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1, Report #264039
Jul 29 2007
07:40 PM
St. Augustine Educational Services - St. Augustine School Of Medical Assistants This company has charged me for illegitimate services Atlanta Georgia
Due to an online search, I found this company as a certified online organization that offered a certification program for Nursing Assistant. Due to recent research, it has been discovered that this company has participated in copyright infringement and dishonest practices among many other things. There are several non-satisfactory reports from consumers already, and there is no legitimate address for these services-despite the address that is given on their online website (which has apparently changed three times already). This company is a fraud and is ripping people off around the country. I have been one of those victims and am requesting your help in seeing that justice is served to these thiefs. Rachelle Springfield, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
2, Report #1392912
Aug 15 2017
10:45 AM
St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants falsely advertised accredidations, did not get access to online classes, cannot reach a single person to help, no refund given, etc Atlanta Georgia
I simply inquired about this school and its online course. a friend started the course ahead of me and said it was ok.  Turns out it is NOT ok and this school lied about its credentials and availability of classes and accredited status.  This site and this company MUST be changed to say MEDICAL ASST ONLINE PRACTICE COURSE due to its non-accredited status.  There is NO point of even attempting to waste your money on such a site. It is not real and this course just delays your time and steals your money.  I would like to see an organized lawsuit with any participants who have had the same occurence.  Notify me via email to organize a class action lawsuit so we all get our valued and desired money back!  This online website is not real. Beware of its advertisements.  They are not recognized in the medical world, especially in the medical school world.   
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
3, Report #1204412
Jan 26 2015
10:23 AM
St. Augustine of medical assistants provided me with an opportunity to receive my certification online. while studying this course I was told it was a scam and the school isn't properly accredited! I just wish to receive a refund. since I paid 700 bucks to take this course. Internet
Hi my name is Alyssa Havens. I'm 21 years old. I have a 1 1/2 year old son. While I was pregnant I registered for St. Augustine for medical assistants. I was jobless and only had enough money to pay for this course. My plan was to have their self paced online course completed by the time my baby came. I hit rough times during my pregnancy and couldnt complete it. I started working. I saved it for now, a time I set up to have enough time to complete it. Since now I do not have any money to put towards my education and this school will not be able to provide me with an accredidated certificate to be come a medical assistant. I  wish to be refunded my 700  dollars. I have not completed the course. thank you.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1058311
Jun 11 2013
01:51 PM
St. Augustine School of Medical Assisting Scammed me out of $900 for a online medical assistant program that does not really exsist. I would have never found this out if I wasn't trying to take the state exam to get a job as a medical assistant. Internet
 I was looking for online schools to further my education as a Medical Assistant because I work full time and am a mother of three young children and do not have the time or the means to go to a regular school setting. I found the St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants and was excited thinking i was finally going to be able to do what i have wanted to do for a long time and could not. I researched them and thought i did all the nessasary steps to make sure they were a legit school and that they were fully accredited. I did everything i was suppose to for this school studied and took the final exam. I passed that and they sent me a certificate and my transcript of everything i learned of the course of study. I was starting to prepare for my state exam when i had to get some accrediation code or an id to registar for the state exam. I e-mailed the school and never heard back from them. So i decided to call and they told me they didn't have a number for me to call for student services and or the administration for the school it was only e-mail based. That was when i found a website called and found that the school was on that website as a fake accrediation program and that in the state of Michigan where i live i can not take the state exam from this school. The fake accrediation program they say is legit is called, NACB, National Accrediation and Certification Board.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #177094
Oct 18 2009
07:42 AM
St. Augustine Medical Assistant School Online, Or St. Augustine Educational Services, Or St. Augustine School Of Allied Healthcare ripoff, copyright infringement, dishonest practices, violation of ISP Terms of Services (TOS) Internet
Does St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants Uphold Honesty? Biting The Hand... It is no secret that St. Augustine Medical Assistant School/St. Augustine Educational Services which offers online education for medical assistants has been looking at and others of our vast number of well respected related websites on the Internet for years as a reliable source for ideas, examples, and guidance regarding the latest trends in the medical assistant profession, training, and education. In 2003 St. Augustine Medical Assistant School contacted us via email for support and advise. We gladly helped and provided insight and tips to benefit their new site, however we declined their request to form an advertising partnership with and In September of 2005, we reported St. Augustine Educational Service's website for violations of ISP's Terms of Service TOS, and intellectual property rights violations/copyright infringement. Entire paragraphs and images were lifted off and published to one of their sites without our prior knowledge and permission. When St. Augustine Educational Service's Web site had to be shut down as a result of their shameless action, Dr. Jeff Andrews retalliated by contacting our media partners under false pretense to pry into our business and by sending anonymous emails of dubious nature directly to Danni R.--owner of! As a result we had to consult with a copyrights attorney (Fierst, Pucci & Kinder Law Firm) to find out how we can protect our business and websites against such actions and conduct which is counter to accepted ethical values, including integrity, and honesty. Dr. Jeff Andrews, aka or at that time concealed his true identity, and denied his affiliation with St. Augustine Medical Assistant School. However a recent entry in St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants Blog confirms that Dr. Jeff Andrews is directly affiliated with St. Augustine Medical Assistant School where he functions as one of their new Medical Assistant faculty advisors. And this is why we will not, till this very day, allow St. Augustine Medical Assistant School/St. Augustine Educational Services advertising (including AdWord Google ads) on any of our medical assistant websites! Danni, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Unknown, Internet
6, Report #888550
May 26 2012
06:03 AM
nissa of st augustine a very unpleasant experience with mis-represented lease terms st augustine, Florida
This dealership's mis-representations are why car salesmen have the reputation they have....a very unpleasant experience.  I would recommend extreme caution in any dealing with this company.
