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26, Report #412124
Jan 14 2009
04:27 PM
I started with swift in january 08. and i quit today, january 14th 2009. This company promised me a healthy income, home time and top of the line equipment what a joke! it didnt even take this company a year to have me at the welfare office, i lost my wife, house, car, and alot of friends. i regret ever buying into the lie that is the trucking industry. it really doesnt matter what company you go to. all the big companies are in bed together. they dont compete. thats how they kill small companies, and screw all of their drivers including owner operators. if u are considering truck driving as a career. i would say dont do it. you will make more money at jack in the box, and it will be less hours too. seriously 65 to 70 hour work week = 300 to 400 dollar paycheck minus about $125.00 for food that week. if you dont believe me maybey you will when you lose evrything too. branden lake elsinore, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: PHOENIX, Arizona
27, Report #602647
May 12 2010
01:43 PM
SWIFT TRUCKING Deceptive Company PHOENIX, Arizona
I was unemployed for a few months when I first moved here,I was told that the trucking industry was hiring so I went to a few places.I spoke with Swift Trucking and I looked at their website.They advertised a great program-but it was(I later learned) deceptive.You need to have a CDL license to drive a truck(well obviously-but I was a newbie and ignorant)They   put you through THEIR school(some government support for putting you through that,but they still charge you)and then they deduct the fee(for the school)from every paycheck-75.00 a week-but they will kick in 1/2 of that.After the school you are assigned to drive with a Mentor for 6 weeks,and that you will be paid 450 for the first 6 weeks and 500 for the last 2 weeks.The company says that you will get more home time and that you will earn one day off for every day worked(that seemed pretty fair...ooops)I signed up and borrowed some money so that I could make it through the school(about 3 weeks). When you complete the school,you are sent to an orientation where you start to learn THAT some of the stuff you were told is...well... kind of, a bending of the truth.The 450 and the 500-that is for working 7 Days-because as you are now told-You are paid 64.29 a day AND THEN 71.29 a day for your last two weeks.I was assigned to a truck where I was home every 4 to 5 days,so that 450 that I counted on was considerably less-even though I was working 15 hour days...My first check(and subsequent checks) was under 200.I complained to  my mentor and he said-you need to come down(on the days that you are off and log into the truck's system(qualcomm)-I told him that would be lying,and he shook his head at me,and said that this was what all of the trainees did so that they got their full 450.I was amazed that he was so upfront about that-and I just told him that I would not feel right doing that-he responded with something like-you're an idiot,they will never find out.I stuck with the smaller checks,rather than committ fraud/steal. I finally made it to Solo.The one day off-for every 6 worked is a credit,and my first trip out kept me on the road for 21 days.I was sent into the snowy regions-I thought that was wierd---here I was-an INEXPERIENCED DRIVER-lacking the confidence to drive in those areas,and yet getting assigned-continually.I had some interesting experiences. I could go on and on,about how Swift took advantage of me.The truth is-that Swift does not care-THEY EARN A LOT OFF OF THE NEWBIES-so they will push you to your limit.Most of the Swift drivers that I spoke with,have some bad stuff to say about their experience with this company.I regret that I believed that this company had some integrity-The truth is-THEY DO NOT.
Entity: PHOENIX, Arizona
28, Report #582462
Mar 18 2010
09:26 AM
SWIFT TRANSPORTATION Threatening and assault by trainer Internet
first and formost I was a trainee for swift and while training I was not given my full training pay. Second my trainer got mad at me and while I was driving he reached over and punched me in my head while I was driving. Third while I was in my 5th week of training my mom got very ill and was in ICU in st. Louis where i live i contacted my driver manager she told me sorry but i do not care about your mom she does not make money for us i finally got to go home to see her 3 days later but while at home recieved a phone call from DM and she stated I was terminated no reason given. two weeks before I had told her what the trainer had done she told me not to make this a big thing because it could be bad for me. and also my trainer would threaten me with if i did not drive 15 hours he would get me fired. and another thing when we were in california he drove 3 and a half hours unlogged to pick up a box of pics for his girlfriend from her exhusband he did not log those hours. can anyone help me
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #721612
Apr 24 2011
10:54 PM
Swift transportaion Lying, Back stbbing Sumner, Washington
I have worked for Swift for almost two years and as soon as I approched the sol-called terminal manager about one of my electronics being damaged, by them, when I had to take some time off due to an illness, they started treating me like crap. The terminal manager at the Sumner, WA. is nothing but a little mouse of a man and a rip-off. He never has made it right with me. When I had to come home for a DR. appt. due to always being tired and fatigued, later being diagnosed with sleep apnea, they sent anouther driver to pick-up my truck without allowing me to get my personal things out of the truck. If your are considering truck driving as a career, DO NOT go with swift.
