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1, Report #1147742
May 18 2014
05:27 PM
SwiftUnlocks - SwiftUnlock SwiftUnlocks.com, SwiftUnlocks.net, reseller.swiftunlocks.com, unlockfusion.net, unlockfusion.com SLOW / RIPOFF / THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY / DISRESPECTFUL MAN NAME SHAN Los Angeles,Riverside internet
This guy (Shan) will make you loose your customer base and you will loose your business as well! he claims to have services and charge you for a service stating that it will take X amount period of time to processes!  The processing time for your codes/unlocks take way more than the estimated time they have listed on their websites, days, days more..... He is running this so called business, or operation out of a his house, has you send in money, you place your order, like in my case several orders. The orders have taken over 3 weeks and others already 2 months past the estimated time they have listed his website.  I send many, many emails and not one was replied!!!!  He does not refund or correct the level of service offered.  He has no business ethic, and is the most disrespectfun individual I have ever delt with. To which if your running a business your closed and  your customer are GONE. This guy at Swiftunlocks - UnlockFusion - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks, will simply stop answering your emails if you have any source of delays on your orders. So I decided to open a dispute in order to recover my money back.  Now he (Shan) decides to response, this is the way he (Shan) answers you:since you opened a dispute with paypal deal with them. will take 2 weeks since you could not even wait even for a response. i can post anywhere in the world it doesnt matter.. you clearly need to learn patience if anything.my website shows 1-10 mins because its an automated site which youDID NOT order on! if you use your head then you would know that itsfor regular customers who order through there. you just assumed 10minutes as my advertisement never stated anything on timeframe. yourignorance will cause you to get nowhere with anything.as stated already. you already insulted me. deal with paypal. you can wait 2 weeks for your money. its not against any laws. you clearly are the worst buyer ever if anything!good for you man. i am in the usa. so doesnt mean sh*t to me. you are a complete moron if anything. leave me the h*** alone! you should also write you are a moron to them as well and f**kingbloody impatient... f**king cant even let someone f**king sleep andcries like a baby!As you can see from these emails I receieved he is very unprofessional, and I wouldnt even call them a company its disgraceful getting treat like this, I hope someone Sues this site as itneeds closing down! The so called delays is JUST with this SwiftUnlocks.com - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks.com - UnlockFusion.com, FusionUnlock.com company!! My friends are using other companies to unlock and they are working on time and with no problems.... These people just keep your money and you have to put up with nonsense excusses, insults they tell you (if you are lucky, in my case not even that).  Your will not be refunded, they wont answer your emails and if they do be ready to get insults, and they will just RIP YOU OFF ! WARNING DO NOT USE SwiftUnlocks.com - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks.com - UnlockFusion.com, FusionUnlock.com....If you run a reputable cell phone store and you supply services to your customers imagine what you will have to tell your customers, and all the headache you will be going through because of a company and some man that just simply does not have any business ethic and so disrespectful!!! You will be refunding your customers back and waste money.......... Do NOT use SwiftUnlocks.com - Reseller.SwiftUnlocks.com - UnlockFusion.com, FusionUnlock.com  RIP OFF!!! They DO NOT Deliver, KEEP Your Money and DISRESPECT you by calling you names on his emails!!! 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #684487
Jan 19 2011
05:26 PM
SwiftUnlocks Company set abusive emails and needs shut down they have no Customer Service , Internet
Irecently paid for an unlock code on this website and I had to email them as it was taking forever to recieve it and they had on there website that it takes 1-10 mins,and they sent me 5 emails of abusive language this is what they put: "since you opened a dispute with paypal deal with them. will take 2 weeks since you could not even wait even for a response. i can post anywhere in the world it doesnt matter.. you clearly need to learn patience if anything." "my website shows 1-10 mins because its an automated site which youDID NOT order on! if you use your head then you would know that itsfor regular customers who order through there. you just assumed 10minutes as my advertisement never stated anything on timeframe. yourignorance will cause you to get nowhere with anything." "as stated already. you already insulted me. deal with paypal. you can wait 2 weeks for your money. its not against any laws. you clearly are the worst buyer ever if anything!" "good for you man. i am in the usa. so doesnt mean sh*t to me. you are a complete moron if anything. leave me the hell alone! " "you should also write you are a moron to them as well and f**kingbloody impatient... f**king cant even let someone f**king sleep andcries like a baby!" As you can see from these emails I receieved they are very unprofessional, and I wouldnt even call them a company its disgraceful getting treat like this, I hope someone Sues this site as itneeds closing down!
