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26, Report #363214
May 21 2010
09:12 AM
Symmetry Direct Lied Pressure Sales Deceived Grand Rapids Michigan
I was pressured into ordering products from Tim Woodcox and like an idiot I ordered the products. The next day I canceled the order but Tim told me that it had already been shipped. He told me to refuse the package and that I would be taken off of the list and all my Symmetry Direct memberships and would be canceled and my money refunded. I called up the corporate office a week later only to find that nothing had been canceled and that I was due to receive another shipment. Tim Woodcox is nothing more than a con artist who utilizes pressure sales and deceit. If you want to go into business as a distributor for Symmetry Direct, take the time to sleep on it and do some research. When you tell Tim Woodcox that you want to sleep on it or come back later that day to a meeting he will tell you that you need to sign up first because in his words when people do that (think on it) they do not come back. I wish I had done that without signing up first because it would have saved me the hassle of canceling my subscription. They are going to give you all the arguments for their product and distribution method, take the time to find the arguments against in order to gain a balanced perspective, then make your decision. If you look at this web-site you will notice that all the conditions they warn you to watch out for are all found in the business plan of Symmetry Direct and Tim Woodcox. There is also no oversight. What kind of company allows people to sell it's products and use it's name with no oversight on the techniques and methods it's representatives are using? John Allendale, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan
27, Report #289236
Jun 03 2008
06:43 AM
IHS Inc. Bloominton,Minnesota Is A Front For Symetry/Genisis Pyramid Sceme IHS inc. would refuse to tell me where they got my name and phone number Bloomington Minnesota
I recently graduated from the University of MN with a degree in Kinesiology in the summer of 2007. I have a part time job at a liquor store and I am looking for a full time job. I received a call from IHS Inc. stating that they were an up and coming company that was expanding and growing at a staggering rate. They asked me what I was currently doing and I told them that I was working part time at a liquor store. There representative (Alli) insisted that I come in for an interview for an entry level marketing representative position. Alli, told me that they were looking for individuals that had a background in health and wellness. I asked her how she got my phone number, because she called my at my home number and I only put my cell phone number on my resumes! She said that someone from the University of Minnesota had referred me to IHS Inc. I agreed to meet for the interview the next day. I was a little skeptical about IHS Inc. because I tried to Google it, map quest it, ripoff report, and nothing came up. I actually had to call back to get directions because I couldn't find the address on map quest. The next day I went to the interview. I showed up, and the door had cheap white stickers which read, IHS Inc. 1210. It looked like it was temporary or done for a short term basis. I entered, and was asked to sign in at the makeshift front desk. I was then led back to informative meeting. There were 9 other people in the room. The presentation started with a young man wearing a cheap suit and an even cheaper haircut telling everyone why we were there. He talked about health and wellness and the fact that resveratrol in red wine is attributed with good health. He then introduced a woman who started with the company seven years ago and had moved up in the ranks. Never once during this time was IHS Inc. mentioned. The woman discussed a product called Genisis which was made by Symmetry. It was resveratrol in the pill form. She then went into the business aspect and explained that they were looking for people to spread this product by word of mouth. It was stated that this was a more effective way of marketing. They then offered different scenarios involving different packages you could buy to start selling this great item Genisis by word of mouth. They had a video clip which showed people who had sold the product and how they felt great because they were making great money and helping people at the same time. The funny thing was that the woman doing the presentation was in the video too! There was also another guy who was in the front row that was in the testimonial portion of the video! I wanted to leave, but I stayed, because I wanted to ask Alli, how she got my name and more importantly that number. The presentation wrapped up and at this point you could ask questions of the person that had contacted you. Alli was already talking to someone. But the guy sitting next to me (who was working for symmetry and Genisis) started asking me if I was going to the convention on how to sell the product and if I was interested. I told him no and that I wanted to ask Alli some questions. Mainly, How did you get my number to invite my to this waste of time! I was asked to go wait in the lobby, so I did. After about ten minutes, the woman running the show came out and talked to me wondering if I had any questions. I told her that I wanted to speak to Alli, she said that All was busy with another client. I told her that I wanted to know the reference and how they got a hold of me. She said she had no idea. I left IHS Inc. and on the way home called Alli. after calling several times, someone answered and hung up and then called me back. It was Alli. I asked her how she got my number. She told me that someone from out of the country referred me. I asked her when this person met me? how did they refer me? She said they talked to me at the liquor store and got my number from me there. I told her I would never give my home number out! Further more, She told me the day before that she got it from someone at the U of M. She was flustered and confused and told me she didn't know where she got my number. I told her that I was not finished and that IHS Inc. along with Symmetry would be reported. BEWARE OF IHS INC IN BLOOMINTON, MN! They are nothing more then a front to a pyramid scheme. Don't waste your time. If anyone has any Idea as to how they got my home number or has experienced this also, please contact me. Thank you. Jacob Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
28, Report #824719
May 03 2013
12:12 PM
Symmetry Financial Group REVIEW: Symmetry Financial Group Symmetry Financial Group’s leadership committed to development and success of their agents, providing clients with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.*UPDATE: Symmetry Financial Group pledges their commitment to always improve their operations by joining Rip-off Report’s Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits the consumer by increasing their confidence when doing business with a member business. Symmetry Financial Group Ripoff Report Verified™ as a Safe Business Service.
Ripoff Report Verified™ REVIEW: Editor’s UPDATE: A positive rating and recognition has been given to Symmetry Financial Group for their above average commitment to making the insurance business profitable for both agents and agency builders. Ripoff Report’s discussions with SFG have uncovered a genuine enthusiasm by the company to uphold this commitment. Agents with Symmetry can expect that the company will work towards providing not only the best opportunities available, but will do so with the highest levels of integrity and knowledge.  SFG leadership has drawn upon over 100 years of cumulative experience in the insurance industry and have pooled their expertise to create a model that is truly revolutionary. Symmetry Financial Group stated that they are truthfully committed to sharing the wealth of opportunity, all while delivering high levels of service and training to their sales forces.  As successful businessmen, SFG’s owners know that this philosophy is a key component to ensuring short-term and long-term success in any business. A top manager with Symmetry recently said this of the company’s leadership, “Having come from the largest financial institution in the United States, where leadership was talked about often but rarely developed, I have been extremely impressed by not only the leaders of the company but how often they are speaking of and implementing growth all the way down to an individual level.” Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.. ..The information provided in this report is based on comments made by Casey Watkins and Brandon Ellison during an on-site inspection held by a third party verification company with no biases toward Symmetry Financial Group.   Symmetry Financial Group (SFG) is a company that gains access to public records such as loans that were financed and data from certain age groups.  The company’s target market for clients would be people who have financed loans, recent home buyers, and people who are between the ages of 55-80 who want to make sure burial expenses are taken care of with retirement protection. Brandon stated, “Seniors are outliving their money.”  The company works with agents who are self-motivated and want to make money part time or full time.  Symmetry Financial Group feels they are a franchise opportunity with a much lower cost which sets them apart from others. The company sends out forms from a mail house explaining what their product are and if customer is interested they will fill form out and mail it back in with information such as age, race, height weight, and smoking status, etc. An agent can then purchase that lead from SFG for a cost of $16-$42.  The agent can then set up a meeting with the client or customer and explain potential options for coverage.  Leads are generated by the forms that are returned from potential customers.  These leads are then purchased by agents and the agents then make contact with the potential customer.  The process for closing a sale is based on the client dealing with the agent and then agreeing on a policy that works for that client. An agent never has to buy leads from Symmetry Financial Group.  Every time an agent does purchase a lead, its costs SFG money.  However, sales are much less likely without these leads.  An agent’s main goal in working with the company is to sell insurance to people and families that need these services.  If an agent never wants to buy build a lead.  Their main job is to sell product. Casy Watkins states, “SFG does not pay agents.  Commissions pass through insurance companies.  SFG does offer incentives but that’s the only payment SFG has with agents.” The company states they try to get the message out to everyone that all leads will not turn into sales and that you must have thick skin.  All leads have potential but are not guaranteed.    ”The company states “Very few promises are made to agents; SFG promises to treat everyone fairly and promise not to take money from them.  Agents will be released as long as agents do not owe SFG money and allowed to sell for other people.  Clients are not promised anything from SFG because SFG is the ‘middle-man.’” Brandon Ellison went onto explain that as an agent working for SFG one may promise a client to always answer any questions they may have regarding their business, however SFG itself does not promise anything to clients.  When a client is not happy with their expectations, SFG will work with client to produce refunds if necessary, however this is rare.  