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1, Report #446641
Apr 26 2009
11:57 AM
Florida Sports & Recreation Network nobody give you nothing in this world, without ripping you Daytona Florida
we try making reservation on rental cars, flying, hotels everything they said we was getting discounts was a lie, im a hard working person never did anyone wrong did everything right never rip noone off me and my husband don't deserve. this company likethis hurt people like us that's trying to do right bring our kids on a nice vacation dont worry that's god up there. i never seen a hurse or atm machine in a graveyard i wish them luck with the money they are riping people off sign MAD AND NO CARE ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE US Sally crowley, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Daytona, Florida
2, Report #549713
Jan 05 2010
03:09 PM
Florida Sports Recreation Network - PGI Took $1000 from us and ruined our credit Ormond Beach, Florida
We bought a travel package from PGI in Florida with $1000 (not required) down.  We were given a 30 day period to review the package that would come in mail immediatly and if unhappy would get full refund.  We weren't able to access our account and didn't recieve our info for 3 months.  When we tried to use the package it wasn't what we were promised.  Company then changed hands from PGI to Florida Sports and Recreation.  After fighting for months, they agreed to release us from contract if we were willing to loose the $1000.  We agreed and thought it was over.  Many many months later we found a report from them on our credit report.  We immediately contacted them and gave them current information.  Now they have us reported to all credit agencies and are in no way offering any help.  We tried to go through the BBB and have disputed the charges with Transunion.  We have also contacted a lawyer.  This has ruined our credit!  Stay Clear and read other reports on this company!!!!!!
Entity: Ormond Beach, Florida
3, Report #402169
Dec 16 2008
07:35 PM
Florida Sports And Recreation - Universal Account Servicing Selling non existing services for discount hotel, air and vacation travel Maitland Florida
Florida Sports and Recreation, is a SCAM rip off outfit that sells fantastic sounding service for discount or reward priced vacation stays and or travel arrangement in conjuntion with Reservation Services International the name of the company who appears to be thier reservation division but they are totaly unwilling to provide any kind of reservations They do provide you with a bunch of cards to give to your friends and relatives which you can use to help these scam artists rip them of as well When you call to make arrangements we were trying to reserve a cruise and after they force you through an hour of electronic voice mail hell you may get to speak to someone named Raymond and Raymond is the only one that ever actually answers the line if you stay on long enough anyone is welcome to try 1-800-309-0572 he will go through the motions telling you what you want to hear but when it comes to finalizing anything he has to get aproval from his supervisor and he will call back tommorow only as we all know tommorow never comes They have an additional arm that is thier collection company and where you have to make payments if you took the financing option Which I did but when we could not get the services requested we advised them we were stopping payments untill such time as we recieved service as advertised whereupon we recieved another call from Raymond who tells all kinds of glorious things abut has to confirm with his supervisor never to be heard from again and we have nevr recieved any kind of follow up other than from thier collection company trying to scare you into making more payments this company is Universal Account Servicing LLC P.O. Box 147 St Joseph MO 64502-0147 or P.O. Box 807010 Kansas City, Mo. 64180-7010 and no matter what you tell them or write to them they will not Quit but I suppose we should expect that as all Scam artists need to get paid We hope that this will help warn others off from these outfits Gerry Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada
Entity: Maitland, Florida
4, Report #475424
Jul 31 2009
05:35 PM
Membership Clubs, Sports Recreation Athletic Country, Priv Golf, 888 573 6172 GRANTS Charged a fee of $ 39.95 for grants, Charge card gave credit, Than charged it again Reno Nevada
I requested information only on grants available and nothing else. I was first charged a membership fee for a few days as a trial member, I was than added to a monthly AMA*SMARTHEALTHGOLD, Subscription, For a fee of $19.95 a month which totaled $81.75 They have confirmed by E Mail that the $ 81.75 would be refunded in a few days There seemed to be 3 Different vendors involved in this scam. GRNTCN V, in NV, also Number 888 5736167, A charge of $39.95 for grants I have been unable to get co-operation on this money, they call it crunch money DSLCLG V is also listed as a country club, which also has a NV Number of 888 6420276 This had a charge of $ 12.95 The AMA*SMARTHEALTHGOLD is a Subsidiary of Grants 888 5736172 Which was first credited by the chargecard co. and than once again charged me $ 39.95 for the grants fee Howard **** Reynolds, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
