said that if I wanted to negotiate, he would not sell the car so right off the bat, I knew that i would probably have to pay the full amount in order for me not to lose the car. He claimed that the car was very sentimental to him and that the car was in very good condition. Robert claimed that God had turned his life around and made him really successful and how he could be a mentor to me so that I could have great success like him. I kind of felt like he was a good guy so when he was telling me how good the car ran and this and that, I kind of took him for his word. Also, he said if I ever wanted to sell it, that he would buy it back and all this other stuff to make me feel comfortable in buying it. I bought the car and had to sign all these documents saying that I couldn't sue him, papers that stated I was buying AS IS and all kinds of documents that took away any responsibility Robert would have if I wasn't satisfied after buying it. That should have been a red flag but Robert seemed like a religious man that wouldn't screw anybody over and I really wanted the car so I paid the extremely high price even though I only make $30,000 a year. I had been saving money forever. Anyways, the first time I drove the car, the motor almost jumped out of the engine compartment because the motor mounts were broke. That was like a $400 fix. The transmission linkage also came undone because the motor jumped so much. That had to be fixed also. Then I realized I was leaking oil so I had to change all the upper gaskets on motor. That was like another $500. The brakes needed new rotars and pads. Another $400. I started driving it after fixing all these problems and noticed that the engine was pinging. I added an ignition box and a new distributor thinking it would fix the problem but it didn't. That was like $400 just for parts. I think I will have to get a new carburetor and maybe change some valve seals or something to remedy the problem. There is also a lot of blow by which means that a lot of smoke is coming out of the engine which indicates bad seals. All in all, the car was significantly over priced and by the time I fix everything, I will probably have spent close to $6,000 fixing something that at $18,000 should have ran perfect. He also told me that he owned the car for 20 plus years but after I felt ripped off, I started doing some research and I found out that the car was imported from United Kingdom and that he paid around $8,000 for it so basically he lied about it and threw another $10,000 on it to sell. I feel very, very ripped off. I had wanted the car so bad because I had one when I was 17 and now that I am 36, I wanted to have something nostalgic to remind me of my younger years. I should have been more cautious but I felt like if I rubbed him the wrong way or said the wrong thing, that he would not sell it all so I was really apprehensive to negotiate or have a mechanic look at engine. It is a shame that someone would use religion to make it seem like he is a good person when in actuality, he is the devil and ripping some young guy off like me that doesn't even make that much money. If he ripped off a rich guy that could afford to lose a little, it still is messed up but at least the rich guy can recover easily. I don't have the capability of recovering like that so buying this car was a big mistake and I will have to put so much money into the car before I can actually enjoy it. Be careful of this guy Robert. He is a con artist that will rip you off so quick and claim that he is a religious man. Purchase date was around 10/31/16. VIN# 8Z45Y507506. Purchase price was $19,000 after taxes
Entity: St. Cloud, Florida
5, Report #1390171
Aug 03 2017
12:16 PM
Primo Classics international LLC Sold a car with numerous defects then lied about making the necessary repairs Lakeland Florida
I purchaced a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado from Primo Classics, as i live quite far away from the dealership i bought it based on photographs and the dealers description of the condition, i made the payment and flew down a few weeks later to pick up the vehicle, the body of the car looked to be in great condition but i could not tell about the unseen things, I had only pullled out of the dealership when i realized that the gas tank was completely empty and it was running on fumes and the windhield washer was bone dry too, i though that this was a very unproffessional way to hand over a vehicle, I intend for the car to stay in the central Florida area so i decided to drive it to my destination, on the way i descovered numerous problems with the vehicle, its kept stalling at lights,i had difficulty re starting it, i put up the convertabile top only to descover that the mechanism was broken and wouldnt close properly, there were also some small holes in the fabric which leaked water, the air conditioning did not work, the radio did not work, the power seats would not opperate, the keys supplied would not open or lock the doors and the trunk, I had a mechanic check it out and he discovered much more internal problems too neumerous to list,  i contected Erin at Primo who i had most of my dealings with, she was very helpfull as she had been all along and forwarded my complaint to the person who sold me the car ( i cannot remember his name) i never heard from him so i contacted Erin again, this time she put me in touch with the owner Steve who did get back to me, he