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26, Report #424059
Feb 14 2009
05:50 AM
Worl Wildlife Zoo, Wildlife World Zoo And Aquarium Horrible homes for animals in zoo Phoenix Arizona
This place is absolutely horrible. The animals have athese little, closed in quarters, everything is so small and compact, and the animals, especially the predators are so close to the people its amazing nobody has gotten hurt. The predators (lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, ect.) are seperated by a simple chain link fence that looks something like a giant doggie kennal. The most terrifing part of our day was when wewent to go look at the panthers and saw not three/four feet above us, a very agitated leopard that was snapping at us from above. The scary part was the fact that this very angry animal was only seperated from us by two simple chain link fences up top of us. It was an absolute waste of 120+ dollars and a perfectly good thursday afternoon, and i hope that when people read this, they will not go to this place. Truat me, its not worth the effort. Amberb669 Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
27, Report #474941
Jul 30 2009
11:25 AM
TruTech, Inc. Wildlife And TruTech, Inc. Wildlife Removal Do not consider TruTech Inc. for pest control Marietta Georgia
Do not consider TruTech Inc. for pest control and animal removal. Their practice is for each technician to charge according to the customer's wealth. Example would be, if the customer lives in an expensive house and drives fancy cars, charge them much more than normal. I was told by a technician, if he is called in the middle of the night, it is automatically $500 to make a service call where a normal service call is $189 (still too expensive). The owner of the company has very little control over the President of the company, who does as he pleases. Ripped Marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
28, Report #648230
Oct 06 2010
04:01 PM
Taxidermy.Sportsmen's Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy, Houston, Texas Beware of Joe and his FAT son JOEY! At SportsRIPOFF Wildlife Artisitry! Houston, Texas
I took an animal (bobcat) to this so call Taxidermy place to have it mounted/stuffed on 12/3/2009 and was told it would be ready for pick up in 10 months! The due date was supposed to be October 1st! I went in on October 5th with cash in hand and excited to get my cat! At this point I was told he hasn't even started work on my bobcat mount. I told him to refund my money and my bobcat skin NOW, and he said if I wanted it back to sue him! An argunment insued and and I said ok FINE I'll sue you then and proceeded to leave! I went to get in my truck and his DADDY arrives at this time and the son Joey yell's at his daddy to block me in. The daddy blocks me in with his truck and so I get out and tell him this is BS and I want my money back! The daddy then shoves me while having approx. 7-8 people behind him, WHAT a coward huh? I go out the gate and called the Sheriff's office and they come out 30 minutes later and make a report. Charge's are pending on the old daddy and his son now. Never ever deal with these rip off screw balls. Their day in court is coming I promise! Here's their number if you want to call haha. 281-583-5560. Joey and JOE! RIP OFF'S! I hear their work is third rate!
Entity: Houston, Texas
29, Report #460412
Jun 10 2009
10:37 AM
Wildlife Art Shows / Christopher J Gervais / Western And Wildlife Art Magazine Advance Fee Scam - Promoter accepts entry fees, cancels art shows - does not give refunds of fees! Ardmor Pennsylvania
This man is operating an advance fee scam as defined on the FBI web page for fraud. He contacts artists to tell them about an art event he's hosting in their area, usually at a prestigious venue. It is supposed to be a juried show, but he actually will take any artist who applies. After he's collected as many entry fees as he can, he either cancels the show or changes the venue to a high school gym that he can rent at negligible cost or for free. He of course offers no refunds to artists. He also operates under the names Palmetto Art Shows, South Florida Art Shows and has been known to go by the alias Troy Marsh according to the attached website : . He runs an online magazine at in which he uses other peoples copyrighted images he can obtain off the internet or through set up for one of his shows noted above. If you have been defrauded by Mr. Gervais please contact the Better Business Bureau , The Federal Trade Commission , The Attorney General of Pennsylvania and . If he is using any of your images illegally or without permission please contact for the magazine and for the site. If all of the above isn't enough, he also claims to represent and collect for charities that have no working relationship with him. I confirmed this with Kuki Gallmann the founder of the Gallmann Memorial Fund which Mr. Gervais claims to represent on his online magazine site. Hopefully if enough complaints get filed one of the regulatory bodies responsible for fraud will finally charge this man. As always, be sure to Google anyone you're thinking of doing business with and check the Better Business Bureau and for complaints. I hope this report prevents any other artists from falling victim to this scam. The Agent Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Ardmore, Pennsylvania
30, Report #471655
Jul 20 2009
03:13 PM
Christopher J. Gervais, Wildlife Art Shows, Western And Wildlife Art Magazine Collects show fees, cancels show and no refunds Ardmore Pennsylvania