5, Report #811804
Dec 20 2011
10:53 AM
Florida sports recreation network & robert mcpherson took my money, agreed to sell my package, referred me to another ripoff agent who took $200 from my account with promise to sell and neither wants to give any further account or update daytona beach, Florida
On August 17, 2007 my spouse and I vacationed in Florida and was convinced to purchase a travel vacation package. Total cost was $3943. We paid a deposit of $350.00 and Florida Sport & Recreation Network (FSRN) arranged financing which required that we pay 129.72 per month for 36 months. I do not recall using this package and after about a year we contacted them to have the package sold. Their representative gave us a name (Robert McPherson) and his number (4178442445) who they said would have our request carried out. We called him , had a discussion about the sale and he requested our credit card infor. for his fee of $200. Immediately after our conversation, this amount was charged to our account. He assured us that he could sell in about 6 weeks and advised that if we sold below the market rate we could fetch a quick sale. We agreed with him to sell at about $5000 since he said that the market price for similar packages was about $6500  at that time. he further advised that the sale proceeds would be paid to the finance company and balance would be paid to us .Several phone calls were made to Robert McPherson between 2008 and 2009. He responded to about the first two calls  and said that he did not sell as yet. We asked him to email his address and the company that he represented. However, he has not done this and all other calls have been without success. Messages have been left on his voicemail but we have not had any response. We contacted FSRC in about 2009 to report this matter and to ask them if they could contact him on our behalf or give us further information but the representative who answered our call said she doesnt know the person and could not help us. In July 2009 we received a letter in the mail from a debt collection company (Universal data Services, LLC) demanding payment of a balance of $2454.87. We are unable to bring this matter to a closure because both Robert McPherson and Florida Sport & Recreational Network refuses to shed any light on why or request for sale has not been carried out or what is the status! This whole set up appears to be a ripoff and a trap! 
Entity: daytona beach, Florida
6, Report #1419126
Dec 25 2017
07:30 PM
Florida Sports and Recreation Lies about services offered after me paying 5000 dollars. I was ripped off and have never used their services. I want a refund. Daytona Beach Florida
They offer discounted rooms for vacation. They promised a lot and in return we get nothing for 5000 dollars. Any time we went on vacation it was cheaper else where and we have never used the service. They continue to call every year trying to get the annual fee. They are rip offs. They should be required to return all money.
Entity: Daytona Beach, Florida
7, Report #1421471
Jan 06 2018
11:42 AM Breanna i paid for a jersey for $68 and i never got the Jersey Alabama
i paid for a jersey for $68 and i screen shot the tracking number and when i tried tracking it the website didnt exist anymore
Entity: Alabama
8, Report #719884
Apr 20 2011
11:03 AM
Nevada Beach, Camp Grounds & Park Nevada Beach nevada beach, recreation, camping, boating, rafting, kayaking, beach, water sports Round Hill, Nevada, Nevada
Nevada Beach Is A Vacation Disaster. I dont know what these people are thinking. The truth is, Nevada Beach is dangerous. Stateline Marina is just a little bit to the south end of Nevada Beach. It is a busy marina. Rafters and Kayakers have to dodge speed boaters and jet skiers. No Coast Guard or Sheriff vessels are near Nevada Beach to regulate or patrol the congestion in that area as other beaches in Lake Tahoe do. A jet skier was killed by the Tahoe Queen which goes by Nevada Beach on the return trip from Emerald Bay the jet skier was riding the wake of the Tahoe Queen. It was not the Tahoe Queens Fault. . A parisailer was killed. By Nevada beach due to congested waters... I found this information in the Tahoe Tribune Archives. It is a favorite place for water skiers, jet skiers and the return trip of the Tahoe Queen. It is busy and noisy. Nevada Beach is also a catch all for all the garbage and debris from the west shore and north shore. The wind blew sand and dust in my eyes and smelt like rotten garbage. In general a vacation disaster. If you are looking for a nice place to relax do yourself a favor and go to Zephyr Cove, Sand Harbor El Dorado Beach, Keva Beach, Baldwin Beach or Camp Richardson. They are all much safer. Too many problems at Nevada Beach for me. I Came To Lake Tahoe for a Vacation and To Relax. Not for a Free For All of Water Spotters and ghetto blasters. My visit to Nevada Beach was a waste of my vacation. Nevada Beach was a Vacation Disaster. D. Slone S.F. CA.
