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26, Report #1114744
Mar 14 2017
01:55 PM
Elvis Capellan RECOMMENDED TRUSTED Business REVIEW: Elvis Capellan award winning Real Estate Executive is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. *UPDATE: Capellan pledges commitment to Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits consumers, ensuring complete satisfaction, confidence when doing business with a member business. Capellan recognized by Ripoff Report Verified™ as a safe business service.
Ripoff Report Verified™ REVIEW EDitor's UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to Elvis Capellan for its full commitment to quality customer service. Ripoff Report's discussions with Elvis Capellan have uncovered an ongoing dedication by the company to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect that the company will work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any concerns. Elvis Capellan listens carefully to client concerns and sees them as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and become more efficient as a company in the services offered and the support for those services. Mr. Elvis Capellan, has informed us that his personal philosophy is that his clients success are at the heart of his business. As a successful businessman himself, Elvis feels it is critical to listen to his clients and respond properly. By always putting his customers first, Mr. Capellan hopes to maintain the number one spot in the world for Vacation Ownership Executives now and for many years to come. Another top executive, told us that Mr. Capellan's personal business philosophy is based on the premise that strives to add value in service, understanding that a successful business model is based on value-added services, and client care. One of the things Ripoff Report learned in the course of its review is that typical customer feedback reads, Elvis Capellan truly communicate all aspects of the service in a timely and effective manner. We are very pleased with the responsiveness that the employees show us. They are serious about meeting commitments, and deliver on their promises.Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business..
Entity: Nampa, Idaho
27, Report #1105148
Dec 07 2013
11:29 AM
Structured Services Group Incorporated: Kristin Lee Oikari AKA Kristin Lee Moran, Derek Legendre Kristin Lee Oikari AKA Kristin Lee Moran and Derek Legendre are scam artists St. Cloud Minnesota
Kristin Lee Oikari AKA Kristin Lee Moran DOB: 03/28/1984 based in St. Cloud, MinnesotaandDerek Legendre based near Thibodaux, Lousisana  Are criminal scam artists. They present themselves as go between contracting companies that match up contractors with people needing work done. The jobs are legitimate, but Kristin Lee Oikari and Derek Legendre receive payment from the customers and do not pay the contractors. They have been running this scam either individually or together under different company names, several of which are already mentioned on RipOff report. 911 Tech Guys was one of Kristin Lee Oikari's previously mentioned scams. Kristin Lee Moran is her married name. I believe Kristin Lee Moran is currently on probabtion in St. Cloud, Minnesota after criminal conviction for disorderly conduct in Minnesota Case No. 73-CR-12-9708. According to the court docket, she owes $385.00 to the legal system, and has not paid any of it. According to the court docket, this amount was sent to collections on 05/20/2013. Kristin Lee Oikari was also convicted in 2003 of underage consumption of alcohol in Milaca, MN in Minnesota Case No. 69-T7-03-600378. Kristin is a very smooth talker and presents herself and her fake company as being well established and well respected. Kristin Lee Oikari and Derek Legendre have paid close attention to detail in making their website(s) appear legitimate. I can't find a physical address anywhere on the website though, and this should have been my first indication that it is was not legitimate.  Kristin Lee Oikari's Facebook Page is .facebook.com/kristin.l.oikariKristin's cell number is: 612-719-7109 Derek Legendre's Facebook Page is at.facebook.com/Nolaboy985Derek's cell number is: 612-594-7703. As I said, Derek is in Lousiana but his 612 cell number is a Minnesota area code, where Kristin Lee Oikari lives. There is obviously significant collusion between these two. I imagine their cell numbers will be shut off when they take their website(s) down. Given their history, you should expect to see them show up again under a new company name.  
Entity: St. Cloud, Minnesota
28, Report #1092023
Sep 01 2014
07:38 PM
Craigsflagger Ripoff and when questioned threatened. Internet
I purchased software from this company April 18, 2013.  Time went on on their lifetime membership and I did not get around to installing this very difficult interface until yesterday October 14, 2013 after paying $50 back then.  After two attempts to get a new link to install the software I was told that I would need to pay again.  When I provided documentation and proof that I had indeed paid and comments from this website at ripoffreport.com here is the emaill that I have received:Hi, I can see you have discovered our competition slandering us. I can also see you have threatened us. I can also see your lying about your order date of April 5th. You are banned and expelled as a member. We can hand you over to rip off report just as easily and say whatever we wish as well. I suggest you make it your mission to go find another craigslist resource. If you buy it again, we will deactivate you without compensation, stay off our site, and dont email us again. If you even try to bother us you jack off, you f****** snake, I will tear your reputation a new a****** you f****** clown.  Do you think you scare us? I can find your competitors and sell them our software at 1/4 the price and tell them what you were doing. We have also found you on craigslist s*** head. You should think before you open your mouth. I am contacting the FBI. Jan,Hernando, FL
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1193331
Dec 05 2014
12:43 PM
Johnny Adame Johnny Hook Predatory DJ, Scam Artist, Houston Texas
Johnny was hired by our company do DJ a corporate event.  He then called our customer, told them incorrect information about our agency and told the customer he would do it a little cheaper if the cancelled with us and just went through him.  This is a classic scam used by predatory DJs and vendors, it's dishonest and shows the true character of that vendor.  The unfortunate part is that the customer is out their non-refundable deposit and still has to pay the DJ.  I would not recommend working with Johnny due to dishonnesty and predatory behavior. 
