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1, Report #1403652
Oct 02 2017
12:10 PM
Subco Magazine Subco Magazine Scam Fresno Califonia
I paid for a 3 year subscription to Maxim magazine in March 2017.  At the time, I did not realize that my subscription order was going through a thrid party company called Subco.  I received the May and June/July issue then noticed the issues stopped.  When I contacted Maxim to check on my subscription, I was told that my subscription was cancelled by Subco, a magazine subscription marketer, and to call them at 800-258-3350. When I called Subco, I was told that the publisher Maxim cancelled my subscrition and that I need to call the publisher.  I called the publisher back and was told that they could only recommend that I attempt to get a refund from Subco.  After several calls of going back and forth it has become obvoius that I have been ripped off by this Subco company.  Do not order through Subco.  They took my money with no intention of proviing a subscription or a refund.  This is a scam. 
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #941314
Sep 14 2012
02:29 PM
Received US Weekly in mail, but did not subscribe to the magazine. When I attempted to contact US Weekly to inquire about subscription I was informed that the subscription was processed by SUBCO and that I would have to go through them to cancel the subscription.  I attempted to contact SUBCO by telephone; but only got to leave a message.   Think that this is a scam to get people to pay for unsolicited subscriptions to magazines.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #841084
Feb 17 2012
05:16 PM
SubCo Sending magazine subscriptions Fresno, California
I started receiving magazines that I never subscribed to. When I tried calling the magazine they told me it was through a third party and they could not cancel the subscription. When I receive these magazines I recycle them right away because I do not want them. When I called Subco I told them to stop sending me these magazines. Let see how long this takes. I do not appreciate a company selling my name to magazines I never requested.
Entity: Fresno, California
4, Report #1015237
Feb 16 2013
06:53 AM
SubCo magazines , Internet
I started receiving magazines randomly.  I had contacted the companies of the magazines and they had told me that all the subscriptions were through Subco.  I have never subscribed to anything.  I called the 800 number provided, cannot get a hold of anyone, I have sent an email, no response.  I see that other people have had the same problem with this company as well.
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #939203
Sep 10 2012
03:48 PM
SUBCO Magazine Subscriptions, Internet
My family suddenly began receiving issue after issue of magazines we had not, and never would have subscribed to. As each issue showed up I tried calling and emailing publishers to determine why we were getting them and how to stop them. I keep getting told it was subscribed and paid for through a third party. This has been on going for almost a year, finally Today I was told the name of the company this all started with. I have no idea how they got our information or how they are being paid for all of these subscriptions.  I am terrified I will one day find a collection notice from the publisher for all of these magazines. We have saved every issue.
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #1064700
Jul 05 2013
04:16 PM
Subco Unsolicited Magazine Subscription - Sports Illustrated - Internet
I've suddenly gotten two issues of Sports Illustrated that I didn't subscribe to. I called Sports Illustrated and their customer service department was annoyed because they can't help me -- I need to go to Subco who placed the order I'm posting this report because I saw a similar report here from someone named Chuck. Not sure if this will appear nearby! Very annoying, and alarming -- does someone have access to my accounts for billing? Also, I had no idea that Sports Illustrated included perfume strips. Yecch -- allergenic magazine, and I can't get it to stop, and I don't want to pay for it. Bonus: subco's voicemail is full, so they can't accept messages after hours.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1087936
Sep 28 2013
09:10 AM
SUBCO Magazine subscription scam Fresno California
This morning a magazine I did not subscribe to appeared with my mail. when I contacted cust serv I was told the subscription had been placed by Subco. As someone posted, cust serv at the magazine could not cancel the subscription but they gave me a regular phone number, 203 856 2066, which went directly to voicemail. Generic greeting, no indication of recipient. A google search led me to this site where I discovered this is an ongoing ploy. and I found an 800 number which does belong to Subco. I will be contacting my credit card holders to be certain nothing is being charged. Since this is unsolicited on my part, the magazines can keep right on coming, but I will not be paying, that's for sure!
