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1, Report #1375711
May 27 2017
04:22 PM
I attened Stanford Brown in Cleveland Ohio in 2013 I was the last Class to graduate due to a teach out. I signed up and put myself in debt because I was told that I would become a certified medical assistant and they would help me find a job after i completed their program. I was also told that 90% of the externships got hired. I was not told that I would have to pay out of pocket for my certifcation tests that cost $250 and $120 because if i would have been told Iwould have never signed up. I went there to get a better job cause at the time i was making $8.10 an hour and supporting my family so how am i affording these tests that should of been in the schools tuistion. So I wasted a year of my time and $10,000 of money i dont have for nothing and this year the goverment took all of my income tax to pay on my loan for and education that i cant even use due to lies 
2, Report #1228621
May 12 2015
12:40 PM
Stanford Brown Institue Stanford Brown Institute embarrassed,. distraught Gaeden city New York
 I am so upset with this school! They signed me up for financial aid and told me I was enrolled in school. I went to my school orientation and guess what.. I was the only one there and they told me they sent me an email saying how it was moved to the week after. THEY DID NOT. The only email I have recieved from this school was I was accepted to stanford brown and don't forget orientation and to reply that I got it. I replied back saying TY and I'm happy to start. They proceeded w my orientation by myself and they took 26$ and 4$ for my GED. they gave my Scrubs and said see you on ur day...... First day of school I walk in and they told me I am NO LONGER ENROLLED THE SCHOOL IS CLOSING. THEN THE GIRL AT THE DESK PROCEEDED TO TELL ME THEY SENT EMAILS N PHONE CALLS. DON'T YOU THINK I WOULDN'T HAVE SHOWN UP IF I RECEIVED ANY INFORMATION?? NOW panic sunk in. I wanted to spesk to someone but thw girl keot telling me NO ONE WAS IN THE SCHOOL AND THEY WERE DOING A TEACH OUT They have all my information m had me chasing around ppl on the phone to make sure they don't get my FASA loan I was covered for. I am upset and very distraught over this. Do you how much it hurt to be happy to find something and ready for start N u go and they say hey ur not enrolled and btw rhe school is closing. They never sent me a notice i want my loans cancelled n my I want my money back. No one has called. My start day was May 1st 2015.
Entity: Gaeden city, New York
3, Report #1166957
Aug 02 2014
04:41 PM
Stanford brown institute never received a job after externship and jobfair referral newyork New York
I was not aware of a lawsuit till I got notified in the mail two years later I was told to inroll in the medical assistance program do to guarantee job placement when I really wanted to do radiology .completed the program was sent to a racist externship site and did nothin but sterilize beds observe colonocopy scopes prep patents for exam  cleaned and serve juice to patients out of recovery they didnt like me so I was dimissed after two days .second site was more hands on and for filling with experience but it was a private doctors office and he had no room for hiring .was sent to a job fair got every application not to mention the jobs available needed more traing to apply .so I ended a home health aude with det .I really liked the school but the under handed robbery is messed up
Entity: newyork, New York
4, Report #1328641
Sep 16 2016
08:30 PM
GE Capital -Eric Brown Scam artist Stanford Conneticut
Very interesting that I was one of the unfortunate that requested a loan and was contacted by an Eric Brown this time, not Johnson, that I was approved for a loan of 1000 but they could go to 3000 for twenty four months at 155 a month repayment.  Sounds good right.....ha first your talking to foreign minority that can't speak decent english.  I had to ask him to repeat several times. By the way he used two different phone numbers. After several phone calls and getting the info on myself and my bank to deposit the money I was told I needed to have an online account for my bank so they could verify my bank info.  So I did this.  They now want my password and user name. Gave......I;m starting to get curious so I called my bank and talked to cs there who I have worked with before.  Told her what Eric was saying that they only work with certain banks and mine wasn't one of them.  They wanted me to open an acct with Wells Fargo ( the bank that screwed all their members), Chase, Us or some navy federal bank for which I have never heard of.  My bank told me that if they are a loan company they work with all banks.  When I called him back I told him this and then he suggested I get a family member who has an account with one of their qualifying banks to accept this loan.  Now I;m really suspicous.  I ended up writing them a nasty letter and to delete all info supplied to them by me.  I also told him I was reporting them to BBB which I did.  Now I have filed a ripoff report. I have all records and text messages from this scamer. Luckly they didn't get my money and I have changed my password to my acct.  These people need to be investigate and shut down thrown in prison and throw away the key...