I, along with artists across the United States and Canada have fell victim to an art show scam. Mr. Christopher J. Gervais of Wildlife Art Shows sends out call for entries and invites to artists across the country, inviting them to participate in a prestigious art show, to be held in a well-known, elaborate venue in their area. Although the advertising states these shows are juried, anyone who pays is in. His website,, which has now been revamped and had all the discriminating evidence removed proudly advertised that he is a businessman, show promoter, of shows across the US and now Canada. Looking at the shows advertised, one may think that he is a very busy man and knows what he's doing when it comes to organizing and promoting wildlife art shows. Most of the shows advertised are actually not his and in fact, no one has heard of this man. He also goes by other alias such as Troy Marsh, Gervais Art Shows, Southwest Florida Arts Shows or Palmetto Art Shows. After having each artist pre-pay for their spot in the expected venue, either the venue is changed to smaller venues that don't require much of a rental price such as school gymnasiums, or it is cancelled all together with numerous reasons why. The issue though is that his contract clearly lists the larger, more elaborate location as the venue and also reads that no changes shall be made to the contract unless agreed by and signed by both parties. When the venue for the show I was booked in changed, I wrote a letter reminding him that by changing the venue on my contract is actually a breach of contract and asked for my money back. He ignores that fact and persists that collectors will still come to an elementary school gymnasium, and their decision to attend is not based on a so-called glamorous location. My question then would be, why sell the artist the glamorous location? Because we know that location and presentation has a lot to do with a successful show. Mr. Gervais has cancelled shows for reasons such as economic crisis, the venue originally booked did not disclose all the hidden fees to him, his father is ill. After receiving a tip that this man is a con-artist, I did my own research calling every show advertised on his website.....not one show took place. When a Canadian artist blew the whistle on Mr. Gervais, investigations into his actions increased once the shows were scheduled in Canada and people were catching up with his scam. The BC show, which is the one I was booked for, was moved from the Abbotsford Tradex to the Abbotsford Curling Club. I contacted the Abbotsford Tradex and their report was although they sent out the contract to Mr. Gervais, he never returned the contract. He then moved it to a curling club. With reference to the Abbotsford Curling Club, he never paid the fee by the deadline and then when questioned it seems quite convenient that all of a sudden all shows for 2009 have been cancelled due to economic crisis and refunds will be forthcoming. To date no refund. If either venue for the BC show has never been paid for.I'm wondering why the delay with refunds. There is no longer any information what so ever offered on his webite, no show history (as before), no upcoming 2010 events (as before), no links (as before)nothing. He's been known to use artists images without permission to promote his shows. He also has another website - or Here is advertises shows, but has changed the format, not listing a location. Keep in mind that some of these shows that he is advertising aren't ones he organizes and the actual organizers don't know who he is they should recognize the name if they did advertising with him and his magazine wouldn't they? Of course there's nothing wrong with advertising someone else's show for freeis there? Artist Chilliwack, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Ardmore, Pennsylvania
31, Report #499751
Sep 24 2009
08:24 AM
Southwest Kia Southwest KIA CAVEAT EMPTOR! Rockwall, Texas
I am very relieved to have been able to get out of the deal. My first clue that something was amiss was when they refused to provide copies of the paperwork and contracts that were signed. I find it very concerning that they were so reluctant to hand over of copies of the contracts; it makes it appear they are trying to hide something. They even went so far as to threaten to call the police because I was refusing to leave without copies of the paperwork. I was floored at their reaction. It literally took a 30 minute verbal battle with the general sales manager before I was finally given copies of the contracts. He kept saying, Whats the big deal? I responded, the 'big deal' is the fact that you are making this a big deal. The more adamant he became about not providing copies, the more determined I became to get the copies. The whole issue was 100 percent avoidable. After three days of having the carand them cashing the check I left for the down paymentI received a phone call stating the financing did not go through at the rate that was stated on the signed contract. When I arrived at the dealership they offered a used car at a 13 percent rate. I said those terms would, unfortunately, not work and returned the car. My concerns are twofold: why was I assured at the time of purchase, after signing the contracts, that the deal was done? Secondly, why in the world were they unwilling to provide me copies of everything I signedstating it was company policy not to do so? To top it all off, what was their justification in being so blatantly unprofessional in their dealings with me regarding the paperwork. What did they have to hide? True, after reviewing the contract I now realize it was, for me the consumer, a bad deal...the dealership would have come out great. Still, I consider it a lesson learned on my part but it in no way explains their behavior when it came to getting the copies. I have read several reviews posted by others on this site as well as other web sites ( stating the same basic scenario occurred for them. I recall my economics professor saying, caveat emptor when discussing microeconomics and consumer rights. It is a Latin phrase meaning buyer beware. Sadly, few people will read these postings before they head to the car dealership. The bottom line for me is that KIA Southwest in Rockwall, Texas provided me with a horrible experience. Perhaps you will fare better. Best of luck to you and remember, caveat emptor!