Entity: Sumner, Washington
30, Report #909852
Jul 10 2012
07:09 PM
Swift Transportation Intermodal Intermodal decatur, Georgia
I just want some information about this stupid an absurd way from this company to pay the driver in the intermodal accounts in decatur,ga and dallas,tx... we used to get paid $40/load plus $0.35cents per mile on any trip.. this was around $200 a day.. may be a little more or less depending on how busy the day was.. about a month ago we had a meeting, ms. Tyson the intermodal manager for swift, decided that we dont deserve any descend pay or a good way of living and he and his closer staff cut our pay by 40% to 60%.. now we get paid about $0.26 cents per trip plus what hi call spiff load pay..which is $18 if the load its less than 49 miles... if the load its more than 49miles we only get paid for miles.. no spiff.. and the rate its about $0.31 cents per mile... this will put you about $55/day to $90/day.. all this was decided in one weekend and the people working in this account, some for about 10years, other only moths are now facing the dilemma.... thanks to the effort by the intermodal management personnel who clearly dont give a dam about the people who generate the income for the company while they are filling their pockets... I guess my question its: its crap like this legal??? can we do something about it other just send e-mails to this people who probably don even care to read them? or do we just have to suck it up and find another job..which Im in the process anyway.... thx if anyone can give us any real advice!!!
Entity: decatur, Georgia
31, Report #209260
Sep 03 2006
07:20 AM
Swift Transportation Liars and Ripoffs Phoenix Arizona
To Whom it may Concern, I want to make you aware of what happened to my husband and I through a company named SWIFT Transportation. And I would like to make them responsible for my job loss and the money I had to pay them to get a seat in their class room. And the money I spent having someone take me to Richmond, VA and my husband to Greer Sc. It went like this. My husband and I have been wanting to go on the road together for years and now we could finally do it with our children grown and I didn't have anyone I had to take care of now. So we were looking on the Internet for places that would allow my husband to train me, because when I received my licence in 2001 I didn't get to get any experience because my Father got sick and I stayed to take care of him, after that it was my Grandmother then my Mother until may they rest in peace they all passed away, the last was my Mother, Jan. 22nd, 2006. So you can see where the timing comes in that we are ready to go on the road together. We called SWIFT. Told them what we wanted to do. She told us to fill out an application online then they check our background and our work references and would call and tell us if we were approved for a job with them. Somehow we ended up with two different recruiters, one was Tamara that was my husbands and the other was Tamala that was mine. We asked why didn't we have the same recruiter and they said that is just the way it worked and not to worry they would stay in close contact with each other. So my husband had, had Rotator cuff surgery from the previous job he had at Sun Delivery where he was carrying a 600 lb armoire into someone home, and his doctor was getting ready to release him we also explained this to the recruiter. I needed some training because it had been so long since I had been in school and didn't actually get to get any experience. Tamala wanted me to go on to Greer and take the road test and I explained to her that I could not pass this test. So she told me to go ahead and go to Richmond and take the school and by the time I got out of school that my husband would be almost ready to be my mentor (driver trainer). So I quit my job making 11 dollars an hour at CV Products and left to start school. Well my husbands doctor didn't get the no restrictions paper sent in time so that made him run behind another week, but Tamara his recruiter told him that was okay that they would just send me home until he got all his days in. When I got to the school, I was informed by Mary Cosno that if the recruiter had told me to come after my husband got hired I would have gotten the school free (how convent for them) so Mary went and asked could they still do that since I was not informed of everything and they said NO. Well at this point I don't have any choice, even though I am really upset at not being told everything, because I have no job to go to back home, because I couldn't give them a notice because they would have told me to go ahead and leave and I needed to work until I left for SWIFT. Now this is t he worse part of all I have been in school for two weeks and one day only had a few days left when my husband went to orientation in Greer SC, He passed ALL their test the wellness the test on his shoulder and