Entity: Houston, Texas
31, Report #999219
Jan 18 2013
12:29 PM
Richard Ackermann, REAL TIME LLC, METATRAN.COM Richard Ackermann, REAL TIME LLC, METATRAN.COM, Rip Off Company, Richard Ackermann Con Artist, Crook, Theif, Metatran.com SEO Scam Rego Park, New York
Richard Ackermann and METATRAN.COM are nothing but a scam. I paid them for SEO, SMO, Social Media Optimization, Link Building, Real Time and they did not perform the work that they were suppose to do. They took my money and will not return any of my phone calls or emails. I made a huge mistake choosing them. I should have gone with a local company instead I chose a company that's across the country. That was very stupid of me. I will do everything I can to let the public know that this company is nothing but a fraud. I'm just so thankful and so happy that a reputable company like Ripoffriport.com is here to help. Richard Ackermann and METATRAN.COM are crooks and they should be thrown in jail. They do not deserve to do business and a full on investigation should be done on their company. Hopefully the media will pick this up and prove that they are nothing but a bunch of snakes.
Entity: Rego Park, New York
32, Report #1136235
Apr 04 2014
08:41 AM
J S Design Web Design He Never Disclosed
 JS Desihn , Buctchered Up Web Sight Had To Get Some One Els To Finish Up Work Had To Pay Twice .Whach Out He Reneged On His Price When I Changed Nothing  He Also Never Disclosed Where He Was Located. Watch Out Dont Pay Any Thing Up Front Hang On to Your Money Till You See The Finished WorkBont Get Burner  Joe H(((REDACTED)))
Entity: Select State/Province
33, Report #1334329
Oct 21 2016
08:03 AM
34, Report #1205791
Jan 31 2015
03:49 PM
alotofbull.com wolfhuskypups.com, alotofbull.com, Arnold Ball Pet Services, http://www.akennelclub.com/ alotofbull.com Arnold ball pet service NEVER recieved dog paid for and waited for 5 weeks for! Cedar City, Utah 84720 Internet
We purchased a puppy online and paid in full on Dec. 27th.  At the time there was a phone number on thier website that I had texted and communicated about the purchase.  After we purchased and paid in full the phone number was removed from website- should of been a clue that this was not a reputable breeder.She was only 4 weeks old so we knew we had to wait a few weeks before she could fly.After we paid for her in full and airfair of an additional $400.00 we did recieve emails from woman.  She emaled us photos and sent us videos of the puppy we purchased.  We fell in love with her, shared the photos and videos with our family and friends- very excited awaiting her arrival.Around the 8 week mark I contacted her through email becuase she no longer answered the phone number or responded to text.  She only communicated through email at her leisure.  I asked her when was she booking the flight.  She responded she would book Sat. Jan 24th. we had a big snow storm a few days before this so I touched base with her and she said she was going to book the flights on Wens Jan. 28th for Sat Jan. 31 (today).  On Thursday after still not hearing from her I emailed her asking about the flight info.  She emailed me an airway bill and a contact number for petsafe.  -She didn't even include the date of the flight -that was it.  So I called petsmart and asked about the flight.  They said she book a flight flying form Las Vegas at 8:10am that was back tracking to LA, Califorina and would be there for about an hour and half and then wouldn't arrive into NY until 7pm at night. I was immediately concerned with having an 8 week old puppy traveling for 12 hour span with no water, no food, and NO bathroom breaks.  I asked if they had any shorter flights.  They said they did but it was at 7:10am instead and flew into Newark, NJ.I emailed her asking if she could change flight to the shorter flight and we would be willing to drive 2 1/2 hours on Saturday to NJ airport so she could have a shorter flight. She responded that her and her whole family had the flu and she was paying a friend to take all the puppies to the airport and she didn't want to bother her.  I asked her if she could ask her if it would be ok to drop them off an hour earlier , I even offer to send a gift card to her friend for the change and asking her to go an hour earlier.  She responded She didn't think it was a problem , she texted her friend but she was at work and would get back to me.The next day Friday Jan 30th- she still didn't respond.  I finally recieved an email late afternoon as I was at work doing a ton of things.  I read quick and it said we are shipping her on Tues to NJ, we can not ship tomorrow.  I emailed her back quickly and was typing from my phone (always have tons of typos from tying too fast).  After I got off of the phone call I was on with a customer.  I read the emails and reaizled I accidently messaged her I can go to NJ on tues INSTEAD of I can NOT go to NJ on Tues  So I panic and tried calling her-she didn't answer-I left vm.  I then texted her and she didn't respond.  I emailed her I cannot make it to NJ on Tuesday becuase we work and live on LI, NY. Mmy husband was going to drive to NJ to pickup but he is working during the week.  I emailed her 3 times PLEASE CALL ME so we can scheduel the flight.  I then tried to call her agin becuase I didn't want her to book the flight she fowarded me to vm.She messaged me she couldn't scheduel for what I thought she was saying for the 7:10am straight through flight (emails can be very confusing especially with alot of back and forth thats why I asked her repeatedly to call me) and I dont hear back from her until a couple of hours later then I will refund you the money, I cant send her, So i'm STILL thinking she is talking about the the 7:10am flight, so I respond ok please than just send her on the original 12 hour flight . Next my husband gets a refund notifcation and a message from her that she refunded us and when she gets a min shes going to relist the dog.  