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51, Report #2381
Jun 04 2000
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS consumer cellular phone nightmare
Sprint PCS http://www.sprintpcs.com I got a cell phone in July. I was told for signing on I would get 500 extra minutes (anytime minutes) to use over the next two months. My first bill was higher than expected, but I paid it assuming that it included one time sign on fees. The second bill was again high, so I talked to them and they informed me that a mistake had been made and I had never been signed on for the bonus minutes. Instead they offered me their then current bonus of 1000 off peak minutes. The next bill was high again. I called them, and here the fun begins. Holding, telling them your name, address, cell number, home number, and password. Then they decide they can't help you and need to talk to a different department and transfer you. Hang ups are frequent (I am not rude, even more recently that I have become terribly irate, I try to convey that I am terribly dissatisfied, but never rude). I finally found a sympathetic operator who actually took out a calculator and tabulated all my calls depending on time of day and week. I was told that the bill was in fact incorrect. The nature of my plan is so that I get 120 anytime minutes each month for $29.99, these exclude calls made between 7 pm and 8 am, and all weekends. I was told that the first 120 minutes I had used had been counted as anytime minutes, and every call since had been billed accordingly, that is, if they were made during non off peak hours, they were billed as additional anytime minutes that are of course pretty expensive. I replied that I had asked about this situation when I agreed to the extra minutes and was told it would not be billed as such. The operator told me that it is in fact incorrect. He assured me that he would fix the error and that it would be the end of my problems. If it were only so. The next month the bill was incorrect again. I called again and went through the same process (terribly irritating, takes about an hour and a half each time, and hung up on at least twice during transfers). Finally, I got another competent operator and the problems from the month before were again detected and fixed. Again, I was told that this would be the end of the mistakes. The operator was also kind enough to inform me that there is a not much advertised promotion at the time and that he would sign me up for it. After my two months of free off peak minutes (the aforementioned 1000 minutes) were up, I could choose to receive 500 off peak minutes in addition to my regular 120 minutes, for only five more dollars a month. He told me that with the current promotion I could receive the bonus minutes at no additional charge (I cant remember exactly until when) for at least the next eight months or so. Great. My next bill was incorrect. This was in December. I did not have the time during the holidays, but more importantly the will to call again. So I let it slide and let it slide for too long. My service was shut off about a week and a half ago. I finally broke down and decided to call them last Sunday (2-13). Without going through all of the details, I finally got to an operator who was, I am sorry to say, rather dense. I explained the story up till this point, but she would not buy it, that it was inconceivable for them to make a mistake, and that a mistake had been made-by me. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor charged out of the gate and was combative (I was not-yet). She conceded that yes mistakes had been made, but they were fixed and had no bearing on the current issue. I explained that if nothing else, given the past mistakes, parsimoniously, she must admit that there is a good chance that they had made a mistake-if she would only check. By this time ! she had raised her voice, and was talking to me in this manner while I was still talking. I became irate, and the extent to which I let myself go was this: I asked her what department she worked for, she replied customer service, and I told her that so far it has been anything but. Eventually, she had a sudden change in tone and became apologetic. She said that she was going through my case history, and that she could see a lot of mistakes had been made, and that they went so far back that her department did not even have all the records. She apologized, told me she would personally send some sort of request to billing to try to get to the bottom of things, that she would let them know that it was urgent and that I was irate. I was promised a reply in 2 to 3 days. It never came (that was last Sunday morning, it is now Sunday night/Monday morning). I tried calling again tonight. I kept asking for a supervisor. They would ask me why, and I would explain that I am an irate customer. They would not transfer me. I got hung up on twice (again, not rude, with the sweetest-not patronizing-voice I would say that I am an irate customer. At one point, one of the operators did not put the receiver back down correctly to put me on hold, and I could hear him talking to what I assume to be a supervisor. The supervisor would ask why the customer wants to talk to her, and they both made fun of the ustomers irateness, not knowing I could hear them. The operator finally got back to me, asked again why I want to talk to a supervisor, I told him that I explained the situation fully, and advised him to actually put me on hold this time. He put me on hold, then hung up! I called back, got a different operator, and she conceded to let me talk to a supervisor-no questions asked. She came back after a couple of minutes, and asked me why. I explained that I had been trying to talk to one for about an hour, and that I had been ridiculed and hung up on. She puts me on hold and fully ten minutes later (my phone times calls) informs me that she forgot that supervisors go home at 1 am EST. I live in Central, and it was close to 1 am here, so the supervisors would have been long gone if she was telling the truth. She explained that she forgot. Not believing her, I called back, got a different operator, asked if the supervisors had gone home, and was told that no, they are still on duty. I asked for a supervisor, after explaining why I should be granted an audience and after the customary wait, got to a supervisor, who explained to me there was nothing she could, as their computers were down! As it stands, my monthly bill should be $35.40 after taxes are added on. My bill for the months of December, January and February total over 180 dollars. I realize that you do not have all of my bills for the past few months, do not have the itemization of every call with time