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1, Report #1347632
Mar 18 2017
10:43 AM
Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center - SWCC - Linda Searles : Scottsdale Arizona
Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Investigation: CRUEL ZOO= SWCC Scottsdale Southwest Wildlife “Conservation Center”FREEDOM IS EVERY ANIMAL'S RIGHTWE WANT LIBERATION FOR ANIMALS.Contact us nationally, internationally or locally:#WHATANIMALSDESERVEFind a chapter in your state or country: month, DxE unites activists across the world -- in 165 cities and 32 countries. Join us!A recent investigation by DxE finds a CRUEL ANIMAL PRISON in a Scottsdale neighborhood backyard. This one falsely calls itself a “Conservation Center” to make it seem legitimate. Here is a list of OUTRIGHT LIES being propagated by Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale: not speaking out against SWCC will encourage other for-profit backyard zoos by Arizona residents in rural areas where the zoning and animal rules are lacking. It is critical that DxE assert a stance against SWCC.Not to ignore some of the good work that SWCC does: They do give care and tend to injuries of wild animals which are injured or orphaned, but the VAST MAJORITY of the animals at SWCC are perfectly healthy wild animals that should be RELEASED TO RESUME LIVING IN THE WILD, rather than small cages at SWCC. Once the animals are healed, they ought to be released immediately.1) SWCC States: “We are a conservation center” FALSE: SWCC is a ZOO according to their official application records from the Game and Fish department:Website Excerpt: See Attachment #1 In other words, SWCC is a zoo that calls itself a “conservation center” because that sounds better to some people who don’t know any better.In fact, the owner of the ZOO, Linda Searles seems uneducated about her own facility, and didn’t even know the difference between a zoo and a conservation center during a recent video news interview: are kept in small cages on a small 5-acre property in a residential neighborhood in Scottsdale. Here are what REAL and legitimate animal conservation centers IN ARIZONA AND THE SOUTHWEST are supposed to look like:--a 1,800- acre animal conservation center: 400-acre animal conservation center: 160 acre animal conservation center: 35,000+ acre animal conservation center: --a 2,000 acre, $2.2 million sanctuary is in the works on the arizona-nevada border: sanctuaries are in Northern AZ (where its higher in elevation and cooler) and are described as “state of the art” -- NOT hundreds of wild canines cooped up in small wire cages, with minimal shade in the middle of a residential area, in the hottest part of the Sonoran desert.2) SWCC is “one of the largest “sanctuaries” in the Southwestern US.FALSE: Linda Searls, the SWCC/zoo owner, actually tells people on her website that she is one of the “largest animal sanctuary in Southwest!” Her backyard is one of the largest animal sanctuaries? LOL!! Talk about InSAnE!!!Website Excerpt: See Attachment #2 Reference: HUNDREDS OF NON-NATIVE ANIMALS STUFFED INTO five (5) acres, SWCC might be THE SMALLEST SANCTUARY/ ZOOS in AMERICA!3) SWCC says on its homepage that it “does not breed, buy or sell animals:Website Excerpt: See Attachment #3 SWCC has a breeding program:Website Excerpt: See Attachment #4 Reference: has a breeding program. SWCC literally states that they have: “a captive breeding program” They breed these animals only to keep them in captivity in small crowded cages FOREVER for entertainment for gawking, paying tourists.Read for yourself -- SWCC even admits it has no intention of releasing healthy animals: They state on their website that they breed and keep wild animals in cages PERMENANTLY.Website Excerpt: See Attachment #5 References: other words, Linda Searles at SWCC Scottsdale breeds their wild animals, in cages, only so that they can keep them in captivity for eternity. After all, releasing their Mexican Grey Wolves into the wild or a real sanctuary would be much healthier for her animals, but bad for SWCC’s business, right?All of Linda Searles’ Animals at SWCC Scottsdale are closely confined, lack privacy, and have little or no opportunity for mental stimulation or physical exercise. These conditions often result in abnormal and self-destructive behavior, known as “zoochosis” Which according to recent SWCC visitors, is clearly evident in over half of caged animals at SWCC. Click on: zoochosis for a sample video of such behavior. SWCC purposely solicits and obtains animals from all over the United States -- as far as New York State-- from the wild to bring them to a lifetime of captivity and sweltering summer heat in SMALL CAGES at SWCC and have NO INTENTION of EVER releasing them.4) SWCC Needs your donations!FALSE: SWCC solicits most of its “donations” in the form of cash from thousands of visitors who are duped into visiting the facility, thinking that it is a legitimate “conservation center.”The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust refers to SWCC Scottsdale as a “renowned, accredited sanctuary.” Either Carol Schilling, Kent Agness and Lisa Shover Kackley of the The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust are a bunch of imbecils, or they were lied to by the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center. As is clear, SWCC is not a sanctuary; it is a ZOO according to its official application. Still, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust still gave $100,000 to this cruel zoo, thinking that they were a legitimate and “conservation center” like the REAL centers in #1.Additionally, My sister’s closet donated $30,000 to help fund SWCC cruelty, again thinking that they were giving money to a real and legitimate “conservation center.”It's hard to know whether all of that money going to the animals there, or Linda Searles’ million-dollar-plus home on the grounds of SWCC!! These hundreds of animals are basically being kept in her backyard.5) “We educate visitors” at SWCC.FALSE: All zoos like SWCC claim to “educate” SWCC Scottsdale is all about Entertainment and money for Linda Searles, NOT “Education.”Children and adults do not need to see imprisoned animals to be “educated” about them. A young child can tell you more about a dinosaur than an elephant; you don’t need a dinosaur in a cage to learn about them. Caging wild animals is not acceptable. Showing caged wild animals to children sends the wrong message about how humans should treat wild animals.SWCC claims to provide educational opportunities, but most visitors spend only a few minutes looking at each animals display, seeking entertainment by caged wild animals, rather than enlightenment. The fact is, like SWCC, all zoos on the planet offer “tours” and “education” but, this argument does not justify the imprisonment of the individual animals. They may also argue that spending time with the animals inspires people to protect them, but SWCC’s idea of protecting the animals consists of taking them out of the wild to confine them in cages and pens. Furthermore, animal advocates would