Entity: st augustine, Florida
7, Report #420221
Feb 04 2009
03:31 PM
St. Augustine Educational Services Not AMA Registered Online Atlanta GEORGIA
This company says it trains you to be a certified medical assistant, it is work at your own pace, takes 6-8 weeks on average, is completely certified, and only costs 645; problem is they're not certified with the AMA. Even when you complete all coursework and final exam you aren't certified. You can't get a job after going here, you still have to find your own internship and do your own clinicals. You might have the knowledge, but you're not certified. It sounds too good to be true, and it is. Stick with going to school. Mike not givenU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
8, Report #1310443
Jun 09 2016
06:47 AM
Full Circle Moving of St. Augustine Full Circle Moving Nation Wide Services Damaged TV Due to Negligence St. Augustine Florida
Consumers beware! Our 70 inch TV's screen was punctured by a furniture leg in transit because it was negligently packed on their truck.  I called Rich Morey at Full Circle to see what could be done and he immediately blamed us for packing the TV in a proper TV box for moving instead of wrapping it in one of their moving blankets.  One would think that a professional moving company claiming to have experience would be able to securely and safely pack a TV on their truck!  Rich's offer of compensation for the mishap was $18!  Look at the fine print they only offer .60 per pound on a damaged item. I would not recommend this company.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1120616
Feb 12 2014
02:42 PM
Homes of Merit Lemon of a house! St Augustine Florida
 First of all, the retailer I purchased my home through is closed down, so I wrote down the nearest retailer.  I have had my home ovr ten years now, and just finally had to hire professional help to fix all the leaky sinks that have not worked in 7 to 8 years.  The AC unit never worked, spent thousands of dollars on the leak to finally have to purchase a new one. The floors are caving in in various areas of the house, and in the dining room I have mold growing through the floor.  the rain water drips down by the window, and goes inside the siding.  I cannot afford to get this replaced.  I had someone get into the window sill only to find the walls are rotting. My house was not Tyvekked so it is rotting under the siding. I have tried to contact Homes of Merit in email and phone call but noone has called me back.  I just want things to be fixed and be right! It took years for me to notice some of this stuff, but it should not matter.  If I would have known the quality of my home would be sooo poor I would have just saved more money to have a real house built, I am a single mother and had to hurry and find a fast alternative.  Where do I go from here?   Stacey, St Augustine, FL
Entity: St Augustine, Florida
10, Report #1109789
Dec 25 2013
08:47 AM
St. Augustine Beachfront Resort St. Augustine Beach Front ResortSaint Augustine Beachfront ResortSaint Augustine Beach Front Resor The Worst Hotel Experience of My Life! Saint Augustine Florida
The Saint Augustine Beachfront Resort is both the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, and has the worst hotel staff I have ever encountered.  I paid for a poolside room, but was not given one.  The room was dirty, smelled bad, and was run down.  The TV was held together with duct tape.  Worst of all, we had no hot water 2 of the 3 nights we were there.  Every complaint we made the concierge was going to address immediately or fix, or the maintenance crew was already workign on, only nothing was ever resolved.  We demanded at least a partial refudn.  The staff said we should be entitled, but since we booked through Orbitz, we would have to go home and call them.  As soon as we left the building, the St. Augustine Beach Front Resort washed their hand of the hwole thing and blocked every effort to give us at least some of our money back.The St. Augustine Beachfront Resort is the worst hotel I have ever been in.The Saint Augustine Beach Front Resort has dishonest staff with the lowest possible standard of hospitality.It is a ripoff at ay price.  Please save your family from what we had to go through and find an alternative Beachfront Resort in St. Augustine.