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #1054544
May 28 2013
09:14 PM
swiftunlocks This is ripoff business .He will always collect some litte $$ like $1.99 but never perform services when dues http://reseller.swiftunlocks.com Internet
Entity: http://reseller.swiftunlocks.com, Select State/Province
4, Report #660666
Nov 10 2010
11:05 PM
swift trans swift transportaion,swift The Truth about Swift Internet
I drove for Swift Trans from May 2010 to Oct 2010.I was out of the Atlanta Term.I got good miles during summer then freight fell off sharply in October which is normal they paid me poorly $0.28 cents per mile.I had to stay out a month and a half to make any desent money they almost never got me home on time.They have a good rider program only $30.00 per month my wife went with me.The truck they ishued me was a 2006 Volvo with 425,000 miles on it and was very nasty inside It took me the first 3 days I had it to clean it and i still could not get the carpet clean it was matted with nasty goo.My first DM was Falisha she is a developmental DM she was rude and never there for me when i had a problem like the volvo they gave me had an non working pre pass and I finaly after 3 weeks of paying out of pocket at tolls witch is very expensive in a 18 wheeler $160.00 in tolls in one day in the north east I called permits in phoenix my self which they said is the DM's resposibility.then 2 months later I got a reguler DM Sue Clips she was more help full but she to treated me like a little kid and yelled at me all the time.I always got very poor directions.none of this made me quit I finally desided to quit when they kept writing me up for over speeds first for going 64 MPH then they said I went 66 MPH for three hours straght the trucks are governed at 62 MPH and trust me thats all they got the only way to go faster is down hill but where in the USA can you find a down hill slop that is long enough to allow you to reach 66 MPh for 3 hours straght on the third right up for over speeds they fire you I would not give Swift the chance to fire me and trash my DAC so I turned in my truck and quit.The truth about Swift there A** holes they dont pay well they talk to you like your a teenager they dont respect there drivers they dont clean out there trucks most of there trucks are old Volvos they will run you to death the miles were good they are very nit picky and they will nit pick you to death dont ever drive for this company if you can avoid it Thanks for reading god bless truckers :)
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #718160
Apr 15 2011
06:01 PM
swift Swift transportation std = screw the drivers phoenix, Arizona
Does swift really care about its drivers ?? Not really. Why is it they have received monies to purchase and install tri-pacs on all company trks but have yet to accomplish it. The owner of swift transportation can fly his favorite ball clubs to games but doesn't give a d**n if the drivers drive 11 hrs a day and have to try and sleep in a 100 degree plus trk at night because they have not had the tri-pacs installed and are not allowed to idle the trk to cool it off inside. Yet swift says they are concerned about the drivers getting the proper rest. Let the owner drive 11 hours a day and try to sleep in a 100 degree trk for days and weeks at a time.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
6, Report #933912
Aug 28 2012
03:50 PM
swift transportation swift liers and fraud phoenix, Arizona
In 6/04 I worked for swift as a trainee. The trainer took me to a a place that sells homes and she was interested in buying a home with no down payment. She called me honey and baby  and told me I would have to have oral sex with her or else she work kick me out of the truck and fail me as a driver . She ran off of my logs while I was asleep and ran off of the road 2 times . She was a dr. jekel and mr hyde type. All the trainers were screwed up. The company stole money from my check and used me as a slave for cheap labor. Please work somewhere else.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
7, Report #305637
Feb 02 2008
09:55 PM
Swift Transportation just another victim of swift Phoenix Arizona
