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1, Report #1400067
Sep 14 2017
02:12 PM
Strategic Strategy Partners LLC/Bill Stern William Stern Invesment Fraud/Financial Fraud Warning! New York New York
Bill Stern, just like one one of the complainants reported contacted me via a posting submitted on NY Investement Network seeking capital access to fund my start up company. Bill Stern took $25,000 in fees to produce an investment offering memorndum and help my company raise $6,000,000 in 30 days claiming that he spoke with many brokerage and hedge fund managers interested in placing investments in my company. I was strong along and misled for nearly 90 days until I confronted Bill Stern for for making false promises and equesed the return of the $25,000. Obviously he refused and invited me to sue him ot recup the funds. I then filed complaints witht the SEC and NY State Attorney General, Investor Protection Bureau agianst Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners. I obtained responses of acknowlegmento my complaint from these government authorities however , NY State Attorney General Office, Investor Protection Bureau that investigates these types of fraud activity and financial crimes responded to tell me that they are closing the case since I wss th only person who filed and cannot go after Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners based upon one complaint. It is urgent and important that anyone who has been a victim of Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners to file individual complaints in order to re-open to pursue a criminal investigation agaisnt Strategic Strategy Partners ans Bill Stern for the acts reportedly committed. If anyone wants to contact me privately via Ripoff, I will provide the name and contact of the Investigative Attorney at the NY State Attorney General Office who reviewed my complaint to file similar complaints so the NY State AG Office can make a decision to open an investigation into these complaints agianst one individual dna company involving large sums of money. As an entrepreneur, I had no money and Bill Stern maliciously took $25,000 from me. I am still struggling to get my busienss funded.  Additionally, Strategic Strategy Partners is not a registered LLC with the NY State Department of State, Division of Corporations. According to their records, this company did not exist prior to January 2016 in the State of NY as a legitimate LLC  registered wit the NY State Deparmtent of State ( forerign or domestic). If anyone who ever handed money to Bill Stern via wire transfer or checks should note that these funds are never wired nor checks written to Strategic Strategy Parters but to Bill Stern personal account at Chase Bank.likely becuase the business does not exisit, may not have a tx ID and therfore cannot open a bank account.
Entity: New York, New York
2, Report #1210431
Feb 20 2015
06:16 AM
Bill Stern, William Stern, Billy D Stern, Strategic Strategy Partners LLC Fraud, Investor Scam, Finance Fraud, Private Equity Fraud New York New York
This criminal is back. This is the same Bill Stern that you will find on this web site under jeans rip offs and other internet scams. Now he operates under company names such as Strategic Strategy Partners LLC. Bill Stern contacts companies looking for funding on crowd funding sites. He lies and says that he has an investor or private equity firm interested in making an investment in your company. He provides legal paperwork, basically templates that he modifies himself, and charges 30K up front for the legal paperwork that his fictitious investor is requesting. From that point on he basically drags things on as long as he can in an effort to buy time and empty out his bank account. He has dealt with Santander bank.  Bill Stern will go to great lengths. He will appear very friendly, meet you in person or even send one of his friends to meet you and talk business. He provides fake references that he suppsoedly funded but never did. He also has a fake LinkedIn profile. There is no investor. There are no private equity firms. This is all a scam to get you to wire funds to his account. He is a drug addict and convicted scammer.
Entity: New York, New York
3, Report #750567
Jul 08 2011
09:24 AM
Strategic Funding Partners Bruce Rich Waste of Time!!!! Boca Raton, Florida
What a mistake I made referring business to these individuals. I had responded to an ad on Craigslist(1st mistake), looking to supplement my business by sending corporate finance deals over to these 2 brothers Michael and Bruce Rich.I had gone down to Boca Raton to meet them, and they were in 2 small executive suites(2nd mistake) We had known the same people from the past brokerage days and I figured they might be able to close some deals. Myself and a business partner worked about 6 hours a day.I have about 15 years of financial sales under my belt so I know that I would excel with giving them financing deals for corporations.Myself and a business partner started to submit deals to them, exactly the way that they wanted them, I have been given leads my whole life and understand that the lead reflects the qualifier.I had only spoken with Michael since our first introduction, who misled me that the deals take time and I had a huge pipeline built up and was sure to be making big monies over the next few month, so we proceeded(3rd mistake)Over the next month, we keep open lines of communications with our existing deals and many of them were able to get much better terms and conditions then they were offering, not a little, I mean literally 50X more money at much better rates.Many of the smaller company's share prices were much lower then when we started to speak to them, which could be the market or something else.After 3 months, I demanded to speak with Bruce(the fund manager) who never returned my calls.The whole time, I felt like I was treated like crap, very unprofessional, even though I was never compensated a penny, and he had slipped and said that our deals made up most of his board.I could be wrong on this( and I could win the lottery also) but I see that they are running more ads and looking for more people.I hope this helps prevents other good people from making the same mistake as I did. 
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
4, Report #1336068
Nov 01 2016
02:41 PM
Strategic Employment Partners SEP Failing Recruiters Cheating Their Way Into Few Extra Dollars Boston Nationwide
SEP was the worst nightmare every company has to encounter at least once. All the way from forcing resumes of development staff down your throat to then filing false lawsuits against your company saying you stole their talent - these guys need some guidance on how to run a business. Strategic Employment Partners representatives constatly pestered via email saying how no contract, no obligation, don't worry, and when I finally gave in just to get the guy off my back, he set up interviews right away with a few people. I told him we don't want to use a recruiter because we don't like the high rates and he kept saying, no contract don't worry just take a look, we can work a deal out. Trying to get the interviews over with quickly to get back to my day, I noticed something odd. The people all had a pattern - they were telling me that they weren't sure why they were in front of me but that some guy (the guy who gave me resumes) had stopped them in the lobby or hallway and asked if they wouldn't mind stepping into a conference room with me. The people I was talking to were not even qualified nor did they want to work on our projects - they were just as confused as I was. The last guy couldn't come in, but the recruiter told me to give him a call. Later that evening, I was speaking to the candidate and within the first few minutes he told me he had already applied earlier that day for the position I was calling him about, and sure enough there was his resume in my inbox. I told the recruiter I was not interested in any of his BS people he put in front of me and he finally agreed to stop bothering me.  3 months later, they came calling me up saying that we had hired a person they introduced us to (even though that guy had applied to the position via email earlier). We had not hired him, that guy turned out to be decent in one area so he did some contractual work for us and that was it. SEP demanded 20% of a salary that they made up out of nowhere saying that was their fee and we owed it. Being a small business, we had plenty of other things to worry about than some kid bothering us with a false invoice. They sent a collection agency after us for $14k, which they said was 20% of $70,000. First of all....where did they get the number $70k? for a contractor? And 20%....I had told them earlier that even if we did go with them, 20% was way too high.  This was clearly a grasp for money...maybe the company was struggling due to its incapable management and staff, who knows. We could tell that this was a grasp in thin air because they sent 3 collections agencies after us, all that work off of a success fee and once our lawyers told them to get it together and lay off the free help, they went away for a bit. A few months later, they decided to come after us with a suit...maybe they just really needed that $14k! In the evidence they submitted, there was no contract (as they said, no obligation), incomplete email threads (where I told him and screenshotted to him that the contractor had reached out himself), as well as a complete garbage of a description of what happened. Anyways, they dragged it out some more and it came to a point where we needed to decide whether it was worth taking them to court (we would obviously win with our evidence presented properly and our attorneys told us this too) for $x amount of dollars or to just give them an offer (which is what they ultimately wanted) of that same amount, but be sure that we'd never have to deal with their assinine staff again. TL;DR: If you want to work with a recruiting company that will treat you like garbage, try to find loopholes, be rude to you and your staff via email, and then drag you out using the free services that are available while you defend yourself with proper lawyers, SEP is the company to use! What a pathetic bunch.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #118383
Nov 17 2004
09:28 AM
Fundamental Consumer Strategy, Strategic Credit Education Attempted ripoff 2000.00 major credit card 299.95 Albany New York
Name of Rippoff Artist Frank Alexander/John Michaels this company uses both names of Fundamental Consumer Strategy(aka) Strategic Credit Education they both ask for the same confronmation number from a credit card form evenidently when you decide not to accept the offer on line they keep the information once it entered on line exiting out of site does not erase your info. they have no web site or fax number we told them we closed our bank account then they hung up. the other number for them is 1-877-757-6277 its from montreal canda t5he fcc must be getting a kick back not to stop them and close them down. they could funding terroist who knows. anything could be happening withthe funds they steal from people who only want a second chance.if you have to pay for a credit card remeber its a rippoff!!!! they can add any fees to the card if they can trust you with 2000.00/5000.00 dollars why not the 299.95 think about it. stay safe!!! in jesus name i hope everyone gets their money back. Antoine fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, New York
6, Report #144289
Apr 27 2008
02:56 AM
Strategic Business Partners just as bad as IPA or Goerge S May Arlington Heights Illinois
Uses high pressure tactics and makes promises they don't fulfill. Promises Customized reports for business, but uses canned reports. Cathie Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington Heights, Illinois
7, Report #1132636
Jun 05 2014
10:10 PM
UNITED REALTY / JACOB FRYDMAN REVIEW: UNITED REALTY / JACOB FRYDMAN dedicated to total customer satisfaction. Principal protection, wealth creation for today’s real estate investors is United Realty’s primary focus. United Realty puts investor first. Constantly striving to generate above-market, risk adjusted returns by deploying dual investment strategy. United Realty is a leading sponsor of innovative and best-in-class real estate based investment products. Meeting goals of financial planning community & valued investors always United Realty’s highest priority.*UPDATE: United Realty pledges their commitment to Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. United Realty Group of Companies and Jacob Frydman are recognized by Ripoff Report Verified™ as a safe business service.
