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1, Report #525980
Nov 19 2009
04:04 PM
In October 2009 , I found out about this company thru my newspaper, Dallas Morning News.I applied for a position as a delivery courier. I was hired and i had to fax my information to the company. I started work immediately. I received packages and were to be sent to people who ordered products from ebay and other sites. I was to paid  2600 a  month i was to receive it November 8. I was email and told it would arrive in 3 to 5 days. It is November 19 and still no funds. This people prey on  who are looking for jobs. Do not be scammed by these crooks.          
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #1338932
Nov 19 2016
11:45 AM
spectrum spectrum internet service took over time warner cable industry california
I was switched from Time Warner to Spectrum I was paying 54.92 well they asked me to add tv phone so I did payment went up, then after few months called ansked to cancel and they siad they would give me a deal $119.00 for phone tv internet then I get bill $190.00  Previous bill was 149.00 so they totally lied and did not put me to 119.00 They show no notes the supervisor called me several times and she changed my phone number when she added service again no notes, so I said ok drop me back down to the internet only now there charging me way more! This is ther way from getting you away from the grandfathered TWC amounts you used to pay.  Now my bill went to 190 oh this company is bad news! They Lie and they dont keep records how convenient.  Very upset with this Company, please make sure its all in writting and signed.   
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1378247
Jun 10 2017
09:54 AM
Spectrum /Time Warner.... Charter Spectrum Customer Service Dallas/Ft.Worth Nationwide
When I first signed up for this service online I was quoted a certain price which I have two service at two different addresses. I have been having both services for over 6 months now and I begin to notice that every that every month I am paying more than quoted amount as well as a different amount every month. I spoke with an Customer Service Rep two months ago and he stated that he see the difference in the prices and told me that we would credit my acct. One later, they shut me off and told me that my acct. was past due and shut off for non- payment.After explaining the previous call, the next Rep stated that they see the comments and credit but the previous made an mistake and i had to pay to restore service.  Every month, I make my payments and every month ADDITONAL payments are due...EVERY MONTH!    Time Warner/Charter has had problems with ripping customers off in the past and i see a pattern with Spectrum. New name same product.     
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1386659
Jul 19 2017
11:23 AM
Spectrum Brighthouse/Spectrum Abandoned Deaf Disabled Parent Tampa Florida
My elderly, disabled and deaf mother has a landline phone for the hearing impaired, She had phone and cable tv service with Brighthouse for several years with no major problems until Spectrum took over, then her bill was hiked up so she switched to Frontier for their low introductory pricing. After a week Frontier failed to provide her with an answering service or caller id and only a few tv stations, so she switched back to Spectrum. After about 12 hours of wasted time calling trying to get Frontier disconnected and Spectrum reconnected, after another week, Spectrum has failed to provide her with any phone service at all. The tech that came out left without connecting her phone because she had decided to drop cable tv so his excuse was that that change wasnt on his work order so he said he couldnt do anything at all. Not only does she not have phone service but she has to get a new number due to Frontier's policy of hoarding and keeping the number for a verbal agreement not even an official written contract as she never signed anything. So Im thinking disability lawsuit maybe? How any company that is so incompetent can manage to have so many complaints and lawsuits against it has managed to take over nationwide is beyond my comprehension.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
5, Report #1420068
Dec 30 2017
01:21 PM
Spectrum Spectrum TV Lied to me and overcharged me Orlando Florida
I called a month ago to get a quote with Spectrum because I've heard their internet is fast and I wasn't satisfied with the service I was having with ATT. After I talked to the sales representative she said Spectrum would match what I was paying for ATT, and I paid almost $200 for the installation fee. After a month I received the bill and they were overcharging me 25% more than they said they would. I called to complain and everybody was very rude and they told me cancel. I asked them to refund me the installation fee and they hung up on me. Someone has to stop them!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
6, Report #794831
Nov 03 2011
01:30 PM
Spectrum Research MYSTERY SHOPPER SCAM SCAM, Internet
