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26, Report #131186
Feb 12 2005
10:43 PM
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
27, Report #28379
Aug 29 2002
09:17 AM
Recreation Factory Warehouse poor quality pools and poor service false promises Norcross Georgia
We purchased a pool from the Rec. Warehouse in Norcross, GA last summer and we have had nothing but trouble from the beginning. It took forever for them to install it. They had our money but were in no hurry to install our pool. It took 4 or 5 weeks before they finally installed the pool. Then the pump did not work and they told us that it would be 2 more weeks before they could bring out another pump. Our liner is very wrinkled and our filter has been shooting sand out since they installed it. They never told us why and all last summer they would not come out and correct the sand problem. All this summer we have had the problem with the sand coming out of the filter into the pool. It is a lot of sand. They finally came out and looked at the problem, after cancelling several times, and said we needed a new filter. That was weeks ago and now when I call to see when they will bring the filter they keep saying they do not have them in stock. Wouldn't you think a big pool company would keep filters in stock? How can they sell pools when they haven't had filters to go with them for a month. I would definitely recommend that no one buy anything from this company because they do not stand behind what they sell. They are very willing to get your money and then they provide no service. BE Dacula, Georgia
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
28, Report #601869
May 10 2010
11:09 PM
Recreation Concepts International Tried to SCAM my credit card number Internet
Last Friday Tina called and asked if I still wanted to sell my timeshare.  I said yes, why?  She asked to clarify what and where it was.  I did.  I told her I wanted at least $10,000 or I wouldn't be interested in selling it since our yearly fee was low. An executive salesperson called the next day with a verbal offer of $11,232.  She said she had a buyer.  Wow, that was quick!!! The name she used was Paulette Oslund. She said they would need to escrow one year's maintenance fee of $535, I could use a credit card but it would be returned at closing.  She said the buyer paid her a 15% commission and paid the company 5%.  That's how she made her money.  There would be absolutely NO COST to me. I thought, if this is a scam, I can always call the credit card company and cancel. So she turned me over to their contract department where I gave my credit card info and they recorded me saying I gave my consent for the charge - BUT never mentioned it was for escrow or would be returned. My GUT told me something wasn't quite right and when I saw the contract she emailed to me, I got upset. The contract said they CHARGE MY CREDIT CARE for an online LISTING FEE and that no contract was guaranteed, and of course, anything I was told outside of the written contract didn't count.  All I could think is They have my credit card info.  So I CALLED, and CALLED and was informed Paulette was in a closing - BUT they are not a real estate agency.  HMMM. Every time I asked a question, especially after speaking with an attorney, they said I didn't trust them. A strange voice on the phone and I am supposed to trust them? I made changes to the contract and sent it back saying I would only agree to the verbal terms I was given by Paulette. I was accused of all sorts of things.  Trying to lose the sale; that I didn't trust them.  They COULD NOT change the basic contract. By this time, I had already threatened to list them with Ripoff and the BBB if they were lying.  Then Paulette said she was done helping me and she turned me over to some guy.  I thought maybe she had sent the wrong contract.  So, I told him I record all my phone calls and was that Okay with him and he literally yelled at me on the phone and said no.  When I asked why not, he just said because I won't do that. I really wasn't recording, but boy did that shake them up! If they had nothing to hide, why not let me record their offer? He accused me of causing them so much trouble - why? because I wanted the offer they made me?  I told him not to call my home any more and hung up the phone.  I CANCELLED my credit card before they had a chance to charge it.  If I hadn't actually cancelled the card, the credit card company would have had to honor their charge because they had me recorded saying they could charge the account.  SCAM! They NEVER gave me what they promised and no contract was ever submitted to me to buy my time share.  So, BEWARE!
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #709470
Mar 23 2011
09:06 PM
National Recreation Parks, Inc Preditory realtors/lenders. preying on innocent people Irvine, California
In 2007 National Recreation Parks, Inc.  sold land 20 - 50 times the actual value .   Purchasers/victims were lead to believe that the value was $20K to $90K (depending on  location).  Without advising their victims/purchasers, NRPI transferred the loans granted (deed of trust) to Capital Source Paradiso Holdings, who are now receiving payments via Concord Servicing  Corp, P.O. Box 29352, Phoenix, AZ 85038.They are receiving payments for land of no value.Hence :-Preditory lender/realtor Victims/purchasers with high loan balances for land of no value.