Entity: Round Hill, Nevada, Nevada
9, Report #1420097
Dec 30 2017
06:45 PM
WAVE Electric Bike I purchased a WAVE Electric Bike vis Indiegogo. Laguna Beach California
Bike arrive almost a full 2 years later then tehy originally stated. However when I received the bike there was no Lithion Battery to power the bike. Numerious calls and emails before I received that battery 4 months after the bike.I used the bik 4 times in less then a year and not they say my battery is defective and out of warantee. They want me to buy a new one that cost almost as much as I paid for the bike in the first place. They don't even use this deffective manufaacturers battery anymore. They have switched to a Smasung battery.I wanted a replacement and they refuse. It has taken me an additional 3 months trying to get a reply from thses people. When they did they basically told me the battery was no longe under warentee.Don't you think a battery should last more then 4 rides on an electric bicycle?
Entity: Laguna Beach, California
10, Report #1422863
Jan 13 2018
07:31 PM
Chasper Harris aka SkinCarvers on eBay Skin Carvers Sells promise of custom leatherwork and does not deliver Tennessee
Chasper Harris, aka SkinCarvers on eBay, took my money and ran.  Six months after payment, I have no product.  This person is a thief, plain and simple.  He sells cheap ready-made products on eBay to keep his reputation afloat, but if you pay for custom work, you will be waiting till the day you die in order to receive it.
Entity: Tennessee
11, Report #439885
May 11 2009
10:23 AM
Premeire Travel Network ,Florida Sports And Recreation SCAM SCAM SCAM Gatlinburg Tennessee
My fiance and I were totally suckered in by smooth talking salesmen and I feel like a fool. Being suckered in by Premeire Vacation Network aka Florida Sports and Recreation, is shameful in the least. After returning home from the weekend in Gatlinburg,TN. we realized that everything that was promised, ie. low fares, great discounts and awesome condos, was all a farce. The listings that they had on the Gulf Coast, I would not let my dog stay in them. The promise of great customer service was all a lie. I have tried hundreds of times to contact a real person to talk to and always get a recording. The billing company that handles their customers have hounded us repeatedly. I am refusing to pay one cent until all my questions are answered. I plan on contacting the District Attorney in my home county to draft up a letter to the State Attorney Generals Office in Tenneessee and Florida advising them of the devious sales tactics and outright lies. BEWARE...Do not get suckered into their FREE Weekend in Gatlinburg....The hotel that you are put in sucks at best. I will advise all when I have recieved any confirmatiojn the the respective State Attorney General's. Derick Florence, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
12, Report #1419648
Dec 28 2017
10:11 AM
Main website store I order a jersey for my son. They jersey never came and they will not respond to any of my emails when inquiring about the status of the order
I order a jersey for my son. They jersey never came and they will not respond to any of my emails when inquiring about the status of the order
Entity: Natiionwide
13, Report #55262
May 01 2003
12:18 PM
LINK RECREATION ripoff business from hell Rogers Minnesota
Stay away from the service department at this place. Had a out board motor semi-repaired at the cost of $900 and had to bring it back 3 times and it was still not running right. They don't know anything, and they take months to fix items and they have some little jerk in service that thinks it's his job to smart off to customers. E-mail them and complain! David mpls, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: ROGERS, Minnesota
14, Report #575704
Feb 28 2010
03:55 PM
Florida Sport And Recreation Florida Sport and Recreation an expensive scam Internet
We were also sucked in to the presentation at Daytona Beach, promising us discounted travel to just about anywhere.  We have been involved in Florida Sport and Recreation for about a year and have yet to see a great deal come along.  For every deal I found on their web site, I have found cheaper through Orbitz, Travelocity or Expedia.  Also, the hotels I have booked through them I found out later I could have gotten a better deal through the hotel itself as a manager's deal.  I would like to get some of our $4500 back if at all possible!