seemed genuinly surprised that the car had left his lot this way and i was left to understand that he would do something about it, i sent him my list of everything that was wrong with the car and waited for a responce that never came,  I contacted Erin again and she passed on the message to Steve who did call me back but half way through our conversation he said that something had came up and he would call me right back,  i have not heard from him since, i have sent emails and left messages but he will not get back to me,   i have since instructed my mechanic to make all the repairs as i cannot wait on Primo to correct this any longer, i would like to warn anyone who is thinking of buying a vehicle from these people to make sure they get it checked over by a profesional before they pass over any money, as once this company gets their payment they dont want to know anymore,  Better still, buy your vehicle from a reputible company who stands by their cars and makes sure that they are in opperatable condition before they put them up for sale,
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
6, Report #1400842
Sep 18 2017
01:51 PM
 I bought a 1968 Mercury Monterey from Robert Foster for $19,000. He told me car worked perfect and that if I wanted to negotiate, he would not sell car. He claimed God changed his life around and how he found all this success after finding God. I felt like he was a nice man so I trusted him and bought the car. Soon I found out that the car had MAJOR problems that would cost around $6,000 to fix. I thought after paying $19,000, I would be able to drive from florida to california and back but found out that I couldn't even drive it to the store. Motor mount was broke and engine almost jumped out of the car, engine smokes very bad and will most likely need a lot of seals and rings changed. Brakes needed totally rdeone. New distributor and Ignition box was put in to run better but didn't fix problem. New carburetor was put on and car still was stalling out. Found a wire in harness that was arching and had to replace that. Now I've learned that a cylinder is bad so I will be ripping engine apart to fix it. So much work and money needs to be put into car before I can even enjoy it but Robert made it seem like it was in perfect condition. I only make $30,000 a year so I saved a long time for this car and I took a big loss in purchasing it. Car was worth maybe $13,000. Robert Foster lied about condition of car and drastically over charged for it. I'm very uspet and disappointed.
Entity: St. Cloud, Florida
7, Report #1251577
Aug 28 2015
04:59 PM
Loving The Classics Loving The Classics is a Scam
 Loving The Classics is SCAM !  I  ordered a DVD from them, did not receive any confirmation E-mail from them. Tried to call them (937-329-9780) no luck,  they don't answer thier phone. I called my credit card company (VISA), they are dealing with them now.  They (Loving the Classics) send out E-mails to people in general claiming they have cleaned up their act and would like you as a customer and then RIP-YOU-OFF, how pathetic! They are sad cowards.  
8, Report #551779
Jan 09 2010
09:09 PM
Film-Classics Unsatisfactory Movie DVD Internet
I went on the internet looking for a specific DVD of the movie The Earthling which starred William Holden.  I got a hit from a company called Film-Classics which appeared to have the DVD.  So I ordered the product which was a Christmas present.  It turned out that the DVD was an un watchable copy of the movie made by making a video copy of the movie on a TV screen.  I paid over $15 for the video plus shipping.  I was scammed by this company and after checking the internet it appears that I am not the only one who has been victimized by the firm.  If at all possible, this outfit should be shut down.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1354260
Feb 06 2017
06:54 AM
Loving the Classics Internet
 I ordered a dvd entitled: My Cousin Rachel from website Loving the Classics for 14.95, and NEVER RECIEVED IT. I kept calling them: 614-321-4335. There used to be a woman answering on the other no more. Strikes me most mysterious / shady. I was wondering if u could help me get my money back somehow. I saw this dvd on Amazon, but they want $38 for it. So I saw it on Loving the Classics website for only $14.95 so naturally I went with them.... I placed the order earlier this month.....
Entity: Internet
10, Report #910556
Jul 11 2012
07:44 PM
Bottom Line Books Boardroom Classics SENT 2011 Book rather than 2012 Des Moines , Iowa
I ordered a 2012 Bottom Line book.  I received a 2011 book, a 1 1/2 year old book! I contacted them about this. They wrote a letter 5/7/12 and did not even MAIL IT until 6/29/12.  They told me to return the book, did not apologize or send the 2012 one!  I had brain surgery during this time and cannot now find the book.  If they had replied in a timely manner, this situation would be different.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
11, Report #502115
Sep 30 2009
11:42 AM
FILM-CLASSICS Took money, never sent merchandise Internet
I ordered a DVD on 22 August using my credit card.  I got an immediate email receipt from Film-Classics for $20.90.  My bank record shows they got their money on 24 August. On  17 September my email inquiry came back from yahoo.mail: FAILURE NOTICE--undeliverable.  How do I get the money back into my bank account?  Do I need to put a tracer from my bank?