Entity: Rockwall, Texas
32, Report #820737
Jan 10 2012
03:41 PM
Southwest Dental Southwest Dental Scam Surprise, Arizona
Dealing with these people was worse than dealing with any used car dealer or professional con man.   Needing a dentist I made the mistake of joining their dental plan before I had any work done.  They showed good savings in their brochure but failed to mention that all their prices are inflated compared to other dentists in the area. Next comes the sales co-ordinator who you see after your initial visit.  I was told I needed $900 + of perio work which was supposed to be discounted from their regular price because I had their insurance.  I felt pressured and decided to get a second opinion.   I went to another dentist and was told that the treatment prescribed was excessive but did need some perio work which I had done which was a lot less expensive even though I did not have insurance with second dentist.  Now I had to make a decision of whether or not to go back to Southwest Dental for my quarterly perio treatment.  Since I had no problem with the hygenist and had already paid for the insurance, I decided to make an appointment for perio cleaning.  At this point my sales cordinator told me I had to have the $900 plus treatment before I could get the appointment.  When I demanded my money back for the insurance I was told I would have to pay thier regular price for the work I had already done  which, based on their inflated prices, would have exceeded the cost of the insurance.   Upon asking to speak to the owner of the practice I was referred to the manager of the Surprise office who not only would not allow me the appointment but refused to give me any information on the Southwest Dental parent company.  Another successful gotcha by this sleasy dental operation.
Entity: Surprise, Arizona
33, Report #1260048
Oct 08 2015
02:09 PM
Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines Lies, Commits Fraud, Retaliates Dallas Nationwide
 We were at Love Field in Dallas waiting on a flight that SWA delayed because it was not full and thus not profitable enough for management (flight 29) when I started writing this true Ripoff Report. So now we have missed our connecting flight to Harlingen from Houston. SWA says they have protected us by putting us on the 6:00PM flight instead. Then, the gate agent lied and said that they tried to put us an an earlier flight but we must have not checked in early enough. Not true. We checked in before the recommended check in time. They are dishonest. Now our second flight that they have placed us on to protect us is delayed or canceled. Each gate agent has lied to us today. Not a single voucher or refund offered. No apologies. SWA has stolen our money with no service provided. They have ruined our family vacation and the gate agents think it is funny. Never fly SWA. Go American. They do not lie to families. SWA is crooked.
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1370554
May 01 2017
01:51 PM
Southwest Airlines Customer Means NOTHING To Southwest Internet
I generally disapprove of government regulation of businesses but, if ever there was an industry that fairly cries out to be regulated, it is airlines. In the not-too-distant- past Southwest was an inexpensive, traveler-oriented airline. Some time ago the inexpensive descriptor disappeared. Now, the traveler-orientation is also gone.Before I go into specifics, I do have a few positives that I want to mention. First, they do not charge for luggage. Next, they do not charge a fee for flight changes. I don't know if there are any other airlines that do this. I can't think of any other positives at this time. Now, the reason for this report.My wife was ticketed to fly home to Burbank from Tampa onm Saturday, APril 29, 2017. When she arrived at the airport she was informed that, due to a weather delay, she would not be able to make her connecting flight. SHe had gotten one or two emails informing her that there were delays on her flights. SHe did not see them, as she was either enroute to or already at Tampa airport.She was told that there were no ther flights available for the rest of the day, so she would have ot fly home on Sunday. I will comment on this a bit further on. She was then told that, as the delay was weather-related, Southwest would not pay for a night in a local hotel.There are several problems here. First of all, I see no reason why, in this case, the airline did not attempt to notify passengers by telephone or text message. But, more importantly than that, there is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION for refusing to pay for hotel rooms for the passengers who were in her situation. They claim that they had no control over the situation. Well, they certainly had more control than did the passengers. In addition, had she been notified earlier in the day that there MIGHT be a problem, she would have been early enough to find a different flight for that same day. As it actually occurred, it was not until she presented herself at check-in that she would not be flying that day, and no other flights were available.Is this really a problem of sufficient magnitude to make filing a ripoff report justifiable. Obviously, I think it is, or I would not be filing it. I say that because, if enough noise is made about smaller problems, they often are corrected before they burgeon into LARGE problems. In addition, this is a problem that did not exiest in the days before airline de-regulation. In 1988 0r 1989 I was flying home to Tampa from (as I recall) Pittsburg on TWA. An announjceemnt was made to the effect that they had overbooked the flight, and the asked if there were four passengers who would be willing to NOT fly at that time. More than four people, including me, volunteered. Why? Because we were offered1. A flight that was scheduled to leave about