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1, Report #1403127
Sep 29 2017
10:06 AM
LSB.org/spy. Spy survalance Taking unapproved monthly withdrawals out of my checking for $40.00. Baltimore is where it says. Internet
I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight by simply paying a $4.95 S/H fee on 6/8/17 from Spy + Survival Briefing. On 6/19 a $40.00 charge was posted to my c/c acct. (which may appear again every month). This charge was made without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com to look into this matter on my behalf. Thank you, Darren
Entity: Internet
2, Report #861268
Mar 30 2012
05:47 AM
I gave a $2,400 deposit on a cottage which was said to be in very good to excellent condition. Upon a preview visit, 60 days before my intended rental date, I found the cottage not as described. There was no written contract and deposit forfeits were not discussed as I was not anticipating any problems. Later on, after my visit, , others who had stayed there described it as, ''unclean, cat urine odors, poor water pressure, noisy, over grown, with uncooperative management and the worst place... stayed.  I saw evidence of this upon my preview visit. The management refused to return my deposit unless they were able to re-rent it. There is discrepancy as to the dates it was re-rented or it was taken off the market due to poor reviews.  The occupancy calender for the cottage showed it unavailable. I was offered $330. out of the $2,400 under the condition that this amount was a payment in full against the rest of the deposit. I did not accept this as I will try to pursue a full refund. I was also sent a letter stating an intended law suit by the owner if I discuss Sur la Mer's business operations in any public forum.  Sur la Mer is ranked 16th out of 17 of  like establishments in Boothbay Harbor based upon guest's reviews and ratings. They suffered no loss due to the cancellation and misrepresented the cottage.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #238648
Mar 09 2007
07:56 AM
marketbill tv-sur-pc have me swindled. ripoff Internet
I did an in line purchase on http://www.marketbill.com through the intermediary of tv-on-pc.com. One produced me automatically whereas I didn't nick the acceptance of sale conditions and I was in addition produced of options that have me were added without my consent. I didn't stop trying to contact them by E-mail to annul this fraudulent sale before the 7 days of tests but he/it doesn't function. the program that I have saying bought is very well mediocre and in addition he/it doesn't function correctly. I have the proof in video of all tests that I did on their site to contact them. their telephone number doesn't function and even though it was the case, I don't see how I will be able to explain myself with them because I don't speak American or English, I am Italian resident in France. I ask for help for this business that is not complicated to understand and so that this kind of site is dismantled, marketbill.com deserves a thick punishment financial history their to give back taste to the honesty. American, I will be thankful of your help. N.S (France) Nazario BEAUZELLEFrance
Entity: Internet
4, Report #204916
Aug 07 2006
02:02 PM
First of all, please excuse if I make some mistakes, I'm from Holland. Please read this and you will see it's not only in America or Asia cheaters make money! This cheater from France does know how it works very well! I got cheated by ebay seller marie.amelie. She cheated on me for about $1000. Because she was lying all the time I have send her an email and told her I would listen this item with pictures etc to show other ebayers how she cheats. This I wrote in my eBay ad and to the cheating seller: AS A TOY COLLECTOR, A TOSCHI FERRARI TOY CAR WAS OFFERED TO ME BY SELLER MARIE.AMELIE, AUCTION NUMBER 320000438315. I COULD BUY IT FROM HER IF I WANTED WITH THE BUY IT NOW OPTION. WE AGREED A PRICE ON IT AND I PAID HER (STUPID MISTAKE), BUT SHE DID NOT END THE AUCTION OR MADE IT A BUY IT NOW AUCTION. SHE LET THE AUCTION RUN IT'S FULL COURSE AND SOLD THE CAR TO HIGH BIDDER. IN THE MEAN TIME SHE DID NOT RESPOND MY E-MAIL'S. I HAVE SEND HER SEVERAL E-MAIL'S ASKING FOR MY CAR AND FINALLY SHE REPLIED WITH A TRACKING #. WHEN I FINALLY GOT THE CAR IT WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE CAR SHE HAD FOR AUCTION. IT WAS REPAINTED AND IN VERY BAD CONDITION WITH PARTS MISSING. AS I CONTACTED HER ABOUT THIS SHE SAYS: THE CAR IS NOT REPAINTED AND IT'S THE CAR FROM EBAY. I CONFRONTED HER WITH THE PHOTO'S BUT SHE STILL TOLD ME IT'S THE ONE FROM EBAY. SO I CONTACTED THIS PERSON WHO WAS HIGH BIDDER AND WHEN HE FINALLY GOT THE CAR HE HAS BID ON, HE WROTE ME, HE GOT A REPAINTED CAR IN BAD CONDITION WITH MISSING PARTS! AS I CONTACTED HER AGAIN ABOUT THIS SEVERAL TIMES SHE NO LONGER RESPONDS ON ALL MY E-MAIL'S. THAT'S HOW CHEATING ON EBAY WORKS! I HAVE MARKED THE CAR SHE HAD ON EBAY WITH AN EBAY IN MY PHOTO'S AND THE ONE SHE SEND ME WITH A B. ON THE LAST PART FROM THE PHOTO'S YOU SEE THE CAR THIS