SFG will talk to agent and client and figure out best solution to remedy the problem. Internally, the company is working to set the correct expectations and establish more training while getting agents to understand their role and that they represent Symmetry Financial Group. The company states that many complaints come from agents and setting better expectations can help with this.  They are making active approaches to remedy concerns and working to create better hands on training and software to get reports out faster to agents.  The company is also focused on getting agents to be more business minded and managing expectations. Symmetry Financial Group states that because there are so many agents and managers, the company rarely sees complaints.  Sometimes clients will complain to SFG for something that the Insurance Company messed up; however this is not SFG’s problem in almost all cases.  They stated that complaints are resolved by talking to the client and explaining the issue to them in a non-defensive manner.  Agents will complain to SFG that that they are trying to make money selling leads. However, SFG actually loses money selling leads and would rather agents attain these leads on their own to save costs, but the leads are there for the agents if needed.    ”Casey Watkins stated that, “Complaints on Ripoff Report were factually not true in many instances.” Furthermore, he emphasized complaints on Ripoff Report are not possible to resolve.  A recent complaint involved a misunderstanding between an insurance company and client where insurance company was drafting a premium and the client did not want the policy anymore. A miscommunication lead to the policy not being canceled and client was unhappy.  They stated that many of these types of complaints are outside the control of SFG; however SFG will do whatever they can to make clients happy.  SFG in this instance personally got on the phone with the client and explained to them it was a misunderstanding and that the issue had been resolved. Mr. Watkins stated “Complaints from clients at SFG is like buying a Toyota and the alternator goes out. It’s not really the dealerships fault that this happened. It is more the manufacturer of the Toyota, however many people need someone to blame.” Furthermore, the main thing that SFG tries to explain to their employees is that they are in the service industry and to not be argumentative while always doing what’s best for client.  Some complaints from clients are from agents losing their tempers and maybe arguing and upsetting clients.  The company tries to remind agents to take a deep breath and don’t get emotionally involved.  SFG regularly checks up on agents to ensure satisfactory service is being rendered. Symmetry Financial Group stated that they have not changed much because the complaints on Ripoff Report as the complaints are not addressing changes the company can make. They state there is no validity to the complaints that are out there now.  Employees are taught to treat all clients with the utmost respect.  All SFG can talk to the agents and tell them they represent the company, however, the reality is SFG cannot control every single agent and sometimes clients become unhappy.  Agents are very competitive and take it personal when they are being outdone by a fellow co-worker.  They stated that SFG continues to get better and hiring quality agents which is the easiest way to ensure customer satisfaction.  The company states they are happy to be a part of the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program because it allows customers to get to know SFG better and to see the truth about the company who they are.  However, they feel that up to this point Ripoff Report has been one sided and is inaccurate thus far.  If it gives SFG the opportunity to turn negatives to positives they are very happy with it.  Statements from Symmetry Financial Group   ”Symmetry’s field agents often express the confidence they have in the system in place. One new SFG agent said, “The great mentoring and support, humble leadership, great system, and abundant resources I’ve found with SFG saved me from leaving the insurance industry”.  This is one of the many positive feedbacks we received while conducting research on Symmetry and very in tune with what other agents have to say. Symmetry Financial Group is serious about providing a unique and genuine opportunity.  Employee feedback and surveys continuously produce reports similar to the following, SFG is the perfect vehicle for me to help people, not just through insurance but by empowering them to have their own company.  Rip-off Report was also pleased to learn that SFG’s past and current approach to business is focused on its pledge to its agents success.  When we asked employees what advise they had for upper management, these are some of the responses, “I appreciate all you do for us and your willingness to put your time and energy to help us become better. The system you have in place is allowing me to do what I was meant to do!” and “Keep the innovative thought process coming for our industry” STATED IMPROVEMENTS FROM SYMMETRY FINANCIAL GROUP. Symmetry Financial Group recognizes that complaints posted on Ripoff Report (whether true or not) are issues requiring attention and are not to be ignored.  When handled correctly, complaints are valuable learning opportunities. With the feedback generated by Rip-off Report’s Investigation, Symmetry Financial Group has examined every complaint independently and worked to resolve and/or clarify where any issue may have stemmed from. In summary, after Ripoff Reports investigation and 3rd party review, which included discussions with Symmetry’s owners, Ripoff Report is convinced that SFG is committed to providing a quality and beneficial service to its employees and clients. Read more about why consumers should feel confident when doing business with a member of Rip-off Report's Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Yes, it’s a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike. Read about Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,.. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. this program works.  As a matter of policy, when a business becomes a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program they agree to allow Ripoff Report to contact every client who filed a complaint so they can make things right with them.  In order to confirm that the complaints were resolved, Ripoff Report is copied on all responses so we can insure that the member business did right by their customer ..   NOW TO THE ORIGINAL REPORT THAT WAS FILED     ------------------------------------------------- setTimeout( 'openPopWin();', 1000);function openPopWin(){'/symmetry-financial-group-sfg/insurance-companies/swannanoa-north-carolina-2E20B.htm');} 
Entity: Lake Worth, Florida
29, Report #554701
Feb 12 2010
06:04 PM
Michigan Health Associates Symmetry, Symmetry Direct, Fraudulent Job Opportunities, Unverified Medical Claims Called in for a non-existant job opportunity and was given a pitch about a juice product and MLM scheme Dearborn, Michigan
On Sunday, 12/13/09 I received a phone call from a Blake Johnson asking if I was looking for part/full time work and that there may be an administrative office position available. The only details given about the company was that it is a Health and wellness company and works with individuals who have heart disease and other health issues. I indicated that I was interested and told to attend a meeting on Tuesday, 12/15/09 at 1 PM at the Village Plaza building, suite 609 in Dearborn, MI.  Upon arriving I was lead into a meeting room and an individual gave a presentation about a company called Symmetry. During the presentation the presenter made claims that a Symmetry product, Genesis Had removed cancer and diabetes in clients, had allowed other clients to stop taking medications and claimed that one woman who took the product was able to start having periods when she previously was not able.   Statements were also made that signing up with the company would lead to profits larger than the initial investment, yet when asked about the average projected income for the distributor no answer was given. There were also no documents shown to prove any of the stated financial claims. Towards the end of the presentation the attendees were given the choice to sign up with the company which required buying products and given the option to go to a seminar the weekend of 12/18/09 at a fee of $200.  This coupled with the claim that there were only three spots available and a total of five attendees at the meeting created a high pressure sales environment. After the session questions asked about the product ingredients and testing were met with very limited answers as well as skepticism and were very negative towards any research about the company or its products that were not made by the company itself.   
Entity: Dearborn, Michigan
30, Report #161920
Mar 05 2010
01:22 PM
Symmetry Direct - Genesis Recruiting Fraud, Ripoff Hillard Ohio
Well, it seems as if I am reporting the first of (what will probably be) many rip off reports on this company. I fealt defrauded because I answered a newspaper add (Columbus Dispatch)for costumer service reps. Now this add had no dollar amount or no big promises (unlike a Ds max type add) this add looked real legit I asked the seceretary questions made sure it wasn't a door to door scam and I made an apointment. When I got to the place I knew something was up (they had all of those motivational posters on the walls and everyone there was about my age-early twenties). I was ushered into a room to watch a video and hear a speech about the oppurtunity. I knew it was a scam but I had already driven halfway around the city so I thought that I should get some entertainment some type of way. They showed us a video about how we can make big bucks pitching are freinds or relatives these health products. They told us that it wouldn't happen immediately, but that in two years time we could make 60,000 dollars a year (or more) of residule income! I (of course) did not pay the 159 dollars to become a distributor and get a starting pack, but of the 7 college age people duped to watch the video 5 of them did sign up. The fraud of symmetry may not be the products, or that it is a mlm, it is that they advertised these jobs as costumer service and other office type of jobs. The other girl who did not sign up said she had colled about an office administrator job. They waisted my time (and hers) and for that fradualent act, I am reporting them so that others are not duped. Mica Gahanna, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Hillard, Ohio
31, Report #531086
Sep 15 2011
08:07 AM
Symmetry Direct -Tim Woodcox Wellness Center Still looking for full/part time work? Keep looking - SCAM - Wyoming, Michigan
Got a call today asking if I was still looking for full/part time work. I was called by a Peri, after talking to her I set up an appointment to meet with her. I did five minutes worth of research and found lots of complaints about the company / number. She said they got my name from a referall though she wasn't sure if it was Matt or Mike. The ring leader behind this whole thing seems to be a certain Tim Woodcox. **Tim Woodcox is a registered sex offender with the state of Michigan**Below you can see the states information on him: view - this is the number I was called by, as you can see there are quite a few people who have had experiences with these folks. Here is another number they are known to use is a blog which discusses the scam as a whole. I called back and told Peri that I would not be meeting with her. I went through to voice-mail so we will see if there is any response.