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #880938
May 10 2012
01:58 PM
Coppell City Recreation Center cheating on existing customers Coppell, Texas
As an exising member with them for several years. And the membership fee they charge has big dispute and it's been discusees for years. They also had a Fit Linex program, for members who accumulcate over 500,000 points then to be able to redeemed it as 50% off on the membership fee for renewal. The membership fee types they offer has only one option, one year membership fee for all facility. However, a lot of people don't use swimming pool, or basketball, or yoga rooms, etc. So, this pricing system is really not fair. And I have asked the front desk when renew the membership about the pricing categories, and they stated that they will have different prices for different facility in the new year. Like price for Weight room only, etc. But when the new year comes, I asked them for that. they said NO, they still keeps the same pricing system. And did not try to do anything for it. Second, the Fit linexx program is one of the program keeps members as customers. And when I asked for the reward of 50% off reward they titled, they just replied they don't do this program anymore. As a members with them for 3~4 years, the accumulated points for this discount of renewal just goes into the drain. And they still replied to you nothing they can do. Even as the manager, they just told you they don't have the authority to make any change for this? If you were a member with them for so many years, how do you feel? Isn't that cheating?..... None of what they said is redeemed............ So just want to warn people about this and share the true experience with you.
Entity: Coppell, Texas
16, Report #1229049
May 13 2015
08:00 PM
Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority Michelle Greb Camera Traps Unconstitutional calabasas California
Issues Failure to stop tickets and hides and impairs the sign so you miss it.   Then sends letters stating you failed to stop.    Camera tickets are unconstitutional.    Sends to a collection agency. 
Entity: calabasas, California
17, Report #1389281
Jul 30 2017
06:57 PM
Denton Natatorium Denton Natatorium, Denton Water Works, Denton Water Works Park, Water Works Park, Water Works, Denton Natatorium And Water Works Park, Denton Water Works Park And Natatorium, Denton Independent School District, Denton Parks & Recreation, Denton Parks And filthy grounds, unprofessional, rude staff, harassed by staff, passive aggresive, loves peoples money, Denton Texas
They have a Wave Pool which means this much needed expansion is finally here. It is a huge disappointment. It took forever to build and they said it was supposed to be there last year but it was not. They messed up everybody's payments because I will tell you why later. And the wave pool made me feel sick. Washed Ashore many times and people bumping into each other. And both the other customers and the lifeguards are very rude now. I hear customers cussing. Is this what they think is Family Oriented They play terrible music all the time. I tried to ignore it because much of the place has no speakers. Everything is spaced out and no shade. You have to walk on hot cement with your sandals and hope nobody steals them. The slides say no shoes. Some people hold them so those are your two choices. The slides hurt your back so the best slides is the blue slide with yellow inner tubes. But Tubes piled everywhere you can easily trip over them. The lifeguards really do not take care of that mess. And speaking of mess, every body litters. I don't know why; There are plenty of garbage cans and recycle bins. Perhaps they need more. But I doubt anybody cares to use them. And neither do the lifeguards. Garbage everywhere. Food on the ground. Even a few roaches. Cold water in the showers and sinks but that is probably to keep burnt people from getting hurt. The entire locker room is often not in the best condition. Stains on toilet seats and I mean a lot of them, Toilet seats should be black or white; not smears of yellow. And the floor is always wet. For some reason the showers are on yet unused. The parking is free but you get what you pay for. Very little shade. Storage lockers cost extra. I don't know why you can't just reserve one online in advance and then have a digital combination lock they reset each time. And the cost to enter is very expensive. This includes every rate. Which went up because of the wave pool. This caused payment problems. They fixed them because they admitted that the wave pool took forever. BUT the wave pool caused yet another increase in the rates. I could go on and on and on and on. ... The entire staff including management will lie to customers in an attempt to have people be return customers and keep spending money over and over again. I was going to sign up for an annual membership but since the staff becomes even more unprofessional, rude, It's not my department so it's not my problem. mentality. They do not like customers but still wants their money. I am actually demanding refund for every single penny I spent there and that is only the beginning of the action I am taking because of the harrassment by one of the staff.
Entity: Denton, Texas
18, Report #521308
Nov 10 2009
10:43 AM
Florida Sports And Recreation Network will not keep written guarantee daytona beach, Florida
I paid $4,000 for nothing.  I found cheaper air fares and hotel rates on line. I called to get the promised better deal and was told they could not better it. But that I should book with them at a higher price and wait for a check.  This happened two times.  Well I would like to know why I paid them, and a yearly fee in the first place. I have tried many times to talk to someone in charge. I was told they would call me, the phone would ring and they would hang up.  This company is not honest. DO not waste your money.