And she did- she relisted her within mins-and she listed it for $800.00 more than what we paid her- so obviously she just wants more money and doesn't care about sending the pups to good homes. Or their well being if she would rather send a 8 week old puppy on a 12 hour travel time becuase she rahter just drop them all off at the same time.At this point, me and my husband emailed her begging her not to do this and we couldn't understand why she was doing this.  I was thanking her the whole waiting period for sending photos and taking care of the dogs. We found a bad review on her on this site-look her up. (we found bad review a week before all this happened and weeks after we paid for the dog)- Looks like this is only the second litter they sold and they already have complaints.  Read the other review it will describe the way they speak and treat people.  I also look her up afterwards on the AKC breeder list and she not on there even though she claims she is- look her up she NOT a registered  reccommened breeder.I emailed her repeativaly for hours asking her to not do this.  We bought her a crate, toys, food and have been recieving photos of her for weeks from her - how can she do this???Today she responded that becuase I couldn't accept her on Tuesday when she wanted to send her and she felt that I was being demanding with the avaiblility of when and where I could pick her up at- that  she though by refunding me and not sending a dog we have been waiting for 5 weeks for would be a better solution.  She also responded to my husband your wife seems like the person that likes to get her way-thats why I'm not sending her- she was demanding that I send the dog  when he messaged her also begging her to to please send dog becuase he was up with me all night as I was litteraly in tears for hours becuase I was heart broken.Lets break this down, first of all I never demanded anything other than asking her to call me becuase the back and forth emails were confusing.  2- If you buy a dog on the internet, pay for it in full and wait 5 weeks for the dog and the owner refuses to contact you on phone-keeps pushing the flights- what would you think?  Scam , right??  SO yeah, I was panicing asking her to call me about the flight!She never called me-any reputuable breeder would be available to speak on the phone with you-especailly when trying to scheduel a live animal on a flight.After many emails telling her we were so upset and we didn't want the money we wanted the puppy we fell in love with- she said, stop it there are plenty of other breeders - go buy another dog-leave me alone.  She also told me she has 6 other sites! including akennelclub.com wolfhuskypups.com and that she purposely doesn't put all her info on her site incase people get pissed off.I can't for the life of me understand what would make someone think this is ok to do to someone.  It's devastaing. We waited 5 weeks and bought stuff for a puppy we will NEVER get.  All becuase she is extermly unprofessional and very unethical.  Every breeder I spoke to today all said the same thing when I told them the story- REPORT her -SHE IS NOT A GOOD BREEDER.  Buying a puppy should be a happy experience- that's why you go to breeders to avoid scams, heartaches and problems with bad service.  Uunfortunately, we found a bad breeder-a dishonest and sadistic woman who gets off on having power over people.  She knew there was nothing we could do and stated that.  She basically tried to mental abused us in emails even after she tourtured us with not senfding the dog we waited for. We told her we found another breeder who is AKC registered she contuined to try and have some power trip in her own head and attempted to taunt us saying how cute her puppy is and she might just keep her becuase she is the cutest puppy shes ever seen and good luck find a puppy as cute as hers.  LOL I thanked her for doing us a favor, becuase I much rather give my money to a REAL breeder that actually cared about the puppies.  And I was glad at this point that we didn't have to deal with her anymore.I also promised her I would do everything in my power to make sure she didn't tourture someone with an experience like this again.  She said she would sue me for slander if I wrote anything- I explained to her telling the truth is NOT slander.  I have tons of emails (becuase thats the only way she communicates -shady) of her taunting us and her unprofessionalism and unethical way she handles this-If anyone should sue it will be us for breaking a contract of sale becuase you couldn't take the time to work out a flight with us. We never asked for a refund- she only refunded becuase if you read the other ripoffreport she already has claims on paypal of disputes with her and she knew if she didn't ship the dog and didn't send us the dog we too would dispute and they would shut her down for too many disputes. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SITE!!!!!!   They are clearly unperdictable and already have complaints on them- Don't beleive me LOOK THEM UP.  their website title speaks voulumes A LOT OF BULL  ( Bull meaning alot of crap)They just ran a News report by us last night on ABC NEWS in NY about internet puppy scams specifically with English Bulldogs.  DO YOUR RESEARCH you will find out all about it.  
