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1, Report #1174708
Sep 05 2014
12:33 PM
Su Mei Loo CoachReg Pte Complete Scam - Writers Beware! Singapore Internet
Su Mei Loo is a scammer and uses sites like and to lura writers into producing content. She claims the content is for a new news based website at, but the site doesn't even exist.  She seems legimate enough at first - she provides writers guidelines and the projects pay is very good. I was scammed into writing over 7,000 words for her - and when I asked for payment, she claimed it was delayed by I contacted odesk and they told me she had not set up a payment method yet. When I sent that info to her, she promptly deleted her account and disappeared.  Thank you everyone else who posted on ripoff report about this scammer. I wish I had the good sense to look her up here before I started writing for her! Hopefully adding my voice to the others here will prevent other writers from being scammed by this ripoff artist. 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1172704
Aug 27 2014
11:41 AM
Su Mei Loo Su Mei Loo | Singapore Writers - Avoid Su Mei Loo! She never pays! Complete scam artist! Singapore China
I am also a victim of Su Mei Loo and and CoachReg. At first she seemed credible - and I did do my research. Thank you for posting your review on ripoff report to warn other writers about her scams. I ran across her on - she posted a writing project for a website called, which I found out later doesnt even exist. She hired me and about a dozen other writers and gave us the same crap - old rehashed Maslow tripe from the 60's and a generic list of topics. She told me I could write about anything as long as it was aligned with Maslow and could be mapped to one of the approved topics. I had the same treatment - she loved everything I wrote. I ended up writing 7,000 words of copy for her before I started to smell a scam. On elance, you are are required to submit timesheets on Sunday. Clients tend to pay on Mon/Tues. When she hadn't paid by Friday, I sent a note. It took her three days to get back to me, and she stated that they were a startup and simply didn't have the time to manually pay all of the writers she hired on elance. I pointed out, very politiely, that it took more effort to respond to my email than it did to click on the pay button on elance. She responded by saying she was looking to hire someone to click on the pay button, and that in 3-4 weeks I would be paid weekly for my writing. I responded back that I understood, but I really wanted to be paid for the work I had already completed for her. She never responded. I next googled her and found the original ripoff report. I am adding my voice to the original report - writers - stay away from this scam! I have been freelancing for 6 years now, and have been scammed before, but it was never so sophisticated. She really seems genuine at first, and I was completely duped - lost a week of time to her scam. Never again!    
Entity: Select State/Province
3, Report #1172504
Apr 03 2015
01:54 PM
Su Mei Loo aka Writers beware - Su Mei Loo is running a scam and never pays writers she contracts with. New York City Internet
Su Mei Loo works for, a scam company based in Singapore. She is actively recruting low bidders on freelance sites like and to become lifestyle writers for an upcoming website based on Maslow's theories.  She provides enough information to be credible - writers guidelines and approved content topics. If you submit your writing to her she always gives incredibly supportive and glowing feedback...from one of her emails: Tony - you are an amazing writer! Thank you for a well researched, incredibly engaging article. Sounds like a great client, yes? Here's the rub: she doesn't pay. At first, she gives you reasonable excuses - oh, sorry just forgot, and oh yes, we are a start up and need to hire someone to push the pay button next to your invoices and we will get to it next week and we'll make sure all future invoices are paid immediately Dont fall for Su Mei Loo's scams! She never pays. Once she has all the copy (she hires multiple writers for each project she posts) she simply closes her account, makes up a new email address, and enlists more naive writers to produce content for her (that she promptly resells to sites like Unfortunately, Su Mei Loo is not the only scammer on odesk , freelancer, and elance. But if enough writers complain on, maybe we can prevent future writers from falling for her scams.   