Entity: daytona beach, Florida
19, Report #131186
Feb 12 2005
10:43 PM
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
20, Report #28379
Aug 29 2002
09:17 AM
Recreation Factory Warehouse poor quality pools and poor service false promises Norcross Georgia
We purchased a pool from the Rec. Warehouse in Norcross, GA last summer and we have had nothing but trouble from the beginning. It took forever for them to install it. They had our money but were in no hurry to install our pool. It took 4 or 5 weeks before they finally installed the pool. Then the pump did not work and they told us that it would be 2 more weeks before they could bring out another pump. Our liner is very wrinkled and our filter has been shooting sand out since they installed it. They never told us why and all last summer they would not come out and correct the sand problem. All this summer we have had the problem with the sand coming out of the filter into the pool. It is a lot of sand. They finally came out and looked at the problem, after cancelling several times, and said we needed a new filter. That was weeks ago and now when I call to see when they will bring the filter they keep saying they do not have them in stock. Wouldn't you think a big pool company would keep filters in stock? How can they sell pools when they haven't had filters to go with them for a month. I would definitely recommend that no one buy anything from this company because they do not stand behind what they sell. They are very willing to get your money and then they provide no service. BE Dacula, Georgia
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
21, Report #601869
May 10 2010
11:09 PM
Recreation Concepts International Tried to SCAM my credit card number Internet
Last Friday Tina called and asked if I still wanted to sell my timeshare.  I said yes, why?  She asked to clarify what and where it was.  I did.  I told her I wanted at least $10,000 or I wouldn't be interested in selling it since our yearly fee was low. An executive salesperson called the next day with a verbal offer of $11,232.  She said she had a buyer.  Wow, that was quick!!! The name she used was Paulette Oslund. She said they would need to escrow one year's maintenance fee of $535, I could use a credit card but it would be returned at closing.  She said the buyer paid her a 15% commission and paid the company 5%.  That's how she made her money.  There would be absolutely NO COST to me. I thought, if this is a scam, I can always call the credit card company and cancel. So she turned me over to their contract department where I gave my credit card info and they recorded me saying I gave my consent for the charge - BUT never mentioned it was for escrow or would be returned. My GUT told me something wasn't quite right and when I saw the contract she emailed to me, I got upset. The contract said they CHARGE MY CREDIT CARE for an online LISTING FEE and that no contract was guaranteed, and of course, anything I was told outside of the written contract didn't count.  All I could think is They have my credit card info.  So I CALLED, and CALLED and was informed Paulette was in a closing - BUT they are not a real estate agency.  HMMM. Every time I asked a question, especially after speaking with an attorney, they said I didn't trust them. A strange voice on the phone and I am supposed to trust them? I made changes to the contract and sent it back saying I would only agree to the verbal terms I was given by Paulette. I was accused of all sorts of things.  Trying to lose the sale; that I didn't trust them.  They COULD NOT change the basic contract. By this time, I had already threatened to list them with Ripoff and the BBB if they were lying.  Then Paulette said she was done helping me and she turned me over to some guy.  I thought maybe she had sent the wrong contract.  So, I told him I record all my phone calls and was that Okay with him and he literally yelled at me on the phone and said no.  When I asked why not, he just said because I won't do that. I really wasn't recording, but boy did that shake them up! If they had nothing to hide, why not let me record their offer? He accused me of causing them so much trouble - why? because I wanted the offer they made me?  I told him not to call my home any more and hung up the phone.  I CANCELLED my credit card before they had a chance to charge it.  If I hadn't actually cancelled the card, the credit card company would have had to honor their charge because they had me recorded saying they could charge the account.  SCAM! They NEVER gave me what they promised and no contract was ever submitted to me to buy my time share.  So, BEWARE!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #709470
Mar 23 2011
09:06 PM
National Recreation Parks, Inc Preditory realtors/lenders. preying on innocent people Irvine, California
In 2007 National Recreation Parks, Inc.  sold land 20 - 50 times the actual value .   Purchasers/victims were lead to believe that the value was $20K to $90K (depending on  location).  Without advising their victims/purchasers, NRPI transferred the loans granted (deed of trust) to Capital Source Paradiso Holdings, who are now receiving payments via Concord Servicing  Corp, P.O. Box 29352, Phoenix, AZ 85038.They are receiving payments for land of no value.Hence :-Preditory lender/realtor Victims/purchasers with high loan balances for land of no value.
