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1, Report #1404598
Oct 06 2017
08:48 AM
SRM USA SRM Defective Powermeter Sold Colorado Springs Colorado
I bought a SRM powermeter for the price US$2,500. It is a very expensive product compared to other options in the market. The product has a reputaion for being better. The powermeter never worked. I wrote several emails to the company (6 in total) got one evasive answer for the first one, but no answer for the remaining. I took the product to several repair stores and was told that it is defective and needs to be returned to the factory in exchange for a new one. No one in SRM will let me know how could that be done.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
2, Report #1038662
Mar 27 2013
08:24 PM
Srm Contracting & Paving Illegal towed my vehicle, shady business practices. San Diego, California
Srm Contracting & Paving is notorious for having vehicles illegally towed away on their construction sites.  While most companies place signage at least a week prior to starting a construction project, Srm barely gives 24 hours notice.  Many residents in the Pacific Beach area especially (but also throughout San Diego), have complained that their vehicles were improperly towed away during an Srm contracted repaving.  This is ironic, as Pacific Beach resident's taxes, pay for these municipal projects Srm enjoys. This company has been accused in the past of working behind the scenes with tow companies, to have cars illegally towed away or impounded.  Extremely excessive towing and storage fees follow.
Entity: San Diego, California
3, Report #788117
Oct 12 2011
08:47 PM
Source Receivables Management, LLC Source Receivables Management SRM received an erroneous collection from T Mobile... This was piad in '09 TMobole and T Mobile told SRM on 9-20 to remove the credit ding. SRM has not! it's 10-12-11! Greensboro, North Carolina
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ANY COMPANY SEEKING A THIRD PARTY COLLECTION AGENCY NOT USE: - AKA SourceRM; Receivables Management; Source Receivables Management, LLC because they do NOT understand the impact delinquent receivables can have on companies. They protract collections. Lie #1 - they claim to help the companies for which they collect.  SRM's address is: PO BOX 4068 Greensboro, NC 3859 Battleground Avenue Greensboro, NC 27410-9620 Direct (336) 553-1443 SRM received an erroneous collection from T Mobile on 9-7-11. I saw it on my Credit Report. I informed SRM on 9-13 that this was a mistake and they asked for documentation indicating the T Mobile bill was paid. I faxed it and they reported had all the documentation needed from me to rectify the debt I didn't owe; however, I stillsaw their hard inquiry on my credit report on 10-12-11. Lie # 2 they didnt rectify it. SRM stated they sent me a letter in July. Lie #3 - I never received it. The SRM employee told me this would not bring down my credit score!?! Lie #4. They refused to give me T Mobile's number and laughed at me. On 10-12-11 I called T Mobile and they indicated the bill was paid. It had been paid in 2009 and that they told SRM this fact on 9-20-11. SRM says they didn't receive the notice. Lie #5? You guess... SRM REFUSED to contact T Mobile to verify these facts. The individual I spoke with on 10-12-11 was rude, insulting, accusatory, and unprofessional. SRM insults customers, doesn't answer their phones reliably, are slow to respond/resolve matters (at best), claim to not receive correspondence from their clients, and fail to take proactive efforts to resolve matters. They stated: It's up to them (the companies that retain SRM - SRM's clients) to contact us... We're just a collection house. Receiving commissions by taking orders - lazy, lazy, lazy!!! SRM doesn't exercise customer service, resolve issues behest to debtors or their clients Don't use Source Receivables Management, LLC! Should they resolve my matter, I will be quick to undue this post and indicate they did the right thing. Should they not resolve this matter this week, I will repost, repost, repost Mitch, Buffalo Grove, IL
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
4, Report #846701
Feb 29 2012
04:12 PM
Jerry T. Hodges of SRM Construction Jerry T. Hodges is a con artist, thief, liar. He's a greedy criminal. He stole tens of thousands for a building project. He spent the money for his own selfish needs, never paid anyone, and disappeare columbia, Tennessee
Jerry T. Hodges of Sliding Rock Management (SRM) Construction in Columbia, TN is a crook and a con artist. He took tens of thousands of dollars from me for a project and instead of paying the people he hired to get me to permit, he spent that money on himself and never paid them or the architect. Now I cant get my drawings until the architect is paid. Jerry totally disregarged the budget and when I said that I needed to get more bids, he got mad and kept the money. He is a sorry low-down piece of scum. Do NOT trust Jerry T. Hodges of Columbia, TN with anything related to money or building!!! He is a freud, a greedy lying con-artist. He should be in jail for misappropriation of funds.