the physical was watching a video for company drivers and a lady comes in takes him out of class and says to him we have elected not to hire you. My husband ask why and she told him they didn't have to give him a reason. Neither of us has a clue as to why he would not have gotten hired. He has ALWAYS been a hard worker and went above what duty calls in his job, he is not a drug user or alcohol except on Christmas or something, he has a great work record, until now and he is not sure if his previous employer is giving him a bad reference or not because he had to take him to court because he wouldn't find him any work after his surgery so my husband had to get a lawyer. But somehow we are going to find out what is going on. Now because of the negligence of SWIFT transportation because they told us on the phone both of us were approved for a job. Now we are both out of a job. Can you please help me in making sure these people do not ruin another families lives. And I do not feel that I owe this company 3900.00 for school that I could not finish because they lied to us about a job. James Thomasville, North CarolinaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Swift Transportation
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
32, Report #219249
Nov 05 2006
11:50 PM
Swift Transportation Dangerouse trainers Oklahoma Oklahoma
Anyone that has been sexually harrassed by Melvin Gaston or any other Swift trainer please complain. I was asked to live an life of homosexuallity by Swift trainers and Swift tried to force me into an life as an Homosexual. Swift transportation practices forced dispatch policy and is an dangerouse company. Swift has 80 fatality crashes because of reckless management that is more conserned with lieing to protect homosexual couples in the work place and has created an unsafe work place. Many managers in Oklahoma city are practicing dishonest rituals and not telling the truth to protect the gay way. Honesty Over the roadU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma, Oklahoma
33, Report #245675
Apr 25 2007
07:32 PM
Swift Transportation Health insurance Ripoff bond fraud Phoenix Arizona
Swift transportation offers company health insurance to owner operator at $100. per week. Well after an year or so of paying in if you file an insurance claim then Swift likes to cancell your contract. Swift transportation utillizes baited questions and they do not record the questions then they try to entrapp your response , so to use that against you. Swift can collect 5000 to 10000 in insurace monies and never pay out on any claims then they offer their cobra as an smoke screen to cover up the truth is they Swift want to ripp you off. Also, Swift transportation when they feel like they have enough of your mula then they start pre planning the owner operator with recycled paper that pays by weight $130. u.s.d. for 44000 lbs and they want you to pull it 1000 miles or so then the keep putting these low paYing loads on you to upset you and force you to quit or as an rationall to cancell your contract for not coaperationg. many swift employees claim it is forced dispatch and you have to haul it or they can fire the owner operator. They want you to sign over your truck to them just befor you pay it off. Swift also files false and malisious bond fraud claims against you at the rate of $100. per week for their profit. They are ripping you off. Back when Jerry was in the harness Swift was ok, but today the new managers are dishonest. owner operator Oklahoma city, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
34, Report #270591
Aug 27 2007
03:22 PM
Swift Transportation seems to be a good company so far. Orientation was pleasant for everyone. Lunches were enjoyed. Motels were fair. Bus tickets paid for. Fuel receipts reimbursed. During orientation in Lewiston Idaho, orientation employees were saying that Swift is very strict about Federal Rules and Regulations and that the regulations must be obeyed. The Swift Driver Manual is very strict about certain things such as Logs and Speed Limits. The Swift Driver Manual is a nice thick manual that has much information about Swift. The Swift Driver Manual has many Policies and suggestions. It has Policies and Procedures and Suggestions for getting paid and copying BOL's and how to complain up the ladder if their ever was a problem with something. I'm not certain about other people, but I look at myself as a mellow Alabama Redneck living in an area with alot of rednecks, and I seem to get along okay with the people around me, and I seem to get along with the people at the Lewiston Idaho terminal. The drivers in the Driver Lounge all seemed kindof happy. The orientation employees and other employees at the Lewiston Idaho Terminal all seemed very polite. If Swift Transportation is the company for you, then the Lewiston Idaho Recruiter is Bill Hartley 800-388-4669. PLEASE tell Bill that I refered you to Swift Transportation, so I can get a bonus for the referal. James jacob jordan NOT LISTED, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #289821
