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1, Report #1338252
Nov 15 2016
10:51 AM
Williamson Oceans Trailers Mark Williamson and Mike Tucker Scam Review from Williamson Oceans Trailers and Mark Williamson Sandy Utah
If you are looking for a trailer manufacturer that not only does not follow customers requests, but does not complete trailers as scheduled, than Williamson Ocean Manufacturer is the right manufacture for you. I originally worked with their sales guy Mike Tucker, who took a couple weeks to get me a simple bid on two 14'x32' trailers. After he gave me a bid, I saw it was over priced, but after seeing that they have done a couple decent trailers that were custom built, I was open to work with them. I specifically asked them to build me those two trailers as a deck over trailer that is around 24” off the ground, and I cannot see how Mike Tucker missed this request because I have demanded this many times. It took them over 3 weeks to get around starting the building process, but still they did not build it to the specs I wanted, which lost me a job with a customer and got me stuck with two trailers that I never originally ordered. I did not want to pay for the trailers, but Mark Williamson demanded me to pay my final deposit or he will take legal action, but I wish I did take this to court originally but I decided after a week trying to work with my customer, but to pay for these two trailers. I have asked to modify one of the trailers, which should make it easier to build, but before Williamson Oceans continues to build, they wanted a $5,000 deposit before moving forward. As I was ready to deposit $5,000, Mark Williamson demanded $12,365 instead, which was unexpected, but I asked why do you want it all when the job is not done. He wanted it so it can speed up the process to finish and he stated “about 3 weeks to complete, will do on vin # “ on October 13th. On November 15th, Mark Williamson stated “MIKE , The big one is done and ready to pick up, the 8 footer is about 2 weeks”, didn't he state three weeks? It has been almost 5 weeks, and one one trailer was done. I have a trailer manufacture right now that can build me one trailer a week, and Williamson Oceans trailers takes over 5 weeks or more to build one, what a joke. Not only did Williamson Oceans trailers fail to build a trailer at the specs I wanted, they took my money way before the trailer was complete, and they are still not finished. If you are looking for broken promises, on lack to follow customers instructions, taking your money way to early before job is done, and working on an extremely late schedule, while paying 10% more than other trailer manufacturers, than Williamson Oceans Trailers is the company for you. Hopefully I get my two trailers and hopefully it looks good, or you will see another review on their craftsmanship that took over 5 weeks to build.
Entity: Sandy, Utah
2, Report #1110813
Dec 27 2013
07:11 AM
walter williamson Rippedoff Report Georgetown Demerara River
Dear SirOn the 15th December 2013 I observed that my Norton antispyware was not acknowledging the contract That i payed for, The norton Semantec company ripped me off completely, then left my computer to spyware attact.After this ripped off I decided to change, from Norton to Mcafee, just to find out they were even worst they took my money then reported that they were unable to load the antispyware because my system was not allowing them. they sent three messages and left with my money. Please help I am a poor Guyanese south Americam who work for 2 US Dollors a hour.  
Entity: Georgetown, Select State/Province
3, Report #1372758
May 11 2017
06:51 PM
Gregory williamson Williamson enterprise Took deposit and did not pick up my load Englewood Florida
 I put an ad on Uship to have some trucks shipped. Gregory called me and told me he got the info from uship and he was ready to ship the trucks. I told him that was great since I was in a time crunch and asked him to send me an invoice via email so we can start the process. He emailed several times saying that he was in the field and could not create an Invoice but could jump on the load but just needed a deposit so he was certain that he would get paid. He sent PayPal info and told me it's for both of our safety this was on a Thursday 4/27/17 so I paid the $300 deposit. He told me he would pick up Saturday 4/29/17. I asked him on Saturday if he made it and he said the trucks got there late but they are loading Monday morning 5/1/17. I emailed Monday afternoon and didn't get any response. On Wednesday 5/3/17 he said he was at a funeral and would call dispatch. I finely heard back on 5/8/17 and he said the other guys dropped the ball and he was going to make it happen. I emailed again today 5/11/17 and so excuses every time telling me people are in route. He said he called and the auction is ok that he's before schedule but I'll have the trucks in a few days. I already contracting another company on 5/8/17 and I got all 3 trucks today. Funny he told me the auction was ok and the auction didn't mention that they already got picked up. I hate liars and thiefs. Don't not use this guy and do not trust him with your shipments. I should have trusted my instincts and not used gregory after reading the scam report filed in 2012.
Entity: Englewood , Florida
4, Report #556155
May 05 2010
11:53 PM
Eric Williamson Credit Repair I know where Eric is now Internet, North Carolina
Eric Williamson is currently in the Wake County jail in Raleigh NC. The Melissa that is in on his scam is his wife. Eric also is involved in kiting. None of his vehicles are in his name and never will be. He is a huge scam artist. He bought the vehicles and then had someone erase the loan and the vehicles became his because there was no longer a loan. He is a sorry excuse for a human. I have known Eric my whole life so please know that I know what I am talking about. Eric used to work for Alan Vester in Wilson, NC and he scammed them for 8 years. He also obtains percocets by the gallon and takes them, he even joked one time that he would put them in a bubble gum machine. He called me one time wanting to see if I would help him get a bank acount at my credit union, I laughed and hung up on him. His Mom who is also wanted in Pittsboro, NC for credit card fraud, so this is a family tradition and a way of life for him. So if you are reading this Eric and Melissa I hope you both get exactly what you deserve!!!!!!And I hope your children will soon get out of all of this.  If anyone needs anymore information I will truly do the best I can to help you out!