one hour later,2. A refund of the fare that we had paid and3. A ticket valued at up to $400 for a future flight.Those of us who volunteered obviously found a refund and a $400 ticket in exchange for the delay of ONE WHOLE HOUR (!!) sufficient compensation. Compare that to what happens today and you can't help but wish for the good old days of airline travel. But let's look just a bit further.In the early 1980s I worked for a Miami-based cruiseline. One of our ports of call was Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. I had flown to Freeeport the day before and was sitting on a plane on the tarmac at Freeport. one hour became two and continued to grind on for a total of six hours, on an un-air conditioned plane in the sub-tropics. Finally, after six hours, the flight was cancelled. The cause? Severe thunderstorms. We were let off the plane. We were then taken by bus to a local, VERY NICE hotel and given about $40 in a voucher to the hotel for food. We did not have to pay for ANYTHING.While I am not going to reveal my wife's age, suffice it to say that she looks considerably younger than she is, but her joints and feet are not fooled. That day was VERY hard on her physically. Additionally, while $150 for a hotel room is not a total disaster four us, it IS difficult, and we had to eliminate something from our budget to cover it.I see the problem as one that comes from a management that values the maximization of profit as its primary obligation to its shareholders. As a person with an advanced degree in corporate finance I disagree with that view. What SHOULD be worked for by management is the OPTIMIZATION of profit. Profit must be balances with other obligations, in this case that is customer service.As far as I am concerned, we were, along with about 140 other passengers, ripped off by a greedy, unfeeling corporation. It would be nice to believe that this kind of operation, along with others, like the absolute lunacy demonstrated by United Airlines just a few weeks ago, would cause airlines to lose business, but that will almost certainly NOT happen. Why? For the very reason that there is federal law aimed at curtailing monopolies in this country. Now before you start yelling that I must be an idiot since the airline industry is NOT a monopoly. I am quite well aware of that fact. But it actually IS an oligopoly, which tends to function similarly to a monopoly. The flying public generally has very few choices fo a given trip on a given day and time.So, to Southwest I say, READ MY MIDDLE FINGER. I do not take kindly to being ripped off. In addition, I may feel free to argue with my wife. But when I see her being mistreated by anyone else, I become a caveman. I will do everything I can to damage the attacker. Everything that is LEGAL, of course. I realize that may who read this report will think that I have made a mountain out of a very small anthill (smaller than a molehill, I think). Maybe I am. But I am really furious at the moment, and I don't want that fury to subside without writing this Ripoff Report.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #1197620
Dec 25 2014
08:01 PM
Southwest Forklift Con Artist Doraville Georgia
I went to the training center thinking I would be certified on all forklifts and all they had was a sitdown forklift. And they asked for 120.00 dollars. They also claim to find u jobs but they don't. if u happen to get a job other than a sitdown forklift it's a problem.
36, Report #936756
Sep 04 2012
02:34 PM
Airstream Inc Southwest Coaches, Corona, CA Airstream Travel Trailers are over priced and overrated in quality and service support, Internet
I bought a 25' Airstream International Signature, 2012 model in March 2012 and have nothing but problems as follows: 1. Hot water thermostat did not work from day 1; 2. Panels along the base of the bathroom cabinets and shower facility loose; 3. Strips along the outside rear of the airstream has come unglued and hanging; 4. Window shade in the bedroom had holes in them; 5. Silver metal shavings all over the floor; 6. Can't use convectional micro wave oven or toaster when the AC is running (trips the breaker;AC is needed in the desert heat); 7. At high noon, the Airstream gives off bad fumes either coming from materials that the Airstream is made of or from the AC unit with direct sun on it (these fumes smell like exhaust fumes and fear that they are unhealthy to inhale); 8. 30 AMP is not powerful enough to use the appliances within the 25'; 9. The ceiling fan/vent in the bedroom pull out black water odor when turned on; 10. One AC unit is not enough to cool the trailer in the desert climate. As you can see, there are too many issues with the Airstream 2012.  Where is quality control?  How is this considered the Mercedes Benz of travel trailers?  Is it overrated?  My wife are very disappointed  and ready to get rid of this overpriced travel trailer.  Our biggest concern is with the unhealthy environment of breathing in fumes from the parked RV. I am a retired SGM, training Marines in the desert of 29 Palms, CA.  This is the worst investment we ever made and disappointed how SW Coaches has forgotten about us after we purchased our Airstream in March (paid cash).  We have asked for information and price on getting another AC unit and upping the AMP to 50 and have yet to get SW Coaches to respond to us.  The strip is still not fixed and we are told that it would cost us to replace the strip that has come unglued (?).  SW Coaches came out a week after we had hot water issues and forgot to bring the part to replace the thermostat; they cleaned off the rust from the thermostat (?) but has yet to replace it with a new thermostat (going 5 months now).  Where is customer appreciation?  I guess that SW Coaches and Airstream, INC could care less as long as they got their overpriced payment.  Go figure!   