Got the following email with the subject Job Offer from a nextrecruitment.info address:Do you want to participate in the greatest Mystery Shopping quests nationwide? Have you ever wondered how Mystery Shoppers are recruited and how prosperous companies keep up doing business in the highly competitive business world? The answer is that many companies are recruiting young, creative, observant, and responsible individuals like you to give their feedback on various products and customer services and thus improve their quality.As a Mystery Shopper you have only one responsibility: Act as a real customer while evaluating the place you are sent to mystery shop and enjoy all the benefits that go along with your job. Remember that you have nothing to lose, because you are awarded generously for your efforts:- You get paid between $10 and $40 per hour for each mystery shopping assignment - You keep all things that you have purchased for free - Movies, eat in restaurants, and visit amusement parks for free - You are turning your most enjoyable hobby into a well-paying activity.Be aware that as a Mystery Shopper you can earn on average $100 to $300 per week. The most experienced and hard-working shoppers earn up to $500 weekly. This well-paying job gives you the possibility to visit and observe shops, restaurants, banks, movie theaters, etc. in order to find their flaws and help their owners correct and improve them. You can be a Mystery Shopper whenever you have time, because there is no fixed timetable and you are not obliged to take all the assignments offered.If you are interested and would like to give a try to this intriguing job offer, just write me back and I will provide you with more pertinent information.Good Luck, Erica StoneReplying to the email results in a short response telling you to go to spectrumresearch.info. A website that requires you to buy a $29.95 membership in order to become a Mystery Shopper. No legitimate employer with a bona fide job position demands you pay them to work for them.Looking up the owner of both nextrecruitment.info and researchspectrum.info returns this:Boris Todorov 57 Vitosha Sofia, BulgariaIt also seems that this is a long-standing scam including this company name and the mystery shopper model. So you have been warned.
Entity: SCAM, Internet
7, Report #1070837
Jul 28 2013
08:09 PM
Spectrum - Home Theater System Model R232 California
My husband was approached by someone in his neighborhood about this awesome home theatre system and he thought he would suprise me by getting this from this guy brand new in the box with all the seals on there for $60.00. Well being the tech savvy person I am I knew right away he was ripped off.Based on the details that the guy told him about the system, it was not listed that it was bluetooth or wireless and it didn't have a serial number or barcode on the box. But anyway my husband bough it and was ripped off and we knew obviously we couldn't return it but I am writing this to save other people from purchasing this home theater system.When we opened the box... it had a system that looked like a home theater system but it came with the subwolfer, and five small speakers but no cord to plug them up and based on the instructions it needed some type of amplifer (which Spectrum doesn't sell by the way) to make this thing work... if it did work.So now we're stuck with this stupid thing and like I said my goal is to avoid anyone else from being ripped off. I see on ebay that people are selling this item for over $700 hoping that some sucker buys it... smh. Help me by keeping people from purchasing this system because I would hate for more people to get scammed like us. Listed below is the spectrum website. It's pretty much a dead end on contacting them.http://www.spectrumhometheater.com/ Model - R232 Home Theatre System
Entity: California
8, Report #1365003
Mar 30 2017
06:12 PM
Spectrum Bright house Worst internet service ever! Orlando Nationwide
 My internet is not working since last night. I cant get thru to this incompetent company. Never in my life have I got a busy signal to a business that deals with cable or internet. I'm using up all my data on my At&t service because I'm paying for no service!! This is outrageous I'm furious can someone please tell me who else provides internet in Orlando 32835 zip.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1378736
Jun 12 2017
10:13 PM
Spectrum Crooks and liars Winchester Kentucky
Time Warner was my internet and phone provider for years.  I had a bundled pack (just internet and home phone) that started out at $49.00 and then went up to about $60.00 (no long distance service for phone).   Then Spectrum took over this spring.   Now my bill is $98.00 and I am being charged twice for internet services.  On the detailed bill it states Bundled Services (this would be internet and phone) - charges $62.00.  Then on top of that there is another charge of $30.00 for internet only.   I have talked to at least four customer service reps and each one gives me a different story about why I am being double charged for internet.  One of them told the charges listed under internet was actually taxes.   One rep told me I could cancel my existing service and then sign up again and get a package of internet and phone for $49.99 a month if I signed up for a 2 year contract.  When I asked her what the final charge would be after taxes and fees she told $92.00.  WTH?  $42.00 for taxes and fees!   I hope some brave soul sues this company and puts them out of business.  They are nothing but thieves.