of day and week for the last 90 days, but what can be done? What can I do? My experience has been that usually if you encounter such a problem they would bend over backwards for you and try to make amends. Others tell me I should demand them to fix my bill and offer me bonus minutes to make amends (I have never made any such demands), but I would just like to have my bill fixed, and hopefully, if I'm a really good boy, eat my vegetables, and go to church every week, I will receive a correct bill in the future. What can I do? To say that I am terribly dissatisfied and angry would be an understatement. That I have been treated rudely and egregiously goes without saying. If my complaint rambled, I am sorry. If you have gotten to this part of the complaint, I thank you, and if you can give me any advice on how to take care of this problem, I will be even more grateful. First and foremost, I would like to have my bill corrected, and perhaps be assured that such gross mistakes will not be made in the future. Furthermore, I think I would like to see some concessions on the part of Sprint PCS for their gross incompetence, rudeness of their operators, and the simple fact that even after the bill has been corrected, I would prefer not to be faced with a whopping bill for three months. I have spent too much time on this, and I want to know what they are willing to offer me so I do not switch companies.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #4866
Apr 07 2001
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS bilks customers $10 at a time
Several months ago I purchased a wireless phone service package from Sprint PCS. The sales representative explained the features and costs in a rather ambiguous manner. The gist of the conversation was that by signing a 1-year contract I would receive a $10 per month discount on my service and then started to tell me about my choices in the plan. All of the options cost $10 and coincidently any option that is being discussed at the moment is 'free' because the $10 discount applies to that option until the next option is discussed and then of course the $10 discount makes that option 'free'. Ok, so I got a bad taste in my mouth from this rather ridiculous semantics game at once and wondered how many people actually fall for it. But I purchased two phones anyway and the features I wanted. I have been less than satisfied with the service, which appears to have a coverage vacuum in the area where I live. But it is not the service itself that I have a problem with. I saw a commercial touting the new promotional rates, and having been told that I can change my plan at any time I called Sprint and asked about it. The customer service rep said that she could take off one of the options that I found I did not need and replace it with 'free nights and weekends'. Free nights and weekends was something that would not be of much use, but better than an option I wasn't using at all. Will it change the price of my service? No was the reply. Next month there was an additional charge of $10 on my bill. I called and said I would like it changed back. Well, that $10 charge is offset by the $10 dollar discount you receive every month. She said. Please change it back. Ok, it has been changed, your bill will show that next month. The $10 charge remains after four calls to customer service. It seems that customer service cannot change it back because that plan is no longer available. Well, are there other people still on that plan? If I had not called would I still be on that plan? Yes, but we cannot put you back on that plan. It turns out that the only people who can are called 'Support Services' who denied the change, and noted that they had tried to call me ( you cannot call or directly contact them in any way ). It was also explained to me that 'Support Services' are only obligated to 'try' to contact customers once, and that I may not request to speak with them again. So I continue to pay the $10 ( granted it is no great amount of money ), but I believe that Sprint management has allowed a system of misleading, dishonest and directly coercive practices to develop in handling there customers. Probably only a class action lawsuit will change these practices. It may pay out in the short run as the additional $10 here and there over there customer base pads there receipts, but in the long run they will lose many possible long term relationships. They have lost mine.
Entity: London, Kentucky
53, Report #9970
Dec 26 2001
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS - unreliable, uncourteous, unfair, expensive mistake
Sprint PCS both product (wireless service) and service (customer handling) has been highly unreliable and downright rude. The billing is factually incorrect. This is the final straw. Last year, I was on a plan for 1000 mins with incoming free. I went on the vacation plan (when I was out of the country) and then was reinstated on my original plan (conveniently unmentioned went the fact that incoming minutes were not free anymore). I was billed on an average $100 extra for 3 months. Since I pay my bills online (and since usually they charge current month and next month when starting up service) I ignored the bill. After the 3rd such bill - I checked and found that I was paying for about 250 mins extra since the incoming minutes weren't free. Called customer service and they told me I only had 15 days from the billing date to contest charges every month. (It takes 7-10 days minimum for the bill to get to us anyway)... Finally were doing me a favor by offering to split half the overage of only the last month. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he actually attacked me telling me that he would revoke even that offer since I was being persistent. The next set of issues came up in the last 3 months. This time a lot bigger and worse. I moved my girlfriends phone onto this and therefore upgraded plans to 1200 daytime and 2300 nighttime. They continued 1000, 1000 plan I had initially changed to. This time the overage was $350 (with my chosen plan it would have been $40) in the first month. They decided to give me half off. and refused to change the plan I was on mid-stream even though I had called 2 days after my plan went into operation. I paid this bill in full expecting to get credit after I got through customer service, but the following month again it was showing in excess of $300. Everytime I call customer service - FROM A LAND LINE - I've gotten disconnected midway through a conversation or during transfers. This is pathetic. Plus they have a charge of $150 if I opt out before 12 months. This is ungodly. It is unreal. It is something anyone in their fair mind should refuse to put up with.