Entity: Irvine, California
30, Report #199914
Jul 07 2006
04:50 PM
This is to all of the Parents, Caregivers, local Park District Coordinators, Board Members, Financial Contributors, Clearbrook Staff and future Employee's of Northwest Special Rcreation Association NWSRA is a rip-off. They have a hard time paying their employees. They hirer people without proper Illinois State New Hirer Forms. I feel sorry for those who work extremely hard for this so called Recreation Association, and have to fight to get paid for work you do. Amanda never gave me Illinois State, or Federal Tax papers for payroll. All the managers like Amanda, Julie and Deb know it is against the law with the U.S. Dept. Of Labor and Illinois Dept. Of Employment Security. I told management the problem and they did nothing about it, until I harrassed the to get paid. I threatened them with legal action. They never planned on paying me until I dialed, and dialed until I got my check a month later. Amanda and Liz are bigots. They do not like people of any color! They show their discrimination against the disabled clients that pay for their time for recreation and co-workers of another color other than white. I've seen their evilness upfront. They work for themselves not for the diabled people who depend on them for recreation. They laugh behind their backs and treat them like animals when out on feild trips and in group recreation activities. The things they have said is sickening and I am sure if the people who cares for each client would not allow his or her child to be apart of such a bad thing like NWSRA. Liz abuses the participants, she is prejudice and hates disabled people. I wondered why she work with this population of American citizens. I figured it out so she could talk to them like they are a disgrace and treat them like crap. NWSRA in Rolling Meadows Illinois is a rip off!!!!!! Candy schaumburg, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: ROLLING MEADOWS, Illinois
31, Report #339642
Jun 12 2008
11:11 AM
Florida Sport & Recreation, Steven Fabro misrepresentation of travel services Maitland Florida
In March while taking in a condo presentation near Orlando, we were introduced to a service which would allow us to book resorts, hotels cruises and rental cars at rates which would be below general market rates. The service was sold at a price of $2500 (we were to be part of a focus group). When we checked out the web site 10 days after we were sold the product, it turned out to be a gross misrepresentation. Prices were no better than we could get through and just spending time on the phone and internet. The email address of Steven Fabro is not receiving messages, he does not return my phone calls (messages left on his cell phone). I have requested cancellation and a refund. I no longer have access to the website but have not yet seen a refund of my money to my credit card. Rienovee Brantford, OntarioCanada
Entity: Maitland, Florida
32, Report #340950
Jun 17 2008
05:45 AM
Intex Recreation Corp Defective Intex Pool, and NON EXISTENT Coustomer Service Fontana California
We purchased an Intex 15ftx4ft metal framer pool this season. We thought it would be more stable than the blow up ring pool we had the previous year. As far as I know the pool we had last year was made by GenFoam, not intex and we had NO problems what so ever with it. We followed the preperations listing in the Intex DVD. Had a level site, did not use sand, laid down the ground cloth and proceded to set up the pool. We started filling it and everything was fine until it was half full aprox 2000 gallons of water, and the seam blew! It says on the box do not take it back to the store so I emailed Intex and they said to call coustomer service, whicih I did. The person did not give me their name I even requested to speak to a supervisor, that did not happen. I explained the problem and they offered to send me a PATCH KIT!!! Excuse me this is a new pool why would I have to patch it? The rep got very rude with me and hung up. I called Walmart where we bought it and they said bring it back. They gave us a new one set that up no leaks, but the filter was leaking. Called Intex they said I DID SOMETHING WRONG??? Again very rude and no solution. I called Walmart they of course said no problem bring it back. Ok Now we are on the thrid attempt, our pool was up level, filter working. No where in the instructions does it say to put concrete block under the pool. After this pool was 80% full which is over 4000 gallons of water (lets not forget the 2000) I had to drain to take the first pool back!!) the pool started to shift and sink. The site was level but the pool legs can not support the top frame and sink into the ground. In their instructions it says NOTHING about putting blocks under the legs, it does say do not set on a slope or sand, which we have neither. Our ground if very compacted. Well I called Intex yet again and was hung up on. These people should not be in bueiness. Walmart will stand behind this pool but they should not have to. This was a complete defect from the company and misrepresented by them. I have no idea if it was just my pool or if many of them are like this but it is a saftey hazzard, and I won't even go into how bad the ladder is. So here we sit with over 6000 gallons of wasted city water. This company needs a wake up call that says if you do buiesness in the USA then you have to provide and safe and defective free product. Sibemom Marinette, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Fontana, California
33, Report #1317811
Jul 19 2016
05:46 PM
Florida Sport and Recreation is a RIP-OFF, avoid them at all costs, STAY AWAY FROM FLORIDA SPORT AND RECREATION. I bought into their scam for $4,500.00 some years ago not realizing or knowing at that time how bad they really are. Anyone who works for Florida Sport and Recreation should be ashamed of themselves because I’m sure their parents would be, I don’t know how they can sleep at night knowing what they are doing to people’s lives. They cause my wife and me to have multiple arguments because she supported my decision to buy into their services and they failed to provide any of the services they sold me on, destroying relationships is what Florida Sport and Recreation do best when they scam people out of their hard earned money. Florida Sport and Recreation are constantly hounding me by phone and emails for the annual fee. NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!