Ripoff Report Verified™ REVIEW: EDitor’s UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to United Realty and Jacob Frydman for their dedicated to excellence in customer service. United Realty’s mission is to identify opportunistic real estate investments, develop creative strategies for adding value and effectively executing those strategies to generate exceptional returns while providing consistent, stable cash-flow. United Realty achieves those goals through its proprietary, multi-product investment platform which serves as the basis for income generation, principal protection and wealth creation for today’s real estate investors. Ripoff Report’s discussions with United Realty and Jacob Frydman have confirmed the company’s ongoing commitment to design and bring to market innovative real estate based investment products designed to generate both income and growth. United Realty and Jacob Frydman listen carefully to clients and the financial advisor community to design more investor friendly alternative investment products. United Realty’s CEO and Chairman, Jacob Frydman, has informed us that, United Realty’s highest priority is to meet the goals of the financial planning community and their valued investors. Ripoff Report is very pleased with the responsiveness that Mr. Frydman and his employees show us. They are serious about meeting commitments, and deliver on all their promises. The information provided in this report below is based on comments made by Alex Libin during an on-site inspection held by a third party verification company with no biases toward United Realty.Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.. United Realty is a company specializing in providing real estate based financial services and investment properties, which are sold to qualified investors either through the independent broker/dealer channel or through private placements. Leads are typically acquired through the independent broker/dealer network, and then the investment process moves on from there. United Realty does not deal with the consumer directly, but rather, works with intermediaries. “If investors acquire our products, then we have an entire customer service department. We have a transfer agent. We’re a public company,” states Alex Libin, a representative of United Realty. At times, customers may be unhappy with the services they receive, however, Mr. Libin states that it is not common for their customers to feel dissatisfied and lodge complaints against the company, especially since they are not offering a product or service per se, but rather offering an opportunity to invest in a fund. “If we had a complaint, we would do everything in our power to make sure a customer was well taken care of,” states Mr. Libin. If a customer did not feel happy or satisfied with their investment, Mr. Libin states that United Realty would then “let them redeem out.” The team at United Realty take steps to ensure that their customers are satisfied and happy with their decision to work with United Realty. “In the investment world, there are no guarantees, so we rely on our track record; we rely on the fact that we have generated above-market, risk adjusted returns for many years and our investors understand that. That’s why they invest with us,” states Mr. Libin. He does not feel that the complaint lodged against his company on Ripoff Report was raised by anyone who has been a customer of United Realty, but rather, by a disgruntled former partner. “We’ve had no one in connection with this report come to us,” states Mr. Libin. Mr. Libin and the team at United Realty recognize the value of working with Ripoff Report and the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program, and the platform it provides for businesses and clients to interact and resolve issues. “We’re more than happy to participate in all customer satisfaction programs and we’re delighted to be a part of this,” states Mr. Libin. UNITED REALTY / Statements from owner Jacob Frydman We seek out opportunities by investing in real estate, non-performing loans, distressed assets, real estate-dependent operating companies, and select commercial and residential development opportunities throughout the United States. In executing our investment strategy we employ a dual strategy in building portfolios – one strategy focuses on acquiring existing stabilized cash flowing assets to generate cash flow to our investors. The second strategy focuses on acquiring opportunistic assets which we can reposition, redevelop or remarket to create value enhancement and capital appreciation. At United Realty, we seek to make our real estate investment expertise available to smaller individual investors who generally do not have the expertise or ability to make such investments, by sponsoring through our affiliates, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and advising those REITs. We are committed to our investors and the financial advisor community through whom we sell our investment funds. We are also committed to our tenants. We strive to deliver exceptional work place environments and innovative solutions to meet or exceed our tenants’ real estate needs. And we are also committed to our team of professionals, by forging a growth-oriented work place with emphasis on personal achievement, growth and learning. We are passionate and committed to excel at all we do. We strive to be the premier real estate investment and operating company in our markets as recognized by our clients, our partners, our employees, our tenants and the investment community.” UNITED REALTY VALUE-ADDED INVESTMENT STRATEGY Whether its investing for our own account, with partners, or assisting clients in achieving their goals, United Realty mobilizes the core competence of its entire team of professionals to conceive of the best strategies to achieve the goals for each project, and tirelessly execute on that strategic plan to achieve superior risk-adjusted results. We approach each opportunity with an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, constantly striving to generate both stable cash flows and superior risk-adjusted returns. We accomplish these goals by executing on a dual strategy of acquiring existing stabilized cash flowing assets at below their replacement costs to support stable, consistent, distributions and simultaneously acquiring opportunistic assets which we can reposition, redevelop or remarket to create value enhancement and capital appreciation. Three themes define our value-added investment strategies: Cautious Contrarianism During periods of economic downturns we seek out-of-favor sectors or markets to exploit capital or product misalignments. Exploitation of Inefficiencies We capitalize on information advantages to identify micro-market imbalances and secure investments on favorable terms. Value-added Management We create capital appreciation opportunities through repositioning, restructuring, re-development and intensive management of under-utilized assets. UNITED REALTY VALUE-ADDED INVESTMENT STRATEGY United Realty seeks investment opportunities at attractive valuations in assets where we identify opportunities that others miss. We seek out assets which, because of their property-specific characteristics or their market characteristics may benefit from unique repositioning opportunities or from redevelopment or which are located in markets with high growth potential or that are available from distressed sellers. Based on our team's creative approach, diverse expertise and ability to innovatively finance projects, we conceive of a unique strategy for each project, and tirelessly execute on that strategic plan to achieve superior risk-adjusted