Entity: Austin, Texas
54, Report #10148
Dec 28 2001
12:00 AM
I bought a PCS cell phone from Radio Shack in September. The salesperson programmed the phone and told me to call Sprint to activate my services and I did. When I tried to use the phone the same night I could not in my home and had problems using the phone out side of my home and on the road. I called Sprint and explained to them the problem I was having with my phone and they told me that I would have to take it to one of their phone centers which was forty miles away. I explained to the that I had chronic back pain and was not able to sit up for a long period of time. They told me that If I wanted the phone fixed I would have to take it to the Center. My husband took me there and the salesperson told me that the phone was nor programed right and programmed it for me. Use the phone in the Center and it worked Ok. Got on the road and could not get a good reception and was cut off upon talking to anyone after about a minute. I called them the next day and explained to them that I was still having the problem and they walked me through another programming. I called them back in about a week and they told me that I would have to take the phone back to the Center for the technicion to take a look at it. I explained my medical problem to them and again I was told that I would have to take the phone to the Center. We took the phone again this time I was heavily medicated so that I could make the trip. When they looked at the phone this time they told me that something was wrong with the phone and that they would have to take the phone and send it to manufacturer and that I could expect another phone in about seven days. I was told that we would have to bring the phone back to the Center to get it programmed once I received it in the mail. I took it over and they programmed it for the third time at their Center along with the times they walked me through it over the phone. I got the phone home and it still did not work, I could nor use it in my home which I excepted and very little use of it on the road or when we went out of State. I was really fed up when I had to call my husband while in Daytona to tell hime that he needed to give our daughter her treatment for her asthma and could not get a signal. I called Sprint and told them that I had purchased the phone because I had a little girl with asthma and needed a way to get in touch with her doctor and my husband if their was an emergency. They told me that the contract did not say that I could have 100% service. I was really stressed out at this time and ask them what they recommeded. They told me to call 911 if I had an emergency. This is the straw that broke the camel back tonight December 28,2001 my husband left to go to Georgia to pick up our son, and meet his brother in Claxton Georgia. He tried to call me for eight hours today and could not get through. The phone rang and when I answered it I could hear my husband say hello and then the disconnect. I called Sprint agian and told them what was happening and ask them if they could try to call him for me to give him the address where his brother was waiting for him. This salesperson told me that that was not their job. I told them that I was fed up and wanted out of the contract. He told me that I signed it and that they did not promise me that the service would work and that was something I would have to deal with. I would recommend that elderly people and people that are disabile not get tied up with Sprint. My advise is to look at the comsumer report before you choose a celligular phone Company I would appreciate any advice that anyone could give me to help me get out of this contract.
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #20674
May 11 2002
10:00 PM
Sprint PCS, does unethical business - professionally London Kentucky
Having trouble with ATT bad coverage in Chicago North and people constantly calling with wrong number - we bought a Sprint Smartphone - and after looking it over - one more for my wife. We were promised a 100 $ rebate when buying 2 phones - but they were notable to honor it - but this is not the main issue here. First we found out that no Sprint dealer in Chicago were able to activate the phone. We were told it could be activated over the internet - but no such luck. The website is not maintained properly. After hours waiting on hold told to go to a Sprint store - but after visiting 2 stores finding out that the stores cannot activate a phone. We had to drive across Chicago for a certain Sprint office - that had lines of complaining customers standing in front of employees with no mandate to do anything. You would be placed in another line of customers waiting to get into a phone booth where you could talk to a real Sprint person over the phone. We spent close to our whole day off to do what we could have done at home over the phone with a credit card. Hence warning no. 1: Your money is wasted buying a phone from Sprint - the time you spend to activate a Sprint phone is totally out of proportion compared to the purchase. If you are a professional - you will be very annoyed. Next - we find out the phones are issued identical ID's - and treated as one account - even though they did not honor the rebate for buying 2 phones. This was too smart, Sprint. Especially when we with no succes tried so many times to get access through the promised online account management - it simply doesn't function. People still get the wrong caller ID when we call. Hence warning no. 2: Sprint purposely denies you your promised rebates - but delivers a rebated product. Next - after coming back from Europe, the phones are dead. A gargled unrecogniseable message on the voice mail camouflaged as a sales message (No Sprint name on caller ID) leaves us clueless until we dial the phones through a Sprint system that tells us we've been billed 100$ for not paying in time. The voicemail warning was sent 12 hours prior to disconnecting - and a sms message on the phone sent too. But when the phone is outside Sprint range - you will know nothing. (After complaining the fee was reduced to 5$ - but the phones are still dead) Hence warning no. 3: Sprint will make money on you by playing games - and you can only loose. Up until then approx. every 3rd call we make to each other will be lost (we are a couple and talk to each other several times a day - and will find out) - and the voice mail steps in. So the other person has to call his voicemail and so on. But the funny thing is that we have a landline next to us that has to be open - and when calling the landline to check why the Cellular is not answered we find the Sprint phone is not responding - but works fine when you call out. So this leaves us suspecting that Sprint has calculated how much extra revenue can be made by forcing people to call and use voicemail for every 3rd call. Even worse - a voicemail message can spend as much as 5 hours getting to you. My wife is a Doctor - I am running a business. This makes the phones useless for us. Warning no. 4: Sprint will force you to use your phone more than other providers - and will do it even though you miss important calls. Very unethical. This is a picture of a corporation so focused on revenue that they have forgotten why they are in business. And it is a pity - because their coverage is good here in Chicago. But their deliberate break of the promises to make them different from their competitors - draws a very clear picture of a company getting ready for a merger - puffed up with locked in dissatisfied customers that will leave at the first chance offered. It has been seen before. Oh - by the way - we pay over 21 dollars extra pr month in funny little surcharges and fees not related to the minutes used and not announced when you buy the plan. Dear Sprint - you could have avoided this exposure and kept us as customers - but you choose notto. We gave you chances enough to correct what first looked like mistakes - but now look like systematically bilking your customers.... The Casey's Chicago, Illinois Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Sprint
Entity: London, Kentucky
56, Report #29871
Sep 12 2002
06:08 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff tricked and lied to us aberdeen www.sprintpcs.com
Sprint PCS used a check card # that was used for a previous payment and made an unauthorized charge to my account. After finding out this information I complained and was told that I could not have my money back. So I decided fine just forget it. Then one month later they decide to give my money back to me and turn off my phone. The thing is the money is not in my account and they keep telling me like 3 different things. It takes a while for the money to be back into your account. The money should already be there you should take it up with your bank. Then there is my favorite. We are not going to credit your account until you give us a bank statement but we arent going to turn your phone back on. Now at this point I dont want my money back I just want my phone turned back on and at the end of my contract I would never give Sprint PCS another dime of my money if I was the last women on earth. They lie and are very uncooperative. Tyrese Aberdeen, Maryland