Entity: Asheville, Florida
34, Report #1162632
Jul 16 2014
04:15 PM
Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority For the State of California Los Angeles California
I was reported for going thru a stop sign near Franklin Park. I had stopped... for a while. I was unsure which way to go when I rolled forward to attempt to figure where I was. The ticket is bogus to begin with, but we also no longer acknowledge camera or photograph tickets in Los Angeles, California. No good. Not paying. Now, RSI Enterprises is attempting to collect. They aren't getting anything either.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #1162846
Jul 17 2014
11:30 AM
Intex Recreation Corp. Faulty products and terrible customer service! California
 On July 4, 2013 we purchased an Intex Ultra Frame 52x 22' pool. Researched and consulted with professionals on what should be done to ensure the life of our pool. We hired someone to level our area, had soft sand brought in and made the pool level. After 3 weeks the pool split down the middle of the floor and, of course, all the water gushed out. Once we were able to actually talk to a representative we filed a claim, cut off all the areas they requested and mailed them our expense. In a month we received our replacement liner. Being the end of August we decided to wait untill Spring to put it up. This time the pool was up for 3 weeks when we noticed a leak. We patched it and kept an eye on it. It continued to leak and eventually split and gushed water again! Because of the time frame we were told it was out of our warranty span. The customer rep even told me that sometimes the binding isn't tight and those things happen. I was livid! They refused to let me speak to a supervisor and was told one would contact me within 24 hours...never happened. Trying to email them is impossible because the submit button does not work....just cancel/reset! I will not let this go! Since then i have read so many horrible reviews. Just wish I had read nore before I purchased.
Entity: California
36, Report #283775
Mar 10 2009
02:40 PM
We purchased this travel service from Florida Sports and Recreation (FSR) for $4443 plus a $140 yearly membership fee. The company promises huge savings on travel related services such as golf, air fare, car rental, condo rentals, and cruises. When checking rates, (it takes up to 15 days to do so, which is past the cancellation period) we found no savings. In fact many of our purchases would have cost more than the general public would pay through AAA, travelocity, AARP, etc. During their presentation, various travel agencies like the ones just mentioned are mentioned as offering rates far in excess as FSR's. Fact is these other companies are usually cheaper. At no time were we told of the 7-15 day period of time we'd have to wait before being able to check FSR's rates. This time frame exceeds the 3 day recision period. They promise a Cadillac but deliver a Yugo. DON YPSILANTI, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: ORMOND BEACH, Florida
37, Report #466293
Jun 30 2009
07:27 AM
My story is not much different then the others who have reported this company in this site. ( Florida Sport and Recreation sold me a vacation package to go to Florida and visit two cities, Orlando and Daytona for $159.00, I thought was a good deal so I went. The catch was I would have to attend a 90 minutes presentation. I have to admit their presentation was very good, so good they convinced me to buy into this vacation membership. The service they offered was supposed to have discounted vacation packages on hotels, cruises, air fare, condos at below wholesale and internet prices. They said as a member, they would pass the savings directly on us (members). I pay them $1000.00 deposit of a package that cost me $4983.00 and finance though them the balance. That was the condition to have my membership activated so I could use it for my next trip that was coming up shortly. As soon as I received my membership and activated it, I tried to use it. Since I couldn't log on through the web site because I was a new member, I contacted my sales agent Mr. John Kirk to help me book a hotel in New York City. After trying to call him many times he eventually called me back and told me that the hotel he found would cost me over $200.00 a night. I went on the internet myself and found the same hotel at a much cheaper price than what he quoted me for. His excuse was that their system was down and he didn't have full access to their inventory. I was in a rush, so didn't have time to deal with Florida Sports and Recreation whom Mr. John Kirk works for. I went ahead and just booked hotel through the internet my self because it was munch cheaper. About 3 weeks later I needed to go way again and I again tried to book my trip through the membership and contacted the representative. It took 3 days calling them and eventually I got hold of them and he told me what they have in their system inventory was what they have and the hotels they have would all cost more than if I booked them myself through the internet. I then called my sales agent that sold the membership to me and he couldn't help me either. That's when I started to get suspicious and try to find out about this company. When someone told me to go online and check their company name in the site called there was a list of reports from people that got scammed just like me. I immediately sent my membership card back and requested the cancellation of my membership. At this point I am trying to dispute the one thousand dollars I gave to them for my deposit and to deal with the loan and finance charge they still are trying to bill me for a membership I no longer have. I am now in the process of contacting the State Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER, I want everyone to know how fraudulent this company is so that it won't happen to someone else. Noemi Springfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Ormond Beach, Florida
38, Report #619178
Jul 01 2010
07:54 AM
Giant Recreation World Giant Recreation World service is the worst winter garden, Florida
After having my brand new $76,000 cedar creek serviced at this dealer I was informed by the service mgr. Tim Burton , to locate another dealer for future work as I was too difficult to please. After contacting the manufacturer I was told by the customer service rep. that he has had a lot of complaints about the same dealer. My advice is to avoid them like a sickness.
