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1, Report #1380589
Jun 22 2017
10:44 AM
Stellar Graphics Stellar Graphix Horrible Company! mesa Arizona
Do not do business with this company! I own a small business.  When we first started the business we were contacted by Stellar Graphics about buying some promotional ink pens with out logo on them.  The pens were okay but we later decided to not spend money on things like that.  It seems that whenever you tell these people No they step up their high pressure sales tactics. We started getting several calls a week.  All the phone numbers are blocked, so you don't know who it is until you answer.  The sales people are rude, pushy, and just plain nasty.  One sales person called and asked to speak to my wife, who is the business manager for our company.  The sales person started the conversation with, Yeah, I wanna speak with Pamela. Put that ol' dog on the phone!  I told the guy he was speaking about my wife and I didn't appreciate his attitude.  He spewed out some swear words and hung up. This is what these eople do whenever you question why they are calling or ask what they want.  They simply hang up on you.  If you try calling the company's listed phone number you simply get a recording.  If you leave a recorded message requesting that someone from the company call you back, they don't call. Stellar Graphics is, without a doubt, the worst, most unpleasant, and scummiest company I have ever encountered. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SNAKES!
Entity: mesa, Arizona
2, Report #742537
Jun 18 2011
08:16 PM
Stellar Phoenix Stellar Data Recovery, Stellar Info, Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery Refuse to offer support Internet
Stellar Password Recovery refused to offer support for their product.  Supposedly, their $49 program will autorun after the computer is set to boot from CD and recover the administrator password.  It did not perform as promised and support emails were ignored.  Their support person kept asking for an explaination of the problem, but couldn't take the time to read my email which explained that the CD would not autorun.  Don't waste your money!  This company is a sham and a complete rip off!
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #196233
Jun 13 2006
03:24 PM
Stellar Management, Regatta Bay stellar management, NOT SO STELLAR ; Regatta Bay, Rockville, Annapolis Maryland
I am a former resident of Regatta Bay Apartments in Annapolis, Maryland. The complex of about 248 apartments was sold in the summer of last year to a company called Stellar Management, operating at multiple location on the East Coast. [for the record; Regatta Bay is managed by a different company than Stone Point Apartments directly across the street] The company purchased the apartments and although they knew they were going to convert the apartments into condominiums (they included their intentions in documentation at the time of sale) they did not inform the tenants of their intentions. They managed the apartments for about 6 months until a news reporter called the apartment complex to ask if they had notified their tenants of their intention to convert the apartments. Their jig was up and they sent out a letter to the apartment residents of their plans but, for some, the short notice was difficult to handle. (I am not going to tell you who tipped the new reporter, you can guess that one) They finally sent out a formal offer to the existing apartment tenants of their plans, including an offer letter with a discounted rate for purchase. The discounted rate for the purchase was at least $70,000 more than what they paid just under 6 months before............. without any renovations. They purchased the apartment complex for an average of $200,000 per unit. I was in the 2nd to the smallest unit at 675 square feet, a one bedroom. Some of the larger apartments are almost twice that size and were put on the market by their company for $375-$400,000 (again,within months of their purchase). Their offer to me was $243,000, unrenovated, as is and non-negotiable. So, my options were to either pony up the $243K or a single bedroom apartment in a complex I'd lived in since they were built or get out. Well, I thought to myself. O.K. the Fed is raising interest rates, the economy is slowing down, they aren't offering to make any renovations to the unit, they clearly said not negotiable to their price, they just paid an average of $200K for the units and, based on square footage, paid about $175K for my unit. I submitted an offer of $220K for the unit, based on my review of the market, my discussions with local Real Estate People, My review of the Multiple Listings on the largest MPLS service in the Region, my discussions with other tenants and my knowledge of the Fed's Planned Interest Rate Hikes. They, again, made it very clear that they didn't care how long I was in the unit, whether or not it was my home or about any other details. Buy or Get Lost. So, I submitted my letter of intent to vacate to their corporate office in Rockville. The same receptionist, same address and same representatives as the corporate office of the rental office employees. I even e-mailed the notice directly to their director of Operations. After about 3 weeks, I received an e-mail back saying that I was required to file the letter with their leasing agents. My lease had ended and I didn't have a contract with them and my old lease said that I just need to send a letter to the company. At that point they told me that my 30 days notice would not be good until I gave it to the rental office. Even after I submitted the letter to the leasing agent, they then said I would need to send it to the Corporate office. I basically got the runaround for about a month and couldn't reach anyone at the company who would take any responsibility for the issue. I have about 5 more small issues with their company but won't bother you with them....... except for ONE MORE GOOD ONE. After I moved out of their complex and sent them the bill for the move, I received a letter in the mail telling me that my security deposit was used up because of the 30 day notice issue and, on top of that, they were charging me for spot cleaning on a carpet that........ THEY ARE GOING TO REPLACE AS PART OF THEIR MANDATORY RENOVATION. So, basically they just wanted to steal another $50 from me before I hit the road. Yesterday, June 12th, over a 40 days after my move, I received an e-mail from their company telling me that they tried to mail me a letter but it was returned. Guess where they sent the letter...... yep...... to the apartment address that I DIDN'T LIVE IN ANYMORE. If anyone should know that it is them. Overall, this company is COMPLETELY INCAPABLE of managing apartments and I can only imagine all the issues, lack of responses and headaches I would have if I decided to over-pay for their unit. I can only hope that people who do buy the units record everything they do. I am very confident that they will have legal issues in the future. Good Luck to them. After bringing it to their attention that they were stealing from me, they did offer to refund the money they were scraping from my security deposit....... ILLEGALLY. Gary Annapolis, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Rockville, Maryland
4, Report #526883
Nov 21 2009
02:01 PM
Stellar Phoenix CD Rom - Element 5 - Digital River - Stellar Information stellar phoenix, refund, Internet
