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1, Report #1390379
Aug 04 2017
09:47 AM
Spy-Survival Briefing Cant Cancel Baltimore Maryland
I have not been able to cancel this servics
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
2, Report #1405246
Oct 09 2017
06:34 PM
Spy + Survial Briefing Thief's Baltimore Maryland
 I have been receiving these mailings for quite some time in the mail. I had no idea what they were, I thought maybe my son had subscribed to this Spy + Survial Briefing thing in my name. He is into all that kind of stuff. Prepping, survial, guns, knives, etc. After several months of these mailings I asked my son about it and he said no he knew nothing about it. So I showed them to my husband and he said yeah I've been being charged $40 a month for that shit, of course he never told me about being charged for anything up until the day i showed him the mailings. To the point no one in my home seems to know anything about this company nor did we subscribed to something that was going to charge us 40$ a Month we just don't have it like that. Why my husband waited so long to tell me I have no clue I can only assume he to thought it was someone son had subscribed to. So bottom line is they've been stealing. $40 a month for the past 5 months. I'm furious and can't get no one to answer the phones can't find where I got a confirmation email on the subscribtion nothing.. I will get to the bottom of this.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
3, Report #1382355
Jun 30 2017
01:00 PM
SPY SURVIVAL BRIEFING flashlight and now spy survival breifing Internet
I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight by simply paying a $4.95 S/H fee on 6/8/17 from Spy + Survival Briefing. On 6/19 a $40.00 charge was posted to my c/c acct. (which may appear again every month). This charge was made without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com to look into this matter on my behalf.  I called them and cancelled it but they continue to take it out of my account
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1400212
Sep 15 2017
07:41 AM
Spy Survival Briefing or Cade Courtley Tripple billed for Ultimate Seal Torch Survival pack. Internet
On Thursday, September 14, 2017  8:58 PM  I received an email ad with a video presentation describinga FREE Seal Torch 2000 flashlight.  The only cost was to be the shipping of $9.95 + $39.00 for the Ultimate Seal Tourch Survival Pack ($48.95). I thought this looked like a deal even if the shipping probably paid for the flashlight but the up sell process began at this point proceeding from a three pack at $27.00 + $39.00 ($67.00) to a 5 Flashlight Family Survival Pack at $45.00 + $39.00 ($84.00) Ultimate Survival Pack.   I decided to go for the $84.00 package.  I received a call from my bank this morning (Friday 9/15/2017,  8:30 am) that a charge for $84.00 was submitted and then withdrawn.  I asked it any charge was accepted and they said no.  I instructed Fraud Protection at PNC Bank to disreguard the charge if none had been posted since the deal feels shaky at best. Later this morning at 9:15 am I got another call from PNC Fraud Protection stateing there were now three charges from the same vendor for $84.00 posted.  They advised me to contact the vendor, Spy Survival Briefing, at (844) 242-3216  and request a credit.   The phone number, when called, only produced their webb site address instructed me to go to the webb site and no help.  I will contact my credit card provider and attempt to kill this transaction.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1382712
Jul 02 2017
12:07 PM
Spy survival Briefing psv deceitfuly lied Internet
PSV Spy Briefing stated I would recieve a free flaslight by just paying 4.95 for S/H. This was back in May, now two months later make a unauthorized charge to my debit/credit card in the amount of $40.00.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1383566
Jul 20 2017
05:18 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing The company keeps billing for newsletter I dont want Baltimire Maryland
 Unfortunately I fell for their free flashlight scam and now I am being billed for a monthly newsletter I dont want.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1383253
Jul 05 2017
09:59 AM
Spy Survival Briefing $40 charges to my credit card account after purchasing a flashlight. Internet
I purchased a flishlight on line and now I am being charged $40 multiple times on my credit card acount that I did not authorize.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1389739
Aug 01 2017
02:03 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing Charged my credit card for material I did not order Internet
I ordered a flashlight for $4.95.  I ordered a rechargeable battery with charger for $19.95.  I declined any other material or literature.  I have been charged for $40.00 three (3) times and have had my credit card company credit my account back for two (2) of them.  I am going back to my credit card company one more time to get this charge removed.  It was charged to a councelled account also.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1422954
Jan 14 2018
11:51 AM
PSV Spy Survival Briefing They ripped me off Internet
They sent me a free flashlight and then thet billed me $40 a month and they keep billing me . How can I sue them
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1391960
Aug 11 2017
07:09 AM
Spy and Survival Briefing Spy and Survival Briefing Is A Rip-Off Somewhere in Maryland Internet
Like many others, I found a $40 charge on one of my credit cards titled SPY SURVIVAL BRIEFING. When I attempted to call the company by telephone, I received instructions to go to website www.lsb.org/spy. Trying that gave me a 404 error indicating that website does NOT exist. I am preparing to call my credit card company and dispute the charge. Beware, because this is a scam!!!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1377884