when i was out with my trainer we were at this one stop to p/u a load early in the morning and my trainer was shall i say still on the clock,he asked me to get in the drivers seat and pull the trailer out when we were done but to be carefull as there was no lighting around the docks,as i was pulling out slowly i thought i wasn't applying enough gas as the truck was not moving any more i pressed down a little more then my trainer started to tell me to stop when i did i applied the brakes and turned off the truck and stepped out. as it turns out the previous driver did not lock the trailer door in place and it swung open and caught on a dumpster located too close to the docks,we then contacted our company about the situation and a repairman was called out to fix the doorwhen the only damage bent hinges and the lower corner was busted-up a little enough to put your fist through.then one day we passed through our home terminal to take a couple of days off before completing my training i was told by my driver manager that i now have an accident on my record,thats nice,all this over a damn door. Im finally own my own for a month now when i was at this stop to p/u a load when i was told by shipping that i needed a 14' high trailer,all i had was a 13'6 high trailer and i was informed by shipping they were having this problem with other drivers(no thanks to swift),that was when i decided to quit after a month of receiving lousy miles,directions and being chewed-out by my drivermanager for driving to a truckstop after a drop off a couple of times and not to mention the only time i would take a shower was when they would send me to a terminal for fuel that would be about every 3 to 4 days,i drove from bellingham washington back to nevada on a saturday turned in the keys cleaned the inside of my truck and went home,two weeks later i received a letter from the phoenix terminal that my employment was terminated. I then received letters from swift wanting me to pay $100 amonth to pay back the tuition for the driving school i went to so i did for the next 3 months and decided to stop,unless im wrong i do not recall the contract saying im still responsible for the tuition cost even if my employment was terminated,i started to receive a letter from a collection agency for about $2300 what they say i owed those letters stopped and i was receiving letters from another agency for the same amount but this one tacked on another $800 for a collection fee which put the amount over $3000 what else can i say except im just another screwed victim by one of the worst companys in the business. Victimofswift reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
8, Report #81130
Feb 20 2004
10:45 AM
Swift Transportation ripoff Phoenix AZ
To all who have been victimized by Swift please contact me at through the rebuttal key. Swift allowed one of their employees to sexualy harrass me while in his truck alone in training. Than after I complained and went through all my department heads all the way to Gerry Meyes himself I and my husband were retaliated againast. To those of you who claim not paid what you were promised take it to Federal DOT they will do something as in our case. For those of you who have been violated against with injuries and sexual harrassment write to your local Civil Rights Divisions. To all of you please send copies to me of everything you do. This company most be stopped. They hold no reguard for humans beings, and I personally will not stop till they are ordered to treat their people with respect. Something Gerry Meyes knows nothing about. The danger this company puts not only their drivers in, but also the public at large the Federal DOT is very interested in. Please don't stop your fight! It is worth it. Carrie Hooper, ColoradoU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Swift Transportation CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #17374
Mar 22 2002
12:00 AM
swift ripoff evil dirt bags phoenix Arizona
i am one of the many drivers that have been veeeeery unhappy with the swift switch. my team partner and myself were already to quit the day we found out that all their promises were a bunch of bull. the only reason we went to ms carriers was the promise of a dedicated eastcoast run. since the swift switch, no dedicated runs were available,shortened our pay, insisted that we go from sc. to ma. in less than 12 hrs. we are a good driving team, but not miracle workers. i feel wrongfully terminated cuz of what my co-driver did. he was very angry, did appoligize,not excepted- but terminated the two of us instead. we were given a trip home,but were told to stop the truck in va., and find our own way home from there. lynn laconia, New Hampshire
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
10, Report #465039
Jun 25 2009
05:03 PM
Swift Trans crooked Phoenix Arizona