argue that the main lesson taught by the zoo is that we have the right to imprison animals for humans to gawk at.An Oxford University study based on four decades of observing animals in captivity and in the wild found that animals such as polar bears, lions, tigers, and cheetahs “show the most evidence of stress and/or psychological dysfunction in captivity” and concluded that “the keeping of naturally wide-ranging carnivores should be either fundamentally improved or phased out.” A survey of the records of 4,500 elephants both in the wild and in captivity found that the median life span for an African elephant in a zoo was 16.9 years, whereas African elephants on a nature preserve died of natural causes at a median age of 56 years. Researchers concluded that “bringing elephants into zoos profoundly impairs their viability.” I wonder what SWCC Scottsdale and Linda Searles would think of those statistics? Probably not much….she is too busy counting all her cash donations from all of suckers who donate to her ZOO, and remodeling her million-plus dollar home on the SWCC grounds.6) “SWCC is proud to be holding facility for the repopulation of the endangered Mexican Wolf population”FALSE: This is NOTHING to be proud of. All of SWCC’s zoo enclosures are very small, and in fact, SWCC may be the smallest ZOO or “conservation center” anywhere in the USA!!!!SWCC’s animals’ normal behavior is seldom discussed, much less observed, because their natural needs are rarely met. Natural hunting and mating behaviors are virtually eliminated by SWCC’s small cages, regulated feeding and forced breeding regimens.In the wild, grey wolves and coyotes typically walk between 3 and 12 miles per day and enjoy running up to 35 miles per hour…. It's fair to assume that they are not doing any of that in SWCC’s small cruel cages.7) “SWCC is the only large animal sanctuary in the Southwest”FALSE: As stated above in Item #1, there are multiple sanctuaries in Arizona with better climates and hundreds -- or even thousands -- of acres which more closely mimic the natural environment of these animals, and where the animals are kept in huge enclosures, NOT IN SWCC’s SMALL, UN-SHADED CAGES!SWCC has also lied, claiming through The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust that they are the only facility in Arizona “capable of servicing large animals” in effort to cheat the The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust out of a $100,000 donation. (See Item #3)Website Excerpt: See Attachment #6 Reference: We Love animals at SWCCFALSE: If Linda Searles really loved animals she wouldn’t want them locked in small cages and Linda Searles wouldn’t threatening to euthanize her animals if she was told to move. This proves that Linda Searles is only in it for the money.See proof below of the multiple times SWCC owner Linda Searles has threatened to euthanize her wild animals if she can't have her zoo, in spite of there being larger and better equipped sanctuaries in Arizona: Better yet, she can JUST FREE THE HEALTHY IMPRISONED WILD ANIMALS!!!!!Website Excerpt (a): See Attachment #7 Reference: Excerpt (b): See Attachment #8 Reference: Excerpt (c): See Attachment #9 Reference: Excerpt (d): See Attachment #10 Reference: Searles would rather euthanize the hundreds of animals at her facility rather than move them to another wildlife sanctuary in Arizona or another state! Does that sound like someone who should be in charge of HUNDREDS OF ANIMALS?????Outrageous!!! Disgusting and CRIMINAL behavior by Linda Searles!!!9) Our animals are well cared for and loved at SWCCFALSE: With the exception of a very few native species, most animals are SWCC suffer in the inhospitable climate of the Sonoran Desert in SMALL CAGES. WOULD YOU leave you dogs outside in Arizona in the burning heat of the summer and the freezing cold of the winter??? SWCC does that with hundreds of animals, day after day, year after year.SWCC cages black bears, mountain lions, black bears, deer, jaguar, none of which are native to the desert. All of these animals and would better be served by one of the other much larger sanctuary facilities in Norther Arizona and the Southwest (See Item #1) where the climate is more suitable and where the cages would, at least, be replaced with proper, larger enclosures.In addition to the above animals, despite their name, The “Mexican” Grey Wolves are long-haired animals which are native to the colder climates of “mountainous forests and woodlands” of “Canada and Alaska” not the deserts of Arizona where the temperatures in the summer routinely exceed 100 degrees.Likewise, the many coyotes kept at SWCC are long-haired animals which are accustomed to colder climates, not summers in cages, without shade in scottsdale.SWCC also keeps ARCTIC WOLVES and ARCTIC FOXES. Yes…. you read that correctly: ARCTIC WOLVES and ARCTIC FOXES. In Arizona. Outdoors. 24/7. In the summer. In small cages. With minimal shade.a) See Attachment #11b) See Attachment #12c) See Attachment #13It is considered animal cruelty to keep your dog outdoors day and night in the freezing cold and in the sweltering summer. SWCC is doing the same with the hundreds of non-native long haired, bears, mountain lions, wolves and coyotes. Furthermore, many of these small cages do not even have shade to protect the animals. See pictures.10) We release animals back into the wild once they are healed.FALSE: Linda Searles keeps hundreds of PERFECLTY HEALTHY animals in her backyard FOR. THE. MONEY!!!At least 70% of the animals there could be released immediately, but it would be “bad for business.” Because she couldn’t be able to attract paying tourists if all she had were a few caged injured/orphand animals.IF SWCC REALLY CARED FOR ANIMALS, THEY WOULD RELEASE EVERY SINGLE HEALTHY CAGED ANIMAL BACK INTO THE WILD, OR AT LEAST, A REAL ANIMAL SANCTUARY IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!11) Here are some pictures of what SWCC looks like. Imagine wearing a fur coat in Arizona in July and having to live in one of these 24-7: While Zoos are shutting down all over the world.  SWCC Zoo in Scottsdale is being defended by Richelle Fatheree who owns a “Pro-zoo” PR  firm.  Apparently, Richelle Fatheree thinks the captivity and imprisonment of hundreds of thick-haired animals in cages, without shade, in the Arizona heat is a great idea, according to her website (whatever the heck THAT is…!  See Screenshot from Richelle’s website:   Alongside Richelle Fatheree, is a miserable hack Arizona Republic journalist Laurie Roberts who appears to have a long history of spewing stupidity in her articles.  Laurie Roberts also thinks it’s a good idea to imprison hundreds of cold-climate animals, in cages, in the AZ desert with no shade!  These animals cry and scream all night to be let out of their cages according to Laurie, HER focus is on the rights of the SWCC Zoo.  How delightfully progressive…Contact us nationally, internationally or locally:#WHATANIMALSDESERVE a chapter in your state or country: month, DxE unites activists across the world -- in 165 cities and 32 countries. Join us!
