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1, Report #1382355
Jun 30 2017
01:00 PM
SPY SURVIVAL BRIEFING flashlight and now spy survival breifing Internet
I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight by simply paying a $4.95 S/H fee on 6/8/17 from Spy + Survival Briefing. On 6/19 a $40.00 charge was posted to my c/c acct. (which may appear again every month). This charge was made without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com to look into this matter on my behalf.  I called them and cancelled it but they continue to take it out of my account
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1391960
Aug 11 2017
07:09 AM
Spy and Survival Briefing Spy and Survival Briefing Is A Rip-Off Somewhere in Maryland Internet
Like many others, I found a $40 charge on one of my credit cards titled SPY SURVIVAL BRIEFING. When I attempted to call the company by telephone, I received instructions to go to website www.lsb.org/spy. Trying that gave me a 404 error indicating that website does NOT exist. I am preparing to call my credit card company and dispute the charge. Beware, because this is a scam!!!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1390379
Aug 04 2017
09:47 AM
Spy-Survival Briefing Cant Cancel Baltimore Maryland
I have not been able to cancel this servics
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
4, Report #1377884
Jun 08 2017
12:47 PM
Spy and Survival Briefing Jason HansonLaissez Faire Double charged for newsletter I didn't want. Baltimore Maryland
The come-on for this scam was for free flashlights - only pay shipping.  That was ok, but there was also the sign-up for a newsletter which would be $40 if you don't cancel in 10 days.  No problem so far.  Where it started coming apart was that there was a delay in getting the flashlights.  So, instead of getting them within 2 weeks as originally stated it was closer to 2 months. When I got my credit card bill i saw the $40 charge so I called to cancel.  I was told the charge was non-refundable, so ok, I guess, but cancel everything going forward.  Yesterday I got my credit card statement and saw that I was charged again, so I emailed to tell them I was double charged.  No response.  Today I called to tell them I was double charged and found out this worthless newsletter is $40 per month and non-refundable. $40 per year would be a serious stretch, but $40 per month is a total out-and-out scam.  I would really like to get my money back, but I hope this keeps someone else from falling into that trap.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
5, Report #1383882
Jul 07 2017
02:19 PM
Spy and survival briefing I did not want the 40 dollars a month subscription. But they billed my debit card anyway Internet
 I ordered the brightest flashlight and that asked if I wanted the monthly subscription of survival tactics I checked the box that said no I do not want the offer. I later got my bank statement and they had took out 40 dollars for that service and I do not want it.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1400212
Sep 15 2017
07:41 AM
Spy Survival Briefing or Cade Courtley Tripple billed for Ultimate Seal Torch Survival pack. Internet
On Thursday, September 14, 2017  8:58 PM  I received an email ad with a video presentation describinga FREE Seal Torch 2000 flashlight.  The only cost was to be the shipping of $9.95 + $39.00 for the Ultimate Seal Tourch Survival Pack ($48.95). I thought this looked like a deal even if the shipping probably paid for the flashlight but the up sell process began at this point proceeding from a three pack at $27.00 + $39.00 ($67.00) to a 5 Flashlight Family Survival Pack at $45.00 + $39.00 ($84.00) Ultimate Survival Pack.   I decided to go for the $84.00 package.  I received a call from my bank this morning (Friday 9/15/2017,  8:30 am) that a charge for $84.00 was submitted and then withdrawn.  I asked it any charge was accepted and they said no.  I instructed Fraud Protection at PNC Bank to disreguard the charge if none had been posted since the deal feels shaky at best. Later this morning at 9:15 am I got another call from PNC Fraud Protection stateing there were now three charges from the same vendor for $84.00 posted.  They advised me to contact the vendor, Spy Survival Briefing, at (844) 242-3216  and request a credit.   The phone number, when called, only produced their webb site address instructed me to go to the webb site and no help.  I will contact my credit card provider and attempt to kill this transaction.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1382730
Jul 02 2017
07:29 PM
LFB / Spy and Survival Brief PSV*Spy and Survival Briefing, Laissez Faire Books Flashlight Ripoff Scam Internet
Beware of the Flashlight Offer. I received an unsolicited email offer talking up a defense flashlight and how bright, durable and (blah, blah, blah)... free but you pay the shipping of $4.95What do you have to loose?  After all I have gotten some nice little knives for a few buck or the purchase of a t-shirt etc.  What you DO GET is a cheap LED flashlight that won't turn on at all!  I have plenty of new AAA batteries and tried two sets (of 3) with no success.  In the trash can it went.Now a month later I get a bill for 40.00 from LFB (PSV Spy Survival Briefing Org).  Going through the process of correcting now.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1397009
Aug 31 2017
10:49 AM
SPY SURVIVAL SPY SURVIVAL BRIEFING 8442423216 THEY KEEP CHARGING ME $40.00 A MONTH AND I CAN'T GET IT OFF. i am 83 years and i don't need this. Internet