Entity: Internet
35, Report #1300879
Apr 20 2016
02:01 PM
Steve Repetti Steven M Repetti, Radweb Tech, Crunchfire Venture, Crunchfire Technologies - Scumbag-Fraudster Convicted Felon-Total Fraud-Scam Artist-Conman Nationwide
BEWARE ALL ENTREPRENEURS and INVESTORS Steve Repetti is a total fraud! I personally worked with Mr Steve Repetti for over 2 years. And, just like the other report that is listed on this site, I too unfortunately fell victim to Steve's fraud and deception. Everything listed in that report is 100% accurate...Steve is a company killer! He tauts himself as a start up expert, but nothing could be further from the truth. He also claims to be a start up investor, and that is also blatenly false. He has a well documented history of fraudulently inducing investors to invest in his portfolio of start up companies only to misuse those funds for his own personal benefit and then the so called companies that the investments were made for become defunct due to a lack of capital. He has numerous judgements from other lawsuits where he defrauded investors. He owes the IRS over $3 million in tax liens, and is currently in litigation with his partners from Crunchfire Ventures for the exact same reasons. My advice is stay as far away from Steve Repetti as possible! He has and will destroy any new venture he is associated with. Despite his public claims of being this technology dude with over 20 years exp building new start ups, Steve has yet to have even one single success story. Everythjing he touches turns to shit!! Like all good con artists, Steve talks a good game, but don't let that fool you...he is a total SCUMBAG!!! If you dig deep enough you will find that every word here is true and so is the other report that is listed here. So, if you are considering doing business with Mr Repetti my advice would be to RUN....RUN as fast and as far as possible. You will save yourself a lot of time and no doubt a whole lot of money!!
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1199071
Jan 03 2015
05:38 PM
DMH Media Network, David Maurice Hill, Noble Drakoln, Alex Fraser Securities Fraud, Scam Artists, and outright Crooks Beverly Hills, California Internet
Do not invest or give this man, David Maurice Hill, any money. I was invited to meet him because I was interested in writing for magazines  as I was transitioning careers from being an educator of 12 years to becoming a writer and journalist for magazines. The person who introduced me to him was the Editor-in-Chief of FGM Magazine (now former EIC after she has also discovered the lies he told). He looked me and the EIC both in the eye and told me that he would use the 5K i had invested to print the Winter issue of FGM Magazine. I came on as both an investor and as an employee with the position of being a Music editor for FGM Magazine. He told me he would take my $5k to print the magazine in exchange for shares in his company. This was in October of 2013. He told me I would start seeing ROI in two months. We signed contracts and for the next two months, i was working over 50 hours a week putting together the issue in the capacity of writer, producer, interviewer, copy-writer, managing editor and the issue was all laid out and done by December 2013. I had utilized my network of friends, and found good people through CL and Internmatch because he told me that he would be hiring for new personnel pretty soon, and I wrote a good chunk of material for FGM Issue 20.  Come January 2014, no response. He kept telling me and the Editor-in-Chief of FGM Magazine that the printers were lagging while we were all anticipating when the print would come out. I had already promised our writers that they would be getting a copy since that was what I was told. Turns out he never sent the order in. Next, he kept delaying on my ROI. At this point, lots of fishy things started happening: The writers who I had hired on DMH Media Network's behalf told me that they never received their payments, even after they had filed their W2s. I had calculated around $320 of how much my friends and the people who I had hired on DMH's behalf were owed. To help out the DMH reputation, I had a serious talk with David and told him how important a company's reputation is to the health of a business, and he acted like he understood, so I had given DMH Media Network $320 to pay the writers. At first I had wired the money and he said he never received it. Then I had given him a personal check of another $320 thinking to replace the wire transfer. A week later, I find not only that the writers weren't paid, but also that he had initially lied about not recieving the first wire payment because at the end of the month I got the statement that I had actually given him $640. By this time, I knew this guy was a bonafide hustler.  Though he had given me the title of Magazine Director around January, 2014, I wasn't getting paid or receiving any ROI. Of course, he had promised that the money was coming. He would send me emails stating that he's going to give me the entire lump sum of what he owes me plus more, so I hung around in February, but at this time, i was already one foot out the door.  He would thank me for being patient with him, so it was encouraging enough to hook me for that month. I finally quit end of February because at that point, I knew that this man was a compulsive liar. He may mean well, and I believe that when he tells you something, that at that moment, he really believes it's the truth (i.e. he personally knows Paris Hilton, he's on a first name basis with RiRi aka Rihanna, he's partied with Chris Brown, he's going to give me the one lump sum of money after it's been overdue for a month). The problem is, he blends in truths with lies like he drinks water--it just comes really naturally to him and he may even believe in the lies. In this way, he exhibits borderline sociopathic tendencies. Another observation is that he means well when he says it at the time, but he just has no follow through. I really believe he believes in his own lies as if he were telling the truth, just to get him by another day.  