Entity: winter garden, Florida
39, Report #1045935
Apr 24 2013
03:49 PM
Absolute Recreation Leisure Spas, Laguna Bat Spas Absolute Recreation LIED about Warranty and Service and the hot tub was not delivered as it was supposed to! Internet
I looked up Absolute Recreation online and used their phone number to order what I thought was a great hot tub. Carolyn, the person who answered sold me the hot tub and I made sure to ask if all the extra things online were included that my print out stated like an ozonator, waterfall, lights and such. She assured me they were included as a free upgrade. She also told me that a 110V would be perfect for my south Texas climate.  When it arrived the ozonator was not included. We called and they said they would ship us one which they did and wanted me to splice some tubes and install it myself. I said I did not know how so to send service and they said they did not have service in my area. Then my heater went out. I called again and they finally sent over a technician. After that, the waterfall stopped working and my temperature was fluctuating.It also took 48 hours to heat the water which they said should not take that long! Again we talked to service and they referred me to the head of tech department a Larry. I told Larry just to pick up the thing because it was not what I ordered and it had too many issues already. I wanted my money back. I have spoken to Carolyn again and she now has changed the story that she would never ever recommend a 110V because that would only power a blender or small household appliance! She is lying. I have repeatedly left messages for Larry and he will not call me back! This company lies and they totally ripped me off! Do not buy from them! Beware!I have a hot tub that is not working and I have warranty that I cannot use because they will not answer the phone or send me service! This company is terrible! I have had this hot tub since December. Too many problems!!
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #475802
Sep 21 2009
10:08 AM
Florida Sports Recreation Network Terrible Terrible Company Ormond Beach Florida
Beware of this company. They sell travel discount memberships that are NOT discounts at all. don't discover this until you become a member. They do NOT issue refunds. They use highly deceptive sales pitches. I wished to hell we'd not joined. Whats worse is that I subjected a friend to their antics. I had referred a friend to the marketing group who in turn invited her to take a tour for FRSN offfering her a hotel stay for two days two nights and a dinner certificate in lieu of attending their presentation. While butter couldn't melt in their mouths when we spoke to them (coz we purchased), my friend had a horrible experience. At the end of HER tour, she told them that she was not interested in the program. That's when they became nasty. Not only did they refuse to give her the promised gift certificate or allow her to provide proof that it was offered they called the police and tried to charge her with trespassing because she kept insisting on speaking with a manager. Apparently the manager who came to help her did nothing but insult her and push her out the door as to not alert the waiting potential suckers of their deceptions. She recorded the conversation up until the police arrived, and I listened to it. All I can say is WOW. It was the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL thing I'd ever heard. In the end all they did was mildly perturb a woman who was pivotal in shutting down a similar deceptive organization. They've only provided her a mission. for once she gets going on uncovering them for what they are so I KNOW they won't be in business for long. Hopefully there is really a bond for our protection but in lieu of all the other lies we've discovered plus the fact that they hire thuggish violent ex-convicts (which my husband uncovered and why I'm here as anonymous) we highly doubt there is a bond as they claim. My advice to all is to take the freebies, TAKE copies of the paperwork they send with you to the presentation AND DON'T BUY A DAMN THING! Anonymous Apopka, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ormond Beach, Florida
41, Report #340041
Feb 23 2009
07:39 PM
Florida Sports And Recreation Network Woodstock Fl this compagny is rubbering people Ormond Beach Florida
we came to orlando and sign a reservation services license agreement florida sport and receration network the 21 of may we cancel it by certified mail the 24 of may they take 4483$ us in my visa card the 29 of may since this date i call evrey day and send e-mail every day to have my money back but it is like no body take care what can i do ? Eabcom montreal, QuebecCanada
Entity: Ormond Beach, Florida
42, Report #79233
Feb 04 2004
07:49 PM
Spa & Recreation Center Of OC Spa ripoff dishonest fraud rude liar Westminster California
We bought the spa and the gazebo for our brand new house in Sept.03. We were told it will take 6-8 weeks to deliver. We told them that you have up to 10 wks as long as it before Chrismas for we will have house warming and Christmas party. By the 8th wks, we came by the dealer and check. They told us will be 10th wks. By 11 wks Dec.14 we didnt hear from them, we called and they stated that the spa was built but is still at the manufatory and wont be able to deliver until after the Newyear for the manufatory closed for Chrismas. You got so pissed becuase it ruined our party for the house, Christmas and the New Year party. We ended up cancel all the party and wait till the spa arrive to have it. We want the house to look perfect with the spa & the gazebo in it. We were told it will be there by the 1st wk after the New year. Monday Jan.5.04 we called, the owner Marc said he will call back on Wed to confirm the exact day before the weekend. Wed. Jan.7.04 we called, the receptionist told us the spa were just built on Monday Jan.5.04, therefor wont be able to deliver until next Friday. This is such a liar because she said in the conversation before Chrismas that the spa was ready. Thursday Jan.8.04 we called directly to the manufacture in Pomona and check on the status of our order, the representative told us that there was no order under our name in the system. She documented all what we