Their recovery software did not work for me. Their demo did look promising by showing the files, but you have to buy their registration number in order to recover the files. Unfortunately it did not recover the file I was looking for, and I tried all options. Most files ended up corrupt and there was nothing to do be done about it. This company refuses to follow their policy concerning refunds, and their service is rather poor. They just email you back with the same message, offering help when really all they can help you with is nothing out of the ordinary, just simple tasks which I've already done, and each email sounds like a broken record. A different person answers back the emails without checking the previous message. Their technical form is not user-friendly either, and this form is supposed to help you, the customer. How can you be helped if you don't know the technical terms? It's been DAYS and I have yet to see any progress. DO NOT purchase their software. It is not worth spending anything on a product that does not live up to expectations, have terrible customer service, nor have a real 30 Day Guarantee policy. Their customer service is only going to waste your time, so save your money on a genuine company and a product that delivers.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #396411
Dec 01 2008
09:22 AM Stellar Flooring West Orlando Laminate Store is just a website registered to Joe Smith Stellar Flooring Orlando Florida
Below is the Registrant information for Orlando Flooring.Com just another ploy by Joe Smith to market his Mom and Pop flooring store as a big company. Orlando's # Flooring Dealer??? He is not even an authorized dealer with 95 % of the lines he fraudulently represents. Karastan has a certain criteria before they will sell your their displays., Joe Smith does not reach any of them. That's an irony right there, the only thing Joe Smith spends his efforts and your money is on internet advertising. To help him scam more money. I have heard his Orlando Goldenrod Showroom is closed down. Pay your debts Joe Smith. Registrant: Joe Smith address city, FL 32825 US Domain name: ORLANDOLAMINATESTORE.COM Administrative Contact: Smith, Joe address city, FL 32825 US +1.3215940527 Technical Contact: Admin, Domain 3425 EDISON WAY MENLO PARK, CA 94025 US +1.8007972958 Fax: +1.6503647329 Stellar Watchdog Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
6, Report #370615
Sep 07 2008
11:37 AM
Joe Smith Stellar - Stellar Flooring Rips off Yet Another Client with GE financing Orlando Florida
Dear Greg: On June 7, Stellar Flooring charged $6,256 to my credit card. I received no goods or services -- and for a good reason: I canceled the contract. The owner, Joseph Smith, says I owe a 35 percent restocking fee ($2,189) even though he wrote on the contract, Customer has seven days to cancel with no penalty, which I did via phone and certified mail. I do not wish to do business with Stellar Flooring. My area was overestimated by 117 square feet, resulting in a $1,404 overcharge. I have a thick file of paperwork including a contract and pictures of my floors that I had installed for half the price by someone else. Meanwhile, the entire $6,256 charge is still on my credit card while this is in dispute. MELISSA C. NEW SMYRNA BEACH Dear Melissa: Joe Smith was very patient and civil in reviewing this matter with me. Unfortunately, he is in major denial about the contract, on which he clearly wrote, customer has seven days to cancel with no penalty. Key words: no penalty -- i.e. restocking fee. There is no asterisk voiding his addendum for any reason, including your finding another company to do the job. Even though there is ample evidence that you canceled within seven days, Smith insists, She did not cancel. 'Cancel installation of wood flooring' means exactly that: not hire a different contractor. No, that is not what cancel means in this context. It means you canceled your contract with him -- not your intention to install wood floors. The sky is blue. You did cancel. There seemed to be dawning awareness of that in Smith's formal statement to me in which he restated his position but added, Stellar Flooring reserves the right to waive any and all fees at our own discretion. To which I would add: Discretion is the better part of valor. And denial. Rwm Dade City, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
7, Report #1212158
Feb 27 2015
10:40 AM
I used to own the software, but it no longer works on new operating system, so I had to buy it again. It didn't work at all to recover deleted files on a compact disk and when I asked for a refund, they said they wouldn't because there was no bug in their software and it had to be my fault. I asked for the refund the same day and was denied.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #658975
Nov 05 2010
10:05 PM
Stellar Forex Group Stellar Forex Consulting, Useless Expensive Consulting-Teaching me NOTHING in Utah, Internet
    Stellar Forex Consulting got $2100 of my hard earned money and I got  NOTHING.  No consulting, TWO Returned Calls, No assistance, very little guidance except directing me to LOSING trades and LIES  and empty controlling orders to do this and do that to their Webinars that are not to be understood.  I got taken on a slow-ride to the salt-pits of Utah, alone.
Entity: Utah, Internet
9, Report #1087463
Sep 26 2013
07:25 AM
Stellar Management Boulevard Manor Stellar Management Security Deposit RIP OFFS!!!! New York New York
Lived in Boulevard Manor which came out of Mitchell Llama and Stellar Management became the management company.  When Stellar first took over, we were told by certain people at Mid State Management to keep all of rent receipts because Stellar Management were crooks and would accuse us of not paying and therefore, if you do not have the receipt, you can not prove you've paid.  FINE!  I have my rent receipts from the first month Stellar Management took over to the last month I lived in the premises.  When I moved out which was the very first week of the month, the apartment was in decent condition I thought since everything was up to par, I would get my security deposit back.  That was not the case.  People in their Bronx management office are liars and crooks and Stellar Management made up every excuse not to pay me.  The said they went by when the super who is also a crook turn in the key.  When we fought that, Stellar stated I owed the first few days of the month.  It does not add up to $1,000!  Stupid idiots!  Before I moved, I also given them 90 days with notices from when I was just contemplating moving!  Their management office are crooks and they are too busy holding the keys to rent the apartments out when tenants move so they can make bucks on the side!  When you move out, do not give management the keys.  The do nothing but make up lies and excuses so that they won't have to give you back your security deposit.  Funny Ms. Schiff had so much to say but when I had problems with the idiots over me, she told me she did not supervise over those building!!!  DO NOT RENT FROM STELLAR MANAGEMENT.  THEY ARE CROOKS!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  
Entity: New York, New York
10, Report #1303945
May 05 2016
07:40 PM
Stellar emarketing stellar-emarketingStellar-eMarketing, Inc Took me for a ride Nashville Tennessee
I am so disappointed in this company that I can't even begin to express it. All I can tell you is DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER. They promise the world and then string you along wasting your time and money. They tell you that it will take approximately 4 months to start seeing results and then find numerous excuses why it didn't, stringing you along month to month until you catch on to their lies. They tell you that once they put your company on the listings such as google, they do not remove you even if you decide to cancel. This is a total lie. One month after I canceled, I come to find out my company doesn't even exist on google any more. They manipulate the system and are clearly a scheme. These people will not last in business very long.  
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
11, Report #1987
Apr 06 2000
12:00 AM
Edge Graphics is scamming me!!