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
2, Report #1346902
Jan 17 2017
06:14 PM
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
3, Report #1409247
Oct 29 2017
11:10 AM
Tyler C. Thomas & Nick Stacey dba Fragile Planet Wildlife Center Fragile Planet Wildlife Foundation Frenchak Farms Zoological Oakwood Zoological CONSERVATION CON ARTISTS Madisonville Texas
 This is a conservation business that has a plethora of questionable activities that they are being investigated for. First, they took off out of state with another person's exotic animals they were boarding. One was killed in their care while another one was put on exhibit at the facility of an associate of theirs. Second, they are nothing more than animal flippers They play up to law enforcement (see their website) and aid in voicing accusations against other exotic animal owners. A lot of the time such accusations are false. In turn, crooked law wnforcement officers will take the animals from their rightful owners and offer them to helpers such as Tyler & Nick of Feagile Planet free of charge. Normally, these animals are high-end, expensive animals such as primates anx mustelids. Tyler and Nick then turn around and sell them within a year of intake making a 100% profit. Third, they have very poor husbandry practices, knowledge and inspection reports by the USDA. They have unsanitary living quarters for the animals and shove them into very small containment systems, such as a ringtail lemur in a bird cage.. they fail to be consistent and dedicated in nutritional plans. One example was failing to give a geriatric fox a supplement she needed to mitigate the pain of her arthritis and making her live with an ear infection. Additionally, it's not uncommon for green water to be around for the animals to drink (proof that the water is not changed for days on end).. Fourth, inspection reports from the USDA demonstrate a consistent history of neglect, sometimes even resulting in the death of the animals. Such was the case with a pair of capybaras that froze overnight while eing housed in a barn with mo heat or warmth. The animals acquired frostbite and suffered for days without medical attention from a DVM. Instead, Tyler & Nick decided to play vet by putting them on an antibiotic that didn't work. The capybaras suffered through their toes literally falling off in which case, they finally were taken to a vet. However, at that point, the infection was so rampant and enough damage had been done to where they had to be humanely euthanized.. Likewise, additional needless deaths to rehab animals, in particular, occur on a much to often basis. Of course, only known deaths are being considered although there very well may be more that are unknown and kept from report to the state. Fifth, Tyler & Nick may be working with a person in Ohio whom may be taking porcupines from the wild and selling them. Even though there were strong suspicions, Tyler & Nick continued to purchase porcupines from this person. Porcupines were bred and offspring sold to line the pockets of these two guys. One the porcupines failed to breed, due to aging, they were quickly sold. Sixth, tax evasion. A current investigation is underway to determine whether Tyler & Nick pay taxes on the income they get from their exotic animal dealings. They can mask the evasion by rolling it into the wages they earn (or earned) as professional zookeepers. Seventh, despite Tyler's charisma in particular, there are smart people who see through them. The famous Jeff Taylor is one of these people. At least one other zoo will not have anything to do with Tyler or Nick. Termination of Tyler's employmenr at this unmamed zoo occurred due to Tyler's irresponsible ways, namely his lifestyle involving substance abuse. A DWI remains on his criminal record from only a few years ago. Eighth, chronic misrepresentation of the facts. Basically, this duo just cannot seem to be able to speak the truth. If they want the authorities to seize animals from other exotic animal owners so they can bring them into their facility, grand tales of animal cruelty and neglect will abound from these guys, Tyler in particular. Accusations span the gammet, from malnourishment to unreasonable criticism of another facility's breeding project. Ninth, gullible followers take over. It isn't difficult to understand how people attract others with certain similarities in their personalties and temperaments. Hence, the phrase guilty by association, meaning he can tell his followers anything about anyone (as he often does), and his followers and friends are so gullible that they not only wil believe the trash being passed around the exotic animal industry and even the common public, by Tyler but they will do his fighting for them. A good person with strong moral fiber, will not be able to wrap his or her brains around the way Tyler & Nick show NO proof whatsoever in the irresponsible comments they say, yet with no questions asked, most people friended by, associated or associated with will believe and even go so far as to make vicious comment about and even harrass the people Tyler badmouthes. Many of the gullibles, as they are called, are rescue people who frequently speak out against inhumane practices such as flipping animals (sound familiar). Others include exotic animal owners who speak out fot private ownership of exotic animals and additional regulations governing and allowing for the seizurr of animals from their rightful owners, yet will immediately soothe and condone the outrageous actions and words of Tyler without any proof. or even any questions. This was seen when Tyler & Nick illegally took animals boarded with them (with contract in place with the rightful owner) to their new place of residence and business at Frenchak Farms in Madisonville, Texas. there were several individuals who went so far as to harass anx threaten thd person fighting for her animals back. Tenth, extreme narcicisn. Self-confidence is a great quality. However, when confidence goes as far as to be sociopathic, it's narcicism. Narcicism is a personality disorder that has become (unfortunately) all too common in our society over the last decade or two. In regards to Tyler, the epitome of his narcicism is getting