Entity: Jackson Center, OH 45334, Internet
37, Report #700852
Feb 28 2011
11:59 AM
Niagara Conservation Toilet manufacturer changes parts and doesn't inform the customer, has incredibly rude staff, Cedar Knoll, New Jersey
Niagara Conservation sells toilets to Home Depot.  I purchased a toilet and the instruction manual detailed a tapered, rubber gasket.  This part was not included in the box; a foam, uniform in shape ring was.  After weeks of back and forth with Home Depot and out of pocket purchases for parts, Niagara admitted that they did update the gasket but did not update their instruction manual.  I was offered reimbursement for the parts I purchased out of pocket, but the company is forcing me to pay to have a form notarized.  The cost to do so would be more than my reimbursement.  There is a report pending with the Better Business Bureau of Trenton. 
Entity: Cedar Knoll, New Jersey
38, Report #1170910
Aug 19 2014
06:47 PM
American Conservation and Air Improper repairs, charged excessively, DID NOT FIX AC Austin Texas
STAY AWAAAY!! These guys have no clue what they are doing. Secondly, they do not give a rip about customer service. Here's what I went through.... March 2014 -- signed up for a maintenance package, they did their annual service on my AC. (Had to call them back because they didn't flush my condenser drain tube) (June) Beginning of summer---- AC failed. Had to call them for service. Tim came out and told us that our fan motor was failing and that a solenoid had been fried He told me that he would call the following day and let me know when the parts were ordered. Two days later....He never called. After I called them myself, American Conservation dispatched a different technician out and mentioned that the previous tech (Tim) had forgotten to order the parts. He then did his own inspection and said the solenoid was fine and that Tim must have misdiagnosed it. This new tech replaced our fan motor. ($600) The following day--- We called American Conservation because our AC was still not cooling as it should. The tech that installed our fan motor came back and said everything was fine and that the second stage was indeed kicking in July--- Called American Conservation because our AC has yet to reach below 77 degrees. Just didn't seem right. So Tim was dispatched out. He said that the other tech was wrong and that this fried solenoid was indeed still the problem. He came back two days later and replaced it. (Another $300) Two weeks later---- Something is still not right. Lack of cooling. Tim came back. Said he didn't know what was wrong- that the second stage was not kicking in and that it was short cycling. He said it might be the mother board. He needed to verify with a Lennox rep. Said he would call me when he got ahold of him. NEVER CALLED!!! One week later----- Finally called a different company. They diagnosed the motherboard, also noticed we were severely low on refrigerant, our wiring was all messed up from American Conservation, and that we were heavily overcharged for the replacement of a fan motor. Long story short------ DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. They will nickel and dime you, then leave you hanging.
Entity: Austin, Texas
39, Report #1244678
Jul 27 2015
04:15 PM
State Energy Conservation or Advanced Pool Heating, Bate and switch....the solar unit installed was not what I agreed to Sanford,Fl Fl Tx
I was sold an up graded solar water heater(fin tube collector & ceramic tank) What was installed was steel tank and flat plate collector.I called 7_10 times without any reply from State Energy. Not even a BBB complaint was responded to I am lookin for a contract lawyerThis is clasic bate & switch, and I have no ideas on how to get them to make thing right. what they put in was not worth what I paid
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #674998
Dec 24 2010
01:26 PM
Elite Conservation Services Inc. - Advanced Conservation Services Inc. - Ph. # 510-903-9343 Michaes Phong Nguyen, Phone 415-994-3736 ROBO CALLING TO DO NOT CALL LIST. Sacramento, CA El Dorado Hills, CA, Internet
I am constantly being 'robo-called' from the number 510-903-9343. 1 to 3 times a day by this company. I am on the do not call list. I've checked into Elite Conservation Services with the California Contractors State License Board (CA CSLB) and they have 7 complaints against their license #750199. There is a case filed against them by the contractors board. It is case #N 2010 000105. There are several negative reviews available on the internet regarding their business practices.