Entity: Internet, North Carolina
5, Report #1041544
Apr 14 2013
10:03 PM
Christine Spencer The Spencer Group Christine Spencer, The Spencer Group San Antonio, Texas, Ripped Me Off Internet
i had the misfortune of dealing with this woman with her cheating, corrupt, deceiving double dealing ways. She has been reported to the texas real estate board. Maybe they can do something about this slick, slippery, two faced, dishonest realtor who will steal your underwear. The best thing that can happen is that they take her license away from her before she film flams any other honest people out of their hard earned money. I lost of thousands of dollars with this woman and hope that this report will serve as a warning to other potential home buyers.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #443122
Apr 13 2009
01:29 AM
Mike Spencer - Maria Spencer EBay ID Wms28640 BEWARE FROM MIKE SPENCER AND MARIA SPENCER Jefferson North Carolina
Stay away from MIke Spencer & Maria Spencer ebay user id wms28640, they will SCAM YOU ALL DAY LONG. Was using the ID Ebay name wms28640. This person hides their identity and keeps changing it. Note there complete address and BEWARE of them. Mike Spencer / Maria Spencer 209 WM JB Blevins Dr. Jefferson, NC 28640 United States DO NOT LET THEM PURCHASE ANY OF YOU ITEM VIA EBAY, AMAZON OR ANY WEBSITES YOU ARE SELLING. They take the things and claims to credit card to to take the funds back and they also carry a fake website name as www.iripoff.com and files fake complains and blackmail you to send them there money back they are really a loosers. I believe that the mode of operation for this person is to purchase item and delay you the payments when you open a dispute he immediately calls you and ask you for the discount and request you to close the dispute and he pay you by his credit card when you send him the item then he start his game and play tricks to cheat he files fake complains in his own websites www.iripoff.com and blackmail you. The person goes by Mike Spencer and Maria Spencer, his ebay info is the following: Contact Information for mindoutlet : User ID:wms28640 / mindoutlet Name: Maria Spencer / Mike Spencer Company: City: Jefferson State: NC Country: United States Phone: (336) 246-9664 Registered Since: Sunday, Jul 23, 2006 mindoutlet Registered Member since: Aug-18-08 wms28640 His domain names are registered as either William or Michael Spencer. His phone number is registered to the following name and address:I R Heck (336) 246-9664 1195 Mount Jefferson Rd,West Jefferson, NC 28694 33 Actually there are several other numbers as well. He tells people that he lives in VA. I don't know how people like this can look themselves in the mirror or sleep at night. Oh well, he will have to answer to someone at some point. Maybe sooner than later! Please see more complains on his name please BEWARE of them, I request if you find this complain please report for him on orignal ripoff.com. Jim r Wildwood, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Jefferson, North Carolina, Nationwide
7, Report #1159087
Jul 02 2014
12:29 PM
Spencer Pfleiderer Spence Narcissitic, Egotistical, Spencer Pfleiderer Orlando Florida
 Spencer is a good businessman but he doesn't know squat about recovery...........under Spencer Pfleiderer's watch Central Care Mission has become a work camp as opposed to drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.  He's more worried about his time off and how much he is gonna get paid for not working than anything else.  It's time for him to move on.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
8, Report #889254
May 28 2012
06:06 AM
Thomas Carl Williamson Tommy Williamson Tommy Williamson - Lazy Eyed Harley Riding creep from Conway SC - burglarizes me. Elaine Huggins involved. Conway, South Carolina
I suspected for a while now that Elaine Huggins of the Horry County SC Assessor's Office - has been using her official position, and the position of her sister Melaine Huggins-Ward - Horry County Clerk of Courts - for unlawful purposes. I rented from this lowlife Elaine. Before I moved in, she made it a point to tell me, twice - that  the wife of my new neighbor - Tommy Williamson - had committed suicide. Tommy told me a different story. Tommy told me that she had died. I know Tommy to be a liar and a thief.  When I first moved in, Tommy greeted my with a shotgun. I didn't yet have the key to the place. Tommy said I can pick that lock  -- followed by a creepy laugh. He then picked the lock right in front of me. While I was living in Conway, SC next to Thomas Carl Williamson - I fell 2 weeks behind on my rent. After being just one week behind, Elaine Huggins filed for eviction. A week later, we go to court. She tells the judge - Bradley D Mayers (arrested last year on a DUI charge in Myrtle Beach) - that I was 5 weeks late on the rent. I hadn't yet known that they knew each other. The judge knowingly allowed her to commit perjury. Mayers then gave me just two business days to vacate. When I told him that that was not enough time to find a new place to live and that I would be living in my car, he laughed. But the corruption doesn't end there. Sheriff Perry Richardson of the Horry County Sheriff's Office is a preaching coward who was easily intimidated by Elaine Huggins. The Friday before the Monday I was to be evicted, I called Elaine. She could hear the restlessness in my voice and she said just calm down you're getting yourself all worked up over nothing. I said Over nothing? I'm going to be living in my car in a few days. She said No you're not.... Elaine tricked me into thinking that she was going to work with me. She said Do you want me to work with you or not?.... Sunday night before the eviction was to take place I called Sheriff Perry Richardson to tell him that Elaine was willing to work with me. He said Have her call me.  