Dec 07 2007
06:26 PM
Swift Transportations false dac report Phoenix Arizona
swift had me sitting in california for 4days,knowing i was due for hometime.i had told them before i was tired of sitting all the time. i told them weeks before if i sat again for more than 24hrs i was going to bring their truck back.after the 4th day i got aload from california to arizonia(300miles).i got unloaded,i waited for about 4hrs no load. i finally called swift and asked what was the hold up with a load going home,they told me about 150 trucks was in front of me,it will be about 2days before i get a load. i told them i was tired of their b-s and i was bring their truck back. there was some heated words between use,they said they would get me for truck abandonment,i told them they could not because i was taking the truck to there terminal.i had called a bus station for a ticket going home.i went to the terminal to turn the truck in and wait for my cab,i had packed all my stuff walked to a walmart . i got a call when i was in walmart that my cab was at the terminal,when i got to the terminal i found a security guard and told him that i had quit and i was giving him my keys to the truck.as i was getting my stuff out the truck to put in the cab,the things i purchase at walmart i was putting in my duffle bag,the guard seen me take a bottle of liquor out the walmart bag and put in my duffle bag. he told me that i wasn't suppose to have liquor in truck.i told him that the liquor was not in the truck because all my belongings was on the ground and that i had quit swift. i didn't know that swift had something on my dac report until dec.2007(11months later)they didn't get me for truck abandonment but for having liquor in the truck. when i wasn't even in the truck and i had quit. James gretna, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
36, Report #293429
Dec 20 2007
06:55 PM
Swift Transportation out of Phoenix Arizona
I left Swift on Sept 13th and out of no where on Sept 19 there was a DUI show up on my dac from March 21 of 2007, from Pa. I wasnt even in Pa. in March. I was in Oregon on the March 21st. Im now unable to get a job in the trucking industry, and I have been driving for 21 years. I filed a complaint recently with Dac. Swift didnt put anything on my Dac, as I just recieved a copy, so I feel that they are the ones that put the DUI on my report. Gearjmrrob Pasadena, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
37, Report #292001
Dec 16 2007
01:07 PM
Swift Transportation student grads low miles Phoenix Arizona
i graduated from commercial driving school and went to work for swift. they would pay $150 a month towards my tuition for driving school. i went into the otr position and was told i would average 2500-2800 miles a week. i was told by the recruiter that swift would find a mentor / trainer that lives near me so that i could go home whenever he / she goes home. i spent six weeks with a mentor who lives approximately 800 miles away from me and did not get home. oh well, got to get the training over with some way. after six weeks with mentor i was released to go solo. my first four weeks as a solo driver i did not get over 800 miles per week. and, no, i was not refusing load assignments. my fifth and sixth week i averaged 1300 miles per week. during this time i spoke with my driver manager advising her that i could not continue to work for swift with these kind of miles, that i have a family to provide for and the bills were not getting paid. eventually i spoke with the terminal manager at greer south carolina who assured me the miles would increase. they did not. my understanding is that this has happened to many people. they get you as a driving school grad and you move a LOT of freight and burn a LOT of miles during your six weeks training ($300 week pay) then when you go solo and its time for them to pay back your school loans,,,, no miles,,,,, almost begging you to quit. Sctrucker holly hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
38, Report #98733
Jul 13 2004
12:52 PM
Swift Transportation ripoff Phoenix Arizona