GERMAN BUYER GOT. ALTHOUGH I HAVE CONFRONTED HER WITH ALL THESE PHOTO'S SHE STILL TELLS ME: NO, IT'S ALL ORIGINAL, NO REPAINT! WELL MARIE.AMELIE, LET ME TELL YOU ONE THING: A) AN ORIGINAL CAR HAS THE DECALS FROM FERRARI ON THE HOOD AND BOTH SIDES OF THE CAR B) AN ORIGINAL CAR HAS NO PAINT DUST ON THE CHROME PARTS C) AN ORIGINAL CAR HAS NO PAINT DROPS ALL OVER THE CAR D) AN ORIGINAL CAR HAS THE DECALS ON THE RIGHT PLACE ON THE DASHBOARD E) AN ORIGINAL CAR CAME WITH THE WIND UP MOTOR F) AN ORIGINAL CAR DOES NOT HAVE REMAKE WINDSHIELD SUPPORTS G) AN ORIGINAL CAR HAS THE EXHAUST PIPES ON THE RIGHT PLACE H) AN ORIGINAL CAR HAS NO DUST IN THE PAINT I) AN ORIGINAL CAR HAS THE CHROME PARTS ORIGINAL RIVETTED AND NOT HAMMERED In this link you can see the pictures: (((ROR REDACTED LINK FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) For those interested, I have a lot of close-up pictures from it. As I wrote before, I wrote this cheater I would list the car with the auction # and her eBay name marie.amelie and all the pictures to prove what I say is true but she is very ignorant and did not respond. So I listed it and what a surprise, after 1 day eBay cancelled my auction. I have noticed it many times on eBay, they only protect the seller. But eBay forgets one thing, what's the use of a seller if there is no buyer? Even after I wrote eBay, this seller uses shill bidding in all her auctions that don't have a buy it now option, she still can deal on eBay. Just check out the bidding records from her (past) auctions, almost every time the same name with 0 or a few feedbacks! THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL EBAY BUYERS AND SELLERS, PLEASE BE CAREFULL WITH THIS SELLER marie.amelie AND OTHER CHEATING SELLERS!! For those who want to write her and tell her your thoughts about cheating (she understands English) please go ahead! Btw, I can't help it if someone out there bids on all her (buy it now) items so she feels how I got cheated for $1.000 and leave her negative feedback..... On the other hand marie.amelie, payback time! Rolf eindhovenNetherlands CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: CAGNES SUR MER, France
5, Report #1012879
Feb 16 2013
05:53 PM
Dany Campagna Individu pas sur, Quebec Canada
Dany Campagna is an individual whose mouth is yours. He has no sense of responsibility and personal ethics. I had a contract and a meeting with him, he has reneged on the contract without any valid reason, is not presented at the meeting to conclude the transaction and has even not contacted me to tell me that he would not be present. I explained to him that it was a contract, but he had simply changed his mind after contracting...Beware of this person, he is not honest and it is without words. Dany CampagnaDany Campagna est un individu dont la parole ne vaut tien. Il n'a aucun sens des responsabilits et de l'thique personnelle. J'avais un contrat et un rendez-vous avec lui, il a reni le contrat sans aucune raison valable, ne s'est pas prsent au rendez-vous pour conclure la transaction et ne m'a mme pas contact pour m'indiquer qu'il ne se prsenterait pas. Je lui ai expliqu qu'on avait un contrat mais il avait simplement chang d'avis aprs avoir contract.... Mfiez-vous de cet individu, il n'est pas honnte et il est sans parole. Dany Campagna
Entity: pas sur, Quebec
6, Report #363743
Aug 17 2008
01:32 AM
No Fear Inc., Spy Optics, Spy + Unlawful and Deceptive Business Practices Carlsbad California
The NoFear Co. and Spyoptics Co. were notified that 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers, d.b.a Pro Competition Tire, retain several Nationwide Unsatisfactory Records for Failing to Respond to Consumer Complaints, along with having been issued 19 Violations from the State Enforcement Agency, 'Consumer Affairs' (BAR). Specifically, but not limited to, violating several sections of the Business and Professions Code depicted below: Section 9884.7 (a)(1) False and Misleading Statements Section 9884.8 Invoice Requirements Section 988.4.9 (a) Estimate Requirements Section 3373 Inserting/Withholding info to cause document to be False/Misleading Even though the above aforementioned companies were made well aware of the Unlawful and Deceptive Business Practices, NoFear Co. and Spy Optics Co. not only Knowingly and Willingly choose to do business with, but to fully sponsor these companies in Championship Off Road Racing events. In doing so, these companies have violated CORR membership criteria/standards. Specifically, but not limited to members being in good standing within the business community and/or general public. Furthermore, the Office of the L.A. District Attorney's Office has stated in their letter to us, 'Your correspondence raises an issue of possible Unlawful and Deceptive Business Practices' of Transamerican Auto parts. A search via the internet under, 4 Wheel Parts 19 Violations will reveal actual documents of the states investigation and violations. Therefore, we have been left no choice but to place BFgoodrich Tire Co. and Apewraps Co. on ripoff report along with sources to effectively file complaints against them. If it is deemed necessary to file a complaint against these companies, you may do so at just of the following links below: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/index.cfm https://app.dca.ca.gov/bar/complaints.asp http://ag.ca.gov/consumers/mailform.htm http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx Mcduff fulllerton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carlsbad, California