results. We have an impressive long-term track record of generating higher than expected returns by implementing creative solutions for complicated real estate transactions. Optimizing Investment Structures We tailor the financial structure of each of our investments to minimize risk and maximize its strengths in order to deliver a better than average risk adjusted return that meets our objectives. Our investments and developments are founded on prudent analysis of a property's current or future cash flow potential. By properly assessing current and future yields, and analyzing and properly allocating risk, we are able to obtain better than average investment results for most of our projects. Performing Detailed Analysis Our team of professionals has a deep understanding of the macro- and micro-economic trends that contribute to the national and local real estate markets. We analyze each investment opportunity in light of that understanding and seek out the maximum benefit which may not always be apparent to other investors. UNITED REALTY TACTICS: Executing Opportunistic Value Enhancing Strategies United Realty seeks to generate both income and value enhancement by executing on a dual investment strategy. United Realty achieves its goals through their proprietary, multi-product investment platform which serves as the basis for income generation, principal protection and wealth creation for today’s real estate investors. United Realty is led by Jacob A. Frydman, a veteran real estate investor with over 30 years of experience. Jacob, has invested in or advised on over $2 billion in real estate transactions. Mr. Frydman is supported by a seasoned team of executive real estate professionals with over 150 years of combined operating history and extensive knowledge and expertise in commercial real estate. Mr. Frydman has more than 30 years’ experience in developing and investing in real estate, including value-added real estate assets, as well as in infrastructure and other business transactions. Mr. Frydman has developed numerous properties from Florida to New York. Notable transactions by Mr. Frydman include: developing Two Dag Hammerskjöld Plaza, an office condominium tower in midtown Manhattan used by foreign governments for their missions to the United Nations; redeveloping the Aetna Building in lower Manhattan’s financial district; acquiring the unfinished Global Crossing New York headquarters in 2003 from Goldman Sachs, which Mr. Frydman successfully repositioned for adaptive re-use as a mixed-use development and sold in 2005; purchasing the NBC New York television studios in 2000 from NBC’s parent, General Electric, and entering into a production arrangement with Procter & Gamble where he produced the day time drama As The World Turns from 1999 to 2010; and acquiring 500 Tenth Avenue in Manhattan, which Mr. Frydman and his partners re-developed into the DHL Center which they still own. Jake, as some of his friend call him, believes in “smart growth” and strives to make his projects environmentally sound. Mr. Frydman is a frequent guest on national television, including CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, where he speaks on trends in real estate. Mr. Frydman is a graduate of Boston University (B.S., Finance) and Case Western Reserve University School of Law (Juris Doctor). United Realty looks to identify opportunistic real estate investments, develop creative strategies for adding value and effectively executing those strategies to generate exceptional returns while providing consistent, stable cash-flow. In April of 2014 United Realty the launched the United Realty/Zogby Real Estate Confidence Index, a new quarterly Index that will provide unique and valuable market data on trends in commercial real estate. With its focus on commercial real estate, the United Realty/Zogby Real Estate Confidence Index is like no other in the marketplace. By distilling the pulse of institutional and elite real estate investors into a unified report of trends and outlooks, the Index will help investors make better-informed decisions regarding both their current property holdings and future investment/disposition opportunities. The Index, which is published quarterly provides: Current and forward looking investor sentiment Specific commercial real estate sector capitalization rate trends Geographic commercial real estate investment trends Current and forward looking acquisition and disposition activity The United Realty/Zogby Real Estate Confidence Index, which takes its place alongside other broadly followed important quarterly economic indicators, was developed and compiled by United Realty Group in conjunction with the world-renowned Zogby Analytics organization. We believe that this groundbreaking quarterly Index will become an invaluable part of your business tool mix for assessing current and future investment/disposition opportunities.
Entity: Hyde Park , New York
8, Report #1276628
Jul 17 2016
10:25 PM
Strategic Student Solutions LLC Scammed Boca Raton Florida
Someone contacted me from Stategic Student Solutions, LLC and asked if I wanted to be free of my student loans within 10 years. I stated that I had already consolidated my loan trhough Fed Loans, but he said he would take care of consolidation from here on. I agreed to pay $249 for the first three months and then $89 each month afterwards. At the end of 10 years, my loan debt was to be cancelled. Now, after 11 months, I discovered that nothing has been paid to Fed Loans and now I am in default. Not only am I out $1459, but my loan still is more than it was.   HELP!!!!  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #903942
Jun 27 2012
10:34 PM
Strategic Financial Companies llc Strategic Tax Services llp They coerced us to buy product we did not need by deception and misleading Chatworth, California
We were scammed.  We paid $4,970 for these worthless services that we got no benefit at all from.  They say no refund but we want our money back. Strategic Financial Companies LLC (SFC) set up our LLC secretively in Delaware in 9 days.  (Justin Engelbrecht said in phone conversation it will take 30 days.)  No way could we be that profitable to be able to strike multiple deals in 9 days. They coerced us to purchase these worthless services one after another.  It was not an option but they said a QRP needs it.  These services are not for our level and they knew it.  We put our faith in operating our business successfully, but to reach the level of us needing the LLC company so as to protect us from law suits, we are far from it and they knew it.  Thus, we got no services at all from these companies, especially for the tax service. We never used it and never would have used it, but they say no refund. They prey on people who sign up for Sean Higgins Wealth Without Risk program and who dont know which way to go in this program. They introduce the QRP concept and target those who are about to enter or are already in retirement.  Also, they said we already paid for QRP set-up (that is included in the initial coaching fee), but we need to add two more additional programs (LLC and Tax service) so it will work and that was not an option.   They operate vaguely and secretively.  There were no operating agreements nor receipts received and very unfriendly customer support; therefore, not much information about the status of our account with them.  Before we committed, we searched their name in Google, but no hits. That was because they did not give us the correct name, only strategic financial or strategic financial services without companies so we missed BBBs F grading. It also appears they spent a lot of legal money getting SH out of BBB.
