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1, Report #1291371
Jul 25 2016
06:25 PM
2, Report #1403429
Oct 01 2017
08:51 AM
Square Cash Rebecca Hunt Paid on 3 Sept 2017 undelivered to date California
On or about September 3, 2017 I made use of Facebook Marketplace. I came across an interesting offer for used Louis Vuitton bags/purse, vendor name being Rebecca Hunt. After several exchanges in Facebook personal message and probably because of her sweet talk, I paid via debit card the amount of almost $150.00. When I first inquired as to the date of delivery, Rebecca Hunt replied that it may take more time due to Hurricane Irma. Meantime, she collected the payment: SQC Rebecca Hunt 8774174551 CA S387247062093129. When contacted via FB personal message, all her postings were removed! Until now, October 1, 2017, I haven't heard from Rebecca Hunt much less received delivery of the bags/purse purchased.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1304204
May 07 2016
11:00 AM
Square Inc Square Merchant Services, Square Up, Square, ACH, Square Cash, Square Wallet RIP OFF! This company is a scam that holds your money and never gives it back. San Franscisco California
Square should have gone out business a long time ago. They have 0 support for anyone. How does a company survive so long without a dedicated customer support team? I mean they work with Chase Paymentech, they should offer equal or similar support. I recommend people switch to Intuit Gopayment or Chase paymentech (I love Chase, best bank ever!). I have had this company hold disputes and give me false information before. Right now they withdrew money from my account for a charge that happened almost a year ago! September of 2015!!!! How does one remember every transaction or all the business they did almost a year ago. I know I don't. Then of course you try and reach support, or dispute and it's like jumping through flaming hoops. You have to navigate around to get to the dispute page to upload evidence or dispute the dispute. On top of that THERE IS NO SUPPORT. You have to jump through hoops and do backflips to FINALLY get the square support number. Then you have to wait while one of their incompetent support staff answer your call just to give you the wrong information and mislead you. SQUARE IS FRAUD.
Entity: San Franscisco, California
4, Report #1371900
May 08 2017
06:11 AM
Iammicahdamac or micahthewigguru ,New IG name, and Square Cash Scam Artist, Buyers Beware, Wigs, Instagram, Square Cash Georgia Internet
On April 5, 2017 I contacted Micah (IG name: Iammicahdamac) on Instagram regarding a wig he claimed to be selling for only 300.00. The wig was called Burmese Super Curly and the caption read, Burmese Super Curly lace frontal unit on sale $300 today only dm or email. If are into buying wigs, then you know that's a really good price for a wig with quality hair. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity (SCAM) and contacted him. I asked him if the wig was still available, and if so, if i could purchase it via PayPal. He responded some time later claiming that I could purchase the wig, but only through an app called Square Cash (DO NOT EVER USE THIS APP TO SEND MONEY). I downloaded Square Cash, thinking it would be a safe and secure way to send Micah the money for this wig... However, I was wrong. After downloading the app, and creating a cash tag he told me the overall total would be $311.00. I was fine with paying the extra $11.00 because I thought it was a shipping charge. Micah requested the $311.00 from me and (cash tag was $Micahdamac) I sent him the money using the app. He sent me a screen shot on Instagram to show that the payment was pending, and told me after the payment clears he'll let me know. However, it was weird that he never asked for my address or anything. I was the one that said, hey, here's my address.... And at that point, I knew something was wrong. It didn't take long for him to receive the money. When I looked at my account maybe an hour later, the transaction had cleared and read, SQ *MICAHDAMAC GA 877-417-4551 SQ* MICAHDAMAC US -311.00. Clearly, the transaction had cleared and the money was in his possession. I didn't hear from him until April 6, 2017 (the next day) and that's only because I wrote him asking when I could expect him to send the wig with a picture to show proof of shipping. He responded and told me he would send the wig Saturday because he had a photo shoot that Thursday and Friday.  Of course, April 9, 2017 comes around and I had heard nothing from him prior. At this point, I had figured this whole thing was a scam. However, I wanted to give Micah the benefit of the doubt and message him one last time. So on April 9, I wrote him saying, Hello..... I'm hoping you can get the wig shipped out by Monday, April 10 with proof of shipping. If you cannot, then I would like a full refund. Thank you! I never heard from him again. I closed my accounts and took the necessary steps with my bank to file a dispute.  Sadly, there isn't a phone number associated with Square Cash, only an email. I emailed the company concerning the issue but never heard anything back.  Please do not give your money to Micah or use apps such as, Square Cash to send people money. It's truly disturbing to see the lengths that people will go to take your money. If you search on Google, Micahdamac scam,  you'll find that he has done this to so many other people ( I wish I knew this sooner). Also, his new Instagram name is, Micahthewigguru... 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #145473