In December of 1999 ,I placed an order with the graphics company edge graphics, for $307.50 worth of decals for my 1998 Arctic Cat ZR600 snowmobile. They took my order and told me it might take about 4-5 weeks, due to the high demand for snowmobile decals at that time of the year. They told me that as soon as the decals were DONE and ready to ship they would call me ,and at that time send payment. So I agreed to these terms. On Feb.3rd 2000 , I got a call saying that my order was READY to go! So I wrote a check for $307.50 on Feb. 4th and sent it that day. On Feb.6th I recieved another call, they said we recieved your payment ,your order will be shipped tomorrow!The 7th of Feb.So after a week with no decals I called them , they said OH yeah!!, we had a problem with the printer,but it's fixed now, We'll get your order finished up tonight and get them off tomorrow!!Well after yet another week with no decals I called again! THis time they tell they ran out of clear coat when they were trying to finish them up, and It would be a couple more days before they would get more, but assured me that as soon as it aarived they would finish my order and get it sent out. So after a couple weeks with still no decals ,I called AGAIN! This time they actually gave me a tracking#, I was thrilled , until I logged on to , and the order said something like, recieved Manifesto?or some weird thing like that, I dont recall exactly. So I called them back and they said they didn't know what was going on,so they would look into it and get back with me. Needless to say I had to call them back. They now tell me that UPS lost the order. So they would have to reprint them. This time they said your order is priority#1 , well get it finished up and send it out 2nd day delivery. So after another 2 weeeks I called them and more excuses start flying. So I have my bank loan officer and notary of the public call them on Mar. 15th , they said they were just finishing up my order, and I would have by The 18th of Mar. On Mar. 21st , I still have no decals!! So I call yet again, this time I talked to a different guy, he saw very apolagetic, and said that stuff kept get thrwn on top of my order, and he forgot all about it. He said Im so sorry, I will work late tonight so I can get this done, this should have been done over a month ago, and apologized AGAIN!! He said if you call me tommorrow I will have a tracking # for you. So when I called I asked for the tracking# and of course they didnt have one. By this time Im getting pretty upset, so I send them an email stating if I didnt have my order or a refund by the end of March , I would have no other choice but to file a small claims report against them. I called the next day and they verified they recived the message, and gave me more excuses, but asuured me it would be taken care of! On Apr.3rd I still had nothing, so I called again!! He said youre order is right here and Here is the tracking# it will go out yet today. Now today Apr. 6th I went to and typed in the tracking# they gave me. And it says tracking# is not in the ups data file. Can someone HELP ME?
Entity: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
12, Report #1208657
Feb 12 2015
01:00 PM
Specialty Graphics advertisting, specialties, promotion Phoenix Arizona
2/12/15 Received call from Patrics at 602-384-2918 talked very fast, told him not interested.  He was rude then and asked if my doors were still open and I asked him to repeat what he said and he said it again. 2/12/15 googled company spoke to reception.  Explained situation and asked for sales manager.  She wanted to refer me to Customer service manager. I said I can talk to the sales manager or I can contact BBB. I spoke to Anthony who might have been the sales manager but who knows.  I explained what happened and he wanted to know the # I got called from but I was calling from my phone and was not about to hang up and look it up.  He did not seem to want to continue the call unless I did that and said I could either look it up or he could end the call. So, I hung up on him. 2/12 Filed BBB report about my experience so far with their sales rep and the subsequent call. 2/12/15 Called company again and now I ask for the legal department or the asst to the president and they give me to a Customer Service Manager John.  I told him the experience as well and he tried to put it off on another company with a similar name. I told him I looked up the phone number, called it and confirmed the address was 150 S 51st and they confirmed it.  He offered to take my name off their list.  My response was that I enjoy burying companies and would make it my mission to put them out of business.     2/12/15 - I posted a yelp review along with all the other complaints about this company 2/12/15 - Next steps - I will be contacting the local Chamber of commerce, the State of Arizona, The county and anyon that will listen.  I will bury them with having to respons to all of these inquiries until I am able to confirm that they are no longer in business.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
13, Report #671383
Dec 14 2010
01:38 PM
Splat Graphics BUYER BEWARE Bad Business San Juan Capistrano, California
The WORST workmanship and customer service I have ever experienced...Very UNPROFESSIONAL. I had shirts, hats and jackets embroidered...besides the logo not be as big, same location, and same thread count as discussed, I let all that slide. When I went to pick up, the pricing was about 20% higher than agreed upon.....the order didn't change and a 50% deposit was already left on the total bill.Owner was very reluctant to give a receipt at original time of purchase saying his printers were down...had to call twice the following day to receive. All to this point has been trivial in my mind and a small irritation rather than a true bother. The worst part: Embroidery came out so sloppy and unreadable they are an embarrassment for my staff and my customers to wear. I have taken them to 2 other embroidery shops to get a professionals opinion about the quality to see if I was being too picky... they both laughed and reassured me that it wasn't my imagination and a that they would never allow work like that to leave. I have been in contact with owner several times and after making excuses and defending work as industry standard he said he would fix them...after several unanswered attempts spanning over 6 weeks nothing has been done and my patience has run out. BUYER BEWARE...Please do your homework on this company before parting with your money!!!  Big DISAPPOINTMENT!!!
Entity: San Juan Capistrano, California
14, Report #844921
Feb 26 2012
01:27 PM
Adviser Graphics LLC The Graphics LLC Job Scam Washington DC, Internet
BEWARE!!!!What follows below are all the communications between Adviser Graphics' LLC based in Sweden and myself. As you will see this is a very slick operation but there are several things that ultimately gave them away. If I had listened to my own first internal gut feeling it never would have gotten as far as it did. As it is, it only cost me time and aggravation, but it could have been considerably worse.Initial communication - Jan 26From: Upton Romero (email address removed as instructed in ripoff report) Dear Prospective Candidate: The Graphics, LLC would like to offer you Equipment Specialist position at Equipment Department. Join Graphics Ltd. and you'll work in a dynamic environment with other talented individuals who inspire greatness in their teammates. Our unique position ensures that you'll always be challenged in your work and supported in reaching your most ambitious goals. Position name: Equipment Specialist; Position field: Equipment Management; Open period: 1/27/12-2/14/12; Salary: start-up salary of $70,000.00/year, paid monthly by your choice of check or direct deposit; Benefits: Paid Holidays, Personal Time Off, medical, dental, vision, long- and short-term disability, company-paid life insurance, 401(k); Who may be considered: all United States citizens/residents; Duty locations: the vacancy is available in more than 17 states; Position type: full-time. Key responsibilities: - Work closely with General Specialist to develop and maintain equipment strategies that are aligned with market and corporate strategies. - Evaluate existing equipment and manage appropriate actions to improve equipment and it's efficiency. - Communicate with all active Departments to ensure company-wide launch readiness. - Monitor competitor activities to determine possible future upgrades. - Operate with a high degree of independence in a fast-moving environment. - Foster client relationships. Skills and Competencies: - Experience managing vendors - Strong negotiation and analytical skills - Ability to think strategically and execute methodically - Executive level verbal and written communication skills - Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority Qualifications and Experience: - GED - Minimum of 3 years successful related business experience - Basic Computer Skills (MS Office, MS Project) - Knowledge in technology If you are interested in our job offer, please reply back with your resume. In the subject box please insert title - Equipment Specialist. We will only consider CV's sent through the e-mail unless an exception has been approved by a manager of the HR Office listed on this announcement. Sincerely, Kylan Marks Senior HR Manager, The Graphics, LLC My Response - Jan 26  RE: your job offer: please find my resume attached.  