Entity: Internet
4, Report #742907
Jun 20 2011
07:45 AM
My wife and I bought a Plymouth Vibe from AutoMax in May. When we got the car home we found out that the running light on the driver's side did not work and there was no spare. We called to complain and were blown off about the light. We were told it was an option not required by the state for inspection, this was a lie as we found out later. They told us to come in for a spare. They gave us a full size one that was to big for the wheel well. It took up the entire trunk. We accepted it and then went to a tire store to have a donut purchased while we kept the other spare in the garage. We found out that the tires had locks so they could not be removed without a tire key which was not supplied by the dealer even though we called several times. We then got distracted by health problems at home.. A few days ago a tire blew out. We called AAA and they could not change it because they did not have the key. They towed us to a tire place who was able to unlock but told us the spare would not fit our car. The tire place said that it should have been obvious to a professional like a car dealer and they just gave us any old tire to get rid of us
Entity: ARLINGTON, Texas
5, Report #3625
Oct 18 2000
12:00 AM
Motown Rip Off
In March of 1998 I ordered the Motown Anthology from a infomerical I saw on television. I paid for it via electronic check for 109.00. The check cleared through my Credit Union. But I have never received the music. They are located in New York. I managed to go online and obtain the phone number and address. After speaking with several individuals at their office I was told that there was a problem with my check clearing. I contacted them and faxed a copy of my statement showing that the check cleared. I demanded to have my money returned back to me. To this date I have not received my money or the product. My calls have not been answered either. I truely feel that I have been ripped off. The company's name is MEI-Motown 1-800-822-4380. Thank you I hope that you can help me. This has been too long. Aneshia Barrows
Entity: New York, Nationwide
6, Report #30225
Sep 17 2002
07:39 AM
MEI Vacations Tyree Middleton ripoff Raleigh NC
In June of this year I was asked about working for a company doing telmarketing. I was hired through ACT 1 Personnel Temp Service. Then a few weeks later I was offered to come on direct hire through the company. After working for MEI Vacation, I decided to call it quits do the stress from my other job. My report is about not receiveing my paychecks. On chech that I received had insufficent funds in the account and that made me loose $37.00. I was also suppose to receive a check for $80.00 my final pay but they claim that they mailed it. All of there contacts has been disconnected. I have no contacts for none of them. Tyree Middleton was the head man in charge... Robert Raleigh, North Carolina
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1242387
Jul 16 2015
05:59 PM
Liu huang mei Sold me knock off polo shirts PuTianShi Fujian china Internet
 I ordered 3 polo shirts off line that stated they where authenticand they are not now I can't reach them for my refund and the number on the package is a bogus number
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1297992
Apr 05 2016
03:37 PM
Precision MEI MEI Minnesota Elevator Inc Precision Do Not Hire this company. They do terrible work. Littleton Colorado
This company could not fix a cold. They are the worst elevator company i have seen and no one deserves to be locked in to their contracts. Not only do they overcharge and never fix anything most of the mechanics are very rude and quick to blame their problems they can't fix on past companies.   Do not hire this company unless you want to throw your money out the window. Not only will your elevators never work but you will be locked in to an unwilling mob like contract.   The owner is nothing other than a used car salesman. I dont think they have one mechanic that can fix anything.  
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
9, Report #532658
Dec 02 2009
08:37 PM
Su Zhenyu Fake Sneaker Internet
I purchase a pair of sneakers online.  When I received them I realized they were fake.  As I investigated further, it was confirmed they are not authentic.  I have been trying to get my money and I am being told no.  I was told I can get a credit for twenty dollars.  I did not pay twenty dollars.  I paid sixty three dollars.  I would like a full refund and i am being refused for two months now.  I need help.  This is not fair and this will happen to many other people out there buying from this website.  The merchandise comes from China and they want to hold me responsible for shipping which is costly therefore, they try to make me an offer for twenty dollars.  Avoiding having to refund my full money.  I do not know what else to do.  Please help.
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #225726
Dec 16 2006
08:24 AM
Mobi-Energy, Mei Ling Tsui rip off, ebay sell rip off, mobi-energy dishonest, false, defective product Ebay Sell Mobi-energy Hong Kong
This ebay seller is located in Hong Kong and thinks they are out of reach of the law,well it is places like this that we can report these kinds of businesses. Mobi-energy ie:Mei Ling Tsui of hong kong sold me a defective product.It fried my hard drive within 5 minutes of install.Filed a claim with ebay and paypal and the seller Mei Ling Tsui of mobi-energy begged me to drop the claim ( have all emails) stating they would refund my money.Like a fool believed them and dropped the claim only to not here anything else from them. I hope that someone comes accrossed this complaint before being ripped off by this fly-by-night operation. Ebay will do nothing this is only more reasom ebay should be considered for these listings as well. Donna Sudbury, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1357381
Feb 21 2017
10:37 AM
MEI Auto Finance Auto Max, Truck Max, Auto One, Dollar Car Sales Unprofessional, unreliable, and non-responsive Arlington Texas
We purchased this vehicle in February 2016 after trading in a vehicle we had previously purchased from them.  Within two week I needed the transmission fixed but that was repaired for free.  After about a month I needed some work on the engine.  We have a warranty but when I called to use the warranty, I didn't receive any help or phone calls back.  Over the past year this car has had thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs done, all while we pay the ridiculous car payment.  That's just a little background information, let fast forward to this month.    My family and I moved from TX to NY State and we need to get our vehicle registered in NY state and MEI is refusing to send the information need to do this.  In fact they have refused giving me two options both of which are ridiculous and in my opinion a breach of contract. They are now trying to force us to refinance with another bank our vehicle or pay it off completely.  This time around the company has been crappy altogether but this is just the icing on the cake.  They are now forcing us to drive illegally because I still have to get to work every day and they're also forcing us to risk our credit because we can't continue to pay for a car that we can't register.  Now we have to buy a new car.    We are unsure of what to do, I know buy here pay here place are shams but I didn't expect this much crap from them.  Paying a higher price for the car is not the issue; it sort of comes with the territory of having back credit. Is what they're doing within their legal rights as the legal owners of the car?    Please help with constructive way to remedy this situation.
