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1, Report #1213754
Mar 06 2015
07:59 AM
d**k's Sporting Goods Sporting Goods Internet
Why waste your time? I ordered 2 college shirts.   On sale.  Separate orders.  One for each grandparent.  Different states.Input all my info including credit card info; got confirmation email; even got a pending charge on my credit card!   A few days later, with both orders I got an email stating:  “Sorry, your order cannot be completed.  Out of stock”. Well, why on earth do they let me order it?  Why? I don’t care if they only had 14 in stock, their ordering system should “lock” your order and remove it from stock quantity.  Did Mickey Mouse create their ordering software?
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1372591
May 11 2017
07:11 AM
Entity: Jersey City , Internet
3, Report #7408
Oct 29 2001
12:00 AM
Gart Sporting Goods false advertising rifle ripoff scam
I live in Kennewick Wa where a Gart sporting goods is located. Last month (Sept.) they started an add advertising any caliber of the Remington 710 series rifles on sale for $339.00 w/scope. I went to check it out and they said they had sold out of them and wouldn't be getting any more of them in. Interestingly enough they have ran the add two more times since and when I went to inquire as to the possibility of a rain check I couldn't get one. I also asked for a comparable substitute or the option of getting one of the 710 rifles from another store (in any caliber they might have available) and no other store had them instock either. I determined that they had no intention of selling these rifles. I can even understand that sometimes the headquarters may shoot add campaigns out that some stores cannot honer, but they sent the add out after it was clear that no stores had them and there was no possibility of providing the product to the customer. I don't know if this qualifies with your criteria of a rip off but I feel better now.
Entity: Kennewick, Washington
4, Report #61845
Jun 25 2003
04:55 PM
Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc ripoff wrongful discharge, false charges Albany Georgia
after i had graduated from high school, i had decided to work for this company for a few months to start a new life and to make my family happy. i was a part time sales associate and in my heart, i thought that i was doing a good job with the company. during my time there, i had earned a lot of accolades for being the salesperson of the week. i would always come towork whenever they needed me to come in to work. in everythingthat the store had functioned on, i was always there. i didn't have a car so my family would take me back and forthto work. but what happened next devastated me for the rest of my life. Back in 1999, i was scheduled to come in for work and by business being slow, i had only made one sale on the register. then i was called into the office to talk to a loss prevention manager. when he told me that gang members came into the store and stole merchandise somehow within a 3 month period, my heart dropped. i was interrogated for four and a half hours until i broke down and admitted that i did it. then i was told to sign a confession paper stating that i didit. at first i refused, but that made him angry. then he told me whether or not i sign it, they were willing to give 10-15 years for the crime. with no videotaped proof, i was discharged and later charged with theft by taking. this is going out to all you people who feel that they have been betrayed by this company or any other company in any situation similar to mine. no person should be held accountable for the company's or loss prevention's actions. i think that this company is not a good place for any minorityemployee to work or obtain work. my name and status is strictly confidential for the sake of my privacy and for the sake of my family. if you are a minority employee, watch out. keep a lookout for signs of an internal theft investigation. Lindsey Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, Georgia
5, Report #318901
Mar 18 2008
07:05 AM
d**k's Sporting Goods False advertisment of rebate Algonquin Road Illinois
On Sunday, March 16th, 2008 Dick's sporting goods advertised a $5.00 rebate on each spool of Berkley Fireline fishing line. At the store we asked for the rebate form and they said they were out and to go online at and print out the rebate form. When we got home I went online to the Berkley website to get the rebate form and found out that there was none. The rebate was for $8.00 for the purchase of two spools of Fireline. So unless you purchased two spools you got nothing. So all the people that went into the store and bought 1 spool of Fireline for $12.98 a spool did not receive any rebate as advertised. The people that purchased 2 spools could get back an $8.00 rebate losing a sum of $2.00. Why can a retail store get away with this? I contacted Dick's and they said opps! and if I did purchase 2 spools they would send me the $8.00 rebate. I do have this email. Maggie Lake In the Hills, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Algonquin Road, Illinois