Note: I have not revised my resume to specifically reflect the needs of the position offered - rather, I have let it remain intact (in its current focus on teaching), so that you are able to view my past and ongoing involvements. Respectfully, Jon Their Response (though I did not make the connection to the first email) - Feb 6 From: Anna Stone  Jonathan, Since  2002,  Adviser  Graphics, LLC has been the supplier of choice for  high-quality design and graphic services on international market. Adviser  Graphics,  LLC  is  helping individuals in our community to build rewarding careers. We are presently searching for an experienced individual to be part of our company in new US branch. A copy of the initial information of the job was included but with a slightly higher salary. To accept the job offer: - request an Employee Survey (in written or verbal form); - complete  the  Survey  and return it in appropriate format over the electronic mail; - wait for further instructions from HR Department. For  any  questions,  please  contact HR Department at (202) 657-6247, Monday  through  Friday,  9:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST, or leave your contact information  and  we  will  get back with you as soon as possible. For more     information,     please     visit     our     web-site     at Good luck.Best regards, Anna Stone HR Assistant Adviser Graphics, LLC.My Response - Feb 6 Hello Anna - thanks very much for writing to me. The position sounds very interesting and well within my skill sets. Please accept this note as a request for the Employee Survey Thanks very much, Jon Their Response - Feb 7 From: Anna Stone stone@advisergraphics.comHello Jonathan, Thank you for your interest in offered Equipment Specialist position.I have attached an Employee Survey for your review, whichconsists of two parts: personality test and short questionnaire.Employee Survey is an obligatory document which you need tofill out if you want to apply for this position. However, Surveyis not an employment document and filling out Employee Surveydoes not give you any guarantees of further employment. Please, be accurate and attentive while filling out Survey.Based on the results of Survey check up HR Departmentwill make decision concerning next steps in the employmentprocess with you. Survey check up may take up to 3 businessdays and as soon as Survey is checked, I will provide youwith further details. Please, find Employee Survey attached.Respond with filled Survey within next 24 hrs.Please, confirm.Have a good day.Same day: I requested the Survey and almost immediately I received it, filled it out and returned it: Job Title:Equipment SpecialistName: Company:Adviser Graphics, LLCState/zip code: Level:Full-time/permanentCity/Address: Salary Range:$70,000.00 per yearPhone number: HR Contact:(202) 657-6247Date posted: Employee Survey*Personality Profile Form Below is a list of words. Enter the NUMBER in the Box that BEST describes your Personality, Characteristics and Traits AT WORK. Take your time and be as honest as possible. Please be sure and fill in an answer for ALL of the words. 1 = OFTEN Applies.2 = In Between but More Than Half the Time3 = Applies About Half The Time4 = In Between but Less Than Half the Time5 = SELDOM APPLIES EXAMPLE: If the word describes you MOST ofthe time, choose 1. If it hardly EVER applies,choose 5. If it applies somewhere in between,choose 3. Use 2 and 4 to show emphasis inone direction or another. 1.[  ] Skeptical                                 2.[  ] Inspiring                                                                   3.[  ] Easy Going                                 4.[  ] Problem Solver                                                               5.[  ] Patient                                                                   6.[  ] Sociable                                                                            7.[  ] Promoter                                 8.[  ] Tolerant9.[  ] Good Listener                                                                  10.[  ] Curious                                             11.[  ] Practical                                        12.[  ] Logical                                                              13.[  ] Demanding14.[  ] Believable     15.[  ] Efficient                                         16.[  ] Analytical                                                                       17.[  ] Accommodating                                        18.[  ] Influencing                                                                   19.[  ] Supportive                               20.[  ] Planner                                                                      21.[  ] Resourceful22.[  ] Talkative                                                                    23.[  ] Loyal                                          24.[  ] Strong Willed                                                                                                                                                        25.[  ] Follows Rules26.[  ] Confident                                          27.[  ] Risk Taker                                 28.[  ] Idealistic                                     29.[  ] Enjoys Change                           30.[  ] Accurate                                      31.[  ] Workaholic                                  32.[  ] Follows Through                       33.[  ] Optimistic                                34.[  ] Motivates Others                        35.[  ] Adaptable                                   36.[  ] Perfectionist                 Questionnaire What kind of skills and abilities do you have?           What part of working experience are you proud of?           What usually motivates you during work week?           What is (are) the most significant achievement(s) in your life?           What are your strengths and weaknesses?           Do you prefer to work independently or in a team?           How do you work under pressure?           Where do you see yourself in five years time? What's your ideal company?     What type of work environment do you prefer?In what ways do you raise the bar for yourself and others around you?                                  Created by:HR Department of Adviser Graphics, LLC Companys HQ:1425 K St. NW, suite #108, Washington, DC 20005 Feb 8 - Anna Stone wrote again Good morning Jon, This message confirms the receipt of your filled Employee Survey. I have forwarded your profile to HR Department for check up and will be waiting for soon update. Check up process may take up to 3 business days. As soon as any update is available, I will immediately contact you. Also, in addition, HR Department may set up a phone interview with you or request references. I will let you know if we need any additional information from you. Will be in touch with you. Have a great day. Isn't she kind? Feb 9 Again I received a message from Anna Good morning Jonathan, How are you today? This message confirms that your Survey has been checked and we are ready to move to the next step in the employment process. One of our HR Managers will contact you on 2/14/12 between 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST. Please, do not worry, if you are unable to pick up the phone, we will leave you a detailed message and send necessary documents and instructions over the e-mail. Have a great day.Sure enough on Valentine's Day I was contacted by Matteus Solberg (email address removed as instructed in ripoff report) Hello , After further review of your resume and results of Employee Survey check up, HR Department of our company made an affirmative decision in regards to your candidacy. We are willing to complete the employment process with you! I have attached an Employment Agreement for the probation period. Employment Agreement consists of fifteen articles describing job duties, responsibilities, salary payments, tax deduction and etc. Please, note that provided Agreement is only for the probation period (one month). Completing probation period is obligatory for all full-time employees. You will be given 2 business days to carefully review the Agreement and make your complete