Entity: Arlington , Texas
12, Report #790587
Oct 19 2011
12:58 PM
Su-Ling Blois April Blois Took my money and ran. Internet, Internet
Su-Ling demanded the money to create my company a website up front.  After giving Su-Ling our agreed 3 months to complete my website, she then began blaming me for the website being incomplete stating I paid her a week late for her services.  As weeks went by she repeatedly told me she would have my website complete but kept giving me excuses such as, she got busy with work, her apartment got bed bugs, and even said her apartment caught on fire.  I have been very patient and compassionate about each excuse given.   I paid Su-Ling Blois (aka April Blois) her full amount in March 2011, it is now October 2011 and she has now disappeared.  I have even given her the option of a payment plan for reimbursement if she's already spent the money I paid her, yet no reply.  I have made multiple attempts at a peaceful resolution with Su-Ling to get my money back and even offered to allow to finish the job, but still, no reply.   Su-Ling has now kept my money, paid in full, and disappeared.  I have sent Su-Ling multiple emails and left multiple voicemails for months now with no reply.  I am now out over $3000 and have yet to hear from Su-Ling, receive a completed website, or receive my money back.  I am a startup business and this has been a huge financial hit and setback to our company.  Now, to add insult to injury, I have spend more money and time taking this person to court.   What a nightmare!
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #57421
May 18 2003
12:48 PM
MOS Magazine SU ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing. They keep taking payments but I have not received any magazines. ripoff business from hell consumer rip-off fraud deceptive company Internet
This company contact me and asked me if I was interested in magazines and I told them no, but as they were speaking finally talked me into it and promised me gifts that I never received or to that matter I never received any magazines. They called me a few days later and I asked to cancel but for the last 6 months they have been taking payment out of my checking account. I do not believe this is fair to me. I believe that this company should not be allowed to call consumer and push for a sale once they are told no. I believe that fraud is a good case for this company. Terri Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #879089
May 06 2012
10:34 PM
SU Magazine Lisa Blackman,Marc Took my daughters money promised her to be in magazines and meet agents Internet
Hi there this is Brittani Gray's mom Gaydine Gray,we  have been out alot of money threw Su Magazine be paid for a $150.00 threw paypal an that was in Kelowna shoot with Jason and that photo where to be in the first magazine that hit Canada,next we payed to go to Toronto $399.00 March 24 and that was for a full page photo and we payed $800.00 for the cover with 3 other girls ,then we payed on June 3 $300.00 for my 2 other daughters to be in the SU magazine then payed $1000.00 on June 15 for a down payment for Santa Monica and payed them $400.00 June 26 and June 29 $300.00 for the 3 photoshoots and meet agents that never happened then Payed $200.00 June 30 and Aug 16 $350.00 for Britt to be on the cover of the magazine
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #203436
Jul 28 2006
05:17 PM
Mat Su Valley Carpentry Fraudulent charges for labor on a simple shed construction Ripoff Wasilla Alaska
Barry Munsell of Mat Su Valley Carpentry was recommended by a trusted friend. We were told that this person could do a good job at a fair deal to build our 16 X 20 shed at our remote site. Unfortunately, Barry was given confidential information that our budget limit was $10,000. His verbal estimate for this project,was $9,950.00, but may be less. Imagine that! Since the project was estimated within our budget, and he was recommended as a trusted person, we agreed to proceed. We paid him $5,000 up-front to start the project. We never received a written bid/estimate until we requested one before we would make our final payment. We couldn't figure out why a 16 X 20 shed, built on cribs, with a metal roof and T1-11 siding at a remote location with generator power, on a site that was cleared the summer before, would actually cost $9,950.00. After the project was completed, we received the detail bill and there it was; The labor cost alone, for this 16 X 20 shed was costing us $4,800. He estimated that it would take 4 days with 3 carpenters at $50.00 per hour. I questioned the high cost of the labor cost, but not being in construction, out of true faith and trust, I wrote a check for the balance and posted dated it for two days later. The next day, I showed this bill and photos of the shed, to a couple different people who have been in the construction and carpentry field from 20 years to a life-time. I was told we were way over-charged. A job like this should take only 2 - 3 days with 2 - 3 carpenters. Labor costs ranged from $1,600 - $2,800. I called my bank and voided out the check