upset with and revengeful of those fighting back agaibst the wrongs (sometimes such wrongs ars outright violations if the law) he so easily perpetuates against his victims. Does he expect others to ne grateful for his wrong-doings? C'mon now, his believers, or gullibles, need to smarten up! Last, Tyler attempted to elicit an outrageously priced boarding rate to us when he was first confronted by us about taking off with our animals. $100 per animal per day of board was Tyler's magic number. That would have amounted to $27k for the three animals we boarded with him for the 2.5 months that passed before we wanted to pick up our animals. Despite numerous attempts to contact Tyler about the animals, he failed to reply and ignored our messages and cals. In light of the above facts, which can be proven by author, it is easy to be suspicious of certain activities in which Tyler & Nick could be participating. In fact, efforts are ongoing to prove additional assaults to the freedoms and respect of other private individuals committed by these two individuals. 1. Tyler has a reputation with at least a couple of exotic animal owners who can attest to him flipping animals donated, boarded and loaned to him, regardless if there's a contract in place or not. If you know of any schemes or scams run by Tyler Thomas & Nick Stacey of Fragile Planet Wildlife Center, please contact us. 2. It is dangerous to leave Tyler licensed as a wildlife rehabilitator in NY or in any state. If there ever is someone who would keep wild animals for their own use, especially if he can make money off of the animals, instead of releasing them, it would be Tyler. No reports or evidembe has beeen found supporting this behavior pattern; however, with what he does with exotic animals, and how money-hungry he is, i wouldn't be surprised. 3. Transporting animals illegally actoss state botders. Non-declaration of animals that should be by law, for licensing mandates are also things that we are looking to prove, if it continues to occur. 4. Usurping animals not belonging to them by acting like law enforcement officers. They need to check the law! It's not in their favor on this topic. 5. Extorting, bribery, blackmailing. He did it to me, is he doing it to ithers? Probably! Bottom Line: NEVER LET THESE GUYS NEAR YOUR ANIMALS!
Entity: Madisonville, Texas
4, Report #299735
May 12 2009
10:05 PM
We drove 2 and a half hours after reading the website which states to allow 2 hours before closing to see everything. We arrived at 3:10 (park closes at 5:30), went to get gas and we were back at 3:35. My first disappointment was they only allow you to buy 1 very small bag of feed. We ran out exactly half way through. I explained to the woman at the front that we drove over 2 hours wanting with the intention to feed the animals but that didn't matter to her. We get to the giraffes (which is the reason we went) and there was an employees truck behind us. As soon as we started feeding them I decided to pull over to the side to let the employee's truck pass us. I did it out of courtesy. The employee gets out of the truck and starts rounding up the giraffes to put in their pen! Right when we were feeding them! Had I not been a gentleman and moved we would have been able to enjoy the giraffes. The baby giraffe kept trying to come to our car but the employee got in her truck and was herding her to keep the baby away from us. It was only 4:45. So we get half way and get out of our car to go see the wolves (about 5pm). Some woman starts yelling at us saying that the petting zoo and wolf den is closed. I explained we paid full price for a ticket and she just gave me the biggest attitude! She chastised me for leaving to go get gas so I asked her if she would rather we run out of gas in the park. She told me they could of sold me gas if I asked. WHAT? I told the woman at the front that I have to run and get gas and they didn't offer to sell me any. At this point we were half way through and had no food to feed the rest of the animals including the zebras! We left and there were 2 cars still behind us so it's not like we were the last ones there. When I went to the main gate to voice my complaints the woman turned off the lights and hid in the office. When she realized I wasn't going away until my voice was heard she got all huffy puffy while listening to my complaints. I mean we drove FOUR HOURS round trip! It was a total disaster. They have a great set up with some great animals but my god the customer service is just TERRIBLE! It was a Sunday so it's not like an odd day, we did everything that their website said to do, got there on time and they totally ripped us off! Plus the bag of feed was 8 bucks! At Natural Bridge Caverns a bag that size comes included with each admission plus you can buy as many extras as you want for one dollar a piece! My wife and I like to spend time with the animals, feed and pet them. This is a good place to SEE animals but if you are looking to interact and feed them save your time and money and go elsewhere! Also if you are just wanting to see animals (giraffes in their pen etc.) then this is not a bad place to go. But if you are like me and customer service is #1 then you'll also give this place a 1 star rating. Chris Allen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Glen Rose, Texas
5, Report #439963
Apr 01 2009
04:15 PM
Dr. Rosande/Southwest WA. Medical Center Withheld proper strenght of medicine to elevate pain Vancouver Washington
I went to Southwest Washington Medical Center, ER room for excruciating pain in my shoulder caused by a pinched nerve. That is when I met the doctor from hl called Dr. Rosande. He could care less about my pain and started to unload on me about not having a primary doctor and telling me how old I am. I didn't go there to debate the issue about a primary doctor and I could care less if he doesn't like old people. If I had a primary doctor, I would have still ended up in ER because of the weekend and I still don't know what my age has to do with anything, anyone can have a pinched nerve at any age! This doctor had an attitude when he came into my room and unloaded on me with disrespect and rudeness which reflects on his poor up-bringing and parents. He was hateful and would not give me the proper strength of medicine. Talk about a control freak. He used his position as a doctor to withhold the proper dosage to remove the pain. I know that the pain could be relieved because of a previous pinched nerve that was treated by another doctor. He is the most despicable and dispassionate person I have ever met in the medical profession. He has no business being a doctor and having access to people.I left the ER with the same pain I went in with. Ebtsae Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Vancouver, Washington