decision. Please, pay attention on terms of the employment. Probation period is a one month period. By the end of probation period you will be paid and you will be invited to local branch to meet in person, sign permanent Agreement, discuss benefit package and further steps. To start probation period, please, print out the last page of Agreement (Signature Page), sign it, scan it and send it to me over the e-mail. At the moment we do not accept faxed copies due to the bad quality of copy. Please, confirm the receipt. Have a good day.This is a Copy of that Contract Employment Agreement This Agreement dated as of Effective date of Agreement 2/14/12 between Adviser Graphics, LLC (The Company) and Jonathan Ellis (The Employee). In consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions hereinafter set forth and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows: Article 1 Employment   The Company hereby agrees to employ the Employee as an Equipment Specialist and the Employee agrees to be employed by the Company on probation period, working from Monday through Friday, with approximate amount of working time of 10 hours a week (flexible time schedule with 1-2 hrs per day). Company hereby appoints Equipment Specialist as representative for the procurement of required Merchandise which Equipment Specialist will procure on behalf of Company as Company instructs, and Equipment Specialist with respect to such Merchandize purchased in territory of Equipment Specialist (fixed region, place of living) under terms and conditions specified in this Agreement. Article 2 Job Responsibilities  Equipment Specialist shall, on behalf of and at the direction of Company:a) Negotiate with independent manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors with respect to prices, terms and deliveries for finished Merchandise and other items and materials relating to the production of such Merchandise;b) Enter into purchasing contracts with independent manufacturers and vendors with respect to required Merchandise;c) Inspect finished goods destined for shipment and delivery to Company for quality control purpose and to confirm that all goods are the product of the stated country of origin (United States of America) and issue inspection certificates (purchasing receipts) certifying that the goods conform to purchase contracts or order including designation of country of origin;d) When requested, arrange for international transportation and/or appropriate insurance coverage, relating to shipment and delivery of the goods to Company;e) Engage on market research activities and generally keep Company advised of market trends, sources of supply, new items including procurement of samples;f) Inspect all documents covering shipment to ensure that invoices, country of origin declaration and other shipping documents as required by contracts, purchase orders and etc. are in good order;g) Treat all information and specification regarding Merchandise purchased under this Agreement as confidential proprietary information of Company and use its best efforts to ensure against disclosure to third parties;h) Perform any other services and activities including negotiations relating thereto and payment therefore. Article 3 Other Business   The Employee can engage, without prior written approval from the Company, in any private commercial transactions or work on behalf of himself or any other individual or company.  Article 4 Salary  1.  The Company will pay the Employee a probation salary in United States Dollars in accordance with the following standard. The Employee shall not request the Company to make any payments, including but not limited to wages, allowances, benefits, insurance premiums or disbursements, unless otherwise expressly specified herein. Basic Wage is paid monthly, by sending a check to a place of Employees living, in case there is no other place specified by Employee. ? Basic Wage: In consideration for the designated work, the Company will make the following payment to the Employee: $1,700.00 per month. 2. Commuting Expenses  The commuting expenses for the transportation between the Employees work place and his/her residence will be reimbursed to the Employee on the 25th day of each month for the previous months expenses.  3. Tax Deduction  The Employee acknowledges that the salary and any payments to be made hereunder shall be     subject to withholdings of any taxes, and deductions of any taxes, social welfare pension premiums, health insurance premiums and any others levies under the laws and regulations of United States of America. Therefore, it is agreed between the parties hereto that the salary as stipulated in Article 4.1 and payment if any are mentioned taking into account such withholdings and deductions and already free of it. 4. Other Expenses  Company hereby agrees to pay for all extra expenses including, but not limited to: gasoline expenses, telephone bills (in case of international calls), Internet services (in case of over limiting standard Internet traffic), shipping and purchasing expenses. The extra expenses will be reimbursed on the on the 25th day of each month for the previous months expenses. Article 5 Expenses for Business Trips   In the case that the Employee, with the approval of the Company, takes a business trip in performing his/her work duties, the Company will pay or reimburse to the Employee the expenses for the business trip in accordance with the regulations issued by the Company.Article 6 Sick Days   The Employee shall receive a maximum of 7 paid sick days for one month probation under this Agreement in case that the Employee receives medical treatment from a physician.  Article 7 Confidential Information   The Employee shall hold in confidence, and shall not disclose to any third party, any confidential information of the Company, including but not limited to the list of partners Company working with and any financial information, and shall not use such information for the benefits of the Employee or any third parties.  Article 8 Reputation   The Employee shall not defame the reputation of the Company and the related companies, or other employees or customers of the Company or the related companies.  Article 9 Probation   The Employee will process probation by The Company as follows:1. Initial On-Line Probation: Initial probation, performed by supervisor will be given to the Employee to learn and acquire the skills for purchasing activity. Probation will last 3-4 weeks in accordance with Companys policies. Employee must proceed first month of probation without failure in order to apply for a full-time employment. Probation period is paid by the Company in accordance to the Companys terms of salary payments (Article 4.1).a) Successful accomplishment of initial on-line probation process guarantees Employee further employment on a full-time basis. By the end of probation period Employee will be provided with certificate of Equipment Specialist, full benefit package and Permanent 5-year Employment Agreement.b) Important: in order to complete Probation period and receive a certificate, Employee must complete all given analytical tasks and at least 2 (two) Purchasing Orders (in any amount provided by Equipment Department). As soon as all aspects of probation are completed, Employee will be promoted to a full-time Equipment Specialist.2. Additional Training: Additional Training will be given to the Employee when necessary to improve the key skills.  Article 10 Term and Termination for probation period   The probation of the Employee under this Agreement shall begin on 16th February of 2012 and end on 16th March of 2012 and the Agreement shall not be renewed automatically.Article 11 Termination of Agreement 1.  The Company may terminate this Agreement in accordance with the following provisions at any time for the employment period of this Agreement: a) The Company may terminate this Agreement at liberty without any obligation to the Employee if the Employee breaches any points stipulated in this Agreement, or the rules or regulations, or misdeed or fault any points stipulated therein.b) The Company may terminate this Agreement at liberty without any obligations to the Employee if the Employees acts cause damage or loss to the Company or related companies. c) The Company may terminate this Agreement at liberty without any obligation to the Employee if the Employee breaches any provision of the laws of United States of America or Sweden, or the Employee is arrested and charged on criminal grounds. d) The Company may terminate this Agreement at liberty without any obligation to the Employee if the Employee performs any act unbecoming an Equipment Specialist. e) The Company may terminate this Agreement out of necessity if any unavoidable circumstances concerning the Companys business arises.  2.  