Now keep in mind - Richardson would always answer the phone when I called him. And when he came by a day before because he doesn't know how to read and thought the eviction was for the 9th, not the 12th, he spent about 45 minutes talking to me. He then went on and on about Jesus...... And then he started talking about how they Ought to deport all the illegals and re-instate the wetback act... I think that immigrants should only come here legally. Perry Richardson thinks they shouldn't come here at all. That's where we differ. His view is quite ignorant. And he was on duty and in uniform when he made this statement.  Monday morning - March 12, 2012... I'm waiting for Richardson to come by to evict me like he said he would. I wait. I wait. 9 am. 10 pm. 11 pm... I then see my creepy neighbor Tommy Williamson slither out of his house. I tell him that I am being evicted. He said Today at 9 am? I thought it wasn't until 3.... First of all - I never told Tommy any details - so who gave him the info about 3 pm?  He must have been communicating with Elaine.  Tommy often answers her cell phone - 843-333-5397 I call Richardson. Now, he doesn't answer his phone. He doesn't return messages. Clearly - Elaine Huggins said something to him, and now he is afraid to call me back. This preaching coward who apparently hates immigrants is now afraid to talk to me. Monday comes and goes. Tuesday - March 13th. I go back to CAPS - an organization that I was told would help me pay some of the rent I owed. I then go to Carl Wiesener's music shop in Conway SC. He's another winner but I'll explain why later. Anyway, I get home just after 3 pm. The door is unlocked. Not broken. Just unlocked. The place is turned upside down like a crack addict got into it. The cabinets were thrown open. Computers I was working on for customers were gone. And my personal items were gone. I then run over to Tommy - who I did not yet suspect, perhaps because my adrenaline was pumping and I couldn't think clearly. But I already knew that Tommy was a convicted felon who spent a lot of time in prison. I know this because he admitted it to me that Monday. I tell Tommy Call 911. I was just burglarized. And then, with this really sneaky look on his face, he said Let me call Miss Elaine first.. And then he slithers back into his house and closes the door. A moment later, he steps out and said Elaine told me to call the cops on you because your'e not supposed to be here... So, Elaine tricked me into thinking that she was going to work with me, so that I wouldn't not remove my personal items. This gave Tommy time to break in and burglarize me. She helped Tommy commit this crime, and by covering up for him, she is just as guilty. I called 911 but I was so angry and upset that I was now homeless that I just took off and left S.C. I must have called Sheriff Perry Richardson a dozen times but that lowlife wouldn't answer his phone anymore because Elaine got to him. I then make it known on the internet what this cult of corruption did to me. Tommy Williamson - arrested on cocaine trafficking, drug manufacturing, phone harassment, and other charges - then writes an online blog to attack me. But he screws up. He places information in it that I only gave to Carl Wiesener - proving that the two had been in contact. In what he thought was an anonymous blog, Tommy admitted that he was raped in prison. Tommy also admitted to viewing my credit report. But I never gave him my name or my social. But Elaine had this information. So, when investigators look into this, are they going to find that Elaine Huggins divulged my personal information to Tommy in violation of Federal privacy laws? We'll find out. I am sure that Tommy took the stolen piano and sold it to Carl Wiesener of Father and Son Music in Conway S.C.   At the very least, Carl Wiesener knows more than he has admitted so far. I called Carl a month after the incident, and I could hear the hyper vigilance in his voice. He was clearly disturbed by my call. I then told him that I was looking to buy new gear. He said Don't worry, you'll find another P95... I never told him what model I had. Carl has a history. I have received credible information from reputable people that Carl admitted to selling and using drugs from his home - in or around 2001. If this ever goes to court, this witness would be willing to testify, but for their protection I will not release their name at this time. Elaine Huggins, Thomas Williamson, Carl Wiesener - was it worth it? Over a $700 piece of equipment? You're going to pay for this a hundred fold - with your reputations. This will haunt you all for the rest of your lives. Evicting me is one thing. Conspiring to facilitate a burglary and then using your official position to tamper with evidence - is a crime. And I will not stop until you are all in jail. The pictures you see here: That ugly witch looking lady - that's Elaine D. Huggins on Conway SC. She's fat, old and ugly. This picture was taken when she was just fat and ugly. The other picture here - may be evidence that Elaine had helped Tommy evade prosecution. It appears as if an official records may have been tampered with. But I will let you, the reader, decide.