Jun 08 2017
12:47 PM
Spy and Survival Briefing Jason HansonLaissez Faire Double charged for newsletter I didn't want. Baltimore Maryland
The come-on for this scam was for free flashlights - only pay shipping.  That was ok, but there was also the sign-up for a newsletter which would be $40 if you don't cancel in 10 days.  No problem so far.  Where it started coming apart was that there was a delay in getting the flashlights.  So, instead of getting them within 2 weeks as originally stated it was closer to 2 months. When I got my credit card bill i saw the $40 charge so I called to cancel.  I was told the charge was non-refundable, so ok, I guess, but cancel everything going forward.  Yesterday I got my credit card statement and saw that I was charged again, so I emailed to tell them I was double charged.  No response.  Today I called to tell them I was double charged and found out this worthless newsletter is $40 per month and non-refundable. $40 per year would be a serious stretch, but $40 per month is a total out-and-out scam.  I would really like to get my money back, but I hope this keeps someone else from falling into that trap.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
12, Report #1382718
Jul 02 2017
12:41 PM
PSV* Spy & Survival Briefing Unauthorized Use of Debit Card After Flashlight Purchase Baltimore Maryland
It all started when I responded to an online ad shown on Facebook. It featured a commercial with an Army vet who showed a tactical flashlight. I paid the shipping and handling fee after giving my debit card information and in about a week I received my flashlight. Today I found that I had an unauthorized fee charged to my account of $40. This was charged without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com handle my case for me.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
13, Report #1382694
Jul 02 2017
11:42 AM
Spy & Survival Briefing They are charging me 40 for somthing I did not tell them to
This company is charging my bank acct 40 every month and I wrote them and they are still doing it. The name is Spy & Survival Briefing. It was a add for a free flashlight and just pay shipping. But they keepf taking 40.00 I now have to get a new card but to let you know this is happing. They are robbers.       Thank you Freddie Salisbury NC
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1380944
Jun 23 2017
07:25 PM
Spy + Survival Briefing Made an unauthorized charge to my debit/credit card in the amount of $40.00. Internet
 I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight by simply paying a $4.95 S/H fee on 6/8/17 from Spy + Survival Briefing. On 6/19 a $40.00 charge was posted to my c/c acct. (which may appear again every month). This charge was made without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com to look into this matter on my behalf. Thank you, Sal
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1383882
Jul 07 2017
02:19 PM
Spy and survival briefing I did not want the 40 dollars a month subscription. But they billed my debit card anyway Internet
 I ordered the brightest flashlight and that asked if I wanted the monthly subscription of survival tactics I checked the box that said no I do not want the offer. I later got my bank statement and they had took out 40 dollars for that service and I do not want it.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1389122
Jul 29 2017
07:22 PM
SPY+SURVIVAL BRIEFING Received publications without them being authorized! The $40.00 charge, been charged to my credit card, on two occassions!! Maryland
I responded to an internet offer of a flashlight for $4.95, in June,2017 . Payment was to be per credit card. Subsequently  I have received two monthly publications, being charged $40.00 monthly! Listed phone # of 844 242-3216, only steers you to their website, lsb.org/spy. What recourse do I have?
Entity: Maryland
17, Report #1392511
Aug 13 2017
09:13 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing Saw an ad for a free flashlight just pay $4.99 shipping, but they have been charging me $40 a month. Internet
I recieved an email with an ad for a free survival flashlight, and all I had to do was pay $4.99 shipping and handling charges. I decided to get it. They not only charged me for the shipping, but also a $40 subscription fee. I emailed their customer sevice many times asking that the subscription be cancelled immediatly. However, I was still charged the following month.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1405953
Oct 12 2017
06:46 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing Laissez Faire Taking $40 every month even after I requested a cancellation Internet
  I recieve a free survival/defense style flash light simply by paying $4.95 for the cost to ship it to me. When my monthly credit card statement was available, it had the $4.95 charge 'plus' two more unauthorized charges of $19.95 and $40.00. All three charges were same biller as they all had the same phone # which is (844) 242-3216 I emailed my request to cancel my subscription and they are still taking $40 each This to me is criminal deception, fraud and monitary theft from me and my credit card provider.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1379493
Jun 16 2017
02:09 PM
SPY+SURVIVAL BRIEFING aka: Jason Hanson's Spy + Briefing 844-242-3216 MD They are charging me for an alledged publication which I did not order or authorize payment for. Maryland
Initial transaction was for paying shipping cost, of $4.95, for a free flashlight. An additional offer was to purchase a battery charging pack at $19.95, which I chose not to purchase. Transaction date; June 07. 2017. Then on June 14, 2017, my debit card was charged $40.00 by Spy + Survival for publications That was not offered nor ordered on the initial transaction date. (Waiting seven days shows it to be a scam!)