Entity: Fresno, California
8, Report #1251231
Aug 27 2015
10:24 AM
Subco unsolicited magazine subscription Internet
 On August 26,2015 I received two issues of Martha Stewart's Wedding magazine which I had not subscribed to.  I contacted Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine and spoke to Sadie who informed me that a company called SUBCO had put in a request and paid for the magazine subscription to be sent to me.  I had no idea who this company was and informed of that fact.  She proceeded to give me a contact number for Subco (1-800-258-3350) and said the she could temporarily delay delivery of the magazine and that the subscription itself would have to be cancelled by Subco.  I asked he how they were able to accept subcription requests from companies when the person that the subscription was being sent to had not requested it.  She indicated that Subco submitts thousands for subscriptions to their magazine company and that 'technically', Subco is the client since they pay for the subscription.  This information told me that Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine is well aware of the situation and rather then do something about it, they chose to let it this piss-poor policy ride preferring to deal with unsuspection customers with the hopes that more subscriptions than not will get through the cracks. I expressed my appall and requested to speak to someone who could register my complaint regarding company policy.  I was given the number of Meridith Coupor at 515-284-3000.In the meantime, I proceeded to contact Subco and spoke to a lady regarding the unsolicited subscription to Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine in my name.  I told her that I didn't know how they got my name muchless why they would procure a magazine subscription in my name without my permission.  She indicated that it was a result of me placing an on-line order withDrainWig @ on August 06,2015.  Again, it was for a drainwig and no mention of any magazine subscription qualifications or anything else was referenced to with this purchase.  I told the lady to removed me from their list, that I wasn't interested in any magazines from their company or anyone else and that they had no business requesting a subscription to anything in my name without my permission.  I asked her how many other magazines that they subscribed to in my name to which she replied that they have over 2,000 magazines they subscribe to and that it would be up to me to tell her which mags to remove me from.With all these complaints lodged Subco and unsolicited magazine requests, I am having a real hard time believing that no law suits have been filed, muchless the fact that they are still in business, and forget about what law gives them the right to act on someone's behalf without that someone's permission. Sick of Telemarketers
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1334545
Oct 22 2016
12:35 PM
Subco Scam, Fraud Fresno California
Subco consistently commits fraud and scams people. They troll, collecting peoples information and then use the information to fradulantly sign them up for magazine subscriptions. I have never, will never sign-up to receive magazines. Yet, consistantly as soon as I cancel one subscription another one is sent. When you contact the magazine directly they say they can not cancel the subscription, it has to go through Subco - the company who created the subscription. 
Entity: california
10, Report #1231161
May 23 2015
01:49 PM
SUBCO Millenium Marketing Subscription Ripoff Fresno California
 SUBCO is engaged in unsolicited magazine subscriptions. I was sent three copies of field and stream to my PO box. I immediately contacted F & S subscription services, and was told that I would need to contact SUBCO. This company is engaged in fraud, and I encourage anyone who has been ripped off by SUBCO to contact me for a class action lawsuit.
Entity: Fresno, California
11, Report #1221989
Apr 12 2015
03:57 PM
Subco Unfulfilled subscriptions Fresno California
I had three magazine subscriptions ordered through Dermstore and never received them. I have called Dermstore and they advised me to contact Subco. I have contacted Subco several times during the past several months and was told they would look into the matter and call me back. I have never received a call or any assistance.
Entity: Fresno, California
12, Report #1395616
Aug 25 2017
03:06 PM
Subco Sending magazines I have not ordered Internet
I received Playboy magazine in the mail, which I never ordered. I called Playboy and they have an account for me started by Subco. I called Subco and they told me they fulfilled an order placed by Magazine Fulfillment Services, Inc. (MFS) in Phoenix AZ and I would need to call them. I left a message with MFS but have not received a call back. I do not know why I have received this magazine and who is being charged. This is fraud and I am irate.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1374121
May 19 2017
08:56 AM
Subco Fresno California
 Started recieving 2 magazines I didnt order. Contacted magazine company and was told to contact Subco. They dont answer phone.
Entity: Fresno, California
14, Report #1392357
Aug 12 2017
09:54 PM
subco Total ripoff! Fresno, California
 I get this ESPN magazine in the mail that I did NOT order! Called ESPN and they refer me to Subco. Of course Subco is NOT open on the weekends and now I have to wait till Monday. I want this cancelled ASAP!