Entity: St Augustine, Florida
11, Report #275344
Sep 19 2007
12:37 PM
St. Augustine Education Services failure information they steel money from people with a failure school Altanta Georgia
I sign up with this school think that I can start a new career in the health field. But I found that the school is total failures and steel money. I tried to email them for some information and didn't answer. Then I send them a letter though the mail and the letter came back saying the company moved. Then I send a letter to the BBB so they can send the school a letter, so I can get my money back. But the BBB got no where. All I want is my money back and for someone to stop this school steel money from other people. Hobby oakland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Altanta, Georgia
12, Report #1248707
Aug 15 2015
08:12 AM
Florida Flyers US Flight School Did not comply to the training program as promised St Augustine Florida
I wanted to transfer to another flying school, But since i have finished my PPL Only with them, the vice president told me that i will be charged for the cancellation fee of 50% of the whole tuition fee that covers (IR,CPL,Commercial) on the airline career program.  And, ofcourse this POLICY must be signed and it is mandatory before they can initiate your training so, on your first day. meaning they are forcing you to agree with this policy, otherwise they wouldnt start your flight training. and most likely they are located in some pages that they just bury it in the document and hope you did not read it at all, when you are signing. So, now i cant transfer to another flight school because they are holding my M1 Visa in the government system, therefore unless i pay the $13,000 (50% Cancellation FEE) my m1 cannot be released to the system. its either your call to pay it and get out or stay with them. But, apart from that,. And They have no right to charge me for training i did not receive. This School is not looking for you best interest rather for there business. as the vice president literally said to me yesterday, i am charging 50% because we are losing money, if you didnt continue. For me this is a unethical manner.  i have alot of reasons from there management and most importantly there training method why i am transferring to another flight school. This flight school are not complying to what is promised as advertise to there flight program. First, we have been misguided by there statements, before they updated there website, there flight programs where advertised as FIXED-RATE-FLAT BASED RATE And the first today (May 4th), the vice president bettina gave me the cost estimate of $5,000+. That i will be spending, for my PPL Course, so we have putted it on my account. and within few days it had gone by half, charging me invidivually, and they will hold you up, to put you in the air and to extend your training, so its simple knowledge, they keep earning money from it. and due to delay, i finished it almost 4months, but, please be in mind i finished my Flight Training course 1 and half months (Jun 20) and now, i ended up spending $14,000, compare to what they PROMISED  of $5000+ of  their supposedly package course which was not followed &  advertised and please keep in mind we mentioned it a lot of times thru our email conversation, during my enrollment process at florida flyers. Meaning, they did not follow the fixed package deal, instead within few days after my initial training, we noticed that they are charging me per flight & lecture, and Pre/post ground($20 for every flight) which really didn't happen all the time. and they didnt follow their ground school as per package and as advertised on their website.(before it got updated). And most IMPORTANTLY, they force me to fly without proper ground training.  and i have only finished my written test before my checkride. And now, i am stuck. Note : On the attached document, they charged the 50% Based on 240Hour flight program. Not on the 196 flight Program i selected    
Entity: St Augustine, Florida
13, Report #449784
May 07 2009
07:44 PM
The New York School For Medical And Dental Assistants Misleading and Cannot Certify in NY State after Graduation - Must WAIT a YEAR! Long Island City New York
I graduated May, 2009. I CANNOT take the DANB exam (Dental Assisting National Board) in New York State because the state (New York State Education Department) requirements are 3500 hours of dental assisting experience, whether or not you have school educational requirements or on-the-job experience. New York State Education Department ONLY recognizes the DANB exam results when you apply for certification in New York State. Secondly, the certification exam is only offered once per year: June. Deadline for application submission is April 28th. So I have to work a whole year and be un-certified to practice by the State Education Department in New York State until I am eligible to sit for the exam. The school misled me into believing that I can take an acceptable certification/registering exam after graduation and completion of internship, but the certification/registering exam the SCHOOL RECOMMENDS is not recognized by New York State in order to become certified by the State Education Department in New York State! Only TWO SCHOOLS in New York State currently have that authority: one in Buffalo NY and the other is Monroe Community College. The enrollment pressure placed on students are unbelievable. Also, required internship: you have to travel far and wide for these internships. You also have to find your OWN sites for internship - very little help from the counselors. Some doctors that have listed with have you interning 6 days a week, 12 hours a day because it is free help that they are getting. DON'T FALL FOR IT! 10 months of education cost me $11,000 - a LOT of money!!! Save your money, go to a community college where you can get T.A.P. by the state (Tuition Assistance Program) and get college credit at the same time. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL! Liz B. Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Long Island City, New York
14, Report #555268
Jan 15 2010
05:41 PM
St Augustine Pc Jonathan Phillips dont trust him st augustine, Florida
Jonathan Phillips spent a total of 15 minutes making the connection as I had already set up the Airport with Apple over the phone. I was charged $169. plus tax and he was on his way. The connection worked for about an hour until the computer went to sleep and I found out he hadn't locked the settings
Entity: st augustine, Florida
15, Report #1094632
Oct 25 2013
02:57 PM
Old City Design Center of St Augustine Old City DesignRick Hersey Cabinet Crook/ Granite Bandit Huge fraud & massive ripoff St Augustine Florida
 Entered into a contract with Old City Design Center of St Augustine to purchase cabinets, Granite Countertops, tile along with installation labor. I put the deposit of $13,765.00 on Septemeber 3, 2013. From 9/03 until now I went to their show room at least once a week to get an order confirmation or shipping date. I was always told that Rick Hersey the owner was not in & he was the only one that could talkt to Waypoint Cabinets to confirm ship dates. Finally received a call today from my contractor telling me that he talked to a former employee of Old City Design & he said the cabinets had never been ordered. He gave me the order po number and contact numbers for Waypoint & I called. I talked to one of the company reps, explained my situation & they confirmed that the cabinets were not in process yet & the order had not been confirmed & they were waiting for payment. When I found this out I went to the Old City Design Center to confront the owner Rick Hersey. He stammered, stumbled around & blamed employees for all his problems. I sat in his office for 15 minutes & he coundn't provide me with a simple order confirmation. I asked him to call the manufacturer & verify the oreder in my presence & he refused to do that as well. I asked for my deposit back & he obviously didn't have the money. After doing some research I learned that there are 16 people that gave substantial deposits. (some up to $30K) This poor excuse for a human being should be put in prison. I know one of the other clients & she is a poor older 80 year old woman that doesnt have a lot of money. Stay away from this company & any other business Rick Hersey is involved in. He is a slick-talking POS that comes across nice & honest but would sell his own grandmother for $1. If there is anyone out there that is also a victim of this crook I hope we can connect & get this crook put in jail where he belongs. As all scam artists like this go, will probably close the business down & move on to new victims. Thats why we need to hold him accountable! Thank you.  