6, Report #307619
Feb 09 2008
01:22 PM
d**k's Sporting Goods d**k's Sporting Goods - Online Shopping Rip-off Oshkosh Nationwide
I wanted to purchase an exercise machine from Dick's Sporting Goods' website. They had free shipping on exercise and also a $10 off $100 coupon code, so I thought it would be a good deal. Since the item was only $99.99, I had to buy something else in order to get $10 off. I could have bought a Seasonal Dick's Pamphlet for 1 cent which would have been perfect, but I decided to buy a hat since I wanted to buy the hat for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was anxiously checking the status of my order, and 5 days later, ithe hat still had not been shipped. (The exercise machine had shipped at this point). I called Dick's to see what was going on, and after about 45 minutes of being put on hold and transfered, it was finally discovered that the hat was out of stock. I was pretty upset because if I had known that I would have ordered something else, and now it was to late to get it by Christmas. I asked for a refund on the hat (which is logical, given that I wasn't going to be getting it!). After several minutes, I was told that my refund would be less than what I paid for the hat (I don't remember by how much, but I think it was about $4.) The customer service rep told me that the reason for this was because I had received $4 off the item because I used a $10 coupon code and they took some of the money off each item. I said that that was ridiculous because I should still get $10 off my other item then. I even said that they could add on the 1 cent pamphlet to my order so that it would be $100. They still refused to give my back the additional $5. The worst part is, if their website would have listed the hat as Out of Stock (which they should have since they didn't have any) I wouldn't have ordered it anyway and wouldn't be losing the $4. I called back two more times trying to get my money back. I know that it is only a few dollars, but it is the principal of the matter that I was upset about. I spend a total of almost 5 hours on the phone with them all together. No one seemed to no what they were doing. Finally, someone told me that it would be credited back to my credit card in a few days, because she had to send in a report. Over a year later, I have yet to receive the credit. I also wonder what would have happened had I never called about the hat. I am guessing I would have just paid for something I never would receive. Noelle Oshkosh, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #226767
Dec 22 2006
07:40 AM
d**k's Sporting Goods Misleading advertising and shipping information ripoff Internet
On 21 December, 2006 I was shopping online for last minute gifts. I was trying to locate my last two items for Christmas, which were not located in near-by stores. The first item was purchased from, and sent to me. My second purchase was from Dick's Sporting Goods. This purchase was offered with overnight shipping, as was my first purchase from The cost for the 2nd purchase charged a $34.99 Overnight shipping costs fee. I paid for the item and as with Amazon, expected it to come the next day. About 5 minutes later I received an e-mail confirmation from Dick's Sporting Goods. In the e-mail it stated the item would be shipped within 4-5 days from the warehouse. I about fell out of my chair. I immediately called Dick's Sporting Goods online, and told them I was charged for overnight shipping. The lady stated that if I would have read the web page, it clearly stated that all shipping items will take 4-5 business days to leave the warehouse, and then it will be overnighted. PLEASE! I told them it was Christmas and to refund my money to me since it had only been 10 minutes since the order was processed. The representative stated too late. I was then told that at my cost, I could return the item, and I would lose my shipping fees, plus have to pay new ones to get the item back. I then went to the website and it is not clear that an item will be shipped within 4-5 business days. In fact under the Bill me Later section, it states 4-5 days on the shipping. This would make since on that section since this is a credit approval process step, and verifying a person's credit and processing could legitimately take a few additional days. However, on the shipping side, it DOES not state this 4-5 day clause. Furthermore, if the company is not trying to mislead customers, then why at checkout does the customer not have to option to check a box indicating they understand this policy? Finally, the customer service representative was very defensive and a bit rude. I do not think Dicks Sporting Goods clearly defines their shipping policies, and for this reason I have to wait until after Christmas to get my loved one a gift. Chad Jamestown, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #272218