Entity: Nationwide
57, Report #42798
Jan 25 2003
03:29 PM
sprint pcs rip-off Sprint's Collection Dept
Sprint pcs does have an employee problem, or communication problem, relating to their clients. I consider myself to be an intelligent being, though for some reason, sprint has their reps call clients in the month that has been paid for, and ask for next month's bill to be paid before it's due. Now, I can understand them calling for a past due amt that was left unpaid for that month, but the lady told me, that the whole amount was due now (before the due date) or after this conversation my service would be terminated. I told her, that I was not prepared to pay now. She advised me that I could post-date a check up to 5 days to keep my service on, I did just that over the phone. Later, when I tried to use my phone, dig it,no service. I had to call the auto-mated service to see what could be done to re-connect. That service advised me to pay the past due amount and service would be resumed. I did that with a credit card, and service was on. Why,why,why,in the HELL, did I have to go through all of these changes. Now, I have a check that I wrote them, including the past due amount + next months bill amount, that they're gonna cash when that date comes up and knowing what I know about Sprint- they will keep it and say nothing. James Newnan, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
58, Report #6542
Sep 13 2001
12:00 AM
When paying my Sprint PCS bill online last May, 2001, I saw their website ad for a $100 rebate on the Samsung 8600 phone. I called a Sprint rep, who advised me that to obtain the rebate I would need to close my current account & open a new one. Which I did. The phone was mailed to me. It didn't function properly & I returned it. They sent another one. It was a reconditioned phone, not a new one as promised. I returned it. Finally I received the phone & assurance (when I asked) that I would be credited for the weeks that I did not have cell phone service. I never received the promised credit, but that's nothing compared to what I've been through in trying to obtain the rebate, for which I was to allow 8 to 10 weeks to receive. After that time period was up & no $100 check, I began to call. Impossible to get anything but a recording stating that it would come 8 to 10 weeks after the purchase. Finally I reached a person who told me that it hadn't been sent because the first 2 phones they'd sent had never been returned. I had the UPS receipts. So then they said, okay, you should have the rebate soon, then. That was long ago. Today I called (I always call the sales dept. now, because they always have people answering the sales lines). In response to my insisting that they give me the rebate, the sales person (after putting me on hold for a long time) told me that I wasn't eligible for the rebate because I had a business account! Not what I'd been told ever before. She told me that they would credit my account $100! I said no no no, I wanted my check. I talked to Roger, the floor supervisor. Ultimately, he told me that they would not pay me the $100 rebate, which was the incentive for my re-signing up for a 2 year account & purchasing the nifty little phone that is now going to cost me $200. Sprint PCS is an impossible corporation to deal with. Not only has it misrepresented what I would receive, it has made it almost impossible to connect with anyone within the company to resolve the situation.
Entity: London, Kentucky
59, Report #13563
Feb 07 2002
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS now charges to speak with Customer Service!!! RIP-OFF
I called *2 on my cell phone (Sprint PCS CS)this morning and I get an automated voice saying There will be a $3 charge on you phone bill to speak with a pcs rep. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! $3 to speak to customer service??????? Hell,at the rate they are going,their getting so many complaints they will make a million a day with that service! I think I'll save my money and call them from my home phone.....I personally have NEVER EVER heard of being chsrged money to speak to a customer service rep. So I finally get through to this rep and I ask why would you charge $3 to speak with you? Her response is..get this... To get people to use the website because they tie up the phone lines ..HELLO?!?!??!?! They tie up the phone lines because YOU SUCK! Now this is a pure RIPOFF Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Sprint
Entity: Nationwide
60, Report #14489
Feb 19 2002
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS Deceptive Advertising Practices
I purchased a Spring PCS phone and services in April, 2002. By December, 2002, I was fed-up with their deceptive advertising practices and cancelled my services. Now they are attempting to bill me for $170.00 claiming I cancelled a contract with them. They are the ones who cancelled their contract with me by charging me for services they advertised as part of the monthly charge. I purchased the free long distance program for $39.99 per month. The first month and every month after, I was charged for all long-distances services I used, even though I was clearly within their network system. Sprint PCS even charged me for local in-town calls I made, which is clearly not long-distance. Any attempts to contact Sprint PCS's customer service is a waste. Once, I was put on hold for 65 minutes and ended up hanging up out of total frustration. Sprint PCS practices deceptive advertising practices and cheats consumers. I will continue my battle against Sprint PCS and inform millions via the internet. I look forward to the day I read all about this company's financial woes in the Wall Street Journal. No company can continue to cheat consumers and survice. Camellia Abilene, Texas
Entity: London, Kentucky
61, Report #1012
Dec 17 1999
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS cellular phone service
I purchased a nokia sprint phone in October 1999 and called for phone service. I gave the representative my information and address and this information was supposely keyed in. I had requested service for $100 a month, road side service, and insurance that would cover if my phone was lost,stolen,etc. In mid November I inquired about changing my service. The representative assured me that it would be changed that day to delete road side service and service would now be free and clear with 500 minutes, my monthly bill would be $70. In December I called and inquired about my statement, and was told that I the statement was returned. I confirmed by address and was told my street address had avenue instead of drive. Since they would have to send me a duplicate statement they would have to charge me. I complained that wasn't my mistake but theirs. Today December 17th, while on the road trying to use my phone I found out it was turned off. I got to work and called the toll free number and was told that I was pass my current limit of $200. In order to have my phone turned back on I need to pay the current bill of $171.88. The total bill was now $290.00. I was also told that my service was never changed and that they had deleted the insurance instead of the roadside service. They couldn't do anything now until I paid the current charges. I gave my bank card # with the visa logo, but was told that since the card have another address on it (previous address), they can't use it. Even though I told them the bank card goes to my PO address. They refuse to take it. I asked to speak with a supervisor about my account and was told that I needed to speak with collections. The representative put me on hold for about 10 minutes, then came back and said that he would need to receive my payment first, or he could give me collections number. After me complaining he finally transfered me to collections. The representative there asked e a series of questions then said that I couldn't speak with a supervisor I would need to call back to the service department. He stated the supervisor would not speak with me. I left with no phone. I asked for their corporate telephone number and was told he just can't give that information to anyone. I've never had such poor service where I'm being charged for their mistakes. I'm asking for your help, seems no one won't listen. I don't have an address, because they never sent me a statment.