Entity: Select State/Province
16, Report #1211522
Feb 25 2015
07:32 AM
A1 Cab Company Low Life Taxi Driver, Bottom of the Barrel St. Augustine Florida
I called for Ottie at A1, who usually charges me $10 for a ride into town from the beach. Someone else answered the phone and told me he usually charges $11 but he'd be ok with $10. I was going into town to pick my car up at the repair shop, and brought my toy dog with me, who sat on my lap. When I got out of the minivan the driver told me the charge was $13 for transporting my dog, not having advised me of additional charges at the time I got into the taxi. Then he blocked my car and told me he was going to call the police if I didn't pay. SOOOOOO unprofessional. Shame shame shame.
Entity: St. Augustine, Florida
17, Report #1375898
May 29 2017
12:26 PM
Howard Johnson - Saint Augustine Bait and Switch! St. Augustine Florida
Absolutely disgusting rip-off hotel and staff!!   We booked a quadruple room with two double beds and they put us in a single small room with one king bed. They told us there was no availability FOR OUR ORIGINAL PAID BOOKING upon checking in.  Today, the Manager  tells us it's our fault because we didn't ask for what we booked for and told us: you can do what you want, i don't care!. Thus this review.   Beware when checking in. these guys put you into what saves them money, lie to you and then abuse you subsequently!!!
Entity: St. Augustine, Florida
18, Report #991424
Jan 04 2013
04:21 PM
St. Augustine Beachfront Resort Saint Augustine Beach Front Resort is the WORST Hotel I have ever experienced! St. Augustine, Florida
  The St. Augustine Beachfront Resort is not worth the money at one tenth the price.  We were shocked to see how unkept the St. Augustine Beachfront Resort was.  To give you a better understanding of the Saint Augustine Beach Front Resort, the walls are partially painted, exterior doors to the building do not lock, the hardward everywhere is in terrible shape, the gates to and from the pool are about to fall off their hinges, the pools and hot tubs are disgusting, the towels are threadbare and stained, and the whole place smells.  I was not given the pool view room that I reserved, but instead given a room with a parkinglot view.  I was later told that this was an upgraded room in the Resort, although it was in complete disrepair.  The curtains and bedspreads were old and dingy. The towels were threadbare and stained. The TV was literally held together with duct tape.  I hope no one ever has to stay in a standard Saint Augustine Beach Front Resort room if that waupgraded.  That was our introduction to the St. Augustine Beachfront Resort, and it only got worse.  We had no hot water that first night.  I checked at the front desk, and was told that they were having problems with the boiler, but that the whole wing would have hot water within 2 hours--inconvenient, but understandable.  The next morning I was shocked to find that we still had no hot water. It turned out that in addition to the boiler problem, the handle on our shower was broken and would not provide us with hot water.  I complained again and suggested a pool-side room.  The staff said that they would rather fix the faucet. The next morning we awoke to another cold shower. I tried rinsin off in the pool, but felt dirtier than when I entered the water.  Finally, the last morning of our trip, the St. Augustine Beachfront Resort staff let us into a nearby room to shower. The worst part of the experience, if you can belive it, was not the cold showersit was the staff. I have never met a hospitality staff so rude and flippant. They told me that I had to take up my concerns with Expedia, because I booked through them. However, Expedia called twice to try and get the Saint Augustine Beachfront Resort to refund some portion of the money for all of our inconvenience, or at least get back the difference for the pool view room. The St. Augustine Beach Front Resort stonewalled, and even hung up on Expedia. The Expedia rep was shocked at how rude they were. When I called the Resort myself, the receptionist interrupted me repeatedly, and hung up on me as well. In spite of it all, they refused to refund one cent. The St. Augustine Beachfront Resort only dragged Expedia into it in order to deflect the direct confrontation with me, and get me out of their lobby with my long list of complaints. See more about the St. Augustine Beachfront Resort here: . Please, do yourself a favor and avoid the Saint Augustine Beach Front Resort!