Entity: El Dorado Hills, CA, Internet
41, Report #580718
Mar 13 2010
10:49 PM
This report is a result of lawsuits being filed in Federal District Court in Phoenix, Arizona against the owners of Southwest Fiduciary, Inc., Gregory P. Dovico, Peggy Ann Dovico. They are accussed in engaging in White Collar Crime (Racketeering and RICO) defrauding their clients out of millions of dollars in Guardianship Abuse sustained by the Maricopa County Superior Court Probate Division, Phoenix, AZ.  The Complaint is described as the Enterprise.   The Enterprise consists of Court Officials, lawyers, Commissioners-Judges Rubber Stamping excessive fees charged to the estates and trusts of Vulnerable Adults under the so called protection of the State Court system.  What this amounts to is the wholesale theft of the assests, property and liquidity of the Victums and families by those who are suppose to protect them from exploitation and persoanl abuse!  It is well documented that Mr. Dovico and his accomplice Peggy Dovico have engaged in the theft of their clients assests and trust similarly as did Bernard Madoff.  There is currently a Criminal Investigation being conducted of the Dovico's, their associates and estate administrators including Court officials who are profitting from the Guardianship Abuse.  The Enterprise thrives because it was created and sustained by Arizona Judges, Commissioners and Supreme Court Justices.    Stay tuned as the Media gets ahold of this one along with several others who are also under the filing of Suit. Arizona is a Retirement Curse. BOYCOTT THE STATE OF ARIZONA
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
42, Report #357966
Jul 31 2008
08:46 PM
Captive Bred Wildlife Foundation Jeff Gee Owner Buyers BEWARE!!! Portal, Arizona
I feel it is important to give out information concerning a problem with businesses that are not up to par. I am sorry this is so long but I wanted to give the proper information. On June 22, 2008 I received a supposed 80lb 16 year old male sulcata that I had purchased from Jeff Gee's. He had contacted me about a month prior via email stating that- We have a extra male Sulcata. He is > about 24 inches long & about 80 lbs. Very friendly & captive raised about 16 > years old. He would do great in your area. You will need a good sturdy > fence. We also include a vet health cert, care book & calcium supplement. We > could ship him on Delta Airlines including the shipping sky kennel for a cost of.... So off to work we went on enlarging the area and securely fencing it. I did some checking on line concerning Mr. Gee's. I could not find anything current on him, however, found some great information back in the late 90's about him and he was mentioned in Russ Gurley book on Sulcatas. I felt I was dealing with a professional breeder with a good reputation. We received our tortoise and picked him up from Delta. The vet certificate that was shipped with this tortoise was for 1 year old sulcatas and some marginata tortoises. Not the proper one for the sulcata I received. Within 24 hours I knew we had a problem with the tortoise. My excitement dwindled and I was afraid that my dream of a large Sulcata in our family was not going to be for long. The tortoise was unable to defecate, inactive and was not eating. He would raise his rear and moan/cry with no results. Being new to a large Sulcata I decided to contact Mr. Gee. I informed him of the problems and I was thinking about soaking him to see if that would help and taking him to a vet. He informed me They often get moody when traveling. He is captive raised so I'm sure he is fine. Sometimes they don't eat much for a few weeks after travel, no worries - I'm sure he is fine. We withheld food for a few days prior to shipping as they can really make a mess in flight. Soaking is fine in a small childs pool only about 3 deep & always watch to be sure he doesn't tip over. We soaked him still no change. Based on Mr. Gee's recommendation we monitored the situation. We kept up the soaking and finally I could not take the moaning/crying any longer and called Dr. Diaz a Herp Vet and made an appointment. We went to the vet and found out the tortoise weighed 67lbs and was between 10-12 years old. After examining and x-rays the vet discovered what I had feared, the tortoise had totally impacted bowels. He tried to remove some of the impaction from the rear and got about 1/2 cup of gravel, the x-rays revealed his bowels were full of gravel. This is the kind of gravel that the tortoise was on in the first picture sent by Mr. Gee's. The vet felt the impaction and the defecating problems had been going on prior to his shipment to us. The vet decided he should stay and they would see what they could do to give the tortoise some relief. He did not want to put the stressed tortoise under Anesthetics to work on the bowels at this time. The vet was also very concerned with prolapse and the fact that he is not walking upright properly due to the straining in the rear quarters. The vet was also concerned about a shell defect of a sever curvature of the carapace and the space for the opening of his tail and anal area. He stated it was very narrow compared to other male sulcatas. He stayed for a few days and they removed a lot of the gravel. We took the tortoise home and continued the same treatment that the vet was giving he still was not able to defecate on his own. Back to the vet. He remained there for another week. The vet contacted some of his colleagues concerning the problems with our tortoise and with consultations and our approval he decided to do a procedure on the tortoise. He noted that they had finally removed through soakings and oiling almost all of the gravel as verified by the new x-ray, but the tort was eating and now going