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1275082
Jul 21 2016
07:54 AM
Stanford Brown Institute I am a 2011 graduate of stanford brown institute I still have no job as a Medical Assistant the student loan is messing up my credit because of the horrible reputation no one wants to hire me I am struggling day by day to take care of my family it isnt fair that this is happening to me im an honest person who tried to further my education. 333 westchester ave White Plains, N
 Stanford Brown Institute has ruin my life I am 2011 graduate still can not get a job as a medical assistant my credit is ruin from the student loan I was lied to by the registrar office I was told that after my externship I would receive job placement some of the instructors were alcholics, disrespectful and sometimes didn't know how to relate to the class what their were teaching I am a single struggling parent who tried to further her education and was lied to numerous times by the addmittions office as well please someone help me.
Entity: White Plains, New York
6, Report #1301226
Apr 22 2016
11:29 AM
international academy of design technology Stanford-brown School cancels program mid-way forces into bach. program then closes down henderson Nevada
I am writing to report the underhanded practices of this university.  When we went in for the orientation we were told all credits would be transferable to a real college, LIES. Then when my daughter took a short break due to the five week on one weekend off then five more week schedule, she was told her program was cancelled. They forced her into a bachelors program to get more money. I feel if you sign up for a particular certificate program than you should be allowed to complete it. If they didn't want to continue to offer it thats fine but if your in then be allowed to complete it. They also made her accept several kits for classes at 400-500 each, even after she told them they were duplicates she was not allowed to return them. The accounting department could never give you a straight answer to any questions. We are now looking at over 20,000 in debt and thats just the parent share. My daughter is facing that if not more and now the school announces it is closing. How does that look on a resume and so much for any help with career planning. I want to sue these people or at least have the debt excused if anyone out there has a suit against them or knows how to proceed please contact me.
Entity: henderson, Nevada
7, Report #39590
Dec 30 2002
09:00 PM
Stanford Medical Center Cheating behavior, bureaucracy, rudeness, and incorrect charges Stanford California
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter to file my complaints against Stanford Medical Center on their cheating behavior, bureaucracy, and rudeness. My bad experience with Stanford Medical Center started after my visit to the Blake Wilbur Clinic, which is one of Stanford Clinics, for a normal physical exam. Two months after my visit to the Blake Wilbur Clinic, I received a hospital charge (patient number: 060014204402) for my blood test at the clinic. I believe that this payment was charged incorrectly by counting my clinic visit as a hospital visit. According to the policy of my insurance company, the insurance will cover 90-100% of my cost if it is a clinic visit, and it will not cover my blood test if it is a hospital visit. Therefore, this charge mistake made a big difference to my payment. I called Stanford Medical Center to correct this mistake. However, I experienced the worst business behaviors during my calls to them. I have several reasons to believe that my physical exam visit is a clinic visit. First, my physical exam was completely done by the Blake Wilbur Clinic. When I made my appointment for the physical exam, I was told that the service would be done by the Clinic. The service was done in the Blake Wilbur Clinic building. Nobody told me that the service was done by any other units during the entire service procedure. Before my blood test, I showed the receptionist my LabOne card (my insurance company gave us that card to get fully covered blood test.) The clerk told me that the blood test could be done by the clinic without using the LabOne card. Second, my insurance company told me that if my visit was not for my sickness treatment, it shouldnt be considered as a hospital visit. I visited Stanford Clinic to have a physical exam. That is obviously not for my sickness treatment. Third, before I visited Stanford Clinic, I asked the price and procedure of a physical exam from my colleague. She finally paid $9.42 for the whole service besides the $10 co-pay. I had the same service as she had. Unless there is no standard on service charges, I dont believe I should pay 23 times more than her. I only had one physical exam at the Blake Wilbur Clinic. For this one physical exam, I received three bills from Stanford Medical Center, and these bills treated my physical exam as 3 hospital visits. Because of the reasons I mentioned before, I called Stanford Medical Center and my insurance company after I received the first bill. After the communication between my insurance company and Stanford Medical Center, they modified the service as a clinic visit, and my insurance company paid its part. After the problem for my first bill was solved, I received the second bill and the third bill all treated my physical exam as hospital visits. My insurance company told me that they would like to communicate with Stanford Medical Center, if Stanford Medical Center would like to verify that these bills are for my physical exam. I called Stanford Medical Center Customer Service Department at least 10 times for solving this