Entity: St. Augustine, Florida
19, Report #270663
Aug 27 2007
07:48 PM
Racine Unified School District - Racine Educational Assistants Union - Durham School Services, Beth Davis practiced racism, years of harrassing me after being warned by the court to stop. False accused me of felonies causing me to lose my job and income and my home causing me to be homeless. ripoff Racine Wisconsin
Racine unified School District hired me as an Educational assistant and harassed me for years with false accusations that cased me years of disgrace on the job. Each time they had me before Circuit Court judges for false accusations, the charges were dropped and the cases were dismissed they tried again and again trying to make me quit my job, but I had a wife and two mortgages. The principal and other staff members harassed my students in wheelchairs and threatened them saying If you don't tell us what we want to hear, you are going to be in a lot of trouble. These were A and B students with muscular dystrophy. They were exceptionally good students who were in my care from the beginning to the end of every school day. Their health and safety were in my hands. Dr. John Scott, Principal and Mr. Greg Mach, Sub School Principal conducted an illegal eavesdropping operation using a white woman, Mary Trepanier to place her ear to the mens bathroom door and take notes and keep records of my lavatory activities on a daily basis. These notes were turned over to Scott and made public and passed out in meetings to question everything I said or did while using the bathroom. One day Mary Trepanier was caught in the act and she ran to the office leaving her student in the hallway with no assistant. She failed to come to work for three days. I was transferred to a school where I was also stripped of my title as a licensed Educational assistant and forced to work as a hall monitor. It was humiliating. I was given an area to work where there was no heat and a lot of physical fights to break up. The blood and the violence were so stressful I had to seek counseling. I had to take a stress leave after I received death threats from students I was ordered to disperse and get to class. What I didn't realize was that I was breaking up drug transactions in the corridor. The drug sales were conducted by individuals who infiltrated the area and some were not students at the school, Horlick High,but were hard core drug dealers who were serious about their business. When my life had been threatened, The union did nothing but sided with the district and refused to take my visits or my phone calls, but they continued to take union dues from my paycheck. My car was keyed. I made a police report. The students tried to break my windshield with a rock, but it did not shatter. I got away and told the people at the main office and got written up for trying to file a report. Dennis wiser made it mandatory that if I filed a complaint I would be fired. The following school year I put in for a transfer to another school. The only position with my job description in the entire district. My job then was to work at Jones Elementary as a one on one educational assistant to an 8 year old 4th grade boy with autism and other disabilities. It was a difficult assignment, but what made it more difficult was the jealousy the other assistants had for me when it was announced by the boy's guardian that I was the only one who had made any measurable progress with him. His parents were extremely pleased with my work. So pleased they made a special trip to the school to thank me personally. I wish that had never happened, because the retaliation was restarted which was years of harassment constantly being called to the office to explain what I was doing, where, why? I was in a building where there no Blacks, but I was always in the office while my student was running around trashing the classroom. I realized this was a setup to make it look like I was insubordinate and not doing my job. While the principal made me sit in the office for no reason at all the other assistants would allow my student to throw furniture, turn over tables and go on trashing and ransacking the classroom for 20 minutes, which was how long it took until he was tired and the room was completely trashed. They told me that it was mandatory that I take a break outside the classroom while they stood and watched this. I said OK. Then I took a chair and sat outside the door looking in and that solved the problem. The principal then would call me into the office and it started again. So I took my student with me. They just got more and more irritated and angry. His parents told me they understood my methods and they were pleased with their child's progress again and again. One morning on the bus on the way to school a van approached from the left and overtook the the driver's lane causing her to jump the curb to avoid a collision. The bus almost hit a concrete pole, but missed it when the van had passed completely. I had to calm my one on one student as he began to laugh extremely loud. This was not a good sign early in the morning, because his behavior would escalate and he would be out of control for the rest of the day and would probably have to be taken home. His parent or guardian would have to take a day off from work to come and get him. After the driver pulled into a side street and parked to check the bus for damage(to make a report) I made sure my student was alright. The next thing I did was to check on each and every other child on the bus to ensure their safety. It was the right thing to do. There was a bus drivers assistant who sat and did nothing. Three days later I found myself in the principals office again with the union president escorting me out telling me I was under suspension. When I arrived at the district building again It was for another hearing before attorneys and other people from the authorities, The bus drivers assistant Beth Davis said that I had slapped my one on one student in the face several times with an open hand while on the bus on the day of the near collision. The driver couldn't comment, because she exited the bus to check for damage to the exterior. After checking the children ( some very small with various deformities and disabilities) I assisted the driver. checking under the bus for any fluid leaks. There was minor damage to the right exterior from the concrete pole. what she said caused me to get fired and go through eight months of court deliberations facing the state prosecutor in felony court facing charges of felony child abuse with intent to cause harm. As a result, I lost my job, my house to foreclosure, my credit rating, my health benefits, unemployment insurance, life insurance and my community status. The case was televised. Everybody read about it in the newspapers. It was broadcast on radio and talked about everywhere I went. My mother-in-law died of a massive heart attack. The judge said to me in court you can't be around children. With that televised statement, my career ended and so did my marriage and my relationship with the church and community. The public believed the media when John Merkur of channel 4 news said, 'He slapped the child with an open hand several times. With that televised news report it was also announced that I could face six years prison and $10,000 fine. I was forced to live in a homeless shelter for six months. I am a man with six years college education, but the quality of my life has greatly declined since I was falsely accused of the felony charges. My wife told me she believed I abused the child. Once my wife had believed the media I knew I had no one else to turn to all my family members have disowned me and I have nowhere else to go. I moved into an