i am 40 years old,a college grad,a vet and have been driving since 16 years of age.not a big deal however i have been driving tow trucks since 19years of age.thats for you talkers that say i have drove whatever for however long.maybe since the wheel was stone for all i know?that is how ome truckers talk.small mindedness. so i drove for just shy of 2 years for swift.i have never been disrespected or treated so much like a number or not a human being. for all the people that have tryed to defend this company i dont understand you?is this company that good to you yet not to these other people?do you drive or work in the office?there is a difference. this company is designed to weed out the solo company drivers after 1 year of experience.1 of the ways they do this is by a point system.not all the drivers have heard about this yet but this is just another crooked scheme that they will run into. the point system goes like this:for everything you do wrong you get a point.for example:an overwieght ticket,seatbelt ticket,no trailer registration ticket,overspeed,a critical event,and log violations.thats not all someone can call the 1-800 number on a trailer and report that you swerved and look tired or have parked someplace you should not have.these were all things that happened to me and resulted in a point.i was not tired nor swerving.the person that allows me to park at this place wasnt there when i parked and called the company.even though i imediatly moved the truck it was another point.the point from the accident was a small ding in a tractor from a trailer that happened while parking.i was in training for 2 weeks when the accident happened.still almost 2 years later still a point.this whole point system just started 2-3 months ago so swift desperatly needs to unload experienced drivers. on top of the whole point thing swift does not give you time or an opportunity to lose points and do good.thats not entirely accurate i lost points somehow, i was not told how?however i still had more then allowed and was let go. if you swift defenders are still reading let me inform you that this isnt a complaint this is the facts.really i call it a relief.i am so happy away from the lies.yes manipulation. ill tell you how here is an example:a load that on paper added up by distance and mph eqaul 26 hours.i was given 24 hours to do this load.the time for two ten hour breaks and fuel were not added in and this load took me thru washington,dc and new york.how is this supposed to deliver on time please tell me defenders? then i see one person telling us drivers will not get the amount in the adds that swift portrays.that is false advertisement.2 years, you gotta wait 2 years ,you dont know what your talking about.i was 2 months shy of 2 years and had back to back loads.i never had a problem getting loads yet never made that money. the amount of money most drivers make doing this over the road driving is a joke.maybe in some areas where there is not an economy but for others this is a joke.you couldnt sell this job if you told the truth=never home,always broke and forever tired. and now that im lookin at cdl-a employment i find this over the road a joke.you get paid the least but should be the most.this was allowed by the small minded truckers.no its not like smokey and the banded, or convoy.the average trucker is unintelligent, full mof my dog is bigger stories and cant back up the trash they talk.on the average, not saying all just the majority.and the experiences i have had with some of the people in the terminals are the same just employees in an office.i could go on longer but im too relieved haha.i am so relieved haha! Nick greenville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
11, Report #572057
Feb 19 2010
06:09 PM
swift transportation unsafe drivers Internet
On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 3:07 PM, ron c  wrote: On Saturday afternoon 230 pm your driver came into Kimberly Clark, Fullerton,ca to pick up a empty trailer, his name was William Montinaza. Truck # 301699 license # 2KE120  And i gave him trailer # 539260.my problem is he damaged my front bumper as he made a left turn to exit the truck yard. This is on camera and a second person looked at the damage to my car. Looks like his tire rubbed my bumper as he was driving out. It wasn't until later that day    when i saw the damage have reported this to Kimberly Clark and hope you will take care of this unsafe driver as for the damage I doubt I will be repaid for repairs but i do hope the driver will be dealt with.