Jun 08 2005
11:06 AM
AMG-Australian Mediamarket Of The Groups Company sent me an email wanting my information so I could be Manager Rep for them. Civic Square Sydney Austrailia
I had gotten an email from this company. They had gotten my infor from a job site where I have my resume posted. Copy of email: Name of our company AMG Australian Mediamarket Of the Groups In connection with expansion of client base we collect new employees. Company has been known in the Internet market for almost 4 years. Our company is registered and located in Australia . We also have some offices in south - east Europe. For the first two years we basically worked only with clients from Australia, Germany and Northern Korea . Later gradually we managed to penetrate the world market in this sphere thanks to professionals in the Internet technologies, computer graphics and programming who work for us and are capable to execute complex corporate orders an! d to facilitate the exclusive projects. We boast to have clients in other countries. By May, 2004 60 % of all our orders were from clients in the USA and Europe. After the penetration into the world market our turnover increased several times, but at the same time we unfortunately faced certain problems. Popular online - payment systems, such as PayPal (www.paypal.com) and similar ones, BidPay (www.auctionpayments.com), AmericanExpress payment systems (www.americanexpress.com) and other electronic methods of payment are not supported in some countries where payment systems and other electronic methods of payment are not supported our offices opened.. We had a problem with reception of payments from clients since we could not support even the basic and most popular ways of payment. Even when a client made a money transfer with a bank, we could get it from another country only 10-15 days after and therefore our business was inevita! bly ruined. Additionally several factors were against our business. It is not a secret that for the last years the role of online banking has soared up, and many clients would prefer to make money transfers not leaving their house. Therefore bank details of a decent financial institution in a civilized country were necessary for a successful company of our level with good reputation, which was looking forward to find an opportunity to use popular online payment methods which were not available to a citizen. We had to find a radically new approach to thisproblem. The decision to find a financial representative in the USA was made to solve a lot of problems due to payment methods. You, as the citizen the USA can help us with these questions. 1. As we are going to entrust to you sufficient sums of money, we'll need some details to check and update the information. Please, send us by e-mail or by fax a copy of your driver's license (or other basic document). After we get this information, our Manadger-Representative will contact you and give further instructions related to this work and will inform about the date to start the work. After filling the form which is lower, we shall send to you the contract. VERY IMPORTANT!!! (It is necessary that you have received the answer to this letter) I. Fill in the form (if this information is specified in your resume, then please send it once again for confirmation): Full name and surname: The address : City: State/ province: Post code: Con tact phone number: E-mail: Our company is registered in 2001 and fully legal. Here is our information. Our Postal Address Is: Financial Services Centre PO Box 231 Civic Square Sydney ACT AUSTRALIA 2608 Our Bank Details are: Account Name: MARKET INTERMEDIARY Account Number 25510683 BSB 056743 Swift; CTBAAU2S Fax Australia 61-294-750-607 Regards, Australian Mediamarket Of the Groups Samantha Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Civic Square Sydney, Nationwide
6, Report #1177523
Sep 17 2014
08:15 PM
Square Trade, Steve Abernethy, Ahmed Khaishgi, Jason One and a half weeks and still waiting for a tech to call San Francisco California
On September 5th I called for repair on my printer - claim #092878760131.  I was told a technician would call the following Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday, the 10th I called and was told they would call that day.  On the 11th I called and was told to give them 48 hours for someone to call - that would be by the end of the 16th.I called the 16th and was told they would call the tech and call me back shortly.  I called them again at 4 p.m. and was cut off.  I called them back and Jason said he would call me back. Today is the 17th and I have not received a call and their phone has been busy all day.I have gone to their website but they do not have on line resolution nor a contact e mail.  My claim does show on their system and says it has been referred.I had explained to them that I need this printer for business but that didn't seem to interest them.  I asked if they would expedite this as it had been so long and they promised a repair or refund.  That comment was ignored and the person went right on talking as if I had not asked a question.I want this printer repaired or my money refunded.  I have since had to purchase another printer to stay in business.  I called Amazon and they informed me that they had no control over this.