Sep 04 2007
09:30 AM
d**k's Sporting Goods Stole $100.00 in phony gift card scam Albany New York
For Christmas last year I recieved a gift card from this store. It was purchase by a relative for $100.00. My relative was charged for the purchase and given the loaded gift card. Without contacting her, which would have been easy seeing as she used her Credit Card to purchase the gift card, Dick's cancelled the gift card for no apparent reason. In February when I finally got around to using the card I was told it was never activated and treated as if I had stolen the card. The card was confiscated and I was briskly told to contact the store manager in two days time it beeing a Saturday night. Monday came and I called as I had been asked. I left a message and waited two days for a reply. Two days later I called again, spoke with a human after much waiting and was told the manager was unavialable and left another message. This persists for two or three more weeks. Finally I had enough and just threw up my hands because I had already spent too much of my time on this. I mentioned the incident to the person who had bought the card for me so that they did not get me another gift card this year. They checked and confirmed that the company did, in fact charge their card. Taking it personally my relative called and called and called the store they bough the card from and offered to show proof of the purchase. Needless to say this pursuit has also been infuriating and fruitless. I strongly urge everyone who reads this to never do business with Dick's Sporting Goods, and especially NEVER buy a gift card from these thieves. I guess all they were doing is living up to their name after all. ~Evan Amsterdam, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, New York
9, Report #291498
Dec 14 2007
06:17 AM
d**k's Sporting Goods d**k's profits from Christmas but does not believe in Christmas Pittsburgh Internet
I ordered an item on-line on 12/10 as a Christmas gift. 4 days later I received an e-mail from Dick's stating that my order had been canceled because the item was not available. However, when going back to the website, it is still listed as available, and could be easily ordered again. The customer representative (Nicole) stated that the item would not be available until after 12/28, because there were no items currently in the warehouse. I complained that this was not made clear to the customer at the time of purchase on the website and was misleading. My item was ordered as a Christmas gift, so that it was important that it be delivered by Christmas. The representative stated, we don't treat Christmas as any special holiday. Ahah! I bet their fourth quarter profits are greater than any other quarter. Interesting to benefit from the holiday but not to acknowledge it. Dick's will NEVER get my business again. Beware of online orders for Christmas to Dick's. Dick's doesn't believe in Christmas. Marie Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1002558
Jan 24 2013
11:00 AM
d**k's Sporting Goods capable of taking money but not refunding or even delivering product Internet
I ordered $111 in shirts from Dick's Sporting Goods online.  I received no verification email.  I thought maybe it didn't go through, and was glad because I decided I didn't want it anymore.  I called my bank.  They assured me that exact amount was taken out, and taken out by Dick's. I called them.  The first person I talked to couldn't find me in their system.  He seemed hopeless so I said I'd call back later. The second person I talked to could only find me by my phone number.  He said he would send me a refund in three days.  I did not receive it. The third person I talked to could only find me by my email address.  She told me the order never went through and they never charged my card.  I told her three times I had talked to my bank and she just kept talking over me saying, No, ma'am, no, ma'am until I hung up on her. The last person I talked to could only find me by my credit card number.  He said the order had been placed on hold due to a problem with my address (?).  He took the phone number to my bank and assured me it would be refunded. And here I am.  $111 gone.  Not exactly chump change.  And nothing but stupid people to talk to.  How can you argue with abject stupidity?  I'm sure I could fax a bank statement showing they took the money but it would mean nothing. Do NOT order from Dick's!  They own up to their name in spades!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #986565
Dec 24 2012
11:12 AM
d**k's Sporting Goods Poor customer service Roanoke, Virginia
Dick's constantly sends me coupons, especially ones for bonus points which cause me to go shopping there only to later find out that the points are not added to my account.  When I contact them, they tell me they are looking into the situation, ask me for more information, then do nothing.  Items at the store are marked one price but ring up at another.  When this is pointed out to them, cashiers roll their eyes and managers assure you it will never happen again.  If I return merchandise, I'm told that the price was lowered and I have to accept less of a refund.  I've seen the same merchandise marked at twice the price and put back on the floor.  My only visits to Dick's now are for scouting merchandise which I then purchase from eBay or Amazon.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