Entity: columbia, Tennessee
5, Report #860457
Mar 29 2012
08:02 AM
srm marketing / north american power Dominique from 223 South Florida Ave. Scam energy company Lakeland , Florida
I replied to an add on Craig's List in late Feb. It stated that it was a marketing company and the pay would be from $10.00-$15.00/hr. It did not have any address or phone number, so I sent my resume in and was contacted within ten minutes. When i was contacted the girl on the phone spoke so fast I could barely understand her. She told me to come in on the following monday for an interview and if the interview goes well then I start the next monday. When I showed up to my interview you had to walk in the back door through this almost empty building with mix matched chairs and little cubicles. I had no idea that this was going to be a calling center. I walked into the room and they told a few of us to come back the next day. Arriving the next day I was sent to the same room with others as we waited, half of the chairs you sat in were boke and you almost fell to the floor. The manager walked in and told us that a girl was going to train us, (a girl that had only been there two days and only made one sale) (the other assistant was fired that morning) We sat there while she explained the company. She said it was an energy provider company named HIKO Energy. We were to cold call people and try to convince them to sign up with this company we barely knew anything about. I never got a single sale. Alot of the people I called had already signed up with this provider and hated it. They said that instead of saving them money on their electric bill, they were being charged extra. At this point I didnt even feel comfortable trying to do this job. I still continued until 6 pm. As I was leaving Dominique asked me how many sales I made and I told him zero for the day. He then told me to not worry about coming back. I have yet to see a check from this company. They falsafied information on the computer. You really only get $7.67 if you make under a certain amount of sales. I was there from 9 am-6pm. Waisted a whole day and didn't even get paid. This job is a scam and I hope that more people do not fall for this.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
6, Report #698115
Feb 21 2011
01:45 PM
shelter rock ministries SRM SHELTER ROCK, Affair by Steven Reese and the misapproproation of money within. boone, North Carolina Internet
I have witnessed many inappropriate actions, behavior and lies told by Steven and Catherine. There are many problems within their private corporation (so called non profit). All the provision given away by them is donated by other large organizations. These goods are totaled up at retail value and then combined with cash received by donors. You are then told that approximately 97.3 percent of what you give is used for the ministry such as helping a poor appalachian child. When in fact, Most of the money given to SRM is going to support the overworked 5 or 6 employees meager salaries (none over $30k yr), television air time, $3000 month rent for their ministry building not $1. month as told by Catherine, Steven Reese and Catherine Reese's $70,000 salary EACH (140,000) plus additionally their home ($2300. mo) is paid for by the minstry as well as both their trucks, gas, food, auto insurance second home, second office. Also they each get a 24,000 expense account. Not bad for hardly ever showing up for work and getting approximately $235,000 total compensation a year (rough guesstimate). Go to SRM during the week and you will most likely not find them there. How can they be there much when they live in Charleston, SC. They are last to show up for the day of blessing events and first to leave. They dine, travel, vacation and live in high class style on the monthly $30. from thousands of people hoping for a better life for the appalachian people and the message of Christ,s love to be sent to them believing all the while you are sponsoring a child with the money you send to SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES. The ONE child you AND OTHERS are sponsoring, probably has not been seen or heard from in a year or even 3 years. Meanwhile in the past couple years many employees have left the private corporation with no accountability called SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES for varios reasons that are dispicable and are heartbreaking for those who have found out the truth about SRM. Steven and Catherine Reese are living a lie not the Word. The board members know nothing of what really goes on at SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES. The SECRETS are deep and blatantly sinfull. The board has very little input, no power to be usefull and certainly is not in any position to hold SRM accoutable. They know nothing of the following problems: waste of money for the Reese's lavish lifestyle, the small amount of time the Reese's spend working in the ministry, the facts regarding the allegations of an affair that was swept under the rug which involved Steven Reese and another woman (Megan Dean) that still works at SRM, the near 2009 eviction from the building in Boone, NC for being over a year and a half behind on rent, The judgment in 2010 for $100,000 against SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES for work done to the building the ministry is in, another judgment for unpaid bills just to name a few. The reese's claimed to have sold their business to go be missionaries in the appalachian mountains. The fact is in 1998 they bought a house in Boone NC. In 1999 they lost their house in Winton Salem NC to foreclosure. In 2001 SHELTER ROCK MINISTRIES inc was formed. In 2002 they nearly lost their house in Boone to foreclosure but saved it the the day before the auction. It does not sound like there was alot of money from a sale of a business, which would mean they did not give up alot to go be missionaries as they claim. Since 2001, They have been building a new business (SRM) to enable them to semi retire while the ministry can be managed by a few employees and the occational guidance from Steven and Catherine Reese. No matter what has happened at SRM. Praise be to God for the souls that have been saved by srm showing up where they have gone to. Gods word will not return void. Those people that accepted Jesus as their personal savior will be in heaven regardless of the things that have traspired within the corrupt organization. I think one should seek many details of any organization that you intend to support. Dont just give your money away based on a few very well rehearsed speaches given by a proffessional speaker trained to look and act for the camera.