7, Report #942489
Sep 17 2012
01:57 PM
?Deetjen's Big Sur Inn Deetjens Restaurant, Deetjens, Tori, Tara Rude, mistreated, abuse of privacy, financial fraud, and threats to make unauthorized charge our credit card Big Sur, California
Please read before considering staying at the Deetjens Big Sur Inn Our stay at Deetjens Big Sur Inn was one of the most physically and mentally horrifying experiences of our lives. I brought my girlfriend here while she was recovering from a serious medical condition. At one point she lost her medication and had a nervous breakdown. When I left the room to go to the car to look for her meds I returned to find staff members blocking the path way, the after pleading with them and trying to explain the situation they ignored choose to ignore the fact that my girlfriend was dealing with medical conditions and kicked me off the property, since it was late I had to sleep on the side of the road in my car. My girlfriend had no idea where I was and spent the evening wandering highway one looking for me. I am still grateful that she found me safely.  The worst part of this was that all I asked of the Deetjens Big Sur Inn staff was to let me get back to her with her medication; instead they treated us rudely and called us liars and escorted me off the property. The next day we went back to collect our belonging, there was a different manager on staff and she told us we could keep our room for the last night since we had already paid. We graciously thanked her and even offered to buy a bottle of wine for all the guests that may have been disturbed by what happened the previous evening. They declined my gesture. We then packed our things and left the property to go about our day. Later we met up with friends, had a nice dinner and stay out late chatting. We returned to the inn after 2am in the morning, parked far away from any rooms and quietly went to bed.   The next morning we awoke to a strange man walking into our room. The management apparently thought that since we did not come back until late, that we had left and double rented our room, even though we had paid through checkout at 12pm. 5 mins later the manager stormed into our room demanding that we leave claiming that they had reports of disturbances all night. We calmly tried to explain that were not on the property that evening and we could provide several receipts with time stamps as well as eye witnesses to verify that we were not were within miles of the property at the time the complaints were made. They refused to look at the physical proof were willing to provide, again called us liars and kicked us out of the room, even though it was already paid in full. When I asked to speak to the owner I was told her was not there and that if we didn't leave they would call the police. Not wanting any trouble, we packed our things and left.  The next day I called back to speak the owner Terri, hoping that we could resolve what had happened in a civil and polite manner. He had no interest in that. He blamed us for everything, refused to listen to me, even when I told him I could fax him credit card receipts proving that we were not on the property at the time of the complaints. After realizing that he had no intention of being civil I made the suggestion that I would drop all claims to a refund if would simply apologize for the emotional distress his staff put on my girlfriend. He laughed at me, told me to take a hike, hung up on me and refused to take my calls. I was so blown away by a business owner talking that way I was in shock. In fact his lack of integrity and willingness to apologize to us is the PRIMARY reason I am reporting on this site today. Deetjens Big Sur Inn ruined our vacation, emotionally damaged my girlfriend, refused to give us a refund, and worst of all they refused to apologize. AND if all that wasnt bad enough, Terri even went as far as to threaten to make fraudulent charges to our credit card because I was wasting him time on phone and that I needed to pay for that. We have now had to shut down our checking account in fear of this mans illegal intentions. This man is a snake. Grandpa Deetjens would have been appalled that his good name was attached to his horrific behavior. Please think twice about ever spending you money with these people. There are many reputable establishments in the area, do not risk your vacation with these people! We have stayed all over the central coast and NEVER been treated in such a degrading manner in our entire lives. Thank you Deetjens for a horrific weekend, we will never forget it.  