12, Report #948219
Sep 28 2012
08:18 PM is a scam !! Internet
I ordered shoes from and they sent the wrong pair in the wrong size.  Over the course of a month I traded 10 emails with them.  They kept telling me they would replace the shoes or told me they had already sent the correct pair or sent me an erroneous shipping tracking number.  Just horrible and a rip-off.  Don't buy from  It was only later that I found reported with 30+ complaints!(((REDACTED)))  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #842454
Feb 21 2012
07:40 AM
Dicks Sporting Goods Edward Stack , CEO Dicks Sporting Goods will rip you off!! Their service is terrible and they will lie to you! Coraoplis, Pennsylvania
I placed an online order at Dick's Sporting Goods online website. It is run by a company called GSI Commerce , Inc.   I did not get my order. I recieved a Nike Cap instead of what I ordered. I placed this order for Christmas 2011. I called Dick's and was told I would have the order would be reshipped. Then I was told I would be refunded.  I have never recieved any refund from them. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Dick's. I also wrote CEO Edward Stack. Dick's said the problem was with GSI Commerce.  GSI Commerce has refused to answer calls or refund the Money. When I placed the order , I placed it with Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc., Not GSI Commerce, Inc. Dick's does business with GSI Commerce, Not me. Dick's is responsible for my order and the fact that I have been ripped off $215.09.  I did call Dick's several times. I did email them and I did write them and directly to CEO Edward Stack. Mr. Stack and Dick's have been extremely unprofessional about this. Mr. Stack did not have the class to respond. Clearly he could care less about the fact that He, Dick's , and GSI Commerce rip people off. Mr. Stack should have responded and fixed the situation. They should tell people that they are dealing with GSI Commerce, Not Dick's on their website  I would not shop at Dick's sporting goods or because they will lie to you and you the consumer gets screwed. With a CEO like Edward Stack, you will be lied to and scammed. I lost $215.09. They (Dick's and Edward Stack) have refused to refund the money or make GSI do the right thing and refund the money. Avoid Dick's!!!! Do business with honest people who take care of their customers, not screw them!!!
Entity: Coraoplis, Pennsylvania
14, Report #834888
Feb 06 2012
04:47 PM
d**k's Sporting Goods Horrible Customer service and delivery bel air, Maryland
Dick's Sporting Goods has horrible customer service I purchased, or rather my father purchased, a Livestrong 8.0 treadmill for my birthday on January 21st of this year.  I had been in the previous week and seen their sale for $100 off and free delivery/install, and convinced my dad to purchase the unit from Dick's instead of from Livestrong (who were doing a promotion of $799 for the unit including a free extended warranty).   Even though I couldn't get my father in on time for the promotion, Dick's manager Pete was gracious enough to honor their promotion of $100 dollars off, yet I still had to pay for the delivery and install.  So I received the $799 treadmill for $699, plus $69 for the deliver/install...not really saving much, but I was there and so I made the purchase.  I should have bypassed Dick's and gone with the Livestrong website's offer and gained the Extended warranty.  Hindsight, since I had no idea the issues that were coming. The delivery was set for the following Tuesday, yet when the delivery company came we found out that the employee at Dick's had ordered me an ELLIPTICAL.    Ridiculous.  We didn't even bother unloading the elliptical from the truck.    I called Dick's that night hoping to rectify the situation, and spoke with one of their employees in the Fitness section who told me that he would put the paperwork in and get a rush on it. Meanwhile, I had a personal trainer appointment on Wed, the following day, which I couldn't cancel because I didn't have time to.    W/out the treadmill there to set up programs for me to follow, I am now out $120 in a wasted session fee with my trainer.   So basically because Dick's messed up I essentially paid $888 for a $799 treadmill I DID NOT EVEN HAVE.    And I didn't even get the warranty I would have gotten if I'd gone via Livestrong's website.  Ouch. I called the next day and talked to Pete again, who assured me that he ALSO would file the paperwork for the exchange and put a rush on it.    I heard NOTHING back for two days before I decided to call again.   