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #193923
May 30 2006
04:31 PM
Swift Transportation ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I can relate to some of the complaints you guys are talking about. I do believe that the drivers have to read the papers before they sign on with any company. They do sound absolutly wonderful when you are talking to them on the phone but in all honesty they are cheaters. My husband leased a truck and had to go to Seattle, WA to pick it up. He then drove all the away to Phoenix, AZ to do the paperwork. The first week they did give him a lot of miles. (well of couse he needed to pay for the truck). During his first year he discovered that there was a lot of discrepancies with his paychecks. The people in the payroll department get pay per hour so they do not care if your paperwork is in or not. They lose the bills, or conveniently leave it for the next pay. Your next week you have less miles to run, but the payment of the truck is already taken care of because of the bills that showed up from your previous week. My husband was hit by another truck and the fault was on the other driver. The police report showed it wasn't his fault. He decided to quit the company and someone took over his lease, he was charged $1500 for the accident charge. This so call accident happened in July 05 and they waited until now to charge him for it. They knew he was supposed to be reimbursed that money, because it is one of the million charges you pay to them while you are driving. Again, the drivers need to read everything they sign and they should do their homework about a company before you start working for them. But that swift is an auful company to work for is true. Y Garfield Hts, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
13, Report #307145
Feb 07 2008
06:29 PM
Swift Transportation Security Edwardsville Kansas
While working at Swift transportation in Ewardsville, kansas. I found out how messed up the office workers are. I met a lady name Diane who cleaned the showers there. She asked me out for a drink and we went. Just friends you know but she had plans lol. She took me over to Linda's house. Linda worked for Swift as Security for the gate. So she knows everything that goes on. Well, I would spend the night at Linda Bleake house some times. She would track me in my truck like a stocker. She would use the Qcom and write crap to me. Telling me call me here is my real home or cell number and such. Larry another swift truck driver stayed with her as well. Linda Bleak would till us what kind of loads are coming and going out. She would tell about other drivers if they were in deep crap and such. I got hurt on the job and lived at Linda's house. Well I had to goto the hospitle for a oparation. The night befor she gets me drunk and talks me into putting her on my insurance so she could get the money if I died. Boy is she slick ! She drives me to the swift bld at night. Tells the man working the window to get the forms for insurance. She fills them out and she is on the insurance. I have a girl friend come out to visit me. Linda knows I'm coming into some big bucks beacuse I got hurt while working for swift. She is mad, I take her off my insurance after not being drunk anymore lol. Now she has her sights on my workers comp money, she gets made again lol. My girl friend tells me to get out of there while I can. She was right linda steals all my truck stuff and clothes. Security is messed up there. She tells everything to everyone and nothing is safe on the Qcom. John hollister, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Edwardsville, Kansas
14, Report #326524
Apr 16 2008
12:32 PM
SWIFT New Drivers BEWARE !!!! Phoenix Arizona
i was recently terminated from swift out of newboston mi. the grounds..i wasnt driving enough.i spent 14 wks solo and only had 5 days home time.i lived the lifestyle to the fullest.the problem wasnt me,infact it was them.every weekend after making my drop on friday or saturday morning i would be stuck sitting till monday or tuesday waiting for a new trip.my idle time went up due to lack of work.this is against swift policies.spent most time driving in midwest and eastern seaboard areas,very cold .i kept my icu unit set to 50-55deg.hardly comfortable,but doable.the days i drove on trips i worked my 11/14 or till i had to stop to make a legal 10hr reset to start again and make drop next morning.i pleaded for trips a solo driver could make on time but they were rare...so i learned what to log and what not to log.i never planned on fudge'n logs..but what can u do when they say trips miles are 450 and u drive 550 or more.impossible to plan trip when u cant plan drive time.the free miles they stroke you for are disgusting,avg is 75 per load.(keep in mind i have over 50k driven in 6mths,i can drive with the best of em)but in the end my miles got less and less to the point that i was held responsible.so they terminated me...sigh.im only posting this in the hopes of warning new drivers who consider swift to plz reconsider your options.they lie and steal like crackheads.there are much better starter companies to choose from.theres much more horror behind my employment there,but this was ice'n on the cake.BEWARE OF SWIFT...THEY DONT CARE ABOUT SOLO DRIVERS !!! Rallo macomb township, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
15, Report #1319639
Jul 29 2016
02:46 PM
SWIFT Trucking School Scam Jurupa Valley California
Swift Driving school is a Scam, they will lure desperate people in to their school and then with a job or not, you will have to pay for the Tuition.  They get you to sign the contract but do not give you a copy of the contract. They uses new student to drive for 200-300hr at minimum wages, and they do not pay On-duty not driving. Mentor are not your friend,  they use you to drive to get paid base on mileage and you get the minimum wage. They say they pay 2 days for orientation. I haven't got mine!      