before it's activation date, than contacted Barry Munsell to tell him that the check was voided and my reasons. I continued to do more research to verify that I was actually over-charged. I obtained legal counsel and a total of 6 resources, for a grand total of 7 resources, all saying that we were way over-charged by a minimum of $2,000 in labor costs. Barry Munsell took us to court to get the balance of his money. He tried to charge us with a Bad Check Civil Penalty which didn't fly with the Judge. We had sufficient funds to pay, the account was never closed and Barry was told the day before that the check was voided and the reasons why. The judge also understood. However, since I, as an honest, trusting and fair person, wrote out a check for the balance because I didn't wanting to cause harm or delay to Barry, incase I was wrong with my opinion about the labor costs. Barry Munsell, didn't care or wish to negotiate with me. He wanted his money even with my evidence of the 6 resources I used in court. The Judge ruled in his favor and I had to pay him the balance. Barry Munsell ripped us off. He and the Judge knew it. Barry is not a moral or honest man. He will not give you a fair and honest deal. If he found out that you had a $20,000 limit, I wouldn't be surprised if your 16 X 20 shed would cost you $19,950.00 when a shed like this, at a remote site, ranges in the $5,000 - $7,000 range. Beware of this person and his company. I recommend you go to other companies who are honest, reputable, fair, and moral. Lou Anchorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Wasilla, Alaska
16, Report #1267238
Nov 11 2015
09:26 AM
Minnesota Exteriors MEI Disappointing quality Osseo Minnesota
We hired this company to replace damaged vinyl siding. The work quality was so poor that we had subsequent water leaks into the home and opportunities for mice to enter. They were not responsive to our compaints. We subsequently had another contractor redo the work, during which we had pointed out to us many failures of installation standards. We will never give this company a good recommendation.
Entity: Osseo, Minnesota
17, Report #1355617
Feb 12 2017
12:19 PM Bryan Williams, Mei Ling mortgage relief Internet
Last year I was current with my mortgage company, until something went wrong with my account. i attempted to get it corrected, but the woman on the other line was trying to reassure me everything was fine. three days later they came calling me about their money. I was later called by National Home Preservationist. and they said they could help. I had to send four payments of $928.00. Now I had received a call from my mortgage company about my account, I told them who was handling it and they lloked it up and said ok. At that point I thought the company was legit. October was my last payment. I have contacted Bryan Williams each month to find out what is going on, he kept reassuring everything was fine. He then turned me over to there Senior Processor Mei Ling. I would here from her off and on. It is now February and now I can't reach anyone and my emails come back to me now. Now I just lost my job, and now I have to save my house some way. 
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1144263
May 05 2014
05:04 PM Susu david don't trust aka Su su david vietnam Internet
do not trust aka Su su david he posts on the internet claiming to send you credit cards for your price.after you pay him money he will ask you to send more money.i bought some credit cards from him and send him 90$,then he asked me to send 80$ more so he will send me the whole package.i did,then he asked me to send 50$ more and I did and he keep on asking me to send him more money,but he never delivers his product. he just extorts you to your last penny and he never delivers. he is just getting his greedy hands wealtheir by ripping people like us who are looking for genuine guys selling credit cards on the internet. if you come across his email or handle claiming to send you credit cards,don't trust him if you don't want to get ripped off. Do not trust aka Su Su David as he asks you for more money after you send him the payment and if you send him more,he is gonna keep on ask you for more money till he makes you broke. Donot trust aka Su Su David
Entity: Internet
19, Report #867745
Apr 12 2012
04:41 PM
I paid 890 dollars for micro SD cards(memory) i needed as sample to my customers but i only received a dummy product and the manager never replied my mail or answer me on phone any more she keep saying she does not know me.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #855783
Mar 18 2012
07:07 PM
YOU LE MEI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Yilotai USB Flash Drive, we paid USD 3,455.00 for Qty 1200 units. All these USB items are Reject Defect Scam. (NO read/write) Shenzhen China