Entity: California
7, Report #1331915
Oct 06 2016
11:22 AM
Square Square Up Stole Money Internet
I signed up for Square which is a credit card Merchant, i received the reader in the mail and i went through the process of verifying my bank account, they deposited in .49 cents and withdrew the same amount. At that time they told me i was clear to process and that i would recieve the deposits the next day now i ran a payment over a week ago and they have yet to give me my money, and you cannot get a live rep on the phone. Also have an email address that they do not respond to. I now see they have a class action suit against them i wish i would have seen it before i purchased the reader and ran ran $160.00 payment for my company now i am out $210.00 these people are low life scumbags that need to be stopped.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1374406
May 20 2017
07:19 PM
Square Cash ,SQUARE CASH APP, Cash app, Cash They took my payment to transfer to my aunt instantly they offer a free cash out to your bank up to 3 days or an instant cash out to your bank for a 1%fee after taking my payment instantly they didnt complete the transfer to my aunt wich sadly i was explaining how great the app would be for her and eventually our business after hours of embarassing explanations to my aunt and trying to find a non exxistant phone number they emailed that the canceled myvtransacting and it would take 3 - 5 business day . Why should i believe them for one ? Then why no instant transfer to me ? Then after finding other horror stories of lost money on facebook i am panicked and have anxiety . Internet
 After tellimg my Aunt about this app that we can take payments and withdraw instantly for a small fee or free for 3 business days for services we offer after a trial maybe we can use permanently. I owed her 450$ so i told her ill do it infront of you and we can watch how great this ap would be for us . After depositing 450$ into her cash ap from mine it said pending for hours i felt frantick so i startd doing resear h it appears they have no phone number wich is alarm #1 then afyer reading reviews # 2 i started to panic . I emailed them for hours and finally they canceled my payment although they offer instant transfers they said it would take 3 -5 business days ??? WHY ???? So after more research i seen others never got their lost transactions ! I had an anxiety attack . My aunt is extremely uset with me . She is so worried she wants to go close her account from fear we are now exposed to some scammers . Im pissed.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #828150
Jan 24 2012
10:31 PM
Opinion Square Opinion Square inactivated my account without probable cause Internet
  I have been a member of Opinion Square for many years.  Each time Opinion Square sends me a survey, I will participate in the survey.  At times, the computerized message will state that I don't qualify for the survey.  Thus, I will get 1 token.  For all these years of hard work, I have accoumulated 26,000 points.     For the past few days, I was able to participate in the surveys.  Yes, I received 200 points a few days ago.  I tried to check my account but could not log in.  Yesterday, I received a message that my account has been cancelled.  Who gave them permission to cancel my account?  I have been active until a few days ago.  I have earned 29000 points.  I want my account to be re-activated.  I wrote to them but they refused to respond to me.  I am sure this is a scam.  This company cheats honest people like me.  I want you to deal with them.  It is true after all that I have read that Opinion Square has conned many people. 