Entity: Wyoming, Michigan
32, Report #997782
Jan 28 2013
07:49 PM
Two Drops of Beauty STAY AWAY!!! Poor Customer Service Gilbert, Arizona
I originally bought a Groupon for Restylne for my lips.  When I arrived, the girl that took me into a room, gave me the whole sales job about how I needed more then 1 syringe.  She then left and came back with the injector who then confirmed that I needed 2 syringes for my lips, and I should get 2 more syringes for my face, Dysport, etc.  I had never had my lips done before so I had no idea. I decided to go with 2 syringes.  Again, I have never had my lips done so of course they gave me instructions on what and what not to do for the next 7-9 days.  They said if I needed a follow-up appt. I could come back in 2 weeks.  As I was paying, once again they gave the whole sales job about getting some product for my lips to help with fine lines, and keeping my lips young and full........Well guess what, I bought that too!!!!!!!!!  I ended up paying over $900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I take full responsibilty for that and learned a tough lesson. Well after the first few days I started to notice several knots/ball like under my skin and brusing in my lips.  I call to make a follow-up appt. I ask the injector if this is normal???  She of course says well you need to massage it more and it will spread throughout the lip area.  She did however add more Restylne to my bottom lip where it was flatter then the other side, at no cost to me. Another week goes by and I get an email for holiday specials, so I call and ask to buy over the phone one of the specials $299.00 plus tax. I said I would use that at another time.  Now a month goes by and I still have the knots in my lips, the bruising, and I hate the look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I decide to call another place that I have gone to before to get Dysport and I really like the Doctor there.  He does all his own injections and I trust his opinion.  He takes one look at my lips, the knots that I have in my lips and under my lips within the skin area and shakes his head in disbelief. What 2 Drops of Beauty did was WRONG!!!!!  When I contacted them to tell them I did not want to use the product that I bought to use at a later time, and I wanted them to refund my credit card, they told me it was againist their policy that once you buy there is NO REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please anyone who reads this, STAY AWAY from this RIP-OFF company!!!!!  I am out over $1000 and I would not  wish that on anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
33, Report #173038
Jan 25 2010
09:38 AM
Majestic Innovations, Symmetry Direct, Pyramid Scheme, Fraudulent Job Opportunities, Scam, Lying Company Ripoff Grand Rapids Michigan
Majestic Innovations, aka Symmetry Direct, has contacted me numerous times. This information is posted on my blog,but since the company has filed a complaint to have it removed from search engines, and from blogger (which is censorship, and un-American) I wanted to also share it here: Majestic Innovations Grand Rapids, MI This company has repeatedly called and harassed me regarding full or part time work. However, make no mistake about it, this company is a pyramid scheme. What they will do is call you and ask if you are looking for full or part time employment. ( How they get your name and number, I have no idea, but my guess is or something equal.) They then tell you to come in for a group interview where they will show more information. All it is is a meeting for you to sell their crap vitamins and other products. Now, here is my problem with them. They have called me over the past year and a half more than 10 times. Each time, I tell them that I am not interested, and to not call me again. However, they called again yesterday, and I let them have it. I called the guy back, Lewis Martin, or something like that, and told him, I was not interested in their selling scheme, to take me off their list, and to never call me again. He responded that they don't have a list, and asked me if I was interested in employment. I again told him that I wasn't interested and to never call me again. He got angry when I told him I had already been to one of their meetings, and told me that I was talking about the wrong company. I infomed him that I knew damn well what I was talking about, and that if their company, or anyone from it ever called me again, that I would call the police. After hanging up, I filed a complaint with the BBB of Grand Rapids. I also noticed that they had a website. The website that is listed on the BBB of Grand Rapids, Michigan is Interestingly enough, there is a contact page. With an email address for a Tim Woodcox. I emailed him, and told him under no uncertain cirumstances that I was tired of harassment from his company,and that if they ever called me again, I would go to the police for harassment. This is the reply that he sent back: Amie, I am sorry to hear that you have been contacted 4 times by one of our independant distributors. We do not use a monster search site or anything of the sort. I don't know who called you. If you were contacted by someone in my office it was because someone else outside of our business referred your name to them. Majestic Innovations opened in March of 2005. Again I am sorry. I have told your name to everyone in my office. I hope that no one will ever accedently call you again. Have a nice day. ~Tim Woodcox p.s. Money pyramid schemes are illegal. We operate good ethical business. I take pesonal offense to being called a negative pyramid scheme. I understand you are confused about our company though. Good luck to you. His email address btw is Now there are a few things that I find wrong with his email. First of all, his name, and his information IS LISTED as being the contact person for the name of the company, the phone number of the company, and the website of the company that is listed and registered with the West Michigan Better Business Bureau. Secondly, no one outside of their business would be stupid enough to give MY name, and MY phone number to them. I don't buy that. And if that is the case, then why in the world would they consistently call and ask if I was interested in full or part time employment? (He's a liar is my guess. I have no doubt that they pulled this info off of Monster or something similar.) Majestic Innovations, did NOT open in March of 2005. I know this because I went to a meeting at their company, at the same damn address listed for the BBB last JULY.... that's JULY of 2004. So for him to claim that their company got its start in March of 2005, is a little suspicious to me! And finally, I am not confused one bit about his company. They sell vitamins to thier employees who in turn get other people in to their meetings, and get them to sell vitamins and so on and so forth. No matter what you call it, it IS a pyramid scheme. Give me a freaking break. So, do me a favor, call, write, and harass this company, and file numerous complaints with RipoffReport. They are unethical, unbusinesslike, and unprofessional, and I think that they shouldn't even be in the business. And to those who find this in a search engine, don't fall for it. Majestic Innovations in Grand Rapids Michigan IS a pyramid scheme!!!!! FOLLOW UP: So I finally heard back about my complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This guy, Tim Woodcox, is either retarded, or a complete liar who thinks he won't get away with it. This is his response: BBB PROB From: Tim Woodcox [] Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 11:05 AM To: Subject: RE: #13005511 Page 1 of 2 10/20/2005 Dear Mr. Bob Morris: Thank you for your help in resolvong this dispute. I received your notice on Tuesday October 11th. I also received an email from Ms. Amie XXXXX about this same situation. Both notifications came to a me as a suprise. Before this week, I had never heard of her name. From what I understand someone in our business had contacted her after she was referred to them by someone they had met with. To my knowledge it was the first time that anyone in our office (Majestic Innovations) had contacted her. Her complaint says that Majestic Innovations repeatedly contacted her. I know that is not true. Everyone who chooses to work out of this office is an independant business partner who works on a 1099 income. I guess it may be possible that someone who was another independant representative with Symmetry could have contacted her in the past. I think she is confused about all these calls being from Majestic Innovations. I opened Majestic Innovations on March 1st, 2005. It is an independent training center for independent representatives who choose to build a part-time or full-time business. She says that she was contacted a year ago. That is not possible for the call to be from Majestic Innovations. I know she received one call from my office by a gentleman named Louis. Louis had no way of knowing she had been called before from another company. Her name was given to him from someone he had met with about our business. She had mentioned to Louis that someone named Amy had called her or met her in that past. We don't know who that is. No Amy has ever worked in this office. Symmetry has independant representatives in 15 countries across the world. It is possible that someone else in that past called her. It wasn't anyone from Majestic Innovations. We now have her name posted in our office as someone to never call again no matter who might ever refer her name in the future. We don't recieve names from any sort of name search or data base like Ms. Amie XXXXX had suggested to me in her email. We don't do any telemarketing so there isn't even a list to remove her name from as she suggested. I have attached a copy of the email she sent me. We will do everything in our power to make sure she never gets contacted again. However, we don't have any sort of calling list. We work with INDEPENDENT business partners who are on a 1099 income building a business for themselves. It is impossible for me to monitor every single call made over the next 10+ years. Please contact me if you need any furter information or co-operation. Thank you, ~Tim Woodcox Tim Woodcox Independent business partner of Symmetry Direct Desk: (616) 554-1148 Cell: (616) 334-7921 CLICK HERE! CARPE DIEM - seize the day; enjoy the present, as opposed to placing all hope in the future. Yahoo! Music Unlimited - Access over 1 million songs. Try it free. Page 2 of 2 10/20/2005 First of all, I know damn well that I have been contacted by more than one person at Majestic Innovations. An Amy, and a Kelly have called me before, and at least one other person in the past six months. Not to mention the people who called last year from Symmetry. Here's what my guess is as to what happens. First, they pull your name from, and other job sites. I am 100% positive of this, because they always call and ask the following, are you