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1, Report #1360936
Mar 10 2017
09:52 AM
2, Report #1349673
Jan 13 2017
01:47 PM
SPG Strategic Publishing Group LLC Scott Miner Complete rip off! Total scam! Boca Raton Florida
 Was contacted by Jaimee at SPG Strategic Publishing Group to advertise in 3 magazines for golf clubs & country clubs in my area. Paid $900 for advertising. Was then contacted by Scott Miner to expand to four more counrty clubs. Said no, they were to far from my location. Was told the art department would send me an email to get art work & photos together. No email, no response from anyone. Finally got an automated message from them. The phone number is now a non working mailbox.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
3, Report #1291044
Mar 01 2016
03:16 PM
Strategic Publishing Elite PublishingCC Publishing Country Club Directory, Golf magazine, Boca Raton Florida
This company is a complete scam. They arent even smart enough to change their address with the company name. This is officially the THIRD time they have called me, and the crazy part is, they have a different name and website every year. You know they are a SCAM when they can't even keep the same company name for longer than a year a time. Look for yourself people, do your homework. CC Publishing, Elite Exposure Marketing, Strategic Publishing. They are all the same company, same owner, same slick talking employees. The most interesting part of this whole thing, is when you search the owenrs name Mark McGinley. It says he now owns a business called Sober City LLC and Atlantic Coast Sober Living LLC. What the heck is this guy up to? There is a silver lining here people. I reached out to the attorney general and ther said they were well aware of him, and that they have been investigating him for a while. Why they haven't done anything to stop this mad man is beyond me! We can only hope it is because with every new person he scams he is going to spend an extra year in jail. DO NOT GIVE THEMYOUR MONEY!!
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
4, Report #1397044
Aug 31 2017
01:20 PM
Strategic Publishing Group They promised that I would have coverage in the front of a magazine that goes out to the 4 country clubs in my area. This was to be a quarterly publication and they produced NOTHING!!! They are a HUGE FRAUD!!!! Boca Raton FL **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED** 
I was contacted by Stragic Publishing and it looked like a ligimate offer.  It was to target the County Clubs in my area  and it was to be published quarterly and distributed to all households in the community.  There was no such publication and when I inquired about it I was told it was sent out and they sent me some bogus shipping log showing the distributioin.  I verified with all 4 communities that there was never a publication and that they had no idea who the company was.  I have tried several times to get this resolved but to no avail.  Please do not fall for the crooks that these people are.  
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1174211
Sep 03 2014
02:10 PM
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency LLC Strategic Publishing GroupSBPRA Authors Beware of This Publishing Company- SBPRA Texax Internet
July 30, 2014    Attorney GeneralAttorney General’s OfficeConsumer Information & Complaints1275 W. WashingtonPhoenix, AZ 85007 RE: CIC 14-07867 STRATEGIC BOOK RIGHTS & PUBLISHING AGNCYI thought that this would be an interesting point to start off this response letter with.b. Termination by PUBLISHERPUBLISHER may terminate this agreement and publication of the book without cause, upon written notice to the Author if, in PUBLISHER’s judgment, the BOOK may subject PUBLISHER to the risk of litigation. In no event will the PUBLISHER be obligated to publish a work, which in its opinion violates the common law or statutory copyright, or the right of privacy of any person, or contains libelous or obscene material. Further if the PUBLISHER reasonably deems the contents of the BOOK to promote hate, violence, illegal activities, PUBLISHER can terminate and Agreement. If termination by the PUBLISHER occurs before publishing the book the Publisher will refund Author’s monies. I did not receive a letter of Contract Termination by mail; I received a sudden email after requesting to cancel my latest contract with SBPRA.I am the owner of the copyrights of the books and even submitted for copyrights myself to, not only for Dark Harmonie, but for Toni’s Blues, I believe Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God as well and 30: The Dragonfly Catcher before I sent it to SBPRA for editing. None of my books promote violence or hate or illegal activities. They can be viewed as inspirational and spiritual, I use Bible passages to cause the readers to think and take a walk of faith.In regards to Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God which is a (JV) $995.00 Joint Venture in which I paid all the necessary fees for publishing, book trailer etc., but SBPRA is an equal partner in the earnings I did request a quote to have this book converted for access on Kindle. SBPRA is stating that the reason for such a high cost ($550.00) to convert a 43 page book to ebook was due to the increased distribution options. If I am interpreting that statement correctly those distribution options are services offered to the Authors for a fee that is not included in the $550.00 I was quoted to convert the book to ebook format.I did some research and decided to go with another company which I will not name and they quoted me a fee of $160.00 and they did not request a percentage of any sales, unlike SBPRA which states that they will also receive a percentage of any sales of the ebook on top of the percentage they would be receiving for the print version.  