told her and gave us a confirmantion number to call back if we still dont get the spa by next week as they promised. We plan to have the House warming and the Chinese party on the Jan.17. It is a very important party for us as Asian. We think that they will deliver the spa by Fri. 16 that would be perfect for the party. By Fri. Jan.16.04. they broke the promised again. They said they pickup the spa at the manufacture in the afternoon and dont have enough time to deliver the same day for us. We were almost in tear, and beg them to bring it out that Friday nite or early Sat. morning and we willing to pay extra $300.00 for whoever have to work over time. They promised by Monday. Jan.19. By Monday afternoon we didnt get any call from them, we called to follow up, they BROKE THE PROMISE AGAIN. The owner excused was that the bank closed for Dr. King birthday, so he can get the money out to pay for the manufacture. He promised again by Wed. He was so rude and has no maner in bussiness at all when speaking to us. By Wed. morning they called and asked us to paid the remains balance of $2700(we put down $8000.00) before they will bring the spa out. We said no. Later he called and said the truck is on its way. 5pm the truck came and they told us that they will drop the spa and gazebo off and return the next day to set it up. We told them we have no problem with it. Then they demanded to paid them before they unload any thing. We told them we would paid after they finish setting up went they came back. They said no and drove off with the stuff still on the truck. Next day Mark called us back and said, we have to pay first for them to unload. We told him we would give $2200.00 and give the rest after they set up the gazebo and spa. He stated I DIDNT COME TO KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR TO SELL THE SPA; YOU CAME TO US AND ASKED US TO SELL YOU THE SPA, THEREFORE, YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH OUR RULES. That were the last conversation we have with them. For 2wks now they have not call us and they have our $8000.00 deposit. Help..... we need to get either our money back or the spa. We had called back to the manufacture and spoke to the same lady, she said, SORRY BUT NOTTING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT... CALSPA IS SUCK. It's been 17 wks now and we still dont have the spa yet and they still have our $8000 and they dont call either. During the whole process they have hung up and avoid talking to us on the phone many times.... HELP...HELP...HELP.... Thomas Orange, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Westminster, California
43, Report #21598
May 27 2002
12:52 PM
Recreation Factory Warehouse ripoff lies deception no service no support late and inept service misrepresentation Chattanooga Tennessee
I purchased a Leisuretime 27ft. pool from this company three yrs ago. It took almost the whole summer to get the pool. I had to take an existing smaller pool down so my kids were very unhappy. When they made the pad it was too small for the poool that they knew we purchased so later a new pool builder came to make the pad the correct size.Then my pool had been robbed of parts,so as the rails were missing had to wait again on that. Then finaly it was put in. Great!! Just one yr later there were giant lumps and holes in the bottom because the pad was not done correctly and sand was not adequate. Wait again drain,(pay for more water) get it redone and refill. That work destroyed some of the top plates that go on the rail. We waited all last year for more and this year ordered more again 6 weeks ago. They are still not in! We also cannot go over there and get any other parts we need, nothing is ever stocked. We have also been victimized on the chemical use by being told to but expensive chemicals thet did not do the job and later I found out some of the chemicals they told me to use canceled out each other. Their people are not trained and could care less. They only want to sell pools that are not in stock and make customers wait for them to get them after they get a big demand. This is illegal! They also use free credit offers to get you in then,when you buy they bill the credit company before you even get the pool. This is also illegal! The Associates foolishly do not check before they pay the pool company to see that the pool was installed! They do undercut local competitors price, But you get what you pay for and more grief than you will want! I will never purchase from them and only the POOL Place in future. Please beware new companies and use established people. They lasted for a reason. Steve Chattanooga, Tennessee
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
44, Report #357570
Jul 30 2008
06:16 PM
Intex Recreation Sold Item without clarifying the optional items that were needed to complete Install Long Beach California
I have recently researched salt water chlorinators online, and saw good reviews on the Intex salt water chlorinator combo. I was hesitant on purchasing the item from anyone but the manufacturer so I researched and found the manufacturer had a website that anyone could purchase from. I looked for the salt water chlorinator pump combo on the website and found it with very little hardship. I was wondering when I saw the kit so I clicked on more info and read: Chlorine Generator Combo Chlorine Generator Combo Includes built-in 2,000 gph Filter Pump that is taken directly from their website. The product link is:, based on the impression their website gave it is a universal setup for any of their Intex swimming pools. So I placed my order on 7/23/08 and the payment was processed with my bank on 7/24/08, the item was shipped on 7/25/08 and received at my home on 7/30/08. And that's where my problem lies, after paying $299.00 + $64.55 shipping for a total of $363.55, I open the package only to find that there are parts missing. So like most consumers I proceeded to calling Intex customer service dept. @ (800) 234-6839 as it shows on the website. My call was answered and was off to a bad start right away, the young lady who will remain nameless not because I won't say but because she refused to provide me with her name. So I shrugged that one off that as long as she helps me I don't care what her name