Entity: westwood, Kansas
62, Report #1483
Mar 04 2000
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS Overcharge
Cancelled service with Sprint PCS due to constant billing errors. For several months I called to advise that I purchased my cell phone in Arizona, had an Arizona phone number, bus was being taxed for a Houston, Texas service. Even on the last bill, the same error, in spite of several calls on this. Every month had billing problems. Every month I checked to verify my plan. Every month I was told Ihad 1000 off peak minutes and adjustments were made. Then, on my January bill (billing period ending January 10th), I was charged for every single minute after l120 minutes, in spite of my 1000 evening weekend (off-peak) minutes. When I initially checked to verify my rate plan, as I always did, I was told I had 1000 off peak minutes. However, due to the numerous calls and the credit involved this time, I was given a supervisor who informed me I was no longer on that plan. No one could tell me what plan I was on, only that I had been on a temporary promotional plan from Circuit City., I did not buy my phone or my plan from Circuit City. I bought it from the Sprint sotre. I was not told about any promotion. I was not given any paperwork to indicate any temporary rate plan. In fact, I was not given any paperwork, which I did ask for. I was told that my bills would be my receipts. I argued this with the supervisor and was told not to pay my phone bill until I got the final bill. I was under the impression that my off peak minutes would be adjusted -- removed actually. However, my final bill has no adjustments for any off peak minutes. I attempted to call their Corporate Headquarters, but could not get through to a representative at that number. I was put in a loop that kept telling me to hit my party's extention, then said I was being transferred to an attendant, then went throught the loop again and again and again! I mailed Sprint a check for $20.45, which I thought represented the final days of service, but I'm not even sure about that. I have asked them to make an adjustment to the January bill.
Entity: City of Industry, California
63, Report #1565
Mar 14 2000
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS won't turn service off
For three months I have been trying to contact a Sprint representative to clear up my account. The facts are as follows: Dec. 27, 1999: I ordered a Srint PCS phone over the internet. Jan. 11, 2000: I received the phone. I charged the phone battery. Jan. 12, 2000: I tried to use the phone in my neighborhood. The signal strength was too low for service. I decided to return the phone and cancel service. I called 1-888-211-4727 . The line was so busy that a recorded message suggested that I call again later. Jan 13, 2000: I called the same number, and eventually reached a customer advocate. I asked her to cancel my service, and requested a return kit for the instrument. Jan. 21, 2000 I received the return kit. Jan. 24, 2000 I returned the instrument. UPS Tracking number RS32443. Feb. 10, 2000 (Approximate date) I received a bill for service for January, and called 1-888-211-4727. I talked to someone named Carola. I explained the problem, and she said that she would make sure the service had been canceled, and that my account would be closed. She told me that I would eventually receive credit on my credit card for the initial charges for the phone and taxes ($139.41). Feb 21, 2000 (Approximate date) I received a second bill stating that I was late with payment of the first bill. I sent a letter explaining the situation. I sent it using the envelope enclosed with the bill. Mar. 13.2000 I received a third bill, stating that I owe $102.78. I have written a second letter in response. I must emphasize that I have not made a single call with this phone. I did not have any signal at my home. I returned the phone. Sprint owes me $139.41. I do not owe them a damned penny. I am concerned that they will ruin my credit rating since I have no intention of paying anything for services not rendered. If the Rip Off report doesn't help, I will try the CPUC complaint process.