Also the very first cover choice that was sent to me for Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God was a stick figure drawing that looked like a child’s drawing in crayon. I assumed that the person working on the cover design had some knowledge of what the book was about. Apparently not because one of the short-stories is about a Christian woman who has been raped and is struggling with what has happened.As for my second book with SBPRA Toni’s Blues a member of the church I was attending used to work as an Editor and offered to edit the manuscript for me and I was honored. I was sent a quote of what it would cost to fix the errors and was quoted the fee of a full manuscript edit, not for corrections.  But my issue was that there were double words and dropped words and missing letters. Some of these things I believe may have happened in the text block layout. Once again this book is also a (JV) Joint Venture where apparently we are partners supposedly sharing in the expenses. These errors were brought to my attention much later and I am so embarrassed because I myself brought more than 100 print copies and gave the majority away not making a dime.  These errors were not only in the print version, but also in the Kindle as well which they converted and were signed on to share in the profits of.  I was very proud of this book because of the message it sends to those who have gone through or are suffering in Domestic Violence situations.  I was thoroughly embarrassed and asked them to please pull it from sales immediately and they did not. SBPRA made it seem like it was a huge production to log onto the sites that the book was on for sale and click a link that says “delete or remove” from sales.  I know this because I have posted my own Kindle versions for two of my books and all that is required is for me to logon with my password and remove the books from sales.  This is where the question of what are my royalties came up; because SBPRA stated that would not remove the print version from sales until it no longer had any in stock, but I did not see a line item for sales of Toni’s Blues on my royalty sheet for this to be a Joint Venture project you would think that they would want to make sure that it is of the highest quality and that the readers are going to have an amazing experience and not have to drop words or add letter while they are reading the book. I am only speaking my truth when I say this “It didn’t matter because they received payment not only from me, but also from the few sales that were made, so they lost nothing.” This was no Joint Venture because technically I am an Indie Author because I paid for everything and I sacrificed to do it. By the way I just searched on and found that Toni’s Blues is still being sold in print, but SBPRA quickly pulled from sales Dark Harmonie which was just released in May 2014, so now I will not be recouping even a small portion of what I paid to them to get this book published $1507.00.  But they were paid because I paid them.Amazon Look Inside: This is in reference to when the Kindle version of Toni’s Blues went live and I immediately went to both Barnes and Noble and Amazon sites to view them and discovered that on the entire book was there to read.  I am the Author I know my book, I even closed out of and went back to the site because I thought I was seeing things, but no; the whole book was there to be read for free for about three days or so. My contact at SBPRA regarding this issue tried to convince me the Author who wrote the book that it was not so. SBPRA was also signed on to receive a portion of the sales of the Kindle version of Toni’s Blues even though I am the one who paid fully for the conversion.SBPRA is claiming that they processed the cancelation of Toni’s Blues in a timely manner and removed the book from sales by the end of April, yet the book still remains for sale on, why? Please see the attached print screen and notice the date and time it was taken. I repeat sales of Toni’s Blues to were not on my Author Royalty Sheet, I have print screens of that if needed.Dark Harmonie is a 137 page book and SBPRA quoted me a fee of $525.00 to convert it to Kindle. This fee is $25.00 less than what they quoted me to convert a 43 page book and they also state the reason for the quote of $525.00 is also due to increased distribution options. Yes I did decline it because the numbers just did not make sense to me. I did have Dark Harmonie converted to Kindle and I utilized the same company that converted Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God and the fee that company quoted was $247.10 plus an additional $10.00 to correct a few errors that SBPRA did not catch.My forth manuscript 30:The Dragonfly Catcher, was not released through  SBPRA by my choice because I just could not risk them dropping the ball anymore and making me look stupid when it came to my own books and what is happening with them. They had me looking really bad on Facebook and on Twitter and even in interviews. The price of the book being changed to something I did not agree to and had no knowledge of and I would be Tweeting and posting on Facebook one thing when they were doing another. I paid for these things, did I not deserve the right to know when something is changed with the books I wrote and paid to have published and marketed?I paid for my Author Website with them, not just for the site, but also for the hosting and SBPRA’s Web department went onto the website that I paid for and pay the hosting for and made changes without consulting me. This was done supposedly because of my request for them to remove Toni’s Blues from sales. If they had consulted with me I would have instructed the web department to remove the sales links and leave the book cover image and add a notation that says something like “Toni’s Blues is being revised and I will be releasing a “Special Revised Edition” soon.  