Entity: Winchester, Kentucky
10, Report #1386340
Jul 18 2017
06:57 AM
spectrum twc rip off pressure Nationwide
as a twc customer my basic tv bill was 14.99 and internet was 14.99.spectrom raised my tv bill to19.00 plus a 6 dllar broadcast tv surcharge. when i called they dropped 2 of my channels and said i shouldnt have been getting them.they tried to sell me a $90 dollar tv and internet package. when i said i wanted to drop my tv only they said my internet would go up to 70.00 per month. what a scam dont use them.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1391174
Aug 08 2017
07:56 AM
Spectrum Cable Lied Nationwide
 I got the silver bundle package. I was told the first month would be $129 because of some 1 time fee plus taxes & fees. After that it would be $109 plus fees, taxes, etc which would bring it to around $129. My first bill was $148 which I expected, but so was the next bill. I called, was told they didn't know why I was told that but the best they could do was reduce it $10. The next month was around $138. Now it's back to $148. I called again and was told the same thing. I don't know why the representative told you this, it was a 1 time reduction. I guess this is the standard answer. Don't believe any price you are quoted! It's all lies!
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #208473
Aug 29 2006
12:34 PM
Spectrum Home Furnishings - Spectrum - Great Chandeliers ripoff, fraud, misrepresentation, false charges, unwilling to refund monies wrongfully charged Farmingdale New Jersey
Another dreadfull story about Spectrum Home Furnishings: I was charged for merchandise not received. The merchandise I did receive was tragically missrepresented. It was a pile of junk! Wrong color, missing parts, not assembled, broken pieces. When trying to resolve these problems by phone, we were yelled at, put on hold forever then hung up on. Our credit card was charged six hundred dollars without our approval. WE STILL DO NOT HAVE OUR MONEY! BEWARE! Joseph Pleasanton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Farmingdale, New Jersey
13, Report #809400
Dec 14 2011
01:33 PM
Spectrum Renovations Misleading Bids Internet, Internet
Spectrum Renovations led me to believe that their bid included all the work discussed, but after they started work, the bid suddenly didn't include everything. This is a deceptive business practice. Jimmy from Spectrum Renovations took measurements for tile installation. As requested, he measured the walls surrounding the bathtub. The estimate was then processed through Lowe's. When the workmen arrived on Saturday, 11/26, one of them said that the tub walls weren't included. I can't speak Spanish and his English was poor, so he told me to wait for the boss while work proceeded on the floors. When the owner, Avi Elfersy, arrived, he said that he would straighten out the problem on Monday with Lowe's. Since then I have spoken with Shaun, the installation manager at Lowe's, and Ben, the general manager. They have told me that Avi should have told me the walls were not part of the Lowe's installation, as Lowe's does not cover this service and it must be a side job. Lowe's has agreed to give me the materials to finish the tub walls, as they realize their bid was vague enough to be misleading. The bid gives a price for thinset installation of kitchen and two baths but does not specify that this is flooring only, and did not include the walls, even though I discussed the walls with the Lowe's salesman and Spectrum's employee, Jimmy, measured the walls. However, Avi, the owner of Spectrum, has refused to make any concessions, saying that as a consumer, I should have known that the tile ordered was not enough (I am using the same tile for walls and floor, so that was not a tip off). I had another bid that I would have accepted if I had known that the bid from Lowe's/Spectrum did not include the shower walls. In my opinion, Avi of Spectrum Renovations uses misleading business practices. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #200210
Jul 10 2006
10:13 AM
Spectrum Concepts ripoff Charlotte North Carolina