Entity: Conway, South Carolina
9, Report #13700
Feb 09 2002
12:00 AM
Dead Beat Dad Jeffery Williamson lives in Boise, Idaho
Jeffery Williamson, is living with is grilfriend in Boise Idaho. He owes child support in Washington State in the amount of approx. $50,000. He works for cash, pays no taxes and does not file a tax return on the cash that he earns at the end of the year. He moved to Idaho approx. 4 months ago and has not reported his move, has not gotten an Idaho dirvers license nor has he registered his car in the state. I am not sure of the exact address but he lives on rock creek lane. It is the frist house on the right hand side of the street. the street is a dead end.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
10, Report #595534
Apr 22 2010
01:23 PM
joesph neri cheverolet they over charged me for a car williamson, New York
They over charged me 2000 dollars.  The car was only worth 6200 or 5900, they charged me 8200 and then loan for the total of 10500.  The car had 88000 miles on it and was per used.  This car dealer is a poor excuse for a dealer. 
Entity: williamson, New York
11, Report #543470
Dec 21 2009
11:49 PM
Eric Williamson Credit Repair con artist, scam, Internet
he told me he would help repair my credit and charged me 300 hundred dollars and I never heard from him again, until I called him which he would constantly hang up on me and say he will call back, but never call.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #833646
Feb 03 2012
07:02 PM
Liberty Tax over charging williamson, West Virginia
We have always done our taxes with liberty tax, and this year we had our taxes done there and assumed the prices were the same for filing, after they did our taxes we saw they had charged us over 500.00 dollars and it was too late to cancel their services, my husband works two jobs and this was like a slap in the face for this trusted company to do this after 5 years of going to them, its a complete rip off, there is nothing we can do!
Entity: williamson, West Virginia
13, Report #194180
May 31 2006
09:39 PM
My husband and I decided to buy a house and we called a man named Dale Williamson who happened to be in a free book for listing. We made arrangements on seeing places to be built and I made an off handed comment that I prefered older homes and he replied that he was selling an older home that he personally owned. So he took me to see the home and I just loved it. So we made arrangements to get a loan and start the paper work. After working through all the steps to get what we wanted like the taxes and insurance included in the loan we were ready to buy now. The night before signing papers he wanted us to come over so he could walk us through so we knew exactly what everything meant. After all this was our first home. We thought that he was being very nice and we really appreciated it. It took a couple hours to go through it and we were very pleased to see that all that we wanted was there. The next morning we went in to sign the papers and it took less then 30 minutes. The whole time he would say remember we talked about this last night. So we trusted him and would just sign. After all was said and done we went on our marry way. After a couple months we got a bill in the mail for taxes. We had an agreement that he would pay the first year and the rest would be in our house payment. So I called him to tell him that we had recieved the bill and all he had to say was That is your problem and hung up on me. So I called the title company to see if I could force him to do so afterall it was in our agreement that we signed. They looked through our documents and descovered that he didnt have to pay and we actually payed his taxes for the last year. We also found out that our taxes were not included in our morgage and neither was the insureance. We were shocked. We could not understand how this happened. We tried talking to Mr. Williamson but he had nothing to say to us about it except it wasnt his problem. Now its been a year and our house is in forclosure because he didnt do what he was supposed to do with the morgage. We also found out that he was the buyers agent, sellers agent and owner of the house and apperently that is wrong to do. So we did not have any representation to help us except him and he was only looking out for himself. So he made the money off the buyers and sellers agent compenstion. Which you could amagine is alot. And not to mention that he made several thousand off the house sale alone. So he raked in alot of money for selling this house to us. We have talked to forclosure buyers and they say that what he did to us was very wrong and one of them is a very nice one who has been helping us to sell it before the forclosure date. He did a search on Dale Williamson to see what his acctivity has been for the last year and found out some interesting things. Like Mr. Williamson had 15 quick claims last year alone. This is when a person cant make there payments and he has the second and when the house is threatened with forclosure he comes in and offers to buy the house for only the first morgage and then turns around and sells it for more. This way he can make money off the horrible morgage sale he originally set up. And for my house he plans on waiting for it to go up for auction and he wants to buy it and re-sell it and make even more money. He is not willing to lower his amout for a quicker sale of my house or working with us in anyway. He wants our house and he wants to make more money off of it. He came to our house and wanted to sell it for us so that he could find someone who didnt know like we didnt and screw them also while makeing more money off this house. So if you run into this person I suggest that you DO NOT do business with them. Unless you want to get ripped off and have to file bancruptcy like we now have to do. Amber nampa, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Nampa, Idaho
14, Report #287710
Nov 29 2007
01:03 PM
Williamson Co. CPS False aligations, by cps case worker stoled my granddaugther. Taylor Texas
Cps lied and took my granddaugther away from me. They put her in foster care for about a month( not with family) where the foster mom custed at her told her to shut up, told her eleven year old daughter to hit her, took her to a bar (pictures had head lice .CPS is tryng to take the mothers rights away and give her to her father that is on perole, for assult with a deadly weapon three times, has tested positive cocaine. He has an aunt that works for cps, he said she was going to pull some strings, (it looks like shes pullin.) Before the case was opened, a cps case worker that lives here in town asked me if i had money to fight for my grandaught, (no)he told me what they could do, they've done most of it. But they were to give her back to me. Every court date, we stand in front of the judge like dummys with no attorney to help.One time in court i gave documents to judge to throught the case out. He just let the case worker argue with me. I turned back to look at him, he just turned his head. so we walked out. This is a small town that gets away with everything Miliam Co.But Williamson co. is the one that took my grandaughter, Because her mother was doing drugs. She did not have her daughter ,(I DID) Cps still opened the case . Now grandaughter is with her uncle( fathers brother) and wife. The fathers whole family are some reallly sick people, with crimmal records.( We have none)Her Uncles wife told us that she could not keep her husband out of bars, and that he already had five differnt job this year. He cant find any jobs he like, because he just wants to be a hit man .(ISNT THAT KILLING PEOPLE?) I know its crazzy. We are scard , We dont know who to tell, We are afaird to tell cps , Cps will just turn it around on us. Theres plenty more. Annymous Rockdale, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Taylor, Texas
15, Report #1062622
Jun 27 2013
02:35 PM
Bruce Williamson Horrible Actor - Rip Off Artist - Scammer Charleston South Carolina
Watch out for this guy. Total scammer. Will tell you he can handle any of your acting/set dressing needs, but in the end he is just a pot head scammer.Stay away from this guy.He is a scammer and will take you for all you have.