Entity: Chatworth, California
10, Report #1174211
Sep 03 2014
02:10 PM
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency LLC Strategic Publishing GroupSBPRA Authors Beware of This Publishing Company- SBPRA Texax Internet
July 30, 2014    Attorney GeneralAttorney General’s OfficeConsumer Information & Complaints1275 W. WashingtonPhoenix, AZ 85007 RE: CIC 14-07867 STRATEGIC BOOK RIGHTS & PUBLISHING AGNCYI thought that this would be an interesting point to start off this response letter with.b. Termination by PUBLISHERPUBLISHER may terminate this agreement and publication of the book without cause, upon written notice to the Author if, in PUBLISHER’s judgment, the BOOK may subject PUBLISHER to the risk of litigation. In no event will the PUBLISHER be obligated to publish a work, which in its opinion violates the common law or statutory copyright, or the right of privacy of any person, or contains libelous or obscene material. Further if the PUBLISHER reasonably deems the contents of the BOOK to promote hate, violence, illegal activities, PUBLISHER can terminate and Agreement. If termination by the PUBLISHER occurs before publishing the book the Publisher will refund Author’s monies. I did not receive a letter of Contract Termination by mail; I received a sudden email after requesting to cancel my latest contract with SBPRA.I am the owner of the copyrights of the books and even submitted for copyrights myself to, not only for Dark Harmonie, but for Toni’s Blues, I believe Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God as well and 30: The Dragonfly Catcher before I sent it to SBPRA for editing. None of my books promote violence or hate or illegal activities. They can be viewed as inspirational and spiritual, I use Bible passages to cause the readers to think and take a walk of faith.In regards to Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God which is a (JV) $995.00 Joint Venture in which I paid all the necessary fees for publishing, book trailer etc., but SBPRA is an equal partner in the earnings I did request a quote to have this book converted for access on Kindle. SBPRA is stating that the reason for such a high cost ($550.00) to convert a 43 page book to ebook was due to the increased distribution options. If I am interpreting that statement correctly those distribution options are services offered to the Authors for a fee that is not included in the $550.00 I was quoted to convert the book to ebook format.I did some research and decided to go with another company which I will not name and they quoted me a fee of $160.00 and they did not request a percentage of any sales, unlike SBPRA which states that they will also receive a percentage of any sales of the ebook on top of the percentage they would be receiving for the print version.  Also the very first cover choice that was sent to me for Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God was a stick figure drawing that looked like a child’s drawing in crayon. I assumed that the person working on the cover design had some knowledge of what the book was about. Apparently not because one of the short-stories is about a Christian woman who has been raped and is struggling with what has happened.As for my second book with SBPRA Toni’s Blues a member of the church I was attending used to work as an Editor and offered to edit the manuscript for me and I was honored. I was sent a quote of what it would cost to fix the errors and was quoted the fee of a full manuscript edit, not for corrections.  But my issue was that there were double words and dropped words and missing letters. Some of these things I believe may have happened in the text block layout. Once again this book is also a (JV) Joint Venture where apparently we are partners supposedly sharing in the expenses. These errors were brought to my attention much later and I am so embarrassed because I myself brought more than 100 print copies and gave the majority away not making a dime.  These errors were not only in the print version, but also in the Kindle as well which they converted and were signed on to share in the profits of.  I was very proud of this book because of the message it sends to those who have gone through or are suffering in Domestic Violence situations.  I was thoroughly embarrassed and asked them to please pull it from sales immediately and they did not. SBPRA made it seem like it was a huge production to log onto the sites that the book was on for sale and click a link that says “delete or remove” from sales.  I know this because I have posted my own Kindle versions for two of my books and all that is required is for me to logon with my password and remove the books from sales.  This is where the question of what are my royalties came up; because SBPRA stated that would not remove the print version from sales until it no longer had any in stock, but I did not see a line item for sales of Toni’s Blues on my royalty sheet for this to be a Joint Venture project you would think that they would want to make sure that it is of the highest quality and that the readers are going to have an amazing experience and not have to drop words or add letter while they are reading the book. I am only speaking my truth when I say this “It didn’t matter because they received payment not only from me, but also from the few sales that were made, so they lost nothing.” This was no Joint Venture because technically I am an Indie Author because I paid for everything and I sacrificed to do it. By the way I just searched on and found that Toni’s Blues is still being sold in print, but SBPRA quickly pulled from sales Dark Harmonie which was just released in May 2014, so now I will not be recouping even a small portion of what I paid to them to get this book published $1507.00.  But they were paid because I paid them.Amazon Look Inside: This is in reference to when the Kindle version of Toni’s Blues went live and I immediately went to both Barnes and Noble and Amazon sites to view them and discovered that on the entire book was there to read.  I am the Author I know my book, I even closed out of and went back to the site because I thought I was seeing things, but no; the whole book was there to be read for free for about three days or so. My contact at SBPRA regarding this issue tried to convince me the Author who wrote the book that it was not so. SBPRA was also signed on to receive a portion of the sales of the Kindle version of Toni’s Blues even though I am the one who paid fully for the conversion.SBPRA is claiming that they processed the cancelation of Toni’s Blues in a timely manner and removed the book from sales by the end of April, yet the book still remains for sale on, why? Please see the attached print screen and notice the date and time it was taken. I repeat sales of Toni’s Blues to were not on my Author Royalty Sheet, I have print screens of that if needed.Dark Harmonie is a 137 page book and SBPRA quoted me a fee of $525.00 to convert it to Kindle. This fee is $25.00 less than what they quoted me to convert a 43 page book and they also state the reason for the quote of $525.00 is also due to increased distribution options. Yes I did decline it because the numbers just did not make sense to me. I did have Dark Harmonie converted to Kindle and I utilized the same company that converted Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God and the fee that company quoted was $247.10 plus an additional $10.00 to correct a few errors that SBPRA did not catch.My forth manuscript 30:The Dragonfly Catcher, was not released through  SBPRA by my choice because I just could not risk them dropping the ball anymore and making me look stupid when it came to my own books and what is happening with them. They had me looking really bad on Facebook and on Twitter and even in interviews. The price of the book being changed to something I did not agree to and had no knowledge of and I would be Tweeting and posting on Facebook one thing when they were doing another. I paid for these things, did I not deserve the right to know when something is changed with the books I wrote and paid to have published and marketed?I paid for my Author Website with them, not just for the site, but also for the hosting and SBPRA’s Web department went onto the website that I paid for and pay the hosting for and made changes without consulting me. This was done supposedly because of my request for them to remove Toni’s Blues from sales. If they had consulted with me I would have instructed the web department to remove the sales links and leave the book cover image and add a notation that says something like “Toni’s Blues is being revised and I will be releasing a “Special Revised Edition” soon.  That makes more sense to me being that I had been working on a revised addition and had been in talks with a company to do a Special Edition Cover for the re-release. They went onto the website that I am paying for and removed every trace of Toni’s Blues yet it still remains for sale on this an executive decision acting as a partner (JV)? If so they should have used the same thinking when it came to our (JV) of Toni’s Blues. This is not the first issue I have had with my Author Website through them, went it was first created I asked them to make some adjustments because it would look more appealing and the web department went onto the site and enlarged the cover image to a size that was larger than the actual book itself; this was my first published book and my introduction to the world as a published Author. When I brought this to their attention once again they tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with it. What is troubling about this being that I actually took webmaster in college and it is clear that they are using a standard form for all their Author Websites. How hard is it to preview the site to make sure that everything looks ok before you make the site live?About the Locked Manuscript: What if the editor that I am paying has made some changes or suggestions that I the writer, Author do not agree with? You have sent me the Author a locked manuscript of my own book so that I cannot change anything.  I would like to point out that I did not receive a locked manuscript of Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God and I did not receive a locked manuscript of Dark Harmonie. 