through the staining again. He stated that the tail was also damaged due to scraping on the carapace. A decision was made to remove part of the carapace to get the room needed for defecating in hopes to resolve the problem. This procedure was done on 7/17/08. He stayed for another 5 days to insure a sterile environment for the healing. We have taken the tortoise home and HOORAH!!! He is eating pooping on his own and now is a happy camper. He is able to walk properly. The vet stated that this tortoise has not been able to breed and may not be able to. Since he is a pet I do not care about the breeding part, others may. I am hoping this is the last major problem my tortoise will have. All along this process and with the procedures I had been corresponding with Mr. Gee's. I tried repeatedly to obtain the proper vet certificate and have been informed that he will not address this matter. I have asked for compensation for the vet bills incurred and just received the following response concerning that: You should have asked for a exchange or refund at first if you were unhappy. I beleive the tortoise was in excelent health. Jeff As if this was a lamp and I should have disposed of it and asked for a replacement or refund???? All of my dealings with this person/company were by internet only..... I wanted everyone to be aware of this problem. After doing further research online when our tortoise had problems, I discovered that others that have had business problems with this breeder. I felt if I posted this maybe I could help someone prior to dealing with a breeder like this. Maybe others may have had better dealings with this breeder but the fact remains in my case the condition and treatment of my tortoise can be verified by my vet with his documentation. Hopefully, by giving this information I will have assisted someone else. Lynda Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Portal, Arizona
43, Report #441275
Apr 06 2009
04:07 PM
Wildlife Art Shows Christopher J. Gervais Art Show Promoter canceling Art Shows Ardmore Pennsylvania
Mr. Gervais from Wildlife Art Shows sent me a flyer in the mail to exhibit my Artwork at his Artshow in Portland, OR. I agreed and sent him the contract and a check for $300. Mr. Gervais canceled the show 2 weeks before he was going to have it. He stated in writing that he would give me a 100% refund. It has been over 6 months and I have never received my refund. I have spoke to many fellow Artists and they to have had the same thing happen to them. Theartist St. Helens, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Ardmore, Pennsylvania
44, Report #622411
Jul 12 2010
02:39 AM
United Wildlife Control Sales Person Outright Lied in Reference to Service Person's Proximity to me - Charged Double!! Internet
I contacted United Wildlife Control because I had a skunk get in the crawl space under my home in Kentucky.  The price online said $195 for them to come out - the first half hour free and then it was time and materials.I was pleasantly surprised when I was quoted $150 for them to come out and immediately agreed, as they were the only ones I could find to perform the service I needed.  Within 5 minutes of my initial call, the sales person called me back and informed me that the price was going to be at least double - $300 or more because the associate that served my area was unavailable and another one would have to come from at least 2-3 hours away.I was quite unhappy with this, and told the associate so and that they had me over a barrel as I was desperate to get that skunk out!!!  So I agreed, even though I didn't think I should have to pay because they are understaffed.When the associate arrived, he was a wonderful man and quickly found the problem.  It wasn't anything that he could fix, it had to be done by my heating and cooling contractor.  BUT, in our conversation I asked him where he had come from and he told me the name of a town that was only an hour away from me, and should have been considered in my zone.  It was certainly not the 2-3+ hours away that I was quoted as having been the reason for the additional cost.I filed a complaint with bbbonline, and the entire answer was: We did as we were asked and approved by the customer. from Mr. Bruce Hunt, the owner of the company.  Interestingly enough, I did not receive anything from either Mr. Hunt or bbbonline that there was a response.  I would suspect it went to spam, but I received the initial response from bbbonline so I sincerely doubt that.  Anyway, they closed the complaint as assumed satisfied.  Well, I'm not.  I see that there are other complaints for sales practices for this company, all are closed as satisfied.  I sincerely doubt that anyone has ever had a complaint satisfied by this company.  They certainly never contacted me to discuss my complaint and I doubt they have contacted other unsatisfied customers either.United Wildlife is basically an internet business that does pest control throughout the US, but is based in North Ogden Utah.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #764415
Aug 12 2011
03:02 PM
flint creek wildlife rehabilitation, inc Takes Birds, Takes Money, Doesn't Respond barrington, Illinois
We contacted Dawn at this outfit because we had two baby birds who had fallen out of a tree.  From the very first phone call she said we were expected to make a donation.  We dropped off the birds, filled out paperwork, and made a cash donation.  We were told we'd get a follow up on the birds condition and a receipt for our contribution.  She took the birds but never responded to over a dozen requests for an update and a receipt.  Our kids were heartbroken not knowing about the birds. It was very clear.  They are more about the MONEY than anything else.  They took mine.  Beware.