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1065474
Jul 09 2013
07:30 AM
Square, Square Up, SquareUp.com Do Note Use These People Internet
I started with this company from the very beginning. I signed on before the card reader was even being sent out to customers. It seemed like a great way to accept credit cards on the spot and for a long time it was. I got paid on time each time and had no issues. Then I had a charge that exceeded $1,000 and they wanted to hold part of my funds for 7 days. I called and the limit on my deposits was lifted. Note that I said I called. You can't call for customer support now because they don't have a phone number on their web site. In fact they would rather you not speak to them at all and therefore want you to read all of the help questions on the site. A company that handles my money with no phone number and virtually no email support? I don't think so. Somewhere along the way Square changed their policy again without any notice to customers. Now they want to hold part of your funds for 30 days or more. This is of course money that has been charged to your customer's card and is owed to you. If you want it you'll have to fill out an online application and beg them to give it to you. News flash! It isn't their money. It's your money. Keep in mind that the user policies change without any notice to you and if you have a problem later you'll be directed to that policy. But, how do you know if you would use their service again until you know what the new policy is? This is just stupid. Square is owned by the same guy who started Twitter and seems to be a side business. It is poorly managed and has almost no customer care. After numerous issues I will never use them again and have thrown my card reader away. I strongly suggest that look elsewhere if you are considering them. They'll collect your money and hold it for as long as they want and a small business owner like me can't afford that.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #990478
Jan 03 2013
08:13 AM
square up square internet credit card prosessor Internet
Just set up account with square up, it has been active for approx. 2 weeks and I recieved deposits into my account until 7 days ago no depoit for tranactions for last 7 days in the amount of over $2000 I have emailed several days and NO response, i have called and the number justs cuts you off after refering to email which they DO NOT answer!!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1337161
Nov 08 2016
10:23 AM
Square Trade Square trade is a ripoff Memphis Nationwide
I have to agree!! Square trade is a rip off. Have a computer...They bounced us back and forth for over 8 months. Said it wasn't their problem. So I got stuck with a laptop that was screwed up. CD/DVD rom didn't work, pixels all over the place, ober heating, then powercord went poof. Square Trade is nothing more that a pita.. They will find every way possible NOT to fix what your paid for. So far.....Laptop (17 days later) nothing..No phone calls. Do NOT go with this company. It is probably in India like every thing else. No one cares...Consumers getting screwed...SUE
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1370613
May 01 2017
10:31 AM
Square Trade Square Trade Won't Honor Warranty Internet
I purchased a Refurbished laptop from ebay a year ago. Afterwards, I immeditately went to squaretrade and bought the best 3 year warranty possible because the computer is for work. Today the screen got cracked during travel and I went to file a claim. They refuse to honor the warranty because I bought the computer through ebay and the warranty directly from their website. I have scoured their website looking for information and found nothing. They will refund my original money for the the warranty but refuse to actually help me. Now I am out a computer because they were not clear in their sales site. I literally bought them 20 minutes apart from each other.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1277060
Dec 30 2015
12:20 PM
Better Business Bureau BBB They gave me a clearance of a company that ended up being a front company for embezzelment. Seattle Nationwide
As we all know, sometimes we make mistakes with lenders. I was dealing with a company out of Seattle for cash advance services, I called the Better Business Bureau for any information about this company in regards to its negative reports. The BBB gave me the thumbs up that this company was legit. come to find out - it wasn't. this happened back in 2008 when everyone was facing catastrophe thanks to our corrupt banking system. I was a victum needless to say of identity fraud, we contacted the FBI and supplied them with all the information and details of this company that screwed us.   The point I want to make here is this, even the BBB can make mistakes, in our case a costly mistake. just do your homework on businesses that offer to help you out financially, double check even what the BBB says, it could save you from unneccessary problems in the end. Look into any police reports about a company, contact the organizations like FBI to see if there are alerts out there involved with said company, like I said, the BBB had no idea that this company was doing crimes, they gave it a A rating for reliability. so do your homework!