Entity: City of Industry, California
64, Report #217708
Oct 25 2006
09:27 PM
Sprint PCS over billing ripoff Lufkin Texas
My husband and I signed up for Sprint in May 2006. We got 2 phones. It was a great deal, so we thought. We signed up for the 550 minute plan for 49.99 a month that supposedly gave us free pcs to pcs call and nights and weekends starting at 6pm. With taxes, extra line fees and such our bill should not be over $100. Every month I receive a bill for over $200! We do not text or have their Vision plan. I went to the store that I bought the phones from and found out that they lied to us from the get go! Even though their website said that nights started at 7pm, ours did not start till 9! BUT, for an extra $10 PER PHONE we could have our nights starting at 6pm. When I called their customer service I was told that they could only credit me $75 for the past 5 months! And I am still having problems with the billing. I cannot wait till my contract expires! Tricia Huntington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lufkin, Texas
65, Report #490043
Sep 04 2009
10:53 AM
SPRINT PCS bad phone Internet
July of 08 i signed up for sprint for 2 years and got a treo 800w phone.about 3 months into the contract i entered customer service hell and have been there since. the phone was defective as i found out the model was actually defective.it worked fine for 3 months then it started locking up. battery would not charge. gpos got stuck on an address. finally they replaced the phone. this was 5 months into contract. 3 months later the same thing repeated.i called up support and they sent yet another phone. 2 months later i had to remove battery to log on to internet,use gps or any feature at all.i called support they sent yet another phone, i went to activate phone and found it would not charge. they told me to call 30 day return who promptly sent me back to tech support. who tehn sent me to a store , who promptly sent me back to tech support. who then told me the store was not a coprporate store even though i asked for the address of a corporate store.i was then told since i had so many replacments i had to go to a corporate store from now on.i was told at the non corporate store that it had a known defect of battery problems.the model was only out a year,it was in fact just released when i bought it.imena time 2 supervisors failed to call me.i was told it was my responsibility to upgrade to a ohone that worked.they were not responsible for me having a phone on the line just the line,by the way if you go to palm and look for support for the treo 800w they give sprints customer service number.its a free line for my plan but if i cancel it i have to pay 200. at the corporate store they said it was a failed battery. i had to buy one,but they ordered me a new phone, (my 5th)but no battery.i got home and plugged on the charger they gave me and 5 min later i9t woudl no longer charge at all. i got the phone,called up and complained that i did not get a battery and no one knew why she did not request a battery if the battery was bad.i called the store,her supervisor said he would call me in a few min an  ,hour and half later he calls and says he will send me a battery.i go the new phone and the battery charged right up.so it was the phone all along.none of the phones ever connected to autosync.they all had problems with batteries.i think the phone shorts them out.all in all ive had a month of no service because of bad phones and batteries.when this contract is up ,i will wash my hands of that slime company
Entity: Internet, Internet
66, Report #599832
May 04 2010
06:41 AM
so i have a blackberry 8330 from sprint. it has been replaced twice. the latest one does not work properly (it shuts itself off). Ive gone to my local tech store, and they can not recreate the problem, so i can not get my phone replaced. I called customer service multiple times, and got multiple answers ranging from : oh just trade it in to the store makes the decisions. well... On saturday the 1st of may @ 730 AM est. time I called customer service again. got put through to TECH support. The guy i talked to (Oscar) said yeah i can get you out a new blackberry 8530. i can have it delivered on monday. i just need to you to pay the 18 dollars shipping and handling over the phone today. and it will be credited back to your phone bill. So I complied. I gave him my debit card #'s. (big mistake). Well he says, I just have to wait for my supervisor to clear this, he's probably hungover, you know how us mexicans love our hard liquer. I kinda chuckled uncomfortably and went on with everything. he then stated again that my phone will be to my place on monday. Soooo.... I check my account @ 5:55 PM est. 718.00 is missing. No signs of where to. Called my bank, they said on monday they can get a solid read on whats happening, but just use your card or don't, your choice. Then  It dawned on me. SPRINT. So i call sprint. I then do a 3 hour dance of hang ups, disconnects, and 45 minute wait times. All the answers I got were as follows: Youre a preferd customer, no one should have taken your Debit #'s, and we can not place orders for phones on the weekend. Oh and the biggest one : NO ONE OREDERED A PHONE FOR YOU! Now i am freaking out. Can not get back a-hold of the bank untill monday. No charges have come through. Nightmares and nauseaous feelings follow. Monday AM @ 5 in the morning I go online to check my account. 4 charges have come through. Two IPS charges (over sea charges from VISA) and two for a tpcsonline.com site. I call tpcsonline.com. It is a porn site. They say yes we have your info. I ask for an IP address to the user, I have to get a subpoena. Then I call my bank. They tell me 695.00 is waiting to come out for ABERCROMBIE.COM. My bank rep 3 ways ABERCROMBIE. Abercrombie states that they thought it strange someone spent 695.00 all at once so they had marked it possibly fradulent, but didnt feel like reporting otherwise (awesome). So, I was lucky to only lose the 15$ on porn and charges at that time. I then got bounced around between 2 different State police barracks and a town police dept. until someone finally stepped up at my town police department and said i'll do a report. Now, my problem is, no one will even subpoena to get this jerk that jacked my account, and i can not afford a lawyer. . . . please, do not trust sprint. ever. and i still have a broken blackberry that they wont replace. I see a verizon in my future.
Entity: , Internet
67, Report #820893
Jan 10 2012
08:00 PM
Sprint PCS Lying to their customers again Internet
I bought an EVO 4G in April of 2011, after being told that it was the best phone on the market with my carrier of 6 years.  In August 2011 I had it replaced since it would just randomly ring for 5 hours at a time until the battery died.  I received my refurbished phone about a week later, and it worked until Mid October, when it wouldn't charge the battery.  I replaced the Power cord, tried hooking it up to my computer, the car lighter, etc.  It would say it had a full charge and 5 minutes later, it was telling me it was dead.  I took it into the store and got another replacement phone.  It took another week to get it.  I had this phone until December 9 when the internet and text stopped working.  I took it to the store, and they tried to fix the problem, but suddenly realized that it wasn't going to be fixed.  So they told me that they would have to order another one, and that could take a while since HTC Doesn't make the EVO 4G anymore, and the provider stopped carrying it on the shelves.  The service tech stated it would probably take 10 business days.  I was told that they would call me when the phone comes in.  The phone came in on December 23.  I received no phone call, no notification from my provider that it was in.  Still under the impression that it might take a while because it might be a hard to find item, I waited until January 7.  I called my provider and was told that the phone had been in the store for 2 weeks.  I was livid, but happy that this situation was finally over, (or so I thought).  I went in picked up the phone and waited for 20 minutes while they transferred the sim card and activated the new phone.  I got out to my car, turned on the phone, and realized I had no contacts, no email, and the phone wasn't set up.  Well this being my 4th phone, I have became a pro at setting the darn thing up.  I set it up and went to send a text.  The text wasn't delivered, but an error code of 34 was replied to me.  I thought well if I go home maybe I can get it to work there (better service).  How wrong I was.  I tried to resend the text and got the same error code of 34.  I spent two hours on the phone with Tech Support, who tried everything that they could, and still nothing.  Not even phone service anymore.  They told me to take it to a corporate store, and have them exchange it or upgrade it with whatever phone I wanted and they would file the claim, and take the money from the insurance claim and apply it to my account for my new phone and bill the phone to my account.  I said ok, and like a good leming I did exactly as they said.  I went to the store gave them my eticket number and they said that the Tech Support people don't know how to fix anything, always take it to the store blah blah blah.  The store couldn't get it fixed, nor would they replace it with a phone of my choice, without me paying for a complete new one in cash.  So I have a 3 lb paperweight on my Hip until Monday when a friend of mine from AT & T got it to use phone only.  OF course my provider doesn't want me to leave them and take my $3600 per year with me, but they aren't going to do anything to keep me or my money either.  So on to Priority response another 4 hours on the phone, and still getting no where except the royal run around and more lies.  This time all they can offer me for this phone is $90 at 636 pm.  However at 726 pm it is $85, but at 736 pm it was back to $90.  Well back pedal further and let me take another one for the team.  So now I have Ashley on the phone, who has hung up on me before and now is telling me that they close in 10 minutes and there isn't any way I am going to get this resolved.  What customer service this is. 