He would give me the go-around and said that Noble, his partner, has all his money. Suddenly, I was out of the picture. I realized at this point how silly I was to trust him for his word. He was stringing me all along with promises of actively growing the company with him. Even by June, he was promising me my investor money from his contracts with Weed TV, yet all talk and no action. We signed two contracts--the first contract was the investor money for preferred stock shares and the second was the labor investment contract stating that as a writer and Magazine Director I would be given preferred stock shares--both contracts were notorized. Yet to this day, the only money I had received from him was a $100 Alpha XY payment that is only half paid. The agreement was $200--$100 up front payment and then the rest after I had sent him the rough draft. I had never saw the second half even after it was published.  If I am guilty of anything, it would be of my inexperience in the industry and my inexperience dealing with crooks who promise and write contracts to entice me to fork over money, time and energy (I've invested over 1,000 hours+ of labor including interviewing, producing, setting up contracts, hiring, creating pitch decks, writing, filming, and video editing).  As an English teacher and educator for the past 12 years, I've been a bit lucky being surrounded by folks who are generally trustworthy, so it was easy for me believe in what people say and write down in this process of transition for me. People like me who are looking for experience and a new career are easy targets for someone like David.  DMH Media Network and the board members of the company will be liable as this is indeed securities fraud. In addition to the case I've already won on the investor money I had given him, I will be seeking prosecution to the fullest extent enforceable by law for securities fraud and labor law violations.   Mingjie, Los Angeles, CA  
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1040597
Sep 02 2013
08:12 PM
M&B Consulting Mohammad Hamid I just hired this co. & so far so good, but I am surely in the beginning stages. Is this the same co.? New York, New York
I was only trying to see if this is the same company or person, that I am currently using?  I always try to check ripoffreport before doing business, especially if I get them off the internet.  I hope that this is a fluke.  I will be so pissed if I find out differently because I asked, not that he would owe me the truth, but really who has that kind of time and patience to just rip folks off?  Rip off folks that can afford it, not hardworking ones that's just trying to make a better life.
Entity: New York, New York
38, Report #1355300
Feb 10 2017
01:07 PM
Garage Flooring Pros, John T Biasco, Vanita Biasco, Garage Solutions Garage Flooring Pros owner John T Biasco is a professional crook with a long, documented history of fraud and ripping off customers! Dallas-Fort Worth Texas
John T Biasco Sr, owner of Garage Flooring Pros has a long history of deceptive business practices. Currently, he uses photographs of other companies' work in his advertisements, and he claims to be number 1 in Texas, California, and Illinois. If you search for his company in California or Illinois, you will not find it anywhere. But you will find court records and news articles showing he has been sued more than a dozen times in those states, and has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, in both states. You will also find that he has been sued by his colleagues and customers for decepitve advertising and business practices. You will find that he absconded with $350,000 in customer deposits, that he has been sued by a variety of vendors, and that he owes Baldwin Piano CO. a sum of around $400,000. Before doing business with Garage Flooring Pros, do a simple Google search for Biasco Piano, and you will find all the information you need:  http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20050427/NEWS/200016282/biascos-diverted-funds-trustee http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Forum/1/topic/005614/Number/0/site_id/1#import http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20030728/NEWS07/20009600/piano-retailers-target-biasco    
Entity: The Colony, Texas
39, Report #1133771
Jun 05 2015
07:24 AM
Vicki Smith RealProperty Management Liar- Slander- Selective Enforcement Dublin Ohio
This complaint is to make the public aware that Vicki Smith is a property manager that a number of residents do not like and she likes to slander-lie-and selective enforce residents she does not like. Many residents have wanted the Property Management Company Removed and another company brought in.A nproperty manager is supposed to be neutral especially when it comes to enforcing rules. She has made negative and rude comments against owners and renters of our property she oversees. In one recent case a letter was sent out by the Management company for a mediation between two residents that were having disputes. The letter told both parties they must be present and this included the owners must be present and that if only one side showed with their tennants that side would be the only side allowed to present their case..A long story short I went to that metting along with our owner. The other side only had their tennants present. The meeting was help up for 25 minutes while Vicki Smith and her onsite manager Lisa Smith were in the office frantically calling to reach the other owner and get him there. This is wrong because the board and property management company set the rules that they could not follow. They did allow the tennants to mediate which was wrong.Myself and others wittnessed Vickis Poor management many time and I along with others would never hire her for the position of property manager..  Also i have known and worked with many property managers and never have i seen one so bad at doing their job like Vicki smith......