Entity: Maryland
20, Report #1404010
Oct 03 2017
08:17 PM
Spy Briefing I have tried several times to contact the individual at Spy Briefing but cannot contact any one. They keep charging my credit card I believe they are located in Az. Aero code is 844 Arizona
I purchased a flashlight which was free just pay shipping. I keep getting a 99.98 charge on my credit card every month. I have tried several times to contact them for cancellation but unable to. I have disputed the charge but the credit card co keeps [putting it back on my credit card. There is no way that I can contact them to stop the charges.
Entity: crawford, Georgia
21, Report #1384920
Jul 12 2017
09:02 AM
Spy Survival Briefing,Jason Hanson Spy. On 6/13/17, i buy defective flashlight for$4.95.On 6/20/17 billed recurring $40.00/mo.Did not order anything else. Maryland
On 6/13/17, I ordered flashlight (defective on arrival) for $4.95. I did not order anything else. However, on 6/20/17, my credit card was billed for a $ 40.00 recurring charge. Jason Hanson put himself out as CIA agent dressed in military olive drab uniform.  
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1397009
Aug 31 2017
10:49 AM
SPY SURVIVAL SPY SURVIVAL BRIEFING 8442423216 THEY KEEP CHARGING ME $40.00 A MONTH AND I CAN'T GET IT OFF. i am 83 years and i don't need this. Internet
I can't get this to stop taking $40.00 every month out of my bank. I am 83 and i can't loose this kind of money.  I have a hard time every month.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1382730
Jul 02 2017
07:29 PM
LFB / Spy and Survival Brief PSV*Spy and Survival Briefing, Laissez Faire Books Flashlight Ripoff Scam Internet
Beware of the Flashlight Offer. I received an unsolicited email offer talking up a defense flashlight and how bright, durable and (blah, blah, blah)... free but you pay the shipping of $4.95What do you have to loose?  After all I have gotten some nice little knives for a few buck or the purchase of a t-shirt etc.  What you DO GET is a cheap LED flashlight that won't turn on at all!  I have plenty of new AAA batteries and tried two sets (of 3) with no success.  In the trash can it went.Now a month later I get a bill for 40.00 from LFB (PSV Spy Survival Briefing Org).  Going through the process of correcting now.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1409037
Oct 27 2017
02:15 PM
Laissez Faire Spy & Survival Briefing Baltimore Maryland
 I responded to an email from Spy & Survival and Jason Hansen, CIA Security Expert. They offered a torch flashlights for free and would charge $4.95 for shipping. I never received the flashlight. Instead, my debit card was charged $40.00 for a monthly subscription to Laissez Faire and Spy & Survival Briefing. I blocked any further charges and they attempted to charge me again the next month. I never subscribed. I just ordered the flashlight. When I contacted them, I was told that I had ordered a trial subscription and failed to cancel before the end of the trial period. $40.00 a month for a newsletter. Outrageous! They refused to provide a refund. I have read other complaints on this website about this same issue. This is clearly internet fraud and I am going to report it to the Baltimore DA. If anyone else has had this experience, I would certainly like to hear about it.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
25, Report #1387801
Jul 24 2017
12:23 PM
Jason Hanson spy & survival briefing Apparently sent me merchandise that I ordered free charged me for SH, & the product don't function. Gaithersburg Maryland
 Saw an advertisement about a flashlight I felt would be beneficial for me. I ordered the product (looked) legit, only to find out it's not what it seems. This could be a serious matter, especially now when individuals work @ night & the area isn't well lit I have to depend on something that's a failure. I'm not a happy camper I want others to now be aware. Trust me if I thought this was a fraud, I would have gone to someone else to receive this product .
Entity: Gaithersburg , Maryland

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