Entity: Charleston, South Carolina
16, Report #1067502
Jul 16 2013
02:48 PM
Scott Williamson Seeks Credit Card Info, Fishing for Credit Card Inforamtion Internet California
7/16/ 2013: 4:28 pm Received a call from 323-860-9200 j2 Global®, Inc, the parent company of eFaxCaller: Hi this is (didn't catch name) from eFax, the worlds best ONLINE fax machine system....Me: I hung up.1 minute later...Caller: Hi this is (didn't catch name) from eFax, the worlds best ONLINE fax machine system, I just called you and we got disconnected. I'm trying to sort out a billing issue with your service. We recently tried to charge your credit card but it wouldn't go through.Me: Really? (I have never had service with this company that I can recall)Me: Well I'd like to clear it up then.Caller: Ok I will transfer you.Transfered to a girl named LindsayLindsay: Hi can I help you?Me: I explain that I was called and want to clear up whatever the issue is.Lindsay: I need your fax number or your credit card number.Me: I have no idea what my fax number would be cause I cannot remember ever using the service.Lindsay: I can look up by email too.Me: I really do not want to give out my emails...I have many of them and don't feel comfortable giving all of those out. Can you look up by my name?Lindsay: No. Fax number, email or credit card number only.ME: How about my phone number? You folks called me first.Lindsay: No I cannot look up phone number, besides we are an inbound call center and cannot call out.Me: So what do we do?Lindsay: Well, if you have service with us and you do not cancel the service you are going to be billed monthly, if you do not pay those bills then we may need to go to collections or court to get paid for our services. I would suggest giving me all of your email address or a credit card number and I'll find the issue and resolve it.Me: I have 6 credit cards and 4 debit cards. I have no idea which one would be assocaited with this service.Lindsay: Give me all of the numbers and I will enter them all in to my system and we can find your account that way.Me: I want to speak to a supervisorLindsay: That's not going to do any good. They need the same info as me.Me: Lindsay, what is your last name?Lindsay: I don't give that out.Me: I'm going to report you guys to the Attorney General if I continued to be harrassed.Lindsay: We are not harrassing you. We attempting to collect money for a service that you willingly signed up for and are now refusing to be cooperative about...Me: I'm willing to give you my name, my address, and my contact number. Surely, if I owe you money, you can look up my account so we can get to the bottom of things?Lindsay:No, I need email or credit card info.Me: Or a fax number?Lindsay: Right. But you said that you don't have a fax number?Me: Correct, what did you say your last name was again...?Lindsay: I don't give that out.Me: What is your direct line to speak with you again?Lindsay: I do not have a direct line and am one of many people here named Lindsay.ME: I want to talk to your supervisor.Lindsay: He is not in today?ME: When will he call me?Lindsay: Within 7 days.ME: Do you feel like we accomplished anything?Lindsay: That's up to you, you're the one that is withholding information from me.ME: Do you feel like you have done everything in your power to help resolve the situation?Lindsay: I am here to help you. But you are not helping me help you.Me: Goodbye.
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
17, Report #1178039
Sep 19 2014
09:22 PM
AceCashExpress/Jack Williamson Jason Smith all employees have heavy India accents unsecured loans Washington DC
They will take everything you have!!!  Look out for heavy accents saying they'll give you 10,000.00 and then they start asking you to send them money for this fee or that fee. They only want you to use MoneyPak!!  That is a red flag.  You'll never see your money.