still looking for full or part time employment. Now if this was a referral service, why in the hell would they want to know if I am looking for full or part time employment? It's not. They pull your name off of Monster, and Yahoo Hotjobs, and God only knows who else. Like I said already, no one that I know would be stupid enough to give my name in a referral service like this. And to finalize my proof, a lady who was kind enough to post her story previously said that her husband was called and a gentleman TOLD HER that him that he got his name off of Monster. Secondly, they are constantly changing the name of the company.A lot of pyramid scheme companies do this. The place where I went for my group interview, was at the SAME DAMN ADDRESS that they have listed on their BBB website! Imagine that! Now how could I not know exactly what I was talking about? And I even drove by the address here in town just to make sure that I wasn't crazy. I wasn't, and it was the same damn building. Third. If in fact they were a referral service, which I don't think that they are, wouldn't they rely on word of mouth from their independent contractors? I mean that's how every other Pyramid scheme works. You go to a group meeting with several higher ups and the people who want you to join, and so on and so forth. In this case, they get your info off of Monster, and do agroup interview. It's no different. Majestic Innovations is a pyramid scheme, plain and simple. If people belive in what they are doing for this company then more power to them. But make no mistake about it, it is what the rest of the world calls a pyramid scheme. Fourth, since the guy is making me out to look like a liar, I have half a mind to go ahead and pull my old phone bills, SHOWING the phone calls from his company and publishing them to the public. Quite frankly, I just want the pyramid scheme people to leave me alone and not to call me again, but if it happens again, they will be notified of it, and the Grand Rapids police will too. Amie Grand Rapids, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan
34, Report #349956
Jul 09 2009
09:33 PM
Bruch's Fish Taxidermy Deliver appalling fish mount Duncannon Pennsylvania
On 3 May 2007 I placed an order for a fish mount (reproduction) with Gary Bruch (2005 World Champion Warm Water Fish) of Bruch's Fish Taxidermy. When placing the order I made reference to a mount displayed on his website and requested a similar looking mount of a similar high grade. Mr. Bruch then provided me with a quotation of $750. Upon receiving the quotation I contacted Mr. Bruch and requested that I do not want a commercial grade mount but a master grade mount. I then made an offer to Mr. Bruch to pay double ($1500) for the mount. Mr. Bruch accepted my offer and confirmed that the mount will be of such a high standard that he'll be prepared to enter the mount into a National Taxidermy competition. He proceded to debit my Mastercard with $750 (50% deposit). Now, 12 months later, Mr. Bruch informed me that he can not accept the $1500 quotation anymore as he did a commercial grade mount. I informed Mr. Bruch that I'm not happy with this. He then responded by saying the mount is at a competition level and that there's nothing else he can add to the mount to improve it. Well, the mount arrived in an appalling and unfinished state with several unvarnished fins, epoxy glue spills all over the wood base and a broken tail fin. Mr. Bruch comment to the above is that the mount is of a commercial grade. Further to this Mr. Bruch included in the parcel the invoice of the original quotation ($1, 500) together with the commercial invoice ($824). The South African Customs have picked up the descrepancy, delayed delivery with 10 days and now want to proceed with legal action against me for tax evasion (submitting a falsified invoice of a lower value). The only response I received, to numerous e-mails sent to Mr. Bruch, is a shrugging of his shoulders. Did I mention that Mr. Bruch do not want to do mounts for customers anymore. I wonder why....... Danie AlbertonSouth Africa
Entity: Duncannon, Pennsylvania
35, Report #334995
Oct 06 2008
05:46 AM, Bob Parson, Mark, Aaron, & Todd Cluff In The Presidents Office Godaddy hosts for free internet predator sites belonging to cyber-bully/stalker Rose Marie Zizzo's websites, refuses to honor their own Terms of Service, Scottsdale Arizona
I have several domains registered with, and they are also hosted there as well for the last several years. I pay for these sites. Rose Marie Zizzo and all of her cat breeder bashing, internet predator, cyper-bullying/stalker websites that she uses to defame, extort, bash, trash, harass, embarrass, harm, abuse, threaten, slander or harass third parties, ruin and lie about cat breeders are hosted for FREE on All subjects listed as unacceptable in their terms of service. She has bought up domains using our business names and has put up defaming websites and makes sure they are placed on the search engines right next to the owners business, destroying their reputation. Godaddy has no problem selling her these domains, and when notified, they see nothing wrong with this disturbing practice and her copyright infringement. And she offers on her website to do it for others as well, naming Godaddy as her co-conspirator in this deceptive practice, claiming she will buy and register using their service to do so, and will host it there as well. Many of us that are the victims of this internet predator on all of her sites located at, CAT-BUYERS- BEWARE.INFO,,, (new) (another new one) have written to Godaddy on many occasions complaining about the abuse suffered at her hands. She also steals our copyrighted material along with all of the above listed offenses. Godaddy required us to jump through all of their hoops to make these complaints, their specific form letter, online registered signature, proof of copyrighted material, etc, and then they did nothing. But several weeks prior this illiterate woman sent a copyright claim in about my website, it was down in minutes while she provided NO proof that anything of hers was actually on the site. I had to file a counter claim and promise to appear in court in Arizona if she filed. Although none of that was required for her claim. After waiting 21 days for her to respond, my website was finally restored. Ms. Zizzo on a daily basis writes terrible defaming lies about me and others on her website, does not provide any proof that anything she is publishing is based in fact, continues to send many threatening emails a day, puts everything I do up on her website, along with maps to my home, my unlisted phone number, my address, stolen pictures of me and my family from website, stolen emails. She then demands to be paid for this harassment to stop. She has also stalked everyone I know, posting lies about them and their businesses, threats to ruin them if they do not do as she demands, on her website, just to get back at me. All of this is very distressing and life altering. She has been sued in court for harassment and we provided a copy of the lawsuit to Godaddy. She violates their terms of service on every level, listed on this page of their website; quoted here; If You have purchased Services, Go Daddy has no obligation to monitor Your use of the Services. Go Daddy reserves the right to review Your use of the Services and to cancel the Services in its sole discretion. Go Daddy reserves the right to terminate Your access to the Services at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever. Go Daddy reserves the right to terminate Services if Your usage of the Services results in, or is the subject of, legal action or threatened legal action, against Go Daddy or any of its affiliates or partners, without consideration for whether such legal action or threatened legal action is eventually determined to be with or without merit. Go Daddy may review every account for excessive space and bandwidth utilization and to terminate or apply additional fees to those accounts that exceed allowed levels. Except as set forth below, Go Daddy may also cancel Your use of the Services, after thirty (30) days, if You are using the Services, as determined by Go Daddy in its sole discretion, in association with spam or morally objectionable activities. Morally objectionable activities will include, but not be limited to: activities designed to defame, embarrass, harm, abuse, threaten, slander or harass third parties; activities prohibited by the laws of the United States and/or foreign territories in which You conduct business; activities designed to encourage unlawful behavior by others, such as hate crimes, terrorism and child pornography; activities that are tortuous, vulgar, obscene, invasive of the privacy of a third party, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable; activities designed to impersonate the identity of a third party; illegal access to other computers or networks (i.e., hacking); distribution of Internet viruses or similar destructive activities; and activities designed to harm or use unethically minors in any way. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, in the event Go Daddy cancels Your Services during the first thirty (30) days after You purchase the Services, You will receive a refund of any fees paid to Go Daddy in connection with the Services being canceled. In the event Go Daddy deletes Your Services because they are being used in association with spam or morally objectionable activities, no refund will be issued. You agree You will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid to Go Daddy if, for any reason, Go Daddy takes corrective action with respect to Your improper or illegal use of its Services. Here is the response we get every time: Our Office of the President has responded to your request, details of which are described below: Discussion Notes Office of the President Response Dear Melanie Lowry: We are very sorry for the alleged harassment that Ms. Zizzo has put you through and understand your concern. However, our office and our Abuse Department have both reviewed these issues and our position remains the same, as quoted below: As a hosting provider, we cannot be expected to judge the alleged illegal activities you have mentioned. However, we are more than happy to quickly comply with any court-issued order or official request by law enforcement (whose burden it is to determine the existence of illegal activities). We regularly work with courts and law enforcement from the local to the international level. As a result, we would recommend you seek an injunction from a court as the most efficient way to handle this situation. Please understand that's terms and condition give us the authority, but not the obligation, to take action. Because the same content may be construed by some as truth and others as libel or defamation, defers all judgment of website content to courts of competent jurisdiction which are empowered to make such determinations. We make no claim of truthfulness of the site's content, nor are we affiliated with the site(s) in any way other than the customer reserves web space on our servers. As previously stated, we do not have the responsibility or the authority to determine which actions constitute illegal activities. If, indeed, the actions are illegal, we will take down the site(s) when we receive a court order to do so. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Please let us know if there are other matters with which we can be of assistance. Kind regards, Todd Cluff If Godaddy cannot or will not protect it's own customers how can any one else feel safe! We have forwarded all the threatening emails, where she claims to know mobsters, wishing us dead, promising to destroy our business if we do not pay her, threatening to destroy anyone who associates with me. She is a terrorist, and her tactics are clear. Here is her latest; The 1 cat breeder listed, Xxx PXXXXXX ofXXXXXXXXXXX. are now bad cat breeders because of their association with Melanie Lowry and her new breeder listing site. Our sources also reported that this breeder is a newie and has purchased cats from Ms Lowry and is friends with Ms Lowry. So Tshe will be forever destroyed on the www They actually think this is ok. Why do they NOT honor their own terms of service? Read all the other complaints on here about, they are not someone you want to do business with. All the other providers that Ms. Zizzo hosted her sites on were appalled and immediately recognized the abuse and extortion she practiced and her sites were taken down immediately, why can't Godaddy see it and do the right thing? Internet Predation is coming to the for front, hopefully soon we will be able to hold these hosts responsible. Be very careful when dealing with these internet predator hosts, they care nothing for anyone's well being, identity theft or anything else. They even ignored our complaint to the Scottsdale Better Business Bureau and refused to do anything. Godaddy puts my life and business at risk, along with those of my friends and associates. Shame on you Godaddy, everyone else can see it, why can't you?. I am demanding that you do something to protect us, and stop promoting internet terrorism and predation. ENFORCE YOUR OWN TERMS OF SERVICE! Melanie San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Go Daddy Software
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
36, Report #875093
Apr 27 2012
09:43 PM
Maggie Monteith Margret Monteith, Dignity Distribution,. Dignity Film Finance Maggie Monteith - Liar and Fraud! Careful Producers: Dignity Film Finance has no money! Internet
Maggie Monteith, Dignity Film Finance / Dignity Distribution  is  a liar and a fraud. She talks a good game and reallyknows how to sell herself. Unfortunately the disappointing truth is that  none of it has any  merit. It is all not true. She is a good story teller though, and I believed her, when I met her first. She wanted to finance my films. I experienced her and I did my homework.  What I came to see was very disturbing.  And, people I spoke to  had only negative experiences with her and the stories they shared were bad. Most of the producers I spoke with were disappointed and let down, mostly in a way that it jeopardized  their project. She is full of sh*t   was the common opinion. Unfortunately there is no gentler way of putting it.  She appears smart, when you met her first. When she deals with Producers, they believe her becausethey want to get their films made. They buy into her at first.  And then they come to find out sooner or later, that it was all hot air. She gives a good show when she is in meetings and speaks at film finance forums, or with investors. She appears likable. But it is all show. The reality is: She herself has actually never closed, nor actually ever produced one film in her entire life.  My point is: She is dishonest and not to be trusted. Producers should not work with her unless she puts the money for the film in escrow upfront, right when a deal is signed. She offers producers funds for films and has yet to actually proof that she has money. She doesnt have any money. She is currently being sued by  people because she cant pay her bills.  Check with the Superior Court in Los Angeles court, thats just one of the courts were lawsuits are files against her. Also, investors should be very careful. I found out, and can proof  that she has taken money from investors  for films that never got made. And to date she didnt pay them back. Her new company  Dignity Film Finance and Dignity Distributionis a joke. Her Finance company tries to raise money from investors and I sure hope for them that they are doing proper due diligence before investing in her.Because there are a lot of investors in Europe who are currently taking legal steps against her.  Dignity Distribution releasedone movie and it was a flop. The film wasnt bad, but her marketing was terrible, which caused the film to tank.  Dignityhad placed another movie with Halle Berry on their website for US distribution and was forced to take it down because Lionsgate was the actual distributor. For someone who reports to be a specialist in distribution that is a pretty stupidmove . She reports in her  bio that she was a high ranked Executive for some of the major studios (Fox , Sony) andLucas Film. That is untrue. If you call them up you will find out that she was  a smallish consultant for one or the other marketing gig on one  the other film they had. Yet , she places all these top movies on her bio, to boost it up. There is nothing but hot air behind it all, and anyone who takes the time to look a little closer, will find that out. From my own experience and based on my research I can only say this:  Investors and producers should stay away from her.  She will make promises she cannot deliver on and she is  a questionable person. She has nothing good to share with the world and it is people like her that are the reason why Hollywood has such a bad reputation. It makes it harder for everyone else, who does their job with honesty and integrity. 
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #213440
Oct 05 2006
01:48 PM
Compass Bank ripoff Seizure of funds excessive hold times Austin Texas
I deposited a check from a Title Company for the proceeds of the sale of my house. I was told that there would be an 11 business day hold, even though the authenticity of the check was not in question. After 6 business days I asked for the funds to be released and was refused. I became angry and used vulger language. The next day the manager called and announced that my account had been frozen including the money that had already cleared. I cannot understand how this can be legal. I suspect it's the end of the month and they don't want to pay interest. If I had checks outstanding they would be bounced, no doubt. I was angry and used bad language, but did not and would not threaten anyone. My anger was justified because they were depriving me of the opportunity cost of investing this money. They know exactly why they do it, it is a profit center, like bounced check charges. I calculate their hold amounted to ten about bounced check charges. Charles Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
38, Report #474377
Aug 09 2012
06:23 AM
Dr. George Commons BEWARE!! Palo Alto California
Dr. George Commons is a liar, and behaves in the most despicable manner. He and his lawyer lie to websites where I have posted the truth about what he has done, telling them that there is an injunction prohibiting me from posting those things. This causes the website to remove my posts, thereby preventing the public from seeing the truth about Commons. In fact, there is no injunction preventing me from posting those things - if there was, they could have filed a complaint against me, which they have not. They just resort to lies, hoping that the websites will be gullible and believe them. Kudos to Ripoff Report, who has assured me that they will not remove my posts. Commons also has been on a campaign to smear me, as retaliation for my true posts about him. He, his wife, nurse and or friends have posted lies about me on the internet. They even posted on yelp under my business, saying I was a scam artist who ripped them off, when in fact they never did any business with me. When I called their bluff and asked them details of when they supposedly came to see me, and why they haven't filed a complaint with Paypal to get their money back, there was no response. Commons and his staff have also lied to patients who have seen my posts about him, telling them that I am a very disturbed woman. I can assure you that I am perfectly normal, just outraged that this doctor tries to portray himself as respectable, when he lies continuously, tries to destroy someone's life who is just posting the truth about him, and who has a habit of operating on parts that he is not authorized to touch. When will the Medical Board do something about this man? Jenni Burlingame, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Petaluma, California
39, Report #14076
Jul 19 2012
04:38 PM
I hope you can help me!! In October of 2001, I got involved with Trek Alliance at their Kansas City office, Global Innovations. I now have $5000 on my credit cards because of their deceptive claims and practices. I am 20 years old and I dropped out of college last semester to work the business. Currently I am still out of school, working overtime to try to pay off my debt and restore my credit. I have contacted the FTC, the MO Attorney General, and the FBI, but have yet to hear back from them. Reading through web, however, it seems as though these agencies might be well aware of this pyramid scheme and on their way to shuting Trek down!! If there is any way this site can get my money refunded, you are a god send!! Here's my brief (attemted brief) story.I was recruited by my ex-manager, Dennis. He said he started with a new company and would be selling environmentally safe products. He said he got paid off commission and other ways that were too complicated to get in to. He asked if I was Keeping my career options open and they were having a meeting tomorrow if I wanted to get more information. Being dissatisfied with my serve job and environmentally concerned, I thought, why not?Under the impression I was going to hear about these products, I was not in the evaluative mind state when I listened to the briefing. I also did not expect the overly-excited sales-women to approach me afterward and convinse me how this was Such a great opportunity. I was niave to the words pyramid scheme, network marketing, and Amway. I had no idea there could be an element of fraud involved.So Beth Schupanitz had me fill out a 100 Names List of ANYONE I knew, watch a retailing video, and asked me all kinds of dreamy questions...future plans, what would I do with financial freedom, bla bla. She got me to register for the Kansas City EP ($225) insisting this was one of