Entity: Dublin, Ohio
40, Report #1226462
May 05 2015
07:08 AM
Next Level Fortune Theresa Tipton Told me i was not allowed to send program to my email personal contacts...ALL Money not refunded whois.com/whois/nextlevelfortune.com Nationwide
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1314872
Jul 03 2016
10:59 AM
Luis Lajous Glacial River Chalet Refuses To Pay Employees Rhododendron Oregon
Luis Lajous ... Is His Name I Have All The Proof if You Are Interested I & My Husband Worked For Him... He Never Will Pay You He Will Yell At You Call You Nasty Names He is A Fraud & Scamer He Has Put Tracking Devices on Past Employees Cars (Thankfully My Husband is A Certified Mechanic & Did A Sweep on Our Car) Another Past Employee Was Forced to File A Restraining Order on Him & He is Very Violently Abusive. Do Not Work For Him He is Very Rude And Disrespectful He Yells At You Calls You Names And Never Pays You Except The First Time Then He Stops Paying You And Then Charges You He Lies And Then Will Threaten You if You Do Not Obay. I Have Many Emails & Texts Saved of Were He is Not Only Rude But Also Were He States That He Refuses To Pay Us What is Owed For All The Cleanings & Maintence That Was Done At His Place That He Rents Out For Vacationers.   
Entity: Rhododendron, Oregon
42, Report #1133785
Jun 03 2015
04:44 PM
Lisa Hilfiker RealProperty Management= Bad News Liar- Selective Enforcement of Rules Dublin Ohio
Lisa Hilfiker is a property manager at the Hilliard Commons condo's. Lisa has been with this property for about 2-3 years. Since arriving many residents cannopt stand her negative attitude, Selective Enforcement, and ignoring many work order complaints if she does not like you.     Lisa is a Condo Association Property manager who likes to selectivly enforce residents. In one case a man was forced to pay quite a bit of money for work on his unit. I told this resident to stand up and fight and he said I want to leave it alone because they (Property management company-property managers) will cause me more problems This man was scared to stand up for himself because he was in fear of Retaliation.     Ive had numerous problems with Lisa Hilfiker and when we complain she comes after you more. She knows she has selectively enforced rules on my family that others do not need to abide by. This is sad due to the fact all rules should be enforced equally. Other neighbors have complaind about how she enforces rules but will not speak up.     This is a sad representative to have on our property. Her thinking is my way or you will pay. That is a comment she has made to me several times. When we send in work orders she purposely ignores these orders because i will not put up with her garbage. I would never allow her to manage a property after seeing how she operates. She will tell you one thing and as soon as she walks away she will deny it later. She also wrote our family up for a deck that was damaged by carpenter ants that the property management and board knew about and ignored.   HOW SORRY IS THAT FOR A PROPERTY MAMAGER. She also likes to threaten violations against you after board members gave you permission to do something     She is very bad for selective enforcement....  BEWARE      
Entity: Dublin, Ohio
43, Report #1418355
Jan 08 2018
10:55 AM
Kristine Hughey , Kristine Hughey Ryker,  Kristine Mason, Kristina Koh,l Kristine Sinclair, Kristine Mae, Kristine Hughes, Kris McCall, Kristine Cheyanna Mason Did not pay multiple months horse board Ashland Oregon
Horse owners, boarding stables, people selling tack online, vets, farriers, people selling horses, people leasing horses in the areas from Eugene, Oregon down to Half Moon Bay, California and over to Cottonwood, California; please be aware of a con-artist working the horse industry!  For the last few months a woman named Kristine Hughey Ryker has been jumping from barn to barn not paying board as well as stealing horse tack and blankets and trying to steal a horse that was leased to her under a false name!Her aliases include :Kristine HugheyKristine Hughey RykerKristina HugheyKristine MasonKristina KohlKristine SinclairKristine MaeKristine HughesKris McCallKristine Cheyanna MasonKaitan O'Kelly -online profileKia or Kai O'Kelly -online profileDL Durgin -online profileRobert Hathaway - online profileDL Mason -online profileDL Hughey -online profileRichard Ryker - online profileShe has called herself Sinderglass Saddlebreds, Sinclair Training, SilverCup Saddlebreds (see previous Rip Off Report regarding her horse theft in Colorado).  She also has an emailed noting her as Wind Walker Farms or Stables.We may never get paid in board but the least we can do is stop her from stealing money and supplies from other farms and horse owners!