MY name is James. I have drove for swift 3 times over a 5 year period. I came back to swift in october 2003. I was on devision 5 otr. I got 3 tickets in their truck in calif all at different times in calif. Wwift would never send me to calif to take care off these tickets knowing I had them. They ingored all the attempts. I told them I had to go to court. Instead of sending me west they kept me going past after 3 months of running no days off they turned me west. I was so tired I took 4 days off in oklahoma getting a load to phoenix from oklahoma. I headed west, getting into phoenix dropping my load at consignee. I went to terminal trying to get home to yucca valley calif. In phoenix I was placed on safety hold. They said you never went to court. Come on now they knew I had court dates I was stuck in phoenix. The 2nd day in phoenix security comes out and said clear your truck you are no longer a swift employee. Packing my stuff they put it on a golf cart and trailer where I was escorted to front of the terminal and put on the street. I went to see my recuriter to get a bus ticket home. Security stopped me and said I would be arrested if I came back on the property. What did I do? They used me got my driver lic suspended and put me on the street. I tried to file for unployement. They say I'm still an employee. I can't work cause my lic is suspended. They won't give me unployement but yet they sent me on the street and said I was terminated. The games has to stop. I have a wife and 2 kids. I was treated like a criminal like I did something wrong. They refused to send me west to take care of these tickets. The day they put me out of my truck my driver manager in lancaster tx quit? He took care of me. It took the rest of the money I had in my account to get home. A u haul 250 dollars, I got home with 20 dollars in my pocket and a hungry wife and 2 hungry children. They played with my life. This is not right. While uncle jerry lives high on the hog I have no income and a house I was buying in oklahoma for my family which I'm gonna lose now cause it's more important to get the load there than getting a employee to court. I'm mad. I never had a late load, always a day early. I was on a hot fleet. All I took was hot loads have to deliver on time or swift will lose the account. Save the account not the employee. If you got a lawyer on this tell him to hammer on it and let swift know we mean business. Jave to cheer my self up somehow. Just to let you know I have been driving for 20 years and never had the problems I have had with swift. What do I do now? I'm a driver; I need a steering and my foot on the pedal. They need to pay these tickets for not getting me back to calif for court and then some. I lost everything on account of them. Well thanx for your time sorry for being so long James Yucca Valley CA, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
39, Report #1105653
Apr 05 2014
02:42 PM
Swift Transportation Do Not Work For Them Fontana California
Swift took me in, trained me to get my CDL for $4,000. So far so good, right? Well when you go to trucking school you are put in a room with 3 other guys in literally section 8 housing. Suppose you are in the 50% that pass their permit test, don't use drugs and are in decent physical shape. You get there and start trucking and they will work you like a dog. I asked if I could take a day off NO, get going. You don't need a day off, you need to get going. Literally what they said to me. I had been going for weeks straight. They don't care about their drivers. If the place you are getting loaded at takes 4 hours, you aren't getting paid. The regulations are insane (although admittedly not Swifts fault). We had originally agreed that I would work for them for a year and I wouldn't have to pay back the loan. Well I got fired after 6 months for mostly reasons beyond my control: A guy at a truck stop threatened me, I responded in a recpricating manner. He called the company and said I threatened him. Low and behold company took his side WITHOUT investigating. A bar from a security shack came down on my truck while leaving a DC. The guy laughed and said it seems to happen every other week. Swift instantly said it was my fault even though my mentor and the employee had witnessed it as not being my fault. When you go around turns too fast it sets off a sensor being a critical event. This happened twice to me. Once I was trying to get to a truck stop before my mandatory day had to end, got stuck behind a slow moving semi. Another was a steep decline followed by a steep incline. I was never in an accident. Never got a ticket. Worked my tail off nearly 6 months straight (didn't take more than 2 days off the entire time). Never late picking up or dropping off a load. Always turned in everything (all the dumb classes and paper work) on time. Dotted my i's and crossed my t's, FIRED.   You are a number for Swift. Simple as that. The driver manager should be renamed number manager. Because that is what they do, crunch numbers. When they think you are a risk to their safety record, no matter if it makes sense or not, they will fire you. Now I have a collection agency calling and asking why I won't pay. Because THEY broke the contract, not I. I was willing and able to work for them and they fired me for erroneous reasons. And they wonder why they have so much trouble retaining drivers. 9 out of 10 driver turnover every year. A few things to consider before entering trucking profession in general: It's lonely as hell. There are tons of regulations. You will most likely become overweight from the sedentary lifestyle.  