During the employment period under this Agreement, the Employee may terminate this Agreement by giving the Company written notification a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the termination date.   Article 12 Arbitration  The two parties shall consult with each other and mediate any disputes, which may arise about the contract. If all attempts fail, the two parties can appeal to the organization of arbitration for foreign experts affairs located in the region of any part of the contention and ask for final arbitration.   Article 13 Integration   This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between the parties as to the subject matter for this Agreement and merges and supersedes all prior discussions, agreements and understandings of any and every nature between the parties. Article 14 Financial Activity 1) Company hereby agrees to provide Employee with required corporate funds to accomplish purchasing and shipment of Merchandise during probation period.2) After 1st month of probation business corporate credit card will be issued for Employee. Business corporate credit card will be issued by one of the US banks per decision of Financial Department. Corporate credit card will be opened under Companys name and Employee will become an authorized user of it. 3) Corporate credit card will be shipped to Employee within 3-4 days after issuing, and will be used only for purchasing activity of Company.4) Before issuing business corporate credit card Company agrees to provide Employee with required funds. All transactions will be authorized by US banks and will be completed through secured banking operations such as: direct deposit, authorized wire transfer to debit card, other bank transfers. Company may, as well, authorize Employee to use corporate account and corporate funds using written instructions, provided by Company.5) Personal Training Manager must notify Employee about the exact way of transferring funds prior to completing any purchasing activities.6) In case if Employee spends any personal savings during purchasing activity, Company must reimburse Employees expenses in the same day or day after in any convenient way. Article 15 Supervisory  In order to control purchasing activity of Employee during probation period, Company agrees to provide him/her with personal Training Manager. Employee agrees to perform his/her duties under control of Training Manager. Training Manager agrees to be responsible for Employee during 1st month of probation. Signature Form (fills by Employee in pen only)  Klaus Meinen, Head of HR Department Adviser Graphics, LLCKlarabergsviadukten 70, 111 64 Stockholm, Sweden  Verified by Will PerkinsHead of HR Department Adviser Graphics, LLC US (line for signature) Jonathan EllisMy, My, My doesn't that look official? Actually the answer to that question is NO, but I was somewhat  taken in. I signed and returned it on the same day with the following message: Hello Matt - Please find attached to this email the signed copy of the Employment Agreement. You will see that I simply altered the original document, recreating the last page with my signature affixed, and have returned the entire thing rather than scanning etc...  Additionally, I do have a few questions, the first being how did you come across my name? Secondly, what do you know of my credentials? Do you have a copy of my resume? And finally, please know that I am asking this with all due respect, but can you explain to me why the logo at the top of the Employee Agreement does not look professional? You must realize, considering my answers on the Employee Survey, that I am very curious by nature. I look forward to our continuing relationship, Best, JonI thought my question might bring some light to what these strange Swedish people were doing and I got this response on Feb 15 Hello Jonathan, This e-mail confirms the receipt of your signed last page of Employment Agreement (probation period). I have forwarded your Signature Form to Secretary Department for further verification. FYI, verification process usually takes one business day. As soon as verification process ends, we are planning to start probation period with you. Before moving to probation period, we will need to fill out tax deduction forms (you will receive tax deduction forms on the 3rd week of probation), confirm work schedule with Training Department, prepare personal assignments and make sure that provided schedule will be suitable for you. Meanwhile, Equipment Department will prepare a list of equipment, required for supplement. Financial Department will contact US bank partners to discuss further steps concerning issuing of corporate business credit card for you as well as temporary ways of transferring funds to you during probation period. As for inspection, by decision of Training Department I will be responsible for supervising you during probation period. For any questions you may send me e-mail or call me at . I have included you in the most suitable group starting probation period on 2/17/12. Please, expect first probation assignment from me between 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM your local time. I will send you first assignment and instructions over the e-mail. Please confirm receiving of instructions. Have a good day.And Matt included this in the message P.S. Here is a copy of your e-mail which you sent to our manager on 2nd of February: RE: your job offer: please find my resume attached. Note: I have not revised my resume to specifically reflect the needs of the position offered - rather, I have let it remain intact (in its current focus on teaching), so that you are able to view my past and ongoing involvements. Respectfully, Jon Jonathan Ellis We have also received your resume and review your professional background. I do not have an answers for you concerning the logo on top of Agreement. This is a certified document of our Swedish Head Office. I am sure with more than 12 years of professional work in engraving, design and graphics field they know how to make professional logos.I wrote back Thanks for your very direct answers to my questions Matt.  I now realize that I did indeed send my resume to a person identified to me as one Upton Romero (the email sender) though the email was signed Kylan Marks, Senior HR Manager, The Graphics, LLC. Perhaps you can understand my confusion? It is only through your response that I realized that Adviser Graphics and The Graphics are one-in-the-same company. With that in mind I eagerly look forward to our work together, and I shall be watching for the referenced email instructions on the 17th. You can expect my very best effort. Cordially, JonAnd received this assignment (busy work and looked official - this is elaborate - yes?) Hello Jonathan, How are you today? According to work schedule, your probation starts on 2/17/12 and ends on 3/17/12. As we already discussed, I will be supervising you during probation period. For any questions, you may find me on the phone from 9 AM EST - 2 PM EST, otherwise, leave a message or send an e-mail. First probation week will be a week of few simple analytical tasks, second week will be purchasing week (during this week you will need to complete at least two PO's), third and fourth week will be a week of new analytical tasks concerning future contracts. All tasks will take 1-2 hours a day from you, for your convenience you will be able to use Internet resources and contact manufacturers to request prices. Please, find description of first probation assignment below: 1) The attached General Contract #31 is a contract, which you will be leading during probation period. At the moment most part of our new US and European facilities are in need of office equipment, such as high-performance Apple technics. General Contract #31 will be divided in to several small PO's. You will be completing that PO's during test purchasing week. During this week you will need to complete at least two PO's to successfully pass this step. Since this is a test purchasing step, there will be NO out of pocket expenses from your side and all purchases will be made on corporate funds provided to you by Financial Department. 2) Today your task will be to find equipment per GC#31 in nearest retail stores and provide me with the list of stores per further requirements: - you will need to locate not less than 3-4 different stores; - all stores must be located in not more than 50 miles round trip. Assignments to complete: - provide with information, such as: store location, mileage from home to store (round trip); - complete a detailed price-list for required equipment; - complete report in Excel spreadsheet list; - respond before the deadline (2/20/12 by 12:00 PM EST). 3) As soon as I receive your first report, I will provide you with next probation assignment. 