Entity: California
15, Report #597219
Apr 27 2010
07:00 AM
Subco Inc Magazine subscription scam Fresno , California
For the past month of April I have been recieving copies of ESPN the magazine,it comes as a big surprise to me knowing full well that I am not subscribing to this magazine. After contacting ESPN the Magazine, they informed me of a firm/company named Subco Inc who apparently is the guilty party who made the illegal subscription for me without my consent or knowledge. Going online and researching this company, Subco has been determined to be a scam/ripoff taking advantage of individuals by making these illegal/unwanted subsciption to various magazines.
Entity: Fresno, California
16, Report #635744
Aug 30 2010
01:30 PM
Subco Dish TV Associates...BAH HUMBUG! Fresno , California
Two days After ordering Dish TV, by replaying to an offer in the Newspaper, I began receiving emails from &, thanking me for my order! What Order??? My Personal Info is being passed from one outlet to another without consent. I immediately contacted Dish TV who denied they had anything to do with it. The Dish TV rep informed me I had actually contacted a Marketing Agency called Guru. It was Not their problem. Even after I pointed out they represented them...did they Not? It is your products and it Not?! Hummmm, It was sure their logo on that ad. It was sure their equipment that was installed, and I'm sure the monthly bill is from Dish TV! So exactly how are they Not resposable for THEIR Associates? Then I start receiving ESPN magazine...Nope, I Never ordered that either. ESPN gave me the name of the Marketing Agency whom Supposedly orded it on my behalf, SUBCO, Never heard of them in my life til today! SUBCO's rep says Millenium Marketing offered a FREE TRIAL...So the plan is to allow the trial to end and charge my credit card for the renewal! This is FRAUD and a SCAM...That Dish TV ALLOWS!
Entity: Fresno, California
17, Report #1101737
Nov 23 2013
02:42 PM
Subco Ordering magazines on my behalf Fresno California
 I have received 3 magazine subscriptions in the past week that I did not order. I tried to contact someone from SELF with no luck and finally reached someone at COSMO who informed me that Subco had given them my subscription request.I don't know anyone from or anything about Subco much less approved them to get me any magazine subscriptions. I see this is quite common for this company,why hasn't someone been jailed for this? This is just as illegal as stealing or identity theft.Someone needs to do something.I hope an attorney out there somewhere wants to persue this.
Entity: Fresno, California
18, Report #979443
Dec 08 2012
07:58 AM
Subco Rip Off of the American Consumer Internet
I have been receiving several magazines that I did not order and for that matter would never order any magazines for any reason.  I called one of the magazines questioning why I was receiving it and the customer service representative told me a company called Subco ordered them for me.  I continued to tell her that I wanted this cancelled that I did not order it and I was not going to pay for it.  She told me to call Subco at 1-800-258-3350.  The number is only available through the week from 8:00 a.m through 5:00 p.m.  Something needs done about this.  All I ever do on the internet is play games on AARP's website or look up questions I have through google.  This is a violation of my civil rights and it appears that it is going to take forever to get this to stop.  I recently received a collection notice for several creditors.  I called and left a message with the collection agency and told them I do not have several creditors and asked that they call back and leave a message as to who these creditors are.  I never received a call or another statement.  I should not have to call businesses telling them I did not order their product just because some company wants to place orders for people they do not even know.  I do intend to report this company to my State's Attorney Generals Office, Consumer Protection Division.  In the meantime, I will be calling these magazines and telling them to quit sending something that I did not order and that Subco has no right to order anything in my name. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #1046257
Apr 25 2013
05:17 PM
Subco Inc. Elbon Enterprises unauthorized subscriptions Fresno, California
I began receiving 2 different magazine subscriptions a couple of weeks ago.  When I went on their websites to find out who authorized them I found they were both authorized by Subco Inc. I have never heard of this organization and did NOT authorize these subscriptions. I will not pay one penny for these magazines.