Entity: barrington, Illinois
46, Report #1249520
Aug 19 2015
08:19 AM
Urban Wildlife Control Inc I had to take Legal Action against this company Roswell Georgia
This company collected a deposit from me for Wildlife Exclusion to be put on my home. They never returned to do the work after that. I called several times inquiring about the work and was treated very poorly by the individials that I spoke with. I took legal action against this company in Fulton Counth Magistrate Court, case number 14MS011905. I received a judgement against them on February 27, 2015. Even with a court order against them they are still refusing to simply return my deposit or pay anything on the judgement against them.
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
47, Report #1317688
Jul 19 2016
09:13 AM
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1298078
Jul 16 2016
12:30 PM
Trutech Wildlife Removal, Inc Remove rats from attic and seal openings Longboat Key, Florida Nationwide
I had used Trutech Animal Removal several time in the last few years and was pleased with the results and charges, but the service man that performed the work was no longer with the company.I was not home when the new service man arrived, and when he told my wife there was a $389 service charge. she told him to go ahead and search in the attic for dead rats as that was what we had before.When I arrived home, he said he had looked in the attic and found an opening in the soffit (boxing around the roof) and openings in 6 vents. His work order records that he was at the site for 1-1/2 hours and the charge was $1,189. That is an additional $800 for 1-1/2 hours work. The materials are almost insignificant. In addition, when I complained, the service man came back to check and at that time, I found that he had not even checked the whole attic as there are two(2) access points and he had not been in the main one. The service was not thorough and complete. The cost was outragious! This is a rip-off and I will never use this company again! Caution.... The charges are totally unreasonable. 
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1260800
Oct 12 2015
11:34 AM
urban wildlife control did not finish the service that they were paid for atlanta or rosewood there is no address on the web Georgia
they will charge 365$ for rat trapping. this price they say includes 20 days of service. know then in advance that they will determine when they are coming in these 20 days and when not. know that they will disable the traps over the weekend, putting sunflower seeds inside so it looks like they are trying to catch rats, but the actually mechanism of closing the door of the trap is disabled. this they will do without telling you so that it seems like they are just not catching anything/ when in reality they do not want to come on the weekends. it will still count towards your 20 days. i talked to skip, i believe he is the manager, to tell him i did not agree with that. he was very friendly on the phone, and then advised his employee without talking to me about this to put up black boxes with a snap trap inside instead of the cages, his employee then only showed up about once every 4-5 days. i voiced my concerns that i saw rats hanging out next to these boxes but never going inside. we never caught a single rat in these boxes. today i talked to skip again, saying that for 365 dollars they did approximately 10 days of real trapping, and i am still left with many rats. i told him i would like them to reinstall the cages, and finish the job we paid for. he now was not very courteous on the phone. i said i would leave a review describing my experience, he may respond to this review. i still urge you to go with another business, the actual workers are nice, aaron one of the workers is as nice as can be and all, but unfortunately the instructions that the business gives them are not in your best interest.
Entity: Georgia
50, Report #373191
Aug 13 2011
11:42 PM
Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care (Glenn, Kathy Case) IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS, DON'T TRUST THEM TO THIS ORGANIZATION! Woodland Hills California
We love animals & have wildlife living throughout our property. We found a baby squirrel that had fallen out of its nest. Concerned that it may be injured, I went on the internet for help. I spoke to Sharon at (805)498-8653. She referred us to Glenn at (818)347-6021 a female volunteer with Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care which is run by Cathy Case in Thousand Oaks at (805)374-927. Glenn told me to bring the squirrel to her home at 5526 Mason Ave, Woodland Hills, which we did. She had me fill out an intake form, never giving me a copy of what I'd signed. It asked for a donation-something she'd failed to mention on the phone. She told us she would personally be taking care of the squirrel. We made it very clear we wanted it back after she nursed it back to health, so that it could remain on our property with its squirrel family. I even offered to allow her to release her other squirrels on our property after she complained how overworked she was & how she had nowhere to release them after she nursed them back to health. A few wks. later I phoned her to find out how our squirrel was doing. She told me she had given it to another care center, yet refused to provide me any information as to its whereabouts, claiming she couldn't remember- yet remembered that I'd put on the form 2 wks. prior that I could not afford a donation. She denied promising to return our squirrel to us. She was loud & abusive. Hmm.. I'll bet she wouldn't have had selective memory loss if I'd paid her a donation! I contacted her supervisor Cathy Case, who only condoned her behavior & refused to tell me the whereabouts of our squirrel. These co-conspirators lied to us and stole our squirrel. We don't know if it's dead or alive. We have filed a complaint against Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care & these individuals with their governing agency, The Department of fish and game. If you love animals, DO NOT trust them with these FOXES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING! They can not be trusted! Cheri Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodland Hills, California

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