I talked with a different manager (Mike I believe) because it seems the store manager doesn't work very much at this location.  He apparently called the delivery company trying to see what the hold up was, and called back to leave me a voicemail saying he would try again the next day.  At this point, my father...who's card this is charged to...decided to step in.  He called Pete again and FINALLY it seems they got the paperwork together and actually get started on my delivery.   This was the following Monday, I believe.  It took them about a week to even START thinking about getting my treadmill to me, and the earliest time...their rush time that I was promised....was today, Feb 6th.   A full 16 days from the purchase of the unit. The unit finally arrived and...lo and behold.... the control console was DEFECTIVE!  The buttons wouldn't work properly and while the unit would turn on, the treadmill wouldn't Start up.  The installer told me I needed a new control console and said he would contact the Dick's to have one shipped. Really?   So what, that's another 3 days at least to have it shipped, then who knows how long for an appointment by an installer?   How backwards is this company. Rather than rely on an e-mail sent by the delivery company, I called Dick's Corporate consumer care line and spoke with a representative.  She was overly apologetic but didn't offer anything in the way of true help other than having the Livestrong manufacturer call me directly.   The Livestrong representative promised to ship the parts needed right away and have their own contracted installer call me to make an appointment.   Still...who knows how long this will take. I will update this posting once resolved, but I am VERY disappointed in Dick's lack of concern for their screw-up.  Granted, they must be downsizing (I mean...their shoe department at the Bel Air store now looks like a Pay-less or other discount shop now that they've put their shoes out on the sales floor for a help yourself shamble), but there is no excuse for the way I was basically ignored by the management of the company when trying to resolve the issue.   It is like they refused to put the paperwork in to get my treadmill replacement!  Not only that, but the Corporate care representative flat out told me not to expect the District manager or any higher than the store level employee to bother giving me a call back!  As I said, I will update this posting as well as other postings I will be putting on the web to warn consumers about the horrible service, respect, and response that Dick's shows its customers.
Entity: bel air, Maryland
15, Report #642290
Sep 19 2010
09:19 PM
alex acostas sporting goods and print shop san antonio, Texas
unusual rip off I ordered T- shirts with specific design paid in full the company promises a date and did not comply with there end my order was late and incomplete When i spoke to the owner about the mistake his reply was that it was not his problem and he was already paid and it was not his job to  make sure the  was complete he also stated customers complained before and it did not matter because he has been in business for 30 years. They do not have any customer service oomplete your order once they get there money the employees walk around with no shoes and the manager alex is rude and arrogant do not shop here.
Entity: san antonio, Texas
16, Report #343579
Jun 24 2008
09:27 AM
Johnny Macs Sporting Goods unproffesional St Louis Missouri
i was hired and was told that i was going to be in sales,thats what i wanted,i have been a outside sales person for ten years and decided the industry i was in wasnt exactly what i wanted, i left that job very proffesionally two week notice and all.i wanted to go into sales in something i had a passion for, previous boss was upset i was leaving but encourged me that if was what i wanted he understod,he was losing his best salesman.after four days later at johnny macs i was let go because the person i was higherd to replace came back and wanted his job back.most unproffesional thing i have ever expiercend.i will never step foot into another johnny mac store ever and advise the same to all. Tim st louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: St Louis, Missouri
17, Report #1177371
Sep 17 2014
10:20 AM sport sporting shoes athletic ripoff scam rip off Internet
Ordered my shoes, a pair arrived several weeks later that were the wrong kind of shoe and the wrong size. Company maintained email correspondence with me, always politely assuring me that they were sending the correct shoe, that they'd never had this problem before, and to just wait a few more business days and to send back the incorrect shoe when I received the right ones. After 2 months of waiting I filed a fraud report.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #2879
Aug 10 2000
12:00 AM
Hello, I purchase 1 Abslide about a 1 month ago and they automaticaly charged me for a second 1. I've emailed/called w/no response, now the phone is put on v mail, but it full.