I wanted to give a heads up to anyone thinking about joining this organization. Ok, this company is not a scam, as it may seem. What Ryan McNulty does is not uncommon across the U.S. Asside from the contracts that he must sign in order to work with Bellsouth or Cingular, he has no loyalty to those companies or to his employees. He and many other companies like Spectrum Concepts will continue to recruit people. If you decide to work there, you will work with people who have little skill or education. I myself have worked there and I went to a four year college, but did not feel that I was working with the top of my class, as Ryan will lead you to believe. You job will entail going to a Cingular store, of which are 10 locations currently. Ryan will fill your head with notions of expansion, but lets face reality, there are only a certain number of corporately owned Cingular stores that can be opened in the Charlotte market. Plan on staying in the Cingular store from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm mon-sat. The only way you will make the guarantee of $350 a week is to work mon-sat. Oh yeah, that $350 is before taxes, so expect around $200-250 after taxes if you don't sell over the minimum of $350. Truthfully, you can actually make more than that amount a week. On any given week you can make anywhere from $500-1000 a week, which is not bad considering the hrs you will be expected to work. Road trips are also part of some of the interesting things that Ryan will want you to do in order to learn about other offices and managers, run an office by yourself, or get an opportunity to see other markets. This guy is a real piece of work. He will try to pigeon hole you into going on these trips. True it is a good learning experience of how good your skills are, but these trips are paid out of your pocket, he may, if you are lucky provide you with some compensation for gas or maybe provide it as a bonus, I though managers would take care of there employees, but this guy, I started to wonder if he cares about anyone other than himself and making money. Oh yeah, if he makes so much money, ask him to show you his car or where he lives, what a joke! The company Cydcor is actually who you will work for. Honestly they have an extremely good idea. However, Cydcor was founded in Canada, so forget about benefits if you live in the states. Don't get fooled by the way he will put you down if you ask about benefits. Truth be told, the idiot had a SERIOUS condition that ended up costing him thousands of dollars that were made by other individuals, not him. Be sure to ask him about that. This guy has no business running a business. He will make you feel bad if you don't want to go to team night or if you aren't putting time into your people. His method of management is through intimidation, which he really isn't good at. I mean lets be real, who is intimidated by some one who will not tell you the complete truth or will make you feel like you are there friend. His bread and butter is working with people who don't know any better or just can't get there foot in the door anywhere else. As far as opportunity goes, there is a real opportunity to make alot of money with Cydcor. If you choose to work with Ryan, you will ultimately be making money for him, so think wisely if you want to work with this guy. They use sale techniques that are rather aggressive, but they do work and are useful in any aspect of life, so I guess there is some value there. This post is definately not sour grapes, because I actually learned more about sales and myself that I did when I started. This is basically to let others know what to expect when they start, because Ryan McNulty will definately not tell you the entire truth, just what he wants you to know. Gabe charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
15, Report #204179
Aug 02 2006
12:18 PM
Spectrum Concepts ripoff Charlotte North Carolina
Update to what is going on with Cydcor. This organization will make you feel like you are working towards your own business. However Cydcor will ALWAYS run the show! If you are unfortunate enough to go on a interview with Ryan Mcnulty, you should know that this guy has no business running an office, don't let his eyebrows and his intensity fool you. This campaign that he works on is extremely time consuming. He will make you promises that you can open up an office anywhere you want..even name it anything you want. However what happens is that if you aren't a sharp individual and you do make it to management, you will be given the opportunity to move where Cydcor wants you to move..not the other way around. Ryan will make you feel like you can't hang with his work ethic...honestly if you like telling people what they want to hear, you will be just fine. However if you want a boss who you can respect...look else where. Like I have said before...there are many people who have made alot of money in this business..but I can tell you that you will have to give up alot of your time. Oh yeah, if you do decide to go on the interview, ask Ryan about his business to business office he used to run. If he admits to it, he will be extremely evasive when telling you why he is here and what happened. Basically he could not run an office, so it went bankrupt, pretty much this guy is a pair of clown shoes. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask my email is ((( ROR REDACTED E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR SECURITY PURPOSES ))) Gabe charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