I can't get this to stop taking $40.00 every month out of my bank. I am 83 and i can't loose this kind of money.  I have a hard time every month.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1382712
Jul 02 2017
12:07 PM
Spy survival Briefing psv deceitfuly lied Internet
PSV Spy Briefing stated I would recieve a free flaslight by just paying 4.95 for S/H. This was back in May, now two months later make a unauthorized charge to my debit/credit card in the amount of $40.00.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1383566
Jul 20 2017
05:18 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing The company keeps billing for newsletter I dont want Baltimire Maryland
 Unfortunately I fell for their free flashlight scam and now I am being billed for a monthly newsletter I dont want.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1383253
Jul 05 2017
09:59 AM
Spy Survival Briefing $40 charges to my credit card account after purchasing a flashlight. Internet
I purchased a flishlight on line and now I am being charged $40 multiple times on my credit card acount that I did not authorize.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1422954
Jan 14 2018
11:51 AM
PSV Spy Survival Briefing They ripped me off Internet
They sent me a free flashlight and then thet billed me $40 a month and they keep billing me . How can I sue them
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1403761
Oct 02 2017
07:20 PM
Spy and Survival Briefing Jason Hanson Well never said anything about charging me for 40.00 dollars i bought the flashlight and a self defense knife this is a scam i want my money back Internet
I purchased the Flashlight which does work great for 4.95 and a survival tool but was never told about the charge of 40 dollars i believe this to be fraud no notice or anything.... i will be changing all my bank info so he cant take anything out but i want my money back
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1408578
Oct 25 2017
03:14 PM
Spy and Survival Briefing I answered an internet offer to receive a flashlight free for shipping charges only of $4.95. I used my card to pay the shipping charge and have since been charged $40.00 per month for 4 months.. Internet
I answered an internet offer for a free high powered flashlight when you pay only a shipping charge of $4.95. I have since been charged on the card I used $40.00/month for 4 months. When I called to inquire what I was being charged for I was told it was for the email I received called Spy and Survival Briefing. I did not sign up or agree to my card being charged a monthly fee of $40.00 for an email! I told them I wanted my money back and was told that there was no refund for this service. When I threatened to call the Attorney General of my State I was told I would recieve a call from a supervisor within 48 hours that I could discuss this with. 
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1389739
Aug 01 2017
02:03 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing Charged my credit card for material I did not order Internet
I ordered a flashlight for $4.95.  I ordered a rechargeable battery with charger for $19.95.  I declined any other material or literature.  I have been charged for $40.00 three (3) times and have had my credit card company credit my account back for two (2) of them.  I am going back to my credit card company one more time to get this charge removed.  It was charged to a councelled account also.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1382718
Jul 02 2017
12:41 PM
PSV* Spy & Survival Briefing Unauthorized Use of Debit Card After Flashlight Purchase Baltimore Maryland
It all started when I responded to an online ad shown on Facebook. It featured a commercial with an Army vet who showed a tactical flashlight. I paid the shipping and handling fee after giving my debit card information and in about a week I received my flashlight. Today I found that I had an unauthorized fee charged to my account of $40. This was charged without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com handle my case for me.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
17, Report #1382694
Jul 02 2017
11:42 AM
Spy & Survival Briefing They are charging me 40 for somthing I did not tell them to
This company is charging my bank acct 40 every month and I wrote them and they are still doing it. The name is Spy & Survival Briefing. It was a add for a free flashlight and just pay shipping. But they keepf taking 40.00 I now have to get a new card but to let you know this is happing. They are robbers.       Thank you Freddie Salisbury NC
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1380944
Jun 23 2017
07:25 PM
Spy + Survival Briefing Made an unauthorized charge to my debit/credit card in the amount of $40.00. Internet
 I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight by simply paying a $4.95 S/H fee on 6/8/17 from Spy + Survival Briefing. On 6/19 a $40.00 charge was posted to my c/c acct. (which may appear again every month). This charge was made without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com to look into this matter on my behalf. Thank you, Sal
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1389122
Jul 29 2017
07:22 PM
SPY+SURVIVAL BRIEFING Received publications without them being authorized! The $40.00 charge, been charged to my credit card, on two occassions!! Maryland
I responded to an internet offer of a flashlight for $4.95, in June,2017 . Payment was to be per credit card. Subsequently  I have received two monthly publications, being charged $40.00 monthly! Listed phone # of 844 242-3216, only steers you to their website, lsb.org/spy. What recourse do I have?