Entity: boone, North Carolina, Internet
7, Report #1210627
Feb 20 2015
09:06 PM
beau derma SRM*skinremedy false advertising, complete fraud--do not give credt card no. santa ana Internet california
this is the usual complaint abt. this co. I ordered the trial in dec. 2014. was charged 4.95 on credit card. when I saw another charge of 89.95 on dec. 12,2014 I called co and hit the cancel key. I did not recieve any product and they refuse taking it off my credit card, statng that was for the trial?? product. I am getting nowhere with the Visa card co. as it has taken them 60 days to look into this so is still on my card. Would sure like to see a class action suit against thie co. don't fall for this bull--- co. mary
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1227906
May 09 2015
06:36 AM
Vendhar TV pandiyarjan fraud hai Friends, is there any option to take action against job termination ?Pls provide your suggestion.In Vendhar TV ( SRM group pudhiya thalaimurai ) There is a mental physco who is called pandiyaranjan (News head). He sacks and terminates all employees w vendhar tv pudhiya thalaimurai chennai Internet
 hai Friends, is there any option to take action against job termination ?Pls provide your suggestion.In Vendhar TV ( SRM group pudhiya thalaimurai ) There is a mental physco who is called pandiyaranjan (News head). He sacks and terminates all employees who don’t cooperate for his corruption in the company . For Example : He finalizes a salary to a staff as 15000/- and but he gives report to the company that he gives salary as 30000 /-. Which means he takes 15K salary as his profit from each employee. He is giving over work load more than 14 hours to all staffs. Pandiyaranjan does not give any offer letter or appointment order to any staff who joins in vendhar TV as the employee must not fight in future for his rights through labour inspector or labour legal needs and he doesn’t allow female staffs to leave office on time. He doesn’t give any optional leaves to staffs, no timings and all staffs has to work more than 14 hrs for less salary.Employees from new company when they get offer letter from vendhar TV (SRM group) and they feel that they got a new secure job and they leave jobs from current companies. But after joined in vendhar TV Pandiyaranjan mental that fellow black mails to all employees that he will terminate any time if they don’t support for his nasty needs.People have lots of commitments and loans and they have EMI and other needs to pay monthly wise. But this TV vendhar channel pandiyarajan first talks in a sweet manner later terminates all staffs
Entity: Internet
9, Report #378837
Oct 06 2008
06:33 PM
Usa Credit usa credit Internet
they are taking money $149.95 out of my bank with none of me permission Claudia mojave, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1095639
Oct 30 2013
10:53 AM
USA benefits USA BENEFITS Internet
 I came across this number trying to reach PayPal, a recorder came on saying that i just won this awsome promotion on a $100.00 gift card for wal-mart. All I had to do is pay a one time fee of $1.95. Like any other person i thought that I had a deal going on. I freely gave the CSR by credit card number so on and so on. After I gave this lady all my information, They sent me to the same recorder that repeating the promotion deal. It seem kinda of fishy, so i repeating the process. But this time after i pressed the buttons requested they hung up on me. I quickly call PayPal back this time using the right number I guess. Once i got the represenative on the phone i asked her about the promotion deal. She replied to me that she had no clue on this offer. Once I realize what I did I called the number back , guess what no anser. I called from a different number and I got the same recorder I got the first time, once the CSR lady picked up i asked her what company this was. i immediatley look it up online and found out it was a rip off, and once the lady figured out what I was doing she hung up. Called back no answer, so i had to take the steps into canceling my card. But this company needs to be delt with!!!!! ASAP!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #49479
Mar 17 2003
05:09 AM
USA CREDIT, USA Platinum Credit, USA Credit Superstore rip off scam con artists Internet
I received a phone call in Jan '03 from USA CREDIT telling me I could re-establish my credit if I signed up with them for a fee of $179.95. They told me that this fee would be refunded to me for the purchase of merchandise on their online store. I stupidly was suckered in & they got my money on 02-28-03. All I have received is 1 email from them. I have not received anything in the mail or any other emails from them since they took my money. And so much for their online USA credit superstore. The link they have in the email they sent to me doesn't work. Signed, Suckered in Texas! Elizabeth Bonham, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #120492
Nov 30 2004
02:07 PM