That makes more sense to me being that I had been working on a revised addition and had been in talks with a company to do a Special Edition Cover for the re-release. They went onto the website that I am paying for and removed every trace of Toni’s Blues yet it still remains for sale on this an executive decision acting as a partner (JV)? If so they should have used the same thinking when it came to our (JV) of Toni’s Blues. This is not the first issue I have had with my Author Website through them, went it was first created I asked them to make some adjustments because it would look more appealing and the web department went onto the site and enlarged the cover image to a size that was larger than the actual book itself; this was my first published book and my introduction to the world as a published Author. When I brought this to their attention once again they tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with it. What is troubling about this being that I actually took webmaster in college and it is clear that they are using a standard form for all their Author Websites. How hard is it to preview the site to make sure that everything looks ok before you make the site live?About the Locked Manuscript: What if the editor that I am paying has made some changes or suggestions that I the writer, Author do not agree with? You have sent me the Author a locked manuscript of my own book so that I cannot change anything.  I would like to point out that I did not receive a locked manuscript of Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God and I did not receive a locked manuscript of Dark Harmonie. 30:The Dragonfly Catcher was the last project that I allowed them to work on and during that time that is when things became very heated over what was happening with the removal of Toni’s Blues, the changing of prices without consulting with me or letting know. The altering of my Author website and the continued sale of Toni’s Blues to this day. I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked SBPRA to please cancel the contract for 30:The Dragonfly Catcher.  I was not up to having to go back and forth by email only to make sure that that book was released perfectly; I just couldn’t take that chance.Yes I posted on my Facebook Page the message that I received from Lynn Eddy telling me that they had cancelled ALL my contracts and pulled ALL my books from sales and that this would be finalized in about six weeks I believe it was.  I believe this was her reaction to my request to cancel my contract with them for 30:The Dragonfly Catcher; and maybe they were a little miffed about my using another company to convert Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God and Dark Harmonie to Kindle format. I had also informed them that I would use another company to work on the “Special Revised Edition” of “Toni’s Blues.”  Why would I not work with someone else being that I couldn’t even get them to remove a book that was causing me embarrassment and stress?  I worked very hard on the text revision of Toni’s Blues; as matter of fact I worked on it while also looking over the text block layout of Dark Harmonie and working with the other company to pull together the Kindle version of Dark Harmonie. My using another company meant that SBPRA would not be sharing in any royalties of those projects.  I also want to add that I received a number of emails advertising that I should consider paying x amount of dollar instead of purchasing the 100 print copies of my book myself. I ignored the emails because I had no intention of having 30: The Dragonfly Catcher become a (JV) Joint Venture with SBPRA. Yet Toni’s Blues still remains for sale on while my new release in May is toast and I paid a lot to have Dark Harmonie published and now no one can even purchase a print copy. But SBPRA were still paid for the services of publishing this book.When I posted that email on my Facebook Page I was seeking someone from the writer community to console me because I was devastated! I had just paid SBPRA all this money for the publishing of these books and now my newest release the print copy which became available in May only after I contacted someone asking why it was not posted yet for sale on Barnes and Noble and; and they hadn’t even sent out the press release, the press release they sent out without consulting me, didn’t I at least have the right to say what my Author Bio should say?  I have books with ISBN numbers that I paid for and SBPRA is listed as the publisher inside them, but I can’t sell a printed copy. I can’t purchase any of those books for books on-hand for Author Book signings and Author give aways to help promote me and my books. I was just asked to participate in an Author Give Away, but I cannot. I cannot even host any book signings; give away any books to fans who request signed copies on Facebook or Twitter because I have no printed books.What person would not be angry in this situation? I just could not deal with it anymore what pushed me to making the decision to cancel the contract for 30: The Dragonfly Catcher was seeing day after day that “Toni’s Blues” was still up for sale and having SBPRA tell me that it was not and having their answer to why it was still there change to “they don’t have any control over when it will be removed from”SBPRA moved really fast when they cancelled all my book contracts.SBPRA moved really fast when they removed all my other books from sales and SBPRA moved really fast when then sent me what they felt was correct for my royalties to the wrong address. I sent them an email stating that sending something so personal to the wrong address is a perfect example of what was happening when I would request a change, correction, etc.  