the most fun, most informative events I could ever attend. So, with a full refund policy in place (incase I was dissatisfied) I agreed to go. I purchaced a starter kit and listened to a tape that night.That weekend, the EP was mostly a motivational mind f*** and people were lining up in droves at the counter buying BIBs (Business in a box)On the emotional and conditional high I was on, I too was in that line. As I tearfully explained how I couldn't afford maxing out my one and only credit card, Beth reassuringly said, Don't worry, Corinne because I'm going to help you sell it. With my trust given, I put a $900 Gold Sampler on my Visa. (Beth left Kansas City 2 weeks later to recruit in Ohio) Not exactly helping me sell the products.SHE LIED!!!anywayI did as I was told. I Kept my mouth shut fearing OPO, (Other people's opinions) and I was motivated and convinsed I was gonna be a Powerplayer with Trek. (A powerplayer is someone who doesn't want to mess around with success. They buy into the Supervisor position at $4000 to get to the 40% commission level immediately.)So within the next two weeks, Beth signed me up for another credit card and I purchaced my inventory. I also got on a desk at a special rate of $100 per month. Got my phone line and started calling the names Beth generated off of resume sites.I was now a Supervisor EliteBut my excitement disappeared when I told my boyfriend what I was doing. He was the one who warned me of scams. I didn't want to believe him when he showed me the FTC warning signs and the False Profits website. I just repeated all the rebuttals I had leaned to say, like...who listens to that negative stuff, they were just lazy reps, corprate america is a pyramid, you're a rotten apple...bla bla. Then he looked at me scared-like, and said, Corinne it sounds like you've been brain washed!! It all sank in and I BAWLED. I felt so stupid!! I had dropped out of school, ruined my credit, and just felt completely duped. Why hadn't I talked to him sooner?!Then all of the deceptive phrases and practices that had bothered my instincts came to the fore front...I was taught to...Be as elusive as possible on the phone. You just want to get them to see the briefing. Be new. When the recruit has questions, say you're new and refer them to an expert.They say us ladies have the power to take guy's wallets and money and sign them up for a saturday training. (LIKE ID EVER DO THAT!!)Have the recruit stand with their back to the products before the briefing so they don't ask questions.Always nod and laugh and create energy during a briefing.Get access to any money source they have...parents, friends, family, credit cards, loans, savings...whatever. (Beth actually told this guy he should pawn his watch and jewlewy and cell phone to buy a starter kit and products. Rationalizing, We take people's last dime, but give them back a quarterCall businesses in the phonebook. When the person picks up and says, Hi this is blabla company, Sue speaking, how can I help you? the Trek person says they have the wrong number. Then like 2 hours later Trek calls back and says, Hi, is Sue available? Hi, Sue? This is soandso with Global Innovations, and my executive was in your business the other day and said you had excellent customer service skills. We're an expanding Marketing firm here in Kansas City looking for people with your skills. Are you keeping your career options open, by chance? then the Trek person flatters them and gives them the pitch. THIS IS LYING AND I COULD NOT DO THIS!!During the briefing when the speaker pours the yellow tap water into the clear tested water claiming so the people in the back can see, its actually because BOTH GLASSES TURN YELLOW OVER TIME (detecting chlorine)Once I became a desk-holder, I learned deskholders kept the money collected for Saturday trainings to help pay for desk rent. Recruits were told it was to hold a seat for them and a guest and to accomodate the speaker! The trainings cost anywhere from $10 to $50!! (THIS WAS A LIE AND IT BOTHERED ME) No wonder why they pushed the trainings!!Never be exact with your income. Since I was new I always said, I'm on track to make $5000 next month.*****There is more that I would go on forever, but these are just some of the major recruiting tactics that led me to look up this scam stuff. I was feeling awful being deceptive to people and COULD NOT WORK THE BIZ ONCE I LEARNED ALL THE INNER WORKINGS!! I am not a lazy, unmotivated rep like some Treks would call me. Rather, I have MORALS and am not motivated by MONEY!!So here I am stuck with products I can't get a full refund on, due to their 70% rule. (Which is never mentioned until I try to return products,) And I refuse to sell these products for this awful company, even though I do like some of them. I don't know if I should hold on to them so I can get more money back, or what. PLEASE get back to me with any information, and in the meantime, could you post this so others are warned about TREK ALLIANCE and their focus on deceptive recruiting practices.Thank you, CorinneClick here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on Trek Alliance AKA Rocky Mountain Alliance
Entity: Kansas City, Missouri
40, Report #198663
Feb 16 2007
08:44 PM
Hearts On Fire - Montica Jewelry - ripoff does not honor guarantee and does not want to refund Boston Massachusetts
Prestigious HEARTS ON FIRE: does not honor guarantee, non reputable retailer I want to tell as many people I can before they purchase a diamond from Hearts on Fire about my terrible experience. I want them to know that they are paying $ 10,000.00 US more than an actual diamond price elsewhere because of retailer s profit and marketting of the company. Yes, HOF are WOW if you don t know anything about diamonds, but let me tell you what happened to me.....and THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR 30 day GUARANTEE !!!!! In a reliability report that I read from BBB about HOF, it states the following as the nature of business of Hearts on Fire : Hearts On Fire Company is a manufacturer of fine diamonds and diamond jewelry offered to the wholesale market. The company was established and incorporated in 1978 in Massachusetts. There are 100 employees. Mr. Glenn Rothman is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Ms. Susan Rothman is the President and Mr. William Anderson is the Chief Financial Officer. Any questions or problems should be directed to the attention of Ms. Gailyc C. Sonia, the General Counsel. Company policy states, We offer a 100% money back guarantee to our retailer customers. Should an end consumer lose their diamond - or should the diamond be damaged due to defective workmanship or materials, we will warranty the product for up to one year from the date of purchase. The diamond will be replaced at no charge . So here is my story: Last year ( july 2005) on a trip to Miami with my family we went to Montica store (family we knew from El Salvador) and my husband got impulsive and bought me a 2.47 radiant H SI1 diamond. (over $ 15,000.00) The Montica owner had told me it was a Lucida ring for me to find out later on internet that it was a copy because the Lucida ring is from Tiffany. !! After the purchase of the radiant I sent the GIA report by e-mail to a jeweler friend and he told me I had paid too much for this diamond. At that time Montica was not a HOF retailer, but several months afterwards the owner let me know she was selling the most beautiful diamonds. She knew I was searching for the ultimate top of the line and I had been learning a little about diamonds, because I did not know anything before the purchase of the radiant. She told me about HOF and I decided for an upgrade. If she was offering upgrade with HOF I must assume that guarantee, etc applied. She never told me that upgrading would interfere with any guarantee at all at the end. I wanted to upgrade especially to recuperate what I knew now I had overpaid for my radiant. I had read in the HOF site about beeing a tremendous diamond etc. So after a couple of weeks trying to find the appropiate size, color and clarity that suited my budget I wire her more than $20,000.00 on february 17th,2006 for a HOF 2.20 ct set on HOF setting. The suggested retail price for this diamond by HOF was $45,000.00 !!!! Due to families issues, before the 30 day guarantee expired I ask Montica to apply the 30 day guarantee and refund me my money. To my amazement she told me she could not, because it had been a special order, her guarantee only applied on her stock items and anyways her business was to sell diamonds, not reimburse them !!!???? I told her that it could not be a special order,that as a retailer she did not have large inventory diamonds from HOF in her store, that HOF had an inventory list where customer choose what suit them and of course she as a HOF retailer had to order them to HOF without being a special order. If there is 100 retailers for HOF, how can each have the inventory in stock from HOF ?? Seeing no results with Montica, I called VP Peter Smith at HOF and send him an e-mail. In my conversation with him he told me that the guarantee had to be asked to the retailer.(Contradictory of what HOF advertises in their nature of business, that they offer a 100% money back guarantee to their retailer customers). Anyways I told him I had spoken to Montica but with no results and commented everything that was said to me. He told me if I had a problem flying AA airlines I could not go to Boieng for a claim !!!! And he then told me that the HOF guarantee only applied on loose stone !!!!??? To which I told him ironically: Then what, if a man wants to get engage, he has to give his fianc a loose diamond and hope the marriage take place (before 30 days) so he does not have to apply the HOF guarantee or if he has to apply for guarantee, his stone must be a loose stone ???? How is his fianc suppose to wear her engagement ring ?? By the way, the loose diamond I purchased at Montica was set on a HOF setting called TIMELESS BRIDAL and set by HOF !!!!! So no one else handled the diamond except them. One week later I called back and spoke to the owner Susan R. She told me someone was going to call me back because she was in a meeting, and she mentioned this is not right. This person called G. Strauss did call back and call Montica too. Do you what to know what HOF , well Mr. Strauss offered me for a HOF listed at a $ 45,000.00 retail price. He offered me to send the diamond back to HOF and they would pay me $ 28,800.00 !!!!! I told him I finally understood that the stone was worth $ 28,800.00 and the extra (more than $ 10,000.00) a customer was paying for the retailer and of course MARKETTING of their BRAND. !!!!!! But what about their 100 % money back guarantee ??? of HOF and of Montica ??? He asked to think about it, because no jeweler would give me even half of what he was offering and it was a super deal they were offering. He told me to call him back if I agreed, that I had his number !!!. I told him, don t worry I will never call you back, I will not consider that option but I would write to different protection bureaus and of course I would post in the Pricescope forum for people to know what a NON prestigious company HOF and was. (losing more than$ 10,000.00 is a very small amount related in my story of what they are offering for a settlement to my situation with Montica compare to the profits HOF generates annually) Terrible, isnt it ??? If a company advertises 100 % money back guarantee, or your purchase is risk free, unconditional money back guarantee, or as in their nature of business where HOF displays about themselves, that they will refund 100% of their retail customers, then they should honor it, no matter what reasons a customer has. Carole Santa AnaCosta Rica