Entity: california, California
19, Report #509989
Oct 15 2009
06:25 PM
d**k's Sporting Goods Catrina Rip Off: Brand New Tee Cracks Down the Middle;No Money Back! Dallas, Texas
     When you are looking to spend your money on sports equipment, from personal experience, do not go to Dicks.  My father went to this store two weeks ago and bought a hitting tee. Then, the following week, after his ten year old daughter and six year old daughter had each hit off of it twice, we found a huge crack down the middle. So, two days later, we go to return it to Dicks, the store who sold to us this junk. We go in and find the Customer Service counter and find Catrina, the lady working there at the time. She asked him what he needed. At the top of his lungs he screamed at her like the world was about to end, I BOUGHT THIS PROUDUCT 2 WEEKS AGO. MY 10 YEAR OLD AND 6 YEAR OLD KID EACH HIT OFF IT TWICE AND LOOK AT IT NOW! He showed her the tee. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! He screamed once more. Do you have receipt?  NO!  Do you have a box?  NO!  Then sir, I cant do anything for you.  He gave her his credit card and she said, Unless you bought this product within 7 days of your purchase, I cannot access the receipt on this. Then the manager came in. Her name was Suzanne. (She was scary)  He had the exact same talk with her and all of the same answers. Then, heres where I come in. I ask her how often they took out their trash, and this information did us no good since they took out their trash every day. I thought of this because he had thrown away the box and receipt in a trash can upstairs at Dicks. So my dad throws the tee down and walks out. YOU HAVE JUST LOST A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! So the manager says, Well hold on to that for you sir. And he just walks away, head high. So, what I am getting to is, DICK'S IS A RIP OFF!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
20, Report #708878
Mar 21 2011
10:34 PM
d**k's Sporting Goods d**k's Falsely Advertised My Free Baseball and Frequently Uses the Bait and Switch Technique With Coupons Internet, Ohio
I received a coupon in the mail for a Free Rawlings Official League Baseball valued at $2.99. My son needed new baseball shoes and batting gloves and he insisted on shopping at Dick's so that he could get a free baseball. We gathered our purchases, found the free baseball, and went to the register. I had IN MY HAND a Rawlings Official League Baseball priced at $2.99 and, to my dismay, the cashier told me that I could not use the coupon for the baseball. She said that, even though the baseball in my hand was identical to the free baseballs that they had given away, the store was out of the special baseballs being used for the promotion and I would have to purchase the one in my hand. In my opinion, if you have an item in the store that is identical to the item listed on a coupon, it is misleading to advertise that the baseball is free if it isn't. If you don't want to give away the baseballs, then don't stock them in the store during a promotion. I explained this to the cashier and she could see that I and my son were visibly upset. She did not offer to get a manager or to give me a rain check. She just said that they would not be getting in any more shipments of the baseballs and my son was forced to give back the baseball and to leave the store in tears. I was EXTREMELY upset when I left the store and I contemplated returning the items purchased and driving 20 miles to another store. The only reason that I did not do this was to avoid my son leaving the store empty handed when he had been so excited about going in the first place. I will not shop here again and I will advise the people that I know not to shop here as well. Frankly, I would like for my son to have the baseball that he deserves. I know that this is only a 3 dollar baseball, but it's the principle of the matter. If you offer a specific coupon and you have the item listed on the coupon in stock in the store, then the coupon should be honored. This is especially true when children are the typical recipients of the free item listed on the coupon.This is unacceptable. I have been upset about Dick's coupons in the past. It seems as though most of their coupons are practically worthless due to excessive exclusions. I actually emailed customer service in the past and asked that they stop sending me coupons because the amount of exclusions on the coupons enraged me. It was clear that they wanted me to go to the store thinking that I could use a coupon and decide to purchase the items anyway after learning that the items were excluded. They are famous for the bait and switch tactic. I still receive the coupons. I should have known that a coupon with no exclusions from Dick's was too good to be true.