16, Report #269776
Aug 23 2007
02:03 PM
SPECTRUM COLLISION Terrible work. ripoff Irvine California
Spectrum Collision tells you how great their work is and how fast they are. Unfortuneately the work is terrible and extremely slow. Moreover, they charge exsessively. They turned a medium repair job into a huge nightmare that is still not right. they will blame the owner on their own mistakes. Not worth it. They are BMW recommended only because they are partially owned by the BMW dealer. Unhappyone Orange County, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
17, Report #1153630
Jun 10 2014
01:08 PM
Mass Spectrum Botanicals SCAM Tampa Florida
Scam. Ordered 5/27/14. Immediately billed credit card. Waited a week and asked for order status. Reply:Your order was shipped 5/30 and shows received then sent mailing information---it was not my name, address or order. 5 emails later..no response. Disputing charge with my credit card company. Do not do business with this thief and liar.
Entity: Select State/Province
18, Report #1098318
Jun 18 2014
09:13 AM
Spectrum Investigations LLC. False Statements Arlington Texas
The former Managers have filed complaints stateing that this company lies to its employees makes continous false statements. I myself was promised 40 plus hours a week and only worked 2 cases in 2 months. They further more threatened me when i had to obtain additional work and even called my current employer and attempted to discredit me. They further more gave false statements to unemployment office by stateing they do not offer any employees full time when it is in writing includeing on their web site they also state that they pay for travel when in fact again it is in writing that they reimburse. Do not go to work for Spectrum.    
Entity: Arlington, Texas
19, Report #1360882
Mar 09 2017
09:31 PM
Charter Spectrum Customer dis-service lies Nationwide
On February 23rd, I called the Charter Spectrum customer service number to get a quote as a new customer for new service. The person I talked to gave me a good offer $54.98 for home phone and Internet. He said my Internet speed would be 4.0 (THIS WAS A LIE)I said “I heard that I can keep my same number” and he said “You will have your same number as soon as your new service is installed” (THIS WAS A LIE)) I also said that I don’t want to pay for installation and he said “No problem. I am going to give you the credit for that.” (THIS WAS A LIE) I said “I don’t want to pay for set up either” and he said “There is no set up fee.” (THIS WAS A LIE) I realized that the deal I was getting was too good to be true so I called Charter Spectrum customer service. We realized that I was not being set up for wireless so we added that service. I told that girl that the first man said I would not be charged a setup fee and she said that I was being charged a setup fee. Then she said she would take that fee off (THIS DID NOT HAPPEN) A week later, on March 1st, the equipment was installed. The service man said “Here is your new number” and I said “No. My old number is being ported over.” He said “I don’t know anything about that.” So I tried my phone and it had not been ported. I called Charter Spectrum customer service and she said “I see that you ordered service in a store.” And I said that I didn’t know what he was talking about. I used the number from the Charter Spectrum website. Then he said “You must have got that number off of a flyer or something” And I repeated that I got the number from the Charter Spectrum website. Then she told me that my number would be ported within 24 hours (THIS DID NOT HAPPEN) I called the next day and was told AGAIN: “I see that you ordered service in a store.” And I said that I didn’t know what he was talking about. I used the number from the Charter Spectrum website.” Then he said “I don’t know what happened. This port order was not done correctly. I will submit this today” (THIS DID NOT HAPPEN) I tried using Charter Spectrum CHAT on line so that I could make