30:The Dragonfly Catcher was the last project that I allowed them to work on and during that time that is when things became very heated over what was happening with the removal of Toni’s Blues, the changing of prices without consulting with me or letting know. The altering of my Author website and the continued sale of Toni’s Blues to this day. I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked SBPRA to please cancel the contract for 30:The Dragonfly Catcher.  I was not up to having to go back and forth by email only to make sure that that book was released perfectly; I just couldn’t take that chance.Yes I posted on my Facebook Page the message that I received from Lynn Eddy telling me that they had cancelled ALL my contracts and pulled ALL my books from sales and that this would be finalized in about six weeks I believe it was.  I believe this was her reaction to my request to cancel my contract with them for 30:The Dragonfly Catcher; and maybe they were a little miffed about my using another company to convert Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God and Dark Harmonie to Kindle format. I had also informed them that I would use another company to work on the “Special Revised Edition” of “Toni’s Blues.”  Why would I not work with someone else being that I couldn’t even get them to remove a book that was causing me embarrassment and stress?  I worked very hard on the text revision of Toni’s Blues; as matter of fact I worked on it while also looking over the text block layout of Dark Harmonie and working with the other company to pull together the Kindle version of Dark Harmonie. My using another company meant that SBPRA would not be sharing in any royalties of those projects.  I also want to add that I received a number of emails advertising that I should consider paying x amount of dollar instead of purchasing the 100 print copies of my book myself. I ignored the emails because I had no intention of having 30: The Dragonfly Catcher become a (JV) Joint Venture with SBPRA. Yet Toni’s Blues still remains for sale on while my new release in May is toast and I paid a lot to have Dark Harmonie published and now no one can even purchase a print copy. But SBPRA were still paid for the services of publishing this book.When I posted that email on my Facebook Page I was seeking someone from the writer community to console me because I was devastated! I had just paid SBPRA all this money for the publishing of these books and now my newest release the print copy which became available in May only after I contacted someone asking why it was not posted yet for sale on Barnes and Noble and; and they hadn’t even sent out the press release, the press release they sent out without consulting me, didn’t I at least have the right to say what my Author Bio should say?  I have books with ISBN numbers that I paid for and SBPRA is listed as the publisher inside them, but I can’t sell a printed copy. I can’t purchase any of those books for books on-hand for Author Book signings and Author give aways to help promote me and my books. I was just asked to participate in an Author Give Away, but I cannot. I cannot even host any book signings; give away any books to fans who request signed copies on Facebook or Twitter because I have no printed books.What person would not be angry in this situation? I just could not deal with it anymore what pushed me to making the decision to cancel the contract for 30: The Dragonfly Catcher was seeing day after day that “Toni’s Blues” was still up for sale and having SBPRA tell me that it was not and having their answer to why it was still there change to “they don’t have any control over when it will be removed from”SBPRA moved really fast when they cancelled all my book contracts.SBPRA moved really fast when they removed all my other books from sales and SBPRA moved really fast when then sent me what they felt was correct for my royalties to the wrong address. I sent them an email stating that sending something so personal to the wrong address is a perfect example of what was happening when I would request a change, correction, etc.  I sent an email requesting that my contact information be updated before this issue blow up and go out of hand. Apparently no one paid attention to it because they sent a check for $35.34 to the wrong address.  Wouldn’t it have made sense to at least send me an email asking if the address they had on file was correct or just to verify the information?  $35.34, this amount is an insult and then to send it to the wrong address and not even show me enough respect to even verify my information.If I had not posted that email on my Facebook Page from Lynn Eddy of SBPRA regarding cancelling all my contracts and pulling all my books from sales; I would not have found out about the issues they faced with the Attorney General of Florida.What person in my position would not be upset by the issues I have dealt with and am currently dealing with? Sincerely,
Entity: Internet
11, Report #762567
Aug 08 2011
03:25 PM
Strategic Debt Resolutions, LLC Strategic Loan Mods, LLC; Strategic Real Estate, LLC; Eyring & Associates, LLC; The Open Organization, LLC Not licensed to do loan mods, never were, in total violation of Washington State Law- took my money did NOTHING!!! Seattle, Washington
Okay, so I am underwater in my home and needed relief.  I had heard about loan modifications and their attendant scams, so I decided to do my homework and go local. I was pleased when I found Strategic Loan Mods (SLM) since they were in fact in Seattle (45 min. away), there was a physical address and I spoke to the president Karen Tuff.  She assured me that SLM was on the up and up, that they were an attorney firm and that for the wee fee of $2500, I would get a modification for both my first and second. Well I figured it seemed all well and good.  I was told to send all $2500 to their processor, who was in fact not an employee of SLM but their own concern (first red flag) and that he would cut SLM a check for its share of $1600 of the $2500 fee (second red flag).  I remember asking if filtering payments was legal and was assured it was (lie #1). So I spoke to the processor, from the West of the State.  He was a great guy, knew his stuff and gave me his contact info.  He told me SLM would be kept in the loop and would be my point of contact, basically he was being paid $900 to negotiate with the lender, not stay in touch with me.  Had SLM done their job, I wouldn't be writing this. So the processor, one of SLM's Modification Consultants, got to work, almost right away he got some results, and that was great, if I had heard about it when it happened.  The lender approved my first for a modification and send the documents to me, I had no idea anything had happened until they arrived.  Perplexed I called the processor.  He was embarrassed and said that he had emailed SLM the day I got the mod (almost ten days earlier) and said they should have contacted me (red flag #3). So we both contacted SLM, they apologized and said they would be better at being the communication between the processor and I. So the second's negotiation begins and is going slowly, there isn't equity in the home, but the lender doesn't have as much incentive to modify.  My processor worked hard for me, after three weeks of no word, I contacted him again.  He told me of the progress and apologized on behalf of SLM.  I told him he was fine, but SLM was going to catch some hell.  I called them and spoke to Gary Eyring, Karen Tuff's husband and VP of the company.  He was quite personable, but I demanded SLM do its job, I flat out asked, 'what did you guys do to earn $1600?'  He laughed condescendingly and lectured me for twenty minutes on the need for openness.  Finally I told him SLM needed to do its job or I wanted that money back (I was going to give part of it to the processor and the rest was a refund).  He said they would work on it. Apparently the processor lost faith in them too, since I started getting emails from him directly keeping me updated.  I finally got the second mod, but I never heard an unsolicited word from SLM.  I called them up and spoke to good 'ol Gary again and I simply said that SLM didn't do anything to justify such a high fee, I wanted $1600 refunded.  Mr. Eyring laughed condescendingly again (maybe that is just his laugh, I don't know or care) and said they did their job by securing me as a client (WTF!?!?!?!) I told him $1600 to sell a $2500 loan mod was outrageous.  I told me they had administrative costs, fees to sales assistants, blah, blah, blah.  Bottom line is they took my money and for what?  (I spoke to Karen Tuff a bit later and she said they needed all their time to focus on selling (like I said WTF!?!?!?!?!).  I got the mod and that is great, but SLM had nothing to do with that.  So I did some digging and here is what I found: SLM isn't licensed nor has it ever been licensed with the DFI (Department of Financial Institutions in WA, the agency you are required to be licensed with, both as a company and an individual if you do anything with loan mods) SLM has two complaints from other clients with the DFI Only one of SLM's modification consultants are licensed with the DFI, and guess what?  Gary and Karen, and their key mediator and processor aren't that one. They claim to be authorized to do mods in all but five or six states, including Oregon Tennessee, Arizona and Michigan.  I looked it up with a friend who is an attorney in AZ (I don't know about other states) but, like in Washington, you have to be licensed with their DFI to do loan mods in AZ, that means selling, advertising, negotiating, etc.  When you click on the link for that, good 'ol Gary's picture and contact info pop up.  Guess what?  He's not licensed to do anything in AZ.  That is a possible criminal act. I probably won't get my money back, I'm going to file a complaint with the DFI here and the WA Attorney General, but I doubt much will come of it.  If you need a modification, hire an experienced attorney with a good rep in your community to just sue them, don't get in bed with people like this.  Strategic Loan Mods, Karen Tuff and Gary Eyring took my money!