4) To avoid any delays during probation period, please, try to check your e-mail box several times a day, preferably between 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST. 5) You may check prices using Internet resources such as web-sites of retailers and manufacturers. Note: we accept only individual work and do not accept any quotes from manufacturers or store representatives. 6) Do not forget that you are completing PROBATION assignment. So far, do not purchase or order any equipment, do not discuss bulk purchasing with manufacturers or any discount until the Equipment Department requests so. Please, confirm. Have a good day.I began doing some research work for them on Feb 21 and received the following Hello Jonathan, This e-mail confirms the receipt of your first accomplished assignment. I have reviewed your report and I am impressed. Very informative and detailed. I have forwarded your report to Equipment Department for verification. They will provide me with further details concerning GC#31 in the nearest business day. The second assignment is an addition to the first one. You have already found store locations and prices for the equipment. Now, we need to find local transporters, who will be shipping goods to corporate facilities and our clients. Your second assignment will include researching activity of shipping offices in your locations. You will need to provide our company with list of transporters in your location offering domestic and international shipment of small packages (under 30 lbs). Requirements and objectives for assignment Transporters: 1) Prepare a list of USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL offices in your location, including following information:  a)address of shipping center;  b)working hours of shipping center;  c)round trip distance;  d)services offered (domestic, international; priority, express  delivery). 2) Complete report in Excel spreadsheet list. 3) Deadline - 2/21/12 by 12:00 PM EST. Please, confirm receiving of instructions. Have a good day.And so came the second assignment (afterall - he was impressed with my work, right) I did it quickly and returned it to get this message Greetings Jon, I am in a receipt of your report per assignment  Transporters. Your report has been reviewed and forwarded to Equipment Department for further verification. They will get back to me with complete decision soon. You have completed 2 analytical tasks already and we are going to start purchasing week and week of further analytical tasks. I have already received task schedule and instructions for the purchasing step and, before I send them to you, I will need to discuss further steps in greater details. I would like to set up a phone conversation with you on 2/22/12 at 1:30 PM EST. It will take about 5-10 minutes of your time. Please, let me know if this time works for you. Have a nice day.We had a conversation on the phone during which Good old Matt gave me some information on how I would be given access to Adviser Graphics corporate bank account by which I was to pre fund my credit card until they could issue me a corporate card once I was hired Ah, we were to have yet another conversation. When we had that conversation my gut feeling kicked in again hard so I began doing even more research on the company... There were no scam or rip-off reports. The website had a couple of glitches, but sometimes that happens. I had done searches of everyone listed on the website and actually found nothing and I mean nothing at all as if they didn't exist! That is of course because they don't exist! He missed his phone appointment with me because Dear Jon, I do apologize for inconvenience, however, I would like to reschedule our conversation to Monday 2/22/12. I will be in the office from 9 AM till 2 PM EST. Let me know what works best for you. The reason I have to reschedule our conversation, is that Financial Department will be on a meeting with banks whole day today, so further details will be available only on Monday. Please, confirm.I went back to the website and called the phone number in Sweden. Next I wrote this last message to Matt Confirmed, however I will not be available to talk on Monday until 1:35.  In addition, you should know that, as I think about the financial arrangements that you have proposed, I am feeling uncomfortable.  While Adviser Graphics LLC knows a great deal about me I know virtually nothing about them - other than information on the website. I tried to call the office in Stockholm + (4646) 026 26 00 00 and found the number to not in service. This did nothing to ease my level of confidence. While I am quite willing to do the work assigned (though as of this moment, even in the face of losing the offered position, I have halted all work), I am not willing to be involved in electronic transfers of funds. Please allow me to offer a different solution: please purchase a postal money order, or a certified bank check from any JP Morgan Chase bank and send it to me via overnight mail. I will then cash it directly at the bank or PO and make all purchases required in cash. Matt - this is a business decision. Good business requires that all our cards be placed on the table.  I have, in this email, placed my cards face up. I await your response.I really do not expect to hear from them again. If I do I will place that conversation here as I will be recording it. In spite of my offered solution I will not be doing any business with these people under any circumstances. It didn't feel right to begin with and it doesn't feel right now. Maybe I'm their very first target of opportunity. Hopefully I will also be the last.
Entity: Washington DC, Internet
15, Report #1146362
May 13 2014
02:28 PM
SGI Specialty Graphics Inc SGI Phoenix Harrassing Calls, Fake Company, Stay Away! Phoenix Arizona
SGI Phoenix or Specialty Graphics Inc will not stop calling me. They call off a blocked phone number that always comes up no caller id so I always know I'm about to hear the same stupid sales pitch. Hello sir, last time we sold you X, Y, Z and I'm give you a call with one stupid joke and to inform you about our new produces. Oh really, we bought something from you? When was that? Thats when their shady sales people know that they have reached yet another person who knows exactly what they are up to and it doesn't go much further. I either get hung up on or met with some lame excuse. This is obviously a well known scam where the salespeople hope to reach someone at the company who doesn't know any better and they place an order only to receive nothing or some complete junk of a product. Look at their website and you'll quickly realize there is only one explanation for how they can afford to pay for this huge room of sales people and that is by ripping people off. This company should be investigated! We have numerous numbers so I have given them the benfit of the doubt and time in having the phone numbers removed. Now its a couple weeks later and they are back in full force. I numerous customer service reps that this is what was going to happen but they just don't care. Chances are they will shut down this company and re-open under another name. Investigate the owners of this scam!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
16, Report #763702
Aug 11 2011
09:07 AM
stellar clothing company india stellar clothing scammer ripoff stellar clothing company from india Internet
they are a bunch of rude indian men from india and they do not know how to do business will tell you they can make shirts and they cannot do anything do not buy from them they are a bunch of scammers stellar clothing
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1080820
Aug 31 2013
05:46 PM
  Frank C. Los Angeles, CA         ( Scott Mohser Graphics Artist Robbed Me Blind Stay Away )   8/31/2013 A HIDDEN person named Virtual X and what you see is what you get . I have worked for Campus for 22 years and I have ran across my share of people who feel that they are owned something because of there past . That is not how it works in the business world. You are brought aboard to complete a job and in this case as a Independent Agent to create artwork and follow up with the client. First off we have changed our practice of hiring graphics artist that work from home. They hide behind a computer and hold your template hostage. This young man didn't not complete projects and in fact cause our company to LOSE a solid client. ( we are in the works to save them ), she said that this VIRTUAL X was so disrespectful in answering any questions about her ad project she had no choice. That was a reflection of us here and take full responsibility.  As far as this person just another reason to screen the youth of America when hiring. This young man never turned in any proofs , templates, and demanding double of what we agreed upon, with that bill coming in a form without a company name, address , phone number , Again proving that BEWARE OF GRAPHICS ARTIST WHO WORK FROM HOME .   AND IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF GRAPHICS WORKS STAY AWAY FROM A CON ARTIST NAMED                     SCOTT MOSHER...............................out of Los Angeles , but who knows were