6, Report #275426
Sep 20 2007
08:25 AM
World Wide Travel Center vacation scam Dearfield Beach, Florida
had reservation 3 days two nights sent $50.00 motel despot 3weeks ag they call said we halft to take a condo tuour.or we dont get the vac. the turms dont say a thing aboutthat.we got the mini vac for taking a tour.any way they said our money will be mailed back today.thatwas 3 weeks is 9-20-07.we have called 4 times. Pappy southwest city, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dearfield Beach,, Florida
7, Report #205492
Aug 10 2006
02:40 PM
Southwest Healthcare System - Rancho Springs Medical Center Ripoff They are charging me for services that were not complete and in full Temecula California
I had taken my son into Rancho Springs Medical Center located in Murrieta, CA. He was bleeding from the back of his head and it wasn't a little bit of blood it was a lot, he had cut his head open. We had waited about 30 minutes before even seeing the triage nurse, she took his vitals and so on and sent us back on out to the waiting room, which by the way is about the size of a king bed. We waited for about 2 hours; I had started to get worried because the longer we waited the drowsier my son had looked. So I went up to the desk and asked them about how much more would we be waiting and they said anywhere from 5-7 hours, there were people there who had already been in there for 6 hours. So I had let the nurses know that I would be leaving and that I wanted any paperwork of ours released to us, they said we could go but they would not release the paperwork. So we headed to another hospital in Tustin, which is about one hour away from the hospital we were at in Murrieta. We had seen a doctor no longer than 30 minutes after we were there, our emergency co-pay is $75.00 and we intend to pay that to the hospital were my son was treated. The hospital were he was not treated at is trying to charge us the same amount of $75.00 which my insurance has deducted down to $56.00. I had then called my insurance company to see what we were being charged for and they said it was for an emergency room visit. I don't think we should have to pay this bill because it is ridiculous for them to charge us, we should be charging them for letting a 2-year-old little boy bleed from his head without seeing a doctor for over 2 hours. I know I will never go to that hospital again and I will let everyone know how ridiculous their billing company is. Their medical billers don't even sound like they know what they are doing. It took 4 phone calls for them to even pull up if it was charged emergency co-pay or not, I asked to speak the supervisor Debbie Zepetta and I had even left her a message, after waiting by the phone for two hours I called back and she still was not there, they had put me on the phone with someone who also sounded like she did not know what she was doing. I hope that no one ever goes to that hospital and has to deal with what I am dealing with. I know $56 dollars does not sound like a lot but it is the whole principle of it all. Krystal Temecula, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Temecula, California
8, Report #1317163
Jul 15 2016
07:51 PM
Thurston Conservation District Thurston County Conservation District Sexist, Racket, Incompetent, Liars Tumwater Washington
THURSTON CONSERVATION DISTRICT OF OLYMPIA, WA, IS SEXIST. If you're a man, don't even bother applying to TCD. The women in charge of Thurston Conservation District want to keep it the way it is. They are completely and utterly incompetent, extremely sexist towards men, and DON'T WANT ANY OUTSIDE OPINIONS - no matter what they say. And they play games, telling you one thing and then doing another. THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND BLOW YOU OFF. LOOK OUT FOR THURSTON COUNTY CONSERVATION DISTRICT OF OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON - IT'S A RACKET FULL OF SPITEFUL PEOPLE. Stay clear, especially of the TCD's bullshit Native Plant Sales. They will just sell you garbage plants!
Entity: Tumwater, Washington
9, Report #1089561
Apr 07 2014
10:23 AM
Howells Angels Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue, Inc. Howells Wildlife Rescue; John W. Howell; Marie L. Howell; John Howell; Marie Howell wildlife scammers; illegal selling & trading of wildlife; wildlife abusers Ft. White Florida
 These scammers are the lowest form of humans. They prey on the sympathies of people who really want to help wildlife babies and injured wildlife. They put pictures up of animals on their website and Facebook page that they are supposedly rehabbing THAT are not even in their possesion and ask for money...even stating the first $50 donation gets to name this animal. I have heard from other Florida rehabbing centers that the Howells have started trouble with all of them AFTER the established rehabbers actually helped the Howells. The Howells have no training, except for the suggestions given them by experienced wildlife rehab centers, to treat these poor wildlife babies that come their way. They have been caught selling animals on Craigs list and have been caught abusing a blind raccoon that was being dumped on the side of the road by the Howells. That is THEIR form of rehabbing. How many other poor animals have been brought to these mean people only to be traded for exotic pets (white albino skunk & artic fox) ? How long is it going to take the FWC to shut them down? The IRS has no record of them as a 501c3 even though the Howells say they are in the process of getting a charity status. From what I have read and researched, they both have  criminal records. So, watch out! People like this are very slimy and cunning.