Entity: Seattle, Washington
12, Report #1212458
Mar 01 2015
09:44 AM
Strategic Healthcare Never pays money they owe to their partners on time, ever! Long Island Nationwide
Summary:Strategic Healthcare does not pay their contracted business partners, nor their business agreements on time and are very unprofessional. Furthermore, they still owe me $183.32 for the extra 4 days stay (plus the $50.00 late fee).Grand total they owe me is $183.32.I have an apartment with a room for rent in Los Angeles, CA. I was called by Strategic Healthcare in November 2013 and offered a 5-month-long rental contract with Strategic Healthcare from December 2013 to April 2014, for me to rent my extra bedroom to a visiting nurse through Strategic Healthcare for $1000 a month, while she worked at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. The visiting nurse worked for Strategic Healthcare and in turn, Strategic Healthcare paid me rental for her to stay at my home.The contract was from Strategic Healthcare to pay me monthly on the 1st of every month and in turn, I would provide a clean, safe and secure rental room for the nurse to live in.Normally, businesses and professional people pay their rent on time. Not Strategic Healthcare.Strategic Healthcare did not keep their word with payment and every single month I had an agreement the nurse stayed at my home, they never paid me on time.They were late every single month and I imposed a late fee of $50.00 after 3 months. They promised to be on time and were not. Then they promised to pay the late fee and did not.Strategic Healthcare has no integrity and does not deserve more business from unsuspecting business partners such as myself.My contact at Strategic Healthcare was a woman named Sheryl Yates. She was the most unprofessional person I have ever done business with; as she shared too much information about her personal life with me -- about company politics within Strategic Healthcare, her family, her son and her issues with her personal time management.  She would just blurt out this information to me when I called about business. Many times over the phone, I told her I could not really talk to her about her personal life situations, as it was none of my business and we were in a business contract. But she continued to have unprofessioanl boundaries. As a result, I started writing emails to get my answers to issues I had with Strategic Healthcare.The last day the nurse stayed at my house (who was an incredibly obese, non-communicative messy horder, who left a mess in my bedroom when she moved out), Sheryl Yates stated she was refusing to pay the late fee or the final 4 days I allowed the nurse to stay (due to her needing to complete her contract with Cedars - Sinai). And actually lied on the phone to me about the day she thought the nurse moved in. Stating that they had paid me in full. This was a utter and complete fabrication, since  I had the exact date she had moved in, signed in a contractual agreement.I waited several months to see if a manager would discover the unprofessional oversight of Sheryl Yates, but never received a check for the amount still due. To this day, Strategic Healthcare still owes me the grand total of $183.32. I would strongly suggest not using this company, as in my experience with working with them, they are thieves.    
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #120347
Nov 29 2004
08:59 PM
Fundamental Consumer Strategy - Strategic Credit Education Ripoff pirated legitamate information I sent via e-mail for fraudulant purposes Albany New York
My wife E-mailed an application to a ligitamate (as far as we know) credit reparation company on Nov. 22. She was told an answer would be forthcoming within 30 days. On Nov. 26 I, not my wife, received a phone call from the aforementioned Co. I assumed this call was from the Co. my wife had approached. I was asked to verify information concerning name, address, phone number etc. The caller already knew this info. and just asked me to verify. When my wife came home, she told me the name of the Co. that she had contacted and I realized that the party that I had talked to was not that Co. at all. I wondered how they had acquired the information that they repeated to me over the phone so correctly? I was told that I could cancel our agreement at any time with 72 hours notice. I had 7 days to cancel. I tried to cancel the very next day and have been trying ever since. I get no answer from the phone number that they supplied me with. I looked up the Co. on the net and the first, and only, hit was from Bad Business Bureau .com. Somehow, a person who was complaining about this company before me had found a Canadian phone number for them. I have also tried this number for days, to no avail. I have had to close my bank accounts and open new ones. Anyone that ever receives ANY information or requests from this Co. should steer clear. Thomas franklin, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, New York
14, Report #1113201
Jan 06 2014
07:28 AM
whetstone partners llc ripoffs miami Florida
i got a loan in feb 2013 i paid them my payments on time my mom passeed away in june and i called them told them i forgot to pay it the lady informed me that i will be chargered a late fee found out the whole time they was over charging me only 50 i was paying was going to my payment and the rest was intrested and other fees july 2013 they came at 5am trying to pick up my van well i called and i paid them 300 3 payments to keep it they said i would be caught up they said my payment was 225.67 so if i pay the 300 i will be paying the repo fee and all so i agree well then i called them after making the payment and they said that i'm still a payment behind then next thing you know i go to catch that payment up right before christmas and the guy i talk to said i have to pay 800 or my van was being picked up well to make a long story short today 1/6/13 my van was picked up no calls no card telling me where my van is or nothing they drugged my van out of my drive leaving damges up and out of my driveway i have to pay i rent my house my landlord is pissed i'm looking forward to a law suit they need to be stopped before they take advangtage of another
Entity: miami, Florida
15, Report #314419
May 29 2008
01:34 PM
Strategic Business Partners Consultant in Charge Arlington Heights Illinois
On February 8, 2008 I was fired after 3-1/2 years of employment by telephone. The company owes me $10,000 for commissions, expenses and vacation.They are auditing my expense reports for alleged discrepancies and it will take 90 days. These expenses were billed and collected from clients and vouchered with valid receipts. They are withholding final pay subject to an audit by ADP and are out of compliance with the Illinois Labor Board for final payments. They rescinded the vacation policy and are charging back vacation pay from 2007 and are withholding vacation earned in 2007 for 2008. Vacation was paid for 2 weeks in 2005 and 2006. I was told by the owners, Chuck Orabutt and Dan Hostetler in December 2007 that I was one of their best employees. They will not talk to me or the 27 others they terminated who they owe money to. The new COO Ron Bridges threatened to get a restraining order against my wife if she called again to inquire about my pay. They have gone from one of the seven crown jewels of consulting groups to an unfair, unethical place of business. Prospective clients and employees beware. Three pie Seymour, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington Heights, Illinois
16, Report #662704
Nov 16 2010
05:02 PM
Strategic Financial Co. LLC The Old Bait and Switch / NO REFUNDS Van Nuys, California
My wife and I own an internet sales business, so we hired Strategic to do our taxes and other financial services at the price of $7,470.00 - this was in Oct. 2009. In May of 2010 we were contacted by there agent wanting us to buy there corporate credit course, which we didn't realize that we already had paid for in 2009 (about $3,000.00)  This time he would offer it to us for $1,358.00 and throw in a FREE OF COST Living Will and Trust at no extra cost, so I let them charge it to my credit card. A few moths later I was going through our records and found that we had paid for Corp. Credit before, so I contacted Strategic about a refund for the doubled up service and was told NO REFUNDS EVER-- but I could file a charge back with my credit card and I might be able to get it back. When I did this they fought back by saying we had purchased the Living Will and Trust, not Corp Credit as we were told by their Rep.  Since we did not wish to purchase the Will & Trust, I continued the charge back, then Strategic sent us a letter saying they would drop all of the services we had paid for earlier as well,  but my credit card co.(Master Card) believed them calling it a He said She said situation and wouldn't go on with it. Strategic has since agreed to let us continue their services as before.I am retired and my wife works full time at a moderate wage job and being ripped for over $1,000.00 is hard for us to take. What ever you can suggest we do would be of great value to us. Thanks in advance.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
17, Report #1047040
Apr 29 2013
11:36 AM
Strategic Dream Vacations LLC Ken and Kassie (Cole?) You get what you pay for- or just a little less. Internet