problem. The following is some of their bad behaviors I have experienced during my communications with Stanford Medical Center. A representative at (650)-498-7200 told me that I should not receive a bill that was in pink and gray color. She also told me that they would reinvestigate the case, and I did not need to pay it before they informed me the reinvestigation results. Before I got any reinvestigation results, they sent me a letter and told me that they would send my case to a money collection agency. On August 6, 2002, an operator told me that my insurance company should call them to correct the bill. When my insurance company called them, they still told my insurance company that it was a hospital visit. After I called the customer service center again, a male representative told me that he would re-bill my insurance company. According to the record I received from my insurance company, he never did that. They switched me to an automatic answering system again and again until I gave up after an hour. After they asked my patient number, they switched me from one person to another without answering any of my questions. They switched me to a line that nobody answered me in 20-30 minutes. They switched me to an answer machine. Even I left messages there, I never received any call back. They told me that the customer service center was not responsible to this problem and asked me to talk to the doctor and the clinic receptionist to solve this problem. When I called the clinic according to the customer service centers direction, the clinic receptionist told me that the clinic was only responsible for diagnosing disease for the patient and was not responsible for any billing questions. When I called Ms. Bronson (1-800-794-8978 ext. 5352) in the customer service department, she told me that it should be filed as a clinic visit and she would tell all representatives there to verify that. However, when the supervisor of my insurance company, Mary, called them, they switched Mary to 5324, and that person told Mary that my visit was a hospital visit again. A representative, called Nathan Maciel (1-800-794-8978 ext. 5307), told me that he would correct the bill to a physical exam bill and informed me in 2 weeks. However, I never received his call back but a letter telling me that they would give my case to a money collection agency. I wrote a letter to them, and sent it as a certified mail to them. Nearly two months passed, I never received a letter from them that could give answers to my questions. A woman answered my phone around 10 am on December 27, 2002. She told me that they would not care any complaints to any agencies. During my phone conversations with them, I experienced almost all worst behaviors I have ever seen. Still with a little hope to the fairness of this society, I write this letter to you to see if anyone in your unit can really restrict these bad behaviors and bring fairness to the society. Sincerely yours, The following is some links and contact information that may facilitate your investigation of this case. Links on how Stanford Medical Center separates their hospital and clinics. Contact to my colleague (she had the same medical exam and blood test at the Blake Wilbur Clinic, but charged much less than me): The number will be provided for further investigation. Marys (a supervisor of my insurance company, Nippon Life Insurance) phone number: 1-800-937-6542 ext. 38917. I also attached the letter I sent to Stanford Medical Center Customer Service Department. I sent this letter via a certified mail. One and a half month passed, I did not receive their explanation yet. I did receive a letter that threatens me with giving my case to a money collection agency. Qiong Palo Alto, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Hospitals
Entity: Stanford, California
8, Report #326077
Apr 14 2008
08:02 PM
Stanford University Dysfunctional job possibilities upon graduation, campus drug problem, evil associations, wickedness Stanford California This is clearly and surely a campus of academic murderers that violate homes, neighborhoods and families of students and former students for dysfunctional control, juvenile female sadism, spheres of influence and pretentious supremacy that absorbs and wastes the lives of both students, alumni and families. This is a campus of such heinous and theoretically competent murderers that this is realy and truly all I may write about the subject without being critically endangered by this wicked and at times despicably racist and sexist institution, and those violating religious murderers who might pretend to support anything to be invasive and sadistic.... Disregard this and a three-degreed college and university grad - two of those degreed are from Stanford, including a Masters in Engineering, who has in fact commanded all earth from 16 nations says you are really wrong. Law Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Stanford, Nationwide
9, Report #6558
Sep 14 2001
12:00 AM
Stanford Keene High Tech M&A ,,, Do your homework first