Entity: Ashland, Oregon
44, Report #1089832
Oct 06 2013
07:49 AM
Wild Vapers Shelley Bowman Eddy Bowman Shelley Bowman, Michelle Bowman, Eddy Bowman, Edward Bowman, WildVapers, Wild Vapers, WildVapors, Ripoff, Scam, Scammers, Fraud, Internet Fraud, E-Juice, E-Liquid, Electronic Cigarette, E-Cig Fraud, Wild Vapers Ripoff, Wild Vapers Scam, Wild Vapers Fraud Sylacauga Alabama
Buyers and business owners beware! Shelley Bowman and Eddy Bowman or Edward Bowman owners of Wild Vapers located in the United States in Sylacauga, Alabama, ripped off a good friend of ours and business owner in New York state. Shelley Bowman, a Canadian resident and citizen, married to Eddy Bowman or Edward Bowman a resident of Alabama and citizen of the United States and employed at this business, True Cast, Inc. took advantage of someone that tried to do something to help them get their business off the ground. Over charging the other business for custom made E-Juice products, Electronic Cigarette Mods, Tanks and all the while doing so, after the other business provided them with a lot of free nicotine valued at quite a bit of money. These folks charged retail pricing on items that were supposed to be wholesale pricing even when some of the raw materials were provided free of charge to them. For example, an E-Pipe that was valued at a third of its cost to the business that bought it, Shelley Bowman charged the owner $90.00 for, instead of the market value with respect to wholesale pricing. In addition, the pricing charged to help the other business with the E-Juice contracts that this other business has, holds, and still maintains, Shelley Bowman or Michelle Bowman, and Eddy Bowman or Edward Bowman of Wild Vapers charged the business $360.00 per liter, instead of wholesale pricing. Based on the pricing of the E-Juice products on their website, it is very clear that the products that the other business purchased, were severely inflated regarding the prices paid and the other business got ripped off, especially when the other business was providing a lot of free nicotine and not charging Shelley bowman or Eddy Bowman of Wild Vapers for the nicotine. Their first purchase of nicotine from the other business, they claimed that the nicotine was sold in gallon jugs, when it is sold in liters only on that business website. Rather than argue the point, the other business sent them a gallon of the product, and only charged them for one liter. That was all that was paid. In addition, early on, the other business helped out by giving Wild Vapers a shopping cart and license to use to help get their business off the ground, valued at over $400.00. Do not send anything to them via PayPal. You'll get ripped off, just like this other business did. Wild Vapers is clearly a scam, fraud, ripoff and cannot be trusted. Beware that the E-Juice products sold by Wild Vapers and Shelley Bowman and Eddy Bowman, some if not all of them contain alcohol, due to the nature of the ingredients used in some or all of the E-Juice products sold. Some of the other flavorings and ingredients such as Island Tobacco a flavoring used in some recipes, and French Vanilla Ice Cream another ingredient or E-Juice, are also alcohol based Chinese flavorings and or E-Juice already made with nicotine. This is why some of their E-Juice products cannot be sold to you at a zero nicotine level. Many Chinese E-Juices and flavor concentrates are not to be trusted due to some of the chemicals commonly found in them and they use them, and claim all E-Juice is USA made with all USA ingredients. Shelley Bowman does not act professionally, blowing up voicemail boxes, threatening, and she stays under the wire for many obvious reasons that many people do not really know. Why she is not a United States citizen, we'll leave that for folks to figure out on their own. Be very careful and cautious. They are not to be trusted. Shelley Bowman and Eddy Bowman of Wild Vapers ripped off another business and some of that businesses customers as well. The business lost thousands at the hands of Shelley Bowman and it was all paid through PayPal. Don't send anything unless you use a credit card only on their website. Don't pay them through PayPal for any reason. And, test your E-Juice, as several of the tests that have been run on products purchased, show higher or lower levels of nicotine than what they advertise. This also includes misrepresented PG and VG ratios as well. This is due to the fact that they use some ready made E-Juice products with nicotine in them for some of their E-Juice recipes. Be super careful please. Shelley Bowman has a Facebook page, and so does Eddy Bowman. Here are a couple of websites that Shelley Bowman frequents to sell and promote her products. You have to wonder why Shelley Bowman is not in pictures on Eddy Bowman's Facebook page, or her own either. Also find their URL listed below as well. Stay away from them. Thank you. http://www.wildvapers.com  http://vaughnlive.tv/vapenet   http://vaughnlive.tv/questvaping
Entity: Sylacauga, Alabama
45, Report #1201552
Apr 20 2016
03:39 PM
Jeff Danzig rocknroll_hell Ripping People Off by Selling Fake Autographs & Memorabilia! Internet
Hello Everyone, First let me start off by saying that I myself and many other people in the industry have been onto this person “Jeff Danzig” and the hundreds of forgeries he’s put out into the market. This guy is pretending to be Glenn Danzig’s son and is using the Danzig name in order to help give him credibility. The only problem is that Glenn Danzig has no son!!!! He has publically stated such!!  His real name isn’t even Danzig, It’s Glenn Anzalone.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Danzig) So who is this Jeff Danzig?? Autograph collectors know of him, but their impression has been that he is just using the Danzig name to profit. It has also been shown that many bad items are coming from this source. Rocknroll_hell was shown as clear of proof as you will ever see when you are dealing with autographs that these items weren’t good. You will see a wealth of information online proving beyond a shadow of a doubt these items were fake. Although the Kiss items were better than average forgeries and could easily fool a collector. And some even had a D. Max cert. who we all know has a very bad reputation in the community for authenticating.   Yes, he appears to be pretty skilled at Kiss signatures but his van halen, gnr, metallica and others are just really disgusting. Really Really vile! Please step back and take a look at what is going on here.. It is very obvious what he’s been up to and the drastic measures he’ll attempt to defend his forgeries. It seems as good 'ol Jeff at one time or another did have authentic items. He was probably making some extra money with those items until he ran out of them. He then simply started forging more.. which is probably why his Kiss forgeries are pretty good (compared to the other bands he is trying to pull off) I am pretty sure they were all signed in the same gold pen as well! This guy doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed. It’s about time someone puts an end to this imposter and protects all the innocent people that actually want to buy authentic merchandise. Jeff.. or whatever your name is.. STOP taking innocent people’s money. THE JIG IS UP!  