is, I continued to tell her that it appears as though my package is missing parts and she asked for my order number I gave it to her and she pulled it up in the system she then proceeded to ask me to open my user manual and turn to page 9 and she would show me where the parts I thought were missing were in fact optional parts. Which is when I asked her why the website would not show the optional parts that I would need and state them as such? She in all her knowledge and glory attempted to navigate the website per my guidance to the listing (and this is where she crashed out and started getting upset with me) and show me what I was asking for, but it doesn't exist. She started to become upset and I could tell it in her voice which didn't help at all because I was trying to make my point the if the items were made aware to me when I initially made the purchase I could have added them and had little to no additional shipping costs or time delay. Now to resolve the matter and make me happy I would have accepted an offer of her offering to provide 2 day ground at no charge. But I am guessing her pride was at stake either that or Intex trains their employees to only show the customer that it was nothing more than the customers mistake. Well I then asked her what my options were, and she told me I could purchase the parts I needed or return the whole thing and they would refund my money minus the 64.55 shipping costs. I asked her why I should have to now purchase the parts that were not made aware to me that I needed in the beginning. With that she replied you know sir its 5 o'clock and I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you about why it's not listed, tell me what your gonna do, buy the parts or send it back. and to which I repeated my question, and after several times back and forth she hung up on me. And now I'm in a position of trying to contact someone with Intex to see what can be done to get this issue resolved, I'm not sure on the type of character I will speak to next time, but if I speak to anyone I will repost and give an update. If it is a scenario where depending on the pool you have it determines the optional parts you will need, then Intex should only be taking phone orders or make some changes on their website. I just don't feel I should have to pay for parts that were not disclosed as optional until a week after you order and can read the owner's manual. James Pelzer, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
45, Report #443862
Apr 15 2009
02:10 PM
Reserved Room at Holiday Inn Ft.Meyers Beach Florida through Florida Sports and Recreation. They charged me over $1075.00 in February 2009. We took our trip as planned in April 2009 upon arrival we found the room was not paid for because they're credit card did not go through. they took my credit card # for security deposit. When we checked out they gave me a reciept for less than $999.99 which I noticed was less than Florida Sports and Recreation. charged me. After we got home I checked my credit card statement and found Holiday Inn charged Me for the room. After talking with Holiday Inn management I was informed that the room would have been at least $50.00 less per night if I would Have just booked it with them directly so where is the discount???? I have left several messages with Florida Sports and Recreation and have yet to recieve a call back. After a couple of calls to Holiday Inn they were nice enough to reverse the charges on my card. But I still know that I paid too much for this vacation. Ouch!!!!!!!! Naive Ohioan AMELIA, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: ORMOND BEACH, Florida
46, Report #474195
Jul 28 2009
12:08 PM
RV Lending Group - Recreation Products Sold me an extended warranty for $6995.00 - refused to honor claims Sycamore Illinois
We bought our motorhome and the seller added extended coverage for $6995.00 as a stipulation of our purchase / loan. The extended coverage was offered by the lender and manditory. The first claim for $200 approx was covered. But when we tried to get the second claim for $2000 it was denied and they said we abused the coach. What? So we fixed the coach ourselves. We took the coach to a new service center told them what happened and they said they were familiar with the extended warranty company and that they never pay!! So recently, we are almost broke with the economy so bad and our generator went out. So, we submitted a valid claim. The repair center read our extended warranty and said it was still good. So they fixed our coach and submitted our claim. But as soon as they got the qoute they asked for service records. We had done most of the work ourselves but logged it in our service manual, so they faxed it to the warranty people. Sure enough, even though the company doing the work said there was no chance of abuse on the parts they replaced, the extended warranty was declined. The service center told them they need a fax detailing why it was declined and 2 days later, we are still waiting for the fax. We are furious. The service company said they have never heard of this extended warranty company and have a hard time figuring out how the same company that financed the coach can require a warranty. We are now trying to raise the $2000 to fix the coach. Stardutchess Castaic, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sycamore, Illinois
47, Report #395327
Nov 26 2008
12:22 PM
American Recreation Products - Swissgear Does not reply to unhappy purchaser. St.Louis Missouri
I purchased a twin insta-bed to be used on a hunting trip to the Coloado mountains. The main reason that I chose this bed is that it read on the box that it was tested 100% leak proof. It was not leak proof. I tried to return the bed to the place where I purchased it, they told me that I had to have the Upc code and receipt. I could not do this because I had mailed both to the Amer. Prod. Inc. for a free knife (which I had never received) this was offered on the box the bed came in. I have contacted them 4 (four) time asking them to return the receipt and upc code so I can receive credit or a new bed from the retailer. They will not even reply to my requests. William Fergus Falls, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: St.Louis, Missouri
48, Report #395142