I was previously employed by Stanford Keene. They market themselves as high tech mergers and acquisition experts. While I was there, The standard pitch was to sell the Keene base, a rather mystical database of contacts that only Stanford Keene has in the industry. In my opinion you might as well have the company secretary. Managing Directors and Senior Associates there will tell clients that they have a 95% success rate. In reality less than 3 is more realistic. Stanford Keene will take an up front project fee and they will write you a couple of documents using materials that you provided to them and then .......... While I was there Charles Reynolds ran the company, he is a good salesman. If you have to deal with this guy make sure you ask him some hard questions about your industry and only let him answer. After all, he is the expert and has been dealing in your market and space for a long time. Make sure you talk to him for more than 10 minutes. I would also suggest that if you have any contacts in the Charlotte area financial world call them and ask about Bill Smith as well as Charles Reynolds. Bill Smith is the head owner of Stanford Keene he also runs VentureWorx and Addison Whitney. I cannot speak about these companies but do know that they are all under his financial control. I often felt that Stanford Keene was running a boiler room company model. Hire, Fire ,, repeat. Stanford Keene offers employees no dental insurance, no matching 401k or pension. Charles Reynolds brother heads Addison Whitney. Clients of StanfordKeene have included Futurelink, now filing for bankrupcy Burntsand email me if you would like more info information technology mergers acquisitions m&a investment bank ibank charlotte nc north carolina consulting consultant broadview
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
10, Report #399094
Dec 08 2008
10:46 AM
Stanford Financial SCAMMERS RIPOFF Charleston South Carolina
I was trying to get a car i was in desperate need of money. Jane Larson called me one day saying i was approved for a loan and that she was sooo excited to help me. So we went over all the procedures and she faxed me the loan papers and agreement. I was sure they were a legit company. She told me since i had no credit and i was 18 years old i would have to send them 1700 dollars because i was a risk. Well i did i borrowed the money from my grandmothers friend and they told me the money would be deposited in my account the following monday. Monday morning around 11:00 someone from customer service called me saying that they reevaluated my loan and i would need 1700 more before they could send me the money. Well i was like i dont have that kind of money i said i already borrowed the first amount he was like we can do a refund but it wont be until December the 8th. So i was like fine and i was expecting my refund for TODAY! I got my loan papers out and tried to call them and it was a recording that said thank you goodbye. So i got on the internet and came across this and realized i had been scammed. Because of these scammers im going to loose my car that money was supposed to go for the rest of the down payment for my car. I am getting ready to contact better business beareau and talk to a lawyer! This has really put me in a tough spot. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Sre_08 Broadway, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Charleston, South Carolina
11, Report #395947
Nov 29 2008
09:59 AM
Stanford Financial Group SCAMMERS!!! Charleston South Carolina
I trusted this company with my hard earned money and they scammed me. I was contated when I was in diar need of money and this was my last hope. I was contacted bya Jane Larson letting me know that I was approved for a loan. i was so excited things were finally going to go my way. We went all over the procedures and I was convinced that it was legit. I sent my money as told and was told I would receive my loan the next day. The next day I was contacted by a Dennis leeberman at about 11:30 letting me know that there was a problem and more money was needed. Stupidly I asked my dad for the money and sent it to them. I then was promised that the money would be sent to me the following Monday. Again Monday at about 11:30 I was contacted by a hateful man named David Oliver. He told me that the lender backed out. I could send more money in for a higher loan or I could wait three weeks for a refund. I told him to refund the money. Then I proceeded to call back and ask for the woman Laura Hunters place of business and phone so I could have her looked into. David told me that if I even went that route I would never see my money again and he wold make it hard on me. I then knew that I was scammed. I contacted the better business beaura and the canadian police and the fbi. I am now looking for others. I saw that Cammi had posted she had maybe found a lawyer. I am looking for any info any of you have. I found the real Stanford Financial Group on the web and I am going to contact them and let them know that these people are using their name to steal from money. I have also sent te fake group a few emails letting them know that we out here know that we have been scammed and that karma will get them. Please help anything you have. I am not one to back down to anyone. Amber Paducah, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Charleston, South Carolina
12, Report #620917
Jul 07 2010
07:01 AM
Stanford Who's Who Bait and Switch Internet
I just received a call from Stanford Who's Who - they offer a FREE listing via LinkedIn website.  I'm here to tell you that this is EXACTLY the same type of company as Biltmore Who's Who - they offer a free listing, which turns into a $500+ sales pitch, with free airline tickets as the hook. Because I had made the same mistake several years ago with Biltmore, I thankfully knew the direction in which the conversation was going and terminated the interview early.  I suspect that this is the same company.  The phone number did not show up on the phone and the woman I spoke with sounded suspiciously familiar.  Do NOT fall for this scam - it will do no good except rob you of your hard-earned money. I fell for this the first time because I was out of work, scared and willing to do anything to get me a job.  Stay away and do not fill out this application!