a copy of what was said (and I have the copy)I told  “Kandice F” that I was promised Internet speed of 4.0 but I am only getting 2.5 and she started to double talk me. I gave up and said that my phone number had not been ported over like I was promised and “Kandice F” said I needed to “contact our service delivery department” and gave me this number: 1-855-455-7506 and then she hung up on me. I tried the number 1-855-455-7506 and it was for vacation sales company. I tried again, thinking I had dialed wrong and then I found out that Kandice F did this deliberately. I know this because the Charter Spectrum customer service CHAT people do not have a number for the service delivery department. I tried again with Charter Spectrum customer service CHAT and got “Brandon H”.  He said he could not help me and he said he does not have a number for the service delivery department. He gave me the number for Charter Spectrum customer service: 1-855-757-7328. Then I looked at my bill on line. I was being charged for installation and set up! I called Charter Spectrum customer service and she said that no one is allowed to offer free installation! So now they are refusing to take responsibility for their employees actions. I guess the employee can just promise you anything to get your business and then Charter Spectrum customer service just says “Too bad. They aren’t authorized to promise you that.” I waited two more days and called Charter Spectrum customer service. I was told that the port order was still not completed correctly and that I would have to call and order a porting. I said that this was not my job to do. After much arguing, he said he would do the port order and it would take effect in 2 days (THIS WAS A LIE) I called Charter Spectrum customer service again and was told AGAIN that the port order was still not completed correctly. I said that I did not want that same answer. I said that I wanted something done. The phone call lasted a very long time and I was placed on hold a very long time. Then he came back on the line and said that “AT&T said it would be March 9th” when my number was ported. Today is March 9th and my number is not ported so I called Charter Spectrum customer service. He told me the port order was cancelled and it was my fault for cancelling AT&T before the port was done. No one ever said to not cancel my AT&T (or I would not have done it. Charter Spectrum customer service also said that I could not have the number unless I called AT&T and signed up for AT&T again, got my number back, requested that the number be ported to Charter Spectrum, and then re-cancel the AT&T. I called AT&T customer service and I was told that they (AT&T) never received a port request (from Charter Spectrum) and it is NEVER the customer’s fault if a port is not done, and a port-over never takes more than 24 hours.  
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1371168
May 03 2017
07:06 PM
 I received a letter for special pricing on internet, cable and phone service. I contacted Spectrum cable service and was quoted a price to upgrade my internet and to keep my TV and phone service the same, I accepted. 2 months later I called and inquired about my bill and was rold that I was not eligible for the special pricing. Again I was told that I would receive the special pricing but that I would need a new box. I agreed. The box was sent I connected the box and called Spectrum to connect it and my TV was dis-connected and so was my phone. I spoke to 5 different associates and was hung up on 2x. I spent 3 hours on the phone with them, finally asked for a supervisor who did get my TV activated but I could not be connected with the same channels that I had previously. WHY ?? I asked, because it's a different service provider. I asked to be connected to my old service and was told I could not be switched back. 3 hours and 6 associates later and I have to re-program my TV. And still not at the price I was quoted.  I just want cable, phone amd internet with the channels I watch. Nothing more and nothing less. Time Warner Cable has been ripping cutomers off for years and now they changed the name to Spectrum and are continuing with the same old habits of rippimg customers off !!
Entity: ohio
21, Report #1371220
May 04 2017
06:04 AM
spectrum monopoly that needs oversite queensbury New York
Spectrum has claimed to have faster speed,that justify higher prices ,but service has gotten slower.The techs who have come out ,say the cable lines in the area need to be replaced ,they are old and deteriorating. 