16, Report #307241
Feb 08 2008
06:12 AM
Goldstar Swift Delivery keep e mailing me Internet
seems to keep e mailing me when i inquire tell me to keep things confidential Firefly thunder bay, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
17, Report #448441
May 03 2009
11:06 AM
Swift Driving Academy And Swift Transportation Truck Driving School CDL Scam Middleton Tennessee
I think Swift Transportation's truck driving school - Swift Driving Academy - is a scam. They are recruiting truck drivers for a school in Middleton, TN and the school can't even provide drivers with valid commercial drivers license. Here is a lweb site I found about an investigation into Swift's school. http://www.alinjuryblog.com/tp-080907104345/post-090429123841.shtml LJ Charleston, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Middleton, Tennessee
18, Report #576347
Mar 01 2010
07:04 PM
Swift Driving Academy And Swift Transportation Ripped me off for the money i paid for my traing for my CDL Internet
On Oct 5.2009 while on hometime from the company i was driving for i applied for another trucking job! After receiving my application,the company called me to inform me that they wanted to hire me! But there was a problem my CDL,my license had been suspended because the FBI had raided Swift Transportation driving school in Millington TN. And that TN and every other state,even my home state of SC. Were taking our license because the instructors at Swift's driving school were not certified to give road test at the end of graduation! I called swift and they gave me the run-around and gave me  a phone no# to the dmv in TN, to which i've called numerous times with no answer! I paid swift $3000.00,for my training and CDL. Now i have nothing to show for it and i am now homeless and unemployed. I lost about 12000-15000 dollars in salary,and can't get a response from swift.I've read reports and talked to other driver who say that swit claims that the school was run by a third party,which is crap because the dmv and alot of the training took place at swift's memphis terminal and the instructors were employed by swift! I also understand that swift is suppose to retrain us at no cost! I have also heard that there are class-action laws suit pending,which i would gladly join.Because we have lost our ability to make a living and some of us have lost everything and swift seems to think its alright to steal from us and continue to steal from other people! I also reapplied to work for them and haven't gotten a response! I've also talked to my Congressman with no reply! There must be some attorney that is interested in our case this thing has touch the lives of alot of drivers and have hurt alot of families!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #317409
Mar 12 2008
07:42 PM
Swift Acadamy - Swift Transportation Fraud, liars and theifs. dont forget cold hearted!!! Phoenix Arizona
My wife and i attended the acadamy in september. from day one we realized that we had been lied to by our recruiter. so we actively searched out the correct answers to the questions we had. we were given answers that sounded real good, but after the acadamy we realized that they had lied to us again. one of these promises was new and safe equipment. the truck that we were given was an 04 that had been totaled in a front end colision. from day one the truck was falling apart. asking swift to fix the problems was useless. this situation was mostly just irritating untill my wife and i got carbon monoxide poisoning. i pulled into the swift yard near reno nv. and spoke to the swift certified mechanic and they said there was nothing wrong with the truck. i physicaly showed him where the leaks were on the exhaust pipe and they said they would fix it. two days later they again said there was nothing wrong with the truck. it was only after i blew up at the shop manager that they agreed to look again. they had to rework the whole system. we got in the truck trusting that the mechanics knew their job and did it well and that our truck would be safe. wrong!!! we made it just beyond the wyoming utah border on the wyoming side when the exhaust pipe fell off the turbo spewing carbon monoxide into the cab through the heater. that night in wyoming it was below 17 degrees. after calling our driver manager to inform him of the problem and asking if we could get a room to escape the cold, we were informed that we would not only be fired, but that it would go on our record as load abandonment. it took them 14 hours to repower the load. we were then asked to drive the truck to the service station so that they wouldnt have to call a wrecker. that was carbon monixide poisoning number two! i realized that swift was not an honest company who cared for its drivers. Jack exeter, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
20, Report #22921
Jun 17 2002
09:09 PM
Swift DANA ripoff! Abused & mistreated me Portland Oregon