Entity: Irvine, California
23, Report #199914
Jul 07 2006
04:50 PM
This is to all of the Parents, Caregivers, local Park District Coordinators, Board Members, Financial Contributors, Clearbrook Staff and future Employee's of Northwest Special Rcreation Association NWSRA is a rip-off. They have a hard time paying their employees. They hirer people without proper Illinois State New Hirer Forms. I feel sorry for those who work extremely hard for this so called Recreation Association, and have to fight to get paid for work you do. Amanda never gave me Illinois State, or Federal Tax papers for payroll. All the managers like Amanda, Julie and Deb know it is against the law with the U.S. Dept. Of Labor and Illinois Dept. Of Employment Security. I told management the problem and they did nothing about it, until I harrassed the to get paid. I threatened them with legal action. They never planned on paying me until I dialed, and dialed until I got my check a month later. Amanda and Liz are bigots. They do not like people of any color! They show their discrimination against the disabled clients that pay for their time for recreation and co-workers of another color other than white. I've seen their evilness upfront. They work for themselves not for the diabled people who depend on them for recreation. They laugh behind their backs and treat them like animals when out on feild trips and in group recreation activities. The things they have said is sickening and I am sure if the people who cares for each client would not allow his or her child to be apart of such a bad thing like NWSRA. Liz abuses the participants, she is prejudice and hates disabled people. I wondered why she work with this population of American citizens. I figured it out so she could talk to them like they are a disgrace and treat them like crap. NWSRA in Rolling Meadows Illinois is a rip off!!!!!! Candy schaumburg, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: ROLLING MEADOWS, Illinois
24, Report #339642
Jun 12 2008
11:11 AM
Florida Sport & Recreation, Steven Fabro misrepresentation of travel services Maitland Florida
In March while taking in a condo presentation near Orlando, we were introduced to a service which would allow us to book resorts, hotels cruises and rental cars at rates which would be below general market rates. The service was sold at a price of $2500 (we were to be part of a focus group). When we checked out the web site 10 days after we were sold the product, it turned out to be a gross misrepresentation. Prices were no better than we could get through and just spending time on the phone and internet. The email address of Steven Fabro is not receiving messages, he does not return my phone calls (messages left on his cell phone). I have requested cancellation and a refund. I no longer have access to the website but have not yet seen a refund of my money to my credit card. Rienovee Brantford, OntarioCanada
Entity: Maitland, Florida
25, Report #340950
Jun 17 2008
05:45 AM
Intex Recreation Corp Defective Intex Pool, and NON EXISTENT Coustomer Service Fontana California
We purchased an Intex 15ftx4ft metal framer pool this season. We thought it would be more stable than the blow up ring pool we had the previous year. As far as I know the pool we had last year was made by GenFoam, not intex and we had NO problems what so ever with it. We followed the preperations listing in the Intex DVD. Had a level site, did not use sand, laid down the ground cloth and proceded to set up the pool. We started filling it and everything was fine until it was half full aprox 2000 gallons of water, and the seam blew! It says on the box do not take it back to the store so I emailed Intex and they said to call coustomer service, whicih I did. The person did not give me their name I even requested to speak to a supervisor, that did not happen. I explained the problem and they offered to send me a PATCH KIT!!! Excuse me this is a new pool why would I have to patch it? The rep got very rude with me and hung up. I called Walmart where we bought it and they said bring it back. They gave us a new one set that up no leaks, but the filter was leaking. Called Intex they said I DID SOMETHING WRONG??? Again very rude and no solution. I called Walmart they of course said no problem bring it back. Ok Now we are on the thrid attempt, our pool was up level, filter working. No where in the instructions does it say to put concrete block under the pool. After this pool was 80% full which is over 4000 gallons of water (lets not forget the 2000) I had to drain to take the first pool back!!) the pool started to shift and sink. The site was level but the pool legs can not support the top frame and sink into the ground. In their instructions it says NOTHING about putting blocks under the legs, it does say do not set on a slope or sand, which we have neither. Our ground if very compacted. Well I called Intex yet again and was hung up on. These people should not be in bueiness. Walmart will stand behind this pool but they should not have to. This was a complete defect from the company and misrepresented by them. I have no idea if it was just my pool or if many of them are like this but it is a saftey hazzard, and I won't even go into how bad the ladder is. So here we sit with over 6000 gallons of wasted city water. This company needs a wake up call that says if you do buiesness in the USA then you have to provide and safe and defective free product. Sibemom Marinette, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Fontana, California

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