Entity: queensbury, New York
22, Report #1357189
Feb 20 2017
12:53 PM
Spectrum Cable TV Fraud Evansville Indiana
I was a customer of Time Warner and called Spectrum about their packages to compare.  Was told that if I changed to their lines I would have every station that I currently had for a price of 106 dollars and some change.  Also told that after switching lines I could not go back to Time Warner packaging.  When I took my boxes over to Time Warner/Spectrum to return my current boxes and receive the new, that there was no such package and that my bill woul be  $170 and some change and recalling Spectrum would do no good. Hooked up my new boxes and found that the package that they told me 6 to 8 times would be the same as the Time Warner Package I had, was not even close.      Called the Spectrum people back and they told me someone must have made a mistake. Although, when I talked the the person about the $106 price he said he called a supervisor to check the price and the cable package and I would definitely have the same cable packages I currently had for the $106 plus change pricing.  Now I cannot change back to the Time Warner package because they don't have the codes.  This too is a lie, because my brother also switched from Time Warner to Spectrum and had his switched back after he went through the same things that I did. I called Spectrum back a third time to tell her my situation, the supervisor told me that there was nothing she could do and answered that if I wanted to change carriers that all I had to do was take my boxes and remotes back to Time Warner/Specturm office.    Marilyn Evansville, IN 
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
23, Report #1356565
Feb 16 2017
03:51 PM
spectrum cable services Lies Lies Lies Nationwide
 Existing customer.  Spoke to retention services about adding internet.  The retention specialist was specifically asked: would I loose any channels.  He replied no and stated I may even gain a couple.   A price and install date date were set.The install occurred and quess what I lost the channel I viewed most (WGN).  SOOOO, I called and spoke to customer care (Oxymoron), then another retention specialist and quess what: I could only get that channel back if I increased my package and COST!  It did not matter that I was lied to.  Better yet, they could not return me to the package I had, it was no longer valid. 
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1375941
May 29 2017
12:50 PM
Spectrum double charge of a premium subscription Winston Salem NC
Spectrum TV has an on-demand service. One of their channels listed is Here TV. A representative told me that I have to pay an extra $10.00 a month to get it. I am already paying $10.00 a month to get it, but I must go through You Tube on a computer only. Why should I pay twice for the sme service just because I'd like to watdh it on another device? There should have been some kind of link or phone call to Here Media to confirm it.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1376243
May 31 2017
06:12 AM
Spectrum They stole $111 from my credit card! Tampa Internet
I've been getting my internet service from Bright House for the past couple of years, and Bright House has now merged with Spectrum. I've always paid my bill by phone, a couple days BEFORE the due date. I pay by credit card and for the amount stated on my bill. So this month May 22, I called Spectrum's pay by phone number and when asked for the amount I'm paying I tapped in the amount that was due--$34.28. AND SPECTRUM took $111.00!!! Their automatic voice system told me I had a credit balance of $76.72. As soon as I knew this, I called Spectrum's customer service and spoke to someone who of course put me on hold so she could speak to her lead? then she said the full amount of $111 would be refunded to my credit card. She said I would NOT be dinged with a late fee because the mistake was Spectrum's. She didn't offer any info such as: How long would it take to get the refund or a confirmation number so I asked her for one and she gave me a ticket number. The next day May 23, I called Spectrum's pay by phone number and paid the amount of my monthly internet bill because I really didn't believe Spectrum when they said I would not get hit with a late fee when the $111.00 was refunded back to my card. So then I had a credit balance of $111.00. I called Spectrum and asked another customer service agent WHEN the $111 they stole would be refunded to my credit card and she said Five working days. On May 30, (Five working days) I still have a $111 credit balance on my Spectrum account so I spoke to YET ANOTHER customer service agent who put me on hold for ten minutes and returned to tell me my request for a refund has been submitted. I asked her why my payments over the phone were immediately credited to Spectrum but their theft of $111 still hasn't been returned to my credit card. She had no answer. I asked her for a number for ESCALATIONS and she put me on hold another ten minutes and came back and told me my refund has still not been processed, and she can't give me a number for escalations. As of today May 31 there is still a credit balance of $111 on my Spectrum account.. This is one of the WORST companies I've dealt with--if not THE WORST. What they did was outright THEFT. I have notified my bank about this fraudulent transaction. I have filed a complaint with a government agency. This isn't over.
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