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #707541
Mar 18 2011
12:17 AM
Stanford Who's Who DD Squared Sham Clearwater, Florida
Stanford Who's Who of New York moved its telemarketing office to Clearwater, FL. It's in the SunTrust building, the nicest office building in Clearwater. It's listed as DD Squared, but it is the same Stanford Who's Who operation that was described by others in Islip, NY. I worked there briefly. They play their employees like they play their customers. High turnover is an understatement. They've only been in Florida a few months, and they already have lots of disgruntled ex-employees in the area. I didn't like starting and finding out that I'd been lied to in the interview. I didn't like selling something of little value for $800 to some and $10 to others. But the worst part for me was telling people that they were being honored for their achievements, and then charging them. When they realized the flattery was just a sales gimmick they'd be hurt and upset, and I hated doing that to them. I don't know why they moved their telemarketing office to Florida and put it under a different name, but I doubt it's because they were loved and respected in NY.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
14, Report #949995
Oct 02 2012
08:28 PM
Stanford Who's Who Stanford Who's Who again - wanted to cancel, no reaction to calls or emails Internet
There has been numerous complaints about Stanford Who's Who but anyway I got trapped as well. I clicked on a link at Linkedin, advertising some free listing for professionals. As I recently relocated, I thought any networking possibility can be valid. I got a call (first thing) next morning from 1-6316502140 and got some questions on my background and things, considered it to be quite ok. I was promised an online profile, so why not. Then the lady started to talk about some membership and I got overexcited and agreed. From what I understood, they were supposed to create the online profile, send it to me FOR APPROVAL, then put it online and send some welcome package. I was supposed to pay first payment in NOVEMBER and second in January (according to info over the phone), then there will be some monthly decided to give it a try. I got the access next morning (that would be Friday 28/9) and wanted to log in, but checked Terms and conditions first. I started to feel something is not correct, for example I was not given any info about cancellation policy and other terms I didn't really like, so I declined and logged off. I tried to call the number I got (1-6316502140) but couldn't get through. Still somehow naive, I thought it's because of time difference (I am overseas) On Monday (1st October) I found out my card was debited (although the blocation before showed some date in November, as was agreed over the phone), so I started to panic and finally did a proper research. I was not happy at all with what I found. I called them again but without success. I left a message and asked them to call me back, because I feel the things are not in line with what I was told and I want an immediate cancellation. I replied with the same to their email. Ironically, in a minute or two I got a message that my profile has been published - WITHOUT MY AUTHORISATION. I immediately replied I did not approve it and I want to have it removed. Since then I haven't heard from them and calling them just adds more costs to my budget, as I need to go through couple of minutes of answering machine and finally nobody leads nowhere. So, I am filling in this report, I will send them a written statement by mail and I am considering to contact Better Business Bureau to help. Not sure how are my chances to get anything back (although from what I found they should have a written confirmation from me as the transaction is over 500$ so the contract should not be biding at all) but I am ready to give it a try. For sure I do not want to have any future contacts with them and not to be listed anywhere)
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #32993
Oct 20 2002
11:57 AM
NSS Magazine ripoff Stanford Connecticut
I have been charged and repeadly charged and it is holding up my credit card. The frr promition they offered is a scam. I had alrady paid via chack to the company yet they keep chaging me. Rodney Stubina gainesville, Florida
Entity: Stanford, Connecticut
16, Report #157160
Sep 15 2005
08:49 AM
Stanford Financial Off Shore Bank St. Johns Antigua
Beware fo this firm if you plan to invest money in their bank in Antigua. It is an off-shore bank in the traditional sense. Joe new york, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
17, Report #79754
Feb 09 2004
01:35 PM
Stanford Mobile Homes ripoff Unfinished Installation Picayune Mississippi