Entity: Big Sur, California
8, Report #454325
May 22 2009
07:07 AM
Cell Spy Pro Unreachable,dishonest, Money hungry Internet
I am so sorry that I didn't look this up before I bought. I even found the advertisement on reputable sites. It is a clear misrepresentation. You have to be a computer and cell phone expert to get this installed on your phone. The contact information is bogus and there you have it 99 dollars down the drain. I have learned a lesson the hard way!! Sunshine69 jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #556985
Jan 19 2010
06:09 PM
Cell Spy Pro Rip Off cellspypro.com, Internet
this product is a bigg rip off it make it look so simple but you need all these other things that you have to pay for  that they don't mention in their advetisment don't do it
Entity: cellspypro.com, Internet
10, Report #567923
Feb 11 2010
10:01 AM
This company purports to give a no hassle 10 day money back guaranty, but it is BS!!!!  They give you the ultimate runaround and use a company out of Thailand for billign through paypal.  Since paypal was involved, I decided to send payment but then later found out that the software cannot be used on a 3G iphone.  I want my $149.00 back and they are giving me the complete runaround!!!!!  DO NOT USE THEM!!!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1333768
Oct 18 2016
11:12 AM
 This company is a TOTAL scam. They offer their services and you have to pay through Western Union first. They will talk to you on their website chat program, until they get your money from Western Union, then they pretty much ignore you after that and they NEVER deliver the services you paid for! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE PEOPLE!!!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1391135
Aug 07 2017
11:07 PM
lfb.org/spy free flash light Internet
free flash light , just cover 9.95 shipping & handleing . flash light worked 1 second and quit working bad swicrh , just anther junk paper weight. called phone number just got a recording to go to web site(8442423216) Whar a joke beware.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1390379
Aug 04 2017
09:47 AM
Spy-Survival Briefing Cant Cancel Baltimore Maryland
I have not been able to cancel this servics
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
14, Report #1405246
Oct 09 2017
06:34 PM
Spy + Survial Briefing Thief's Baltimore Maryland
 I have been receiving these mailings for quite some time in the mail. I had no idea what they were, I thought maybe my son had subscribed to this Spy + Survial Briefing thing in my name. He is into all that kind of stuff. Prepping, survial, guns, knives, etc. After several months of these mailings I asked my son about it and he said no he knew nothing about it. So I showed them to my husband and he said yeah I've been being charged $40 a month for that shit, of course he never told me about being charged for anything up until the day i showed him the mailings. To the point no one in my home seems to know anything about this company nor did we subscribed to something that was going to charge us 40$ a Month we just don't have it like that. Why my husband waited so long to tell me I have no clue I can only assume he to thought it was someone son had subscribed to. So bottom line is they've been stealing. $40 a month for the past 5 months. I'm furious and can't get no one to answer the phones can't find where I got a confirmation email on the subscribtion nothing.. I will get to the bottom of this.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
15, Report #1412443
Nov 17 2017
04:56 PM
PSV Spy take out $40 out my account Maryland
I order this on September 2017 and I been take out $40 out my check out every month .