Dont be fooled by Ken and Kassie, husband and wife team of Strategic Dream Vacation's (SDV) initial pleasantries. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of canceling prior travel plans in order to book a resort stay with SDV. They were incredible nice and thorough at first, during our initial phone call! I thought I was about to embark on an incredible weekend resort stay in Orlando, however I should have known the price, and the vacation itself, was too good to be true. After the initial booking phone call, and despite several phone calls following that, I received no information (address, confirmation number, nothing)  about my hotel until the day before. (Note: When they did call back the day before my vacation, they told me they had been too busy to call back or email the information.) The day of, I was told I had to make an additional stop prior to arriving at the hotel to pick up a fax copy of my check-in paperwork -- red flag (Note: On their website, they claim they usually send this fax directly to the hotel.) Upon arriving at the resort I discovered that they had filled out my check-in paperwork incorrectly, resulting in a price discrepancy that I had to pay for despite the initial full payment made to SDV (not including the usual hotel deposit fee and tour fee.) Once checked in, a whole day was wasted awaiting Ken or Kassie's phone call with our resort tour information that would earn us Disney/Universal Studios/Blue Man/etc etc tickets. No call ever came, even after I placed several to them and left voicemails. Instead we did our best to enjoy the resort until Ken and Kassie found the time to get back to us, a day later. After receiving our tour information and time, we waited 30 minutes only to be told that we could not be toured, gifted, or our tour fee refunded due to age and living restrictions (Note: These restrictions had already been verified by Ken and Kassie at the time of booking, who both assured us that we would have zero issues.) After missing my initial phone call, Kassie called back and told us to pay for our tickets up front and that they would send us on a tour the next day, which would supposedly reimburse us for the money. After explaining that this was inconvenient, impossible, and that we run the risk of the exact same situation happening, Kassie transferred the call the Ken who asked if I was going to be a pain in the ass to quote his wife. Thank goodness for having a personal level of restraint, because I was in shock and instantly became angry. After Ken had a short conversation with the resort, we were gifted our tickets and went on our way with Ken's promise that he would personally refund my tour fee. The Monday after returning home from our vacation (which was pleasant aside from Ken and Kassie's negligence and lack of courtesy bordering on verbal abuse) I placed a call inquiring about the refund of the resort fee. I left a message because, as per usual, no one answered the phone. Ken called back later and said he would put the refund through with his Kassie and asked that I write a positive review of my stay (in exchange for a free vacation). The nerve. A week later, no refund. I called again and was told by Kassie that she knew of no refund and would confirm with Ken. Three days following that, my calls were going as unanswered as the two voicemails I left. I finally surrendered any further contact with them as moot and decided to use the last of my effort to give any other unsuspecting travel-goers some insight on SDV. Ken and Kassie of SDV's negligence, ignorance, lies, and bribery put a major damper on what should have been a pleasant surprise vacation for a very special occasion (the celebration of my anniversary.) Aside from betraying the trust of travel-goer and travel agent/broker, Ken and Kassie were unabashedly rude and deliberately obtuse. Paying extra for a vacation that had already been negotiated, as well as being blatantly ignored to avoid paying for a promised refund, is a small price to pay for a lesson well learned to never trust anyone else with your happiness and that of your loved ones when it comes to special occasions or vacations. My advice to anyone fond of traveling is to save yourself the hassle, time, and stress and book direct or corporate rather than cutting corners or price tags. Dont end up at the mercy of a cut-throat agency like SDV.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1360936
Mar 10 2017
09:52 AM
19, Report #1349673
Jan 13 2017
01:47 PM
SPG Strategic Publishing Group LLC Scott Miner Complete rip off! Total scam! Boca Raton Florida
 Was contacted by Jaimee at SPG Strategic Publishing Group to advertise in 3 magazines for golf clubs & country clubs in my area. Paid $900 for advertising. Was then contacted by Scott Miner to expand to four more counrty clubs. Said no, they were to far from my location. Was told the art department would send me an email to get art work & photos together. No email, no response from anyone. Finally got an automated message from them. The phone number is now a non working mailbox.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
20, Report #1143793
May 09 2014
04:59 PM
Strategic Fund 29, LLC Strategic Acquisitions, LLCStrategic Property ManagementDenise ValentineDenny ValentinePatrick GallegosRalph DurazoColleen RiojasPatricio Gallegosstrategicpmi.comCraig Strategic keeps the refrigerator not allowing access to retrieve personal belongings on a house they acquired on a foreclosure auction. Agoura Hills California
On February 7, 2014, Denny ValentineDenny Valentine | Acquisitions ManagerBRE# 01064845818.299.1050 Cell855.780.7368 Office818.646.9125 Office Direct  noted that the refrigerator belongs to Lucille, property designee of Malavega.  The locks were changed without advance notification to property designee and was not allowed to retrieve.  Denny Valentine said If it is not there, there is nothing you can do about it.James was asked to retrieve personal effects in the garage and other items that does not belong to Strategic Acquisitions, Inc.  nor Strategic Property Management nor Strategic Fund 29, LLC but Ralph Durazo said nothing was left at the property.   Ralph DurazoBDR Inc.So. Cal. FSA ManagerCell:(818)850-9026Fax:(818)369-3227
Entity: Agoura Hills, Select State/Province
21, Report #85857
Mar 29 2004
07:23 PM
Affinity Marketing Partners, LLCAffinity Marketing Partners, LLC & OANWEB ripoff USA
I too was recently charge by this company. I have never even heard of them. But was successful in getting the charges removed. Cynthia moses lake, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1090158
Oct 07 2013
03:12 PM
WhetStone Partners LLC E Title Loan Whetstone Partners Doral Florida
 Cusotmer company is a scam. They move very quickly. Here is there new address Whetstone Partners LLC 2001 NW 107th Ave 3Rd FLoor Doral, Fl 33172   They harass people and treat them like crap. They need to be out of buiness as soon as possible. If you got ripped off, the address is above.    
Entity: Doral, Florida
23, Report #910574
Jul 11 2012
08:05 PM
Have you received an automated message about the billions of dollars available for businesses like yours?  Has that message hounded you until you finally pressed a button in attempt to stop receiving these calls every day?  Were you then forced through an application process to see if you qualify for grant funding? Did you then receive a phone call within 48 hours telling you the great news they were able to qualify your business to receive over $100,000 in grant funds?  Do you have the sounds too good to be true feeling? Chances are it most likely is!  SPEARHEAD STRATEGY PROS IS THE SCAM ARTIST ACTING LIKE THERE A FRAUD WATCH! HA,HA HA There are an unbelievable number of fraudulent grant companies who prey on American Small Business Owners every day!  At SPEARHEAD STRATEGY PROS, WE FIGURED OUT HOW TO SCAM YOU TOO! Still unsure if the company you are working with is legitimate? Fill out the form below for a free consultation. We will SCAM YOU! We will not ask who the company is or any of their contact info, JUST YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT IS NEEDED. Provide only the information that was provided to you about the process required to obtain your grant. If we advise you that we feel it is safe to move forward, please keep in mind that you are ABOUT TO BE SCAMMED. Our evaluation is based solely from the information you have provided and it is your sole responsibility to choose how to use this information AND IF YOU ALLOW SPEARHEAD TO SCAM YOU.  After the evaluation, we will explain all concerns we saw as a red flags and then you can pay us to SCAM YOU! Please keep in mind that this service is provided as a courtesy to protect small business owners and Spearhead Strategy Pros prides itself on SCAMMING YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY with the help of WALKER INCORPORATING, LLC.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
24, Report #267215
May 08 2008
07:54 PM
INVESTIGATION: International Profit Associates - IPA commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, IPA - International Profit Associates implemented strategic changes to insure clients business success, focusing on finding ways to help small & medium size companies make improvements to both their short-term and longer-term profitability & creating a secure future. Buffalo Grove Illinois*UPDATE: Rip-off Report Investigation - International Profit Associates recognized by Rip-off Report as a safe business service - IPA pledges to resolve all complaints, 100% commitment to customer service and satisfaction, feel confident and secure when doing business with IPA