Entity: Select State/Province
18, Report #622571
Jul 12 2010
01:40 PM
LM Williamson and Associates Glen Williamson General Contractor takes advantage of young family houston, Texas
We hired this company and gave them a budget we both agreed on to build a screen room addition to the back of our house. They were to pour concrete, frame up, and cover with a roof.  The co-owner himself did the design.  They built up the whole thing and we were so happy.  Only to find, when we were having the preexisting roof on our home replaced, two different companies informed us the roof over the addition(the one LM Williamson did) had installed wrong.  Actually, they built a flat roof and used the  wrong materials to cover it. We contacted Mr Williamson many times to try to resolve the matter and he told us that even though the shingle manufacturer would not warranty the product because of the improper application, he would. We never agreed to this and before we knew it, the first rain came and the roof leaked.  We tried to contact Mr Williamson to get him to fix it and he still denies there is a problem. In addition, the license number he used on his contract have been void since Sept 1 2009.  He also told us he was insured and after having to hunt down his policy number on our own, it turns out his business is not insured.  Its been two months since the completion of our project and we are still trying to exhaust all our options but we've gotten to the point where it looks like court is the last one.  Please save your money and the hassle and do not hire these people!  
Entity: houston, Texas
19, Report #557717
Jan 21 2010
05:10 AM
Dr. Jeffrey Williamson DDS Centerpointe Dental, Jeffrey A. Williamson, DDS Bait and Switch Price Gouge, Obscene Disregard for Business Ethics, Lake Oswego, Oregon
You could buy a round trip ticket to Europe and get your teeth cleaned there for the price this guy charges for a routine cleaning and checkup. Do not expect them to be up front on pricing.  They tell you that they will bill your insurance and your portion is quoted at an amount that seems reasonable.  Several weeks later you will receive a bill.  Your insurance company will reject his obscene charges, and Dr. Williamson then drops the NEW and LARGELY INFLATED BILL in your lap! Unbelievable con-man masquerading as a dentist! It seems unreasonable to expect medically ethical treatment from someone so willing to engage in such abhorrent business ethics.  I hope this warning will save someone from being financially blind-sided by this cash eating predator.
Entity: Lake Oswego, Oregon
20, Report #542275
Dec 19 2009
12:16 PM
Dr. Jeffrey Williamson DDS Centerpointe Dental Dr. Jeffrey Williamson is a crooked dentist and a ripoff Lake Aswego, Oregon
I have some inside information from a former employee about Dr. Jeffery Williamson DDS in lake aswego, OR. It has been confirmed through a reliable source that Dr. Jeffery Williamson DDS does in fact post fake reviews online himself in his favor to try and rebuild his negative reputation. We wouldn't be wasting our time informing the public if we didn't have reliable information. Just Look at the pattern and the dates of the postings. Any time a negative complaint gets posted he turns around and files a FAKE postive review. This is just another one of Dr. Jeffrey Williamson's DDS dishonest tactics. He will likely use just initials and NOT use his real name. He will write a fake postive review to try and combat ALL the negative reviews all over the Internet. I just want the public to be aware of what we know. Dr. Jeffery Williamson DDS has hurt so many people and we felt it was our duty to speak the truth. We will be posting our findings on several other review sites as well. We recommend that you do two things to protect yourself and your family. Do a online search for Dr. Jeffery Williamson DDS Centerpointe Dental and read the dozens of NEGATIVE reviews from real people about Dr. Jeffery Williamson and Centerpointe Dental. Next, we recommend you start looking for a new dentist right away. I hope this helps. Happy Holidays everyone.
Entity: Lake Aswego, Oregon
21, Report #233592
Jan 31 2007
04:33 AM
Williamson County, Texas THIS is what I am being extorted to Pay Taxes for, with money I don't have! Georgetown Texas
I have been a resident of Williamson County, Texas for quie a while now and it has NOT been a pleasant experience for the most part. Imagine fear every moment that you wake up until you go to sleep and you have to abandon your property to find work in a nearby county because there is NOTHING here --and NOTHING that will help epople make a living is WANTED here either! AND WHENYOU COME BACK YOU AREN'T EVEN GOING TO BE SURE WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF YOUR HOUSE OR IF YOU WILL HAVE ANYTHING LEFT AT ALL!!!??? WELCOME TO THE HELL THAT IS WILLIAMSON COUNTY! It is the quintessential GOOD OLD BOY CRONYISM of the Boss Hog sort of rural Southern backwater kind of place where the Ku Klux Klan still infilterates the county. One of our more recent sheriffs, John Maspero, was a former FBI man ( too bad nobody checked on his record to find out WHY he was a FORMER FBI man) terrorized his ex-wife, hung out at strip clubs in Austin,Texas with crooked cronies-- such as the certain deputy chief at a certain city police department was permitted to retire to avoid opening a can of political sewage concerning a certain tainted anti-drug operation -- and he got down on all fours and howled at the strippers like a dog. He was also reportedly hosing down taxpayers' shrubbery while drug -- potentially helping them conserve water but drinking up all their beer-- in public... His name was John Maspero and he was ITALIAN --NOT Hispanic! Here is what he is most famous for: Updated 08/11/04 - 10:55 pm ? Maspero Arrested Again For the second time in less than 24 hours, former Williamson County