We paid USD 3,455.00 for Qty 1200 units USB Flash Drive. All of these USB items are Reject Defect Scam and do NOT function.  The fraud seller is: You Le Mei Electronic Technology Co., Limited ( Email:   MSN:  skype: Iris-yilotai IP address: Registrant Contact: Li Hua FengYilotai / You Le Mei Electronic did not themselves deliver this. According to the Commercial Invoice it shows another company also in Shenzhen:Fuli QunXing / Shenzhen Changde Co LtdRoom 2509 Block A Qunxing Plaza Huaqiang North Roadref: seller, also did NOT send the model we requested saying it was no longer in production. Without any authorization from us to send any other type, sent Qty 1200 USB drives that are clearly factory Rejects Defected. And these USB's are very BAD cheap Casing
Entity: Shenzhen, Select State/Province
21, Report #831716
Jan 31 2012
10:03 AM Poor quality bridal dresses with unproper measurings. Unprofessional sevice and absolutely unresponsive to unsatisfied customers! Jin Chang district, Su Zhou, Jiang Su., Internet
I ordered three dresses for my wedding to choose from due to the low price point from this provider. However, I wasn't able to either fit in or simply like one of them. Why?:- Because one was too small (although I measured myself before placing an order). And when I've sent them photos of the dress and myself, the customer service representative said the dress is made the size I ordered)!-Quality of the second is so poor that in several spots threads are out of the fabric and there are even wholes in three places!-Also, all of the dresses do not correspond to the images on the site ( especially at the back/hip areas!I've sent to the customer services email address' several messages asking for return/refund approval, but got only few regarding the first dress I got (I sent the dress and awaiting the final decision)! For two other dresses - no response what so ever!I am now owe to the credit card company a serious amount (but cannot do anything but pay for not to ruin my almost perfect credit score) and have two dresses I won't ever wear even if paid!Don't EVER order anything from those guys, you won't get neither quality nor responses if unsatisfied with your purchase!
Entity: Jin Chang district, Su Zhou, Jiang Su., Internet
22, Report #834071
Feb 05 2012
05:09 PM
colombia y su moda huntington park ca colombia y su moda RIP OFF HORRIBLE STUFF AND ZERO WARRANTY,NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS Internet
I purchased 3 Lipomoldeadores/fajas, one was tore, the second one came apart after I washed it, and the third one was so uncomfortable to wear that I never wear it. I contacted customer services and paid to return the first shirt (the new one) and they said that they could not refund anything because it was not their fault.  I had to pay for shipping and with the others I got tired to full with them I will never puchase another thing from them!
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #850617
Mar 08 2012
10:57 AM
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1414253
Nov 30 2017
08:01 AM
Truck Max Auto max MEI Bad customer service Arlington Texas
I've been having problems with the car from day one and was told it was an automatic manual transmission and it was normal to shift in a shifty manner sometimes. No, the transmission was failing then and is gone now. I just wanted to give it back and get another car. The manager won't speak to me, he hides in his office. I've been told to call mei, then told to call truck max repeatedly. Service actually told me after 30 days they don't care about customer. They say trust me and stab you in the back. Buy your car anywhere else
Entity: Arlington, Texas
25, Report #1414202
Nov 29 2017
06:41 PM
Truckmax Automax, MEI, Inc. They sell bad/lemon vehicles for top $. Unethical/threatening practices. Arlington Texas
They show you vehicles and get your info for financing prior to even giving you the price.  They sell bad/lemon vehicles with problems.  They send you down to Speedy Tire to have work done.  They rig the vehicles.  Had me drive the truck I wanted but was concerned about he engine light being on.  The mechanic said he just needs to reset it to make the light go off.  (but then what?) After realizing why am I doing their job? why am i wasting my time? I tried to leave but the Speedy Tire man yanked the paper out of my hands.  I refused and said I was not staying and leaving.  By the time I returned to Truckmax, the salesman was yelling & rude, threw my paperwork at me.  Said I didn't want to buy anything!  Very intimidating, threatening and I left.   There are 6 Automax locations & 1 Truckmax in the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Texas) locations. On 11/28 they were selling a Chevy Colorado truck that had engine light on, truck was sent to shop to have reset in able to sell it for $12,500.00 or so.  Was under $13,000.  So instead of them fixing the problems with the truck and then selling the truck, they rig it to sell and then they do not give you the time of day when you come back complaining.  They already got your down payment of $500-$1000 and they will harrass you for payments and threaten you as well. Do Not Purchase Any Kind of Vehicle from them! These are crooked people that are getting away with ripping off good people.    
Entity: Arlington, Texas

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