On December 16th,2003, my mobile home was delivered to my homesite by the owner's son Buddy and the crew of employees. Shortly after arrival Buddy had to leave because he was suffering from the FLU. Within 30 minutes of his leaving the other gentlemen started packing up, and at this point we asked where our steps were. An employee named Mike told us they would be back the next day with the steps. This never happened. In the meantime, after dealing with contractors over the next 5 weeks we had also noticed a definite tilt in one part of the home. Despite numerous phone calls to Shirley Stanford and someone named Randy, no steps and no leveling.We were reduced to using a step ladder to get in and out of our home. I fell off the ladder, and finally the Stanford's sent out 1 set of steps, conveniently when we were not at home. The leveling still has not been done, and when I call Mrs. Stanford tells me they will be out the next day. Hasn't happened yet. So at my extra expense I will have to hire someone to finish the job that was never finished by these professionals. But the Mortage holder did ask me for my evaluation of them, so I got some satisfaction there, plus 2 more horror stories of people ripped off. Darlyn Picayune, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Picayune, Mississippi
18, Report #400934
Dec 13 2008
07:25 AM
Stanford Financial Group Partial securred personal Loan Charleston South Carolina
This company committed via what appeared to be offical loan forms for a partial secured loan. I MoneyGramed 3x to securre a loan trk number 11-13-08 75342596 is MG trk number amt $1,367.82 trk date-11-12-08 72366264 $924.16 trk date 11-14-08 25207411 $814.16 all to Cananda to a Julie Rucker in Minto Canada They promissed me a refund by dec 10th ,2008 no refund was given and no loan and the numbers to call them have been shut down. This was for medical reason I needed the loan and now I have 10 dollars to my name David b Hamilton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Charleston, South Carolina
19, Report #395256
Nov 26 2008
09:32 AM
Stanford Financial Group Just about ripped me off...... Charleston South Carolina
I would like to thank all of you who entered such detailed reports on this company. I was about to give my collateral of 911.00 on Friday to Moneygram, of course. I sent my documents back with one sheet that had some questions on it for my account executive Matthew Penny (how appropriate-huh?). I put my email on it and asked him to send me an email response. I had not heard so decided to do some research. Again-so thankful that people took the time to write their stories. We are in a deep financial mess that could have been made MUCH worse had I wired the money. I just hope Mr. Penny can sleep at night and that he has a very Merry Christmas! : ( Cate63 Prescott, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Charleston, South Carolina
20, Report #569270
Feb 13 2010
10:00 PM
Stanford Who's Who Princeton Who's Who Worked there Islip , New York
I worked there and I hated it. I felt like we were lying to people all the time and like we were just taking peoples money. And I have seen what other people said. They gave you a sheet to read off of and there was a rebuttal for everything someone could say. And they do actually record sometimes because I heard some of them. The pay sucked and I just couldn't stand it so I left. I know a few people who left too.
Entity: Islip, New York
21, Report #721647
Apr 25 2011
06:55 AM
Stanford Who's Who Rip Off Artists Who Can't Even Spell Correctly! Internet
It sounded good for $3.89 which I understood included being listed in the Stanford Who's Who registry, a rather exclusive type directory of professionals.  Not a bad way of getting some business exposure.  After speaking with a representative, the membership information comes fast and heavy, with no clear mention of the payment amount.  I guess at that point with the platinum and gold, and all the other upgrades to another package deals, and the fact that she seemed to be trying to accommodate me, I fell for it........but for only $3.89!  I believe there was some mention of a monthly fee but I figured I would be getting some paperwork on it and check it then.  At no point was the $389.00 amount made plain to me as a charge for this service.  Unfortunately, they wasted no time debiting my account for $389.00.  My computer was out so I wasn't checking my bank balances until some time later.  I immediately called Bank of America and filed a complaint.  They are so slick that they snowballed the bank and sounded like they were the injured party.  In fact, the bank stated that their investigation showed that no error had occurred in this instance.  After checking their letter, I found that they completely misspelled my address, as well as my zip code.  Their Finance Department stated that this is purely a case of buyer's remorse and an attempt to not pay for services provided, as he knows the benefit to him cannot be taken away.  The latter is obviously a ploy to deal with banks that try to settle the claim with them showing that they would be adversely affected.  I believe because of the economy many people, especially artists, would fall for this scam because with the market flooded, name recognition is important and that's what they used to interest me.  You want to separate yourself from the pack and this is one way of doing.  I have still to receive anything and would be surprised since they couldn't even get my address correct but they sure got my credit card number right!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #693318
Feb 09 2011
08:34 PM
Stanford Who's Who Scam letter New York, New York