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
41, Report #256403
Jun 10 2008
01:39 AM
Melanie Lowry Lollimops Himalayans Melanie Lowry Lollimops Cattery Aggressive Cat Ripoff San Diego California
Ms Lowry delivered the Kitten to me in Temecula California, on the drive home to Azusa it was so obvious that the Kitten had some problems with her eyes. I immediatly took the Kitten to my Vet. After I got her home I found that she is one of the mose aggressive cats I have ever been around, she would jump at my face, legs & arms, biting & scratching, I covered my face when I slept. I have had her since 5/4/04 & this aggression has not changed. I contacted another Breeder & when I explained this to Ms. Lowry she became very upset with me, telling me that I had no right to do this, that this business was a small one & the word would get out! I asked her why this cat was so aggressive, she stated Oh, I though I breed that out of her! My Vet had never heard of such a thing. In trying to contact Ms Lowry I have had mail sent to her returned with no forwarding address. I feel so mislead by this woman. Toni Azusa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Azusa, California
42, Report #986374
Jan 03 2013
08:00 AM
Romero Clinic, Dix Hills NY Wm. Romero Word of Caution and Beware of Dr. Romero, WM Botox-Dermal Filler Dix Hills, New York
DEC 2012 A word of caution with Dr. Romero!  Mark my words. Dont question him or mention that something doesnt look right about any injectable he has given you. Beware if you want to see him for a follow up visit and compare before and after pictures to discuss the outcome of the injectable that he performed on you.  He will become defensive, indignant and get nasty. This behavior was going on while we are viewing my before and after photos all through the visit he was stating Im the best Dr. on LI, I have hundreds of clients, I have women coming from Rhode Island, Fla from all over, I have the best prices on LI.  Like child well than go see a dermatologist  He was almost saying to me how you dare you question me and at the same time giving me a nasty look.  He thinks he is the almighty. Every client is different and everyone will have a different outcome. Mine happened to be a negative one.  He wouldnt let me speak or let me show him what I was concerned and wasnt happy with.  Its my right as his patient to ask questions or voice my concerns. One side of my face just didnt look right to me and this was after 2 weeks. The 2 different injectables that I had this last visit were expensive and I let him make the decision of where to place the injectables. This was a brand new area. So it was a whole new experience for me. Lets say it was a negative one for me.  I wake every day and see my face it was not good enough for me. One side was very different from the other. I should have learned my lesson from the first time he placed juvederm by the top lip and it didnt look right.  He put pressure on the area a few times and moved it around. It was as though he didnt place any juverdern in the area. It all disappeared.  I just wasted a couple of hundred $$$. Not one positive word from this doctor as to well Im sorry that youre not happy with the outcome.  Lets see what I can do for you?  Lets discuss it. He was acting like a small child. I certainly wouldnt call that compassionate, warm, caring and concerned. I certainly wasnt asking for my money back. He stood up and said to me you have to leave now! I have to have my lunch! He practically threw me out of his office. No one at the time was sitting in the waiting area he almost closed the exit door right on me. Believe me thats what he did to me Im serious!!  This doctor is all about the high volume of customers and the almighty dollar. When you make an apt they ask for CASH please!!! If anyone that has used Dr. Romero in the past knows exactly what I mean about how he brags and boasts about how great he is and also uses a lot of flattery while he is performing procedures. He must think women are ignorant.  Beware ladies he referred to the area beneath my nose and above my top lip as looking like a chimpanzee and the sides of my mouth as looking like a puppy. Dr. Romero humiliated me.  Who does this man think he is? He has a narcissistic personality, belligerent and is for the almighty $$$. KARMA
Entity: Dix Hills, New York
43, Report #703246
Aug 24 2012
05:55 PM
Dr. Samuel Lam Plano , Texas
Wow.... My heart goes out to these women who had problems with Dr. Lam. I feel I have to tell my story. I too found Dr. Lam while watching youtube videos, and thought he must do really great work. I made an appointment with him and requested botox and liquid silicone in my smile lines since that is what he spoke about on youtube.  He took pictures of me and proceeded to do the silicone injections and the botox. I came back a couple days later and we went into the examination room for the hard sell. Dr. Lam showed me the pictures he took of me on my first visit, and at first I was shocked. But then I giggled to myself and thought... OMG! He photo shopped these to make me look worse than what I do. It was so obvious.  He was trying to make me insecure by telling me all the things wrong with my face and how he wanted to pin my ear back and fill my face with filler because my chin was just waaaaay too pointy for my face, so he wanted to fill it all in. And he could do it for another $3K. I kept declining his offer and he kept insisting and insisting and insisting trying to wear me down.  I got up and looked in the mirror and asked him, So you want to make my face bigger? He insisted he just wanted to make it more rounded and youthful looking. I looked again in the mirror and thought to myself. I think I look pretty good now and declined any more procedures once more. However that was before the botox took full effect and pushed my forehead and eyebrows down so low I was having problems fully opening my eyes because they would hit my eyebrows. I couldn't put eye makeup on and my eyes looked so small and pointed downward. I went back in and told him about this and he said my eyebrows were too high up before it wasn't natural. Now after the botox they were in the natural position.  And I was horrified because to this day my eyes still droop lower and never went back to where they were before. The corners use to go upwards. The silicone in my smile lines, that luckily I only had done once, when I lose weight you can see the filler lines in my face.  He also was kind enough before I left to show me his new spa that he, sunk all the money he had into. It was gorgeous, but then I realized why such a hard sell on me. He was trying to pay for it.  Once again ladies AND men I'm glad I listened to my inner self and refused to let him make me insecure with doctored pictures and bullying me into having things done I definitely didn't need.  I would NOT recommend this doctor to anyone. 
Entity: Plano, Texas
44, Report #171502
Mar 09 2006
10:12 AM
Family Credit Counseling Corporation ripoff Lauderdale Lakes Florida
We sign up with this company back in early September of this year. After they were more than happy to take out over $900 from our account they never ever did a thing for us. After over a month and half of calls from us to them we got now where. All we got where sad tales of Hurricane Wilma and they were not servicing anyone at this time. In the mean time our creditors were never paid and we got nothing but calls and letters from our creditors. Once we decided to pull out of this scam operation and get our money back we were screwed. We have now had to file for backruptcy due to what they have done to us. we are way over the 60 day time frame to get our money back from the back. We have had to close our original back account and switch banks all together due to threats from creditors taking money out of our original account. Because of this company we are finacially ruined. And they have never returned one call or email. the refuse to help or fix what they have done! Stacy Newberg, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
45, Report #991267
Mar 07 2013
12:36 PM
Diamonds International and Disney Cruise Line Ripped off Nassau, Nationwide
My wife and I took our first cruise aboard the Disney Magic recently. We were celebrating our 30th anniversary, and decided after attending shopping guide Summer's seminar to purchase upgraded diamond earrings. Summer offered to meet us at the Diamonds International Nassau store to assist us. She assured us through the seminar and personal conversations that this merchant could be trusted. D.I. is listed #1 on Disney's shopping guide that they hand out to you as you debark the ship. She told us our salesman was straight up, and was giving us the bottom price, and there was not room for negotiation and they were 70% below US prices. They took my wife's current 1ct each (H color, VS2) earrings in trade for a pair of 1.5ct each earrings.   Upon return home, I took the ring to have it appraised for insurance purposes by a GIA Certified Gemologist. The ring appraised for $13,000 less than our purchase price, and he told me I could have bought a similar diamonds for $8,000 less and showed the sources. The earrings were of such poor color (M/N) that stores in the US would not even sell them (learned that I is the industry standard) and the GIA books for appraisal didnt go that far down the color scale. I contacted Disney Guest Communications, and they sent me to PPI requested to file a claim. Diamonds International customer service has been very difficult. This companys terms and conditions are written so that they can rip people off. No reputable company would operate this way. The terms and conditions were never mentioned to us, and put in front of us as we were checking out to sign.  We trusted Disney, the shopping guide Summer, the store's reputation as the biggest diamond dealer in the islands and were scammed a significant amount of money, and the diamond was misrepresented to us. I am asking Disney to help us with full refund because of the fraud that was committed, and to stop promoting these practices. Why would Disney risk its good brand name for a few commissions from port shopping? 