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #901801
Jun 23 2012
02:48 PM
Square Squareup Credit card processing Internet
This company allowed me to charge my customer using their system. The charge was approved and my customers card was charged.Then they notified my company that verification of my company was needed before they would deposit in my account. I provide their requested information which was unusual since we were using them for quite awhile. They wanted to see my advertising flyer, my tax return, and copy of contract with my client. I faxed these to them which by now they had held my money for about a week.After a couple more days they emailed me that they would need to know the relationship the customer had with our company. Also they wanted to know again how we go about getting customers. And wanted more government identification.I have been in this business for over 30 years and last years tax return showed we did $707,000 in business.Tried to contact them but no phone number and when I emailed them about 50 times they still just ignored me.Yesterday I went to their web site and had the charges refunded to my customer. Hopefully they will refund the charge. My customer will write me a check as soon as they receive their refund since it already showed up on their card.They have no customer service, nor do they have any regard for their customers. Just beware!As soon as I can find the email address or phone number of their CEO I will post it for all to use.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1247789
Aug 11 2015
10:08 AM
Square Trade Customer Service? ... umm NO! Internet
Spoke with Geraldo regarding obtaining insurance on my phone now covered by Sprint... after sharing my problems in getting through to him, Geraldo apparently didnt like my negative, but true, comment and decided to be, well ...just rude. I am 71 years old...if this young man cannot take the heat of customer service then you need to yank him out of your kitchen! The $5 more Im currently paying per month for my phone insurance may be worth the stay, where I can count on good customer service. Shame on Geraldo!
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1415981
Dec 09 2017
07:09 PM
Square Failing to deposit funds Colorado
I ran a card on Thursday and the money should have been in my account on Friday. It did not get deposited. I called their main line. First I was told the deposit was lost. I called again and then asked for a supervisor. They put Greg on the line and I was told it would settle Friday and that the bank would choose when it hit my account. I called my bank and they told me it would be available depending what credit card company said. I asked Square and they said it would be next business day. My bank told me it would be available Saturday. Then I received the settlement email that said it wouldn't be sent until Sunday. This is the 4th time they have used my funds to make money on for 4 days.
Entity: Colorado
18, Report #1182495
Oct 12 2014
10:26 AM
Square Inc Square Reader, Square reader Holding funds AGAIN!! San Francisco California
 I activated a SquareReader on October the sixth and received countless emails from the company to welcome me, activate my account, bank verification and so on. I did a test credit card swipe in the amount of $1.00 to make sure everything was working. I received a receipt and an email stating that the money was ent to my bank account.Llater that evening I processed our first true sale in the amount of $1400.00. October 7th I received a daily report for the sixth showing two transactions totalling $1401.00. October the 8th I received a letter from Square informing me that the account was being deactivated due to persistent pattern of of transaction generally associated with high risk activities! Guess I didn't know that was a form letter! I must have one heck of a pattern with two transactions! The problem is that they never sent me the $1400.00 transaction! The funds should have been in my bank by the eigth when the account was deactivated! I am now aware that there is no valid customer service number to call and like everyone else they have not responded to my email! I might add that I did receive another form letter telling me that I have been assigned to a rep who will look into my complaint.  The reality of this company is that they cause hardship to others and don't care! I purchased the product, paid installers out of my own pockect expecting to see the funds in a day or two. When the realization of what was going on hit me like a ton of bricks, I immediately asked the customer to cancel the order from their end and their card company told them tht they could not as the funds were already sent! It appears that Square is available at retail stores such as WalMart, Target ,Apple and affiliated with Whole Foods Market and Starbucks. I intend to contact all of these as well.  