Entity: Fontana, California
40, Report #1197120
Dec 22 2014
02:30 PM
swift funds llc financial rolling hills estates california
 I am filing a report because, this company has been contacting me saying i owe $1,159 to one of their debts. They call me and threaten me, when i asked for proof saying i owe that much, they have not contacted me since. I went on to check my credit report and the debt was on there saying i owed it for a debt to best fitness. Which i never missed a payment and when i cancelled my membership i asked if there would be anymore fees, they informed me there wouldnt be, months before any contact before this company started calling my grandfathers phone.
41, Report #1043035
Apr 13 2013
02:47 PM
Swift Transportation Cheats, Thieves, & Liars Phoenix, Alberta
Swift Transportation is a bunch if liars and thieves. They pay by the estimated mileage which translated in me getting shorted about 100 miles per week a lot of drivers are showing a lot more. I have been promised layover and breakdown pay but never received a dime. Several times was close to being out of driving hours and ordered to move one last load or loose my job. Then got chewed out by Safety concerning that and the manager who ordered it had wiped the verification from the Qualcom unit. That is my personal experience and Have talked to a number of former drivers who have the same experience.
Entity: Phoenix, Alberta
42, Report #1288164
Feb 17 2016
09:39 AM
Swift Moving Not legitimite Glendale Heights Illinois
OK, so these folks allegedly have 5 locations in the US. I called for a reservation to move two homes into one. First, the guy tells me that he is going to fit it all into a 26 foot truck and having been a truck driver I know it would never fit but they send me a quote for a move they know they cant fit into the truck anyhow for a price that was $10,000 less than a real move of this size. Red flag number 1. When I called the alleged company phone number a second time, it was not answered as a business would answer a phone, as in, Thank you for calling...... how may I help you, but instead it obviously went to a cell phone which didn't get answered. 30 seconds later, after the call got screened no doubt, I get a different person calling me back BY NAME. Red flag number 2. Their main headquarters is listed at an address in Glendale Heights, which is the suburb next to me. When I asked if they would be coming out to inspect the items to be moved, they said, no, we don't do that, particurly strange considering how close they are to me. Red flag number three. I then asked where they were located and they said Norcross Georgia. Suspicious, I drove to the address listed as their main headquarters in Glendale Hieghts. I found a vacant building which was so small it could never possibly ever be of sufficient size to house any storage from a move. This did it for me but I decided to Google the other alleged addresses in the other states just to see what came up. One was a self storage facility that was not theirs, one was an empty lot. There you go, beware of these folks. I never gave them any money thankfully so if this helps someone else to not get ripped off it has some value.
Entity: Glendale Heights, Illinois
43, Report #1214468
Mar 09 2015
04:10 PM
Swift Funds gym collection rolling hills estates Internet california
I paid this company 586.00$  they said it would come off my credit report. 60 days and I cannot get a hold of anyone and still on my report. Grrrrrr. Melissa L
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1269104
Nov 19 2015
03:25 PM
Swift Funds Non Compliance Palos Verdes, Nationwide
This company contacted my daughter by telephone in a very rude and unprofessional manner. They told her she owed for a gym membership and needed to pay or set up payment arrangements that day to avoid having this debt sent to the credit bureau. Fortunately for her, I am in the Credit profession, so she did not disclose any personal information telling them she would get back with them.  She has never received any written notification of this debt and when i called to request it, i was told that without a Power of Attorney, they would not release any information to me.  I told them then they needed to send her, via the United STates Post Office, notification of this debt in question.  They were very abrupt and unprofessional with me on the phone.  She has requested that they send her soemthing so that she can verify the actual amount owed and not what they just tell her to pay.I honestly feel laws need to be passed to prohibit this type of collection practices.