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #732663
May 24 2011
01:19 PM
Loving the Classics Damaged goods, Internet
Bought 10 movies; I watch when I can, expecting no problems.  One had almost no sound.  Complained and was sent a replacement.  One dvd played thru.  3 others jammed midway. Still have 5 unwatched but can't understand why there are so many problems regardless of any warranty/return.  I thought I was the only one 'til I stumbled upon this site.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #748230
Jul 01 2011
07:51 PM
Loving the Classics LIARS Dayton, Ohio
No response to emails. They list only a voice mail phone. No way to get in touch with anyone. I paid for a film and paid for expedited shipping. 2 weeks later I have nothing. I asked around and learned this outfit takes your money but always has an excuse for not shipping what you bought. We're on vacation. It's a holiday weekend. Web site is being updated. Daddy's in the hospital. Mommy died. Ad nauseum. They say they take up to 7 days !! to send out a film. Outrageous. Emails are answered within 3 !!! days. Outrageous. And they didn't even to that, like then get 10,000 orders a day. Probably more like 2 0r 3. Crappy company.
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
14, Report #1114664
Jan 10 2014
07:46 PM
Loving the Classics Online Rip Off Internet
I placed an order with this company about two weeks ago.  Of course they charged my credit card and that is where all contact ended.  Every attempt to email this company or call the Customer Service was never addressed.  Left repeated messages with the confirmation number that was auto-generated and several follow up emails trying to get some information about the order.  Glad I had the forethought to write down the confirmation number or I would be without that information as well.  Sure wish I had read the reports about this company before I placed the order.  After two weeks I reported the transaction to my credit card company and am waiting for them to take action.  Obviously I wll never attempt to do business with this company again. Very disappointing experience for sure.   
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #918973
Jul 28 2012
03:49 PM
Loving the Classics Crooks, Internet
Loving the Classics is nothing but a scam. Once you place an order, all you get is the runaround. There is no phone number to call and you might as well be sending e-mails about your order to the dark side of the moon. Don't even think about contacting these clowns, much less placing an order with them.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1052193
May 19 2013
08:37 PM
Pristine Classics Classic car ripoffs! LAkeland Florida
I am not the only one, there are many who fell victim to the picasso's at Pristine motors/Lash in lakeland florida.Subject is a 1971 lincoln advertized as perfect and pristine, yada yada.. They are a bunch of crooks. They told me the car had no rust and was a perfect example of the marque.The roof in back was rotted out and repaired with fiberglas, covered by the vinyl top, it had been hit in the left front.The front bumber was damaged, rear bumper ends were rusted out. Rear quarter window motors  were broken. Windshield had a crack in it. Front suspension was worn out with grease everywhere.They sprayed the bottom with undercoating on top of dirt. This is their SOP. Then painted the old steel exhaust system with silver paint to make it look good in the pictures. They spotted some of the panels, none of the paint matched. The heater fan housing was broken in half as someone tried to fix the blower motor with out trying to do it properly. Wipers dont work, bad hyd motor. Oil pan leaks. Power seats broken,  all motors rusted out transmission whines. Should I go on.....In short, this car was a RAT that was patched up and had a good photographer. My fault is I believed their BS and photos. Never buy site unseen, my big mistake.  I have never seen the level of deception on a car that these folks stooped to. If I lived in Florida, they would have got it back and I would have sued them. Im still thinking about it. I have everything documented.  BEware of this outfit...
Entity: LAkeland, Florida
17, Report #1139202
Apr 16 2014
06:25 AM
Lovin The Classics near unplayable dvd Internet
I ordered the movie Beau Geste. After waiting about a month, when it came, it was not sealed, probably used, and it would not play on my dvd player. It did play on my blue ray player. All this was, was a recording from Cinemax, because it had the logo in the lower right hand corner. Allso the movie was cropped, cutting off both ends of the picture. This movie was made in 2.35:1, but it only played at 1.33:1. There were no chapter stops .
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1319043
Jul 26 2016
02:57 PM
Coyote classics Only wants homeruns Green Iowa
 Beware, this place only cares about making easy money and does not invest any time if transaction isnt an easy homerun. A few years ago they bought my 69 charger in which they gave me 16k for it, later it was on lot and had asking price of 27k. Who knows what it sold for but whatever, I obviously did not know the value of it. I understand it is a business but looking at pictures they did not so much as even vacuum it so I dont think they put anymore money in it. But, I digress, more recently I had exchanged some emails with Chad, the owner, about looking for a project car. I was close to making a decision but then had a large hail storm come through our neighborhood. I told him I would have to pause the process until we ironed out the totals with insurance company. I later explained that the damages were north of 30k to our home so I could not pursue the original car we were working a deal on but I did see a much less car for sale on his website so I inquired about it. So even after getting taken advantage of on my Charger and after an extreme storm to our house, I was willing to look into still buying a car from them. Since telling Chad of my recent hardship, they have not responded back to me. If you think a customer is too much effort, just tell them, dont ignore them. I guess since they already made 10k off me, no need to bother with. Just stay away. There are too many dealers and too many classic car options in the 15-25k range to give these people any of your money. Ignored.