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1376187
May 30 2017
06:20 PM
Neuromaster Software Konstantin (Kostya) Grek Software than never works Texas Internet
It started on March 26, 2017. After a 2 week trailwith only 5 stocks to use the software seems ok.You are given 30 days to evalute the software. It didn't take me that long to know that I wanted my money back.The videos are vigue and do show you how to use the software. By the time that you do the 30 days are over. But I asked for a refund, the subject is ignored it and told me that I didn't watch the videos. He came in on teamveiwer to patch the software, but it never function correctly.All the whilemakeother offers on his other software to purchase.I will be filing an complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office.But don't get fooled by this guy. His software doesn't work
Entity: Internet
47, Report #764373
Feb 13 2014
11:52 AM
Kristina Kohl Kristina Hughey Fraudulent Horse sale Berthoud, Colorado
Please refer to website for NetPosse for details regarding the report of a stolen horse name Legs or Standing Still. Kohl sold horse online to a party who had a sale contract and paid but never received horse.  Horse was sold at the same time to someone local who also paid & who got the horse and the registration papers.  This was an apparent fraudulent sale inthe state of CO.
Entity: Berthoud, Colorado
48, Report #1360758
Mar 09 2017
11:57 AM
Kardia Equestrian Center and Academy Rhea TurnerNikki BennerKatherine Acting as agent trainer trespasses onto property and steals horse Springfield Oregon
On February 16, 2017. Rhea Turner trespassed onto Pioneer Stables boarding facility, broke locks on gates and with a notorized statment entered the stall of the American Saddlebred, Kalarama's Hot City Girl. Rhea Turner removed the horses blanket, haltered her and loaded her onto her trailer. When she left the facility, she pretended to re-lock the main gate to make it look like no one had been there. Kalarama's Hot City Girl had been under contract as a lease with purchase for a year.  Sinderglass Saddlebreds paid for Kalarama's Hot City Girl in full on February 14, 2017. This payment was acknowledged by the former owners of the mare, Nikki Benner and Katherine Katie Isbell and Katherines mother, Diana Isbell. It is believed that a person known as Anise Silvernail Corcoran AKA Ann Silvernail or Annie Silvernail with whom Sinderglass Saddlebreds has a protection order against, had a hand in orchestrating this theft. The notorized statement that was left on the day that Kalarama's Hot City Girl was stolen stated that Katherine Isbell and Nikki Benner were not interested in selling the horse anymore and that Rhea Turner acting as agent was taking posession of her. This was after payment was already accepted and received by the former owners. According to law enforcement it was illegal to remove the horse from a private boarding facility without permission to be on the facility from the owner. The horse was also transported without negative Coggins or health certificate, or without shipping UDOT numbers all of which is illegal in every state. Nikki Benner and Katherine Isbell broke contract with Sinderglass no less than five times as they drug out this simple sale so that they could get free board and training and the special diet and care the horse needed. The horse has not been seen and her whereabouts are unknown. All attempts to contact Rhea Turner, Nikki Benner and Katherine Isbell have gone ignored. On February 20-24 2017 Rhea Turner sent a group message on Facebook for her friends to attack Sinderglass Saddlebreds Facebook page with nasty reviews and statements. 19 people ( most of them junior riders age 17 & under) commented or left one star reviews in 20-30 minutes. Rhea Turner has clearly made it a point that horse theft is a joke to her and claims to be above the law. Linn County Sheriff stated that they would testify in court over the acts of Rhea Turner, Nikki Benner and Katherine Isbell Police Report Number 17-2458CARLANG in Linn County, Oregon.
Entity: Springfield, Oregon

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