abandoned house and have been living here alone negotiating with the owner. I have to move again. I don't know where I will go from here, but I could sure use some help. The news media tried to persuade the parents to say that I committed this felony act, but she said she didn't believe I would do a thing like that, because I care too much for the children. That was the last thing the media printed. Once I was looking not guilty, the media disappeared. The child's grandmother told me how the press had set spotlights up at her house trying to get a story of a black man going to jail for a felony from her, but she told them what she thought and they left disappointed. Why wouldn't they print that? During the whole court and media time of eight months, I retained an attorney with what little money I had. His name was Timothy L. Baldwin from Milwaukee. He said in a press conference that, We will sue the district. It was broadcast on the 11:00 news. That never happened. The case was dismissed, the charges were dropped and my accuser, according to the judge and the state prosecutor cannot be found by postal service or social security system. Can you figure out who was paid off? I lost everything and haven't been able to find an attorney who will take my case. All they say is show me the money. That's hard to do when you lost everything. My attorney will not return my phone calls. If I call him, he will send me a bill for $45.00 or $55.00. It's a shame. I wish I had an attorney to take my case. I'm innocent. They owe me. It's winnable. I thought about representing myself, but I've seen their dream team of lawyers and how they have obliterated self represented plaintiffs. my life has been so difficult now, I can't even enjoy a church service anymore in this community. People point me out in the supermarket and in other public places, although the media printed the findings from the police investigator, which found the accuser, Beth Davis' story unfounded. The police investigator's name is Mike Shelby of Racine Police Department. I still have a copy of it. Racine Unified School District had the case re-opened just to try to get a conviction on me, but it backfired, so they took it to the state level only to make it appear that the district was not the one trying to prosecute me (slick). They used the media to sway the public opinion. Please take note that the parents never believed the accusations and they refused to even show up in court and take part in this witch hunt as they labeled it. No one from Racine Unified School District showed up in court either. Not one witness. I did once see Beth Davis outside the felony courtroom, but after that she was never to be seen again and still cannot be found this day. Racine Unified owes me the home I lost for slander and libel. They also owe me years of back pay and punitive damages, I wish somebody would make the cowards come forward. I want justice. How about this. When I began the eight months in court, I said to attorney Baldwin, Why don't they just examine the surveillance film in the camera and find the truth and we can all go home and save the taxpayers a lot of money? He replied. The film has a way of disappearing, or something to that affect. The subject of the film was never mentioned again. These words I write are the truth. I have suffered so much pain and misery for something I didn't do. My former students and former co-workers have stated that they are willing to testify on my behalf. Some have faced intimidation tactics by the District. The news gets back to me. It's hard when your job and your income are threatened, but that's the way Racine Unified School District plays it. Dirty and rotten to the core. I would like to have them in a lawsuit, but without representation, they will eat me alive. They are good at what they do and they've had lots of practice wasting taxpayers money ruining the lives of decent hard working people. It's no wonder Racine Unified School District is broke. Jacob Racine, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Racine, Wisconsin
20, Report #149371
Jul 12 2005
01:27 AM
New York School For Medical And Dental Assistants RIP OFF, MISLEADING SCHOOL Long Island City New York
I just have to start by saying stay away! If you live in New York City, and ride the Subway, then you might have seen ad's for the NY School for Medical & Dental Assistants 100 times. This school claims to be the BEST SCHOOL in New York to learn all the skills you need to become a wonderful Medical Assistant. It's ALL a LIE! It all started when I saw the ad on the subway and decided to check out the school, because I was always intrested in working in the medical field. So I set up an appointment and met with a admission rep. Keep in mind that the school use to be located in Forest Hill's, Queens, New York. They just moved to Long Island City in January 2005. Well when I got to the school I could not believe the horror! The school was on the second floor of an old busted building right under some shopping stores. I got to the second floor and was in total SHOCK. The building was dity, walls had holes, floor was dirty, the bathroom, OH MY, horrorible. The classes where LARGE, but full of 100 year old equipment. The desks were old, dirty, broken. The reception desk, the registar, lunch room and financial aid office was in the same area. It was like a cardboard box. They have unskilled, and nasty people as their SATFF. The receptionist was very impolate and very GHETTO! I spoke to the admissions rep, and he made the Medical Assisting program seem good. I was pulled in, but the way the school looked made me think twice. But right when the rep took me on a tour of the school he stated the school was going to be moving to a NEW location. And the reason why the school was leaving was they lost their lease. I was like, lost their lease? A school that charges high tuition can't pay the rent. I told him I would think about it. After a while I decided to go because the program ONLY lasted 8 months, 6 months of class and 2 months of Intership. So I enrolled. I started the class when they were still in the OLD location. They said they will be moving ina week after classes started. I traveled along distance to get there. One week past, another past, and another past. I was always asking when will they be moving and they kept giving me the same answer. NEXT WEEK! Finally, after like a month, the school annouced they will be moving to the new location right after we come back from X'mas Vacation. I was thrilled. Because that old school was terrible. The enviorment makes you sick. Well, we moved to the new location, it looked 1,000 times better then the old school. They said we will have a lounge, student kitchen, a library with computers and internet access and the best equipment possibe. Well, first the lounge was nice, but the student kitchen was a JOKE. It had three microwaves that were filthy. You had to wrap your food in something or put the food in a container because you don't know what was in that microwave. IT WAS NEVER CLEAN. The library was a JOKE too. They had OLD books dating back to like 1905 (i'm not kidding, i'm for real)The library had no computers, of course no internet access. Even our computer lab didn't have internet access. Only the instructors computer which he was always was on chatrooms CHATTING away while he didn't teach us anything, always giving us handouts so we can type. 5 months of just typing. I was told I would learn billing, coding which we weren't taught. Only the basic, just putting your paients info in the system. That was right before our class was about to finish. They said if we wanted to learn billing we should have gone to another school. And the equipment