Sheriff John Maspero is in jail. He was arrested Tuesday for allegedly going into his ex-wife's house uninvited which resulted in a criminal trespass charge and later spitting in her face which resulted in an assault by contact charge. He was back in jail before dawn for another alleged incident at his ex-wife's Georgetown residence. Maspero now faces three more misdemeanor charges. They are violation of a protective order, resisting arrest and public intoxication. An emergency protective order for his ex-wife was issued Tuesday. Maspero left jail at about 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, and six hours later, police were called to his ex-wife's house. Police say he hadn't entered the house, but at about 12:40 a.m., he was leaving the front door and got into his vehicle. He backed up and allegedly came close to hitting an officer. An arrest document says he did get out of the vehicle, but still refused to be peacefully arrested. And then he basically wanted to go back towards the house. And the officers were between him and the house, and he made aggressive movements and told them he was not going back to jail. So at that time officers used pepper spray in order to subdue him, Georgetown Police Assistant Chief Kevin Stofle said. The arrest warrant also alleges that John Maspero smelled of alcohol, and he stumbled several times. He posted bond Wednesday afternoon but has to wait 24 hours before leaving jail. There's between a four and 48 hour holding requirement after posting bond as a cooling off period for family violence cases. The judge decided on a 24-hour hold. Our former county judge is an advocate of the confiscation of PUBLIC HIGHWAYS PAID FOR WITH TAXPAYER MONEY to be handed over to a Austrailian and Spanish consortium (FOREIGN OWNED LIKE THE PLACES THAT ARE RIPPING AMERICANS OFF BY TAKING OUR JOBS!) THAT WILL MAKE US PAY EVER-RISING TOLLS WITH NO LIMITS for the privilege of using OUR ROADS THAT WE BUILT WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. OUR taxpayer-financed ROADS ARE APPARENTLY FOR SALE TO THE FOREIGNERS WHO PUT THE MOST BRIBE MONEY TO OUR SUPPOSEDLY ALL-AMERICAN, FLAG WAVING ELECTED OFFICIALS! IS THAT A TIP-OFF! YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! And OUR County Judge and fat-butted commissioner crooks helped to implement this RIP OFF FRAUD and make it happen. NONE OF THEM HAD THE GALL TO RUN AGAIN WHO STUFFED THEIR POCKETS FULL! BUT THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT HAPPENED TO US! WE ARE NOT A RACIAL MINORITY! WE ARE NOT AN ETHNIC MINORITY! WE AER JUST ORDINARY PEOPLE! MY FATHER WAS ACTIVE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HERE BUT HE PASSED AWAY A YEAR BEFORE ALL OF THIS STARTED--SO POLITICS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Our house was nearly burned down twice. Our door was kicked in and our furniture was set outside and burned up --and not even the fire department came. The windows were shot out repeatedly. My vehicles were vandalized. They shot into our ceiling so that when it rained, the places where they shot fell in and we can't afford to fix so much damage at once. Someone smashed our braker box and we had to have the electricity shut off. They took a tow chain and wrapped it around our PVC plumbing under the house and pulled on it and broke our plumbing! They put acid on the floor and made holes and I found a faded receipt where someone had gone to Austin, Texas and bought about $300 of rodents and apparently turned them loose in the house which brought in the rattlesnakes and other reptile predators to try and eat the rodents! In 2001, on my birthday, someone shot at me when I went out to see what the dogs were barking at. I returned fire and there was a trail of blood leading to the road which was purplpe-colored and foamy. When I called the sheriff's department, I was told not to bother them unless we had a dead body in the yard.On another two other occasions, people were shooting at us from the woods behind our home and deputies came and THEY were shot at by the same people --but NOBODY was arrested! I began to wonder why they wanted us to leave our home! There are sometimes speed labs from somewhere close and the smell of burning burlap gives us headaches but NOTHING is done! We had an instance of fraud and aggravated perjury involved in probating my later father's will. When I took the evidence to the THEN- County and District Attorney's offices NOTHING WAS DONE! They didn't even want to talk about it because we weren't toll road lobbyists wiht fists full of dollars for them! THE RECENT ICE STORM WE HAD TOOK THE CAKE! Instead of sanding down the roads in the rural part of the county where we live, they chose to close down our main life traffic artery HWY. 95 and left us stranded for about hours WITH NO FOOD AND WATER ( because someone broke in our house and stole all of our food and NOTHING WAS DONE) about a week before! WHILE ALL OF THE COUNTY RESOURCES WENT TO ROUND ROCK, TEXAS AND GEORGEOTOWN ,TEXAS WHERE THE WEALTHY PEOPLE ( Especially the megarich retirees who live in Sun City, Texas)LIVE! The give me the impression that the elderly, the racial and ethnic minorities and the lower socioeconomic people who9 live in the eastern part of the county can GO TO HELL! Our Governor and our Legislature recently reduced out property taxes. THE PROPERTY ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR FOR WILLIAMSON COUNTY THEN PROMPTLY INCREASED THE VALUE OF OUR HOME --EVEN THOUGH IT IS DESTROYED AND WOULD GET NOWHERE NEAR THE VALUE IT IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE ACCORIDNG TO THESE LIARS! There is NO WAY to make a living here. WHAT THE HELL ARE OUR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PEOPLE AND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PEOPLE DOING SINCE THEY HAVE BROUGHT NO JOBS TO OUR PART OF THE COUNTY AND WHAT