Entity: San Francisco, California
19, Report #1340113
Nov 27 2016
08:53 PM
Square Square up Squareup.com How square kills small business by stealing their money San Francisco Internet
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1296432
Mar 28 2016
07:15 PM
Square, Inc Square, Inc is not square/upfront with people. Internet
This company is a great rip off artist! A vendor swiped my card for a down payment on a vehicle and then the vendor never got the monies credited to his account. Four months later, still the vendor never got his monies and square cannot or will not offer any explanation. They have a FB page and it was the only way to contact them via messenger there. Very rude, uncooperative jerks. Basically told me to go F myself, that they are untouchable and too bad , Sucks being you then, eh? No phone numbers to call, etc. Any company that hides their contact info is questionable. Also, would not reveal an address or phone to any legal dept they have so my atty can try to get my monies back. The CC company closed my dispute as having no basis and proved beyond any dount that they sent monies to Square and that square would not reply to any inquiries and refused to tell them the status of the monies in question. So I have to pay a bill for something I never got , thank you Square! Who is this company that can do whatever they want and even rob people without any fear of reproach? Why is it that the state prosecutor , a personal friend of the founder of square, is able to block and remove any attempts for anyone to complain to the AG office under his direction? How does a company manage to keep hidden and even to rip people off and never have a single worry of any repercussions?
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1236733
Jun 19 2015
01:27 PM
Square Trade Square Trade is not square with customers Internet
I purchased a warranty for my Asus Laptop in November 2014.  In May 2015 it fell and on 5/13 I send it in for repair.  On 5/15 I recieved acknowledgement it was received and that there would be a delay in repair for parts to 5/25.  On 5/29 (two weeks after they had said it would be repaired) I got an email that the parts were in and that it would be fixed on 6/1.  On 6/9 (8 days after they said it would be repaired with the parts they got on 5/29) they sent an email paying the claim for the computer which they said they could not fix. They also said that the hard drive would be sent back and arrive in 2-3 days. For the past week I have been calling every day and every day I get a new story:  I will email the facotry and call you back (no call)I will email the factory and call you back (no call)My supervisor will call the factory and call you back (no call)I will look into it (I remained on hold for a half hour - no one ever came bacK)I will call the factory and call you back(Dave- ) This person did call back and say that he had escalated it, that his hands were tied and that someone above him would call me back within 24-48 hours). First, they're going to fix it, then they can't fix it, and then they can't send me my hard drive, after call after call, and run around story after story.There is no help except for these front people who apparently have no power to find out where my hard drive it and why it has not been returned. There are no emails or other phone numbers to reach. My claim # is 07913570137.  I will publicize this callous disregard for service as widely on the internet as I can until my hard drive is returned. This is TERRIBLE service.     
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1366282
Apr 06 2017
03:39 PM
Square trade Square trade warranties through Staples Square trade will not honor warranty San Francisco California
 My wife and I had purchased a Dell computer in August 2017, and purchased a 4 year $299 warranty through staples with a company named Square trade.  We saved receipt and flyer from Square trade, which explains warranty coverage.  Flyer explains that LCD screen display is covered.  Flyer also promises 2 day service.The computer has never been mis-handled, dropped or damaged in any way.  Today the computer was working fine, and the screen turned black, with vertical lines.  I called the warrenty company, Square Trade, and they told me that I needed to contact Dell.  I explained that I already spoke to Dell (for over 2 hours on phone) and that Dell was willing to send a shipping label to me and repair LED screen.  Time to complete repairs was quoted as 12-14 days. I explained to Dell that I had purchased warranty through square trade and was told by Dell that Square trade is a third party and I would need to contact them if repairs needed to be completed sooner.My wife has now spent 1 hour on the phone with Square trade, to no avail.  Originally, she spoke with a rep named Brian King, who told her that her only option was to call Dell and have them make repairs.  My wife asked to speak with a manager.  Brian King told my wife that there was not a manager available-that he was in claims.My wife asked three more times for a manager and was finally transferred to a floor manager named Brandon Waterield.  Brandon explained to my wife that the warranty did cover the lcd screen,  but it was to her benefit to go  through Dell for repairs.  