Entity: Green, Iowa
19, Report #1354275
Feb 06 2017
08:02 AM
Primo Classics LLC Very Shady Business Practices Florida
Arranged for the sale of classic car with Sales Manager Derek.  Signed contract and made contingent upon mechanics inspection; Derek said a deposit was not necessary until after inspection.  Inspection revealed substandard body work which would have to be repaired in near future and was not part of vehicle description.  I talked to Derek and adjusted my offer based on the mechanics findings.  After fairly rude conversation Derek said he would 'talk to the owner' and get back to me.He accepted my revised offer at about 4:15 on Friday afternoon and sent me revised contract.  I told him I was at work and would send signed contract and wire funds on Monday morning which he indicated was fine.  Got an e-mail on Sunday evening telling me that they had sold car on Friday night.  BOTTOM LINE: had a contract and deal for car, paid for inspection, had a revised contract and verbal agreement, got a message saying car sold to somebody else.I find this behavior unethical and impossible to justifiy for a company that wants to do business on the internet, I would advise buyers to steer well clear of this company due to a basic lack of integrity.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1388502
Jul 27 2017
06:11 AM
Loving the Classics Rare Videos Internet
     I ordered two videos in June.  Loving the Classics charged the two videos to my checking account on June 25.  I have not received the videos nor an explanation or contact from the company regarding the delay.  The sales were confirmed via email by the company.  I am afraid from the other reports that my trying to contact the ompany is a lost cause.  Thus I am a victim of their scam.    
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1410471
Nov 05 2017
11:18 AM
Loving The Classics Unfilled Order Internet
Back in April 2017 I ordered 5 videos from Loving The Classics. They sent me multiple copies of two titles. I called and only got the answering machine. Then I emailed them and got a response. I returned the multiple copies, keeping one copy of each title. I was still waiying for the other three titles. After a few weeks I went through the BS of the phone and email. I got back a message that he was out of the three titles and was waiting for them to come in. Since then I have left numerous phone messages and emails all with no response. It is now Nov. 5, 2017 and I am going to get my charge card company involved. They still send me emails of sales etc.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1194726
Dec 11 2014
12:22 PM
Tree Classics shame on Tree Classics Oak Creek, Wisconsin
I have had the worst experience imaginable with Tree Classics that I hope you can share so that others will not suffer the same shameful service. As I detail below, I received a $410+ defective tree from their company that they refused to replace or repair, even though a 30-day warranty is posted next to the tree on their website. I ne­ver asked for a refund for the original cost of the tree, but only requested that they allow me to credit the cost of the tree toward another purchase from their company. After over a month of e-mails, phone calls, and endless time on hold, they ultimately refused to take any action. Here are more details: 1. I either received a defective tree, or Tree Classics is knowingly continuing to sell an inferior product. The Fraser Flip Tree I received had an approximately 1-foot gap on each side of the tree. At additional expense, I purchased ribbon and large ornaments to attempt to mask the gap, but you can still see right through the tree. Additionally, a section of lights stopped working almost immediately, and the tree has begun to lean forward and sideways. 2. The website provides no disclaimers regarding this problem with the tree, nor did they provide specific instructions on how to fix the problem on the website or in the shipping box. I cannot imagine other customers have not experienced a similar problem. When we contacted Customer Service by e-mail and phone, they said we just needed to fluff and re-shape the tree. Nothing has helped. 3. There were also significant problems with the delivery of my tree. My purchase immediately cleared my bank account, but I did not receive it in a timely manner, nor was it shipped via FedEx as promised on the Tree Classics website. It was shipped from a company called My Seko. Although I e-mailed Tree Classics repeatedly and asked that someone call me to resolve the matter, I only received e-mails advising me to contact the shipping company directly. I finally looked their number up on that company's website, called, and learned that Tree Classics had provided them with an incorrect phone number, thus they had been unable to deliver the tree. My tree had been sitting in the MySeko warehouse for days, but Tree Classics never intervened on my behalf. Instead they blamed their own Tree Classics warehouse for giving the shipping company the wrong number. Isn't the Tree Classics warehouse part of Tree Classics by definition? 4. Tree Classics intentionally deceives potential customers by removing negative comments from their Twitter feed and Facebook page, cutting and pasting idential reviews from one tree to others on their website, and neglecting to publish negative reviews to their website. These practices haven't just happened to me, but to others as well. This company claims that to pride itself on high-quality products and responsive customer service, but consumers have no recourse when something goes wrong. Please share this review with others so that they will not make the same mistake I made in purchasing a $410 defective tree from this company.