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1394347
Aug 21 2017
11:37 AM
Swift Capital Rudy Exceptionally Rude Chicago Illinois
Rudy called the office looking for an officer. When the officer in question was not available, instead of leaving his name and company name, he hung up on me (the receptionist). When Rudy was called back, he immediatley answered the phone with an assumptive, Timmy! (name of officer) and when I replied with, no, this isn't Timmy, you hung up on me when I asked the company name so I could pass along a message, Rudy responded with, Well if you aren't Timmy, then I don't need to talk to you, I will just send an email! and again rudely hung up. The officer was given Rudy's number, and when the officer called, again Rudy assumed it was the officer, and immediatley started to speak over him. When Rudy was questioned about his rudeness to the receptionist, he passed it off as non-important. Lesson to be learned here Rudy: NEVER underestimate who you are speaking to. Based on this experience with Rude Rudy, we will NEVER use the services of Swift Capital. Of course, based on other reviews here and elsewhere, they don't sound like a reputable company anyhow. 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
46, Report #1429206
Feb 14 2018
09:58 AM
Medi Swift Deceptive pricing and auto billing
Their website is quite misleading. At first, my google search that led me to them promoted a free trial offer. Then I had to agree with the inflated shipping prices. After paying for shipping only I found that I was charged for another product too. When looking at my bank statement, I saw that I was charged for $300. A call to them resulted in no refund and alerting me that I would be charged monthly until I cancelled. I cancelled immediately. Worst thing, this stuff does not work. It did nothing for me whatsoever.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #72897
Nov 24 2003
01:03 AM
Swift Transportation i was fired by swift for an accident i didn't even have Phoenix Arizona
Hello,my name is Kevin I started driving for Swift Transportation 3 years 4 months ago.i worked my way up and became an Owner Operator on December 21,2001. i need to get in touch with the department of labor or an attorney because,Swift fired me for an accident I didn't even have. I have called different employees at Swift,from safety,the owner operator division,my own terminal in Laredo,Tx and all over. For me to say they have been giving me the runaround would be an understatement.I had asked for an appeal and the safety coordinator in Laredo didn't even send in the appeal for me.Because of this i have lost my lease truck,lost my job,have been degraded and dehumiliated in front of my peers in the Laredo terminal. Mainly because,I was on a load going to be delivered in Laredo and I stopped by home because it was on the way there.Swift didn't have the common decency to tell me what was even happening.I delivered the load in Laredo and was given another load going out to California.So,i went to the Laredo terminal to get the trailer and leave.When i go to get the bill of lading from the planner he tells me to hand over the keys to my truck and to clean it out.that was the first time i had even heard anything about my being let go. After almost 3 weeks of not getting anywhere with any answers pertaining to my being let go i finally find out about this supposed accident I was in.Then I find out the man claiming that I hit his pickup didn't even notify Swift about any accident until oalmost a month after it supposedly happened.But,Swift issued the man a check for repairs the very same week he contacted them.Why is that? To this day I still can't get in touch with anyone who can help me out. Kevin uvalde, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
48, Report #38577
Dec 18 2002
08:22 AM
Swift Transportation Don't get hurt at Swift abused & mistreated Phoenix Arizona
I worked for Swift. I became a trainer. I was making between $1,000 and $1,300 a week. Then I hurt my back while cleaning the inside of the truck while it was in front of my house. The company insists that this is not work related (see Swift policy manual section II page 44 cleanliness of equipment). They sent me to a medical clinic that put me on light duty status. While that was the case, Swift payed for a bus ticket to and from the 120 miles I live from the terminal, and put me up in a motel while I worked in the office. As soon as their worker's comp insurance company said they would not pay, that all came to an end. I signed up for what I was told was income protection. From what I've been told I may get about $380 a week. For at least a month now I have been trying to get pay they should owe me for a student I have trained. A company that wants to retain employees should treat them better. By the way, my DM said she did not want to loose me as an employee. Also I didn't have any service failures while employed with Swift. Bottom line, Would I go back to work for Swift? NO!. Tom Elk City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