I sent an email requesting that my contact information be updated before this issue blow up and go out of hand. Apparently no one paid attention to it because they sent a check for $35.34 to the wrong address.  Wouldn’t it have made sense to at least send me an email asking if the address they had on file was correct or just to verify the information?  $35.34, this amount is an insult and then to send it to the wrong address and not even show me enough respect to even verify my information.If I had not posted that email on my Facebook Page from Lynn Eddy of SBPRA regarding cancelling all my contracts and pulling all my books from sales; I would not have found out about the issues they faced with the Attorney General of Florida.What person in my position would not be upset by the issues I have dealt with and am currently dealing with? Sincerely,
Entity: Internet
6, Report #552420
Jan 11 2010
11:24 AM
Strategic Profits Schefren Publishing llc, internet fraud, internet scam, internet criminals, internet idenity thieft Delray Beach, Florida
Strategic Profits, first spammed me and offered a demo. of their present scam.They had a cancellation if I did not wish to continue.I did cancel over the phone to their customer service. They said they would take care of it. They did not!  My debit account was hit at least 3 times that I'm aware of as my next statement is not in yet.I called them each time to get my money back, customer service claims to credit the money back and cancel the so called order. They never do as they say.The last time about 2 weeks ago, no one answers, leave a message or go to e-mail. Still nothing happens. I gave these criminals my e-mail address which they had any way and my cell number, they never respond. They owe me the following collection fees:$141.00 debit theft to date 141.00 waist of my time, no service and bank charges fee   125.00 advertising cost 125.00 coping mailing cost   75.00 picket permit fees  500.00 5 picketers set up (note:picketing charged at $250.00 hr, $500.00 min)$1107.00 total
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
7, Report #238795
Mar 11 2007
12:05 PM
Strategic Marketing Group - Cydcor scam, no training pay, no benefits, no car allowance, deceptive careerbuilder ads, Greensboro North Carolina
I worked for Strategic for Several Months. Like all other cydcor companies they have the same practices and procedures that most cydcor offices have as you've read on here. My interview lasted 7 minutes and then spent all day the next day driving around selling bellsouth products business to business. I was out of college and was desperate for a job so I accepted the position not knowing it was comission only which was my fault. When I asked about benefits the owner told me they were getting a Blue Cross Blue Shield representative to come in within the next couple months. It never happened, my parents were pissed because they thought I was lying to them. When I asked about a car allowance/reimbursement plan I was told to write it off in my taxes. Once again, all bullshit. I put nearly 10,000 miles on my car and didn't get reimbursed a single cent for it. In our atomosphere meetings I was constantly told not to never mention the cydcor name to new starts because people could google it and find losers who quit the business whine online about us. Our leaders meeting we would sometimes go through how to avoid certain questions in interviews(pay,car reimbursement, benefits) and have planned rebuttals around them. I worked the bellsouth business to business campaign where we would go in and bother business owners for their phone bill. We worked 12 hour days with stupid rap music in the background. The final straw for me was when in a atmosphere meeting a group of us were listening to how one of our leaders would upgrade customers DSL service by saying Everyone around you has a faster DSL service so im going to go ahead and upgrade your speed. I made me want to vomit. Not only was he lying about knowing everyone's DSL speed but he would upgrade it avoiding the increase in cost question while everyone around him thought his strategy was wonderful. The holidy parties were like cult rallies. We had to listen to douchebags like Michael Sessions(i've read alot about him on here) and Ken Lear and How they stepped on everyone else's heads to get to where they are at. I have a good job with a nice salary and benefits. A job where they care about you and your family situations. If you want to run around door to door pissing off businesses owners then this job is for you. I would have never written this if they would have been upfront and honest with me. honesty and integrity right? moving on greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
8, Report #529767
Nov 27 2009
07:13 PM
Harris Digital Publishing - HD Publishing Group - Net Detective, net detective plus not legitimate, false information, no information, Internet
Net detective charges a monthly fee for information that is not even close to accurate.  I decided to check it's accuracy by looking up myself, and friends I've known most of my life, and they always had either no information, old information, or completely wrong/inaccurate information!When I discovered this, I wanted to cancel.  It took a while for me to do this because they do not make it easy to do.  Could not get refund.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #349165