Entity: , Internet
68, Report #877240
May 02 2012
02:24 PM
Sprint PCS RipOff Criminal Practices Norco, California
Sprint PCS (Sprint) has a polity to refund entire money to customers on dissatisfaction of Sprint product/services. I did not sign a contract with Sprint, but I paid $1,400 for Spring's iPhone and deposit. I required Sprint to bill by mail, that the salesperson documented it on Sprint's computer. Upon receipt of all my payments and deposits in advance, within the first week of my purchase, Sprint started to abuse my cell phone by TEXTING to bully me every other day up to 3 times a day and to harass me for payment that was not due until 30 days from purchase. I exercised my right to Sprint's 14 days dissatisfaction for refunds. Sprint refused. I wrote to Sprint's president in certified mail, which was gone unanswered. Sprint terminated my cell phone service without notice, warning or statutory support and then manufactured PCS Terms & Conditions to keep my money, but I did not have a binding contract with Sprint to keep my money. Sprint's willful acts to intentionally misused its Terms & Conditions with customer's signature or a valid contract are unethical, illegal and prosecutable under the law. Sprint has committed fraud and violated the law to scam money from customers. I would like to join other victims of Sprint from RipOff to file a class action against Sprint for fraud, bad faith and injunctive relief to prosecute Sprint and to stop Sprint from victimize more other consumers. I am seeking $1,400 that Sprint owes me plus interest, costs, fees and related damages.
Entity: Norco, California
69, Report #199550
Jul 05 2006
01:29 PM
Sprint PCS Ripped Off Ripoff Reston Virginia
I am a former customer with Sprint PCS. There were 2 telephones on the account, 258-0000 and 598-0000. I went into the Roseville, Michigan office to explain that one of the phone numbers 598-0000 would be transferring to Nextel. My intuition told me to visit one of the stores to avoid any problems with transferring a phone number from one company to another. The customer service representative had spoken to the manager who is currently located in the Troy, Michigan Sprint location to note my account to confirm that my service for 258-0000 would not get shut off. Unfortunately when 598-0000 was transferred to Nextel my 258-0000 service was also shut off. I went back to the Roseville office to explain the situation and they said the notes were in the computer but they had no idea why my service was shut off. My service was disconnected for two weeks before the problem had been resolved. After numerous calls to Sprint and requesting the person that originally assisted me, he refused my calls and game me an excuse of there was nothing he could do to restore my services and it was out of his hands and it would have to be a corporate call. Finally, Sprint restored my service 258-0000 and they added me with a new contract service date, and as a new customer starting me over again. (I was furious)!!!! After numerous and numerous calls to Sprint, finally I thought I had gotten the dates straightened out until I received a breach of contract and was charged service fees and charged a termination fee of $150.00 plus additional charges. I went by the service date of the original contract not their new date, because supposedly it had been settled. I have had to suffer the consequences of inconsistencies of bad customer service and I want this problem resolved immediately. Rhonda Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Reston, Virginia
70, Report #196252
Jun 13 2006
05:00 PM
Sprint Pcs rip off Tallahassee Florida
when i was with them i had to pay sprint every week to keep my on. Talisa TALLAHASSE, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
71, Report #177941
Feb 24 2006
05:01 PM
SPRINT PCS rebate ripoff London Kentucky
I purchased a cell phone at SPRINT PCS retail center in Greendale,Wisconsin since June 16, 2005. I've sent the rebate with receipt,bar code, and rebate details. They claimed they never received. 2 more times I resubmitted through mail as requested. They said they never claimed -again. Called atleast 30 times for same reasons. They hung up on me many times or they said my signal faded. Not so. They just turn my phone off. Keep calling again and again. It was useless. They had me on hold as long as 15 minutes from time to time. It has been since June 2005 and counting as of today, I have tried to get my rebate - months talking to customer reps and claimed not received. I faxed 3 more times as requested and they still got no infos. from me. Are they kidding me? 8 out of 10 customer reps speaks broken english. They sound like foreigners - for U.S customer service. There's communication problem with customer service? They also said that they will not do anything because they rebate has been expired. So, all those efforts and they said they never received my mails or fax. This is totally uncalled for. Today, Feb. 24, 2006, I've called again and they said they would give me an instant $100.00 rebate if I agreed to sign contract for 2 more years after I warned them that I will complain with consumer's service. A trap so I can receive 2/3 or my rebate. All I wanted is my $150.00 they agreed with their contract. I am so tired. I have so exhausted. I am not getting anywhere. Please help me. Sincerely, Owen Waukesha, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: London, Kentucky
72, Report #205480
Aug 10 2006
01:26 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff Kansas Ciry Missouri