Entity: Ft. White, Florida
10, Report #432601
Mar 10 2009
08:33 AM
National Wildlife Federation Blankets NFW Reston Virginia
In the fall of 2008 I was e-mailed by the National Wildlife Federation with an offer to send National Wildlife Federation Blankets to me by Christmas 2008 to be used as presents for my daughter and son in law. I am a Conservationist and Boy Scout Leader. I teach animal identification to the scouts and they learn animal life patterns and habitats. This seemed to be a noble cause as it was for the animals and the money was given to protect endangered species. Plus It would make a great Christmas present to my daughter and her husband. I sent in $50 for two blankets and have not received them to this date 3.10.09 This is not upsetting enough, but I have E mailed and written a letter to the NWF and received, NO BLANKETS, NO RESPONSE and no satisfaction. Bill Gainesville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Reston, Virginia
11, Report #1278695
Jan 07 2016
03:55 PM
Pat from Countryside Wildlife stated he could get rid of my mice and guarantee the service for a year. After just 4 or 5 weeks the mice were back, but Pat refuses to return my calls.   This guys uses homeowner grade bait and supplies nyone can buy at Home Depot and gave me an invoice of $700.00 for less than 45 mins. worth of work.   I refused to pay the bill and we eventually agreed he would leave with a check for $ 350.00.   Now the mice are back and Pat is no where to be found.   This guy is a crook and I do not recommend his services.
Entity: NORTHBORO, Massachusetts
12, Report #1371477
May 05 2017
08:49 AM
The Wildlife Gallery Incompetent Blanchard Michigan
We contracted with The Wildlife Gallery to tan the hides of game animals we harvested in Africa.  In late summer, 2016, The Wildlife Gallery shipped the hides back to us via UPS, uninsured.  Somewhere, UPS completely lost them.  The Wildlife Gallery didn’t insure the return shipment to us.    I contacted the Wildlife Gallery on or about 4 April 2017, and spoke with a Mr. Dave Peters. Mr. Peters listened to my complaint, and agreed to call me back the next day.  The next day, Mr. Peters offered compensation of $875 as reimbursement for the loss of the capes.  I reluctantly agreed, and Mr. Peters stated he would have to clear it with “one of the owners.”  The following day Mr. Peters called me to say that the “owner” said “go pound sand”, and that they will not be providing any form of reimbursement.  I concluded the call by expressing my dissatisfaction, and told Mr. Peters to inform his owner that I would be pursuing all legal remedies.  I am not happy with the customer service we received from The Wildlife Gallery.  I am disappointed that The Wildlife Gallery did not insure the return shipment to our taxidermist.  I am very unhappy that The Wildlife Gallery offered compensation, and then reneged on the offer.  These people are poor business people, and have terrible customer service.
Entity: Blanchard, Michigan
13, Report #777931
Sep 17 2011
10:50 AM
Westchester Wildlife Control Westchester Wildlife Control LLC Scam Artist Brewster, New York
Jim Dreisacker is a con artist. He came out to my house to remove a dead skunk from my back yard. After a hefty fee he also wanted to inspect my house. He scared my wife and kids when he told them we were infested with bats and flying squirrels and if we didn't have our house sealed up we would have bats in our house in the middle of the night and my kids would have to go through painful rabies shots.Being away on a business trip; and with my wife calling me panicking, I told her to go ahead and have Westchester Wildlife do the job to protect our home and kids. That afternoon she wrote Jim a deposit check for 6200.00 He told her his crew would be by in the next day or two to seal up the house. He cashed the check and never came back. He is now not answering our calls. I have no choice but to take him to court.The best part is I had two other companies come out and neither could find any evidence of bats or squirrels in or on my home.
Entity: Brewster, New York
14, Report #1327813
Sep 12 2016
09:54 PM
Patrick McNeil Wildlife Countryside Wildlife; Mass Wildlife Frauded me to pay for services I never received Hudson MA - Massachusetts
Had bats in my attic.  Requested a quote from  Mass Wildlife contacted man.  In particular, a man by the name of Patrick McNeil. He came to my house immediately, and inspected.  He requests payment in full.  I paid him 875. He never did the work.  I called him when I noticed bat issues had worsened.  He never responded. He's a scam artist.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1406806
Oct 17 2017
10:47 AM
 I am not one to write reviews about others, but I must when I feel a lot of my money, personal time and effort has been completely wasted! I hired this company to remove rats. It was supposed to be a 2 week process and they laid down traps and were supposed to come and check and remove and all they did was take my money! I had to practically chase them to come and put traps and check and remove as agreed . Totally rude after. Very unprofessional, lots of rescheduling and I missed work time they did not compensate. My husband had to threaten with suing and calling BBB so they would do as agreed or give our money back. Turns out they do have a lot of BBB complaints. Should have looked first! After researching further, my husband and i found out that they are not even a real nationwide company as their website claims to be! Watch out they are not as big or known or professional as their website says! Do Diligent Research before hiring these people. We regret not doing so before.... I would never recommend these people again! Not to my worse enemy!
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #131186
Feb 12 2005
10:43 PM
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
17, Report #1043934
Apr 17 2013
09:54 AM
Allied Energy Conservation Numerous telephone calls every day Las Vegas, Nevada
Multiple daily robocalls supposedly from Nevada Energy. Long monologue about home energy conservation. THe calls come day and night.  We're on the national Do-Not-Call registry. We finally got fed up and decided to take action. They never leave a callback #, so you have to listen to entire message to get to an actual person who asks these questions: Monthly electrical bill amt, your name, homeowner status and age bracket; your credit rating - good, poor, or bad. An appointment was made for a rep to come to house, presumably to do an energy audit.  Person arrived in an unmarked car, no uniform and did not present business card or company ID.  When confronted said he represented a construction company - not ALLIED ENERGY CONSERVATION.  We said Nevada Energy claims no knowledge of them.  We told him we weren't giving him our home access and that the harassing calls had to stop.  He was angry that we wasted his time.  We told him we understood he wasn't to blame but to pass the info on to his superiors to stop harassing us. We believe that Allied Energy Conservation is a coldcalling boilerroom op that gets contacts and companies such as the one this guy worked for pay for the tips.  Hopefully, that is ALL the scam consists of.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
18, Report #1229049
May 13 2015
08:00 PM
Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority Michelle Greb Camera Traps Unconstitutional calabasas California
Issues Failure to stop tickets and hides and impairs the sign so you miss it.   Then sends letters stating you failed to stop.    Camera tickets are unconstitutional.    Sends to a collection agency. 