Jul 09 2008
09:48 AM
Visions Investment LLC, Prosperity Properties, Strategic Wealth And Capital Group If you have been ripped off by Visions Investment LLC, Prosperity Properties, strategic wealth and capital group American Fork Utah
I just got off the phone with the FBI in Arizona, 602-279-5511. They said for anybody whom has been ripped off by VISIONS INVESTMENT GROUP, Prosperity properties or any company affiliated with VISIONS, to call your local STATE FBI OFFICE. File a report now. They are opening a full investigation on these jerks. We need everybody to file for your state. This is a state and federal crime they are committing. Do a Google search for the FBI in your state and call now. Ask for an agent and file a full complaint. Don't be embarassed that you are caught in a ponzi scheme. Do something about it. Calling the FBI doesn't cost you any money but can end Visions for good. You may contact me at I can give you any information you need about Visions. Johnny Surprise, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: American Fork, Utah
10, Report #159484
Oct 04 2005
06:51 PM
Trinity Publishing Group Major Expensive Ripoff Hollywood California
Please, everyone, do not waste precious money on a mail processing service promise like I did. This company promised I would make $8.00 for each and every envelope I stuffed and mailed. All postage supples would be sent to me for a one time fee of 79.00 plus 20.00 shipping. Sent the form 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing. There is no contact information or inormation for this group. I noticed that other ripp of reports are coming from the same address but different po boxes. Someone needs to stop them now!!! Tom Cullman, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
11, Report #104158
Aug 17 2004
07:34 PM
Harris Digital Publishing Group ripoff Deland Florida
I dislike this Net Detective program also -- But if you need a Refund I found some info Phone Number 1-386-736-3881 C-Serv. Number I Hate to Be Ripped Off. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Jill parma, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Deland, Florida
12, Report #108034
Sep 12 2004
02:58 PM
Harris Digital Publishing Group NET DETECTIVE RIP OFF All Florida
This scam claims to give you derect searches and pawns off search engines that anyone could find on the internet. I started putting in names from local telephone books just as a test and net detective couldn't find them, but if I wanted to another $30 they directed me to people find that supposedly had a list of the people Then their International searches again just gave search engines My gosh what a rip off,rip off,rip off,rip off,rip off, Jacoby phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
13, Report #112681
Oct 12 2004
09:04 PM
Harris Digital Publishing Group ripoff Takes your Money Service is Worthless Deland Florida
This company charges $29.00 to find out someones birth, death, social security, adoption records, cell phone records, DMV records, Sounds like a great thing if you are missing someone and trying to locate them right? Yes it WOULD be IF they did what they said .....they dont. In fact they dont do anything they SAY they will do do like Investigate your own credit all for that same $29.00 dollars. You get exactly nothing for the $29.00 and I am not kidding here I mean nothing. as soon as they get your money they try to get more saying that whatever you were looking for wasnt included and for another 29.00 they will give it to you. They also tell you that its money back if not satisfied, the catch is the the first $29.00 dollars is theirs to keep for book keeping. They also tell you after you join that all of YOUR information will be added to a database so other can find YOU. Wow what a deal that was. I was totally ripped off and maybe I am old enough that I should have known better but wanted others know that this is a bad company that just steals money right out of your pocket. Karen Coralville, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Deland, Florida
14, Report #41984
Jan 18 2003
04:08 PM
harris digital publishing group rip-off deceptive company deland florida Internet
i ordered the net detective to find my son.i have contacted them through their e mail and they wrote back that they would contact me within 36 hours. it has been 3 days. i sent them a check for 39 dollars the first of the month and i havent heard anything from them Gladys clifton forge, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #392928
Nov 19 2008
02:36 PM
NetDetective - HD Publishing Group Complete Scam Nothing is as Promised Deland Florida
I ordered this product after reading about it on what was supposed to be a consumer report type site. They recommended 3 products for searching for someone. Net Detective was their top pick. The Net Detective site guaranteed my satisfaction or I could get a full refund within 90 days. I signed up online..paid the $29.99 & within less then a half an hour I knew something was wrong. I went to their online help & found out I would have to upgrade to Net Detective Plus for an addition fee. This was not in the original information. I called their office. I told the person on the phone I could not find ANY information on any of the family members I was searching for even tho. I had recent last addresses, birth dates & in 2 cases social security numbers. I asked for a full refund. I was told they would email me a refund request. It came thru in a matter of minutes. It is 5 pages long..has to be filled out & then snailed mailed in. They will then process it & DECIDE whether I am entitled to a refund! This decision will be made within 90 days from their receipt of the request! I called my bank. They told me I will need to call back in 24hrs as the charge is still pending at this point. Once it is actually processed they told me I can file an electronic claim with them for a reversal of the charge. My bank told me there is no reason for me to have to pay an additional fee to upgrade my membership when it was not stated ion the original information provided by Net Detective. My bank also told me that if they guarantee statisfaction or they will refund your money they should not be telling me I have to fil out a refund request & wait up to 90 days after they receive it for them to process it & make a determination as to whether I am entitled to a refund! This company is a COMPLETE RIP-OFF. It is a TOTAL SCAM! CS Medford, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Deland, Florida
16, Report #496438
Sep 17 2009
12:50 PM
NetDetective - HD Publishing Group Useless and Runaround on Refunds Internet
Do not waste your time and money on this service.  On April 29, 2009 I read an article in Consumer saying that NetDetective was their number one choice for internet detective services.  I looked up the website and decided to try it.  Upon signing up and paying the fee, I received my information and tried to start my search.  Unfortunately, to search for someone, you need to know the state the person you are looking for lives in.  Well if you know that, you wouldn't need this service at all.  There are many other free searches available if you have that much information.  I immediately contacted NetDetective requesting a refund.  They emailed me a three-page form to fill out on the same day.  All of this was done on April 29.  I filled out the report and immediately emailed it back to them with all the information filled in.  And I waited.  I never got any response back from them even confirming that they received my email.  I sent it again.  I had forgotten all about the refund until now and I contacted them regarding my refund and why I haven't received it.  I gave them my order I.D. #, all the dates and information.  I received an email back telling me that they sent me a refund request on April 29th (well I had already told them that) and that per the terms and conditions that I agreed to upon purchasing standard NetDetective, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.  Unfortunately, it is past 90 days since my date of purchase, so no refund is available.  Unless you want to lose your money - do NOT use this company or their services.  It is useless and a waste of time - not to mention they obviously have no intention of refunding anyone's money.   
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #369245
Sep 03 2008
06:23 AM
hdpublishinggroup.comHD Publishing Group Refused to refund $29.00 subscription cost Deland Florida
I came across a consumer report, tauting Net Detective as being the best website for doing background checks on people. As a realtor and mortgage broker the website promised a variety of services that would enhance my real estate business. After paying my $29.00 for a 3 year subscription, I tried to look up an individual by the name of Preston Gray, who lived in Vallejo California. Their site could only give me Preston Grays that throughout the state of California, with no facility to simple request info on Preston Grey in Vallejo CA. The information they produced was about 5 or 6 Preston Greys throughout the state of Californis, none of whom were in Vallejo. The site had no way to narrow the search to a city in California, just the entire state! A total waste of time. I sent an email telling them of the problem and some woman called me and offered to ad additional search engines to my subscription. I said no, and to simply refund my subscription price. Shortly thereafter I received a email asking me to fill out a 4 page, hand written refund form, which had to be MAILED back to them. FOUR PAGES AND HAND WRITTEN! That was outrageous, and they've just ignored my emails since. I don't know how they've stayed in business as they claim they have, its impossible to use their site for anything if you have to look up people within the entire state.and can't narrow a search to a specific city within the state. But requiring a hand written, four page form for a lousy $29.00 refund is outrageous. Milron Concord, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Deland FL 32720, Florida
18, Report #432629
Mar 10 2009
09:52 AM
Frontier Publishing/American Data Group Scam Artists Internet
I called the 1-800 number listed on the website. I work for the government. All the information they state they are giving you to increase your chances of landing a job can be obtained for FREE on the internet. All government agencies, whether it is federal, state, city or county has there own centralized employment agency jobs listed on the internet for free. This company is just taking advantage of people during the desperate economic times. They make you think they will give you information for a better chance of landing a government job. Don't believe them! Taking a test and getting a high score has nothing to do with how much money you will be paid. If a job requires you to take a test, the public library has many books you can check out for FREE to practice. Do do not waste your money on this SCAM. Kathy - colorado springs Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #832291
Feb 01 2012
10:08 AM
orbital publishing group ripped off magazine subcription for $ 60 for esquire reno, Nevada
   fake subcrition to esquire . now i'm out 60 bucks. what's going to happen .