IS THERE HAS BEEN GOING OUT OF BUSINESS AS THEY SHIP AMERICAN MANUFACTURING JOBS OVERSEAS... Every year, I pray that I will be able to make the property taxes with the marginal seasonal,part-time, minimum-wage jobs I am able to get in Austin,Texas. AS expensive as our property taxes may be AND WE ARE GETTING NOTHING FOR THEM --NOT EVEN ROAD MAINTENANCE and CERTAINLY NO LEGAL PROTECTION -- one year of property taxes here is STILL equal to TWO MONTHS' AVERGAE RENT in Austin, Texas. The recent gasoline hike worried me as to how we would still be able to go to Austin TX to work and it is about 35 miles away one-way. Moving there is out of the question! And so I sit in a cold, dark house without electricity and not much water utility... Everytime we repair anything, someonbe just tears it up again and the SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE ANYTHING! So I just paid a $1,000 TAX BILL. I had to save up all year and do without quite a few meals and things that we needed inclusing badly needed house repairs SO WE COULD PAY TAXES! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT WE HAVE EVER GOT A $1,000 PROPERTY TAX BILL! EVER! I think they are going to try to force us off the land and turn this into some more badly and cheaply built subdivisions without making sure the existing infrastructure and the environment can take the traffic. I am not a tree hugger but I don't want to see our few acres confiscated by the new eminent domain ruling courtesy the US Supreme Court which would allow those corrupt county commissioners to seize ANY property they want and sell it to scumbag real estate developers and NOT PAY US A DIME! So I paid taxes today because it is EXTORTION and I dont' want to be SHOT and my land seized and sold at auction while I don't get any compensation. THEY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THE FIFTH AMENDMENT AND I GUESS THEY HAVE FINALLY JOINED UP WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER THAT ALEX JONES IS ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT! I could have repaired my house with that money. I might have been able to have replaced some of the things that were stolen and burned in the yard with some of that money! INSTEAD, I AM FORCED TO PAY TO THE SAME PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO PROVIDE THE SERVICES AND POLICE PROTECTION THAT MY TAXES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SPENT FOR! WHAT AM I GETTING FOR PAYING RIP-OFF TAXES TO A CORRUPT COUNTY GOVERNMENT? NOT A DAMN THING! Anonymous Somewhere in Williamson County, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Georgetown, Texas
22, Report #1205086
Jan 28 2015
03:02 PM
Discount Radio Rip off Williamson Georgia
bought a radio for car on ebay and cost $30.00 did not work and returned paid $14.00 to return.   Paid for another one $40.00 until the refund is processed and the one went was the wrong one and sent another one and did not work.  Was told to retun both and will get refund. On the first one after over a month returned $22.00 because they charged restocking fee and then sent back the two I had and paid $24.00 to return and they told me they would return all my money.  All that was returned to me after almost two months was $62.00 when these transactions added up to $113.00 I got ripped off for $51.00.        
Entity: Williamson, Georgia
23, Report #291144
Dec 12 2007
08:41 PM
Maria Spencer - Appboone - Jason Spencer eBay shill account deadbeat bidder threatens to ruin reputation Jefferson North Carolina
This person, who identifies herself as Maria Spencer (but I suspect is a male) bid on an eBay item I listed. 25 days later, still no payment, so I filed an unpaid item strike and left negative feedback. This person then proceeded to file a report at iripoff.com purportedly telling how I ripped him/her off! Person is a DEADBEAT BIDDER, nothing less. Then I found out others were also ripped off by this jerk! Apparently the jerk's other eBay accounts were shut down by eBay, so he/she set up a shill account. BEWARE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Put appboone in your blocked bidders list! Web Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Jefferson, North Carolina
24, Report #1039853
Apr 14 2013
10:07 PM
Christine Spencer The Spencer Group Christine Spencer of the Spencer Group's Deceptive Real Estate Practices In San Antonio San Antonio, Texas
I had the misfortune of dealing with this woman with her cheating, corrupt, deceiving double dealing ways. She has been reported to the Texas real estate board. Maybe they can do something about this slick, slippery, two faced, dishonest realtor who will steal your underwear. The best thing that can happen is that they take her license away from her before she flim flams any other honest people out of their hard earned money. I lost of thousands of dollars with this woman and hope that this report will serve as a warning to other potential home buyers.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
25, Report #745906
Jun 29 2011
04:00 AM
Vaughn Spencer The Missing and Absent politician...... Reading, Pennsylvania
How would you like to be an adamant supporter of this man, have a fund raising event in your home, volunteer and be a close confidant, only to find out this man is not ever not ever around for  the times he is truly needed. He misses meetings and social functions, then gives excuses as these. I lost my phone, I lost my wallet, my Brothers car broke down, my car battery went dead, I was tired... Never try to reach him through his staff, he disappears for hours, or sometimes even days without even a word. I sat in a restaurant waiting 2 hours for this jerk once, for a meeting, and he was a no show! Does Reading really need another invisable man for a mayor? I think Not..!!!!!
Entity: Reading, Pennsylvania

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