USA Credit, Usa Benefits ripoff Union Town Pennsylvania
Offer was for a credit card. Filled out the app on line it said there would be a one time fee of $14.95 for checks. What drafted from my bank account was $179.90 Come to find out it is a on line credit shopping not a actual credit card. Angelia Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Union Town, Pennsylvania
13, Report #126382
Jan 07 2005
04:46 PM
Usa Shopping Club usa Platinum ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
This companty called me. They wanted $80.00. The diden't tell me that you can't buy very much. They said there would be any thing i wanted on this web site. The thing i want you can't buy with the card. They told me that i would get my money back in yhe mail. I got a voucher for $80.00. I was miss lead. I would like my money back. I hope you can help me. Thank you Peggy mason, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
14, Report #147800
Jun 28 2005
11:14 AM
USA Credit - USA Platinum ripoff dishonest fraudulent billings Internet
usa credit disguised as usa platinum offerd me a credit card with a 7,500 credit limit. Took account imformation for electronic withdraw of a one time processing fee and never received card. Timothy davenport, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #146354
Jun 15 2005
07:26 PM
USA Credit - USA Shopping Club Ripoff SCAM ARTISTS!! Internet
My husband and I were thrilled to find out that we got this new credit card with a $5,000 limit. We were trying to rebuild our credit, so this was a huge deal for us.WRONG!!!!!. We never did get our card so they just gave us our account number. Thats when we found out that we could only use this on_line at a bull-$%^* shopping club on-line. Everything was over-priced and just rediculously outdated. Example the new movie Tarzan 2 was originally fifty some dollars.There price was Tenty something dollars. Very disappointed. Shannon Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #81371
Feb 22 2004
10:04 AM
This company did ripped me off too, it is been 2 months and I am going to try to get my money back. I hope the other people could too. We have to stop these people from playing with peoples lifes and money (hard earned money). I had to file bankrupcy and the offer sound it to good to be true. This is the way we learn in live when some SOB'S take advantage of you. I hope this company get so caught that we see it all over the news and they feel emmbarrasement like we feel to know that some one out there took our privacy,our money and our trust and sweept the floors with everything. This web site has been very helpfull to me and I hope some of you out there use it to stop the fraud. Ivette Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: UNIONTOWN, Pennsylvania
17, Report #80763
Feb 17 2004
07:25 PM
USA Credit - USA Platinum ripoff Unionstown Pennsylvania
I am making this report because I feel like I was misled by this company. I already have bad credit from past situations and I figured I would apply for the card thinking it would give me the opportunity to re-establish my credit. Since applying for this card I have had my checking account debited for the $19.95 membership fee three times. I feel like one time should have been sufficient, but USA Credit thought otherwise. I am upset about this because I feel like in the midst of trying to make better decisions there are companies who take advantage of people at their lowest times in their life. Angela McKinney, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Unionstown, Pennsylvania
18, Report #81642
Feb 24 2004
11:56 AM
USA Credit/USA Platinum ripoff! Thieves! Union Town Pennsylvania
My friend tells me about a deal for a free dvd player. I look into it and come across a credit card offer for a free dvd player. I fill out the form and they tell me I am approved for a card to purchase merchandise and that $149.95 will be deducted from my bank account. It had an option to accept or decline. Of course I declined; not interested in a card that just gets me merchandise. I had a feeling that wasn't the end of my experience. Of course I checked my account today and the money was pending to be taken out. I called Shirley... ext(2072) with USA Credit and she told me what I declined was an extension of credit. Either way, I told her I didn't want the card and to put my money back in my account. I was informed this could not happen until March 1, 2004 and that it will take 3 to 5 business days from there. I'm not counting on ever seeing that money again, but I will go through whatever steps I can to try and accomplish this. Just be careful and trust no one... Bret Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Union Town, Pennsylvania
19, Report #53462
Apr 18 2003
10:12 AM
USA Credit, USA Platinum ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