I received a letter from Stanford Who's Who telling me that I had been selected to represent Omaha as a biographical cantidate in a who's who registry.  One google showed me all I needed to know.  I also posted this info on my profile page on facebook.  It's an intriguing offer especially for someone interested in networking and self-promotion for whatever reason, however, here's an all-inclusive heads-up on the reports I found. Those who were suckered into signing up were not allowed to cancel.  They were instead chastised for not signing up for a more expensive programs because then and only then would the company have enough resources to offer up a refund. (This was within the cooling off period mandated by state law mind you.)  Numerous reports offered incidences of representatives hanging up on them and threatening them when the legitamacy of the company was questioned in phone conversation.  One gentleman went to their website to look at a sample profile page (part of the service they provide) and saw a picture of his friend next to a name and profile that wasn't hers.  Most have had to contact their credit card companies in order to prevent future charges and we all know what a pain that is. I am filing this report hopefully to save another Google enthusiast the hour of time I spent researching this intrigueing yet misleading letter.  Others have been contacted by email and phone and the scam has been presented using other names like Princeton and Cambridge, but always using the, Who's Who, after the name. Please just say no!  Some found it uselful for self-promotion but keep in mind what your paying for. The cheapest plan is $199 and all you get for that is your name in a book.  I'd say screw it and stick to flyers and newspaper ads if you need to gain clientele.
Entity: New York, New York
23, Report #641575
Sep 17 2010
01:11 PM
Stanford who's who Glad I read the Rip-off report , Internet
I received the free offer. A few weeks later the phone rang and I got the sales pitch to sign up for $800. Needless to say I am not going to pay anyone to be listed in their directory. While she babbled on I did a Google search and found them listed here. Thanks for reporting this scam here. Hopefully no one falls for this.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #801754
Nov 25 2011
08:32 PM
Stanford Who's Who Cash withdrawal without permission!!! Stealing!! NEW YORK, New York
I was contacted by Stanford Who's who after clicking on a link in linkedin. [I decided to cancel my linkedin account after that]. I was contacted by a telemarketer who claimed she granted me a membership. She also promised an airline voucher free with membership. An amount of 954 CAD$ was withdrawn from my credit card within hours. I have not signed anywhere. I received a cheap envelope with user id and password. With a postcard as a voucher. No details on how to use it. Totally bullshit service. Will return their envelope its useless!!In october without any warning 203 CAD$ was withdrawn. I was wondering that was an error.I received a call on monday nov 21st confirming my details. I asked the telemarketer repeatedly that no money be withdrawn, and I dont want a penny withdrawn from my account. he repeatedly said no.. no!! And voila, within hours 954CAD$ is again withdrawn-- without my permission!!!!This is plain credit card scam. Money withdrawal without my permission.I am looking for more people and a law firm so I can start a class action against these thieves. Will return the envelope they sent. Need feedback from other consumers. I want a full refund!! nothing less!
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
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Nov 07 2011
09:43 PM
Stanford Who's Who Australia Please wake up to this company Internet
      I have just received an offer I just couldn't refuse, that's if I was a complete idiot with money to burn.A lady with a strong NewYork accent has just offered me a place in the Stanford Who's Who.       I was asked for my views on the industry I am in which is Film and TV production, how many years I have been in the business and some of my achievements to date. I have been in the business for too long to admit to, so I kept it short and sweet.      And after a few Really's and Wows and Fantastics I was informed that I would be enrolled into the lists of the Stanford Who's Who post haste as I obviously was a prime candidate for this austere tomb. This dear American lady made me feel very very important. What could I say at this juncture but those immortal words How much?      This is where it became very interesting. I was to be honored with a platinum life membership along with an inscribed rose wood plaque, and an entry into the book and the website, and all it would cost me was US$800.00. plus monthly payments of US$90.00. There was also a gold membership for a period of 5 years, but as I was informed The platinum was best fitted to my achievements        I am so glad that I am now old enough and wise enough (because I have been stung many times ) to research anything that involves parting with my hard earned dollars. I ended the phone call with the old chestnut line. Leave it with me, give me your number and I will  get back to you once my assistant has done some research into your company. The reply was predictable. We have a publishing deadline to keep, so I will call you tomorrow That's when I hung up . I do hope you do the same when this lady calls on you.. 
Entity: , Internet

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