Entity: Portland, Oregon
21, Report #37998
Dec 12 2002
03:16 AM
Swift again ripoff Sparks California
I cant stop i'm on a role now. Why is it $3,000 for truck school in sparks nv. but only $900.00 in pheonix? I am going to get a copy of my dac report to see what swift cheese said about me. Why is it that small minded power hungry DM'S can screw up your job history and there is no recompense? Remember shippers don't care about companies like england or swift. they just care about freight being shipped on time! ED SO LAKE TAHOE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sparks, California
22, Report #419283
Feb 02 2009
04:48 PM
SWIFT TRANSPORTATION falsifying documentation to get a job. Phoenix Arizona
yes I apply for a job with swifttrans transportation.I had to do a physical and drug test to to apply for this company.they said I fail the urine test.I had too much protein in my urine.for this reason they cannot hire me.I need to see a doctor.I see my doctor week before I went and applied.my doctor said I was perfectly healthy.so after I failed the urine test.I went to see my doctor right away.my doctor did a urine and blood tests.he said there is nothing wrong with me. he wrote a note for the company.shown that I was perfectly healthy.so I went back with the company and show them the doctors report.they said I had to see their doctors steel.if our doctors says you can't work and you can't work with us. so I went to their doctor.he said he will not retest me.so swifttrans put on my permit record which is my D.A.C saying that I falsify documentation. now all my employees will see this.that I falsify documentation to get a job.which I had proved from my doctor that I did not fail the urine tests. Jerry garvin, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
23, Report #423982
Feb 13 2009
08:16 PM
Swift Transportation wrongly fired Pheniox Arizona
I worked for swift for about 3 years and I was fired for having a power inverter in the truck that i had plugged into a car batteriy so it really was not even hooked to the truck. well the head lights shorted out and they could not figure out what was wrong with it so they said that by having to inverter in the truck I re-wired something and that was what caused the hear lights to short out... about one month with a new company i get a letter from the New York DMV saying that i have to re-take the written and the road test or my CDL will be revoked... i almost got fired from my new job because of all this happening but when i explained to them what had happend they started to work with me...... Itzdraco3000 Middleville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
24, Report #444055
Apr 16 2009
09:45 AM
Swift Trans false accurizations,too many incidents Jonestown Pennsylvania
i worked for swift from 2/04 to 5/04.i wanted to otr and signed with swift.my trainer was a trustworthy person.we drove from fontana ca. to jonestown.pa.my dispatcher was debbie mack. you can tell by asking her a question that whatever happened she wasnt involved and woudnt take the blame,and blame the driver every time to save herself. she woudnt discuss any delivery, woudnt talk ,she would give you an assignment, give you an opp. to accept, if you didnt youd be the blame. i always accepted. this is a pro.job,your suppose to think of your work, one time i needed to ask about a kt.load, she hung up on me..then the mission in nyc from tx. i thought it would be easy with there directions knowing that they been there before,i was wrong.i needed comdata cheks befroe i went ,the person at the desk said they had none.thats strange.on the way out after a snapple delivery in manhatten which was very conjested at the time, iasked them for there specific maptuit directions,they led me to manhatten bridge.when i got there a cop pulled me over, gave the comp. 7 tickets,i got none.the worst was a length ticket and width. swift should of known that. i started to see how swift jonestown works.then they blame you.then i broke alum. hinges in temple tx walmart.when i took the saftey test in pa bob whitlatch was the trainer. he was very distracting telling me about his wifes skin disease, could of been contagious. then the wheels started smoking at the end.i noticed and told him i was going to pull over.hes was all hiterical,get the fire exting. itold him theres no fire,then a cop pulls over,he statrs talking about me .then he says hes taking charge,.im like yeah ok.when i got back to jonestown,asked to have them look at the wheels,they said its an old trailer,theres no more shes.its npt my fault.then he tells the saftey he told me to use an engine brake,thats a complete lie,if there were any brakes they woudnt of smoked.then i call phoenix,ask them about the wrong directions in manhatten,they dont know nothing about that.why dont they keep records..like anthing else,then for 3 qweeks it was very hard to push a clutch,they said