Pretty much the same story as all the other complaints I saw on the site. They charged me $180.00, with a 'voucher'. Luckily I'm just trying to build my credit and bought a few little things for which I was charged a down payment of $30.00 and then sent in my voucher. I recieved one of the items, then, when I went to check site for status of other items I found this site instead. I want my money back, of course, should say, I NEED it back, because I was only willing to pay the money in the first place out of desperation to build my credit and really don't have $180.00 to throw away. Even more important to me, though, is that they have my financial information, I need to find out to make sure they don't use it again in the future. I am amazed by the breadth of the scam, I always thoght such things would be easy to detect, but the site was totally legit in appearance. I don't mean to include non-topic specific information but the inability to build credit when you are an independent person who always lived by the motto 'if you don't have the money don't buy it' and don't have a mom or dad to co-sign creates the kind of tension and eventual desperation that leads to making such a stupid mistake as this. Jeffery Clarks Summit, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
20, Report #208204
Aug 27 2006
10:42 PM
USA Gold Credit Card - USA Platinum ripoff internet
I got ripped off by USA Gold for $159.00. I was suppose to have a $7500.00 credit limit. I never even got to use the card. Everything is priced to high for anyone to buy. Now I can't even find their store site on the web. Thomas Hickory, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #319298
Mar 19 2008
09:43 AM
USA Gold - USA Credit Superstore Credit Card Services Uniontown Pennsylvania
I was under the impression that this was a secured credit card. I entered my banking information to apply for the card. They debited my account and sent me the card. I tried to use it and it was not valid. I called the company to complain and ask for my money back and they refused my request. Instead they doubled my voucher (which is a certificate to match dollars spent). I was unhappy and when I tried to use my voucher on their website I was unable to as there was no place on the site to redeem the voucher. I thought I would use it later, and in later months their website had moved and I don't even know where to look for it now as this has been a problem since 2002 when I originally applied for the credit card. I have basically been out of my money since then. Tonya Estherville, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
22, Report #80190
Feb 12 2004
11:13 AM
USA Credit Superstore - USA Platinum USA Credit Superstore - USA Platinum I almost got ripped off Union Town Pennsylvania
First of all, I want to thank all of you that has reported these people. They are the lowest of the low and I cannot believe that they are allowed to conduct business in this manner. Luckily, I checked them out on this address and read all of the feedback that has been left for these people. I had given them all the information (even though I thought I was smarter than that) and they were going to be taking $99.99 out of my checking account tomorrow. Fortunately, because of all of you, I was able to get to the bank, close the account, and reopen another. I was able to stop these thieves in their tracks. There should not be anything else that they can do to me. The bank wants all of the information I have on these people (God knows, they did not give me much) and I am in the hopes that someone will permentantly take care of these people, if you know what I mean. Thanks so much for all of you taking the time out to file these reports so another hapless victim was warned before it was too late!!!!! Dorothy Leesburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Union Town, Pennsylvania
23, Report #129759
Feb 01 2005
04:56 PM
Soyo USA Soyo Computer USA Diamond Bar California
I purchased a Soyo motherboard and Computer Case from Tiger Direct in May 2004. Both items offer mail-in rebates. I mailed the required submissions within one week of receipt of the items. I have had no response or communication from Soyo or anyone representing them. I have copies of all the submission forms. I would gladly join in any class action law suit against such an obvious case of fraud. Stan Southaven, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Diamond Bar, California
24, Report #147835
Jun 28 2005
04:33 PM
USA Credit Yet another USA Credit ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
I too have had my checking account debited my these scumbags! Matthew Bradenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #109971
Sep 24 2004
11:08 AM
USA Voicemail ripoff USA Voice Mail
Usa Voice mail has billed my phone bill for $14.95 for something I did not sign up for. I tried to call them or sign in to their website and both are unsuccessful the phone just rings. Verizon is investigating. Melissa Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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