Nov 25 2008
07:41 PM
NRPI - National Park Recreation Inc. Decieved me, led me to believe that the land I purchased had an appraised vallue Irvine California, Texas, Washington
NRPI is selling land at an alarming rate using deceptive practices!!! I purchased land from them and was told that many peopl refinanced their land when they got back to their home location. This is not true. Their land is not appraised because they own the financing company to ensure that one can purchase their land. Then when people realize that they have been ripped off, they get the land back to resale and repackage all over again and again and again. I spoke with an attorney and he said that this is borderline preditory lending practices...Please Help!!!This is more than highway robbery. Yolanda Highland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #391042
Nov 13 2008
06:16 PM
Florida Sport And Recreation Scamming discount company, rude ignorant people at company, no answers from them! Daytona Beach Florida
Here is the timeline of what happened in our case. Florida Sport and Recreation offered us a vacation package for about 250.00 to come down and stay for about a week. A few days in Orlando, where we had to attend a 90 minute sales pitch, then a few days in Daytona beach where we had to go to Florida Sport and Recreations sales meeting. This was offered in the fall of 2004. We chose the 4 day 3 night at Calypso Cay resort, then 4 days 3 nights in Daytona beach @ a very empty, creepy hotel, but on the beach. We went to the sales meeting at 2665 N. Atlantic Ave #312 in Daytona Beach on August 17th of 2005 in the morning. While in the meeting, I have to be honest and say they had the best sales people working there. They really know how to make their packages VERY appealing and promising. They are trained to get you excited, and work on your adrenaline to get you to sign with them. If they were not great, we would not have bought into it. I have attended several vacation ownership pitches, and this was great. We are current vacation owners through Blue Green Vacations which is VERY LEGIT and actually deeds you ownership in a property. You actually hold a deed to real estate, not just some flimsy contract... Anyway, The main salesman who was making the pitch was unforgettable. I will never forget his face or his charm the rest of my life. He talked about how with their company, they are able to give such great discounts, and that they would be able to get 50% or more off of air fare, hotels, cruses and more. He gave us an example fo how going on an Alaskan cruise for 14 days and 2 port stops, all inclusive and a day trip hike would only cost around 1200 a person AND THAT INCLUDED TAXES, PORT FEES, and all fees pertaining to taking a cruise. We of course would just have to get there on our own, but hey, we could get a discount through their company... He said that by using their points system it translates into HUGE saving. We could also literally be outside a hotel in the parking lot, call their travel agent and get a room. He didn not mention that it was not 24 hours and that you would have to call during normal 9am-9pm mon-thurs, friday 9am-5pm, sat 10am-4pm, and Sunday they were closed. So he misrepresented that. We did not get that info until the C. C. had been processed, and the documents were signed. He assured us it would work out great! We were there approximately 2 1/2 hours, 1 hour 30 minutes in the presentation, and another hour or so in a high sales pitch atmosphere. They wanted to start us off at 8,000 for a package deal and we were like, there is no way that is happening! see again, we paid 8,000 through Blue Green vacations, and we own a deed in property! We thought that was crazy to pay that much for a discount program. We have access to discounted cruises, air fare and hotels with them, but what sold us into this finally was that our families could use it. We just had to give them all their info and they would sign them into the system. Both sides of our families travel frequently, and according to them, this would be so worth our families taking advantage of for travel. The main sales guy, mr. Charming that he is, and So incredibly generous then brought it down to about 5,000. Again we were like ok, we are out of here. Then he was like well, I could give it to you for around 2,000.00 and in one year, you could give us referrals of 10 people since you are getting this deal. Well on our contract they did not write the sales price in there. The only place I have proof of the purchase and the price is on my credit card statement. They wrote the original price on their paperwork, just like car salesmen do when they have you in the box at the dealership. They also explained that if we had our yearly fee deducted automatically, we would save 20% and the fee would only be 119.20 annually. Well when renewal came up in August of 2006, and there was no auto withdrawl. We also never received an email, letter, bill or anything of the sort. They just shut down access to the site on me. No one sent an email to us that they were withdrawing from the account, or that it was even set up. I called on this and no one had my file, or my paperwork. I was told to call several places to find out if there was paperwork. I was told to call the reservation center at 800-309-0572, and they told me they can't help me. They told me to call the main office since they have my contract. Their email also did not work at the time either. This was in the fall of 2006 when I started trying to get this resolved. We were trying to see if we could get a discount on travel for the holidays, and that is how I found out they shut the site down to me with no warning. EVEN THOUGH I PAID 2000.00 for this service! I called to talk to the office, and was directed to a guy named David on 1-23-2007. He told me he would direct me to Walter Everly their manager by email, and see what could be done. Nothing was ever done. He told me that I could have access for free until August 2007 since they did not auto withdraw from my account the amount that was due. Actually, they just shut down access to the site on me with no notice, and he was trying to make up for that. I told him this was crap, and I wanted my 2000 back! He told me there