Entity: calabasas, California
19, Report #1162632
Jul 16 2014
04:15 PM
Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority For the State of California Los Angeles California
I was reported for going thru a stop sign near Franklin Park. I had stopped... for a while. I was unsure which way to go when I rolled forward to attempt to figure where I was. The ticket is bogus to begin with, but we also no longer acknowledge camera or photograph tickets in Los Angeles, California. No good. Not paying. Now, RSI Enterprises is attempting to collect. They aren't getting anything either.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #778803
Sep 19 2011
11:34 PM
Westchester Wildlife Control LLC Liars, Con-Artists Brewster, New York
I hired Westchester Wildlife this summer to resolve a bat issue in my home. They responded, Jim told me it would cost over ten thousand dollars to get the bats out and keep them out. I paid them the deposit, over two months ago, and they have not been back after the first day of work. Now I am in the process of trying to find another company, as well as get my deposit back. They are now avoiding my calls.
Entity: Brewster, New York
21, Report #769893
Aug 27 2011
09:57 AM
Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Rude Customer Service Barrington & Chicago, Illinois
Early Friday evening I rescued a baby squirrel who had fallen from a tree in my yard. I had been watching it for some time in the tree as it was making a very distressed call. When it fell, I first called my county animal wildlife provider and had to leave a message as it was around 5pm. Then I called my vet who provided me with Flint Creek's information. Again I had to leave a message. My county wildlife provider claims a 24/7 service. Flint Creek claims they have office hours until 6pm and will respond in a timely fashion. Flint Creek did not respond in a timely fashion to say the least. It has a detailed flow chart on its website about care of rescue critters for up to 6 hours. I heard nothing from them Friday evening at any time. And I had to rely solely on the information from their website that only listed for care for 6 hours. I ended up going to bed praying the little one would even make it through the night. It was not until a sent them an e-mail Saturday morning at 7:30AM pointing out their lapse and questioning their attention to wildlife care, and at the time thinking my rescue had passed away, that they finally responded - about an hour later. Then I was given information about keeping the little one warm only - and that seemed to ease some of its discomfort. I was given an appointment to drop off my critter and told about the donation policy as was mentioned in another Report. I fully understand the need for both disclaimers up front as they are a privately funded organization that has high overhead and animals to keep safe. I dropped off my critter and it was examined and declared dehydrated, about 4 weeks old and probably had been without its mother for 3 days. I also was told to watch for others as there are usually litters of 2-3. Then I was harangued about my e-mail. Dawn expected me to apologize for daring to call them out on a lack of timely response that they claim through their voicemail and website to provide. I had an animal in distress and she was more concerned about an e-mail. She gave me a story about messages being routed to a different mailbox and they didn't discover that until 10P. It only barely crossed her mind to call at that hour, which she never did. She never apologized to me for the delay in responding to my messages. And she told me to take any additional animals I found to another wildlife rehabilitation facility in the future. I'll gladly take them there. I've used them before and they are great to work with.
Entity: Barrington & Chicago, Illinois
22, Report #697736
Feb 20 2011
10:26 AM
United Wildlife Control CAUTION: Consultation fee ONLY=$ may not get resolution. Ogden, Utah
Found United Wildlife Control online to assist with a skunk odor problem that was coming in our house. We could not determine where the skunk was or if it indeed was still around.  However, the odor remained for weeks.   We were told of the $195 fee to have someone come out to assess the issue.  A gentleman came from a city about an hour away.  Walked around the outside of our home.  Handed us a can of Odor Assassin and said if we spray this a couple of times, within 48-72 hours the odor would be gone. He also informed us that if we had called him directly, our cost would have been minus the additional percentage that UWC charges HIM to make sure he's called as their subcontractor, which would have been a significant savings. Needless to say, 3 weeks later, we are now still dealing with the problem.  I attempted to contact UWC and they have not responded to my email or pleas for additional help.  I am assuming that they only wanted our initial $195...after that we are on our own. Buyer Beware!
Entity: Ogden, Utah
23, Report #954888
Oct 14 2012
04:10 PM
Trutech wildlife & animal removal specialists Service not performed , Internet
I had a technician from this company come to my house earlier this year to remove squirrels and / or rats from the attic in my house. After they remove the offending animal they overcharged me? Pc initial $ 598 and $ $300 for a grand total of $898 to remove the animal that they never showed to me.The i was not wise to sign a very vague contract for one year to remove and keep out any rodents from my house and attic. Guess what?  The y kept Charging me $ 80 every month without even entering the attic but a quick 10 minutes outside perimeter visit. When I called the manager it took at least one week to call me back and discuss the situation. We agreed on the technician coming every other month, but after a couple of months they never returned back but kept sending via US mail the $ 80 bill, never called back even when they claimed that they did.In July 2012, they sent me an early termination fee for $ 185.00 that is not in the contract and nobody ever called me back after many attempts from my part. Last month I called the corporate office and after I asked for the supervisor, this lady started treating me like I was lying, she obviously told the the district manager would call me later that day, but again nobody called me.... Avoid this company. Their wildlife and animal service agreement said: while under contract we will take necessary steps to ensure the home is free of rodents without any other clauses or any other ways to cancel the contract if they do not perform their work.... I do not think that they are a serious company....