Entity: Maryland
20, Report #1392511
Aug 13 2017
09:13 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing Saw an ad for a free flashlight just pay $4.99 shipping, but they have been charging me $40 a month. Internet
I recieved an email with an ad for a free survival flashlight, and all I had to do was pay $4.99 shipping and handling charges. I decided to get it. They not only charged me for the shipping, but also a $40 subscription fee. I emailed their customer sevice many times asking that the subscription be cancelled immediatly. However, I was still charged the following month.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1405953
Oct 12 2017
06:46 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing Laissez Faire Taking $40 every month even after I requested a cancellation Internet
  I recieve a free survival/defense style flash light simply by paying $4.95 for the cost to ship it to me. When my monthly credit card statement was available, it had the $4.95 charge 'plus' two more unauthorized charges of $19.95 and $40.00. All three charges were same biller as they all had the same phone # which is (844) 242-3216 I emailed my request to cancel my subscription and they are still taking $40 each This to me is criminal deception, fraud and monitary theft from me and my credit card provider.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1379493
Jun 16 2017
02:09 PM
SPY+SURVIVAL BRIEFING aka: Jason Hanson's Spy + Briefing 844-242-3216 MD They are charging me for an alledged publication which I did not order or authorize payment for. Maryland
Initial transaction was for paying shipping cost, of $4.95, for a free flashlight. An additional offer was to purchase a battery charging pack at $19.95, which I chose not to purchase. Transaction date; June 07. 2017. Then on June 14, 2017, my debit card was charged $40.00 by Spy + Survival for publications That was not offered nor ordered on the initial transaction date. (Waiting seven days shows it to be a scam!)
Entity: Maryland
23, Report #1384920
Jul 12 2017
09:02 AM
Spy Survival Briefing,Jason Hanson Spy. On 6/13/17, i buy defective flashlight for$4.95.On 6/20/17 billed recurring $40.00/mo.Did not order anything else. Maryland
On 6/13/17, I ordered flashlight (defective on arrival) for $4.95. I did not order anything else. However, on 6/20/17, my credit card was billed for a $ 40.00 recurring charge. Jason Hanson put himself out as CIA agent dressed in military olive drab uniform.  
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1409037
Oct 27 2017
02:15 PM
Laissez Faire Spy & Survival Briefing Baltimore Maryland
 I responded to an email from Spy & Survival and Jason Hansen, CIA Security Expert. They offered a torch flashlights for free and would charge $4.95 for shipping. I never received the flashlight. Instead, my debit card was charged $40.00 for a monthly subscription to Laissez Faire and Spy & Survival Briefing. I blocked any further charges and they attempted to charge me again the next month. I never subscribed. I just ordered the flashlight. When I contacted them, I was told that I had ordered a trial subscription and failed to cancel before the end of the trial period. $40.00 a month for a newsletter. Outrageous! They refused to provide a refund. I have read other complaints on this website about this same issue. This is clearly internet fraud and I am going to report it to the Baltimore DA. If anyone else has had this experience, I would certainly like to hear about it.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
25, Report #1386969
Jul 20 2017
01:57 PM
Spy Survival Briefing Jason Hanson's Spy & Survival I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight from Jason Hanson's Spy & Servival Briefing for $4.95 S/H on 6/11/17. On 6/18 a charge of $40 was charge to my c/c account (is this going to be monthly?) This was done without my permission and wish to have ripoff report check into this. I noticed that someone name Sal had the same thing happen to him. I returned my flashlight because it didn't work and asked for a refund, which I did not receive. Internet- Maryland
I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight from Jason Hanson's Spy & Survival Briefing for $4.95 s/h on 6-11-17. On 6/18 a $40 charge was posted to my C/C account which was not authorized by me and without my permission.   I' wonder if this will be a monthly charge. I wish to have ripoffreport.com to look into this matter.   I noticed that this also happened to someone named Sal   who reported the same thing. I tried calling the phone # on the C/C notice, but it just says to go to a web site to update billling info.  
Entity: Internet

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