Entity: Internet, Ohio
21, Report #291375
Dec 13 2007
04:22 PM
d**k's Sporting Goods Try to return a defective product. Buyer beware! Durham North Carolina
I bought a camping tent from Dick's and it leaked. I had four inches of rain in the tent the first night after a thunderstorm. I thought the rain was blowing in from the sides but it was dripping from the top. I had no choice but to sleep in it that night. When I returned to Dick's I told the cashier, (no, Dick's not have a customer service department because they don't care) I wanted to return the tent. She glanced at the box and her first words were, have you used it? I responded that I had one time. She said Well we can't take it back because we won't be able to sell it. I was livid! I was expecting something like what is the problem. I stormed out saying I would never be back in the store again. The next day I sent a letter to the attention of the store manager detailing my experience and asking if this was Dick's return policy on defective merchandise. I gave my home phone, cell phone, home address and email address. After two and a half weeks I have heard nothing from them. I tried the online site but the girl said I need to deal with the store. Customer service is big with me. I run my own business and couldn't remain in business if I treated my customers this way. I am glad it was only a tent and not something more expensive. I feel my lesson was relatively cheap. I will never go back. Unclebuck Saxapahaw, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Durham, North Carolina
22, Report #987424
Dec 26 2012
09:51 PM
d**k's Sporting Goods All Sales Final on bicycles, hidden policy Ladera Ranch, California
I purchased a Diamondback Incite 2 for $400 at Dick's for a Christmas present for my son on December 17, 2012. After he recieved it on Christmas, we found it to be the wrong size, so I called Dick's on December 26 and talked to the manager and was told that they don't except returns or exchanges on bicycles. I immediatly went to the store to talk to the manager inperson and show her that there is no written or verbal statement of that policy, to no avail. So I reported the matter to the BBB and posted a rant on Craigs List and here. I just want to exchange this new, un-used bike for the correct size bike or get a refund under the printed return, refund policy that is printed on the reciept.
Entity: Ladera Ranch, California
23, Report #1093250
Oct 20 2013
11:25 AM
Dicks Sporting Goods Product came in a package, refused to give me all the items that were included in the package Altoona Pennsylvania
 Wanted to buy a $549.00 Excalibur Crossbow Package. This crossbow comes in a package but they didn't have everything included in the package, all I asked for was the string to pull the bow back and a simple literature package with an owners manual, so after spending 1/2 hour in the back room the salesman came out with a piece of used rope that wasn't the correct one thats supposed to come with the bow and he said there was no literature with it. i said its not unreasonable to ask for that since it was included with the package when I am spending that much money for that bow. His responce was Do I want to talk to the manager I told him I will do one better! I will walk out and not buy that bow PLUS all my other $200 extra purchaces.  But the sad part is that salesman didn't care, he said that happens all the time. Also I know better NOT to talk to the manager cause I know exactly what the manager will say, a blind man knows any manager of any retail business could care less about the customer. Then these same retail stores wonder why everybody buys online, its a wonder how these retail stores pay that $30K a month lease on their store location when they treat a customer like crap that wants to spend on big purchace amounts. I guess they survive on selling $9.99 tee shirts. I am picky who I hand over my hard earned money too and a trust my gut feelings and I can feel when the salesman is being dishonest.  Sure!!!  I know that salesman will blame me and say that customer was a jerk, but I kinda feel good he didn't get my money! I will buy one online at a better price with free shipping that will come in a sealed box that i know was new and untouched, BUT NOT FROM DICKS SPORTING GOODS!
Entity: Altoona, Pennsylvania
24, Report #1279911
Jan 13 2016
04:38 PM Internet
 Ordered 3 jerseys from this company on November 30, 2015. Was sent an email a few weeks later saying my order would be shipped 3 days late. It is January 13,2016 and I am still waiting. I tried to send an email back to them and it got kicked back to me saying it was invalid. My credit card got charged though.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1397039
Aug 31 2017
01:12 PM
Wilson Sporting Goods Web site did not apply Credit, refused to cancel or issue credit Chicago Nationwide **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
Order from web site, entered customer credit number and the website charged my credit card for full amount.  Immediatley called to have them correct it and they refused to do anything. Stated i had to refuse the order when it arrived and they would refund the total amount. Shipments are left at my door step all the time, so thier response was to call them and they would issue return slip.  Bottom line they want me to jump thru hoops because of thier mistake while they keep my money and credit. 
Entity: Nationwide

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