Entity: reno, Nevada
20, Report #937185
Sep 05 2012
01:42 PM
Legacy Publishing Group Total Transformation Behavior Transformation Program, Self Help Parenting Program Internet
So I finally order the infomercial parenting program, The Total Transformation by Legacy Publishing Group.  I follow the exact instructions, take HOURS completing the detailed questionnaire that is utterly ridiculous and labor intensive.  I call to check when I'm due for my refund as they state so the program is FREE.  I learn I did not answer a question fully.  I'm within my 90 day return period so I fix and fax back.  I call again to check, they say I missed 2 questions.  IMPOSSIBLE.  I completed every nook and cranny of that ridiculous questionnaire.  I ask to have it faxed to me to see what they are on about, the answers are OUR property, we cant share with you----!?!  I WROTE IT!  I'm the author!  No secret to what I wrote, I know it all!  They said they mark it up and wont share their feedback....what feedback would THAT be?  Total BS.  Dont buy it, tell your friends dont even THINK about purchasing it---SCAM!  How can you not share the answers and program that I purchased from your company?  It's total insanity and biggest scam that I'm pist off I fell into.  More sorry that my dad purchased it for me and now HE'S out the money.  I had a long, STRONG conversation with everyone I could speak to there.  I will attempt again just to piss them off but I truly think they deal with these calls ALL DAY LONG everyday.  There can not be ONE person who got a return.  Now to find out how many people actually DO get refunded.  I'm not done with this company.  I hope I'm the sole person that brings them down!  Bring on a class action suit!  Would love to join it!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #168115
Dec 16 2005
07:43 AM
Trinity Publishing Group Thieves, vultures, scum, evil demons, rip-offs, liars Hollywood California
This company sends false letters that are worded to really make you think you can seriously make a good living. It is a scam! Most places will send you something for your money, Trinity Publishing Group is in violation of some law, cause they send NOTHING!! Not a thank you nothing! Do not send these animals anything. May as well throw your money in the trash. I should have given the money to the poor or homeless, I would have at least gotten a Thank you. Robert SAN ANTONIO, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
22, Report #168081
Dec 15 2005
08:09 PM
Trinity Publishing Group ripoff, nasty vultures who prey like thieves, on innocents Hollywood California
I only wanted to earn an honest living and provide some sort of support for my devastated family. I sent the last I had so that I could start to dig myself out of a hole. Now with this rip-off we will probably have to do without heat and meat for a while. But the company should know no matter where you go, from now it is going to get hot! There are forces in the universe that seek out vultures and thieves and reward them with like actions. So when the s___ hits the fan don't bother to wonder why me? Just remember, what goes around comes around. The closer to evil you get the hotter it will be for you. No brag, just fact as the saying went. Robert SAN ANTONIO, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
23, Report #316167
Mar 09 2008
02:14 AM
NET DETECTIVE HD Publishing Group Crooks Liers Theives DeLand Florida
Net Detective is a misleading bunch of crooks ready to bill your credit card for trash information. The info is old and anything that may be of any use you have to pay extra to get. Then Net Detective bills your credit card for services that was not used or requested. Kevin waterfall, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: DeLand, Florida
24, Report #166127
Nov 28 2005
06:28 PM
Trinity Publishing Group RIPOFF Dishonest and False Advertising Hollywood California
On the 19th of november 2005 we sent off for something that was too good to be true. Trinity publishing Group promissed something they knew would never fall through. We sent them $169.00 And thank god we found this webpage first. They were not on the bbb and they weren't listed anywhere else after searching the web we found the rip-off site and with any hope we will be recieving our package RETURN TO SENDER Jennifer and Tammy Shelbyville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
25, Report #262131
Jul 20 2007
01:27 PM
Harris Digital Publishing Group, Net Detective False Advertisement Deland Florida
Net Detective should be sued for false advertisement. They advertise Yes I understand that for Net Detective I will pay a one-time charge of $29.00. At no additional charge I will get 3 full YEARS of unlimited searches. What a crock. That statement is a total lie. They even ask in their refund 4 page form if Misleading advertisement is the reason I am requesting a refund. Someone needs to shut them down. Joe Henderson, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Deland, Florida

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