Entity: Nassau, Nationwide
46, Report #23538
Oct 05 2006
01:50 PM
Options Talent= Transcontinental Talent scam, swindlers, deceptive sales, misrepresentation of models and agencies ripoff abused & mistreated Orlando Florida *EDitor's Comment
Cortes Randell Options talent top executive Cort Randell is still in charge of ALL the money with the company, he make all the decisions and anything money related has to go through him. He is now listed as a contractor so he has limited libility. I was scammed by Options Talent which claims to be the world's largest scouting company for the entertainment industry. I was scouted at a mall by a talent scout who invited me to an open call. The San Francisco Bay Area is currently new market for Options. I was told that thousands of modeling agencies use their service and that I only had one chance to decide at a second interview to become a member for $595 or lose the opportunity for one year. That is not true. The truth is that open calls are held at various offices and hotels and anyone can go anytime. It's also not true that thousands of agencies use Options' service. Options cannot back up that statement. It is also not true that agencies use Options' service to the extend they claim in their statements and brochure. The service is a digital comp card with one photo. Additional photo slots cost $15 each, then the talent pays a $19.95 monthly maintenance fee. The company claims more than 86% are contacted by an agency. That is a lie and Options cannot back up that claim. Several agencies listed on Options' web site and brochure say in a report that they have never agreed to the use of their name by Options and do not even intend to use their services. Options' brochure pledges honesty in all aspects, to exceed customers' expectations, charge a fair price, outwork their competitors and admit their mistakes. Customer service could not answer my questions as to How they determine that $595 is a fair price? or Who their competitors are? or How is that they exceed customers' expectations? and Why I cannot meet other talent online? And why models cannot have a forum online? and Why can I not contact these agencies? The whole point is to create contacts and network but Options does not allow it. Upon research I discovered that the scam has been reported in the Bay Areas's Surf Metro, Fox5 Atlanta and KRON Bay Area. Here are the links to the reports: 5-7000 people are scammed every month by this company. People need to know about their con business. Parents are bringing their kids and teens, young adults and older adults also get lured into these open calls and sign up. We all bought the become a model dream and got scammed! I have filed a claim through the FTC, BBB and will also file a claim to the Santa Clara County, Alameda County and San Francisco County District Attorney. Options' advertising campaign is false, misleading. They misrepresent talent and misrepresent agencies. Options' tactic is extremely similar to the FTC v. Model 1, Inc., The Erickson Agency, Inc. case. I actually found a legitimate modeling web site called They are certified by the BBB and have had 0 complaints. They only charge $59.95/yr for 3 photos and $119.95/yr for 20 photos. The site lists their Masthead, provides a forum for models AND agencies AND photographer. Every model called by agencies is listed and the agencies listed on their site legitimately use their services. Options charges altogether the first year $834.40 for 1 photo and no way of networking with other models, no way of getting a list of national agencies or contacting them, customer service that cannot answer questions from their own brochure. The answer I got was that they're the world's largest scouting company! and they're traded in the stock market! I got no concrete answers as to why they do not allow models to network with each other and why they discourage models from contacting agencies directly and how they came up with $834.40 as a fair price and they refused to give the name of any more agencies other than the handful listed on their brochure. In the legitimate modeling business, many if not most models seeking work go directly to agencies. The BBB has an unsatisfactory record from Options. Many cases remain unresolved. Potential talent are told in the open call that models need to meet certain strict criteria, such as straight teeth and even facial features. The talent scout are trained to find these special people. I was told You have such a unique look, you will get calls in no time. I wouldn't be surprised if you got a call in just a few weeks! The potential talent's hopes, dreams and ego are inflated by these types of statements. The truth is, there is no strict requirements. I found people with uneven facial features crooked teeth in the Unrepresented section. The web site also has a Represented section but curiously it is under major reconstruction. It probably doesn't even exist. The fact is, Options doesn't scout model type people. They scout anyone who will pay $595 which is unrefundable. Due to the amount of complaints, I can see why Options would not want to refund the money. They would be refunding left and right! In addition to the second interview, I was called in for a third interview from a local Options Talent Coordinator to answer any questions and see how to market me better. I drove 36 miles out to the San Ramon office only to hear another sales pitch to buy a photographer's package and again I was pressured to sign up now with the only their photographer or lose any chance of being squeezed in. Interestingly they only have a list of 2 photographer to choose from and they both charge the same price. A model should feel free to shop around and use whatever photographer she wishes. Options' pledge to strive and give the opportunity is slim to none. They leave their talent hanging on their web site for a phone call from no one. Options' advertising is misleading and based on misrepresentation of talent and misrepresentation of agencies to lure new talent in. Options has failed to adhere to the highest standards in ethics, to exceed my expectations, to charge a fair price for what they offer and does not employ ethical standards by any means. Their best interest is not their talent or even scouting quality talent but only getting as many people to sign up with Options as possible. Options needs to be put out of business. Too many people are getting swindled. Options purports to be the World Leader in the Entertainment Industry and purports that they are highly selective in scouting, screening and reviewing consumers for marketability as models and actors. Options purport that they provide talent services such as agency contacts--thousands!--and photographers. Talent scout are said to have special training to the look that significantly increases their prospects of finding work as a model or actor. The truth is that Options is not selective in scouting, screening and reviewing consumers for marketability as models. Therefore Options is deceptive and injurious to innocent customers. Liuba San Francisco, California Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Options Talent STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
47, Report #107756
Jan 31 2007
05:03 PM
Steven Svastis, DC ripoff doctor commited insurance fraud stole over $10,000 dollars in revenue Baldwin Park California
This doctor commited insurance fraud. When I was working for another chiropractor, Dr Svastis stole some of the other doctor's patients when they showed up at his office by mistake. He told these patients, who had been referred to our office initially by friends, that the doctor they were looking for was not in right now, but Dr Svastis can see you. He stole over $10,000 dollars in revenue from our office with this unethical approach. In one case, the person even had the card to our office but had trouble finding it and he still took them! But here is the kicker. A patient who ran into a tree with his car came into our office. He had been initially seen by Dr Svastis. He saw the doctor only once. Other times when he would show up for his scheduled appointment, the doctor would not be there but would have him sign in anyway. The front office staff also told this patient that if her could not make an appointment to just call in and they would sign him in anyway. Obviously, he was not receiving good care so he left and found us in the yellow pages. We saw him less than 10 times and he got better. The problem was that Dr Svastis kept billing the insurance for visits this person never went to! In fact, he billed over 30 bogus dates, with many of them being the same day the patient was actually in our office! So beware if you go there. This guy has a questionable history and a lack of ethics. Sally Baldwin Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Baldwin Park, California
48, Report #515924
Jan 28 2015
04:38 PM
Niagara County Sheriff Judge William Ganshaw Police Beat And Lynch Innocent Man, Hogtie And Sever His Ulnar Nerve Using Knife. Lockport, New York
Wilson Police Attack I now learn that I am a victim of violence in an attack in the town of Wilson NY where police and fire rescue personnel essentially lynched and beat me by restraining me, and intentionally severing my left ulnar nerve using a knife then fabricating a story that this was done accidentally. I woke in the ICM Hospital on William Street in Newfane NY beaten and crippled from the attack and had passed out from it. Now looking at the scar on the left arm it is obvious that it took two incisions to make the V shaped wound to expose the nerve and another to sever it rendering the left hand useless. That and whoever did this obviously had knowledge of anatomy, and the medical community later covered it up, never once telling me I had been attacked. This was in the summer of 1981 and I was 20 at the time, measuring from fingertip to incision, it is exactly 20 inches, a nice thought and considering Dr. Denzel and Argue who performed the repair of the arm after the fact claimed he had to go on a fishing expedition to locate the nerve ends and it would take about an inch per year to heal, his math seemed to be wrong since he expected 9 years for it to be resolved. My car was later stolen in the ensuing insurance fraud and since our Nationwide Insurance agent was also the town justice, William Ganshaw, it all worked out nicely it seems. I suffered from this attack for decades and still do and have yet to hear from anyone what actually happened that night. The car that was vandalized and taken from me is similar to this 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans: Only difference I know of was that my interior was white. The location of the attack was at the corner of McChesney and Young Streets in Wilson NY 14172 in the summer of 1981 and the Lockport Union Sun and Journal ran a front page exclusive touting the Accident and involving the Lutheran Church in the sham claiming an Early Morning Church Arrival. I was told the attack was done to cripple my hand to prohibit me from riding a motorcycle. A nice bit of ahead of the curve social engineering I'd say. The police email and website:  
Entity: Lockport, New York

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