Entity: Maryland
16, Report #1403287
Sep 30 2017
09:30 AM
spy survival brefin Internet
 this is the 4th charge, ii have tried every way to stop it, this is so upsetting, i am a Vet on a low income, please do what you can to help me,
Entity: Internet
17, Report #487944
Aug 31 2009
04:53 PM
Remote Spy Cyber Spy Remotespy Cyberspy remotespy.com Beware of this company Internet
Do not give them your credit card info. I got a new card and had ONLY used it for their service. A month later the number was being used all over the place and they were the only ones who used it.  The Federal Trade Commission has busted them last year and they are continually in the courts. Needless to say, the FTC has not contacted me about remotespy but they called about my own usage. Apparently my records are now in question. Cyberspy has gave them all of my records of tracking others. Additionally, their software is not just 'remote' but it tracks the keystrokes of those who purchase it. If you think you are getting it to track someone else, be prepared to be tracked yourself. Finally, customer support is awful. They are rude and will call you a liar. Sophia Welsh, Erin Mitchell, Jennifer Shaw, and Tracer Spence work there and they all are scam artists.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #733546
May 26 2011
12:47 PM
Big daddy spy bigdaddy spy FRAUD Internet, Internet
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #711317
Mar 28 2011
10:20 PM
big daddy spy big daddy spy, BIGGEST RIP OFF, SCAM!!! DO NOT TRUST!!! Internet
I purchased this blueware software online from bigdaddyspy & I just realized that I got ripped off & scammed. They sent me a link to download & I had a hard time downloading & will not open. I tried to call their 1-800 number & just heard a recording saying that this number does not work anymore, meaning no live customer support to help you & only you need to email them your questions. So frustrating...I've emailed them for many many times & was given instructions & links that don't open up or don't download on my blackberry phone. Their website claims that this blueware software can be downloaded into any cell phone, NOT true! I just called my credit card company to file a dispute for this $70 charge. Do NOT trust this company.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #293266
Dec 20 2007
12:22 PM
Spy Shredder - Spy-shredder.com install their antispy software and do not let you ununstall it Internet
spy-shredder.com/ install their software as trial version, started at anytime when I restart computer scan for malicious programs although I have programs for that that I bought, then doesn't want to be uninstalled. It just show that is uninstalled, but nothing changes. There should be legal conservancies, but I do not know whom to contact Boban Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1248858
Aug 16 2015
08:14 AM
i-Spy Hospitality Marc Kravitz i-Spy Hospitality does not pay for final assignment Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I worked with Marc Kravitz / i-SPY Hospitality for approximately 3 years.  At the beginning, Marc was friendly in helping with my reports.  However, after approximately 2 months, his demeanor changed. His emails were rude and suggestions unprofessionally spoken.  He was mean about his criticsms. Fast forward to July 2015.  I completed a mystery shopping report for him.  He made only six edits and accepted the report.  After accepting the report, he sent back an email simply with, your last assignment.  Being that I was not content working for him anyway, I confirmed that I received the email and thanked him. Fast forward to August 2015. I still have not received payment for the assignment.  He did not respond to a number of emails.  I called him, confirmed I was speaking to Marc, introduced myself and asked about the payment. He told me he would check on that, and then hung up on me.  I then wrote him an email explaining that I would have to take him to small claims court if I did not receive the debt.  He has not answered. I advise avoiding i-Spy Hospitality and Marc Kravitz as he has no qualms not paying for final assignments.  He gets angry at small edits and is mean/rude when criticizing reports.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
22, Report #1366788
Apr 09 2017
07:01 PM
The truth spy Truth spy is a rip off. No support Internet
Hi, i purchased the top package of the truth spy and installed it exactly how they asked. It did not even pick up the target phone. I have tried to contact them numerous times and have had no reply. I feel annoyed with myself for not at least doing the 2 day trial to see if it even worked. Do not purchase straight up. They will take your money and run!!
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1382355
Jun 30 2017
01:00 PM
SPY SURVIVAL BRIEFING flashlight and now spy survival breifing Internet
I answered an internet offer for a free flashlight by simply paying a $4.95 S/H fee on 6/8/17 from Spy + Survival Briefing. On 6/19 a $40.00 charge was posted to my c/c acct. (which may appear again every month). This charge was made without my permission and I wish to have ripoffreport.com to look into this matter on my behalf.  I called them and cancelled it but they continue to take it out of my account
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1079329
Aug 27 2013
04:18 AM
 it's about an holiday rental on the french riviera : a flat in the Villa Les lucioles Villferanche sur Mer near Nice. The owner is Anne-Marie TUA.As already indicated, this holiday rental is not recommanded at all : very busy road, the second bedroom has no bed (only a sofa), beach is  far, impossible to park your car ...and above all, the owner is a bad person ! When you ask her for something, all is your fault and you must help her to repair the problems existing before your arrival. She tries also to make you responsible for broken things. She is kind when you contact her for renting but after, it's another story !   
25, Report #1416329
Dec 11 2017
05:40 PM
La Sur Table Would not cancel order that did not even ship and over charged shipping Brownsburg Indiana
Charges for shipping from store and manufacture $10.99 for standard shipping then charges additional $5.00 from manufacturer. If you are purchasing from the store or site, it is one shipping charge. Watch out, called customer service was told to read the fine print. Also the item did not ship, so I said to cancel, again said they would not cancel. Horrible customer service. Beware of fine print!
Entity: Brownsburg, Indiana

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