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1049875
May 10 2013
10:44 AM
A B Wildlife & Pest Control Unethical and shoddy service stcharles Missouri
I contracted A.B Wildlife & Pest Control in June of 2009 for termite control/insurance. At first the owner/service technician/sales rep(Aaron Baughn)was polite and friendly. He suggested a baiting system to find out where the termites where coming from, once that was determined he put poison in that area and advised me that it should get rid of them.  Never did we see him after that until 2011 when I discovered the termites were back!! He told us he would need a 3 foot clearance around all exterior walls inside the basement of my home to drill every 12 inches and put poison under the foundation. In order to give him the clearance he requested to do the job properly I had to rent a storage unit (little under $300) and move everything out of the basement. When he showed up to do the job he drilled about 20 holes down the center of the home (not the 100+ holes he said he'd drill) and told me that was all he needed to do, that him/I didn't need to worry about the exterior walls!! WHAT!??? In middle March of 2013 the termites were active in my home AGAIN!! When contacted to resolve the issue he told me he checked the traps and seen no new activity, that it was probably flying ants. Upon two 3rd party inspections we discovered he had lied, the traps hadn't been touched. Next time I called him He was VERY rude, argumentative, and disrespectful.  He told me there was no point in him coming to do work because it costs him $45 in gas each trip and nothing would be accomplished because he didn't get cooperation from me that he needed! WHAT!??? He wanted ME to clear the lower level of the home AGAIN so he could retreat! BAD IDEA because the 3rd party inspections revealed his work was shoddy, ineffective and he just pushed the labor off onto me (making me clear the basement) because he didn't want to drill around the outside perimeter of the home or work around my deck. He continuously lies to me and refuses to/is incapable of resolving my termite problem.  He's a CROOK!!  Stay away from this company!! Product_Or_Service: Termite protection Account_Number: failed to give me a contract, even upon request.    BBB Processing   04/06/2013                web       BBB        Complaint Received by BBB 04/08/2013                MEB      BBB        Complaint Reviewed by BBB Operator 04/08/2013                Otto       EMAIL     C1 - Send Acknowledgement to Consumer - Non-Mbr 04/08/2013                Otto       MAIL       B1 - Inform Business of Complaint - Non-Mbr 04/14/2013                             BBB        MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : Made a phone to the owner personally to notify him that the BBB is awaiting response and he should check his email.  Advised that we will contact the department of agriculture, Secretary of state, department of conservation, Attorney general, and make other consumer reports if we can't resolve this soon through the BBB.  4/14/13..                                additional information: (no missouri license)..   Also according to the Department of Agriculture he isn't supposed to be operating a business.. sect 351.484, 351.486, 351.598, and 351.602 are the reasons for the dissolution of the business.  We plan to notify the department of agriculture that he is still operating if he doesn't resolve this with us promptly (by 4/24/13) 04/24/2013                OttO      BBB        No response to first notice to business 04/24/2013                OttO      MAIL       B2 - Second Notice to Business -Non Mbr 04/29/2013                BB         BBB        RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : I went there and found termites on an exterior wall under a low laying deck. i couldn't inspect the basement due to furnishing in the basement. I needed part of the deck removed to treat for termites. the customer would not allow me access to treat that area. I put the bait station as a alternative. I did treat for and kill termites. I finally was able to inspect the basement in 2012 and inspect. I did drill and treat for termites where they were present. more than once and i didn't charge her for it. I have tried to work with her and she has not followed my instructions or directions. I have gone there and was not allowed access to treat or inspect. I finally decide to end the agreement due to lack of cooperation. I feel I had delivered the service to best of my ability with the access that was provided, therefore there is no refund for paid services. I am fully licensed and insured on the Missouri department of agriculture web site. 04/29/2013                BB         BBB        Bureau judged complaint resolved (AJR) 04/29/2013                Otto       EMAIL     Inform Consumer - Case Closed AJR 04/29/2013                Otto       MAIL       Inform Business - Case Closed AJR 04/29/2013                Otto       BBB        Case Closed AJR 04/30/2013                             BBB        MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : This man REFUSED to treat the termites properly.  We cleared ALL the furnishings in the basement area and moved them to an OUTSIDE storage unit so he could drill.. after doing that he came and drilled about 1/10th the holes he said he needed to drill and changed his story saying he didn't need all the furniture moved.  We were willing to tear down walls for him to inspect.  We were more than cooperative with this company, we wanted the house treated properly.. if we weren't willing to cooperate we wouldn't have hired anyone to take care of the termites.  This man is a LIAR, he has done nothing to resolve the problem.. he even told us he came and checked the traps and we have PICTURES to prove that they were untouched.. we have many pictures!.. We have pictures of his shoddy treatment. then we have a receipt from ORKIN and pictures of them treating the home WITH the furniture still in it!!!!.. ORKIN also treated underneath the deck without removing it.. We have all the picture evidence if you would like us to send them to the BBB!!!.. The 3rd party inspectors even told us he didn't do the job properly.  He was rude, arrogant and uncooperative with me when I tried to get him to honor his agreement and do the treatment correctly, he told me it cost's him 45.00 in gas to drive here and it wasn't worth HIS time!!!  he knew where the home was located when he took the job.  This is unacceptable!!  I am requesting the case be re-opened immediately.. Is there somewhere we can mail a copy of the inspection report and receipt from ORKIN to support these FACTS?.. We have plenty of pictures of his work vrs Orkins.. and it is clearly evident this company didn't do the job they were hired for.    04/30/2013                             BBB        MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : link for no Missouri License from the secretary of state:  
Entity: stcharles, Missouri
25, Report #1416688
Dec 13 2017
10:28 AM
McNeil Wildlife Patrick McNeil stole money for a job they never did Hudson Massachusetts
This man is a scumbag.  He has taken over $700 from my elderly father for a job that we believe was never done and is now not returning any calls or emails or messages.  Beware this no good rip artist.
Entity: Hudson, Massachusetts

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