nothings wrong,then i told there was and they fixed it.all those pushes were too hard.then i ask debbie mack about the tickets,how to take care of them.then she has nothing to do no blame its the driver.i tell you she got me the tickets,shes the blame.then i call tammy koch,the supervisor.shes like you dont work here anymore,at least i have a job.then most important about a future job.i have 1 preventable hinges,1 nonpreventable incident,they write 2,first they say it was in lancaster tx,hinges happened in temple,tx.smoking wheeles at moutain top ,pa,i hope they see how they.d mess me up when they lied about the wrong stuff. i talked to them plennty of times,one time swift called me at night,i explained,he said yes he will take care of it.that never happened.i could see that the dispatcher only cares about her delivery,herself,no reguards to the driver.the lie about the trailer wheel on fire,there was no fire,just smoke,it had to cool down,then put new ones on,no reguards.the mistake about the incidents and preventable.thats a lie or a mistake.its on my report for life,not theres,they need to see this.im hoping maybe someone will fess and fix. Tom h philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Jonestown, Pennsylvania
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Apr 17 2009
09:11 AM
Swift Trans falsify,reports,dac report Jonestown
iworked for swift trans from 2/04 to 5/04 jonestown,pa.terminal. i have 15 months previous exp.my trainer was a good trustworthy person.we drove to fontant ,ca. and to jonestown,pa.my dispatcher was debbie mack.you can tell just by asking her a question she wasnt involved and would blame the driver all the time,because she was never wrong.shed give you an assign.,ask if you accept,meaning if you didnt you be the blame.i took anything.this is a pro. job.your suppose to think,discuss,ask questions,one timei needed to know after a ky delivery a question and she just hung up.,she was too busy.the mission in nyc,they never gave an ezpass .before i went to nyc i asked the dispatcher when you first go in for comdata,he said nobody had any.there suppose to supply.what they were doing is seeing how youd do without an ezpass instead of the delivery.after a snapple delivery in nyc manhatten i wanted maptuit directions to get out.they sent me street to street to manhatten bridge.a lady cop pulled me over right away.it was very conjested.she gave the company 7 tickets.myself none.2 were ,1 for overwidth,1 for overlength.onlt a 50 ft bridge.why did they give me the wrong directiojmns.i trusted them,there wrong,they blamed me.didnt explain,why.later called phoenix asked them about that ,they said,they dont know who gave them,dont keep reports. debbie mack hurt me instead of help you.when the hinges broke in temple,tx.walmart.when itook the saftey test,bob whitlatch was the trainer.he was very distracting tellimg me about his military and his wifes skin disease which was probably contagious.which was nerve racking.at the end the trailer wheels smoked.i told bob pulled over .hes like get the fire exting.all histerically.theres no fire bob ,hes like get it anyway.waisting the fluid for a good cause.then a cop pulls over and bobs talking to the cop talking about me.then he says he has to take it from here. whats that ,inoticed the smoke and pulled over,there was no fire at which he said there was.when i got back to jonestown,asked the mechanic to look and they said it was a very old truck,the brakes were already worn.if bob knows it why did he want that trailer,it was his choice.so bob must of flunked me because of his faulty equipment.the whole time i had the tracter the clutch was 3 to 4 times as hard to push,they said theres nothing wrong,then the second time they looked at it they did notice the problem.the time i was driving i was waisting too much pressure.i asked debbie mack about the tickets she said its not her problem,shes the dispatcher,she gave the directions who led me to the bridge.i called tammy koch the supervisor,shes like you dont work here anymore.she said i dont have to talk to you,said at least i have a job,then hung up.notice how when you drive for a comp. need a med . cert, you do all the driving for there loads,all things go on your dac report and nothings said about them.make sure they are right because this is your dac, for life.i tried to get 1 thing off dac record and that was 1 incident that didnt happen.i had 1 hinges thats 1 preventable,1 incident the wheels.they put 2 st lancaster,tx.that never happened in tx,wheels were at mountaintop,pa.they might think there too good to look back and fix the problem.then you have the problem.they have lied on dac,lied about wheels,and gave wrong directions.this is my life story on dac, they see it as theres. Tom h philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Jonestown, Pennsylvania

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