was TERRIBLE. Everything was dusty, dirty, old, broken, the EKG machine never worked properly, and they only had one working EKG with like over 300 students, learning EKG at the sametime. The labs were a disgrace. You had to buy your own uniform, and the blood pressure cuff, ect were all cheap. We only used one textbook, and the tuition covered 5 books. So 4 books we paid for and never used. The uniform policy they have is Terrible. If you don't come in with your uniform they have a heart attack. They will send you home like you are in high school. They don't care if you live far or what. They even threaten to kick you out if you don't come with your uniform. But then, you see other students wearing color scrubs, boots, highheels, ect, and they just pick on a selected few. They never gave homework, the tests were our worksheets which we had to hand in on the day of the test. The exams were so EASY that you will get always 89-100's. Nothing lower. Everyone always had the same grades. The same GPA. The satff was nasty, never helped, always giving you lip. And if you said something back they will send you to the DEAN. Which the dean was WORSE as well. She was nice one minute, and a nasty the next. And if you were absent form school, you had to stay after school and make up the HOURS that you missed. ALL OF THEM!!! A typical school day was 6 hours, so if you were absent three days you would have to make up 18 hours, and they will give you like a week to make it up. IT WAS CRAZY, and if you don't make them up they KICK you out, saying that Financial Aid won't pay the tution unless those hours are met. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY!!!!! But making up the hours were not the only joke, but when you made up the hours you will just sit there, doing nothing. No one is there to help you out. You just stay there bored out of your mind. The instructors, staff and students all talk about each other and pass gossip which caused alot of probelms. The instructors favor certin students, giving them better grades then others, some give the answers to the tests, by passing around and pointing to the choice it should be. There were theats, fights, fires (twice) and alot of the student body was very ghetto and violent. I was so greatful when my 6 months ended, i just couldn't deal with all the drama. I spend 9,000 in tuition and I felt that for 6 months that my money was basicly wasted on JUNK. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have gone to a Community College and taken up Nursing, because it's almost the same. Just that a medical assistant can't give drugs, ect... but everything else you can do. The school is misleading, and oh ya, I finished my 6 months and the library still didn't have computers. It's SAD! The school only cares about the money. As soon as something is wrong with the tuition payment you get a call from the school. I tell people BEWARE, don't go, and if you don't believe, go and check it out. Believe me they will be pushy, trying to enroll you right then in there. Plus, Financial Aid doesn't cover all the tuition, you will STILL NEED TO TAKE OUT A LOAN!!!!! So my advice is STAY AWAY, THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS. Oh ya before I forget, their placement is a joke. For male students, they have a hard time placing them on interships sites, because they said females are better in placing then males. WHY DIDN't they tell them when they first enrolled???? Well I had my nightmare, so i hope this helps others from making the same mistake I did. Carmen Flushing, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Long Island City, New York
21, Report #322707
Jan 23 2012
07:49 AM
Family Kia Of St. Augustine Kicked the tires only and never looked at the problem St. Augustine Florida
Normally I take my car to another dealership to have all my service done, but because of the time limitations, I took it to family kia to have my timeing belt replaced per factory specs. Family Kia replaced the belt and I went on my trip up north but half way thru my trip the car started to make a very odd noise. Over a two week period the noise got louder and louder. Upon my return home, I called family kia and told them of the noise and asked them to look at it, since they were the last ones to perform any work on it. I was advised by the service department that my tensioner pully was going bad and that my transmission was shot. Needless to say I was decended upon by their new car people.. ugh. I had them do a normal service on the transmission, even after the service department told me that the transmissions on my car went bad all the time. I also asked the service department when I could expect the part. I was given a date two weeks out. At that time I called my regular dealership and told them of the problem. I was asked to bring the car in and they would have all the parts that I might need when I got there. Upon inspection of the car, my regular dealership was shocked that any other dealership would let someone drive a car with the condition that the timeing belt, idler pully and tensioner pully was in. When the timeing beld was removed the idler pully fell off the car. Needless to say , I had to replace all thoes parts and even the 2 week old timing belt because it was damaged. I contacted the owner of Family Kia.. Mr Richard Stoff via fax asking him to reemburse me for the additional work that I had to have done to my car due to his service departments screwup. three times I faxed the letter. One day last week I got a letter from Mr. Stoff telling me that my compaints were unfounded and that he was NOT going to entertain the request for the small amount of money I was asking . In my oppinion, this dealership cares nothing about the customer except to get them to sign on the dotted line. There is no service after the sale ( since I bought my first car way over priced car from them and went thru 2 engines because they failed to perform up to standards.) Each and every visit to this dealership caused additional problems with my car, but when I took it to another dealership, it ran great. I wouldn't trust these guys with my car or my wifes NEW KIA or even your car. David St. Augustine, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: St. Augustine, Florida
22, Report #1358867
Feb 28 2017
11:36 AM
Mediators of America, Patrick Kienel A complete waste of money and time St Augustine Florida
I hired the services of this mediator, Patrick Kienel, for $500 to handle a court case filed against me from Discover Bank trying to retrieve money from a defaulted account. He said he would contact them and try to settle. A couple of months later I recieved a court document stating there was a default judgement against me for over $11,000. Unfortunately for me, that's when he apparently started to work. He made arrangements for a payment plan and I was supposed to receieve documents on the payment arrangements and where I was to send the payments. I received nothing. Much to my shock, 2 months later my bank account was garnished and all of my money frozen because Discover Bank placed a garnishment on my funds. I tried to contact the law firm requesting the garnishment but they told me they couldn't speak with me because I gave Power of Attorney to Mr Kienel. When I contacted the mediator, he said he would follow up. I phoned and emailed him several times to no avail. Ultimately, I received court documents to request a hearing to settle the matter. So now I end up having to do the legwork to clear up this fiasco. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in my decision to hire this company. Poor, poor customer service. Stay away from these people, particularly the irresponsible, Patrick Kienel.