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Oct 09 2006
03:43 PM
Swift Transportation, Ripoffs And Dishonest Swift should be shut down or at least fined. Memphis Tennessee
My husband saw an ad for Swift Transportation on the internet. And at the time he was looking for a trucking company that would train him and give him his CDL. So when he seen Swift he gave them a call. They set him up with an appointment to come to Tennessee for his orientation and traning. The traning was a 6 week course. He was told that he would get PAID training and paid transportation to and from there. So he left for Tennessee two days after Thanksgiving of 2005. At the time we lived in Georgia so he thought that it would be best for our daughter and I to come to Pennsylvania and stay with my mom until his training was over. So our daughter and I left for Pennsylvania the day after Thanksgiving. When he got to Tennessee things were going great. In his last week of training he had received his CDL permit. Since it was time for Christmas everyone got to go home for a week for christmas and that was also paid for. Before he left to go home for christmas he was told that they had several hundred students and not enough mentor's. So when he got back he would most likely be sent back home and that he would have to pay his way back home. And if he got called back when a mentor was available that he would have to pay his way BACK there to finish out his traning. After finding out that if he would have gotten sent back home it could have taken up to a year for them to get him a mentor. And once they found him one he would have not only had to pay his way back but he would have had to pay for his own lodging and food. Which without a job and no paid traning he did not have the money for all of that. So he decided not to go back. So now after almost a year a man from Swift is calling his parents in Georgia and his cell phone harassing him to pay the $3,000 dollars for the schooling. My husband feels that he was lied to and ripped off so he feels that he shouldn't have to pay the student loan. For a class that he did not finish. And wouldn't have been able to finish because there were not enough mentors for all students. Crystal Gouldsboro, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
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Jun 21 2011
07:13 PM
Swift Transportation Attn all Swift drivers, You could and most likely be next Phoenix, Arizona
                Just a warning for all the Swift drivers who think they are the special ones who are taken care of because they work hard. I too thought the same thing. I have a extremely strong work ethic and am not a complainer. I made Platinum driver status after 7 1/2 months. It was not easy and had it been up to my DM i would have remained at bronze status because she was totally incompetent at the job.  Long story short, I was a driver with no preventable or non preventable accidents, no late pick ups or deliveries, and no citations of any kind. Because of Swift policy of not paying for things like truck washes i also paid for 1 truck wash a month out of my own pocket. I wear clean/ decent clothes and maintain a professional image. I take pride in being a truck driver and tried to show it.                 I will not go into specifics because of pending legal action but will tell you they screwed me like no one has ever attempted before. I was an experienced driver when I went to Swift and knew all the horror stories. I also know myself and work ethic and feel I can work and perform anywhere. I was absoluteley, positively proven wrong. This means nothing to Swift. They only want warm bodies who have no other options in life. This is a company whose policy has been to churn and burn inexperienced drivers at .25c mile. That has not worked and they are now trying to force good drivers into their lease/fleece program .                  I will warn you though that when they are done with you they will try and destroy you. I quit them, turned my truck in at the terminal and left. I have since received a copy of my DAC and Swift shows I have no DOT reportable or non reportable accidents or violations.Yet they have put a statement in my DAC report that says, equipment was involved in an occurance or act that produced unintended injury, death, property damage of any type, or resulted in the equipment requiring a tow.                  0 DOT reportable accidents, 0 DOT non reportable accidents and no violations yet the statement they attached to my DAC is solely for the purpose of retaliation.  I have had to retain an attorney just to get this removed from my DAC so I can work again. BTW I have been driving T/T for 11 years previous to Swift. I have only had 2 other jobs in that time period.                  So take warning, Swift will screw you too, it's just a matter of time.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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