Entity: Fresno, California
20, Report #1062739
Jun 27 2013
09:29 PM
Subco, Inc. unwanted subscription Fresno California
Just wondering why I received the latest issue of Sports Illustrate in my deceased husband's (Michael Mathews) name.  I contacted Sports Illustrated and here was their response:Thank you for contacting Sports Illustrated Customer Service.It looks like the subsription was a complpimentary subscription included with a purchase that you made. You were not charged for the order. That is all of the information that I have on file. To find out why its in your deceased husband's name you would need to contact the agency that sent us the order. You may contact them at 1.800.258.3350 and their name is SUBCO INC. We hope that this information has been helpful to you.We appreciate this opportunity to be of service. So... Why and how do you suppose my dead husband (died in 2008) possibly ordered an SI.  If I receive a bill for this or any other magazines magically appear on my door step, There will be legal action. MEM
Entity: Fresno, California
21, Report #1063149
Jun 29 2013
03:34 PM
Subco Inc. Unsubscribed Magazine Ripoff Fresno California
Received Maxim and ESPN Magazines but have never requested a subscription. When I contacted the Magazines, they stated this was done through Subco Inc and I have to contact them at 800-258-3350, A call to the number above came with the response that the subscriptions were placed through Millenium Marketing. After much back and forth, Subco stated they would cancel the magazines. Will wait to see if this happens. 
Entity: Fresno, CA 93711, Internet
22, Report #1062512
Jun 27 2013
09:43 AM
Subco Phantom Magazines arriving at my home Fresno California
I, too, was victimized by Subco.  And spent 48 hours of my precious time, trying to run them down after I got a bogus subscription delivered to my home.  An account had even been established at Better Homes & Gardens showing a payment of $20 which really freaked me out as I immediately assumed credit card theft.  I now find out that related to a purchase made on Derm Store on-line, this is the way Subco got my informatioon and signed me up for a subscription.  The told me: It was on your receipt at Derm Store.  Is that right?  Needless to say, Derm Store AND Subco are FINISHED in my book. Suggest you do the same.
Entity: Fresno, California
23, Report #1096374
Nov 01 2013
05:14 PM
Subco orders for magazines not ordered or wanted Fresno, California
We have started receiving magazines that we had not ordered and are being billed to our VISA card.  When I call the magazine they say that subco placed the order and only they can cancel or refund.  Got the fourth one today and called the magazine and was told must talk to Subco and gave me the phone number.  Magazine says their contract with agents says they can't change anything without coming from the agent (Subco).  Subco says they take orders from agents and have no wasy to verify validity.  The next part of this report asks if I used a credit card for the transaction, I aam not aware or do not believe I made a transaction, but they did have my credit card number.
Entity: Fresno,, California
24, Report #1184740
Oct 24 2014
11:31 AM
Subco garbage magazine in my mail Fresno California
I received Us magazine in the mail, I wouldn't subscribe to that trash if it was the last publication on Earth. Looked up my subscription info on line and found I was suscribed through SubCo..called the number listed at 2 PM and was told their offices were closed and I should leave a detailed message and my contact info..what, so they can sign me up for MORE garbage..not happening. I justr received a refund for 2 other magazine I didn't order that were charged to my credit card, this is unacceptable.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1332763
Oct 12 2016
06:13 AM
SUBCO Inc FRAUD - Unauthorized billing procedures Fresno California
I started receivign In-Style Magazine.  I didnt order it but the stamped address information says I have a subscription until october 2017. I was complaining to some co-workers and learned that one of them started receiving Parents magazine (they have no kids), another O - Oprah magazine, and another also In-style. I didnt order this.  I am totally not interested in this - and now it's up to me to spend my time trying to contact Subco to cancel the subscription so that I dont get billed for it.  This is clear cut fraud - why is it allowed?  And if four co-workers out of 7 have started receiving eroneous magazines - this is apparently very common practice! I contacted In-Style and they cancelled the prescription from being delivered but said the same thing someone else mentioned; there will be more issues becuase the labels are preprinted.  There are no labels, it's printed on the cover. I see the question asking if I used a credit card for this transaction.  My question is - What transaction?????  I have no idea where this started or how they chose me to send this fraudulent subscription to!
Entity: Fresno, California

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