Rip-off Report Investigation: Editor's UPDATE: Positive Rating and Recognition has been given to IPA International Profit Associates for its Commitment to Excellence in customer service. Rip-off Report's investigation of IPA uncovers an ongoing commitment to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect the company will always work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any complaints or concerns, more importantly IPA is concerned with the new growth and success of their clients business and, IPA is listening carefully to what its clients are saying. After all, when becoming creative to make things better, making changes for the benefit of the business sometimes comes hard like any good lesson. One top executive of the company stated to Rip-off Report, that IPA's corporate philosophy is based on the premise that IPA will advance itself through first advancing its clients. Their process starts by identifying what clients want, then reinforcing and continuing with its work, which ultimately leads to Client Company Life Cycle Management - what clients needs as they grow from start-up to maturity continuing through exit strategy and retirement for the business owner. Rip-off Report has confirmed that IPA's approach to business includes a total corporate quality assessment. The result of which, leads to continual dedication to quality operations, client and employee relations, and innovation management. Rip-off Report was pleased to learn that the company's past and current approach to business is focused on its pledge to total commitment towards client satisfaction. It is our opinion that large and small business owners can feel confident in the fact that IPA has worked with thousands of businesses in Canada and the United States. They are a full business development company and innovators in their field and have successfully helped thousands of businesses by providing new and innovative ideas and solutions for almost every type of business imaginable. IPA recognizes that complaints posted on Rip-off Report (true or not) are issues that need to be addressed and if handled correctly can be valuable learning opportunities. With the feedback generated by Rip-off Report's Investigation IPA has made organizational changes allowing their clients a more streamlined approach to problem resolution and a total overall commitment to customer experience. In summary, after our investigation, which included discussions with IPA Senior Management, Rip-off Report is convinced that the company has been and is committed to quality delivery of services resulting in total client satisfaction. To demonstrate IPA's commitment to client satisfaction, and the rip-off report corporate advocacy program, we recommend you listen to testimonials from real IPA clients. You can listen to these testimonials by clicking on this link, Read more about IPA International Profit Associates Commitment to Excellence and Total Consumer Satisfaction and why consumers should feel safe, confident and secure when doing business with a member of Rip-off Report's Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. ..yes, a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike. Read about Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,..A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. this program works. ===================== NOW TO THE ORIGINAL REPORT THAT WAS FILED ===================== setTimeout( 'openPopWin();', 1000);function openPopWin(){'/reports/ripoff352652.htm');} Strategic Business Partners And Ron Bridges business consulting, International Profit Associates Arlington Heights Illinois I was hired by Mr. Ron Bridges and confirm my employment with the principals of SBP. After 60 days of working I questioned there tactics, the way they were not paying me and the deliverable. Once I questioned there business practices I was fired. Not only was I fired but they refused to pay me the monies I was owed. I found out that Mr. Ron Bridges has a multi million dollar law suit against him for ripping off his partners and still owes $450K. These people come from International Profit Associates and George S May. Be careful who you do business with. Tom souran Prosper, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington Heights, Illinois
25, Report #1047515
May 16 2013
05:31 AM
Perry L. Fagan of Get Strategy, LLC Con Man and Fraud Internet
Perry Fagan is a fraud and con. He is a lying psychopath who takes advantage of people. Below is taken from his website. I I will dissect and reveal the truth using his own words.1. Only Get Strategy builds Breakthrough Strategy Leaders™ for your organization, for breakthrough competitive advantage. -  FALSE. There are multiple, REPUTABLE strategy firms in existence. He isn't as unique as he believes himslef to be.2.Born in Southeast Asia...- Specifically the PHILIPPINES. He is a racist that will never credit the Philippines and all  the Filipinos he took advantage of - ...and steeped in the region’s spectacular economic growth and larger-than-life ambitions, Get Strategy is out to alter fundamentally the way the world’s enterprises compete. 3. The Get Strategy technology causes an immediate and permanent breakthrough in your managers’ ability to think and act strategically, empowering them to discover at high speed for themselves—without relying on high-priced strategy consultants—your firm’s competitive advantage and to access new levels of performance to bring good strategy to life. - FALSE. He has never done this. Such technology doesn't exist. And he charges exhorbitant fees by persistently connecting his name with Harvard Business School, wherein he was unceremoniously discharged for scandalizing the prominent institution by seducing and abusing a very young a 23-year old Harvard medical school student while he was still married to his 2nd ex-wife Belina Kostadinova of Bulgaria. Note the underlying tones of Scientology (using the terms breakthrough and empowering) in this statement. Perry Fagan is a graduate of the Landmark Education. A cult organization with it's roots based on Scientology which scams people of their money. 4. Get Strategy enables boards of directors, CEOs, presidents and business unit heads to gain the alignment and commitment of their managers necessary to drive strategy implementation and to access breakthrough performance for their organizations. - FALSE. This has never happened. Ask for a referral and he cannot give you any.5. Get Strategy serves clients in diverse industries, - FALSE. SERVED is the correct word. This was in the past (2011), and not on-going as he makes it sound. Most of them being singular events wherein he delivered a free talk on strategy.6. ...Including corporate and retail banking - specifically the Bank of the Philippine Islands, wherein he was able to con the president Gigi Montinola into hiring him as a strategy consultant. When the bank found out that he was a fraud via his ex-wives and other women he conned, (he was also screwing the President's secretary Grace Salita for confidential bank information) he fled the Philippines, leaving a string of debt with said bank.7. professional audit and tax advisory, - Specifically SGV Philippines. But it was only a single event wherein he was invited to one of their general assemblies.8. mining, - TRUE. He gave a free talk on strategy for a start-up company in the Philippines9. health care, - TRUE. But yet another free talk for a hospital in the Philippines10. shipping and logistics, - TRUE. But yet another free talk for a logistic company in the Philippines11. law, -  Specifically Duane Morris Slevam of Singapore. Only becuase one of the partners of the said law firm (Krishna Ramachandra) is the brother of Business Breakthrough Technology's founder (Ramesh Ramachandra), a subsidiary in Asia of the cult organization Landmark Education. 12. service education, -  Specifically Up Your Service! in Singapore. Again, Perry Fagan gave free consultation because the founder of Up Your Service (Ron Kaufman) is a Landmark Education graduate and cult member.13. higher education, - Specifically Far Easter University of the Philippines. Again, done for free by Perry Fagan becuase the school is owned by the family of his previous boss, Gigi Montinola of BPI. 14.specialty chemicals, - Again, another free 1-day talk on strategy for Chemrez Philippines15. energy, - Again, another free 1-day talk on strategy for Basic Energy Corporation in the Philippines16. media - Specifically the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Perry Fagan was able to con his way into a consulting job with the said paper, but then fled the Philippines after demanding for his consulting service to be paid in full. He has yet to honor his contract with them.17. and other professional services. - Specifically Hands on Manila, an NGO founded by Gigi Montinola's sister, Gianna Montinola. He again did this for free for his previous boss Gigi, and also because he was screwing with Gianna's friend and Hands on Manila member Andie Recto.18. With presence in Asia, North America and Europe, - TRUE and FALSE. He had a presence in the Philipippines and Singapore only. He is currently residing in Naples, Florida with his ex-banker parents Larry and Betty Fagan19. the Get Strategy team is led by Founder Perry L. Fagan, - FALSE. There is no team. He is the only member. He doesn't even have an office. He doesn't have a house or car. Instead, he resides with and is taking advantage of his parents in Naples, Florida OR Rhode Island. His 3 children are being sent to school by his parents. His ex-wives Carin Knoop of Harvard and Belina Fagan of Zurich, Switzerland both want nothing to have to do with this psycho.
Entity: Internet

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