Entity: St Augustine, Florida
23, Report #115515
Oct 31 2004
09:55 PM
Law Offices Of Jeffrey Monroe P.a. ripoff, fraud, lies, decieve St Augustine Florida
Basically i retained them for two cases of mine where a company was liable for my injuries and they deliberatley decieved me by telling me they would do things on the cases where i was injured on the job, only to find out later they were all lies. To make a long story short they had me settle with one company and promised to go better on the other case and nothing turned out as promised, both companies got away with not paying anything that will cover costs of medical and expenses not even close!! S o now i sit injured for the rest of my life with four dependents in my family and no help from anyone but family from the state which i reside now i cant work because of my condition and the these companies and lawyers i feel ripped me off due to the fact they got away with all of this and was basically threatened to sign forms per telephone conversation and now im left with this condition the rest of my life and these companies go on making huge profits while i suffer in pain everday..unfair! i cant believe lawyers can lie to the extent they did and these companies dont want to take care of me when they are liable and should rightly do..ive recieved roughly $4,000 total..and thats from both cases..where did the justice go wrong? these companies dont care if you get hurt anymore they wont pay you enough or care to take care of you when your be careful of on the job injuries..they dont care and in the end your left disabled and they walk away smiling.. Jim somewhere, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: St Augustine, Florida
24, Report #252698
Jun 06 2007
09:26 AM
THE ART OF SUSAN HARRISON JUSTAIN (((Ripoff)) money order scam pretending to need au pair St. Augustine Florida
This is another THE ART OF SUSAN HARRISON JUSTAIN scam, but it isn't as forward as some of the other ones. After posting a nanny job listing on craigs list, i recieved this e-mail 5 times. Hello Dear. My Name is Susan Harrison ,Manager of THE ART OF SUSAN HARRISON JUSTAIN, I saw your profile and I am very interested in you being my Daughter (emily)'s Nanny/Au Pair. I will like to hire your service to take care of Daughter (emily) from 18,06,2007-you will be staying with her Or you can take her to your apartment fine,I just got a place around here,i have not really settled down here,I will be travelling out of the country for a business trip and her step mum will be too preoccupied at work and coupled with her busy schedule as a medical nurse,I would want you to help take care of her.She is aged 3years old,and I need you to be taking care of her,I am looking for a full time nanny or a pertime nanny ,and you can live in if you wants to in our residence during this period 1 month,we will also be happy if you will like her to come to your place also,I just want a nanny now and an easygoing one,as I am always away for business will like you to come for interview on 12th of June ,and I will be paying $900 USD for 1 week Job while you will be working 7 hours per day from 10.00 am to 5 pm monday to friday and you will be having weekends off and I have a vehicle available for you and personal apartment.Please email me your rates for the specified 1 Week,travelling charges and I will want you to know that your accomodation and feeding will be adequately taken care of by me and we will do our best to make your stay at our home a worthwhile one.We expect our au pair/nanny to give us a helping hand in any possible way. You play with her, dress for her,doing their chores and above all. Light housework is part of the job. You will work appr. 7 hours a day,And also you can take her to your place to watch, extra hours will be paid extra.Our au pair should be an outgoing, energetic person, self propelling, a communicator, independent, responsible, practical, tidy and flexible, honesty, understandableand trustworthy.In a family with one young kid it can be busy, so you don't mind a little bit of pressure now. With a good sense of humor you'll manage.She's intelligent, She can challenge with questions, discussion etc, but you think that's fun. You need to be intelligent yourself(college or university level) to be able to help her learn. We are a welcoming and social family; we love to share our house with other people; having meals together is very important to us. Yes, we like good food and we hope you do too. We are both self employed as a Manager and medical nurse. We are interested in what goes on in the world:politics, the environment, social issues. We like to read about our profession (communications), philosophy or read literature, although we don't have much time for that.You will have your own room and bathroom, your own tv and vcr, radio/cd and pc with broadband unlimited internet acces and a can use during your stay. You can join an au pair club to meet other au pairs We will make sure you'll get a home away from home and will doeverything to ensure your au pair adventure will be the unforgettable experience you want it to be. To us, an aupair is a member of the Family. Warmest Regards. Mrs Harrison. Sarah St. Augustine, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1070291
Jul 26 2013
08:43 AM
 I was charged by the State of Florida Child Enforcement for $300 extra dollars a month times 10 years for child daycare when my child was NOT in daycare she was attending school full time. The overpayment for childcare for 10 years equals $30,000 overpayment to the mother of my child. I went to court every year for the child daycare fee to be eliminated and adjust my child support to reflect this. However, the state of Florida NEVER corrected the issue. After exhausting all my resources I hired an attorney in 2011 (my daughter was 16 years old and state still taking for DAYCARE) we went in front of the judge and he told the state of Florida to reduce the arrears on the child support which I fell behind on to $4000 and once my daughter was emancipated (18) drop the payment of arrears to $23 dollars a month. The STATE agreed. Since December of 2012 my daughter has been emancipated and they are still taking child support in FULL and have not dropped the arrears to be paid to $23 dollars. I went back to court on June 20, 2013 in front of the STATE and a Judiciary Judge and the STATE once again agreed to the original court order to drop the payment of remaining arrears ($1800) to $23 a month. To this DATE August 1st 2013 the STATE is still taking $300 a month for child support out of my paycheck. It was stated in the judges order if the state does not honor the original agreement of $23 a month we can request via a form for the overpayment of $30,000. I am to the point that I am seeking legal counsel to recoup my arrears and attorney fee's. THE state of Florida child enforcement told me that when a child goes to school child daycare charges DROP off automatically this is NOT true. They STATE of Florida child enforcement told me that once the child is emancipated the child support stops. And if there are arrears and a judges order it will automatically convert to the judges order another false statement. I am not a rich man and this is really ridiculous!!
Entity: St. Augustine, Florida

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