Entity: Oak Creek, Wisconsin
23, Report #905388
Jul 01 2012
02:06 PM
AIMCO Flamingo South Beach AIMCO LLC, Flamingo South Beach Flamingo South beach AIMCO will steal your Security Deposit Miami Beach, Florida
WORST PLACE TO LIVE! They nickel and dime you to death. I've lived here off and on for 5 years and here are the cold hard facts about the Flamingo. They will Nickel & dime you to death. The policies are always changing and they notify you always1 day before the new change. They WILL TAKE 90% of your deposit. I've always left my place 100% perfect, paid for carpet shampooing etc. and they ALWAYS take your deposit. Most apartments have mold problems, You can smell the mold in the hallways, and all the vents have block mold spores all over them. I also got pretty sick the past year, and I think this is to blame. They charge $200 per car if you want to park there, They charge you for bs insurance each month, they now charge for water, $1000 non refundable pet deposit plus $600 extra in rent per dog per year. They have NO guest parking anywhere so if your friend stops by they have to pay high prices for valet. One day late on rent is $200 late fee. If you lose your Flamingo card yup that's $150, The buildings gym is not free either, it's $150 to sign up and $50 per month extra.  It's also always very loud, in the hallways, and outside, the paper thin walls and hallow doors don't help either. If you live in the front all you hear all day and night is the gate slamming shut and taxi drivers honking and yelling, seriously allllll day and night. The fire alarm going off in the whole building once every week too. My rent for a 2 bedroom was $2,100/mo when my lease was up they raised my rent to $2600 per mo. if I wanted to renew. Every year you extend your lease your rent sky rockets because they think now they got you, you'd think they'd want to keep you right...nope. The South pool has been closed for a year, and everyone says that the south tower is sinking. There's all construction machines all over the place after the company went bankrupt. They once lost my check and then charged me $200 that THEY lost it. They also now do not accept checks you have to sign up for autopay. That is the only method they allow to pay rent. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT MOVE HERE! I only wish I read a review like this before I moved there.This place is nothing but con artists and scammers, always out to get a buck from you. Flamingo charged me to replace the sinks and cabinets in my apartment, (which i left in perfect condition. Odd thing is that flamingo maintance came in 2 months beforee i left to measure them because they said they were going to upgrade the bathrooms, so essentially Flamingo is charging their old tennants when they leave to upgrade their old 80's style bathrooms, nice huh? and one more note. Flamingo gives you a new broiling pan when you move in... if you use it don't leave them a brand new pan when you vacate, they will charge you $80-$100 for this stupid $10 pan that they make you think they gave it to you for free, so if you leave, go out and buy a new pan to leave them. Once again horrible building to live and and huge miss management going on over there, I  would avoid at ALL costs!
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida
24, Report #1022807
Mar 03 2013
08:42 AM
Loving the Classics Jarret Enterprises LLC You Never Can Tell, but in Loving the Classics, Classics is a RIP OFF! Internet
I  attempted to place an order for a Loving the Classics dvd You Never Can Tell (1951) in late Jan.  However, I did not receive order verification from the company.  However, On Feb 20, the dvd appeared in USPS.  I was surprised by the delivery: Loving the Classics HAD received the order (PAYPAL) after all. However, there was no shipping paper work in the package, just the dvd in a brown shipping envelope from LTC Returns , 345 Joyner Loop, Lonoke, AR, 72086.  I attempted to view the dvd on two different  players, including my computer player.  DAMAGED DISC was the notice.  The dvd was defective, damaged, impossible to view. Moreover, the package containing the dvd was appeared to be a  amateur homemade kitchen table, tape and glue job. I have contacted  PAYPAL dispute resolution seeking a refund.  PAYPAL informs me that Jarret will not refund.  This is a poorly operated business enterprise.  Loving the Classics? Yes, if I could receive a dvd that worked on a dvd player that is.  Very Poor customer relations.  Order from these folks at your own risk!!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #142698
May 14 2005
08:48 AM
Oakwood ripoff Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Have a 1997 Oakwood mobile home that is falling apart. Warped floors, dishwasher hooked up incorrectly flooded the floors now they are warped, A/C doesn't work due to a leak that was discovered the first year we bought it (new) and the list goes on. They house was supposedly worth 45,000. Now after all this time the balance is still 40,000 and we couldn't get 20,000 for it. No quality at all, wether you paid 40 or 60,000 for the home, it should at least not fall apart in 8 years. Lynda Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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