Entity: LOS ANGELES, Select State/Province
18, Report #129281
Jan 28 2005
02:19 PM
Stellar Debt Solutions ripoff NEW YORK New York
I am writing this due to the fact that stellar debt solutions is a fraud and has almost ruined my credit. I was never behind in my bills until now. after receiving many many calls from my creditors, did i found out the horrible news that none of them were getting paid or even a portion of the balance. I found out that one my creditors had called and stellar debt solutions (a particular rep. name shawn) could even give them any information. They were suppose to be handling my creditors and we were suppose to be working together. That was a joke. I had emailed several times regarding my account and no response. My husband & i decided to get out now and stop all drafts to them. I am now ready to fight for my credit and make stellar debt solutions pay for their misleading tactics. I will be talking to a lawyer in texas and the texas attorney general. I am out $1180.00 to stellar. Come to found out, they let you credit go to the limit of 120 days past due and then they deal. If anyone is thinking about using this company either in florida or new york or where ever they have an office, i advise to say NO!! I will keep you posted on my results. Last saying, stay away from stellar debt solutions. Dawn friendswood, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
19, Report #130430
Feb 07 2005
12:49 PM
Stellar Debt Solutions ripoff Syosset New York
I used Stellar Debt Solutions as a means to an end with a credit card company that I had been battling. They put me on a 18 month program and promised me quick results. I was with them for six months before I had to finally negotiate with my credit card company again so they would not take me to court. It was at this tome that I found out that Stellar never attempted to contact the credit card company at all. I called Stellar Debt and cashed out what I thought was the remainder of my money. Today I recieved a bank statement from their bank (Signature Bank) located in Rockville Centre, New York stating that they had aproximately $448.00 of MY money in what looked like an escrow account. When I called Stellar to find out what was going on, they said that they had already closed my account and to disregard the notice. When I went to look up Stellars web site on Google I learned quickly that there were at least two more people with my problem. Along with these people I feel betrayed and hurt by this company and they now have my identification and what looks like my money in an account. What can I do? Matt Palouse, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Syosset, New York
20, Report #127504
Jan 15 2005
12:16 PM
Sds Stellar Debt Solutions ripoff Syosset New york
I started paying 7/02/2004 thru 11/09/2007 200.00 per mo. They said all my bills from my cards is to be sent to them. I called my mastercard so far they have not sent no money. Now they have turn it over to a collection what do I need to do Jesse American falls, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Syosset, New York
21, Report #802737
Nov 29 2011
09:28 AM
Stellar Management Marina Terrace Apartments steal, fraud, scam, credit Marina del Rey, California
We paid this company a couple of hundred dollars for cleaning fees after moving out of their apartment building. They cleared the check and still sent us to collections and we had to pay twice! We are now fighting to get our money back from the collection company and the debt erased from our credit reports because this should never have happened. Stellar will not answer our calls and the collection agency is giving us the run around.
Entity: Marina del Rey, California
22, Report #861720
Mar 30 2012
08:31 PM
stellar payment systems misleading information and fraudulent pay miami, Florida
I am writing this report because I see I'm not the only person who was burned. I worked ror this company about 2 months ago an I was promised that after I produced 4 contracts faxed regardless of the status I would be paid 300.00 weekly wages plus commission. I got 4 deals faxed in and was told they coud not pay me but instead they could possibly give a cash loan of 50.00 dallars. This was presented to me after I had faithfully showed up every day for over a month. Like the previous report I was also told to tell lies to the customer. I also agree with the previous report that this company needs to be shut down.
Entity: miami, Florida
23, Report #279144
Oct 16 2007
06:17 PM
Stellar Debt Solutions unable to provide correct account information Syosset New York
when i started with the stellar company my payments were set up for 36 months,after 34 payments i contacted stellar to find out my account information which they were unable to give me,so i contacted a attorney who was able to help me with this matter my records showed i had payed 5546.00 to stellar after my attorney contacted stellar to let them know that he had proof of how much i had paid to stellar they were able to fax my attorney showing all payments recived from me which turned out to be 5546.00 my attorney contacted the state of wisconsin department of financial institutions who then let us know that the stellar company was not licensed to do business in the state of wisconsin since then the state of wisconsin along with my self have made several attempts to get my money back it has become clear that the stellar company has ignored our attempts by phone mail and fax in closing i feel the stellar company's nothing more than a rip off artist who thrive on keeping peoples hard earned money and have no intentions of helping them, to this day the stellar company still trys to take money from my checking account at the end of every month, even though i have told them they are not allowed to, i have stopped payment against them, this is my money i have asked for it back so i feel plain and simple the stellar company should give it back and it should not be this much of a headache. Mark Kendall, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Syosset, New York
24, Report #347821
Jul 05 2008
07:37 PM
Stelar Flooring Orlando Houston CHECK BOUNCER CREDIT SCAMER STELLAR FLOORING Orlando Florida
They write bad checks to contractors. Then they defame them and say they were fired and put a stop payment on their many fraudulently written checks. They use customer financing for their own use. copy and paste this url to view some of their lies and bad checks!! (((link redacted))) Rwm Dade City, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
25, Report #1202119
Jan 16 2015
08:49 AM
Stellar Phoenix Grossly misrepresented product with conflict pre- and post- purchase instructions. Internet
 We accidentally deleted some GoPro pictures and videos, and found this product that advertised it could recover delted files. It stated that the preview scan would show what files could be recovered and that post-purchase, to contact the company on how to play the files. There was no option to try to view the files pre-purchase; we tried to click on the files and it wasn't possible. It showed that it could recover a bunch of video files from the date at issue, so it looked like the recovery would work during the preview process. We bought the software and then contacted the company on how to open the video files because they would not open in our media player. The customer service representative did not answer any questions, only provided irrelevant non-responses before leaving the chat. We tried through email to get help with opening the filed, but again, no helpful responses, only that if the videos didn't play in the preview then they were fragmented because we recorded over them (we did not) and couldn't be opened. They kept saying that if the files would not play during the preview, then the files could not be recovered. It was not possible to try to open any files during the preview! I asked for a refund since they use a bait-and-switch to get you to buy their product but was told that I had for life and could use it again in the future whenever I wanted. I don't want to ever use it, because it doesn't work! The company uses false information to get you to purchase their product, making it look like it can recover your files. Do not fall prey to their scam. The post-purchase support is a joke and it is just canned answers about no refunds given and providing no real support about the product not working.
Entity: Internet

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