My wife explained that she needed quicker service than Dell could provide and Square trade flyer promises 2 day service.  Brandon then told my wife that he could not help her, and her only option was to speak to Dell.My wife asked to speak to Brandon Waterfields manager, and he transferred her to Irwin Thomas.  My wife explained her situation again, and Irwin said that he could not offer her 2 day sevice and only option was to speak to Dell and ask for quicker service.  My wife asked why she had paid $299 for warrenty, if they were not willing to honor agreement.My wife asked to speak to Irwins manager and he placed her on hold.  He then came back, using a disguised voice and different name, which she could not understand.  She asked him to repeat name and he started to laugh.   My wife recognized his voice as Irwin and asked why he was playing games.  He continued to laugh and told her he could not help her.This company is a complete rip off.  I contacted Staples store where I purchased computer, and explained situation to manager,  Manager asked me to come in tomorrow with computer and receipt and he would contact Square trade.  Manager told me that warranty does cover 2 day service and screen repair.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1406816
Oct 17 2017
11:35 AM
SQUARE Square makes money by holding your money hostage square app Internet
Square processes credit card payments.  They decided to hold $10,000 and deactivate my account.  They had approved the exact same transaction, for the exact same client before, and did not hold the funds, but this time, they decided to hold my money for 90 days.  To top it off, they will not accept my phone call to talk to me about the situation at all.  I have yet to speak to a human being. They merely sent me an email and gave me the bad news.  I responded to the email, and got another email back that said they do not respond to email, but I could go to their customer community online to see if I can get answers to my problem. Of course at the community, when I tried to post, they said I was not authorized to post.  This company has NO customer service, and will not even talk to you when they confiscate your money.  Avoid them at all cost!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #416904
Feb 04 2009
12:47 PM
Jupiter Marketing Group - Mystery Shopper Fraud Houston Texas
I received a letter and a Check for $3,993.28 yesterday from this company also with the same exact return address out of Canada and same letter head address from Houston TX. I did a reverse lookup on the phone number and it came back unpublished but a cell phone out of Canada, I called the number and also received a recording to leave a message, I didn't leave one The Check was out of M&T bank. My husband and I actually went to M&T bank (which is not my bank) and ask the teller to check it out. After a few minutes and getting other tellers involved she verified that it was a good check and asked if I wanted to cash it. So if this is not from the paris art label company's account there is a lot of room for human error. This amount was going to come out of some ones account. I did not cash the check. I still have the letter and check. Sassy59711 central square, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #1127893
Mar 03 2014
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Square Up Square Merchant Services,Square Credit Card ProcessingSquare Up Merchant Services Square is a RIP OFF company! San Francisco California
In November 2013 my firm was notified by Square Up that there was no longer a weekly limit for weekly credit card transactions. (My firm was using them for over 8 months prior to that date, with no incidents.) We began processing larger transactions through our square account because funding was quicker than our other merchant account.  After we hit over 10k in a day of processing Square notified us via email on 12/3/13 the account was being deactivated due to risk now, and that they were holding all monies for 90 days or March 3, 2014 On March 3, 2014 square now notified us they were going to hold the monies now for an additional 30 days or April 3, 2014 due to recent disputes.  (We received 2 disputes BOTH of which our clients filed by mistake and authorized us to reporcess the charges (which we did on our other merchant account.).  We attempted for days to provide square numerous copies of signed agreements from our clients but could never provide them to square as their system is chaotic. We have been in business over 3 years and are accrediatated by all major travel organizations ARC, IATA, and CLIA and have never received a client complaint or any negative comments about our services. To date we have never lost a credit card chargeback with any other merchant. There is no phone number to call for this firm, emails take 3 days to respond. I would highly recommend NO small or medium business ever do business with their firm, unless they want their monies held hostage by a firm that you can never reach by phone or email.  And when you do received a response it is an automated computer generated email again with no name or phone number to contact anyone.
Entity: San Francisco, California

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