was no way to do that at all. No refunds are ever given back. We talked for another 30 minutes or so and I told him the many problems I had with the company, the unproffesional way they handle business, and the issues with the contract. Ok so a few months have gone by and it is now September, a month after my free access for a year. I recieve a bill in the mail from Universal Acount Servicing which is a billing company that I also go through for my school loan. I called and spoke to Jodi on September 13 2007 at 12:50pm. I told her I was no longer giving money to this company and after I had spoken with David who had also reassured me the yearly fee would be auto withdrawn, I still received a bill for 149.00. (I had received a previous bill on August 7th, for the same amount, and I had called in then to cancel. The woman I spoke to said sure, and cancelled the account no problem, apparently not!) I recieved the bill again and Not at the 20% off they had promised at their meeting. Jodi told me I could not cancel because I had to pay. I was like hmm, that makes a lot of sense! Gee I can't cancel because I have to pay... After fighing with her, and telling her the company is a rip off, and I will not pay another cent to them, she finally said she would mark the account as cancelled. Basically to get off the phone with me. She also informed me that there would be a 250 activation fee if I wanted to reinstate the account. I was like fat chance! I then received another bill on October 10th 2007 saying I was 60 days late, and that I will have my privelages suspended if I don't pay. I was like wow, I don't pay after a year of buying this crap and they suspend my account with no notice. I then get a bill a year later, and they are finally on top of their billing? I guess when they give you a few months of free access, they want to make sure to actually collect the yearly fee... After all that I decided to call the main office in Georgia. I was directed to a Jamie Ingersol but was told she was out of the office. I talked to another lady on November 28th 2007 and again on the 30th. She said she would send an email to Jamie and that they would discuss what could be done and then get back to me. That never happened. I called again on December 3rd 2007, the day she said they would get back to me and I was told by the mystery lady NOT JAMIE, that I paid for a license use, in other words to make them money, not for actual travel discounts. She said they were DEALS NOT DISCOUNTS. In her own words, You shouldn't call them discounts, because they are deal packages. Although in the sales pitch everyone I was there with was told they were discounts. Hmmmm, the whole company can't get their story straight! So, the actual contact or the principal contact is a Ms. marion Daily the executive of admin is Mr. chuck Speiros (owner) and Mr. Andrew Zic (owner). They gave several contact numbers of 386-334-9048, 386-672-6009, 800-309-0572, 800-677-2247, and 2 fax numbers of 866-510-2981 and 386-677-2247. I have yet to hear from Jamie or any of their staff, it is a year later, and I am still without answers, or what to do. I think my next step is writing the attorney general nice long letter, as well as the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services which is the regulator of Sellers of Travel or you can call at 1850-488-2221. LET THEM KNOW YOUR STORIES! The license number theirs is for selling travel stuff is ST36256. You would add that to your report as well. Mary Joliet, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Daytona Beach, Florida
50, Report #757038
Jul 27 2011
10:37 AM
American Association Nude Recreation AANR, Kissimmee, AANR membership not worth it for single men and women! Kissimmee, Florida
I had a membership with AANR but discovered it's not worth it to have a membership if you happen to be a single male or female. I visited a few clubs and realized it's just not worth the time and money to have a membership with them. First, if you happen to be single, you're going to be ignored by just about everyone there, second the price for a single person is much higher than the price of a couple, third singles don't seem to fit in well at resorts who cater to mostly couples. If you're a couple it's great! But if you're single you're the bottom of the pile, and looked at and treated like you're trash. This is not just from my own personal experience, I've talked to other singles who experienced the same problem. They make all these interesting brochures about nudism and how it should be experienced by everyone whether they're single or not, but in reality singles aren't accepted period! Sure you may get 20% knocked off your visits but is it worth it to be discriminated against so badly? What's the point of visiting one of their resorts if you're not accepted and going to be ignored or shunned because you're single? I visited a resort in Oklahoma, one in Washington, one in Colorado and three in Texas and it was the same treatment wherever I went. Not only that, but if you happen to be a young adult, you'll also get the shaft. They don't seem to want young adults or teenagers visiting their resorts. Another thing I've noticed is the people who are members of the resorts are very cliqish in a mafia like way. If you do something wrong(like dance on a table) they gang up on you, and when you get kicked out for something other members get away with and you mention to people, they seem form a group of vigilantes to come after you and harass you. I heard of one woman who after being kicked out of a resort in Oklahoma was harassed by nudists who flew planes over her house, and followed her when she left her house. She eventually died in a car crash because of the harassment. She also happened to be a young adult. So keep all of this in mind when you visit a nudist resort associated with AANR. I'm done with nudist resorts, and with AANR! I hope this will help this will help those who are single nudists to make the right decision. Purchase a membership if you like, but if you experience the same kind of treatement after reading this and purchasing a membership, don't say no one told you so.
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida

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