Well lets start at the beginning, I have had sprint for 3 years now, about a year ago i decided to go on my own plan which i was told would be no problem by the customer service associate which assured me that my old plan had run out and i would no longer be charged for it.Guess what, i recieved bills for the old plan well past the cancelation date. Finally this was straightened out after talking to SEVEN DIFFERENT PEOPLE. All was well for about a month then my new phone started dropping calls every once in a while, the frequency of this steadily increased, also i would just plan not recieve calls or voice mails that people had left, and constant breaking up of coversations. The best part is, when you have to redail a call b/c it was so broken up or dropped they charge you again, and again. After numerous calls to customer service, numerous trys to reset my phone nothing has seemed to work. I've tried everyday for the last month to get out of my contract, but they wont let you unless you pay a $150 breech of contract fee, inwhich i argue shouldnt they credit me for breaking the contract that states i was going to recieve proper service for the monthly amount i've been paying? Adam Hamilton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas Ciry, Missouri
73, Report #195494
Jun 08 2006
03:09 PM
Sprint PCS rude non caring customer service ripoff Nationwide
I spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to ask a simple question,and all I got was 18,yes I said 18 Total people I spoke with. I ordered add a line, and a new phone on 5-26-06. As of today still no phone. I called and asked where my phone was,because of course with Sprint you have to put down a 125.00 deposit everytime you order a new phone,no matter how long you have been a customer. I asked where is my phone and the world as I know it stopped for the next two hours as I was rudely spoke with transferred, hung up on,and even called a liar by some twit supervisor. I was so frustrated,I was shaking. Never in my life have I ever been so rudely treated. Once I asked for a supervisor, I was told they do not accept phone calls. EXCUSE me, what did you just say? I finally get a supervisor, who tells me that I never placed the order and if I want another phone I will have to put up another 125.00 and if I did not like her answer to bad. What happened to the 125.00 I just put down for the phone I still do not have. We used that to pay Junes bill, which is not even due yet. I did not give anybody permission to do this. I was told we do not need your permission to do that. Then she said I was lying and to pay up or no phone,and she hung up on me after I told her that I was not giving them another 125.00. That was it I had had it. I called back and said I do not want to talk to you or any other rep,unless it was a supervisor. The lady I spoke to asked me very nicely if I would tell her what had happened to me. I explained my problem for the 18th time to her and asked what was so hard about my problem,please tell me. She looked at my account and literelly ten minutes later she fixed my problem. I asked for her name and employee number, and she gave it to me,no questions asked. I thanked her for her help, and told her that I hoped this call was recorded for training purposes, because when she answered my call after 2 hours of being treated rudely, and like I did something wrong. I was not nice. I will let my contract run out, and never use them ever again. Missy Converse, TexasAlbania
Entity: Texas
74, Report #195629
Jun 09 2006
09:40 AM
Sprint PCs ripoff Converse Texas
Well for all of you customers of Sprint..I found out the phone number for the coperate offices in Kansas....913-794-0000. I called after my horrible experiance, and the lady I spoke to saw everybody I had talked to and how long I was no the phone. And this crap about them refusing to give you employee number. It was all on the screen for the big bosses to see. So it did not matter that the rude supervisor who hung up on me did not give me her employee number it was there for all to see. And for the one nice lady who helped me, I asked the head honchos to make sure she got at least a thank-you for doing her job right. I am through being nice to rude customer service reps,and snot nosed supervisors. So I hope everybody calls this number and complains. I also told the lady they needed to look online at all the complaints from their customers. Flood them with calls, it has to stop somewhere,we pay them for a service and I expect to get what I paid for without being called a liar, and treated rudely. Missy Converse, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Converse, Texas
75, Report #278710
Oct 14 2007
07:54 PM
Sprint Pcs changes contract without notification Fort Worth texas
Sprint Where our customers come first! fail to notify me of of changes to my two year agreement, they recently sold off their long distance home phone service in my area to Embarq. I had the free 50 minutes long distance on my home phone for being a pcs customer this was included in my signed two year argeement, they failed to send me notification of this change only Embarq did, and it was no longer free. I called sprint pcs and was put on hold for a total of 8 hours over the last two months only to be to we can't help you its Embarq's problem. I went to the sprint pcs store where i got the phones only to be told WE don't do customer service here, you have to call in. I called sprint pcs again got the same run around and was finally told we can no longer help you , you will have to use the e-care support , which is an even bigger joke. I asked to be contacted by a manager in the first email (which i'm still waiting for a total of 35 days). They some how don't understand their own terms and agreement when it comes to a voided contract. twenty plus emails and still no contact about the voided agreement the only problem they see is i'm having a problem renewing my contract. useless people at sprint e-care dept: Tell C Angela S Vicky D Major A Shane M eddie the concerned department , never knew it existed !!! E-Care has received your email and will respond to your request within 48 hours.( should be 48 weeks not hours) I have since changed providers over this problem and have not sent them another payment, I have also contacted the BBB, which sprint has refused to acknowledge the complaint with them. I have also sent them a bill for my time and effort to correct this issue, if they don't want to pay it i'll just report it to a collection ageny the same way they do. Steve sunny, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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